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Walking Away II

Walking Away II

By Dana Snyder 


Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team.  Stephen J. Cannell does. 

Rating: The fic in general is PG.  This part bordering on G.

Author's note: Please read the first part first!  You won't

understand what's going on without it.

Summary: It's been six months and Face is happy until he gets an

unexpected visitor.





Face watched as the kids were playing soccer.  They were so happy and

carefree.  It reminded him of the reason why he left the team.  Like

he said to them, it wasn't because he didn't love them it was because

he couldn't work for Stockwell anymore. 


Father Magill had welcomed his help with open arms.  Face enjoyed

helping at the orphanage and the kids loved him.  The nuns still

weren't happy about them calling Face 'Face'.  They kept asking them to

call him Richard.  For the safety of Face, he was going by Richard

Bancroft.  Not that it was lying.  That was Face's real name.  But

the kids forgot and Face didn't mind.


"Face!"  Thirteen-year-old Ben called running over to him.  "Father

Magill wants to see you in his office.  There's someone here to see



Face walked quickly into Father Maghill's office.  He thought that

maybe it was one of the team.  They were the only one's that knew he

was here.  He walked closer and frowned at the familiar voice.  "Look

it's very important that I speak to Lieutenant Peck."


Face stood in the doorway.  Both men turned and looked at him. 

"General Stockwell."


Stockwell had a smirk on his face.  "Long time no see Lieutenant."


"I'll leave you two alone."  Father Magill said and got up from

behind his desk.  "I need to talk to Sister Rachel anyway."  He left.


Face waited until Father Magill was out of ear shot before saying,

"What are you doing here Stockwell?"


"The team told me six months ago that you left without telling them. 

You went out for a date and never came back.  But I doubted it.  I

knew the fact that you were a spoiled brat and couldn't handle the

missions anymore was the reason you left."


Face looked to make sure no one was around before punching Stockwell

square in the jaw.  "You don't know anything."


Stockwell stands a hand against his jaw.  "I should have figured you

wouldn't want to listen to me but you've got to.  The A-Team has

disappeared without a trace."  


Face did notice the fact that Stockwell said the A-Team and not the

rest of the A-Team.  He pushed the thought aside.  "What did you do



"I didn't do anything Peck.  I sent them on a mission and they never

came back."



Walking Way II by Dana Snyder