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Babysitting Adventures

Babysitting Adventures

by Georgia Bentz. a.k.a. Flight O'Fancy


RATING: PG. One swear word in it....

SUMMARY: Murdock is sent on a solo mission to babysit airplanes, While he Should be excited about the mission, he's filled with doubts and trepidation. Because working for Stockwell doesn't agree with him.

WARNINGS: Could be Pretty or Ugly depends on how well it's written.




General Stockwell gazed around the living room. All but one member of his espionage Team were in casts. The last mission had gone terribly wrong, and now everyone was out of commission. Every one that is except for Murdock. Now they all had another mission, but even this cold-hearted man had enough sense not to sacrifice the Team when they were down and out. He cleared his throat and motioned for Murdock to stand before him.


The two made eye contact, and there seemed to be yet another challenge brewing. Stockwell spoke. "Lose the attitude Captain. I am speaking to you employer to employee. You're wanted to do a solo mission. A babysitting job if you will. Should you come back unharmed, your Team will be even closer to their pardons. That's how generous I am...." His voice trailed off as Murdock snorted his disgust.


Murdock sarcastically answered. "Oh yeah Stockwell you're sooo generous...." Motioning for Murdock to be quiet, Stockwell spoke again. "This mission provided you accept it, is one of immense proportions. Carla please roll the film. I am sure you will find this much to your liking." Murdock snorted in disgust again. But he sat down and watched the film. Stockwell narrated throughout the rolling of the film. "As you can see this is an air strip. It seems that these planes are mysteriously disappearing.


The commissioner called me up, and asked me to send in my best men. The only one I can count on is you now Captain. Are you game for this mission? Or shall I insult your intelligence by sending someone else?" Murdock spoke again. "Wouldn't that be insulting your intelligence by sendin' someone else General? Seems to me you're my 'employer' now, and so by not sending me where you see fit, that'd be insulting your intelligence."


Stockwell spoke again, ignoring Murdock's speculation. "So do you accept? Or not? I am waiting for your answer Captain." Murdock replied in a tired tone. "Let me think about it. Now if you would leave the room, I'd like to confer with Hannibal. Then I'll tell you what decision I've come to." Nodding, and surprisingly without any argument Stockwell and his shadow Carla left the room. "Oh Goody."


Murdock mumbled. He struggled to regain his footing, then he also left the room. Silently he motioned

for Hannibal to follow. Which Hannibal would have done anyway regardless of the signal. They met on the Verandah, Hannibal placed his crutches on a nearby chair. Then Hannibal limped over to the railing, took out a cigar and he puffed on his cigar. Then he laid his elbows on the white Victorian railing. He looked over at the rolling hills of Virginia. He was the complete opposite of Murdock. Murdock was pacing and pacing.


His brows furrowed together, his hands behind his back, his hat uncustomarily taken off and his hair blowing wildly in the slight breeze that had picked up. Sighing loudly Murdock finally spoke. "I don't understand. I mean here you four are on crutches. Face and Frankie both have neck braces, and I'm supposed to go on a solo mission for Stockwell. He and I don't even like each other. In fact I like him almost as much as I liked Decker or even Lynch for that matter. I know that helping you all out, get you all closer to your pardons....I'd do that in a heartbeat...."


His voice trailed off. He then went to stand by Hannibal. "Hannibal? You can talk now. I'm finished rambling." Hannibal took out his cigar from his mouth, never taking his eyes off of the rolling hilled landscape. "Murdock? You see those hills over there? See those trees swaying in the wind, in the distance? Now compare those trees and the hills, to the humans that live inside these bare supposedly idyllic surroundings. Tell me how do the humans match up with the hills and trees?" Murdock glanced at the hills and trees. He glanced back at Hannibal.



"The hills and trees are free? Everything is free is except for you all?" Hannibal nodded. "Yes. Exactly what I mean. Now if you had a choice, which would you rather liberate? Something that's already free or confined individuals? I know you would never leave your unit. But just answer me those questions. I value your opinion greatly." Murdock murmured. "I'd liberate the things which aren't free. I'm gonna do it. I'll do this mission. Thanks Colonel." Hannibal smiled and spoke again. "I knew you wouldn't let us down."


Putting the cigar back in his mouth, he and Murdock went back inside. The General was back, sitting on the couch. He was wearing a slight frown and Murdock noticed that the others were nowhere to be seen. He watched as Hannibal sneaked out of the room, and then he was left alone with Stockwell. Stockwell spoke. "So? Have you come to a decision yet Captain? I really do need you on this top-secret mission. I will have one of my best pilots fly you down. Everything will be in precise tip-top order...."


His voice trailed off as he waited for Murdock's response. Remaining standing Murdock finally spoke. "You know Stockwell I dislike you very much. There are things about you that make my skin crawl. But I'm disregarding all those things because if I go on this mission that means my friends are this much closer to going free.


He pinched his thumb and forefinger together. He continued. I really don't want to do this for you, but I really have no choice. Do I? So in answer to your question, I am going to do this mission for you. I don't care how dangerous it is, I don't care if you're going to suddenly leave me alone whilst I've infiltrated this air strip, but one thing is for sure I would rather die then not see my Team go free. Got it?" The General humphed a little then spoke.


"You're mighty long-winded. A simple yes would have sufficed. I shall call up the Commissioner now and tell her I'm sending you in. Although you're not my best you do have an eye for airplanes...." Without another word General Hunt Stockwell went to his temporary office inside the compound and called up the Commissioner. As soon as Stockwell left, Murdock had slumped onto the nearest object available. The glass table.


His friends all sauntered in, and he glanced up at their arrival. "Hey Murdock what's up?" Asked Frankie. "Well I'm going on a mission. That much I know. I know it's going to be dangerous, but I also know that I'll be damned if I'll let Stockwell win. I don't want to see you all locked up with him FOREVER in this Place...." His voice trailed off just as Stockwell entered again.


Stockwell motioned for them all to exit, which they did, and then Stockwell sat down opposite of Murdock again. "You're to leave within the hour, I assume you have a bag already packed here. The Commissioner's Personal Assistant will meet you at the airstrip down in Vienna. The Commissioner is very anxious to meet you. Seems her personal assistant/secretary knew you from a long time ago..." At that Murdock's interest was piqued. But not showing his interest to Stockwell he remained impassive.


"Oh? Really? I wonder whom it could be." He went to get his packed bag from one of the guest rooms. He arrived back downstairs and went to the prearranged car Stockwell sent. He sighed heavily. Then he looked over at Stockwell. "You know Stockwell I'm sure your pilot wouldn't mind if I took my hand at the wheel of plane. Would he?" At Stockwell's slightly startled expression, Murdock laughed. A laugh that seemed to have deserted him in the past months since his friends had been captured.


He ducked inside the car before Stockwell could retaliate a response, and soon the car sped away. He leaned out the window, waved to the guys, at least he was meaning to wave at them. Howled softly and prepared for his mission. He spied some folders next to him, and started flipping through them. A man by the name of Logan Pierce had been coming to the airstrip in Vienna, and had been snooping around.


He did this ritual everyday. Then once the strip started to close down for the evening he'd leave. In the morning when things would be opened again for business A plane would be missing. As impossible as it seemed a plane would go missing, and the nightguards would all be knocked out. "Must be some very cheap guards." Muttered Murdock. Arriving at Stockwell's private airport, Murdock got inside the plane. Paying the pilot not to fly and sending him home, he got himself comfortable in the pilot's seat.


Stockwell would be livid. But it beat being idle in the back of the plane when he was the only passenger. He laughed. He was going to love the look on Stockwell's face when he got back. If he got back.... He pushed the disturbing thought away and concentrated on his route to Vienna.




She met him at the airport. She did indeed look familiar. He grinned then he hugged her. "Tia? Tia is that you? You're all grown up. And a secretary to the commissioner in Vienna? How'd you get this prestigious job anyhow?" She smiled.


Tia Fulbright. For that's what name, she went by now, was a grown woman of about twenty-one going on

twenty-two. She smiled and in her soft Vietnamese voice said, "I fought for asylum, secretly went through college and became secretary to the commissioner, in Vienna. I am still a fugitive in the U.S. though, because they would not grant me Asylum. So I fled to Vienna." She then became all serious. "I will show you the way to my private car. A limousine and a driver are waiting for us."


They strode a few yards away then hopped into the car. Murdock asked, "So how did you get Stockwell's number? Thought it was unlisted?" She chuckled. "Well my boss had me sort of put out an advertisement. Hunt Stockwell answered it. Though for some reason on the phone, his voice chilled me." Murdock nodded in complete understanding. "You and me both Kid. So what now?


What am I going to be doing?" Tia replied, "Well I'm going to introduce you to the others as the newest nightguard, and of course you will be able to meet The Commissioner. She's waiting for you. You will be patrolling the planes sitting outside. Perhaps when we get there you will be able to catch a glimpse of Mr. Pierce." "I can't wait. What car should I watch out for that might be linked to Pierce?" She furrowed her brow and answered. "That is the unnerving part. It seems that Mr. Pierce does not own a car. Which is very surprising." "Very surprising." Surmised Murdock.


They drove to the air strip, and got out. Tia true to her word introduced him as a replacement guard. Then they went to Commissioner Sarah Lewis's office. Sarah smiled at him, and told him that Tia would be his guide around the airstrip, just to get him used to things. Afterwards she showed him to his hotel. "I thought I was going to stay on the strip?" He questioned.



Tia smiled and answered, "You will at nights. But in the mornings and afternoons you'll be here. It will seem strange to have a night security guard on the premises in the day time. This is not to arouse suspicion." Murdock nodded and Tia found her way out. But not before she gave him his uniform. Complete with small pistol, and nightstick. He picked up the uniform, and then he again took off his cap and put on the security guard's hat. He went to a mirror.


He grinned then said, "Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the best lookin' night security guard of all?" In a raspy voice 'the mirror answered' "Why you are of course Mr. Murdock." Murdock replied. "Yeah I know I am." He took off the security guard's hat, and went to freshen up. He took a shower put on a different shirt and a fresh set of khakis.


He rubbed the smudges off of his Hi-Tops, and then decided to take a nap. He was awakened a few hours by a slight rapping on the door. It was Tia. She'd brought him supper. Inside the bag was some chicken and dumplings and a hamburger. She smiled at him, and he invited her in. She shook her head and replied. "I'd better get back. Ms. Lewis is expecting me soon. She did insist I treat you to a real Viennese meal though. Enjoy Mr. Murdock."


Murdock nodded that he understood and watched as she left. Suddenly his transmitter to Stockwell crackled. Reluctantly he picked it up and asked, "Yeah? What do you want Stockwell?" Surprisingly though it wasn't Stockwell. "Aw Come on Murdock is that how you greet your Teammates?" "Hannibal? That you? How'd you get your meat hooks on Stockwell's private stash of transmitters?" Hannibal chuckled slightly. "Well Stockwell conveniently let us 'borrow' them...." Hannibal's voice trailed off as Face and BA got on the line. They all said hi to him, and soon it was time for Murdock to go to work.


He called up a cab, and dressed in his night security guard's uniform he arrived at the airstrip. Tia greeted him and brought him to his station. It was a good spot he could see everything. He spotted the man snooping among the planes. Checking the under bellies of the planes, looking as if he were checking them to make sure they were sellable.


He sat down on a nearby bench and steadily watched the man. He seemed unaware of the fact. Murdock kept watching him, memorizing every detail of him, from his profile to his shoe size. The man looked to be of average size. He had perfectly sculpted hair, he had an olive complexion. He was dressed in a suit and tie. The man blended right in. He looked the part of a business man.


He pulled something out of his pocket and spoke low into the black box. "Soooo he's contacting someone." Murdock whispered to himself. He got off his perch, and went to get closer to hear what the man was saying. He got two planes away and the man was still speaking into the box. All he could catch was snatches of a sentence. "....That's right....No not seven of them....Right same time....That's not our deal...."


Murdock's brows furrowed. He peeked up a little ways and tried to get closer. As he did the man looked up just as soon as Murdock's eye contact was soon to be cut off. The man muttered under his breath, then walked to the other side of the air strip. Suddenly, there was an announcement. "Attention Attention, the airstrip will be closing in ten minutes." The announcer repeated herself in Viennese. The man looked around presumably looking for the night security guards. As soon as the airstrip was completely closed,


Murdock paced and paced. He was on the alert, he nonchalantly swung his nightstick in the air, then assumed a police officer's personae. "Here I am alone on a darkened airstrip. The planes are all asleep, I Joe Friday have come all the way to Vienna to protect these precious planes from getting kidnapped. I will not be taken by surprise. But it's quiet.....Tooo quiet. I have a feeling things will be happening on this cop's beat." He tipped his hat to all the planes then kept swinging his nightstick in the air. He continued to speak. "With my trusty nightstick Sancho I will protect these planes. For I am Joe Friday best police officer The Force has to offer...."


His voice trailed off as he imagined what BA would do if he were there right now. Assuming BA's tough voice he intoned, "Shut up Crazy Foo'. Ain' got no time for this Jibba-Jabba. Talk straight or else...." He grinned again. Then he continued on his shift. He met another security guard name Fritz, and another named Sigmund. The two others eyed him suspiciously, apparently they'd heard his spiel and 'BA's growling.


He smiled at them but they edged away from him and he continued on his way. He was still walking along when all of a sudden he was taken by surprise. Fighting valiantly he accosted the person. He flipped the man over onto the man's back. He stood over him hands on his hips then swung 'Sancho' under the man's nose. "See this? This is my sidekick Sancho. He's very upset with you right now. You tried to take his best buddy away from him. But I'll let you go with a warning.


You tell whoever you work for not to mess with this Airstrip again, if they value their lives and they've heard of Sancho's cruelty far and wide. Got it Chump?" He roughly let the man go, and the man ran far away. Continuing with his walk, he was accosted a few more times, then downed the men and recited the same speech as before.


They all ran away, and early the next morning as the dawn broke, Sarah Lewis and Tia Fulbright found that not one plane was missing. Sarah's face broke into a smile and she said, "You've done it. None of the planes are missing. I am very proud of you." She shook his hand. He spoke and said, "I couldn't have done it without Sancho, Sigmund and Fritz.


They all helped out." "Uh Sancho?" Ms. Lewis asked. Replying matter of factly Murdock answered. "Sancho. He's my buddy." He held out his nightstick. Ms. Lewis's eyes got as round as saucers. She didn't know what to think. But she smiled and nodded anyway. She asked Tia to escort Murdock back to his hotel. Arriving back in his room, he went to take a shower.


He got into a pair of blue-jeans and he put on another shirt with the saying "Two Heads Are Better Then One Moose". Yawning and stretching he went to lay down. He was asleep for only half-an-hour when Stockwell's transmitter went off. Groggily he answered. "Hello?" Stockwell's voice sounded loud and clear. "Captain? Have you found out who's behind these plane vanishings?" Replying that he hadn't yet, Stockwell told him that it was important that he find out. Murdock replied. "I'm trying really I am. But if you don't let me get some sleep, I'll be too sleepy to find out. So lemme sleep please."


He turned off the transmitter before Stockwell could reply and he went back to sleep. Awakening hours later to a soft rapping on the door. He noticed that he'd slept the day away and his stomach was rumbling. He looked out the peep-hole expecting to see Tia. But instead he saw a strange looking man standing outside the door. Cautiously opening it, he peeked around the door's opening. "Hello? Can I help you?" The man opened his mouth to speak, he glared at Murdock first. "I am Gerald. I understand you were attacked by some men yesterday at your job?" Murdock held up a pointer finger. He went back inside and got his small pistol. He made sure it was loaded.


Fortunately it was. He went back to open the door, but the man had gone. "Strange." Thought Murdock to himself. He saw a note at his feet. He picked it up. Turned it over, and saw that it was a warning. The note read: "Keep out of things that are none of your concern or else worse things will happen down at the airstrip....." It wasn't signed but Murdock felt that he'd better keep himself more alert then he'd been the other night.


Things were definitely starting to heat up, and he was not about to jeopardize the air strip. He glanced at his watch, noticed that it was almost time for his work. He climbed into his security guard uniform, and waited for Tia. She was late. He hope nothing had happened to her. His stomach rumbled again and he went in search of food. He spied a refrigerator, and looked inside. There was an already made sandwich and some soda. He got out the sandwich and the soda, and started to chow down. Another knocking on the door came.


Murdock jumped up looked through the peep-hole and found that Tia was standing there. Finishing off his sandwich. Wiping his mouth with a napkin he'd found as well, Murdock opened the door. She smiled at him, and they proceeded back to the airstrip. The night started off smoothly enough. Murdock ever on the alert, waited for somebody, anybody to try to take the planes again. But so far nothing had happened. So Far.....Swinging his nightstick around nonchalantly talking to 'Sancho'. He didn't care if he sounded crazy, he needed to vent. Stockwell always seemed to make him want to repress his craziness.


He was having a very detailed conversation with Sancho about the sky and its many constellations when a flash of light caught his eye. He patted Sancho and whispered, "Time to go to work Sancho. Hope you're up to it." Sancho replied he was, and Murdock jogged off to where the light had been. A plane was rolling down the runway. Nobody was going to take any planes on his watch. Not if he could help it at least. He ran after it, and caught himself on the wing. He scrambled up to where the opening was. It was closed.


He tapped the glass and the pilot looked at him for just a second. It was Gerald. He broke the glass open with Sancho, and climbed inside. He grabbed Gerald and made him stop the plane. He questioned the man, and asked, "Excuse me. But what are doing with this plane?" Gerald refused to answer, so Murdock took the key out of the plane and it spluttered to a stop. He dragged Gerald out, and took him back to his post. Murdock plopped him down in a chair then said, "Explain please. I could have the Viennese Police down here in a hot second.


First though, tell me why you came to my hotel glared at me and left this note." He held up the incriminating note in question. "Also who do you work for? Is this some sort of crime ring? Or do you have a vendetta against this airstrip?" Still the man remained silent. "Hey Muchacho listen up. Sancho here is getting mighty antsy. He wants to smash something. So either tell, or Sancho will smash you. Got it?" He waved the nightstick under the man's nose. Gerald spluttered, "A-Are you c-crazy?"


Murdock smirked. "Wouldn't you like to know? I consider myself sane, but every once in awhile this bout of insaneness creeps in. I'm not responsible for my actions when I do this..... He pounded Sancho on the nearby chair. It clanged very loudly on the chair.. Orrrr this.... He pounded Sancho on a nearby desk. Orrrrrrr this.... He put Sancho underneath the guy's nose. Talk or Sancho is not responsible for his actions either. Understand Punk? Now ask yourself....Do you feel lucky? Well do you?"


He sneered maniacally into the guy's face. Gerald's face went from resistance to complete horror. He couldn't believe it. He'd gone from being the intimidator to being the intimidated. His face blanched underneath the light that Murdock had switched on and watched as Murdock paced around him. "Soooo have you got an answer to any of my questions?


Shall I go into my good cop bad cop routine? Too bad BA isn't here he'd make an awesome good cop. However, I'm the bad cop. So if you don't cooperate, I'll go into my good cop spiel. You getting all this?" The man nodded, and Murdock went into his spiel. "Where were you on the night of June fifteenth of this year? The man didn't answer. Ohhhh haven't got an answer eh? Who do you work for? Still no answer came forth, though he was perspiring heavily.


Why did the chicken cross the road?" Finally the man had had enough. "F-Fine I-I'll tell you. I work for Jakob Renfroe. He is in charge of all these plane takings. He sends in his confidante Logan Pierce to check out all the planes which are very good, I am the pilot I take them to him and he sets up buyers. Can I go now?" Raising his eyebrows Murdock consulted Sancho. "Sorry no can do Muchacho. I've gotta keep ya around. Need you for bait and evidence." He duct taped the guy to the chair until



Commissioner Lewis arrived with Tia right behind her. Commissioner Lewis called the police and Gerald was escorted away. "Good job Mr. Murdock. I am pleased to have you on the job...." Her voice trailed off as Tia entered the room. She took him back to his hotel. That evening as he waited for Tia, he tried to contact his Team. He called up their phone number.


Stockwell answered unfortunately. He rolled his eyes and as respectfully as he could without gagging, he asked to speak with Hannibal. "Hey Hannibal, too bad you ain't here. Need your schemin' brain. Need to catch me a whole crime ring. Then I can get back to you all." He stopped as Hannibal gave him some ideas. He thanked Hannibal and they hung up. He went to get some household items. Like dental floss a roll of duct tape and some tweezers. He was prepared he grinned just as Tia opened the door. They'd devised a code she'd knock Yankee-Doodle and he'd sing out "Dandy."


Her knock came and he shouted. "Dandy." He flung the door open and he had a small back pack slung over his shoulders. He was definitely ready. She looked at him with questions in her eyes. He shrugged it off, so she did too and with no spoken questions in the air, they were back at the air strip. Again he was left alone, but he put traps everywhere. Walking around, he ran into Sigmund and Fritz. He tipped his hat to them and they scurried off in a different direction. He smiled down at Sancho.


"Probably don't like the company I keep. Probably think you're a bad influence on me Sancho." He lovingly patted the nightstick and kept setting up his traps near the planes. A sort of trip wire. The dental floss was connected to the alarm, and if any of the planes started to move, the alarm would sound. The duct tape was used for re-enforcement purposes. The tweezers were just going to be a little something in his next scheme of things.


If the acting insane bit didn't work at least. As expected the plane jackers came. They weren't be tactful this time. In his Head Murdock thought *Boy they're sloppy.* Sure enough the alarms sounded. Each of the would be pilots ejected out of their seats. Murdock shook his head and sauntered up to each and every one of them, he escorted them along, like they were cattle or something.


He'd arranged chairs in a row sat them all down duct taped them down even gagged them. He walked in front of them, and he started preaching. Doing something he hadn't done in months and probably wouldn't do for a long time to come, Murdock set his craziness completely free. "Sooo Ya would be smugg'lers of Jet planes decided to pick on this porah little airstrip eh? Well lemme tell you somethin' Gentlemen. I do not take kindly to the stealing of poor defenseless airplanes. Neither do I condone the act of stealin'.


Stealin' is a sin. Stealin' goes 'gainst everything I believe in." On and on he droned. Never letting up for a minute of silence. Finally he toned down. "You are all sinners, you must now repent of your sins, and not go the way of the crooked and wide road. Yea I shall be watching you at all times. You hear?" A man started to struggle against his bonds. "I did not say the sermon was over." Finally the pink of dawn came over. But now that half of his plan was completed, he let Commissioner Lewis call the authorities once she and Tia had gotten there. Tia again escorted him back to his hotel room. He smiled at her and went inside.


He couldn't sleep though. He needed to re-strategize his plan. He needed to re-group and re-direct himself. "Now what would Hannibal do? Murdock wondered. Then picking up his train of thought, he knew exactly what Hannibal would do. "Send me and Face-man out to scout the area and scrounge up something for him to use.


That's what he'd do if he were here. But he isn't here, neither is Growly-Dude or Faceyman. Too bad, could use them 'bout now." As expected he got no immediate answer. Uncharacteristically he called up the airstrip in the daytime. Tia answered the phone, and Murdock asked if she'd meet him in his hotel room. She asked why, and he answered with a chuckle.


"Never you mind for what, just meet me and bring some microphones and some wires, I mean to go ahead with the next phase of my plan...." He hung up the phone and waited for Tia's arrival. When she came, she handed him the items she held, he lightly kissed her on the cheek in gratitude then sent her on her way. During the afternoon, and on towards evening Murdock diligently worked on his secret project. Finally all was ready. Grinning he waited for Tia to come and get him. She arrived promptly knocking on the door in code. Shouting "Dandy", he again flung the door open.


Clutching his things and with the backpack flung over his shoulders he sauntered into the dark car. Arriving back at his spot, he saw Mr. Pierce glancing at the planes again but this time with a worried look on his face. As if his boss wasn't happy with him. "Soon your boss and you will be brought down, along with your whole organization. You just wait and see...." As if hearing Murdock's intone he looked up, locked eyes with the resident crazy man and scurried away as if he were afraid of him.


"Ha so you're yellow-bellied too are you?" Murdock laughed silently. He followed Mr. Pierce around the airstrip. Ducking and trying to avoid the security guard, Murdock felt he was in an episode of the Three Stooges. He was expecting to see Larry or Moe around somewhere just waiting to pop he and his prey in the head. Or shoot them with an arrow or something. He shook his head and finally caught up with



He grabbed the man's shirt, looking around to see if anybody noticed what he was doing. Fortunately nobody noticed, so he continued with what he was doing. He strapped a device on the man then let him go. It was a homemade tracking device/microphone. That way he could track their whereabouts listen in on what they were saying. He needed Tia's help, because she knew Viennese. He decided to fill her in on the next phase of his plan.


He'd need her to stay with him at the airstrip over night. He watched as Mr. Pierce went out the front gates. He went to the Commissioner's office. She thankfully hadn't gone. He hoped Tia hadn't gone. She hadn't gone home yet either. He knocked on the door, and was let in. Commissioner Lewis greeted him warmly and he smiled back.


He asked if he could speak to Tia alone. When told that he could he escorted her out to the hall, explained his plan and asked if she would stay in the Commissioner's office overnight while he patrolled the area. He'd communicate with her and he gave her an extension to his transmitter/microphone. It was agreed upon and the Commissioner went home. Hoping that by the end of the night all her troubles would be over.



Murdock gave Tia her headphones so that she could listen in to any conversation Logan had with his boss. As was thought, there was indeed a conversation between Logan and the boss. The Boss was angry because his men had been outsmarted by a lone crazy security guard who named his nightstick.


Tia raised her eyebrows. None of the other security guards had ever brought that to her attention. She also listened as they planned another attack. This time from somewhere unexpected. Listening in on the other end, Murdock chuckled softly at the mention of Sancho. He glanced down at the nightstick. He patted it, then he listened for Tia's soft voice to come into the undetectable part of the three way.


He listened as she translated. She told him of their plan to sneak into the airstrip by disguise. Murdock was instantly on the alert. He was good at looking through disguises. His Company Training had taught him how to look at people closely watch their body language to determine if they were the genuine article or not.


He thanked Tia then they listened to more of the conversation. The right hand man would come as a repair man of sorts, and the boss would be another repair man. Tia of course translated, and Murdock answered. His sharp eyes were more alert then ever. He paced around and around the airstrip his ears attuned to any outside noise. No time for slacking on the job. He patted the nightstick, and whispered for 'Sancho' to keep his eyes and ears open as well.


'Sancho' promised he would, and the two continued pacing. Finally the appointed time came, and two 'repair men' knocked on the heavy wood gate at the front of the airstrip. Fortunately Murdock had begun his pacing again and wasn't too far into it. He walked by the front gate, and heard the knocking, more like banging noise. "Showtime", he muttered to Sancho. He whispered to Tia to stay hidden and he would call her for back up. She did know Martial Arts, so he wasn't worried about her. She could take care of herself. She did hide though, and she waited with bated breath.


Finally outside, Murdock opened the gate a little. Enough so that his head would go through to take a better peek at them. He glanced at the 'repair men' and he tried to fake smile. He asked, "Can I help ya fellas?" One of them spoke, he looked like he was Logan Pierce. "Yes we would like in, we were called to fix a broken sink and a broken toilet.


We would like to take a look at them before we retire this evening. So please let us through...." "Sorry. No can do sir. I didn't call any repair people, and I'm quite sure my boss didn't either. So I suggest you turn your truck around and go home. You look awfully tired." But they forced themselves inside. Just like Murdock expected them to do.


"Drop your nightstick and pistol Mister." Said Logan. Murdock did as he was told. He became their willing prisoner. But Murdock had something up his sleeve, as he had all week long. He smiled at the thought of Tia surprising the Hell out of them. He chuckled slightly then begged, "Oh please oh please don't take me to the commissioner's office. I'll be a good boy really I will...." Like the stereotypical bad guys they were,


Murdock was sent to walk up the stairs to the Commissioner's office. Silently he signaled Tia. Tia waited. She was going to give these guys a run for their money. Quickly she extinguished the light. She waited under the desk, heavy footsteps suddenly came down the hall. Murdock was complaining that Sancho didn't get a chance to come.... She smiled at that.


Murdock was crazy. But she knew he used his craziness like a concealed weapon. To confuse bad guys. It worked very well. The one who spoke really good English just told him to Shut up. Murdock did so, but kept glaring at the two of them. They entered the door, and before they could turn on the light Tia had moved to a different part of the room. She was well concealed, and she watched her prey from above a bookshelf.


They turned on the lights and that's when Murdock and Tia went into action. Surprising the two men by throwing down a heavy book, Tia jumped down and pinned him. Putting him in a sleeper-hold. Murdock taking his cue from her, pinned Logan Pierce. Tying them up, Tia smiled. They'd done a good job. However their job wasn't over just yet. The two men were still needed and it was a few hours before daylight still. They were going to infiltrate the gang head on. Tia was a little worried.



"A-Are you sure we can handle it? We're only two people...." Her voice trailed off as Murdock grinned.

"Yeah it'll work perfectly. Got a car? She nodded and he continued. Good. We need a car and directions and we're all set. I'll be the chauffeur." She nodded asked for the Commissioner's car to be brought and they put the men into the car's interior. Murdock put on a chauffeur's hat while Tia had a gun trained to them. The men were bound, but the boss was ungagged so he could tell them how to get to his hideout.


He was reluctant at first, but Murdock having gotten Sancho from the ground , turned around and waved the nightstick under the other man's nose. The Boss terrified at such a prospect complied with the request. And with Tia's translations they soon arrived at the front gate. Rolling down his window and leaning out it, Murdock was nearly nose to nose with the guard. "How ya doin' Sweetcheeks? Got a package for ya. Need some help unloadin' it...."


His voice trailed off as he rolled down the window. The Boss's face came into view. The guard waved them through and they were soon all seated in the Boss's office. "So tell me what I should know of this here organization before I call the police? Oh wait don't tell me let me guess. Drugs? Weapons? Both? Import/Export of furs? Or is it Import/Export of illegal animals? Come on



Answer Time's a wastin' and I've got an itchy dial finger...." Murdock said. He was enjoying this bout of

craziness. Stockwell would be livid that Murdock had not behaved accordingly, but Murdock feeling like a rebellious teenager didn't give a flying flip about Stockwell. He shook Stockwell's foreboding image away and started pacing the room. Still none spoke. Murdock picked up a nice revolver on the desk. It was loaded, he could tell. He cocked it back, and started to aim it at an expensive looking vase.


The two looked helplessly at Tia, but she was no help she'd seemed to have caught whatever Murdock had, and Murdock was sure he was on some sort of Jazz. *Too bad Hannibal ain't here, he'd be on the Jazz for sure.* She was smiling almost as maniacally as Murdock her eyes were ablaze as were Murdock's.


There seemed to be twin fires aglow in each of them. *Yep no doubt about it we're on the Jazz* thought Murdock. *And it feels fine.* He was starting to aim.....He put his finger on the trigger.....He squinted, counted to three....was just about to fire when the Boss started speaking excitedly. Tia started to translate again. They were indeed weapons/drug dealers. They had a shipment coming in at noon that day. They were to also have some reinforcement come join them as well. Hired muscle all the way from the States.


Murdock nodded. He reluctantly put the revolver down, he wasn't going to shoot that piece anyway. He was just going to call the Police. He picked up the phone, asked Tia what the number was, and reached the Police. He told them about the shipment of weapons and drugs also of the hired muscle. Told them where they were to be at.


The police sent their S.W.A.T. team to the scene. So that when they docked the dealers would get a nasty

surprise. Murdock asked them why they were picking on the airstrip, and Logan started to speak. Because they had planes. We needed the planes. They were sent to a shop in northern Vienna to be used as parts for more intricate planes that were needed to fly in our merchandise undetected."


Murdock nodded called the police back and told them of the chop shop. They sent police officers to Northern Vienna. Then he told them he had the boss, and police officers started to show up at the house, while Tia and Murdock slipped out the back, once the first batch of officers had gotten there. Once safely back at the airstrip, Murdock realized, that though he loathed this duty he must call Stockwell back.


Reluctantly he picked up the phone, and he called Stockwell's private line. "Empress 15 to Empress One...." Gagging mentally..... "Yes this is Empress one. How may I help you Captain? I've been worried. You haven't reported all day....." Murdock gagged again. This time making the sound audible. "What was that Captain?" Asked Stockwell.


Murdock said, "Oh nothing just gagging. Must've been something I heard, or smelled or somethin'. But I'm here to tell ya that the mission's done. Caught the bad guys rescued the airstrip, now I can come back." He'd refrained from saying home. Because even though, he was with the Team, he wasn't really Home. Home would always be L.A. Because L.A. held such fond memories. Stockwell started to speak again. "I will send a plane for you right away...." Murdock smiled. "No Need. I've still got that plane you sent with me to come here. I'll just take it back to you in one piece. Hopefully."


Before Stockwell could reply, Murdock cut off the connection. He told Tia and the Commissioner goodbye and was soon bound for Virginia once more. There at Stockwell's private airport, Stockwell was there to meet him. He was angry. He'd just terminated the pilot/Abel who had been paid by Murdock from his services for accepting a bribe, which hadn't come from Stockwell himself. He was also angry with Murdock for even flying one of his private planes. Stockwell stood there with crossed arms looking stern. He started to speak, but Murdock cut him off.


Murdock held up Sancho. "Stocky meet Stubby. Actually it's Sancho. You start acting pompous and Sancho goes out of control...." Making Stockwell's face flush, Murdock smiled for that had been the reaction intended.


Murdock asked, "So are we gonna get goin' or not General? I'd really like to see my friends again." Stockwell sighed a martyred sigh. He hated dealing with Murdock. It was like dealing with a child. Murdock hated dealing with Stockwell it was like dealing with an overbearing parent.


All was silent in the car. Except for Murdock's singing. He was singing a Viennese song. His Viennese was correctly accented, and he drove Stockwell up the wall. It was the Viennese version of '99 bottles of beer on the wall'. He had almost gotten down to 75 when they arrived back at the compound. Murdock dressed in his usual clothes, put on sneaker on the soil and ran the rest of the way to the house, with his bag slung over his shoulder and his hand covering his hat so it wouldn't fall off.


He'd tucked Sancho safely in his belt buckle. He called his friends' names and like magic they all appeared. Happy to have him back with them again. In fact everyone was so happy they didn't see Stockwell appear in the room, until he cleared his throat. He told the others to leave and he debriefed


Murdock. After the debriefing Stockwell thankfully went on his way, and Murdock was left alone with his friends. He recounted his adventures, grinning crazily at BA just to hear him growl and call him a Crazy Foo'. He'd definitely missed BA. All was right with the world again, and for the duration of the time Stockwell didn't break them up again. At least not for awhile......





Babysitting Adventures by Georgia Bentz



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