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By:  Lark


Copyright:   2001

Rated:          NC-17

Disclaimer:  They belong to someone else

Warning:      m/m consensual sex

Comments:  Please

Summary:    A short vignette that takes place a bit after ‘Retreat’.


Thanks to Elizabeth Kent for beta reading.  Emma, this story is for you.



The river stretched on beyond sight, wide and lazy in the heat of the day.  Rocks littered the shallow parts, small islands the deeper, and gulls took advantage of both.  Off in the distance, somewhere where the river knew the way, mountains rose up, their tops dark against the haze.  Not inestimably tall mountains, their peaks were rounded somewhat by age, but majestic nonetheless.   Smaller hills, infants to the distant ones, edged both of the faraway shores, leaving the river, wide though it was, feeling isolated and private, a guest winding its way to nowhere in particular. 


Almost everything that wasn’t water was mostly green; maples, pines, elms, and others mixed in among the rest.  The shades varied from light to dark, a green rainbow of sorts.  And just to add contrast, yellow lilies stood close to the shores, heads popping above the surface while roots anchored them from below.


Little disturbed the surface of the dark water, save for the occasional ripple where water beetles skirted across it and fish jumped to dine on them. Those, and the small boat that floated aimlessly, letting the invisible current nudge it along.   


Oars lay forgotten in the bottom of the boat as the two men within lay stretched out, blond leaning against brunette.  Eyes closed, they listened to everything and nothing, little registering beyond what was them. 


Dragonflies flitted by.


Gulls called out, seeking whatever it is that gulls look for.


And two men dozed in that place between two worlds.


The sun watched over them, its heat warming flesh, raising small beads of moisture here and there that teased as they slid languidly down slopes and curves.  The sun continued its game until one of the men stirred. Then, as if caught, it slipped behind a cloud, only to reappear moments later to begin again.


Murdock looked up through eyes half closed against the brightness, not quite awake but no longer asleep.  The whistle of mallard wings passed somewhere close, above and behind him, and he turned slightly, the movement rousing the man in his arms.


The blond head moved, hair tickling Murdock’s chest as it shifted and then turned upwards, blue eyes meeting brown.


It was all still new, years together but only a year as one.  Each waking brought that sense of wonder that yes, it was real, not an illusion that would drift away like a wisp of smoke caught in the wind.


They lay still, not yet ready to relinquish themselves to the world.  Here, held close by desire and necessity, nothing else existed.  The small boat swayed beneath them, soothing and gentle, a caress to match those that they shared with each other.


A warm breeze began to stir, slowly pushing more clouds into the sky above as it teased the men below. But the men ignored it, leaving the wind to entertain itself.  The sun dulled slowly, eventually unable to find its way around the clouds, and greyness took its place.  From a distance, the low rumble of thunder forced the men to pay heed, eyes reluctantly moving from each other to gaze upwards.  They stirred, carefully sitting up and sharing a kiss before they separated, then moving to opposite sides and rowing for shore.


The river came alive with the splash of countless drops, sky meeting earth through a channel of water, the joining causing tiny explosions of spray, and ripples that reached out to meet those next to them.  And in the middle of it, the two men laughed, debating whether they would make it to land before the boat filled with water.


When they safely landed, Murdock pulled Face into a tight embrace, insisting that near-death experiences always made him lascivious.  Face buried his head in Murdock’s neck, failing to hide his laughter over the choice of words.          


Undaunted, Murdock worked to prove his point.  Rain-slicked hands made their way under Face’s tee-shirt, sliding easily against the wet skin.  He touched the places that only he knew of, and when Face moaned, Murdock slipped his tongue between the parted lips, sucking and caressing until Face was convinced.


Shirts and shorts came off, landing on the small patch of sand where they stood.  Rain, cool after the heat of the sun, slid effortlessly over them, lessening the friction between their bodies but adding new sensations as they pushed against one another.  Murdock took Face’s mouth again, felt as much as heard the throaty noises coming from deep within him.  They thrust hard, hands gripping and sliding, seeking purchase in order to draw the other nearer.  Sand shifted beneath their feet as their motions increased, moans mixing with the metallic sound of rain hitting the boat.  They wanted it to last while wanting it to end. 


Face threw his head back, eyes closed and mouth open as he cried out, hearing Murdock’s sob a moment later as he joined him, tremors passing between them. 


They stayed there, holding each other close, as the soft rain washed down upon them.



The End

Haven by Lark



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