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By Tee


Rated: NC-17 for SLASH!

A missing scene from "One More Time", but in my universe, which means the scene with Face and Rhonda was just a con! The prologue of this is taken directly from the show. Thank you to the writers of this and no copyright infringement is intended.

Copyright: Actually I really am infringing on someone else's copyright, but I mean it in the best possible way.

Archive: If you'd like to archive, please leave my name and email and everything else intact, and let me know where. Thank you.

Dedicated to PK: Who as a beta does more writing than she admits. Thank you.

Warning: m/m slash -- NC-17







"Face!" Hannibal shouted and frantically searched the compound with

his eyes. "Face!"


"BA, will you get in!" Murdock shouted.


"No! I'm not gonna fly!" BA shouted back starting to look for another

escape route.


"Is he kidding?" General Ludlum inquired.


"He's afraid to fly," Hannibal said with a frown trying to figure out

where Face was, and how to get BA onto the helicopter.


General Ludlum solved one of the Colonel's problems by clunking BA

over the head with the butt of his weapon.


Hannibal shook his head, "Didn't know you had it in you, General."


"I've been waiting a long time for that," the General responded as

Hannibal quickly hefted BA up and onto the floor of the chopper at

the General's feet.


"Get this bird up, Murdock!" Hannibal shouted and moments later it

was hovering above the ground, with the Colonel standing on the skid.


Murdock checked that an AR15 was loaded and passed it to Amy, who

passed it on to Hannibal. "Here you go, Colonel."


Hannibal took the weapon and began providing covering fire. Just as

it ran out of ammo he saw Face standing on the hood of a jeep. "He's

over there!" Hannibal shouted and pointed.


Murdock swung the chopper over and Face jumped from the hood of the

jeep and grasped the skid. As they started to lift off, one of

Rasham's men lunged and grabbed onto Face's feet in a desperate

attempt to thwart their escape. But, somehow, Face was able to shake

himself free and they flew off under a hail of gunfire from below.






The helicopter Murdock was flying sat four comfortably with a maximum

weight capacity of 1000 pounds. At the moment he had five inside and

two hanging on the skids and he was so far over the weight capacity

that it wasn't worth discussing. He set the chopper down in the first

flat spot he could find. Face's grip was precarious at best and he

jumped down when the helicopter was just a few feet above the ground,

and jogged back from the landing zone as Murdock set the bird down.


Following him a few seconds later, Hannibal shouted over the roar of

the rotors, "Are you okay?"


Face paced around in a small, tight circle and apprehensively ran his

hand through his honey-blonde hair. "Yeah, I'm okay. Yeah." He waved

away the question with a distracted gesture.


Hannibal nodded. "Okay, but let's get back on board before BA wakes



"I don't want to go back to the rendezvous site. Not yet." Face said

with another frustrated flick of his hand.


Hannibal agreed, recognizing the adrenaline-filled posturing of his

second-in-command. "Fine, we'll miss the deadline with the Army.

Not a problem. But let's just get back on board and get out of here,

okay?" The rotor wash was blowing heavily over both of them and

whipping their words away.


Face reluctantly consented by nodding his head, and they jammed back

into the helicopter. Hannibal sat up front with Amy half on and half

off his lap. Face squeezed in next to the General's daughter with one

foot on the floor of the helicopter and one on the skid, and clutched

the shell of the helicopter in a white-knuckled grip.


"Murdock, get us away from here. Anywhere." Hannibal instructed.

Murdock nodded his head and flew south, away from Rasham's camp and

away from the military's rendezvous point.




They were all hot, tired, sweaty and more than a little disheveled by

the time Murdock landed at the first major airstrip he could find.

Murdock had headed into a big city for many reasons. In the hustle

and bustle they were less likely to be noticed as he landed in with

the charter flights.


They piled out of the helicopter like something from a Keystone Kops

Kaper leaving BA to come to his senses on the floor of the chopper

sitting in the shade.


Hannibal scanned the area quickly noticing the absence of any

military or even local police. With a frown, he recognized a distinct

lack of security in the area, and realized that maybe more people

were involved with this little mess with Rasham then they had been

told. "Typical," he growled.


Face ran a hand through his hair once more and tried to make himself

as presentable as possible. It was still early, but his day seemed

to have gone on forever. In the hot tropical air a line of sweat was

clinging to his spine. He headed into the airport office and with a

fast patter and a charming smile he managed to get possession of a

van, despite his disheveled appearance. No one in the group asked him

how, least of all a now wide-awake BA, happy to have a steering wheel

firmly in the grip of his large hands. They just piled into their new

ride and headed for the first big hotel they could find.




They were an extraordinary sight as Hannibal led the way across the

tiled lobby of the luxury hotel. General Ludlum evenly matched

Hannibal's commanding presence, and the two of them alone seemed to

fill up all the available space.


Face pushed his way past them to the counter before either man could

make a statement. "Hi, Doug Henson, International news. I'm sure

you have our reservation," Face started in a fast patter as he subtly

waved his commander back. As a look of confusion crossed the

concierge's countenance, Face continued without missing a

beat. "We're here with General Ludlum, of the US military, and were

covering the coup by General Rasham. I'm sure you're aware of that."

The confused man behind the counter nodded vaguely, but Face didn't

give him a chance to get his bearings. "Good, good. So, we need to

get in, get settled and get going. You understand."


"Um, well, ah," the poor man behind the counter babbled.


"Don't tell me? You don'tÖ" Face leaned in conspiratorially. "Tell

me my secretary got hold of you."


"Um, well, I'm sorryÖ"


"Oh no," Face said with mock horror. "Please don't tell me this.

This entire trip has been a logistical disaster. You do have rooms

for us, don't you? Tell me my secretary called ahead." Again Face

didn't wait for an answer and kept talking quickly, "You've got to

help me. Do you know what it's like to work with the military and the

press, not to mention the security and network egos on top of

everything else I've had to deal with? You can help me, can't you?"


Having suddenly gone from feeling as if there was a major error on

the part of the hotel, to being asked to help someone, gave the man

behind the desk a feeling of not only power, but compassion as

well. "Let me see what I can do."


While Face worked the concierge to book most of the eighth floor, Amy

used the time to contact her newspaper. Her editor agreed that if Amy

could get the exclusive story of General and Kathy Ludlum's capture

and incarceration, as well as their amazing escape, the newspaper

would not only pick up the tab for the hotel, but also for the plane

ride home.


In the mean time, Hannibal took the rest of the group and got them

settled in the spacious, ground floor restaurant. They ordered food

and drinks and as they waited for Face and Amy to join them, Hannibal

surreptitiously examined the General's hand to be sure immediate

medical attention wasn't necessary. Then they relaxed in the

relative comfort of the air-conditioned lounge. Soon after, the

reassembled group polished off a small mountain of food, and feeling

a bit more human, sat back and discussed the day's events.


"I ain't never been so happy to see the crazy fool in my whole life

as I was today," BA said with a quirk of his lips that took the sting

out of his words. "Even if it did mean that you guys made me fly,

again," he grumbled, rubbing the back of his neck and glaring,

briefly, at the General. "Course it's a whole lot better than the

alternative." His eyes flicked over toward Face and he realized the

entire table had fallen silent as they all contemplated just how

close Face had come to being executed.


When Face realized that every eye at the table was on him he shifted

self-consciously in his chair, and tried to repress a shudder. "Well,

on that happy note," Face said with a dismissive smirk, he stood

up, "I am going to go take a long, cool shower and wash some of the

road grime off." He pushed his chair back in. "General, Kathy, I'm

glad you're safe." He turned to Amy and squeezed her shoulder and

smiled over at Murdock. "Amy, Murdock, I can't tell you just how

grateful I am that you two showed up when you did."


"No problemo, Faceguy," Murdock said as he put down his glass of iced

tea and gave his friend a long appraising stare, trying to judge just

how casual his friend truly was about all that had happened. "Take a

shower for me, too."


Amy gave him an upside down grin, looking up at him as he stood

behind her. She was still feeling the effects of her adrenaline high

and was in giddy good spirits. "Don't fall in or anything, Face. I

don't want to have to rescue you twice in one day," she teased him

with a grin.


He returned her grin with a high wattage smile of his own. "Okay,

I'll see you all at dinner." Face turned and left the hotel lounge.

He paused in the lobby and glanced around. He fumbled in his pocket

for his room key as he was suddenly assaulted with his fight-or-

flight response to stress. The only thing he wanted to do at that

moment was burst through the glass front doors into the great



With a deep breath, he swallowed down his anxiety and headed for the

elevator. He was grateful to ride up alone. He was hot and sweaty

and having a difficult time keeping his emotions in check. He wanted

to hit something or scream in various degrees as his emotions peaked

and ebbed over the day's events. It took every ounce of control he

possessed not to run off the elevator, and instead, casually read the

numbers on the doors until he found his room, unlocked the door and

immersed himself in the quiet.





Downstairs, Face was barely gone when conversation returned to the

table. Hannibal sat back and watched the assembled group

indulgently, as they each told their own version of what had

happened. He listened with half an ear for a few minutes, grinning,

as the tale got wilder and bolder, before he too pushed his chair

back and got to his feet.


"Guys, I think Face has a good idea. I'm going to take a shower and

get cleaned up. I'll meet you back here for dinner, at say, 7:30?" He

glanced at his watch and then met the eye of each person at the

table, assessing more than just their commitment to dinner, but their

fatigue and health as well.


"Sounds good," BA said as he signaled the waiter that they needed

more iced tea.


Hannibal patted Murdock on the shoulder as he squeezed past him to

exit the lounge. "See ya', Colonel."


Hannibal took the elevator up to the eighth floor and walked down the

hall in long sure strides, assessing the layout. BA and Murdock

would have the two rooms that flanked the room assigned to General

and Kathy Ludlum. He and Face took the two adjoining rooms directly

across the hall. Amy would be on the end, just past his room. As

safe as he felt here in the hotel he still believed it best to keep

their eyes open for any possible danger.


He opened the door to his room and dropped the key on the end table

and locked and bolted the door behind him. He pulled off his jacket

and tossed it over the back of the chair. It always astonished him

that no matter where they were, what city or country, hotel rooms

looked amazingly alike with bland bedspreads and tacky wall art.


When given a chance, Face always tried to stay at a bed and breakfast

or a private residence in order to get a better taste of the local

flavor. Hannibal almost wished they'd taken the time to do that

today, but admitted to himself that it wasn't practical. They weren't

planning to be here that long as it was.


The day had started off bad. Well, actually yesterday hadn't been

much better. Yesterday, astonishingly, they'd been captured by

Colonel Lynch. 'Well, something has to go right for the man once in

awhile.' Hannibal mused as he kicked off his shoes and collapsed into

a chair by the window. Then they came on this asinine mission and

all the intelligence was so disastrously bad as to be tragic. Then

the final, horrifying, insult -- to take Face instead of him and

stand him in front of a firing squad. Hannibal shuddered.


Face, thinking quickly, had managed to get a cigarette, but as he

spit it out sending it toward the flow of gasoline, it fizzled out in

a whisper of smoke. And at that moment Hannibal thought all their

hopes were fizzling out of existence, too. Worse, was the feeling of

dread that came over him while he waited in a cell not fifty feet

away, about to watch Face's life force fizzle out as well. He hadn't

been able to do it. He remembered that at that moment, he'd closed

his eyes, unable to watch what was about to happen. At the thought of

Face, his eyes flicked to the adjoining door.


Hannibal lumbered to his feet and pulled the connecting door in his

room open with a jerk. For a long moment he stared at the second door

that still separated Face's room from his. Hannibal's hand hovered

over the knob; he hesitated and then raised it to knock. He shook his

head as he let his hand drop back down and let his fingers flex

open. Indecision was not something he was comfortable with and he

frowned in consternation. He took a deep breath, wiped his clammy

palm on his black slacks and then thrust it out to grab the doorknob

in a firm grip. He wasn't surprised to find it unlocked. Hannibal

stepped into a room that was a mirror image of his own and stopped

just a few feet in.


Face was standing at the window looking out. The afternoon sun's

rays were caught in his hair turning the golden brown locks to a

rusty red color. He was leaning with his weight on one hip and his

shoulder pressed against the wall staring out the window at the

scenic vista.


"I thought you were going to take a shower," Hannibal said without

any other preamble.


Face shrugged one shoulder. "I was hoping you'd come up," he replied

quietly, his eyes never leaving the view outside.


Hannibal took one more step further into the room, and in an instant,

Face turned and threw himself into the arms of his commander. They

met in the middle of the room, entangled in a strong hug, Face

pressing his cheek against Hannibal's. "I almost lost you," Hannibal

breathed, taking in the scent of shampoo and musk and cologne that

was uniquely Face, and tightened his arms around the strong back of

his second-in-command. Face didn't say anything, just hung on

tightly, reveling in the feeling of security.


After a long moment Hannibal took a step back, but he didn't let his

arms drop from around the younger man. They had a rule, no sex on a

job. It was important that they keep focused on the mission at hand.


He pushed Face to arms' length and ran his eyes over the other man.

Rule or not, Hannibal decided he needed something more, right now he

needed to assure himself that Face was safe. Putting his right hand

up onto the nape of Face's neck, his left at the small of his back,

he pulled the younger man close as his lips descended in a crushing

kiss. Their warm tongues battled for position. Hannibal curled his

fingers tighter into Face's hair, while Face brought both hands up to

cup Hannibal's shoulder blades. Finally, breathlessly they broke

apart. Face rested his cheek against Hannibal's shoulder as he tried

to get his wildly beating heart back under control.


"Tell me you're all right, that we're all right." Hannibal said his

voice gruff with concern.


Face gave a brief smile. This was as close as Hannibal would come to

saying he was sorry for Face being put in danger. "I'm fine," he

said softly. "We're fine."


"Good." Hannibal took the step back again, as if not trusting himself

to stand so close to the man he loved. They had a rule and the kiss

was as far as he intended to stretch that rule.


Face let a soft smile play across his lips and as if reading his

lover's mind he said simply, "It's a stupid rule."


Hannibal snorted. "It's still a rule."


"It's also a rule that BA's not allowed to throttle Murdock, but he

breaks that rule all the time," Face argued letting his hands drop

from around Hannibal waist.


Hannibal swallowed; Face was pulling away from him more than

physically. "I know."


"Then change it." Face said sullenly as he turned again to stare out

the window. "It's not like we're making out in the back of the van

during a stakeout. We're in a hotel room in an exotic country andÖ"

He let the rest of whatever he was going to say drift off as he ran

the tips of his fingers over the window tracing some outline only he

could see.


Hannibal finished for him. "And you almost died."


"Please Hannibal, IÖ" Face hesitated and then turned and Hannibal

could see the love and the worry and the fear in his young lover's

eyes. Face swallowed hard and said the words that were so hard for

him to say, "I need you." Face swallowed again. He hated to feel

needy. It left him feeling open and vulnerable and he hated both of

those emotions as well.


Hannibal opened his mouth and tried to form the words he needed to

say to convince both of them that they shouldn't do this. He closed

his mouth as he considered his options. Face asked so little of him

and gave so much, and rarely did he ever admit to needing anything.

Hannibal looked up at the ceiling to avoid being sucked into the

depths of those blue eyes and prayed for an answer to be written

there. Finally words came.


"I need to take a shower." Hannibal turned away hurriedly, still

trying to put some distance between the two of them. Face took a

shuddering breath, feeling as if the room was suddenly devoid of air.

He watched Hannibal's every move as the Colonel walked back to the

connecting door between their rooms.


Hannibal paused in the doorway, closing his eyes, and took a calming

breath. He mumbled a curse in low tones, he hadn't had a plan go the

way he'd intended in days. Maybe it was time for an all new

plan. "So, Face, I'm taking a shower, what about you?"


Puzzled by the direction that the conversation had taken Face

inquired softly, "What?"


With his hand on the doorknob, Hannibal turned and looked back over

his shoulder. "Weren't you going to take a shower?"




"Well, come on then, Lieutenant," Hannibal ordered, "or don't you

want to join me?" he inquired as he retreated back into his own room.


Face blinked twice and then quickly followed his lover into the other






Their first coupling was rough and aggressive as if to prove to

themselves that they were still alive and unhurt. Hannibal ran his

hands over every part of Face's body in an unconscious need to

reassure himself that there were no stray bullet holes in his young

lover, no wounds Face had 'forgotten' to mention. They soaped each

other clean, constantly using touch to reaffirm their connection.

Their tongues tangled under the warm spray of the overlarge shower

stall. Ultimately, Hannibal couldn't wait any longer. He turned

Face away from him and the younger man braced himself with his hands

on the wall of the shower. The warm water cascaded down his back and

over his shoulders as Hannibal stood behind him, trailing hot kisses

down his spine.


In one quick thrust they were joined. Hannibal rocked inside Face

with long sure strokes and Face moaned out his enjoyment of the

mating that was little better then rutting. "Oh, yes," he groaned as

Hannibal reached around with a soapy hand and grasped Face's

straining manhood and began to stroke it with the same rhythm he used

to stroke Face from the inside.


Face tensed and came just as Hannibal lightly bit the side of his

neck. The clenching of his muscles caused Hannibal to shoot into

Face's warm, receptive body. They stood panting together under the

spray of the water until they regained control of their breathing. As

his heart rate returned to normal, Hannibal slipped free of his warm



Face turned and pressed himself back into the reassuring arms of his

lover. "God, I love you."


It was said with such simplicity that Hannibal felt a lump form in

his throat. He knew he didn't say it often enough and mostly when

they were making love, and he needed to say it more often. But, he

needed to say it now, too. He pulled Face up tightly against his body

and whispered in his ear, "I love you, too." Continuing, Hannibal

pushed Face away from him so he could look him in the eyes. "I don't

say that enough." Hannibal said solemnly, hands still firmly gripping

Face's arms, unwilling to release him just yet, afraid the younger

man might slip through his fingers.


Face grinned the grin that lit his eyes in boyish joy. "Actions speak

louder than words," and he leaned in and took a soft kiss.


Hannibal returned the kiss briefly before pushing Face away

again. "Let's get out of the shower before we turn into prunes." As

Face turned to shut off the water, Hannibal gently swatted the damp

buttock as it presented itself to his view.


Face pouted momentarily, then started to move in for another kiss,

but he was thwarted when Hannibal jumped out of the shower swiftly,

grabbing a towel for himself and tossing one back to Face.


Face dried himself briefly and then knotted the towel around his

waist. He knew that his commander was chastising himself for breaking

his own rule. Face glanced in the mirror and finger combed his

straight honey colored hair roughly into place, all the while

surreptitiously watching Hannibal from the corner of his eye.


Hannibal continued to dry himself as he studied Face's casual

movements. The guys teased Face about how handsome he was, and even

how vain, but he really wasn't. Face never seemed to take much care

regarding his looks, only his clothes, and the clothes were part of

his job.


There wasn't time for a blow dryer or a facial in the back of the van

or in a cow town in the middle of nowhere, or here in the jungle half

a world away from home. Face's good looks came naturally and more

than once Hannibal wondered why the handsome young man stayed

faithful to him. Face could easily have anyone he wanted, male or

female. Women of all ages, and more than a few men, were constantly

throwing themselves at him and he enjoyed playing along. But at

night, Hannibal knew the young man would always come back to him. He

just wasn't always sure why.


"Kid?" Hannibal asked just as Face began to step out of the steamy

bathroom. He wanted to say something, something meaningful or

romantic, to tell Face how he felt. He wanted to be able to express

how grateful he was that Face was alive and unhurt and here with him



"Yes?" Face turned back and Hannibal saw the love shining in those

blue eyes again.


Hannibal licked his lips, already finding it hard to say the words he

wanted to. "You hungry? Want to order room service?" Nice, Smith,

real romantic.


Face laughed, "You are full of surprises today." Hannibal rarely

ordered room service, preferring to eat at a table like 'civilized

people'. And with a sly grin, he maneuvered in closely and hugged

Hannibal tightly. "No, the only thing I'm hungry for is you," he said

as he lightly applied kisses to Hannibal's jaw, licking away any

moisture that clung there.


Hannibal gave a mock frown and swatted the younger man's rump again,

this time leaving his hand to cup the well-rounded buttock. "Get away

from me. You are insatiable," attempting to regain some control over

the situation, but couldn't help thinking that this handsome man was

very good for his ego.


"HmmmÖ" Face murmured silkily, drifting his kisses down Hannibal's

neck blatantly ignoring the order.


Hannibal reached down and loosened Face's towel and let it drop to

the floor in a puddle at their feet. He pulled off his own towel and

leaned to kiss away the smirk forming on Face's lips with a hot,

demanding kiss, pulling the younger man's arms up so they wrapped

around his neck. He bent slightly to lift the younger man up and

wrapped Face's legs around his waist.


"Hmmm...." Face purred happily, as they moved together to the bed.


"What am I going to do with you?" Hannibal said with a mock growl as

he broke the kiss and laid Face down on the bed, gently.


"Make love to me all night long?" Face inquired with an impish smirk.


"No can do." Face gave a pout, which Hannibal quickly smothered with

another kiss. "But I can make love to you until dinner."


Face grinned and wriggled back across the bed as he pushed down the

covers to lie back against the cool, clean sheet.


Their second time together was slow and passionate and they made

gentle, leisurely love to each other. They savored the time it took

to please each other. Years together only made them more attentive to

the things each knew the other loved best. They tried to express in

gestures that which was so hard for either of them to put into words.


Their earlier joining had reduced their desperate need for each

other, but not their passion. Hannibal was aroused again and it would

take a lot longer to satisfy his lust the second time around. And

this pleased his young lover no end. After a long bout of foreplay

Hannibal lay on his back as Face straddled his belly.


Face leaned down and stole a kiss before raising himself up and then

easing down on Hannibal's firm manhood. It was a slow sensuous dance

that Face performed as he slowly worked the hot member up inside him.


Hannibal stayed as still as he could as he watched Face's eyes. It

was a strange mix of lust and love that flicked back and forth in the

blue depths.


Face began to raise and lower himself and Hannibal did little to help

or hinder the process, just put his hands on Face's hips to steady

the movement.


This went on until Hannibal felt a fire begin to burn in his belly.

He looked up into his lovers' eyes as Face smirked and changed his

pace again, keeping the tension going as long as he could. Hannibal

growled low in his throat in frustration. He was never going to get

any satisfaction at this rate. He curled up into a half sitting

position and taking Face in a tight hug, rolled them both over,

laying Face flat beneath him.


Face grinned and planted kisses all over Hannibal's head and

shoulders as the older man took the aggressive role. Now, Face was

on his back, still impaled on Hannibal's shaft, his thighs wrapped

around Hannibal's waist.


Hannibal took control and used long, steady strokes. He gripped

Face's hips in his strong hands as he continued to watch as emotions

flicked across the younger man's face. This was one of the few times

Face let his emotions show, and this was why it was Hannibal's

favorite position, planted firmly inside his young lover, but still

able to look into those beautiful blue eyes. Face rarely closed his

eyes while making love, and his hands were never still as they moved

from Hannibal's back to his arms to his shoulders, then up to his

face before tangling in the silver mane of hair. Little smiles would

play with the edges of his lips and when Hannibal hit his sweet spot,

gasps of pleasure would send his head back exposing his throat.


Hannibal loved the soft sounds Face made while making love. The

whispered sighs and moans of pleasure were like music to his ears.

Hannibal's change in pace signaled that he was getting closer to his

climax. "FaceÖ" Hannibal whispered between clenched teeth as he

got closer to fulfillment.


Face moaned back, "HaaannibalÖ" as they reached their release within

moments of each other.




Hannibal felt as if his bones had gone soft as he collapsed onto his

lover. Face wrapped his strong arms around Hannibal's back and they

lay together for a long time quietly exhausted. Eventually Hannibal

shifted. "I must be crushing you," he said as he pulled out of Face

and slipped off to the side.


"Hmmm, but what a way to go," Face murmured drowsily. "I wonder what

the military did when we didn't meet the plane?" Face inquired, as he

and Hannibal spooned together in the king-sized bed.


"I don't know," Hannibal muttered, not really caring one way or the



"Do you think they'll still give us a head start when we get back?"


"Yeah, I do." Reluctantly he found himself being sucked into the

conversation. He knew that the return of General Ludlum was much more

important than the A-Team.


Face nodded against the pillow. Hannibal planted warm kisses on the

back of Face's neck in an attempt to divert Face's attention as they

lay together in sated silence.


"You know this was a one-time thing." Hannibal said softly. "We can't

keep doing this on the job."


Face was glad that Hannibal was spooned up behind him and couldn't

see the smirk on his face. "Sure, okay, anything you say."


It was an awkward angle, but Hannibal swatted Face's rump one more

time. "You heard me, Lieutenant."


"I even agreed with you, Colonel," Face said unable to keep the

laughter from his voice.


"Don't go getting any ideas. Just because I changed my mind once,

doesn't mean I'll do it again."


"Whatever you say, Hannibal," Face said as he wriggled back closer to

Hannibal's chest, but the grin continued to linger on his lips.


"I mean it, no more sex during a mission."


"Mission's over, Commander." Face said softly. Hannibal snorted.

Face turned over and tucked his head under Hannibal's chin and

snuggled in close. "Maybe we could spend a few days here, before

going back."


Hannibal hugged Face closer to him, reveling in the comforting

warmth, "We'll see," he said noncommittally.


"Or maybe we could take a ship back, so BA doesn't have to fly, and

you and I could share a cabin?" Face's voice was heavy with

exhaustion and he couldn't keep his eyes open. The last few days were

beginning to take their toll.


"Sh, go to sleep. We'll talk about it later."


Face shifted once more in Hannibal's arms and drifted off to sleep.

Moments later Hannibal did the same. And in the blurry seconds

before sleep overtook them, they both realized just how lucky they

really were.




Unfortunately, Face's romantic plans were not to be. Amy's newspaper

came through with the needed flight reservations, and they were soon

traveling again.


Their Air International Flight landed in Los Angeles at 4:17 in the

afternoon. The team waited until they were the last to disembark. At

the foot of the stairway down from the plane were two military staff

cars and a military ambulance. Hannibal's eyes narrowed as he took

in the MP's standing near the cars. Mr. Perry and Major Briggs were

waiting at the bottom of the ramp. "General Ludlum, right this way."

The General was escorted to the back of the ambulance by an MP and a

medic, his daughter in tow, and was quickly whisked away.


"Somebody's in trouble," Murdock said in a singsong voice.


Face nodded his agreement, "Question is ñ just how many somebody's?"

he said skeptically.


"Everything will be fine," Hannibal said with more confidence than he

felt. "They'll keep their word."


Major Briggs stepped forward. "Gentlemen. Colonel Lynch has been

called out of the city and will be detained until noon tomorrow.

After thatÖ Well, you are on your own."


Hannibal flashed his team an "I told you so" smirk before nodding his

acceptance, "Good enough, and the General?"


Mr. Perry stepped in then. "We can't very well court martial him or

he may ñ divulge ñ more than is warranted. And I expect that Miss

Allen will be relatively circumspect, as well?" Amy nodded with

enthusiasm. "Gentlemen," he shook hands all the way around, "good

work, your government, although unofficially, thanks you."


Hannibal grinned, "Accepted."


Major Perry actually saluted the Colonel. "Colonel, thank you, a job

well done." They turned together and headed towards the staff cars.


Hannibal watched them go as a struggling Face and Murdock wheeled BA

off the plane in a wheelchair, the effects of the chloral hydrate

beginning to wear off. Hannibal motioned to Face who put a cigar in

his commander's hand. "Well, this was a great couple of days. I

love itÖ" he started.


"Don't say it Hannibal," Amy admonished as both Face and Murdock

groaned their dismay. "Just don't say one more word."


Hannibal began to stride across the tarmac, grinning, as he heard

behind him, "A plane? Who put me on a plane?"


The End

June 2001






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