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What's In Your Head

What's In Your Head

by Diana


Rated: PG-13 to be sure. (I think it's PG, but there's one piece with a slight sexual tone in it....)

Warnings: Beware what my wicked and bizarre mind can come up with when i can't sleep late at night. Okay, a bit more serious now. After all, this is the warning part. Kay, there's some blood and a couple of knives in it. (Some cuts and bruises.) There are also one or two curse words (the F-word amongst others) and a slight sexual tone in  it.. Oh, and a little bit of torture. I'll put some descriptions above each chapter so you can decide for yourself.

Bizarre... That's all I have to say. First I wanted to give it the title 'Bizarre', but it sounded a bit lame. (I did give the document on my hard drive that name, though. ^_^) Then I thought about 'Zombie' by the Cranberries. And 'What's in your head' seemed appropriate.

Summary: Well, The Team get stuck somewhere. Standard bad guys and one female ... oww! I've said too much already. Well, anyway, it's something rather psychological (well, it was meant to be psychological anyway, but as it turned out you'd better delete the '-logical' part. just psycho..) and.... well... bizarre. I think the plot will explain itself and you have enough time to decide if you want to continue reading. It takes place somewhere in between one of the episodes in the time Decker followed the guys.

Disclaimer: Okay, Decker and the Team aren't mine. Wish they were. But any other character that appears.. especially the female... oww darnit... well.. any other character that didn't star in the show is mine.

Oh, and the song Zombie is from Cranberry... Wish i could sing like that.. Aww well...

There are also some more fragments of songs and quotes in it. (Japanese) Some people might recognize them, but if  you don't.. it's not that important. Anyway.. even those little pieces belong to their respectful owners. Though i dunno who they are ^_~

Hills Village is just a little town I thought of. Any similarities with any other town with that name is purely coincidental. No offense to anyone living in a town/village with that name.

Thanx to my friends for helpful comments.




Chapter 1.  Well, you have to start a fic somewhere, don't you? I decided to just start with an usual chasing scene.. Well, usual? Something happens. No really, Diana? Something happens?! Wow! Hadn't expected that! ~_^

Warning: Gunfire.



Cranberry - Zombie


Another head hangs lowly

Child is slowly taken

And the violence caused such silence

Who are we mistaken


But you see it's not me,

It's not my family

In your head,

in your head they're fighting

With their tanks and their bombs

And their bombs and their guns

In your head

In your head they are cryin'


In your head, in your head


What's in your head, in your head



Another mother's breakin'

Heart is taking over

When the violence causes silence

We must be mistaken

It's the same old theme since 1916

In your head,

In your head they're still fightin'

With their tanks and their bombs

And their bombs and their guns

In your head

In your head they are dyin'


In your head, in your head


What's in your head, in your head





The van bounced over the rough paths... thought there hardly were any paths. The wailing sirens announced Decker's arrival at the scene.

"BA, turn left here!" Hannibal ordered.

"Where the hell are we?!" A frantic voice, followed by the sound of machineguns.

"Don't know, don't care." Hannibal hung outside his window to answer the salvo of gunshots with a salvo of his own.

"Decker shoulda given up by now!" BA stated grimly as he made a sharp turn to the right. The other team members held on to anything they could grab. Face opened the slide door of the van and emptied a cartridge of ammo at the tires of the following police cars.

"I got one! Two to go!" He yelled triumphantly.


Decker cursed under his breath.

"I said stop them at any cost!"

*Damn it... DAMN IT.* He thought as he shot at the van again. He'd stopped trying to hit their tires and started aiming for anything that was part of the van. Which included the Team... He called for more units.

"I need more men, and fast! Intercept them before they reach Hills Village."


BA instinctively took a right turn, causing Face and Murdock to tumble over each other.

BA hadn't even seen the road, but somehow he knew there was one.

"Good call, BA." Hannibal smiled.

"We ain't lost Decker yet, Hannibal. Looks like he knows his way around here."

BA took several other turns left and right until he had lost any sense of direction.

He just drove, with Decker on their tail.


"Are the extra units on their way yet?!

"They're almost here, sir."

*They're heading directly towards Hills Village. But I doubt they know about it.*

The chase continued. As usual. And as usual he refused to give up until his car would flip over again.

From his right and left, four police cars approached. He nodded at them and started giving orders to intercept the Team.

"Hannibal, they're trying to close us in."

Hannibal looked around and saw several MP's approaching and blocking the way. He shook his head.

"They're leaving some roads open. They're trying to force us into a certain direction. Or preventing us from taking a certain one."




Chapter 2. Well, you have to start a fic somewhere, don't you? I decided to just start with an usual chasing scene.. Well, usual? Something happens. No really, Diana? Something happens?! Wow! Hadn't expected that! ~_^



This morning, I woke up. Or did I fall asleep, started dreaming?

Is my life a dream... or is this dream my life?




Hannibal pointed at one of the roads that was blocked.

"Anybody know what's in that direction?"

"It was something with Hills.... Ah, hills... reminds me of the VA"

"Murdock, there aren't any hills at the VA.. Are there?"

"Nope." Murdock replied with a satisfied grin. "But think of the possibilities, Face..."

"Okay, that's the way we're going. Ram them BA! At least we'll know we're not going around in circles."

Hannibal didn't really have to say that. BA already steered towards the two MP's.

He slammed the gas down and, as usual, the frightened men jumped away as the van made contact to their government-funded cars.

"HOOOWWWW!!!" Murdock howled. Face rolled his eyes.

Hannibal smiled and turned around, then raised his eyebrows.

"They're not following?"

BA looked in the mirror.

"I got a bad feelin 'bout this, Hannibal."


"Colonel, Decker?" Someone inquired.

"You heard me. We go no further."

"But... ah... The A-Team..."

"No buts. We'll get them next time. If there is a next time." Decker said dryly.

The cadet wisely decided to shut up.


They continued their difficult path, though it was now a bit more pleasant.

The landscape was beautiful. Strange though. There were forests and rivers as well as sand and hills. All sorts of nature that didn't seem to fit together. Finally the rough path turned into a decent road that led straight to a village between a couple of hills.

A sign said: Hills Village. Though one could hardly call it a village. It rather resembled a gas station: One gas pump, a little store and a couple of houses. "Probably for local farmers." Face guessed.

BA pulled over. "Might as well use it too." He mumbled and walked towards the pump.

The others got out of the van and walked towards the shop. A man came out. "Can I help you folks?" He asked, while walking towards them.

"Yeah, we'd like to tank here."

"Oh, sure.. Lemme help ya there."

The man walked towards the van and started a nice little conversation with BA about cars and vans.

Actually, rather a nice little monologue about cars and vans.

Hannibal turned towards Face and Murdock.

"Shop's fake. Totally empty." Fake whispered.

Murdock nodded. "Houses too."

"As soon as we've filled the tank, we're leaving." Hannibal replied. He felt something hit his left arm.

*Tranquilizer dart!* His mind shouted. He turned around just in time to see BA collapse. Then everything went black.




Chapter 3. What happened? Well, an introduction to our bad guys. Give them an applause!! LOL

Little bit of violence.







A smack in the face woke him up. He tried to get up to face his attacker, but his arms and legs were chained.

"Hello there, sleeping beauty. Don't bother trying to break free. Nobody ever succeeded in breaking these chains."

Those were the words that first reached his ears and greeted him.

"Well that sure was a nice thing to say to someone with a major headache." He tried to sound as normal as possible, but he really did have a headache. He looked around. The room he was in wasn't very different from a prison. Except for a few minor things that made it look more like a dungeon. First there was the fact that there was no window. Only an air vent. Second, there was no light, except for the few rays that came in through a small window in the door that was across the room, the light shining directly in his face, but leaving the rest of the room in total darkness. No telling how large the room was, though his senses told him it wasn't big. No telling what else was in the room, though his feelings told him there was nothing. Still it was hard to tell.

And last but not least there were the chains.

"Enjoy your stay, while it lasts." A man crouched down and stared in Hannibal's face. "Who are you?"

"Well, I might as well ask you. You're the one that tranquilized us and took-k..."

He was shut up by another smack in the face.

"I said who are you."

Hannibal didn't reply. He knew the others wouldn't reply to such questions either.

After a couple of beatings and a lot of unanswered questions 'Who are you? Where do you come from?' he was left alone. Why were they captured this time? His mind puzzled for a while, but he hadn't been here long enough to have any ideas. He was glad the man had left him alone with his thoughts. Hannibal sighed. "Whew."

"Glad he left?" A female voice sounded and shook him out of his thoughts.

He looked around, but didn't see anything except for what little was lighted by the rays that came in through the door.

There were cameras and microphones, he knew. *They're watching me.*

He leaned back against the wall. "Aww.. Too bad he left so soon." He spoke to the air.

"We were just getting to know each other."

"You're used to being in situations like this."

Hannibal didn't reply. He didn't know what to say. She hadn't asked him anything.

He just decided to wait. But the woman didn't speak again.


BA used all his strength. He tried everything, but there was no way of getting the chains loose.

He felt like being in a dungeon. And he didn't like it. Again he pulled until his wrists hurt.

He felt like cursing. Or screaming. No.. That wasn't like him. He didn't scream.

He wondered where the rest of the team was. Hannibal, Face.. Murdock. *They'd better not touch my bro's...* He worried.


Face wept the blood off his cheeks. He closed his eyes and leaned back against the wall. He was getting close to panicking. He breathed deeply. Hannibal. Yes, Hannibal surely was coming up with a plan by now. Everything would be fine. That thought comforted him.


Murdock tried to find out where the feeling came from. He tried not to move his hurt arm too much while looking around. There was nothing to see. But still, he felt someone was nearby.


"Are you a criminal?" Though he expected her to say something again, he shook up by the sudden question. He didn't reply. According to the police, army and government, yes. But according to all the people they helped... no. Yes there was a price on their heads. But they hadn't done anything wrong.

Had they?

"...What does the world look like nowadays?" She asked sadly.

His heart skipped a beat. Why would anyone interrogating him ask such a question? He waited for a while, but when she didn't say anything, he replied.

"Why... do you want to know that?"

She stepped a bit out of the shadow and their eyes met. "I never leave this place." She answered.




Chapter 4. Hmm.. who was that girl? As you probably guessed, this is a Hannibal fic. I just love to play with the thoughts of that man. MWAHAHAHAHA



- atsukute tsurai

- jibun wo kakushite

- mijikai toki wo ikite'ru

Burning like Hell

Hiding myself
Living only a short time


[Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) Heart of Sword.]




The first thing he saw were her bright green eyes. Then she fully revealed herself and stepped out of the shadow, into the light. Hannibal was surprised to see she was young.. very young.

"I don't know my age. 17 perhaps..."

He frowned. How did she..

"It's not hard to tell what people think. You should know." She interrupted his thoughts.

*You should know?*

Well, yes he could often estimate the way his opponents thought but...

Did she know more then she showed?

"Do you know who... who I am?" He asked concerned.

"No. More important: do you?"

She stepped towards him.

"I am a reader. I read people. I read their thoughts, their character. That's what I do. It could be my job."

Job? That sounded strange. Her clothes were torn, her hair was disheveled. How could you possibly call whatever she did a job?

With her fingers she started to comb her hair and tore a piece of fabric off her clothes.

She tied her black hair together with it. Then she took her clothes and tied them better around her waist and chest. After that, she started to brush the bloodstains off her face and skin.

"This better?" She asked him with an amusing smile.

Hannibal started to laugh. This was bizarre.

"Oh, so you read people's thoughts? Great."

*This is absurd.. No, ridiculous.*

"You're not used to things like this. You're someone who'd rather have things in his own hands... A leader..." She was silent again and Hannibal started to snicker again.

"I bet you say that to every man that comes here..."

She stood up and walked towards the door. "Tell me.. Are you and your friends really wanted.. and guilty? Or does everybody just think you are?"

Hannibal abruptly stopped laughing. She smiled and opened the door. Then she left.


His thoughts raced around. He'd been way too open. How does Face do that? Nobody ever knows what's going on in his mind. Or Murdock. Everybody just assumes he's crazy. And BA.. well, nobody ever bothers to ask him questions. He'd trusted her way too fast. How stupid he had been! He just should have held his mouth shut! His sarcasm didn't always show it's good side. He was too vulnerable. It had been nice to talk to her, though she was strange. But it was a mistake; she'd easily figured him out. He could cry right now. But that wasn't like him.


She ran through the hallways to her own quarters, being careful, staying out of sight.

She smiled. When she came back, a man was waiting for her.

She knew him. Oh yes, she knew him. She stood still.

Her face was dark, her eyes showed no emotion.

"Again?" She simply asked.

He didn't answer her, but grabbed her and dragged her away.


"Let's go." He heard a voice. It was somewhere outside.

"Do i have to?" He heard the sarcastic, whining reply. Face!

He should have known. *He's the youngest one here. And looks the most vulnerable.

What are they going to do?*

Hannibal would soon find out.




Chapter 5. Blood... MWAHAHAHAHA

Kay, bit of torture.



- Kanashimi





Face didn't reply. He closed his eyes and turned his head away.

It was roughly twisted back. That hurt. But he didn't show anything.

He felt the edge knife against his cheek. He didn't react.

"Still no answers?"

He pulled his head away from the knife, opened his eyes and spit the man in his face. This was answered with a punch in his stomach and a cut with the knife at his cheek. It wasn't a deep cut, but he knew it could get worse. Much worse.

"You think you're tough, eh?"

He was roughly pulled off the chair and taken out of the room. Where to? He didn't know. It all seemed a big maze of hallways and doors. Every hallway looked the same as the other one.

As the turned around one of the corners, the hallway became wider and ended at some sort of auditorium.

When he looked around he saw some children and some women. The rest were all men. Some women passed by and lowered their faces. Much to the content of the men that started pushing him to one of the longer walls.


She looked up and stared in the eyes of a young man. One of the men escorting him took her chin in his hand and looked her in the eyes. She stared blankly into his face. Didn't show any signs that she recognized or knew any of them. This, he seemed to approve. He walked back to the young man and grabbed his hair, pulled his head back and forced him to look up to her. He tried to turn away. She knew what she looked like. An image from a nightmare. Blood ran down her face, down her body. She was shackled against the wall. Her wrists, neck and feet hurt because of the chains which were holding her several inches above the ground. Like a crucifix. Nothing she hadn't already been through hundreds of times.


He had gotten used to the image of war, had expected something like this. But not this. Her clothes were torn apart, cuts and bruises covered her body, blood ran down her face.

"This is an example. An example of what happens when someone disobeys or refuses to cooperate." One of the men whispered in his ear. "Look to your right."

Face looked. A child, six years old perhaps, was sitting on the ground, also chained, though only with one arm and he wasn't hanging. Still, the boy was scared. Scared to death and softly crying.


The young man was taken away. After a while, another man was brought in. He kept shouting for his cap and jacket. "You have no right to take my cap and jacket from me!" He faked. Perhaps it was some kind of diversion. But as he saw her, his eyes widened and he was quiet. He too was told that this happened when someone disobeyed and he too was pointed at the boy next to her. And when he was taken away, the third came in, but this one escorted by four men. Again the same ritual. Always the same ritual.

Then the fourth.


Hannibal had heard his men being taken away one by one. And one by one they returned, still trying to keep the charade going. Face whining for a comfortable bed, Murdock yelling for his cap and jacket and BA growling. But he heard something in their voice. Something was different. They sounded sad..




Chapter 6. Kay, this chapter is longer than the others. More fun for the reader! Enjoy! Some blood and the F-word here. Also torture and psychic breakdowns...



The door opened.

"So, finally decided it's my turn to take the grand tour, eh?"

"Cut the crap."

Again they interrogated him, just like a couple of hours ago, but in a different room. They left some cut marks in his face. Then he was pulled out of the chair. It all seemed as if these men did this every day. They didn't speak to each other, but did everything at the same time. He had been asked some standard questions, like who he was, how he came here, etcetera. But it had seemed the men didn't even expect any answers, for almost immediately they took him away. He was roughly pushed through the hallways. He looked around as good as possible and tried to memorize the way he was taken. Just when he was about to give up, he entered a large room. Several children and women were there, guarded by the men. He wasn't given any time to watch the whole room, but was immediately taken towards one of the longer walls.

As he saw her hanging there, he became confused and angry.

Why was she hanging there while she had interrogated him a couple of hours ago?

"This is what happens to anyone who disobeys or refuses to cooperate."

"Fuck you." Hannibal hissed and tried to give him an elbow. A hit in the back was the result that sent him to keel over, moaning.


*Don't do that.*

She looked him in the eyes and slowly, hardly unnoticeable, shook her head. Not totally unnoticed. They'd seen it. One of them let go of the older man and pulled his knife, making a deep cut in her arm. She closed her eyes and didn't move. It would only get worse if she showed it hurt. And it did hurt. Badly.

Her arm slowly turned red. Blood red.




She slowly walked towards the guard. He nodded.

She looked up and gently touched the girl's leg and waited.

Finally she opened her eyes a little.

"I'm here." She spoke.

She gave the girl a sip of water.

Then she started cleaning her wounds and skin carefully.

"You'll be okay." She whispered. "Halfway now."


When the last two shackles released her arms, she just fell. Didn't have the strength to stand up. The women that had been ordered to release her didn't move. They weren't allowed to. They were ordered to open her chains and wait until she stood up by on her own strength. All the men and children in the room were watching her. This was part of it. Always her, always the shackles, the knives, the beatups. It kept the children and women obedient. Slowly and unsteadily she stood up. "I'll.. be fine. Go." She spoke with a hoarse voice. "Go..." The women quickly moved away, glad she had sent them away.

She looked up at the guard and slowly bowed and in a humble tone asked if she was allowed to leave.

He didn't look at her, merely nodded and turned his head away from her in disgust.

With one hand against the wall for support she started stumbling away. To her room, if it was worth being called a room.


After he was brought back, he found himself waiting for her. He hoped she came back. But she didn't. Which only worried him more. What was going on? She'd asked him if they were wanted, as if she were one of the people holding him prisoner. Yet, she was treated as a prisoner. And though she seemed to walk around freely, she had said she never left this place. It didn't make sense.

If she was one of them, why did they treat her that way? If she was a prisoner, what was she doing, running around like that, without any guards what-so-ever?

It didn't make any sense. It was absurd.

She had looked at him when he saw her and got angry. She had told him to do nothing. But he had already tried to give the men an elbow. And then.. She got punished for it. It sounded crazy, but it made sense. Maybe she was being punished for the boy's error. And punished for his own mistake.

After a while of pondering he fell asleep, tired as hell.


The door opened and a woman entered. She walked towards him and put down some food and water. Face waited for a minute, then tried to reach it. It was too far away. He couldn't believe it. Were they playing a game with him? He tried and tried, but couldn't reach it..

Seconds later, the door opened and someone else stumbled inside. It was the girl from the day before. Her skin still showed the deep wounds and cuts. Face didn't dare to move.

She walked towards the food and put it closer to him. Then walked away again.

"Wait!" Face spoke, surprised by the sound of his own voice.

She looked around. "I'm fine.. Thank you for being concerned."

She paused a moment. "Next time a woman brings you food, ask her to put it closer to you.

Call her Angel, and she will."

Then she closed the door and carefully walked away.


She opened the door. Doors were never locked here. Why should they, if prisoners were chained?

She walked towards the food and she put it closer by.

"Are you all right?" The man softly spoke. She smiled. Gentleness often comes from people you least expect it from. "I am. Thank you." Him too she told to call the woman Angel.

Then she turned to leave again.

BA broke a piece off his bread. "Here. Take this."

She accepted it, hid it under her clothing and nodded.


He'd hoped she'd return, and she did. The door opened and she came in, picked up his food and moved it closer. Then she turned to him. "One of your men, the one who kept calling for his cap and jacket.. What's his name?"

He didn't reply, he doubted if he should answer or not.

She looked at him for a while. "Tell me his name. I can be trusted."

"How can I be so sure of that? You walk around here freely. For all I know you're one of them."

"I am not."

"Then why are you given such freedom?"

"I don't need to tell you that."

"Why did you ask me those questions yesterday?" Hannibal kept asking, but this time she didn't reply.

"Answer me goddammit!!!" He raised his voice.

"Please tell me his name."

He sighed. His feelings were in struggle with his common sense. "Murdock."

She turned around and left. He cursed under his breath.


"Murdock?" She re-entered the room and walked towards him.

He didn't reply.

"Murdock?" She repeated a bit louder.

"H-hannibal?" He whispered. She didn't reply.

He stared in front of him. She kneeled down and gently touched his cheek.

"Murdock." She whispered.

"Hannibal..." He started to sob.

"I'm here." She replied. He didn't hear her voice, only the words.

"I couldn't do anything, Hannibal." He said through his tears. "She was.. hanging there.. and I couldn't do anything." He broke down.

"....Neither could we, Murdock. Don't feel bad about it."

"But.. I.. I wanted to help her. She.. was too far gone...  didn't see anyone... Didn't react to anything."

"....She's okay, Murdock. Don't worry. She's fine." She embraced him. He hardly responded.

"She wants you to be okay too." He started crying again.

"Thank you for caring about her."




Chapter 7. Hmm... Naah.. I ain't putting any comments above this one.



She came in again. Hannibal didn't speak. He wondered where she had gone. Did she tell her superiors Murdock's name? Or did she go to Murdock and did something to him?

"Is your name Hannibal?" She asked. Hannibal didn't reply. From now on, he promised himself, he wouldn't say a thing to her.

"He kept repeating your name. He was in shock." She said. She knew what he was thinking. He doubted if he could trust her..
"You're their leader, aren't you? Your teammates need your presence."

Hannibal had to force himself not to say anything. His common sense doubted if she wasn't making this up. His feelings screamed Murdock's name. But he just didn't know anymore. Did she talk to his teammates too? Made them doubt their feelings as well? Did she really know everything they thought? Was she on the side of good or on the side of evil? Why did she return every time? What reason did she have to keep coming to him?

"I want answers." He broke his own promise and spoke to her. "Who are you? Why do you keep asking me questions? Why do you show up everywhere? What the hell are you doing? Why were you chained yesterday?" He blurted out and threw his chained arms in the air.

She sat down. "I was afraid you wouldn't talk to me anymore. I need someone to talk to. Nobody is allowed to talk to me."

"Why not?"

"Does it matter why not?"

"Why do they let you walk around freely, while you're still being treated as a prisoner? Nobody is allowed to talk to you, you're being chained, beaten, raped for all I know!"

"There's nowhere I can go. I don't pose a threat to anyone."

"Then what are you? A prisoner or a guard? This doesn't make any sense at all."

"I am a prisoner. But I don't intend to leave. That's also a reason why I am free."

"You like it here?"

She smiled. "Who knows."

Hannibal frowned. This really made no sense.

"That I walk around freely, doesn't mean I'm not a prisoner. And it doesn't mean I'm not being watched."

Hannibal gasped. Were they being watched now? She shook her head.

"They check on me regularly. When I sleep. Or when I return to my quarters or walk around. All guards are being told to remember when and where they have seen me. They keep track of me."

"Shouldn't you leave now, then?" He asked concerned.

"Yes, actually I should." She paused for a while, then stood up.

Before she left, she turned around. "If I were you, I'd drop your cover a little. When they see that none of their threats and beatings work, for those WILL get worse, they'll go straight to the FBI or any other organization to check who you really are."




Chapter 8. Lotsa blood and pain... PAIN... MWAHAHAHAH... yowtch! ;_;  Why did you do that for? <rubs sore head>

Kay, here there's a slight sexual undertone in the story, but that's just two or three lines. ^_^

(Nothing slash. Only a shirt being ripped off a woman's body and some touching. )

Also quite some violence, kicking, beatings and torture. I love being a junior mad scientist..



When she turned around the corner, she looked in the eyes of one of the guards. He slapped her in the face. She fell.

*Useless words have to be spoken.*

"You know the rules. No exception.

You're not allowed to talk to anyone.

You're not allowed to see any of the prisoners."

He summed up. She tried to get up, but was kicked back. And kicked again. And beaten and kicked. Until the floor was red. Until her mind was covered with the black blanket of dreamless sleep.



One by one, the others were brought in. Why were they taken somewhere else whenever they were going to be interrogated? Hannibal shook his head. This was totally ridiculous. In a few minutes he'd wake up and realize this was all a dream. The others looked at him. He nodded. Everything will be fine.


After a couple of minutes in deadly silence, a couple of guards entered.

"I suggest you'd better start giving us some answers."

"Or else?" Face suddenly spoke. "Are you going to hang that girl in front of us again?"

"That's just plain low." Murdock assented.

"It works." The man replied and gestured at the door.


She was forced to stand up, being held by her hair. Her hands were forced behind her back, her head pulled backwards. When the movements stopped, she opened her eyes. For a moment, she looked Hannibal in the eyes. Then turned away.

Her shirt was pulled off her body. Her naked chest was covered with marks of previous beatups. Cuts and bruises, old wounds.  Wounds that were about to be re-opened. A knife went down her body, followed the curves. As if gone mad, the men started beating her up, blood starting to cover her body.

"Stop that.. " Hannibal hissed.

Face shook his head, his eyes closed. Murdock started trembling. BA started cursing.


Two of the men walked towards him and started beating him up as well. Then Face, Murdock, BA. Until their bodies were covered with bruises. Knives were pulled. The girl was lifted from the ground and held in front of his face.

"Start talking. Who are you?"
Hannibal closed his eyes and shook his head. He was hit in the face.

"ANSWER!" A punch hit him in the stomach.

"Never.. " He hissed.


The door was slammed shut and, for the first time, locked. Murdock started sobbing.

The others stared at the girl in shock. After a while, she moved a bit and coughed up blood.

Slowly and unsteadily, she crawled on her knees. She winced when she moved her left arm.

Hannibal wanted to say something, but didn't know what.

"You... "

"Don't speak." He whispered. She shook her head.

"You're...  the first ones... chough.. who didn't give in." She collapsed and lost consciousness again.




Chapter 9. Kay, did you wonder what was going on here? Don't miss part 9!



"Do you have a plan, Hannibal?" BA asked. Hannibal nodded.

"Yes, BA, I do.. But we need her help to.." He broke off his sentence as she regained consciousness again. With great effort, she managed to crawl back on hands and knees, not using her left arm. She shivered and coughed again.

Hannibal tore his blouse off his body. Not able to come any closer, he threw it towards her. She nodded and carefully tried to tie it around her body. But she couldn't. With every movement she made, she winced of pain. They all looked, breathless.

He doubted for a moment, then, finally, gestured her to come closer. She stood up and stumbled towards him. He tore off the left sleeve and tore the entire left side open, to let her arm through.  Gently he helped her into the clothing, being careful not to hurt her. Then he tied it together at the left side of her waist.

He softly touched her cheek. She smiled and touched his hand for a moment. Then she walked away and slowly sat down again, a few steps away from them.

"Why did they leave you behind with us, if you aren't allowed to talk to anyone?" Hannibal asked her.

The others looked at him in amazement.

"You know her?"

Hannibal nodded. "She stood in my cell when I woke up."

"This is the last time we meet." She managed to speak without coughing, though blood dripped down her chin while she spoke. Hannibal didn't reply.

"When they find out who you are, they will claim the price that is on your head."

"You mean IF they find out who we are." Face stated.

"They will. They're bounty hunters.. Sorta. Anyone who comes here is checked and being held hostage, either for ransom or for the price on their heads... But it's different. You must have noticed. Not you, but I am being beaten."

"How do ya know about a price on our heads?"

"Anyone who is chased here by MP, surely must have a price on their head."

"You told me you never left this place. How do you know about that?"

"Does it matter how I know?"

"Hannibal, this is totally insane."

"I know, Murdock. But she is on our side. She even helped you."

Murdock looked at him, not understanding.

"It wasn't Hannibal who talked to you when you were in shock. That was me."

"You even told her your name?!"

Hannibal shook his head. "This is too complicated. I will explain later. When we're out of here."

"You can't leave."

"Yes we can. With your help we can. You know the way around here. You can show us the way."

She shook her head.

"Why not?" Hannibal pleaded.

"I can't risk it." She replied, looking him in the eyes with a face of stone.

"What do you have to lose?"

"Something you'll never understand."

"Please help us. We can take you with us. We really need you help." He pleaded. "Help us."

She didn't reply. The door opened. A guard entered and gestured her to come. She obeyed.

"Wait!" Hannibal said.

She looked up at the guard, pleading to be allowed to speak.

The guard nodded and closed the door for a moment.

"Some of them do have a heart... What is it?" She stared at the floor.

"I never caught your name."

"I never said it." She replied and faced him again.

"Please tell me. What is your name?"

She laughed bitterly. "Do you really wish to give me a number, like you are used to in your world? Very well then.. I will tell you my number. My name is X."

"What?" She didn't reply, turned around and knocked on the door. The guard took her away.


Hannibal fell back against the wall and closed his eyes.


"Yes, Murdock?"

"In math, X is an undefined number."




Chapter 10.



"Angel... I.. ah... " Hannibal doubted.

She shook up.

"She told you too?"

**She must have a good reason for trusting you... She hardly does this for anyone.*

She turned around and put the food closer to him, not looking him in the eye.

He nodded. "Yes... " He was silent for a moment, but called her back when she wanted to leave.

"Wait. Please let me speak to her again."


"Why not? Please.. "

"You met her for the last time yesterday. She told you that."

"But why?"

"Because you won't be here for much longer."

"Please... please.. She calls you Angel... She must have a reason for that... Tell her I want to speak to her one more time.." Hannibal begged.

She left without responding.


The door opened again. Hannibal wished from the bottom of his heart that it was X, not someone who came to claim the price on their heads.

"I only do this because it might be your last request."

The words frightened him.

"Why did you want to see me?"

He swallowed. "X.... We need your help to escape."

She looked down and turned around to leave again.

"Please!! Please help us. We can take you with us."

She stopped. Hannibal didn't dare breathing.

"You're a good person. You and your men are. You're different than me. I don't know the line between good and bad anymore. The line faded away a long time ago. My thoughts faded as well. I once hurt people. Now people hurt me. What's the difference? I don't know, I don't care. I say things the way they appear in my mind, but I hardly remember the words after I've spoken them. And the ones I do remember, I regret. Questions fade away as soon as I ask them.. But there's always one that sticks. What makes people good, what makes people bad? Am I bad?"

She paused. "What is it that makes The A-Team bad and wanted ... as well as good?"

Hannibal's heart skipped a beat.

"Did you know this.. all along?"

She shook her head.

"I overheard them talking."

"If I answer your question... then will you help us escape?"

"Perhaps. You have all your hope set on escaping from here. But surely you'll be able to escape from prison?"

"We won't get prison. We'll get the fire squad." He thought for a moment, about where to start.

"Back in 'Nam, we got the orders to.. do something that would stop the war. It was classified information. But after the war.. the papers were nowhere to be found.. gone." Hannibal started telling.. about Morrison... the war. How the team got together. In a way, he wanted to tell it. But he also had to. If he could convince her they had to escape.

"That's when we became wanted. With no place to go, we traveled around and ended up in LA. What we decided to do then... well.. we helped people... " Hannibal paused for a second.. then continued about the people they had helped.

"With help from friends and other resources, people can find us if they really are in trouble. It's what we do, and it feels good. We can help you too. Help us escape first, and we'll come back. We'll help you.

"There was something about you and your men. You seemed so tough at first..." She sighed. "You get one chance.. Tomorrow, when Angel brings you food. She will show you the way out of here. Make sure nothing happens to her... Promise me that. But also promise me this: Don't ever come back here. I will provide you the chance to escape. Don't blow it..."

"Why can't we come back?"

"Does that matter to you? You'll be free again. That's all that matters. "

She stood up and walked towards him.

"I... I can't.." Before he could finish his sentence, she gave him a kiss... and with her tongue she pushed a key in his mouth.




Chapter 11.



A guard ran by... and another. Someone shouted orders.

Hannibal listened nervously. Should he escape now?

No.. He'd get spotted immediately.

It stayed quiet for a couple of minutes.

Too quiet.

Hannibal started fidgeting with the key in his hands.

*Oh heck." He opened the locks and stood up.

Then started walking a bit to get the stiffness out of his bones.

The door squeaked. As in reflex, Hannibal jumped back towards the chains.

"It's me." Angel whispered before opening the door further.

"Whew." Hannibal sighed.

She came in and quickly closed the door again.

"Where's.. uh.. X?" Hannibal asked.

"You already know that." She stared outside through the window in the door.

"She's not coming with you. And neither am I."


"Look, there's something you don't seem to understand here. Let me put it this way: She takes the blame for everything. Get it? Everything. If you escape with our help, if you succeed in escaping, she'll be lucky if she survives. Especially since they know who you are. They're already negotiating. I bet the name Decker would mean something to you. To me it doesn't. Not that I would care. I'm helping you only because she asked me to. But if I escape too, she's dead for sure. Get it?"

She turned around and looked at him furiously. "I don't care how many other people you can help when you're out of here, I hate you."

"I'm sorry."

"If you're sorry, stay here."

"Look, the risks are on both sides. If we don't escape, we're dead too. It's four lives against.."

"against one. I know. I said I'd help and I will. Do you still want to escape?"

He nodded.

"Let's go then. We've got about ten minutes."

A scream echoed through the hallways. "Starting now." She whispered.


The door slammed open. Face shook up, banging his head against the wall as he sat up straight. Then he recognized Hannibal. Hannibal brought a finger to his lips and swiftly opened his chains. "You did it!" Face whispered. Hannibal nodded.


As quickly as possible they ran to the next door. Murdock quickly did a few cha-cha steps before running with them towards BA. "Hannibal, hurry!" BA hissed. "Some guards came back." Hannibal opened his locks even faster. Then he turned around... * Shit shit.. Where'd she go!?* He ran into the hallway, to see her disappear around a corner. "Go!" He yelled at the others. They ran as fast as they could. But every time they passed around a corner, she just disappeared around another one.

"Faster!" She hissed.  After passing numerous corners, she stopped at a door. It looked just like all the others. "Go in here. There you'll find your ride."

"An what about you?" BA asked.

"No." She looked at Hannibal for a second. "You've got a head start, use it."

"Thank you."

"Don't thank me. Thank the girl who's now about to go in a raging fit just to give you the chance to get away. Go."  She locked the door behind them. "Keep going straight ahead." She hissed. Then she disappeared.


BA immediately ducked under the wheel to jumpstart the engine. The others tried to find any weapons in the van. In no time the engine started.

"Go BA!" The van bashed through what seemed a garage door. Then they went through a couple of camouflage nets. BA slammed the gas down as far as it would go and raced away. The team braced for a sudden impact. Face stood ready to open the slide door, Hannibal opened his window, ready for a firefight.


Everything remained silent.



The End


What's In Your Head - Complete by DianaK