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Title: The Trouble with Locks

The Trouble with Locks

by Danielle


Rating: G

Disclaimer: I don't own them. Never have, might someday.




"You can't catch me"

" Mr. Murdock, please" the orderly called out, desperate. " This won't

hurt a bit."

"That's what you said last time" the voice replied from the other side

of the curtain. Privately, the orderly wondered why they didn't just do

it in his sleep. It would be better for all of them, in the long run.

" Mr. Murdock, we can do this the easy way or the hard way."

" But I like the way I am" the voice said timidly. The orderly sighed.

It pained her every time she found out she had to do this to Murdock.

" Listen Murdock, your friends might come to pick you up sometime soon.

You want to be in the best shape possible for them, right?" She heard

another sigh from behind the curtain and the beanpole figure with crazy

hair appeared.

" Alright" he said closing his eyes and stretching out his wrists in

front of him. "Let's do it."



The whole van was silent as Murdock stepped in.

" Well?" he asked quietly, looking at them with big deer eyes. The rest

of the team looked at each other, unsure quite what to say. Murdock

began to fidget, looking unhappy by the second.

" Murdock, that is the greatest haircut I've ever seen you get" Hannibal

said with a grin. Murdock sighed with relief and grinned right back.


The Trouble With Locks by Danielle



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