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Title: Makes Sense to Me

Makes Sense to Me

by Red


Rating: PG

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: sigh, not mine no matter what I wish.

Summery: Just some feelings of one for another, no sex.




Makes Sense to Me



The sun sets in the sky like a golden balloon relieved of its warm air.

The fading day's air turns chilly with the coming night.

But somehow I don't feel a thing.

Your notes and letters keep me satiated until I see you again.

Every mission beings us closer together.

But with every returning, tearing us further apart.

Rending my heart to shreds little by little with each good-bye.


I hold the letter to me, trying to read in the new dawning of the night.

The words blurry, hard to read in the dim light and through my tear filled eyes.

"When will we be together again? you ask and I can not answer.

Except again in another love filled note written from the heart and soul.

"Soon, my love. I would write in scribbled barely readable letters.

"Be patient, they will need you soon.

They! Not Me. He knows I always need him, forever and always.


The war between us must go on, to survive, to hide.

The loathsome words that I must force from my lips.

Words that you choose to translate in you own mind, to that of love.

And it kills me to play this part that I despise so much.

To pretend that there is nothing but anger here in me.

When my heart wants nothing more than to kiss you and hold you.

It hurts us both, you and me, to be apart, to fight, to argue.


To Hate?


I clutch your letter to my heart feeling the tears fall freely

'They' are not here now to see the anguish your letter brings

If they could only know our true affections for each other.

How they would bark and growl worse than I ever could.

They wouldn't understand my love. No matter how much you wish.

For now, we must remain separated, our love unfulfilled except for our letters.

Our written words of love and devotions hard to write and harder to read.


I smile, knowing that the guys are curious of these letters

Wondering who is sending me three letters a week.

And my heart is heavy, sad that I can't tell them.

Our love is existent and delusional, yet imaginary and sane.

How can that be?

Simple, I'm sane and you're delusional.

Makes sense to me.



Makes Sense to Me by Red



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