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Title: Long live our love prologue/

Long Live Our Love

by Susan Owens


Rated: PG13

Summary: Murdock hears a song that makes him think of an old friend.

Warning: Nothing at the present moment.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the A-team Stephen Cannell does. I do own Irene and a little of Melisa. Melisa is Murdock's Crazy Lady with her permission. And Irene is my sister who wanted to be in one of my stories. "Long Live Our Love" is was written by J Jackson and perform by the Shangalas

2000 Susan Owens

Authors notes: I hope you enjoy comments are welcome but not necessary. This is the third story of Murdock and Face being brothers. The first two can be found in Pax's archive I think you know the addy. If not with the list mom's permission I will tell you. The first two stories of Murdock and Face being brothers is "The Search" and the other is "Relatively Speaking."







( Long live our loveee. Long live our happiness. Here's a toast to happiness.

Long live our love.)


Murdock sat in the front seat of Face's car, listening to the radio. The song

playing on the radio was a song he had not heard in a long time, but it caught

his attention almost from the very first note. It made him go into his memory

files inside his mind and think of his old girl friend, before Vietnam. Her

name had been Irene Pommerville before she got married. He didn't know her

married name....


(We were childhood sweethearts).. The song played on and Murdock sort of agreed

with it. *Well, not really.* He thought. They knew each other as kids, but

didn't become sweethearts until high school.


(We had made a simple vow. Vow to love each other and I know we won't stop



*Yes,* he remembered, *We had vowed to love one another. But the war has

changed things. Because of that war, I'm not the same person I was before I

left..* Murdock thought to himself.


(Something's come between us and it's not another girl.)


*True.* Murdock thought again. *It was that cursed war.*


( A lot of people need you. There is trouble in the world.)


*Yes, maybe they did,* He thought, *But Irene needed me too.*


( The fighting that's come between us and it taking you far, far away. But

please don't worry about me being faithful. You're in my heart both night and

day, and if we are lucky God will send you back to me.)


Murdock couldn't believe he was arguing himself over this song. Yes ,God, had

protected him and send him back. But she was no longer waiting. While he had

been in the POW camp and declared MIA, she had lost hope and married someone

else. His heart had been broken at first but later he guessed he couldn't blame

her. She had to go on, as he knew he had to too.


Face stared at Murdock they had arrived and Murdock looked a thousand miles

away. Face shook his friend's shoulder to get his attention.


"Murdock. Hey Murdock. What are you thinking about?" Face asked his brother.

Murdock looked at Face, trying to hide a zillion emotions all at once from

Face. He shook his head.


"Nothing Face. Just an old friend."



Part 1


Face smiled at Murdock. "Old friend huh. Care to tell me about her?"


Murdock smiled back at Face. he thought it was nice that Face was interested.

Ever since they found out that they were brothers they had become closer.


"There's not much to tell. She was my sweetheart in high school. We were always

together as kids. I think a lot of people thought we would be married some day,

but the war came and things changed." Murdock said, and Face nodded a slow nod.


"Yeah I know that feeling." Face said. "So what happened to her?"


Murdock shrugged his shoulders. "I heard she married someone else. She promised

to wait but I guess she got tired of waiting." Face reached over and put his

hand on Murdock's jacket clothed shoulder.


"I'm really sorry Murdock." Face said, realizing Murdock didn't look very happy

about his girl not being able to wait for him.


Murdock nodded his head. "Don't worry about it Faceman. It's now bridge under

the water, yesterdays news." Murdock and Face were so busy talking they didn't

hear Murdock's father Francis speaking.


"Hey boys. Did you hear me? I said we are here. Welcome to the Camp of Good

Hope." Francis's voice finally cut through to Face and Murdock, and they were

quiet so HM's dad wouldn't have to repeat himself. They listened, and got out

of the car. Murdock looked around, closing Face's station wagon door. It seemed

like a small camp site . He noticed the cabins and saw that many were empty.


"Doesn't look like this camp has many people here. Must be a slow month."


"It used to have a lot of people until that scum Dexter chased them off.

Welcome to Camp of Good Hope."


Murdock heart thumped a million miles a minute, and nearly popped out of his

rib cage. *stay there!* He thought as he put his hand on his chest a second. He

knew that voice. He slowly turned around, and there standing in front of him,

was his old sweet heart Irene Pommerville.



Part 2


"Hello, HM. It's been a long time."


Murdock walked over and hugged Irene, he couldn't believed it was really her..


"It's good to see you again Irene. I was just thinking about you. How you have

you been?"


"Fine HM, just fine." She said, as walked over to Francis.


"Welcome back. Thank you for bringing your son." Francis nodded his head then

pointed to Samantha and Face..


"Irene , I would like you to meet Templeton Peck AKA Face and his mother



Irene smiled at them. "Hello any friends of the Murdock's are friends of mine."


Face smiled back ."Thank you."


"Well, Irene we had a long drive here and would like to get some rest. So could

you rent us a cabin?" asked Francis.


"You won't be getting any."


Everyone turned around to se a young lady about seventeen standing a few feet

from them. Murdock stared at her, she was the spitting image of Irene when she

was that age. He knew she had to be her daughter. Francis noticed too, but he

noticed something else. She had Murdock's looks too, was this girl his son's

daughter? Francis silently wondered as he watched Irene approach the girl.

"Melisa I would like you to meet some old friends of mine. This is HM Murdock

and his father Francis, and these are their friends Samantha and her son



Melisa smiled at them. "Hello, welcome, but you really picked a bad time to

come." Face smiled at the young lady. Too bad. If he was just a couple years



"Why do you feel that way?"


Melisa smiled as she thought to herself, *My god this guy is hot looking. Too

bad I am spoken for, and, that he's too old for me.. He's gotta be at least in

his forties..*


"Because my mom is a fool." Irene looked at her daughter in anger.


"Melisa please don't talk that way in front of my friends."


"Mom, you know it's true. Dexter has offered you a lot of money for this broken

down camp. A lot more then it's worth and you refused him. To me that's being a



Murdock looked at Melisa. "That's no way to talk to your mother. I think you

owe her an apology."


Melisa glared at Murdock, her eyes were flashing red and her nose was flaring.

"Who do you think you are? You've got your nerve, going to Vietnam and leaving

mom. So she was force to marry a man she didn't love. You stay out of this."


Irene grabbed her daughter. "Don't you ever talk that way to HM! Do you hear

me? I love your father." Melisa looked at her mother.


"Yeah sure you did. You were always comparing him with Murdock. The man from

your past. Father was never as good as he was in your eyes. Why you married

him, was something I never understood. You may have liked him mom, but you never

truly loved him. As for this camp if it was mine I'd sell it to Dexter in no

time." Samantha had heard enough. She had no idea what was going on but she

could not let it go on.


"Young lady I think you said enough. Why don't you and I got some place and

talk." she looked at Irene for approval and Irene nodded her head.. She watched

them go and even though Francis had introduced them she knew nothing about

Samantha. Murdock saw her concern.


"Don't worry Irene, Melisa is safe with Samantha. She's my mother."


Irene looked confused. "Your mother? I thought your mother was dead."

Murdock nodded his head. "The one I called mother is dead. Samantha's my real

mother." Irene pointed to Face.


"But I thought she was his mother."


Face laughed, they had her so confused. "She is but we also found out she is

Murdock's mother too." Murdock smiled and placed his arm around Face.


"That's right Irene. This is my little brother Face."


Irene smiled. "I'm glad you have a family HM. You deserve one."


Murdock stepped forward, noticing the sudden emotion written on her face.


"What's going on Irene?" Irene started to cry.


"Oh HM everything. Ever since Carl died, Dexter Cole has been trying to buy

this camp. He asked Carl to sell it to him, but he refused. This was his life

He loved this camp. It was so active, people came from miles away, just to camp

here. But Dexter Cole and his men soon put a stop to that. They started

frightening people away causing accidents. One night they caused the mess cabin

to catch fire. No one was hurt but there was a lot of damage. We knew he had

something to do with it. So Carl went to the police, but on his way there he

lost control of his car and wrecked. I know he had something to do with Carl's

death, but I can't prove it. The police investigation ruled it as an accident.

HM, Carl was a good driver there is no way he would have driven off the road

over a cliff."


Murdock took Irene into his arms and gently ran his fingers though her hair.

*God she feel so good to hold again.* He thought. "Don't cry Irene, Face and I

will help you."


He looked at Face who nodded his head. "That's right. Miss Murdock and I will



"Count me in too. " replied Francis. Irene smiled from her place on Murdock's

shoulder. Face smiled back, but his thoughts were somewhere else.


*Hannibal, I wish you and B.A. were here.*



Part 3


Samantha and Melisa came to an old tree. Samantha saw signs that there had once

been a tree house there. The homemade ladder was still on the tree's thick

trunk and bits of the planks still remained, but they were now burnt and no

longer used. She knew that it must had been a wonderful tree house a long time

ago. Melisa noticed she was looking at it.


"My father and I built that when I was a child. It's the place I used to come

to when I needed to get away. You know, be by myself. It caught fire last year. "


Samantha nodded her head. "It must have been very special to you."


Melisa looked nonchalantly at it. "Yeah well I was kid then. I'm seventeen now. I

miss those days. It would have been a great tree house for my kids. Oh well we

can always built a new one." Samantha decided it was now time to ask Melisa.


"Melisa , why were you so rude to your mother?" Melisa looked at the older

woman with a look of 'oh no here it comes, the lecture'.


"You don't understand." She waved her hands around her. "Look around this place!

It's a dump! Dexter has offered mom more money then it's worth. He's been very

reasonable. But yet she still won't sell it! She is such a fool." Samantha calmly

took Melisa's hand.


"Melisa try to understand. This was the last thing your father left your

mother. I am sure it means a lot to her." Melisa jumped up from leaning on the

tree and turned around to face Samantha .



"Well it's doesn't to me! I hate this place! Everything about it. It's choking

me and I want out! I swear the first chance I get, I'm out of here!" Samantha

felt for Melisa. She knew how she felt. "You know when I was younger I lived at

this place I hated so much. I had no freedom it was also choking me."


"What did you do?" Melisa asked, hoping for a good answer. "I left."


"See you left."


"Yes I did leave, but I left something behind and I will always regret that."


"Well I have nothing to leave behind."


"What about your mother." Samantha pointed out.


"My mom only cares for this God forsaken camp. Not me." Melisa said, crossing

her arms in front of her.


"Oh Melisa, I know that's not true. Your mother loves you." Samantha said,

trying to calm Melisa down. Melisa was about to respond when they heard someone

coming. It was her mother and her mother's friend. Melisa noticed her mom

looked happy, and knew whatever had made her happy had to do with the camp she

so thoroughly hated.


"OH Melisa . I got wonderful news sweetheart. Hm and his family are going to

help us so we will not lose the camp. Isn't that wonderful?!" Irene ran up and

said happily. Melisa stared in horror.


"What? we don't need their help mom! I hate this damn place! Why can't you

understand that?!" Melisa ran past them crying, knocking Face aside. Face

watched her go, confused, He couldn't figure out why she hated the camp so

much. Irene was surprised.


"I'm sorry. I just don't understand her anymore." Irene said, feeling

embarrassed about her daughter's outburst. Murdock placed his arm around Irene.


"She reminds me a lot of you Irene. Don't worry she'll come around."


Francis looked at his son holding the woman he had once planned to marry, and

thought to himself, *She's a lot like you too son, Your little girl.*



Melisa ran into one of the cabins by the lake. Inside the cabin was a man. A

tall man of six feet, with wavy light brown hair and hazel eyes. When she saw

him, she ran into his arms.


"Oh Dexter, I am so glad to see you. Please hold me." The man said nothing but

took Melisa in his arms and passionately kissed her.



Part 4


Melisa felt warm in Dexter Cole's arms as he ran his fingers up and down her



"Oh Dexter, I'm so glad you are here. Hold me tighter please." Dexter held her.


*You are such a fool. I have no feelings for you. I just want this camp, So I

can use it for my new development.* Dexter thought as he continued to play his

little charade.


Dexter smiled at her. "I want only the best for you Babe."


She smiled at him. "Dexter please take me away from here."


"I will just as soon as your mother sells me this camp. Then I promise, I will

take you away."


Melisa smiled at him, snuggling up closer to him. She looked at him.


"How are you going to get mom to sell? She's already told you no."


"I will get rid of her friends."


"Dexter, please don't hurt them."


"No worries babe. I will just scare them away like the others."


Melisa nodded her head. Dexter kissed her one last time.


"I got to go, but I will see you later." He then slipped out of the backdoor.

Melisa left through the front door, and as she was heading back, she saw

Murdock coming towards her.


"Hi muchacha, I was just taking a walk. I sure could use someone to show me

around. You interested?"


She looked at him. "Not really." She responded as she walked away. Murdock

watched her go. Suddenly he saw two men jump out and grab her, and she

screamed. He ran toward them very fast, as fast as his legs would permit.


"Let her go!" He yelled as his fist connected to one of the men, knocking him

to the ground. Murdock was about to strike the other man when he felt a sharp

pain to the back of his neck and then everything went black. Melisa screamed as

Murdock's eyes rolled up in his head and he fell like a rock to the ground. She

was shocked and terrified as she looked to see Dexter standing there with a

branch in his hand. She went down to Murdock to see if he was alright. She felt

a pulse but it was weak. She looked up at Dexter.


"You could have killed him!"


"You mean he isn't dead? Pity."


Melisa stared in disbelief at Dexter. "You promised me no one would be hurt."


"You are such a fool girl. I don't love you, I just want this camp, and I think

I have a way to get it." He turned to his men.


"Put them in the back of the truck."


They threw Murdock in the back then grabbed Melisa by the arm. She fought and

tried to yank her arm back, trying to get a way, but she was no match for them.

Inside the truck Melisa looked at Murdock who laid very still and looked so

pale. She knew he was hurt real bad, and she knew she couldn't help him, which

hurt even more. She put her knees up to her chest and cried.




Francis sat on the front porch, and he suddenly knew something was wrong. He

felt it in the inner most parts of him, and it was coming in strong and clear.

His years with the company had made him feel that way. He then felt someone was

there with him and looked up to see Face.


"Have you seen Murdock?" The young blond haired man asked.


"Not since Melisa had her little fit."


"Was Murdock like that when he was a teenager?" asked Face, wondering a little

about his brother's childhood and teen years.


"More or less. HM was head strong."


Face nodded. "I guess that's where Melisa gets it from."


Francis stared. "You know? I mean, that Melisa is HM's daughter?"


Face nodded. "You would have to be blind not to notice it. I bet Murdock knows



Francis was about to respond when they saw Samantha and Irene running towards

them. Irene was crying. Face ran over to them.


"Mom, What's wrong?" Face asked, worried at the look on her face.



Samantha handed Face a note. "Templeton, read this."


Face unfolded the letter and read it.


'We have your daughter and your boyfriend. If you want to see them again sell

me your camp. Don't take all day to decide, your boyfriend is hurt real bad and

I am not getting him a doctor. His recovery is up to you. No cops!


Face crumbled the note up and squeezed it tightly as he looked at Irene.


"Don't worried Irene, we will save Murdock and his daughter."


He then turned to Francis. "We are going to need help. I am calling Hannibal

and B.A. ."



Part 5


"I am going to call Hannibal and B.A.." After saying this Face walking into the

office. When it suddenly registered to Irene what Face had said, she turned to



"You all know, don't you?"


"You mean the fact that Melisa is Murdock's daughter? Yes Irene we know. It's

not that hard to tell. She's got his deep dark eyes and his stubbornness, I

should know. What I don't understand is why you never told him."


Irene shook her head. "I wanted to, but Melisa loved her father and Carl loved



"Did he know? That he was not her father?"


"Yes he knew, but it made no difference. He loved her."


Irene began to cry again. Francis held her in a fatherly way and let her cry it



The black van with the red stripe was driving down the road heading back to LA

when the phone rang. Hannibal Smith picked up the phone.


"Lou's delivery. " He replied, in a disguised voice.


"Hannibal, it's me Face. We got trouble here and we need you and B.A. double



Face now had Hannibal's full attention. "What's the matter Kid?"


"This camp we are at is in big trouble, some sleaze ball name Dexter Cole wants

it and he just took Murdock and Melisa. Murdock's hurt Colonel. I don't know

how bad."


Face was trying to block out all of the bad things his mind kept showing him,

bad things that involved Murdock, his brother, being hurt just like in Nam. He

squeezed his eyes tightly closed a second and listened to Hannibal.


"Slow down LT. Who's Melisa?"


Face thought a minute. Should he tell Hannibal that Melisa was Murdock's

daughter? Or, should he let him find out himself? He decided to tell him.


"Melisa, Murdock 's daughter." He replied.


"His what?" Asked Hannibal he wanted to make sure he heard right. He'd already

about swallowed his own tongue at Face's explanation.


"His daughter Colonel. Melisa is Murdock's daughter."


"Okay Face, give us your location and we will be there shortly."


Face gave Hannibal some quick but good directions and a few minutes later,

Hannibal hung up the phone and looked out the windshield. B.A. looked at him.


"What's up Hannibal?"


Hannibal lit up his cigar. "B.A., head for the Camp of Good Hope. Murdock and

Face need our help."


B.A. shook his head. "I knew those two would get into trouble without us."


He then drove towards the camp after Hannibal gave him the directions.





Melisa sat against the back of the van crying with her head in her arms. Why

was this happening to her? How could she had been so naive to think that an

twenty-seven-year-old man care for her? Why didn't she listen to her mom? Now

she and her mom's old

friend were going die, Dexter would not let them go, she was sure of that.


"Hey muchacha. " A very weak Murdock said, groggily hearing her crying and

wanting to comfort her. Melisa looked up from her arms and crawled over to

Murdock. He looked so weak.


"Please, you shouldn't talk, save your strength." She cried, not caring if her

face felt 2 sizes too big and she was crying like a baby. She was terrified,

and she told herself she had a damn good reason to cry.


Murdock wanted to reach up to wipe away her tears but he was just too weak and

his arm and hand were like lifting an anvil. Instead he said,


"Melisa, listen to me. The first open chance you get, I want you to go, leave

me behind."


Melisa gasped she stared at Murdock. "No, I won't leave you behind. Please

don't ask me to."


Murdock turned his head away and coughed up some blood. Melisa knew his

injuries were serious. She took out her handkerchief and wiped his mouth as she

declared boldly,


"I am not leaving you and that's final."


Murdock slowly close his eyes again, and as he did, he prayed that help would

arrive in time to save his daughter. His daughter. He like the sound of that,

he hoped that someday Irene would tell her. Melisa looked at Murdock, still holding

her bloody hanky in her bewildered hand. What was it about this man that made her

care what happened to him? She really didn't know, all she knew was that she felt

connected to him. She prayed that he would be all right as she curled up beside

him in a tight ball with her arm gently laying over his belly, hoping to make

him and herself feel safe. She didn't bother to take the blood covered hanky

from her hand.




As the black van turned on the road, Hannibal spotted the van that had Murdock

and his daughter, B.A. noticed it at the same time and went after it. The

driver of the van looked into his rear view mirror and noticed that a black van

was following them.


"Hey, I think that van is following us."


The other man shook his head. "Don't be so dumb. You've been watching too much



"I'm telling you. That van is following us."


Hannibal slowly got his weapon out. B.A. saw and grabbed his hand.


"Be careful Hannibal, there's a girl and Murdock in the back of that van."


Hannibal nodded his head. "Don't worry B.A., I know what I am doing."


BA shook his head. "No Hannibal, I got an idea. Let me try my idea."


Hannibal put down the weapon. "Okay B.A., go for it."


The black van started picking up more speed and was soon in front of the other



"See," Replied one of the men, "He passed us right up. I told you he wasn't

following us."


The man had no more then got those words out, when the black van slammed on

it's breaks right in front of him causing him to slam on the brakes in turn.

Both vans were now at a dead stop. Both men stared in fright as a big man

wearing a lot of gold and an angry expression climbed out and headed towards

them. They both scrambled out and tried to run, but B.A. moved fast and had

them both before they could blink. B.A. knocked one of the men out for making

him slam on his breaks like he did, and took the other one over to Hannibal.

The man was shaking. Who were these guys?


The older man put his hand tightly on the man's trembling shoulder and replied,

"Keys please."


"You heard the man sucka, Give him the keys." B.A. said, raising his fist and

giving him a low growl.


The shaking man reached into his pocket and gave Hannibal the keys. Hannibal

smiled as he took the keys from the shaking hand, one that was shaking so much

the keys were jingling like bells.


"Now tell your boss Mr. Cole, that there are new players in this game and we

plan to win. B.A. I think this sleaze ball could use some beauty sleep."


B.A. nodded his head and before the guy could blink, he was sleeping on the

ground with the other man.


Hannibal unlock the back of the van and saw a frightened girl standing in front

of Murdock protectively, with her fists raised and ready.





Melisa had fallen asleep by Murdock, but when the van had stopped she knew

something was up. She heard noises and got up to stand in front of Murdock,

vowing to protect him no matter what. She stood there with her fists ready as

she heard the key turning the tumblers of the lock. As the van opened up, she

stared into the faces of a white-haired man wearing a white jacket and denim

blue jeans and a big black man, wearing blue overalls, and covered in lots of



"I know how to fight." She bluffed, hoping they would believe her. "I won't let

you hurt him!"


The man in the gold slowly approached her. "It's okay little mama. We ain't

going to hurt you, we are friends of Murdock."


Melisa stared at him, not lowering her fists. "First of all, I am not little and I am

not your mama, and how do I know you are his friends?"


BA smiled at her. He saw Murdock in her. The same eyes, the same look. She was

his daughter all right.


"You just have to trust us." He said, and she suddenly trusted him and allowed

him to pick her up and take her to the black van and put her inside. "It will

be all right, B.A. Baracus promises."


Melisa watched as B.A. returned to the van. Hannibal was inside looking Murdock

over. "We got to get him to a hospital and fast B.A.."


B.A. nodded as he reached to pick Murdock up. Hannibal stopped him. "Not yet

B.A., we need to support his head before we can move him. He has a head injury.

Go get the back board in the van."


B.A. nodded his head and went to get it, soon they had Murdock secured and in

the back of the van. Hannibal turned to Melisa. "Well young lady where is the

nearest hospital?"


Melisa looked back at Murdock then back at Hannibal.


"The nearest hospital is thirty miles away. We won't ever get there in time to

save him!" She cried. She couldn't believe how much she really did feel for the

man she'd not given two hoots about not long ago. Now she felt if he....she

didn't know what she would do.


Hannibal placed his hand on her shaking shoulder.


"Well we are going to try. Let's go B.A..



Part 6


As Melisa sat in the back of the van with Murdock, she listened to them talking.


"We gotta get Murdock to the hospital fast BA, can you get us there?"


BA nodded his head. "Yeah Hannibal. This van is going to be flying."


Melisa looked up. "Flying! That's it! We can fly to the hospital. The nearest

airport is just over that hill. It will only take five minutes to get there."

Melisa said hopefully, her brown eyes looking excited and hopeful as she

pointed to a hill out the window.


"That's a good idea Melisa." replied Hannibal. "There's just one problem. None

of us except Murdock knows how to fly."


Melisa smiled at Hannibal. "I do, been flying since I was eight years old. My

father taught me."


Hannibal and BA both looked. They thought it was strange that the man who

raised her could also fly. They knew that if things had been different for

Murdock he would have been the one who taught her.


"Melisa are you up for this? Are you strong enough?"


Melisa looked down at Murdock. She brushed her hand across his hair. "Yes I can

do it. I have to do this. It's Murdock's only chance. If I don't, he'll die."


Hannibal smiled at her. "Murdock has become very important to you."


She smiled down at Murdock ."Yes he has. Mr. Smith can I asked you something?"

Hannibal nodded his head. "Sure sweetie."


"Is Murdock my real dad? Please just tell me. I know Carl wasn't. He told me

when I was fifteen."


Hannibal looked at BA who eyes were saying, 'it's up to you'. Hannibal turned back to



"Melisa , it's not my place to tell you."


"That's all right I know the truth. This man is my dad." She bent down and

whispered into Murdock ear, "Don't worry Dad, everything will be all right."

She looked up to the two men.


"Okay I got two things to say. BA step on it and Hannibal, put out that cigar,

before I put it out for you. I want my dad to be breathing clean air into his

lungs." Melisa said, surprising herself with her cocky voice, she couldn't help

but worry a little about getting yelled at by the big guy driving the van. She

was relieved secretly when she didn't hear a peep out of him. She didn't see

him, but he was smiling as he drove like a crazy man.


Hannibal smiled and put out his cigar. Soon they arrived at the airport and

Melisa ran inside.


"I need a plane now. It's an emergency. Here's my pilot license." She said,

pulling her plastic-covered license out of her shirt. It dangled from a dog tag

like chain. Melisa shoved the license into the man's face. The man looked it

over. "You can't fly alone miss, you need an adult."


Melisa stared at the man. She could feel those tears threatening her again.

"Please, my dad has been hurt and he needs to get to the hospital."


"I'm sorry miss, but rules are rules. I could loose my job over this."


That did it. The tears won. Melisa started crying. The man didn't know what to

do. He found teenager hard to handle. "Please don't cry."


Melisa sat down and she kept on crying. This man was going to go by the book

and cause her dad to die in the process. The man came from around the desk. He

walked over to a water cooler in the corner and pulled a cup down off of the

little rack. He put it under the faucet and pushed down on the top of the

faucet, releasing water into the cup. Once it was half full, he let go and

walked back over towards Melisa.


"Hey, drink some water. Honey if I could help, I would." He gave her the cup of

water. She took it and smiled at him. "I 'm sorry I got so upset. Is there a

pilot who could take us?"


The man smiled. "I'll see what I can do."


Melisa watched the man go into the back room. Once he was inside, she then got

up and ran over to the door and locked it. Then grabbing the keys off the wall,

she ran outside calling to Hannibal and BA.


"Get my dad into that plane." Melisa yelled, pointing to a red and white plane

with the keys. Hannibal and BA took Murdock out of the van and placed him in

the plane. Melisa was in the pilot seat checking over the equipment and doing a

flight check when Hannibal came up and sat in the co-pilot seat. He looked over

at the girl whom looked like nothing more than a child, and smiled. She really

did look a ton like Murdock. She even had his love for flying!


"Murdock is secure, and BA is going to get the others and meet us at the



She nodded her head and drove the plane down the runway. Slowly it began to

rise and soon they were in the air. BA watched from the ground as the plane

flew into the distance. He then climbed into the van and drove to the camp,

praying to god that Melisa and Hannibal wouldn't be too late.


Soon they were in view of the hospital, and Melisa landed on the roof, not

caring if it barely was big enough to hold the plane full length or not. Melisa

threw off the pilot's harness and Hannibal went into the back and opened the

doors for the orderly he'd seen running towards them. He got Murdock ready and

raced him into the emergency room. Melisa followed them in, thinking about how

she had just gotten that plane barely parked on a roof top, and suddenly her

legs buckled and she almost fell, but Hannibal caught her.


"Thanks I'm okay now." Hannibal nodded but let her lean against him as they

walked into the hospital from the lobby. Melisa's eyes were red and stung like

a whole bottle of shampoo was in them. She kept one eye half open and fought

the other one to keep it at half mass too. She was so tired but she knew she

had to stay awake. Hannibal smiled at her, he knew she was really tired before

now, as she rubbed at her eyes.


"Melisa? Why don't you lay down here and try to sleep? if any news comes I will

wake you."


She looked at him, half awake, and happy sort of at the suggestion. "Do ya



He looked into her dark brown eyes, and saw Murdock in them. "Yes sweetie. I



Melisa nodded her head and laid down, putting her head on Hannibal's lap. She

sleepily turned her head and said, "Don't forget your promise."


Hannibal bent down and kissed her on the forehead. "I won't grand-Daughter. I



She smiled. "I like the sound of that. grand-daughter..." and at that she drifted

off to sleep.


Hannibal smiled as he watched her fall into a deeper sleep. "So do I Melisa. So

do I."



Part 7


Francis Murdock stood in the doorway of the waiting room, clenching his hand

into a fist. He had been drinking and when Francis Murdock was drunk he

transformed into a different man. He was no longer capable of rational thinking

and when Hannibal called Melisa his granddaughter was just too much.. *How dare

Smith* he thought to himself. *First he takes HM from me and now he's got the

nerve to take my granddaughter from me too. I am going to give that man a piece

of my mind.* Francis stagger in and continued his stagger, right up to Hannibal

and the sleeping Melisa. He seemed not to notice that the girl he was about to

fight over was asleep. His voice would be heard, LOUDLY.


"Who in the hell do you think you are, Smith? Melisa is my granddaughter not

yours! Here, give her to me." He reached for her but Hannibal stopped him. He

knew the man was drunk, he could have gotten drunk himself from just Francis's

breath. Why he would choose this time to get drunk Hannibal didn't know, but he

was not going to let him near Melisa.


"Back of Mr. Murdock, Before you regret it. I'm not letting you touch this



"Do you think I am afraid of you Smith? I let you take my son from me, but you

won't get my granddaughter. Give her to me now!" Francis said, grabbing for her

again. Hannibal kept his hawk-eye on her, and saw to it that his crooked swipe

towards her missed her by a mile.


Hannibal held his ground. He was not afraid of Francis in the least. He had

dealt with other men more dangerous then Francis. But Francis was drunk and

beyond any type of reasoning. He lurched for Melisa again and this time

Hannibal socked him, not enough to knock him out just enough so he would

back off. Francis sat on the floor nursing his jaw with trembling hands. He looked

up into the cold steel blue eyes of Colonel Hannibal Smith and shivered. He was

a man to fear. He slowly got up and staggered to the chair.


"Smith, when they first brought HM home from Nam and put him in the VA, I

visited him everyday. The doctors thought my presents would bring him out of

his shut up world, but it didn't. All he did was cried and screamed for you, not me,

but you! He didn't even recognize me and I couldn't get near him, He screamed every

time I did. So I left, leaving him in the care of the doctors. Then you and your team

came and he was all right."


Hannibal shook his head. "If you think Murdock was all right over night when he

saw us again, you are sadly mistaken. It took a year for Murdock to come

around, and even then he still didn't trust anyone. You had the advantage we

didn't, you could have been with Murdock and helped him though this, but you

choose not to. You chose to walk away."


Francis was now getting angry. "He didn't want me! He wanted you and the team!

I knew that moment, when he screamed for you, that you had taken HM from me Do

you know what it's like to loose a son, Smith? Well I do. Going to the VA day

in and day out, knowing that your son didn't even know you. I found my escape

from within a bottle and I convinced myself I didn't have a son. . You and your

damn team took my son away from me, but I'll be damned if I will let you take

my granddaughter from me too! Do you hear me Smith? Melisa is my granddaughter,

not yours!"


"Your granddaughter? Hannibal's my grandfather not you." Melisa proclaimed as

she was woken by Francis's loud out burst.


"Tell her Smith. Tell her the truth." Demanded Francis Murdock.


Melisa looked confused. Who did this man think he was? Telling Hannibal he was

her grandfather. Hannibal and BA had saved her and Murdock from Cole and his

men just like a grandfather and father would and here was this guy, who had the

nerve to say he was her grandfather instead.


"I don't believe you." She cried. She turned to Hannibal. "Please tell me you

are my real grandpa."


"He can't tell you that because it would be lying if he did. I'm HM 's father

so therefore I am your grandfather." Said Francis, he reached over and tried to

grab Melisa by the arm.


Hannibal grabbed Francis in mid snatch. "Come on let's takes this outside. A

hospital is no place for this."


Francis shook Hannibal off of him. "Leave me alone Smith, I am HM 's father and

Melisa's grandfather. Do you hear me girl? I'm your grandfather and I expect

you to call me that."


He reach over to grab Melisa yet again but Hannibal got between them..


"That's enough, we are going outside."


Francis tried to slug Hannibal but missed, and Hannibal soon had him in a tight

hold with his arms wrapped behind his back, kinda like a cop who's arresting an

unruly person.


"I said we are taking this outside. You need some fresh air." He turned to



"Face and BA will be here just as soon as they take care of Cole and his men.

Your mother and Samantha on their way. Will you be all right till she gets

here? I need to take Francis outside ."


Melisa nodded her head as she watched Hannibal take the struggling man outside.

*That was my grandpa? That drunken goof was my grandpa? He's Murdock's father?

This can't be true. I don't want that man for a grandpa. There's nothing grand

about him except for his grand booze bills! He maybe Murdock 's father but he

won't ever be my grandpa.* Melisa thought, vowing to herself. Hannibal was the

man she would always feel was her grandpa. No one else. She trusted Hannibal

not that drunken man. Melisa knew that any other person would cry over what had

just happened to her. She was kidnapped, her newly found out father was hurt

real bad, and now the man who was supposed to be her grandpa was a drunk? It

would be too much for any normal person to take. But she, being a true Murdock,

knew she had to be strong. She waited for her mom and any word on her father.




Hannibal dragged Francis into a diner across the street from the hospital and

plopped him down on a seat and called to a waitress. "Get me some black coffee

and keep it coming ."


The waitress moved and got the coffee. She handed the cup to Hannibal, who

poured the hot steaming coffee down Francis' throat. Francis jumped as the

coffee went down.


"Damn that 's hot Smith. What are you trying to do!?" cried Francis as the hot

coffee burned his throat.


"I am going to sober you up. I don't want you drunk when you see Murdock. If

you don't sober up, I won't let you see Murdock. He doesn't need to see his own

father drunk as a skunk."


"You ain't got no right Smith. HM is my son. I need to see him!" cried Francis.


"Then drink this coffee now, instead of making me put it down your throat for

you. What would Murdock think, if he found out you got drunk while he and his

daughter were in trouble?" Asked Hannibal.


Francis put his head down. "Oh God, Smith, why did I do this. I never could

handle stuff like this. I thought HM and Melisa were dead and like the time my

wife died, I turned to the booze. Please help me, Hannibal please."


Hannibal place his hand on the other man's shoulder. "I will Francis, I





"Melisa, honey? are you all right?"


Melisa looked up to see her mom and Samantha enter the room. She got up and ran

to her mom and flew into her arms. Even though she was seventeen-years-old she

felt like a young, scared child who wanted her mom and called her mother

something she hadn't called her since she was thirteen.


"Mommy! Mommy! Hold me Mommy!"


Irene took her daughter into her arms as Melisa held on for dear life, shocked

at the reaction she was getting from her once rebellious teenager.


"Oh Mommy, I am so sorry for not listening to you about Dexter. You were right

all along, please forgive me."


Irene rubbed her daughter back and whispered, "It's all right Melisa. There's

nothing to forgive you for, except one thing."


Melisa looked up into her mother's face. "What?" She asked.


"That you forgive me for not telling you Murdock was your father." Came Irene's



Melisa suddenly started laughing. She didn't know why, all she knew is that

something struck her funny.


"Yes, I forgive you mom. I love you."


Samantha watched as mother and daughter hugged.


"Excuse me." Came a voice. They turned to see a nurse standing there.


"Mr. Murdock is a wake and asking for Melisa. Any of you ladies Melisa?"


Melisa stepped forward. "I'm Melisa." She replied, nearly dying over the

thought of finally being able to see him again.


The nurse smiled at her. "Then follow me."


Melisa looked at her mother.


"Go ahead sweetie. We will see him later."


Melisa smiled and followed the nurse out of the waiting room and down the hall.



Part 8


Melisa took hold of the door knob, and held her breath. *Please don't let him

be hurt bad.. Please..* She begged god and herself as she looked to the ceiling.

Then she let her breath out and turned the knob, slowly entering the room.

Murdock was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. She noticed that his

forehead was covered in bandages, but not his whole head, and she thanked god

for that. Swallowing, she slowly approached the bed.


"Murdock? Are you awake? " She asked, reaching out slowly to touch him. Murdock

suddenly opened his eyes and smiled at her.


"Oh good they sent me an angel to watch over me." He replied.


Melisa felt like crying as she stared at Murdock. She could feel her eyes

filling up with tears. She just stared, into his brown eyes, and didn't care if

and when the tears did decide to fall.


"I'm not an angel. I 'm a stupid child who thought she knew everything."


"Hey! Now you just hold on a minute." replied Murdock, slightly moving himself

up in the bed. His slight raise in tone of voice had done what he wanted,

gotten her attention. She looked at him and listened to him.


"No daughter of mine is stupid. You just got caught up in it, muchacha. It



Melisa sat down on the bed trying hard not to cry. "But I really believed

Dexter loved me, but all the time he was just using me. How could I have been

so stupid?"


Murdock reached up and pulled his daughter to him. "You were not stupid Melisa,

just lead astray. We are going to stop Cole wait and see."


Melisa looked at him as she jumped away from him. "No, not you! I just met you.

I don't want to lose you before I get to know you."


Murdock saw the frightened look in her eyes. Those chocolate eyes, just like

his. He smiled at her. "Don't worry honey, everything will be fine."


"How can you say that!?" She exclaimed. "Cole almost killed you."


"Almost doesn't count. He 's got to try harder next time." Murdock joked as he

smiled at her. Melisa stared at him, and then she got angry.


"How can you joke at a time like this? You could be dead right now instead of

talking to me. God, you really are crazy." She fumed as she stood up from the

bed and crossed her arms.


Murdock stopped smiling. He knew he had upset Melisa. "Hey come here." He

motioned for her to come to him but Melisa just stood there. "I'm sorry sweetie.

I didn't mean to upset you. I guess I forgot you are just a teenager and not used to

this. I know Cole almost killed me. I joke about it so I don't have bad dreams."


Melisa slowly approached him. "Whenever I have a bad dream, me and mom would

singing the me me song."


Murdock looked interested. "The me me song?"


She smiled. "Yeah the me me song. Mom made it up one time when I had a real bad

dream. It doesn't rhyme, mom's not good at that part, but it made my bad dreams

go away."


"Can I hear it? So my baddies will go away too?" Murdock asked in a child like

voice that made Melisa laugh.


"Okay I guess you can. Now don't you laugh at me, I don't sing very well." She

replied, pointing her finger at him as she sat back down beside him on the bed,

forgetting her anger.


"Hey, you look like an angel, you walk like an angel. I bet you even sing like

an angel."


Melisa smiled. "Okay the me me song's sung to the tune of Old MacDonald."


"Hey! My favorite song!" Cried Murdock.


"Can I sing or not?"


"Sure go ahead. I'm all ears."


Melisa cleared her throat. She had never sung this song by herself, but she

knew it by heart.


"Oh there was a little monster and her and her names was me me. All of the

other monsters were all you you and they were big and scary. Me me was very sad

because she wasn't a you you. She wanted to be a you you just like the other

monsters. All the you you monsters would scare little children. Me me wanted to

play too so she went and join them. But then she saw that the children didn't

think it was fun so Me me began to dance and sing to the children. The you you

monsters are not real. If you sing and dance around they will go away. So the

children all danced and sang and the you you monsters went away. So now if you

have a bad dream think of the little me me monster and dance and sing with her."



Melisa stopped as she saw Murdock clapping. "See, I was right you sing like an

angel. Thanks honey, now I won't have bad dreams. I'm going to sleep now

Melisa. I'll see you in the morning, kay?"


Melisa smiled at her father. "Murdock can I ask you something?"


"Yeah. What's that?"


"Can I kiss you goodnight?"


"Sure you can. I wouldn't be able to sleep unless you did."


Melisa bent down at kissed Murdock on the forehead. "Good night, daddy." She

replied, liking the use of the rarely heard word again. Daddy.


As Melisa walked over to the door, she heard Murdock sleepily say, "Good night

my darling daughter." Melisa smiled proudly and turned the knob, opened the

door and quietly went out into the hall, happier than a Faceman in a women's

Turkish bath.



Part 9


It had been a week after the incident with Cole and his men. The A-team had put

them away and it would be a long time before Cole saw daylight again. The

A-team had decided to stay for a few more days for a little R and R. Murdock

stood outside on the porch leaning over the banister looking down at the



"It sure is pretty this time of year."


He turned to see Irene standing there. "Yes, yes it is It's very beautiful."


Irene sighed and took Murdock's hand. "So when are you going back?"


"I don't know, That's up to the Colonel. But I know we are staying at least a



"HM I wanted to thank you."


"For what?"


"For making Melisa smile again."


She paused for a moment, trying to remember a time before Murdock had come that

her daughter had actually smiled instead of scowled. She couldn't.


"I don't know why she loves you but she does."


"Hey, I 'm a loveable guy." Murdock said, with his sweet smile spread across

his face.


"I know, you must get it from your mother because you sure don't get it from

your father."


Murdock stared at her, his smile now faded a little. "What do you mean?"

"Murdock, while you and Melisa was with Cole, your father got drunk and scared



Murdock was angry, and his voice need not relay that as his face already had,

and Irene could see it as he turned and walked into the house leaving her

alone. He found his father in the front room with Samantha.


"Dad, we need to talk." He replied as he walked in with his hands curled into

fists inside his khaki pants pockets. He was hoping to hide the anger from



His father looked at him. "Yes. We do, HM I have made a decision. I was wrong

to get drunk that day and I will never forget the frightened look on Melisa's

face. It will haunt me for the rest of my life. I now know that I need help. There a

clinic in Philadelphia that helps people like me. I am going there tomorrow for



Murdock looked at his father, suddenly his anger vanished as quickly as it had

come. He didn't like the idea of his father being so far away. "That's so far

away. Why can't you get help here?"


"HM, this is the best place."


"But you will be all alone."


"No he won't." Replied Samantha. "I am going with him."


"What do you mean you are going with him?"


They turned to see Face enter the room with Hannibal, BA, and Melisa right

behind him.


Samantha walk over to her son. "Templeton, I love Francis very much, and we

are getting married tomorrow. I would love for you to be there."


Face looked at his and Murdock's mother. "Mother, I only want to see you happy

and if being married to Murdock's father makes you happy then so am I. May I

give you away?"


Samantha hug her son. "Oh sweetie I would be honor."


"Well I ain't goin. I don't want nothing to do with that..." Melisa thought of

calling him what she was thinking, but she thought better. Her father probably

wouldn't like to hear it. Not what she had in mind.. "Guy." Melisa finished.

Murdock walked over to his once again scowling daughter and placed a loving arm

around her.


"Come on sweetheart. We need to talk."


Murdock took Melisa outside and started walking down the path. Melisa quietly

followed. Soon they stopped in front of a newly repair tree house. Melisa

stared in surprise.


"But how? When did you have time?"


Murdock smiled at her. "While I was in the hospital, your mom told me how much

you love your tree house. That it was your place to be when you wanted to be

alone. So I asked the guys if they would rebuild it for you. I hope you don't



Melisa gave Murdock a big hug. "Mind? are you kidding? it's great! Come on

let's go up inside."


She looked like a little kid again, as she ran over and began climbing up the

boards that served as steps. She looked down at Murdock. "Are you coming?"


"Right behind you chica." replied Murdock. Murdock shook his head and ran over

and began to climb up behind her. A few minutes later, they popped up from the

trap door, and Melisa smiled as she looked around.


Melisa stood up and looked at her new tree house. She took a deep breath and

smiled. She loved the smell of freshly cut wood. She loved it. She loved

everything about it, especially the telescope that was installed.


"BA put that there so you could either watch the birds or watch for enemies."

He said after he saw her checking the telescope out. It made him wonder if she

liked Star Trek. He smiled shaking his head again as he sat down on a small

stool and patted the one beside him.


"Come sit down Melisa."


Melisa sat down beside Murdock and waited for him to speak.


"Melisa, I know what happened between my father and you. I know he scared you.

But he is my father and your grandfather."


"But I want Hannibal to be my grandfather. I don't like that man." Melisa said,

holding back the bad names she was thinking once again.


"I know. There are times that I don't like him, But Melisa I do love him."


"That's stupid."


"I know. Melisa my father is a good man. He helped me when The A-team

disappeared and when no one else would. .Yes we were estranged to each other

for a long time, So I was surprise when he helped." He stopped and looked into

her deep brown eyes. "But if it hadn't been for him, my friends might not be

alive today. "


Melisa nodded her head. "At least he knows he needs help. I don't know if I can

be at that wedding."


Murdock put his arms around her. "I understand sweetie, but I will be there.

He's my father and his son should stand by his side."


Melisa hung her head. Murdock lifted her chin to face him. "Whatever decision

you make, whether you come to the wedding or not, I will always love you."


Melisa hugged Murdock. "I know dad. I know. Could I be alone now, to think this



"Sure baby. I'll see you later. I love you."


"Me too. I love you too Dad."


Murdock climbed down and walked back towards the house. He knew Melisa would

make the right decision. After all, she was a Murdock.



Part 10


Melisa sat in her tree house with her knees pulled up to her chest. She was

thinking about what Murdock had said. She really had no feelings for her

grandfather. But the love she had for her father had grown in such a short time

to such a big amount, that she couldn't bare the thought of hurting him, so for

his sake she decided to come to the wedding. She climbed down from her tree

house and walked up to the house. She entered the house and watched as strange

people ran back and forth. A strange woman approached her as she closed the

door behind her.


"Are you Melisa?" She asked.


Melisa looked at her. "Who wants to know?"


"Young lady, I don't have time for this. Come with me now." The woman said,

grabbing Melisa by her arm. The next thing she knew, she was on the floor with

Melisa standing over her.


"Now I will ask you again. Who wants to know?"


The woman laid there in a daze. This had never happened to her before of all

her years of cordiality a wedding, she'd never meant someone like this girl.


"My name is Miss Witherspoon and I am in charge of this wedding. I was told by

your father you would be coming, and I wanted to be sure it was you."


Melisa helped the woman up. "Why didn't you say so in the first place? I

thought you were some weirdo."


Miss Witherspoon brushed herself off. "Well I'll remember that next time." She

clapped her hands and another young girl came in.


"Susan, please take miss..."




"Miss Pierce-Murdock and get her ready for the wedding."


"Yes ma'am."


The two girls walked down past the next room and Melisa spotted Murdock. "I'll

be with you in a minute. I wanna talk to my dad."


Susan nodded her head and leaned against the wall and waited. Murdock smiled as

Melisa walked up to him.


"Hey there. I knew you would come. I'm so proud of you sweetie."


"Thanks. I only came for you. Not him."


"At least you came. Who knows? Maybe someday you will even love him."


Melisa laughed. "I may someday like him, but I will never love him. But I am

glad he's getting help and Samantha's a nice lady. She can take care of him."


"Yeah she is. I just wish he had realized that a long time ago then maybe Face

wouldn't have grown up in an orphanage. We would have been a real family.


"Daddy, I think you two are a real family."


Murdock smiled at his daughter. "Thanks Melisa. Say, now you better get ready."


"Okay. Say daddy, do you thing they will let me wear my blue overalls?"

Melisa's question made Murdock laugh. He couldn't help it, she sure took after

him. He'd rather wear his khaki's at all times, rather than dress up.


"I kind of doubt it, but I would love to see you in a dress. I bet you look

pretty. I gotta go and talk to Face and see how he's holding up."


"Kay. See ya later dad." Melisa replied and he smiled as she followed Susan

back down the hall.


Murdock walked down the hall to Face's room. When he entered the younger man

was sitting on the bed, still not dressed.


''Hey, Face the wedding's in about half an hour. Why aren't you ready? Don't

you like the clothes that were picked out for you?"


Face lifted up his head and looked at Murdock. "Yeah they're fine Murdock."


Murdock went over and sat down beside Face. "So what's wrong buddy? Why such a

Gloomy Gus?"


Face sighed. "I know I should be happy for our mother, but I'm not. I just

found her and now she's leaving for Philadelphia to be with your father."


"Are you angry about this?"


"I guess I am."


"Face, I know how you feel, but she loves him and he loves her, so please try

to be happy for their sakes. Face, if you can't, I don't think you should come

to the wedding."


Face was stung by Murdock's words. "Murdock? Why did you say such a thing?"


"I'm sorry Face. I love you but I am tired of your self pity. My father and our

mother's finally having a chance to be happy and to be with each other. That

song, Long Live Our Love, I thought it was Irene and my song but it's not. It's

their song. They found each other after all these years and you are going to be

happy for them and stop thinking about yourself. Do I make myself clear?"


Face stared at Murdock. He wanted to yell at Murdock but the words would not

come. Murdock hated to talk that way to Face, but he loved Face. "I'm sorry

Face." He said as threw a shirt at Face. "Now get dressed or do I have to dress



Face caught the shirt as it bounced off of his head and landed in his hands.

"Yeah, I'm sorry too Murdock." Murdock started to answer, when Samantha walked

into the room. She was dressed in her gown. "Murdock, may I talk to your

brother alone?" Murdock nodded his head and left the room.


Melisa stood in the mirror looking at herself. "Wow this gown sure is pretty.

But it makes me look like a girl."


Susan looked at her. "Gee you look like a girl to me. But then again, what do I



Melisa smiled. She liked Susan. "So Susan, where you from?"


"Oh here and there. I am going to collage at The Universality of California."


"Wow, I put in an application for that collage."


"I hope you get in. Maybe we can be roommates."


"That'd be cool! What are you taking up?"


"I am going to be a fashion designer."


"Oh. Are you any good?"


"I am okay I guess. I did a few sketches, would you like to see them after the



"Hey I got time now. Let's have a look."


Face stood up as his mother came into the room. "No sit down Richard, we need

to talk."


Face sat back down and waited for his mother to speak.


"Richard, I mean Face. I know you wanted to get to know me better before

Francis and I married, but I love him. I think he's the only man I ever really

loved and now we have a chance to be together. But I won't marry him if you

don't want me too."


She waited for Face to answer her. Face took her hands into his. "I want you to

be happy and if marrying Murdock's father makes you happy, then You have my



"Thank you sweetheart. Now can I ask you one more favor?"


"Sure. Whatever you want."


"Give me away."


Face smiled. "I would be honored."


His mother smiled and got up. "Well then you better be getting dressed. I will

see you about twenty minutes."


Face nodded his head and Samantha left. Murdock was waiting, leaning against

the wall with his shoulder, out in the hall. "Everything okay now?"


She smiled at him." Yes, everything's fine now ."


Murdock nodded his head and went to check on other things.


Melisa looked at Susan's designs. "Boy, you are good. Who knows? Maybe someday

I'll see one of your fashion shows."


"Thanks but I've got along way to go before that happens."


Suddenly Mrs. Witherspoon walked in and interrupted. "Girls the wedding

will be starting soon, Melisa get into place. Susan go to the kitchen."


"Hey! wait a minute! She's coming to the wedding." Protested Melisa.


Mrs. Witherspoon looked at her with a turned up nose.


"She was not invited, unlike myself."


Melisa looked at Mrs. Witherspoon with a death stare and stood up. Dress or

not, you NEVER made a Murdock angry. "Well now you listen to me, you snot-nosed

woman... My grandfather is getting married and Susan is my guest because my

name is Murdock and I SAY SO and SHE IS coming to the wedding."


Susan looked frightened. "Melisa that's okay, I don't have anything to wear



Melisa shook her head. "Have no fear! My closet is near! I'm sure we'll find

you something. "


The two girls left, leaving Mrs. Witherspoon alone with her mouth open.


"How can you stand working for her?"


"It pays my way though collage, and besides she's my aunt."


Both girls looked at each other and started laughing. Soon they found a nice

yellow dress for Susan. "I gotta go meet the others. Sit on Murdock's side of


garden." Melisa said, then she picked up her gown and ran out the door.






Francis sat and looked at Hannibal. "Boy, I have never been so nervous in my

life. I know I've been married before, but this is different. I can't explain

it. I loved my wife, but I've been alone all these years.. I hope I can do



"Getting married is a big step, no matter how many times you do it." Replied

Hannibal with a smile. Francis nodded his head. He did agree with Hannibal.


"Hey we better get started. Everyone is waiting."


Hannibal nodded his head. As they headed out, Francis spoke again.






"Thanks for being a friend and taking care of my son."


Hannibal smiled. "Sure anytime."


Everyone was gathered in the garden waiting for the ceremony to begin. Francis,

with Hannibal, Murdock, and BA standing beside him as he waited nervously for

his bride. Soon everyone turned as music began to play and everyone saw Melisa

dressed in a beautiful blue gown walking down the aisle followed by Irene,

dressed in a pink gown. They both took their positions. Then the wedding march

played and everyone stood and watched as Samantha was lead down the aisle by

her son. She was so beautiful as she slowly guided down the aisle. Soon they

stopped in front of the reverend.


"Who gives this woman to be married to this man?" He asked.


"I do." Said Face proudly and he handed her to Francis and sat down next to



The Reverend began. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness these two

people in Holy Matrimony. If anyone has cause reason why these two may not be

joined together, Speak now or forever hold your peace."


No one said anything, so The Reverend continued. He gave the blessing and soon

it was time for the vows.


"Francis Murdock and Samantha Edenman have prepared their own vows."


Hannibal handed Francis the ring and he placed it on her finger as he said,


"Samantha, they say that everyone has a soul mate and you are mine. I wanted to

share my life with you. I promise to love and honor you till my dying day."


Melisa handed Samantha her ring and she placed it on his finger. "Francis you

are my sun, my moon and my stars. When I wake up in the morning I want you to

be there. When I got to sleep at night I want you to be there. You are my soul

mate too and I give my heart freely to you."


The Reverend spoke again. "With the power invested in me I now pronounce you

man and wife. You may kiss the bride. "


Francis smiled and kissed Samantha, then they turned to face the crowd.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduced Mr. and Mrs. Francis Murdock."


Everyone cheered as the couple walked down the aisle, arm in arm.


Soon everything was over and they were ready to leave. Samantha had thrown the

bouquet and Melisa had caught it. Everyone waved good bye to the happy couple.

That night Murdock and Face stayed up late to talk.


"Well, Face, we are truly brothers now. We are a family."


"Murdock we've always been a family."


"Yeah, but now it's real."


BA suddenly stuck his head in the doorway.


"You guys better come. Stockwell is here with Frankie."


Face and Murdock exchanged glares and walked down the hall following BA. How

did Stockwell know they were there? They walked into the room to see Hannibal



"What's up Colonel?" Asked Face.


"I'll let the General tell you Face."


Stockwell smiled at them. "Gentlemen your pardons have come though. By this

time tomorrow, you will be free men. My plane is waiting to take you back to

Washington D.C. So the president can give you your pardons. "


They are stared at him. "Is this real?" Asked Face, stunned beyond anything



"Yes LT this is real. Shall we go?" Replied Stockwell


Murdock stood there smiling proudly with tears in his eyes. His friend were

getting their pardons. He was on cloud nine as he turned to his daughter and

smiled. Then look back at Stockwell.


"I don't suppose Melisa and Irene can come too."


Stockwell nodded his head. "Yes, they may come and your parents will be there

too. "


"But they went on their honeymoon this afternoon." Said Face.


"My men picked them up at the airport and took them to Washington D.C. But not

before Mr. Murdock took out a few of my men. I can see where you get your

fighting ability."


"Wow, Face looks like mom is going to make a new man out of dad."


Face smiled. "Yeah whose knows. Maybe even Melisa will give him a chance."


Melisa smiled. "Yeah. Maybe. Never can tell."


"Gentlemen, I suggest you all be ready in an hour. The President does not like

to be kept waiting. The car will pick us up in one hour and fifteen minutes."


Stockwell then left the room. Face shook his head. "I can't believe we are

finally getting our pardons. It seem unreal."


Hannibal nodded his head. "I had faith Stockwell would keep his promise. I just

didn't know when."


"So what happens now guys?" Asked BA.


Face turned to them. "I would like to go to Philadelphia and get to know my

mother and her new husband a little better after they settle in. How about you



"You mean come and live with you in Philadelphia?"


"Well not live with me, but you can be my neighbor."


"Oh Face that will be so much fun. I can come over and borrow a cup of sugar."

Murdock said with a grin.


Face smiled "Yeah anytime Murdock. What are you going to do BA?"


"Go home to my Mama for a while, open up my own garage and a center for

children on the streets."


Face turned to Frankie. "Well Frank what about you?"


"I'm going back to Hollywood. I still got a career in special effects."


Hannibal was quiet for a moment. "I think I will travel around the world see

places I never saw before and help people who need help."


They all looked at him Murdock spoke up first.


"Hannibal we can't have you do that. You can't go off by yourself we are a



"Guys, you each have plans and it's about time you did them. I promise to stay

out of trouble."


"Yeah right man. You? stay out of trouble? You are coming home with Mama and me

for a while, then we will think about going back to helping people." Replied BA.


Face and Murdock nodded their heads. "You know we are going to end up helping

people again." Said Face.


"Yes, we are. But spend time with your family first. BA I would be honored to

spend time with you and your Mama."


"Well I'm going to see if Irene and Melisa are ready."


"Okay Murdock, meet you out in the car. "


Murdock meant Irene as she was heading towards the car carrying her suitcase.

"Here, let me help you with that. Where's Melisa?"


Irene smiled and gave Murdock the suitcase. "Saying good bye to her new friend."


Murdock nodded his head, soon he had Irene in the car. He turned and saw Melisa

coming. She climbed into the car next to her mother. "Did you say good bye to



"No mom, I said see you later. Because I know we will meet again."


The plane ride to Washington D.C. went with no trouble. BA was given something

to calm his nerves. He would sleep though the night but is ready for tomorrow's



The next day everyone was there to see The A-Team get their pardons. The

President made his speech then presented him or her each with their pardons.

Murdock looked on with tears in his eyes again. His friends were now free men.


That night after all the celebration and interview the A-team was ready to

called it a night. All four of them sat in the yard of the Langley house for

the last time. Their families and friends had retired for the night.


"Well guys," Replied Hannibal, "It's been a long and wonderful ride and I am

going to miss you. Face, you and Murdock Take care of each other."


"Hey Hannibal, you can always visit, you too BA."


"Thanks Murdock, Maybe I will."


"Melisa's going to collage this year. She asked me to spend spring vacation with her."


Face laughed. "That should be interesting."


Murdock smiled back. Hannibal lifted his glass of milk.


"Here's to old times and new ones to come."


They clanked their glasses together and watched as the sunset on a new day and

new adventure for all of them.



The End


Long Live Our Love by Susie Owens



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