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The Map of the Day Before

The Map of the Day Before

by Danielle


Rating: PG-13 (some reference to violence)

Comment: Yes

Summary: Face and Murdock talk about stuff.

Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team (except in my dreams) and I'm not making any money off of writing this. Please note, I am a poor student

(READ: If you sue me, you will get nothing but a used shirt off my back)





So Face tried to sleep. Tried to forget what had happened earlier in

the night with the girl had been too hard. Especially with Murdock

watching him all night. What could he tell him? Face wondered. What

could he have said to tell his friend that the girl would be ok?

Nothing. Face opened his eyes abruptly. Even in his sleep his

continence was plaguing him. He hadn't meant to grab her so roughly.

And he knew she hadn't been badly. His mind played back the

same moment over and over and over and...Face heard a noise outside his



"Who is it?" he called out quietly in the night, already knowing the

answer. The door opened quietly and Murdock scampered over to Face and

the bed. He sat at the end, resting his chin on his knees and

waited. "What do you want Murdock?" Face asked slowly.


"Why did you hit her Facey? She was just looking at the 'vette." Face

closed his eyes.


"I don't know".


"But Facey, why don't you know?"


"Murdock, I just don't know."


"That was sure a dumb thing to get mad about..."


"Murdock!" Face felt his mind about to snap. The man at the foot of

his bed recoiled, but didn't leave.


"Murdock, please go." Face tried to keep his voice quiet. Tried to keep

calm. He could feel the rage raising in him again and he didn't know

why. But Murdock didn't move. He didn't move all night. Neither did

Face. They stared at each other's eyes until dawn made it possible for

them to see each other fully. Finally, Face licked his lips. "I was



"At her?" Murdock answered quickly.


"No, at myself."


"For what?"


"For forgetting to tape a show." Murdock looked distressed.


"Facey, you got mad over a TV show?"


"It was a movie. I don't know why it made me so mad, but it did."


"Faceman." Face closed his eyes for a second, not wanting to look at

his friend as he listened to the words. When he opened them, Murdock

was three inches away from nose. "Faceman, why don't you just write?"

And with that, Murdock got off the bed and walked out the door.


Face opened the drawer, already knowing that a pad and pen were in there. He wrote about the war, about the girl, about all the girls. He wrote

about the team, about the orphanage, about everything that had ever

mattered to him. And when he ran out of paper, Face cried until he had

no more tears. With nothing left to do, Face slept.



The End


The Map of the Day Before by Danielle
The Map of the Day Before by Danielle



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