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The Game

The Game

By Lacy


Rated: G

Warnings: EXTREME SILLINESS. It was late and I was hyped up on Dr. Pepper.

Copyright: Loraine Writing Inc.




"Come on Face. It'll be fun."


"No way Murdock. I'm not doing it."


"Please Face. For me?"


Murdock smiled at the handsome con man. He watched as Face lost

control and gave in.


"Okay. But just this once. It's exhausting."


"But it's fun. I'll start."


"Okay, but let me warn you, I've gotten better."


"Oh. Do tell."


Murdock nodded to let Face know that was the start. Face thought for

a moment.


"Listen Murdock, I've gotten good."


"Don't just say it, show me."


"Easy. Just watch."


"Heaven help me. You are good."


"Didn't I tell you?"


"Usually you're done by now."


"Well, I've been practicing."


"Great. You're doing fine so far."




"Yep. The student becomes the teacher."


"Right. This is fun."


"Naturally. I bet we could annoy the Big Guy with this."


"Sure would. And Hannibal too."


"On the other hand, it would get boring."


"God Murdock, you're good."


"Didn't I warn you?"


"Undoubtedly. How long can you keep this up?"


"Probably as long as you can."


"No way. I'm ten times better."


"Really now?"


"Where did you learn how to do this?"


"Somewhere in the VA."


"Awesome. You about had me there."


"Eventually, you'll lose."


"Ever think you might lose?"


"Every time we play, I win."


"Not this time. I'm going to get you out."


"Totally not true. You're getting slower."


"Really? So are you."


"Unbelievable. You are good."


"Darn it. I need a dictionary."


"You know that's against the rules."


"Sure, but every little bit helps."


"Shall we stop?"


"Probably. Want to call it a draw?"


"With you, sure."


"Every time we do this, I have fun."


"Naturally. Now one, two, three, stop."


They both smiled at each other.


"Thanks Face."


"No thank you Murdock. I always like playing the Letter Game with




The End




So, do you get my childish game? If you'll notice, during the game,

the last letter in the last word of the sentence is what the first

word of the next sentence starts with. For example: "Easy. Just

watcH", "Heaven help me. You are good."


And so the Letter Game goes. This is very good to pass time on long

trips. It does get annoying, but it's fun for a while!





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