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The Nightmares

The Nightmares

by howlingmad17.

Here's my story. Short, but hey. I figured I would give writing a fanfic at least one try. Hope you like it. Disclaimer: I don’t own them, just love them!

This is about howling mad’s bad dreams, and him realizing that he is not alone.




It’s two in the morning and I can hear myself screaming. I had


another nightmare. I wish Face or Hannibal were here. They


would help me get over these dreams. It’s the same one every


time you know. The Viet Cong are chasing that little boy. He


couldn’t be more then six or seven. His short legs running,


stretching. He’s running for my chopper.  They fire the bullet


and it catches him in the back. He doesn’t make it. There was


nothing I could do, but to see someone die that young left a


major mental impression on me. I never had much of a family,

my mother died when I was about five. I never saw my father


much.  It’s almost three. Maybe Face is awake. I pick up the


phone and dial. One ring, two rings, he picks up. Hi Face.


“What ya doing Facey?” I can tell I just woke him up. “Nothing

much Murdock. Have another nightmare buddy?” Face always


knows when I’ve had a nightmare. “Yeah, I had another

nightmare Face. I just wish they would go away. I wish that they

would just leave me alone.”  “It’s all right Murdock. It’s going

to be alright.” “ We’ve got a mission tomorrow, so I’ll pick you

up.” “We can eat anywhere you want to for breakfast and if you

have a nightmare tomorrow night, B.A., Hannibal and I will be right there.”

 I hear myself start to cry. I hear Face ask me what’s wrong. I have to tell him the truth one day. The truth is that I couldn’t get through one night of nightmares without them. My team.


 “It’s all right Murdock. I promise.” “O.k. Face. See ya soon.” I smile and find myself lying back down on the bed.


Billy crawls up beside me. I feel my eyes close. Hi Billy boy, what you doing? I feel myself drifting off into that nightmare filled dream world. Only now I know, I’m not alone.

The Nightmares by howlingmad17



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