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The Diary of a Girlfriend

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Violence, cussing, the F bomb has been dropped!, abuse, drugs, sex, the whole nine yards.

Summary: The thoughts and feelings of a girlfriend.

Copyright: Loraine Writing Inc.



The Diary of a Girlfriend

By Lacy



Part 1


June 18, 1985


Dear Diary,

You'll never believe what happened today. I was out running

some errands when my car broke down. There I was standing on the side

of the road, when a car pulled up. This man got out of the car. At

first I was scared, after all, I was alone. But then he asked if I

needed help. When I said yes, he took a look at my car. He said there

was something wrong with the thermostat thing. I didn't have any idea

what he was talking about. Anyway, he offered me a ride to a garage

where I could get someone to fix my car. I agreed to go with him. We

rode to the garage and talked. I found out his name was John. He was

such a nice guy. Why can't more guys be like him? Anyway, we got to

the garage and John told the man what was wrong. The mechanic said

that he would go get my car and have it fixed in about two hours.

John offered to take me out to lunch while we waited. Of course I

accepted. He was a nice guy. He took me to this little out of the way

restaurant, The Iron Armadillo. It was wonderful. He paid for

everything! He wasn't like those other guys that have taken me out. I

didn't pay for anything. Well, we ate and talked. He was so educated.

He knew about all the world issues. I found out he was in the

military. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in Vietnam. I didn't think to

ask what he does for a living, but I'm sure he has a job. He was very

well dressed. I just hope it's nothing like Robbie.

Anyway, we went back to get my car. When the mechanic told me how

much it cost, I was so upset. I mean, I'm not rich. How was I going

to pay 400 dollars? I can barley pay my rent on my paycheck, let

alone another expense like this. I thought I was going to have to pay

a little at a time. I didn't know how I was going to do it. Then the

coolest thing happened. John paid for my car! I know he's out to get

something, namely me, but what a way to go about it! No one has ever

done anything that nice for me. I've always had to pay for

everything, even a lot of my dates. Well, after that John said he had

to go. He asked for my number and of course I gave it to him. He

promised he would call in a few days. He said something about going

out of town for a couple of days. I really hope he calls. He was a

nice guy. Well, that's about all that happened today. It was one of

the best days of my life. Oh, Robbie didn't call either. I hope he

never calls again.




Part 2


June 21, 1985


John called today! I was getting ready to go to work when the

phone ran. He said he was sorry for not calling sooner, but his out

of town job took longer than he thought. He kept apologizing. It was

really sweet. He said he had some free time before his next shoot.?

(Maybe he's a model?) He asked if I would like to go out again. I

said yes, and he asked if I wanted to go out tonight! Well, I got off

work at 9:00, so he came and picked me up here at 10:00. We went to a

nice restaurant, The French Quarter. It was awesome! When I first

looked at the menu, I was amazed! It was so expensive. John told me

to order whatever I wanted. Money was no object with him. It was

wonderful. Not like with Robbie. I know I keep comparing John to him,

but he was my last boyfriend. Anyway, after dinner, we went out

dancing. He's a very good dancer. After that, we went for a drive. He

had a really nice car. It was a Corvette. He said it was his best

friends car. We drove up the coast. We pulled off at this little

secluded beach and sat and looked at the stars. Well, that's not all

we did. We kissed a little. He is the best kisser. We were talking

and he told the funniest joke. I was laughing and he just kept

looking at me. I asked him what he was looking at and he said "The

most beautiful woman I've ever seen." Then he leaned over and put his

hand behind my head. He said "You have the most beautiful hair. Every

time I see you, I want to tangle my fingers in it." The he put his

other arm around me and pulled me up to his chest. He has a wonderful

chest. It's all muscle. In fact, everything about him is wonderful! He

is so beautiful. Anyway, he looked into my eyes. He has the most

stunning blue eyes I've ever seen. The he brushed his lips against

mine. It was soft at first. His tongue ran over my lips. It was the

most amazing feeling. I felt this kiss all the way down to my toes.

Well, I moaned. That's when he pushed his tongue against mine. Oh my

gosh! It was like lighting hit me. Every nerve in my body was on

fire. He didn't try to touch me in any way. He just wanted to kiss.

And what a kiss! I don't know what came over me. John was kissing me

and all of a sudden, I was like this animal. I was running my hands

through his hair. It's the most beautiful shade of gray. He's not

that old, but his hair is already gray. Anyway, I was pushing against

him. I wanted him to touch me. I wanted to be near him. I wanted him!

Well, he pulled away from me. Talk about disappointment! He smiled.

He has such a great smile. He said "I think we need to take this

somewhere else. We might do something here that we might regret."


Well, we left the beach. We went back to my house. I invited

him in. First I offered him a drink. He said he didn't want one. We

sat down on the couch and started talking again. The next thing I

know, I'm all over him. I guess maybe Robbie was right, I'm just a

slut. He was being a gentleman. He wasn't trying to touch me or force

me to do anything. I was making all the moves. John stopped kissing

me. I was panting. I wanted him so bad. He looked at me and said "Is

this what you want? I don't want to force you to do anything you

don't want to." I was shocked. No one has ever asked me that. I guess

that's why I started crying. I know I probably scared him. He looked

like he was going to cry to. He just held me until I stopped crying.

It was so sweet. Well, I stopped my stupid blubbering and looked at

him. He wiped the tears out of my eyes and asked me what was wrong. I

don't know why I did it, but I told him about Robbie. Of course, I

left some things out. There are some things that the perfect guy

doesn't need to know. John listened to me. He didn't interrupt. He

just listened. After I finished my story, he held me again and told

me that everything was ok. He said that it wasn't my fault that men

were creeps. Here was a guy telling me that his species was nothing

but crap.


Anyway, after I cried my eyes out to him. He was just sitting

there holding me, comforting me. I just didn't know how to thank him.

I looked up at him and had the sudden urge to kiss him. So I did. I

pressed my lips against his. He kissed me just like he did at the

beach. I broke away from him and told him that I wanted to make love

to him. He asked if I was sure. I kissed him again. I guess he took

that as a yes. Diary, you'll love what happened next!



Part 3


June 21, 1985. Part 2



I know this is a long entry but I have to make sure I got

everything down. Well, after I kissed him, he didn't try to force me

to do anything right there. Robbie would have. Robbie would have

ripped my clothes off and fucked me right there. Not John. He kissed

me and held me. Then, while he was kissing me, he lifted me into his

arms. He never broke the kiss. Anyway, he carried me into the

bedroom. He was so gentle. He lay me down on the bed. He never broke

the kiss. He finally looked into my eyes and ask me "Are you sure

this is what you want?" I nodded. He kissed me again. I never felt

him taking off my clothes. Soon, both of us were laying there, naked.

The craziest thing, I still had the lights on. I never did that with

Robbie. He never wanted to see me. All he wanted was what was between

my legs. Anyway, John was running his hands down my sides. He just

kept looking at me. I asked him what was wrong. I told him I could

change whatever he wanted. He puts his hands to my lips. "Please. I

don't want you to change anything. You're perfect just like you are."

The words I had been waiting to hear my whole life! He just kept

staring. I was beginning to feel a little self-conscious. I tried to

slide away from him to find some cover. He pulled me close to him and

told me "Don't worry about what you look like. I think you're

perfect. There is nothing about you that I don't find sexy." He

kissed me again. Then he started making love to me. He wasn't being

forceful like Robbie was. He was actually taking time so it would be

good for me. I couldn't believe it. Finally, a nice guy that was good

in bed. He kept kissing my neck, the he moved down and too one of my

nipples in his mouth. It was heaven! He just kept finding more and

more places to kiss me that made me feel wonderful! He was so good.

He kept finding new ways to turn me on. Finally, I was just about to

orgasm. That was John's word, orgasm. Robbie always called

it 'getting your cookies'. There was nothing about Robbie that was

refined. John was getting me all worked up and then he stopped. I

thought him not kissing me was a disappointment! I almost screamed.

He looked into my eyes. His blue eyes were dark with passion. He

asked again. "Are you sure this is what you want?" I couldn't believe

it! Here he was, hard as a rock, and he was worried about my

feelings. I think that's when I fell in love with him. I leaned up,

kissed him and wrapped my legs around his waist. He smiled. "I'll

take that as a yes." He kissed me again, and somehow managed to find

a condom. Then, it happened. He pushed himself inside me. Not hard.

Not fast. After he was all the way in, he stopped. He asked "Are you

ok? I'm not hurting you am I?" I've never been with a man like John.

He was so caring, so loving, so thoughtful. I pushed myself against

him, wanting him to make love to me. He kissed me again and again. He

started his rhythm. It was wonderful. I was soaring. He didn't speed

through it to satisfy himself. He made sure that I was enjoying

everything. I've never had an orgasm like the one I had with him! It

was wonderful. He was so gentle. He took me to the highest peaks of

passion. He never once thought about himself. It was all about me.

After all the foreplay and love making, I orgasmed. There are no

words that I can use that would even come close to the feeling. It

was like all the sexual tension that I had ever had in my whole,

entire, life came out at one time. I was drained. John climaxed right

with me.


Afterwards, he collapsed on top of me. He was shaking. Sweat

was pouring off him. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight.

I ran my fingers though his hair, trying to find the words to thank

him for what just happened. Robbie always wanted me to tell him he

was the best, that there would never be another person like him. I

knew that John would want me to tell him he was the best. The only

thing is this time it wouldn't be a lie! I started to speak. John put

his hand to my lips. "You don't have to say a word. I know exactly

how you feel." He slid up next to me, the sweat still glistening on

his forehead. He kissed me again. He said "That was perfect. You were

perfect. That was amazing." I was stunned. He was thanking me! I

kissed him. He said "What was that for?" I smiled. I told him that

was for being so sweet. He kissed me again and then pulled me close.

I laid my head on his chest and fell asleep. I felt so safe.


Anyway, the next morning I woke up. John wasn't there. I was

so disappointed. I looked around for a note. There wasn't one. I

shouldn't have expected one, but it's just that he was such a nice

guy. I sighed and looked around for a shirt. I looked over the side

of the bed and saw John's shirt. He must have left it in his hurry to

leave. I picked it up. It still smelled like him. I chuckled to

myself and put it on. I got up and walked out to the living room.

There was a strange smell in the air. It smelled like....bacon? I

walked into the kitchen. There was John, cooking breakfast! I gasped.

He heard me and turned around. He smiled. "Good Morning beautiful. I

hope you like bacon and eggs." I could only nod. He looked me up and

down. I felt uncomfortable. He smiled. He said "Do you know how sexy

you look standing there in my shirt? I have this uncontrollable urge

to clear off that table and make love to you again." I smiled at him.

I don't know what came over me. I walked over to him. I tried to make

myself look sexy. I probably looked like a fool. Anyway, I walked

over to him and wrapped my arms around him. I pressed myself against

him and kissed him. His arms went around my waist. He pulled me up

till my legs were wrapped around his waist. He kissed me as he walked

over to the table. He sat me on the edge and cleared off a space. He

laid me back and started kissing me again. I felt so free! Robbie

never did anything this spontaneous. We made love on the kitchen

table! It was better than the night before. Afterwards, we sat in the

floor and fed each other breakfast. Then we showered together. He

helped me get ready for work. I've never had more fun. Then we both

had to leave. He promised to call that night. I kissed him good-bye

and took off for work. I had the best day! I hope he calls soon.



Part 4


June 24, 1985



John hasn't called in two whole days! I hope he's not mad at

me for anything. It's strange. I've only know him a little while, but

he's all I think about. I bet he found out something about me that he

didn't like. I've probably scared him off. Well, I guess I need to go

to work.



June 26, 1985



Ok, the most amazing thing happened. I got home from work and

there on my doorstep was a dozen roses. At first, I thought it was

some kind of mistake. I bent down and read the card. They were from

John! It was an apology for not calling sooner. The card said that he

had an out of town job. I'm not sure what he does, but he has to

travel a lot. I hope it's not illegal. I couldn't stand another

boyfriend in the slammer. Anyway, the card also said he would be by.

I can't wait. Maybe I should go out and buy something sexy for him.

Robbie always liked that. Anyway, I can't wait till he comes by.



Part 5


June 30, 1985




John came by last night! It was great. When he first showed

up, he was acting all funny. I asked him what was wrong. He said his

last job was harder than he thought. I didn't think anything about

it. I asked him what he did for a living. He said he was an actor! I

couldn't believe it. I've never seen him in any movies I've seen. I

asked him about that to. He said that he was the monster in all the

Aquamaniac Movies. How cool is that? Anyway, we talked about my job

and everything. I made dinner. He actually enjoyed it. Robbie always

complained about my cooking. After dinner, we went in the living room

and watched T.V. We were watching some TV show when, there was a

special news bulletin. This was where the whole night went crazy. The

report was about The A-Team. I had heard about these men before. From

all the reports I'd heard about them and the good things they do, I

don't think that they are as guilty as the government says they are.

Well, back to my story. I was listening to the report, when John's

picture came up on the screen. John, my John, my perfect, sweet John,

was the leader of The A-Team, Hannibal Smith! I couldn't believe it.

I just stared at him. He smiled and said "Well, now you know my

secret. I was going to tell you tonight. I'm sorry I didn't tell you

sooner but I wasn't sure how you'd take the news." I was so mad! I

walked away from him. Here I thought I'd found a wonderful guy, and

he'd lied to me! He was just like Robbie. That's when he walked up

behind me and put his arms around me. He kissed my neck and

apologized. I'd never had anyone do that for me. I turned around and

looked at him. When I saw those eyes, I knew that he wasn't lying.

Don't ask me why, but I just knew he was telling the truth. He

asked "Do you want me to leave? You can call the cops if you'd like.

I'll understand." He looked so helpless! I couldn't help but kiss

him. He looked shocked. He said "Are you sure about this? Do you

think you can handle me and my problems?" I kissed him again and told

him that I didn't think The A-Team was as bad as they were made out

to be. Then I told him that I was relieved that what he was doing

wasn't illegal and that I loved him. That's right. I told him flat

out that I loved him. He smiled that sexy smile and told me he loved

me to! Isn't that great? Then we went to bed. It was just as amazing

as the last time!


Anyway, afterwards, I was giving John a massage. I made him

turn over. I sat on his back and started working. He told me to take

it easy. I turned on the bedside light and looked. There were all

these bruises and cuts. I gasped. He turned over and said "It's ok

honey. That's just part of who I am. I don't want you to worry about

me. I can take care of myself. I promise, I'll always come back to

you." He kissed me and held me close. I fell asleep in his arms. It

was wonderful. I know he told me not to worry, but now that I know

what he does when he's gone, I can't help but wonder what's happening

to him. I read the papers everyday to see how close the government is

to them. I think Hannibal sounds more exciting. That's what I call

John now. I can't wait till they get back. I miss him so much.



Part 6


July 2, 1985




All right. This has been the weirdest day! Here's what

happened. I was sitting here, enjoying my day off. There was a knock

on the door. I opened it to see a military person standing there. I

asked him what he wanted. He told me that he wanted some information

on Hannibal Smith. I told him I didn't have any idea what he was

talking about. He brought in a bunch of other people in military

dress. They started looking around my apartment. I asked if they had

any authority. The man that first talked to me, General Fulbright is

what he said his name was, showed me a paper. It said that they have

permission from the Pentagon to search any area they have suspicion

The A-Team might be. I was so scared! I just knew that they were

going to find something of Hannibal's. I thought I had hid

everything. I hoped I had. Anyway, they looked around everywhere. I

followed them around, hoping they didn't find anything. They went

into the bedroom. I just knew they were going to find something. I

tried to look over their shoulders and hide things before they saw

something. Thankfully, they didn't. They left. General Fulbright left

me a number to call in case I saw Hannibal again. I don't know how he

knew that he had been there.


I was a nervous wreck. I don't know how the military found

out about Hannibal. I didn't even ask. I was to scared. I was sitting

in the living room when there was a knock on my door. I answered it

and there stood this old man. I asked him what he wanted. He asked if

he could have a drink of water. He said he had been walking for a

long time. I felt sorry for him. He looked so fragile. I told him to

come in and have a seat. I went into the kitchen to get his water.

When I came back, Hannibal was sitting in the chair. I was stunned.

He laughed and pulled me into his lap. He kissed me and told me he

was sorry he had to dress up to get in. He said he saw the military

leaving the house and decided to play it safe. He got up and checked

the house for bugs and things. Then he told me about that General. He

is a really bad man. He did a lot of bad things in Vietnam. Anyway, I

told Hannibal that I was really worried about him getting caught

being with me. Hannibal kissed me and told me he would risk being

caught just to see me smile! How sweet is that? He stayed over and we

had a wonderful night. It was magical. Every time with him is just

like the first time.


Oh, by the way, Robbie called today. He said he wanted to see

me but I told him to get lost. I told him I had a new boyfriend that

was ten times better than he ever thought about being. He got really

upset. I hope he doesn't do anything crazy.



Part 7


July 20, 1985




It's been a while since I last time wrote. Things have been

just crazy! All right, here's what happened first. Hannibal was here.

We were having the best time. We were just about to make love when

the bedroom door burst open. A very drunk Robbie was standing there.

Of course, me and Hannibal didn't have any clothes on. Robbie started

yelling. He told Hannibal to get his shit and get the hell away from

his woman. I tried to talk to Robbie. I wanted him to leave. I

grabbed my robe off the end of the bed and was getting ready to put

it on when Robbie ripped it out of my hands. He said "You stupid

slut. I've seen everything you have to offer. It's not that

impressive. Now, you sorry son of a bitch. Get the hell out of my

house. I've got a boner that this little bitch is going to suck off."

Hannibal got up. He said "No. You listen to me. You're going to turn

around and leave this house. She has made it very clear that she

wants nothing to do with you. Do you hear me? You are to leave right

now before I make you leave." Robbie pulled out a knife. He said "I'd

like to see you try, you old fucker. I'm going to make this little

bitch fuck me. You can leave or you can watch." Robbie started

towards me. Hannibal started to grab him, but Robbie tried to cut him

with the knife. Hannibal backed off a little. Robbie grabbed my arm

and threw me onto the bed. I couldn't do anything but just lay there.

It was like it was when he lived with me. He started taking off his

pants. That's when he made his mistake. He let his guard down a

little. Hannibal jumped him from behind. He managed to wrestle the

knife away from him. He picked him up and threw him out of the house.

He locked the door again and then pulled a chair up against it.

Robbie got back up and was beating on the door. He kept yelling "You

can't get away from me. I still have the key you gave me. I can get

in anytime I want. You better keep an eye out for me. I'll get you

back for this you little bitch. You to you sorry bastard!" Hannibal

came back into the bedroom. I was just sitting on the bed crying.

Hannibal held me close to him and told me that everything was going

to be all right. He said that he was going to make a call. He got up

and pulled on some clothes. He said "If you don't mind I'm going to

call the rest of the guys to come over and help me keep watch. Is

that all right with you?" I nodded. He made the call and came back

and held me until the other guys got there. When he answered the

door, I was standing in the kitchen, trying to make some coffee.

Hannibal brought two men in to meet me. The first man he introduced

me to was Face. I saw right away why they called him Face. He was a

beautiful man. Not as handsome as my Hannibal, but he was a close

second. The other man was B.A. They said his name meant Bad Attitude.

I understand why. He growled a greeting to me. I mean, literally

growled. Hannibal said there was another member of the team. H.M.

Murdock. He wasn't with them because he is a resident of the VA

Psychiatric Ward. His initials mean Howlin' Mad. I take it B.A.

didn't like him much. He kept saying he was a crazy fool. Hannibal

explained later that B.A. really liked him, he just acted like he

didn't. I don't understand it, but I guess things are all right. They

all stayed at the house that night. They each took turns staying

awake so that Robbie wouldn't come back. I think they are the nicest

men I've ever met. They are really nothing like that horrible General

Fulbright said. Ever since that night, they've been here watching

over me. I really like these guys.



Part 8


July 22, 1985




It's been a bad couple of days. You know how I told you that

the Team was staying here, watching me. Well yesterday, they had to

go out for a little while. They said something about meeting a client

about a mission. Anyway, since Robbie came in that night, Hannibal

had the locks on my door changed. I felt safe being left alone.

Anyway, they left. I had locked all the doors and windows. I was

doing some housework. I decided that I would go out and buy something

to make for the guys when they got back. I got everything cleaned up

and got my list together. I walked out of the house and was almost in

my car when someone grabbed me from behind. I thought at first it was

Hannibal or one of the guys. I finally got to meet Murdock. He's just

as crazy as they said. I thought it might be him acting out one of

his latest personalities. When I turned around, there was Robbie. He

had a knife. He said "You're boyfriend let you down. I noticed they

left this morning. No one to watch over this stupid slut." He pulled

me back into the house. I was so scared! He pushed me down into a

chair and held the knife to my throat. I thought he was going to kill

me. He smiled at me. I asked him what he wanted. He just smiled and

looked me up and down. He said "You've not got nothing to offer that

I haven't already had. No, that's not what I want. What I want is

your boyfriend to see you suffer. So, I think I'll wait around until

he gets back to start the fun. Wait till you see what I have

planned." He laughed.


Well, he waited around till Hannibal and the guys got back.

They opened the door and everyone stopped. Robbie said "Come on in.

Join the fun." That's when he looked at me. He said "So. What do you

want me to do to you first?" I didn't say anything. He grabbed my

face and yelled "You stupid whore. I asked you a fucking question.

Answer me." I still didn't say anything. That's when he hit me. Hard.

In the face. I mean, it's not like he hasn't done it before. But this

time, it really hurt. Not the hit exactly. What hurt the most was

that Hannibal had to see it happen. All the other times that Robbie

hit me, it was in private. And never in the face. I thought Hannibal

was going to explode. If Robbie didn't have a knife on me, Hannibal

would have pounded him through the floor. Face, Murdock and B.A. had

to hold him back. I thought they were going to come after him to.

B.A. had this look on his face. I don't think I'll ever forget it. He

looked mad enough to eat the gold around his neck. Face's eyes were

red. Murdock was frowning. I don't think I've ever seen him frown.


Anyway, Robbie just laughed and laughed. The next thing he

did was just horrible. He pulled me out of the chair. I didn't know

what he was going to do. He looked at Hannibal and said "You think

that was bad? I bet you have to do that to keep her in line don't

you?" Hannibal looked at him. If looks could kill, Robbie wouldn't

have been six foot under and still going. Hannibal said "I would

never hit a woman. A real man doesn't need to hit a woman to feel

superior." Robbie laughed. He smiled. "You and your morals. She likes

being hit, don't you bitch?" He looked at me. I didn't want him to

hit me again, so I agreed with him. Hannibal was so mad. He couldn't

believe I would say yes to something like that. He just doesn't know

what it's like. I know how to keep Robbie happy. That's why I'm still

alive today. I could always talk my way out of a lot of beatings.


Robbie pulled me out of the chair. He said "I thought you'd

like to see how I kept her in line." He turned me around. I knew

exactly what he was going to show Hannibal. I had tried to keep it

from him. If we did make love with the lights on, I never let him see

my back. It was just to embarrassing. Robbie took his knife and cut

my shirt. He ripped it off my back and cut my bra off. He

laughed. "That's how you keep a bitch in line." I couldn't believe he

did this to me. He was showing everyone my scars. My whole back is

nothing but healed over cuts. Robbie had done that to me. Anytime I

got 'out of line' according to Robbie, he'd beat me up and then, if

he was really mad, which was most of the time, he would tie me to the

bed, face down, and cut little designs into my back. Some of the cuts

had gone away. Most had healed into scars. I'd never shown them to

anybody. I was mortified! Here was the man of my dreams, Hannibal,

and he was finding out the worst thing about me from my ex-boyfriend.

Robbie just stood there and laughed. Then he told me to sit down. I

did. I tried to get my shirt back up. I wanted to cover myself up.

After all, Face, Murdock and B.A. were all sitting there. I was

reaching for my shirt. Robbie pushed me down on the floor. I hit the

floor hard. It really hurt. Before I could even move, Robbie was on

top of me, holding me down. I knew exactly what he was going to do. I

could feel the knife getting closer and closer. I bit my lips so I

wouldn't scream. I knew he didn't like that. I couldn't look at

Hannibal. I was to embarrassed. Robbie was getting ready to cut, when

Hannibal said my name. I looked at him. He said "Just look into my

eyes. Don't think about what that bastard is doing to you. Think

about how much I love you. No one can ever hurt you. You're stronger

than him." I looked at Hannibal. He smiled at me. Strangely, I felt

safe. I didn't even feel Robbie cut another chunk out of my back. He

got off of me and looked at Hannibal. "How do you feel now? How are

you going to deal with the fact that you couldn't help your

girlfriend?" He jerked me up off the floor and pushed me into the

chair. My back was on fire. I kept looking at Hannibal. I asked

Robbie if I could have something to cover up with. He looked at me

and laughed. "You slut. I didn't tell you to cover up. I'm sure

everyone here's already seen what you have to offer. Haven't you

guys? Well, what did you think?" He looked at them. He laughed again.

That's when everything went crazy.


I don't know what came over Robbie. He pulled me out of the

chair again. He made me stand up. He said "Take off your pants." I

just kept looking at Hannibal. Robbie hit me again and said "Take off

your pants." I did, but I never stopped looking at Hannibal. I was

standing there in my panties. Robbie looked me up and down. He

whistled. "You've gotten better looking since the last time. From

what I remember, you were a fat ass. What the hell happened?" I just

looked at Hannibal. Robbie looked at him. "What do you think?"

Hannibal said "I think she's sexy. The most beautiful woman I've ever

seen." He smiled at me. Robbie screamed "Bullshit. Did you really buy

into that crap? He's only saying that to get into your pants. Being

the slut you are, you let him. Well, was he a good fuck?" He looked

at Hannibal. "Did you like fucking sloppy seconds? I broke her in for

you, you do know that? Yeah, I fucked her real good." He looked at

Face. "Hey pretty boy. You want a piece of this slut? Come on. I know

you want to fuck her. I'll let you." Face shook his head. Robbie

asked Murdock. "You want a good fuck? Come on. I know she'll like it.

A good slut like her likes anything, don't you?" I nodded. He looked

at B.A. "Come on, big man. Show her how big you really are. Tear her

in half. Let her ride you like the bull you are." Robbie looked at me

standing there and took his knife and cut my panties off. He

said "Now, lay down like the good whore you are and let me fuck you."

I had to lay down. He was going to kill me if I didn't.


B.A. couldn't take it anymore. He jumped out of the chair and

was on Robbie before Robbie knew what was happening. Robbie fought

back though. He got a couple of good punches in, but B.A. was to

strong for him. He grabbed Robbie's arm and forced him to drop the

knife. Face jumped right behind him and grabbed the knife. He closed

it and threw it to Murdock. He put it in his pocket. He ran out of

the house and to the van. Hannibal came over to me and helped me up.

Murdock came back in with some rope and a First-Aid Kit. Hannibal

helped me over to the couch and made me lay down. He covered me up

and then went back to Robbie, Face and B.A. They were tying Robbie to

a chair. Hannibal stood over him. "You think you're a tough guy? You

think that beating up a woman makes you tough?" Face made a phone

call. He said "Guys. Watch him till Samantha gets here. She's going

to call the police and we're going to perform a disappearing act for

a while." Hannibal looked at Murdock. "Murdock, bring that First-Aid

Kit over here. I'm going to fix her up." They started working on my

back. It hurt like hell! They got it all bandaged up.


A few minutes later, a girl came into the apartment. She was

introduced as Samantha Warner. Anyway, all the boys left and she

called the cops. They got there in record time and arrested Robbie.

They called an ambulance for me and I was taken to the hospital. They

stitched my back the best they could and gave me a tetanus shot.

Samantha took me home. Hannibal was waiting for me. He made me get in

the bed right away. He made sure everything was comfortable for me

and then he lay down next to me. He said "Why didn't you tell me he

was that bad?" I shrugged. That hurt my back. Hannibal said "If I'd

have known, I would have done a better job of protecting you." I

looked at him. All this stuff with Robbie was my fault and he was

telling me he was sorry! I couldn't believe it. I started apologizing

for going out by myself and for keeping everything a secret. Hannibal

pulled me close to him and held me while I cried. After I was done,

he asked "Why didn't you tell me about your back?" I looked at him

and told him that I was afraid that he would leave me. Hannibal

said "I'll never leave you over something that someone else did. From

now on, will you tell me everything?" I nodded. Hannibal kissed my

forehead. "I'm going to make you something to eat. I'll be right

back." I grabbed his arm and started to get up. Hannibal made me get

back in bed. He said "Why were you getting up?" I looked at him and

told him I would make dinner. I said I was fine. I guess it was a

left over effect from Robbie. No matter how bad he had beaten me, I

always had to act normal. Hannibal was shocked He asked "Why don't

you want me to fix you dinner?" I shook my head. Hannibal came back

over. He said "Tell me what's wrong?" I sighed. I told him that I

should be the one up fixing him dinner cause that's what I was

suppose to do. Hannibal sighed. He said "Do you believe all that

stuff that Robbie said about you?" I nodded. I told him that Robbie

wouldn't say anything he didn't mean. He never lied to me before.

Hannibal hugged me again. He said "Honey, listen. You are not a slut.

You're not a whore. You're not a bitch. You are a beautiful,

wonderful, smart young lady. I love you. You're perfect in every way.

Robbie just told you that stuff to break down your self esteem. He

wanted you to think that so you would serve him and stay with him.

You're perfect. I love you. You deserve a good guy. Someone who will

treat you like a princess. That's what I'm going to do for you today.

I'm going to make this day the best you've ever had." He kissed me

again and told me to stay in bed.


Later, he came back in with a tray full of food. We sat in

bed and ate together. Then after breakfast, Hannibal gave me a bath.

He washed my whole body so gently, taking care not to hit my back. It

felt heavenly. Then he wrapped me up in a warm robe and carried me

back to bed. He put me in bed and told me to take a nap. He held me

until I went to sleep.


When I woke up, Hannibal was there. He kissed me and asked if

I wanted to get up and watch TV or something. I wanted to but my back

was so sore I couldn't move. Hannibal carried me into the living room

and lay me on the couch. He got a blanket and covered me up. He found

my favorite TV show and sat with me and watched it. Face walked in. I

was so embarrassed. He had seen everything that I had. How could I

ever look at him again? I hid my face in the covers. Face came over

and bent down next to me. He said "Look at me." I shook my head. He

pulled the cover away from my face. He said "Honey. I know you're

embarrassed. I would be to. I understand why you had to do that. I

don't feel any different towards you. I still have the utmost respect

for you. There are a lot of people in your situation who are hurt or

even killed because they don't know how to talk to people. I'm so

proud that you got away from him before he killed you." I looked at

him. He smiled and winked. I swear, he could sell refrigerators to

Eskimos. I smiled at him and hugged him. He kissed my cheek and

hugged me. He said "Do you want me to get you anything? I mean,

anything. You just say the word and it's yours." I told him no. He

kissed me again and got up. He walked into his room. Hannibal

said "That's how all the guys feel. They don't think any different of

you. They still respect you. They love you." I looked at him. I told

him I was so embarrassed. I didn't want anyone seeing me like that.

He hugged me and said "It doesn't matter how you were, I still love

you." He pulled me onto his lap and held me. I fell asleep in his

arms. I woke up the next morning feeling rested and happy. It was the

best day of my life!



Part 9


July 30, 1985




Well, the days just keep getting better and better. My back

is better. Hannibal is still here. He still loves me. I love him and

things couldn't be better! We have had some incredible evenings

together. Last night was the best ever. First, Hannibal came and

picked me up. I was still getting ready when he knocked on the door.

I let him in and went back to my room to get ready. He followed me. I

looked terrible. My hair was still wet, I hadn't even put on any make-

up. Hannibal sat on the bed and watched me get ready. I was drying my

hair, when I felt someone slip up behind me. I had my head bend over,

drying my hair underneath. I stood up. Hannibal was standing there,

looking at me. He had this smile on his face. I knew exactly what he

wanted. He kissed me. I groaned when his hand found my breast

underneath my robe. He kissed my neck and nibbled my earlobe. I

leaned my head back and he kissed my neck and chin. He pulled my head

back down and kissed me again. It was wonderful. I pushed him away.

(That took a lot of willpower, let me tell you!) And told him we

better stop because we didn't want to be late. He just smiled that

smile again. Face told me about that smile. That's Hannibal's "on the

jazz" smile. All the guys hate it when he smiles. I love it.


Anyway, he smiled at me and I felt all my will power leave.

All I could do was follow what he wanted. And follow I did! First, he

lead me over to the bed. He sat on the edge and pulled me between his

knees. He looked at me for a long time. I just kept smiling. I don't

worry about what he thinks now. I know he loves me.


Next, he slowly untied my robe. He pushed it off my shoulders

and looked at me. I had on his favorite bra and panties. He smiled

and kissed my stomach. I love it when he does that. Next he kissed

all around my waist. It was heaven! Then, he stood up and looked at

me. He kissed me and started to kiss every inch of my neck and

shoulder. He kissed my shoulder and pushed my bra strap off. Then he

did the same thing on the other side. Then, he unhooked my bra and

let it fall. His smile somehow got bigger. He bend down and took one

of my nipples in his mouth. I tangled my fingers in his glorious hair

while he sucked, nipped and licked each nipple. Then, he licked the

space between my breasts and turned me around. He laid me on the bed.

He bent over me and kissed me, while his hands found my breast again.

He ran his hands down my sides, until he reached the top of my

panties. He slid them down over my hips and off into the floor. He

lay down next to me and caressed every inch of my body. It was so

wonderful! Then he started to take off his shirt. I stopped him. Not

because I wanted to stop. Oh no. I couldn't have stopped the for the

world. I made him lay back on the bed. I straddled his hips, much to

his amusement, and started to unbutton his shirt. I started out slow,

one button at a time. Each button that I undid, I would kiss the

chest it exposed. I would undo a button or two, kiss his chest, and

then start over. He was panting before I managed to get his shirt

off. I kept kissing his chest, loving all the sounds he was making. I

found each of his nipples and kissed them till they were as hard as

mine. His hand were all over me. I forced his hands above his head,

which brought me up till I was sitting on his stomach. I told him

that he better keep his hands off till I said so, or there would be

serious consequences. He smiled. He tried to lean up to kiss one of

my breasts, but I pulled away from him. I think he likes me being in

control. Anyway, he grabbed hold of the headboard and let me do my



I kissed my way back down to his bellybutton and flicked my

tongue in it. He squirmed under me. I slowly unhooked his belt and

pulled it off. I thought about using it to tie his hands, but thought

I shouldn't. I threw it in the floor. Next, I unbuttoned his pants

and pulled them off. He had on these cute silk boxer shorts. He

looked at me and shrugged. "I thought you might like them" he said. I

ran my hands over them, feeling the silk next to his skin. There was

no way I could miss how much he wanted me now. I though the boxers

were going to bust he was so hard. I teased him though. I wouldn't

even touch him. I rubbed and kissed everywhere around his penis, only

barely rubbing it with my nose in passing. I thought he was going to

scream. He pulled at the headboard till I knew it was going to break.

I slid down his legs and started kissing my way back up. I kissed

every spot on his legs. He has this very sensitive spot on the back

of his knee, right in the bend. Every time I kiss that he goes crazy.

I made my way back up his leg, kissing his inner thigh, almost

touching his now throbbing erection. I kissed up to the waist band of

his boxers before taking them and throwing them across the room. I

looked at him, laying there so beautiful and wonderful. It almost

took my breath away. Here was this wonderful, handsome, sexy man,

that loved me. I smiled at him, and then got up.


You should have seen the expression on his face! You would

have thought I'd slapped his mama. I shrugged my shoulders and told

him that if I didn't finish getting ready we weren't going to make

dinner. That's when he sat up, grabbed my arm, and in one motion, had

pulled me onto the bed and he was on top of me, panting. He glared at

me. "There is no way you can tease me like that and then expect to

get away. That's like taking a kid to Disney Land, getting to the

gates, and then coming home. No ma'am. We're going to finish what you



He kissed me real slow, showing me how much he wanted me. He

nibbled and sucked my ears, ran his tongue down my throat and between

my breasts. He kissed my stomach and bellybutton. He kissed my hips

and legs. I was in heaven. Then he found my sensitive spot. On my hip

is a spot that drives me crazy. He kissed that and I went wild. I

pulled him back up till I was looking at him and practically begged

him to make love to me. He smiled that smile and told me he had a

plan. I shook my head. I know how his plans work out. Murdock had

told me story after story about his plans failing. I hoped this one

would work out!


Hannibal smiled at me and told me that since I liked to tease

so much, it was his turn to tease me. I giggled while he smiled at

me. He ran his hand up and down my stomach, barely touching my skin.

Then, he pushed on finger inside me and pulled it quickly out.

Torture is what it was. He did this a couple more times, then he

added a second finger. Still, in and right back out. I was panting!

He was loving how I was reacting. I wiggled closer to him, wanting

him to touch me. He pushed me back to where I was and told me to let

him do his work. Gladly! He could've done whatever he wanted in that

moment and I wouldn't have complained. He keep up his finger torture

while he kissed my stomach and breasts. He kissed all the way back up

to my mouth. I kissed him hard, pulling his head down to mine. He ran

his tongue over my lips and found that flap of skin that connects

your top lip to you gum and teased it with his tongue. I didn't know

that had feeling! Then, he moved over on top of me and forced me to

open my eyes. I looked at him, his eyes dark with passion. He

said "Ask me." At first, my brain didn't comprehend what he said. He

said it again and I caught it. I asked him, no, I begged him, pleaded

with him, to make love to me. He smiled that smile again and

said "Only if you're sure." I kissed him and wiggled on his fingers.

He removed his fingers from me and pushed that lovely, hard, erection

in their place. I arched to accommodate him. Thrust after thrust, he

filled me, calling my name. I could feel him fighting for control. He

wasn't going to ruin it for me. I matched each thrust with one of my

own. I felt myself climbing higher and higher. I knew we were getting

close. He gave one more giant thrust and climaxed with me, both

screaming the others name. He collapsed, totally drained against me.

He held me and rocked me and kissed me till I came down. I kissed him

over and over again, thanking him for that.


We lay there for a while, just holding each other, trying to

recover. I looked at the clock. We were late. I told Hannibal, and he

laughed. He said "I called the restaurant this afternoon and moved

our reservation back for just such an occasion." I leaned up on one

elbow and frowned at him. I said "You've had this planned all day?"

He nodded and smiled. I knew what was coming next, so I said it with

him. "I love it when a plan comes together!"


Diary, I'm so tired right now that if I don't sleep, I'll

probably die. There is more to this evening. A lot more. I'll have to

finish this later. Besides, I have a bit of a distraction laying

beside me, kissing my neck!



Part 10


July 30, 1985, part 2


I told you'd I'd finish up this day. Well, here goes. After

we got cleaned up and dressed, Hannibal took me to this beautiful

restaurant. I can't remember the name, but it was wonderful. It was a

cute little Italian restaurant, complete with candles, and dancing.

When we walked in, everyone was staring at us. I pulled on Hannibal's

arm and asked him about it. I asked if I was dressed ok. Hannibal

laughed. Not at me, just at the question. He said "The only reason

people are staring is because I have the most magnificent date here

tonight." I felt myself blush. I hid my head in Hannibal's shoulder.

He lifted my chin and asked me what was wrong. I told him that I

never thought of myself as pretty. Even tonight, I felt like I was

only adequate. I never felt beautiful with Robbie. Hannibal looked

into my eyes and told me that tonight was going to be about me. He

was going to show me just how beautiful I was. He kissed me and lead

me to our table. I kept my eyes ahead. I didn't want to look at

anyone else. The waiter held my chair for me. He commented on my

dress. I just looked at him. Hannibal said "Thank you for the

complement. I'm sure she appreciates it." He nodded and walked off to

get our wine. I looked at Hannibal. I said "Did he just say that I

was pretty?" Hannibal nodded. He said "You better get used to it. You

look wonderful tonight. I'm sure that a lot of people are going to be

commenting on your looks." I just stared at him. He smiled. The

waiter came back and took our order. Hannibal ordered for me. I can

even pronounce what he ordered for me, but it was amazing! After he

ordered, he excused himself to go call the rest of the team. He

kissed my cheek and walked to the phones.

I was sitting at the table, enjoying the music, when I felt a

tap on my shoulder. I tensed up, remembering the last time that

happened. I turned around, fully expecting to see Robbie standing

there, but instead I saw a group of guys standing there. I smiled.

The guy that tapped me on the shoulder said "I'm sorry. We just saw

you sitting here all alone, and we wondered if you had a date. I

mean, if you don't, we'd be glad to fill your dance card tonight." I

smiled and said thank you but I already have a date. I told them that

he had just stepped out to use the phone. Just as I said this,

Hannibal walked back to the table. He kissed my cheek. He asked me if

the guys were bothering me. I shook my head. The guy that was talking

to me, nodded at Hannibal and said "You're one lucky guy." He looked

at me and said "If he ever leaves you, find me. Please?" He kissed

the back of my hand and he and the rest of the guys walked away. I

looked at Hannibal. He was frowning. I started apologizing. I told

him that they came over first. I didn't start talking to them.

Hannibal leaned over the table and put his fingers on my lips. He

said "I was only frowning because I was trying to think of a way to

keep my eyes on you all night. If I don't someone's going to snatch

you away from me." He kissed me. Our food arrived and we started



After dinner, Hannibal led me out onto the dance floor.

Hannibal is such a great dancer. As we danced, it was like the rest

of the world disappeared. It was just me and Hannibal. We fit

together so perfectly, like we were made for each other. We danced

for a long time. Finally, the band took a break. We stopped dancing

and looked around. We were the only ones on the dance floor. I looked

around. Everyone was watching us. I was so embarrassed! Hannibal

kissed me and led me towards the door. We stopped to get my coat. The

woman working in the check room smiled at us. She said "You two

looked really good out there. The whole restaurant stopped to watch

you. You must be so in love." Hannibal smiled at her. "Oh I am." He

helped me with my coat. The woman put a hand on my arm. "Honey. Don't

ever let him go." I smiled at her and out my hand in crook of

Hannibal's arm. "Don't worry. I won't." We left the restaurant arm in



After getting the Vette from the Valet, Hannibal took me for

a drive up the coast. It was so amazing. The sky was full of stars.

There was a full moon. It was so romantic. Hannibal pulled the car to

a halt at a private beach. He turned to me and smiled. It was so

wonderful. He turned on the radio and got out of the car. I was

wondering what he was up to. He came over to my side of the car and

opened my door. He held out his hand and said "May I have this

dance?" I nodded and took his hand. He helped me out of the car. The

music was drifting out from the radio. The song was Hello by Lionel

Richie. The song went like this:


I've been alone with you inside my mind


And in my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times.

I sometimes see you pass outside my door.


is it me you're lookin' for?

I can see it in your eyes

I can see it in your smile.

You're all I've' ever wanted and my arms are open wide.

'Cause you know just what to say

and you know just what to do


And I want to teU. you so much - I love you.

I long to see the sunlight in you hair


And tell yau time and time again

how much I care.

Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow.



I've just got to let you know


'Cause I wonder where you are and I wonder what you do.

Are you somewhere feeling lonely

or is someone loving you

Tell me how to win your heart

for I haven't got a clue


But let me start by saying - I love you.


is it me you're lookin' for ?

'Cause I wonder where you are and I wonder what you do.

Are you somewhere feeling lonely

or is someone loving you

Tell me how to win your heart

for I haven't got a clue


But let me start by saying - I love you.


It was so romantic. We danced under the stars. Then went for a walk

along the beach. I was in heaven. Then, after a short kissing session

under the moon, Hannibal took me back home. He wanted to make love to

me on the beach, but he didn't want to ruin my dress. He's so



We got home, and he helped me inside. As soon as the door

closed, he was all over me! My back was pressed against the wall. He

was kissing me and had his hands all over me. He groaned and

said "We've got to get you out of this dress before I rip if off." I

laughed and made him put me down. Then I showed him a little trick. I

pulled a tie on my side, and the whole dress fell off. I had nothing

on underneath it! His eyes almost popped out of his head. He lay me

back on the floor and quickly undressed. Soon, he was inside me,

making me scream. After that orgasm, we moved to the bedroom, and

took it a little slower. The night was wonderful! I had such a good

time. Right now, I've got to get to bed. Hannibal is yelling for me,

and I can't wait much longer!





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