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Title: Past Secrets Slash Rated R

Past Secrets

By Nikita


Rating: R

Disclaimer: don't own them. If I did I would NOT be living on student loans!!!!

Warnings: I have No idea really where this fiction is going to lead. The R rating is here because I KNOW there will be violence, cussing and the sort. There MAYBE a sex scene, but I don't know. As of right now, it is just slashy thoughts. Also, there will a lot of h/c.

Summary: Is Face keeping secrets?

Note: "blah, blah, blah" talking

                <blah, blah, blah> thinking

                /////blah, blah, blah///// flashback

(I think I included everything)

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Part 1


"Face!!!" Hannibal shouts as he bangs on the door of Face's newly scammed apartment. "Open Up!!!" The door flings open to reveal a dripping wet Face wearing nothing but a towel. Hannibal pushes past him and walks towards the bar to mix himself a drink. "What took ya so long?"


Face slams the door as he turns around to confront his Colonel.  "Well, you see Hannibal most people are busy taking showers at SIX O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!!!!"


"Don't yell Lt. You might wake some of Dr. Robertson's neighbors." Hannibal

calmly replies as he takes a sip of his drink.


"It's a little to late for that, isn't it?" Face crosses his arms as he looks Hannibal in the eyes. "What do you want?"


<Wouldn't you like to know?> "We have a new case to research."


"Again? Hannibal, we just finish the last one two days ago."


"Yeah, and I just got this one yesterday. Mr. Lee said some old woman has

been coming in nearly everyday since we left. Seems as though she is having

some type of trouble."


" 'Some type of trouble'?" Face throws his arms up in the air "It's always 'some type of trouble.' Before you go into the long lecture that I know you have stored up, can I at least get dressed?"


Hannibal grins "Why Face, I never said you couldn't."


Face snorts as he turns towards 'his' bedroom. Hannibal can't seem to take his eyes off of his young Lt. < I wonder…Nah. Don't even THINK about it John. He is a STRICT ladies' man.> Face returns 10 minutes later casually dressed in blue jeans and a crisp, white button down shirt. Hannibal tries to look surprised "What? No suit?"


"Hannibal," Face replies as he falls onto a white leather couch and props

his feet on a carefully place magazine on a glass coffee table. "Whenever you come to discuss a case it can take anywhere between 10 minutes to 4 hours, depending on how much information YOU gathered. I am willing to forgo looking good to at least be comfortable for that amount of time."


<Wrong Face, you could look good in a sack.> "Well, it's not going to take

that long this time," Hannibal says as he sits down in the white leather chair across from the couch. "I know very little about this case."


"So you've come to me in hopes that I would have nothing better to do than

research. Right?"


"How did you guess?" Hannibal replies around a grin.


"I just know you." Face closes his eyes and lets out a deep sigh. "So what

'type of trouble' is this woman in?"



Part 2


Hannibal reaches into his jacket and pulls out a small envelope. "It's the usual. Small town, tough guys trying to take over. Nothing we haven't done before."


"Oh, really," replies Face with a grin as he raises an eyebrow. "Then why are you sipping Jack Daniels at this time in the morning?"


<Damn. Gotta think of something quick. Can't tell him it's because I need something to put my nerves at ease whenever I'm around him. If it weren't for the drinks he usually gives me when I visit I probably would've jumped his bones by now….WHOA!! Don't even THINK IT!!!> Hannibal grins as he takes another sip. "Nothing really."


"Spill it."


"It's just…uh…I haven't had an acting job in a while, and I'm kinda getting

bored. That's it."


"Hannibal," Face whines, "I told you, the movie is going to start filming in one month. Just be patient."


"Sure kid." <Thank goodness he believes that lie. And remember John he is

just a kid. Now back to business.> "One of the very few things I know about

this woman is that she is not really that old. In fact she is actually only

about 41, 42 years old."


"Oh, Hannibal," Face replies around a grin, "didn't you know that 40 is old?"


"Don't push your luck, kid. You'll be 40 one day."


"One day. But that 'one-day' isn't for a LONG while."


"ANYWAY, I can't find any military connections expect for her husband…"


"Oh that's all," Face says as he rolls his eyes.


"As I was saying before I was interpreted," Hannibal replies as he gives Face an evil look, "Expect for her husband that died in the 60's. Since then, she seems to have respect for the military, but for some reason, she says that she and I quote 'won't help them if her life depended on it'."


"Just how did you get that quote?"


Hannibal's grin grows larger, "From my sources."


"Ah, your 'sources'."


"Yeah, and she gave Mr. Lee $50,000 and said we will get the rest when she

gets it."


"Great, another of THOSE jobs." Face whines as he puts his arms over his

face. He lets out a deep sigh. "Well, what's in the envelope?"


"The money and a picture. Sorry Face, she's a little too old for your type."

Hannibal tosses the envelope onto Face's lap.


Face opens the envelope as he sits up. "What about YOUR type?"


<YOU are my only type.> "Nah….too feminine." <Well, that IS the truth.>

"Now, I want you to research this woman a little more just to make sure.

Then, in about three days I'm gonna set up a meeting. I'm going to need you

to break Murdock out of the VA."


Face pauses while counting, "Again?  Hannibal I just took him back. You know

how hard…"


"Yes, I have an idea how hard, but I know that you can pull it off. Is the

money all there?"


Face lets out yet another small sigh. "Yeah, it's all here. Now about this

woman," he says as he takes her picture out, "I think we should…." He stops

as his eyes grow wide and he stares at the picture.


"Face…Face, what's wrong?" Hannibal looks on concern as he tries to figure

out what's wrong with his Lt.




"Then why are you stuttering?"


Face blinks rapidly as he carefully sets the picture down. "Nothing's wrong.

We…uh…just don't have to do any more research."


"Why not?" Hannibal places the drink aside, forgotten.


"I know her."


<Well no duh. I could've figured that by the way you reacted.> "Face,"

Hannibal says gently, "How do you know her?"


Face looks up at Hannibal as though he just remembered Hannibal was there.

Face chews his bottom as he jumps up and begins to pace the floor. Hannibal

says nothing, as he is afraid of scaring Face into silence. This continues

for a very long 3 minutes when Face stops suddenly and runs a hand through

his hair.


"She was my mother."



Part 3


<Damn. It's a good thing I'm already sitting down.> "Your mother?"


Face falls back onto the couch. "In a way," he groans and places he hands

over his face. "She's not my REAL mother just…"


"Just what?" Hannibal asks gently.


Face lets out and earth shuddering sigh and sits up. He focuses his eyes on

the coffee table.   "When I was 11 she became my foster mother. By then, her

husband was already dead and she needed someone to look after. I was that



Hannibal's mind begins to race.  <Could she be the one that causes his

nightmares? She if is, I swear I'm going to kill her.  How do I phrase this

to ask him? Did she fuck you as a child?  Yeah right.>  "Face, this Mrs.

Carter is she….did she…. "


"No." Face interrupts him. "She's not the cause."


Hannibal lets out a deep breath he did not realize he was holding and leans

back in the chair. "So you trust this woman."


Face raises his head and looks Hannibal in the eye. "Yes.  I always did."


Realization lights Hannibal's eyes as he discovers another piece of the

puzzle.  "Was she the woman you always visited during R and R?"




"How come you never told me?"


Face rubs his hand over his face, "I wanted to.  When I finally worked up

enough balls to tell all of you, we where sent on the bank job.   I decided

that I was going to introduce all of you after we got back. And we know how

that went."


"Why didn't you tell us later?"


"I was…afraid….for her.  We made a lot of enemies and I didn't want her to

get mixed up with that.  I thought that someone like Lynch might use her to

get to us…me."


Hannibal lets out a sigh. "Well, we don't need to research any more so I'll

move the meeting up to tomorrow.  I need to know…"


"No need for that," Face interrupts.


"For what?"


"For the meeting to be tomorrow. If you want, I can Murdock out of the VA

by noon, and we can meet her tonight. I see no reason to postpone it. Unless

you or BA need to."


Hannibal pulls a cigar out of his jacket and pats himself looking for a

light. "Well, I don't need it, and I don't think BA does either. Now where

did I put that…?"  Face pulls a Zippo lighter seemingly from nowhere and

lights Hannibal's cigar.  "Thanks, kid.  Do you need me for anything else?"

<God, hope that didn't come out the way it sounded.>


"Nah.  Just need to think of what sickness Murdock hasn't had in the past 6 months."


"Don't worry.  I'm sure you'll think of something," Hannibal says as he

rises to leave.  "I'm going to contact her and tell her to met us at the

building on Wesson and Prices at seven tonight.  Her house is in Hampton so

I'll tell her to walk.  That alright with you?"


"Huh?  Oh, yeah. Sure whatever."


"See ya later."  <Take care of yourself.> Hannibal closes the door behind him.


Face walks over to the window and waits until he sees Hannibal get into the

van and drive off.  Face picks up the phone.  "Yes operator. Can you connect

me to Mrs. Carter in Hampton?"



Part 4




<Only 2 more hours and I will finally be able to leave!!!!  Thank God it's

Friday!!!  Unfortunately, Dave is off on his little 'ski trip'.> thought

nurse Nancy Bitter as she filled a medical supply sheet. < I'll just have to

find some other source of fun…>


"Excuse me, nurse. I was wondering if you could help me?"


Nancy looked up and saw the bluest eyes she ever seen staring at her.  <I can help you with whatever you need.  Oh, and a military man as well.  Maybe

I can find other ways to have fun.> Nancy flutters her eyes at the young man

dressed in a Marine Air Force uniform.  "Yes."


He smiles a heart-breaking grin at her.  "My name is Lt. Alvin Parks and I

need help.  I'm suppose to find an uh…Mr.….Murdock.  Do you now where he

might be?"


Nancy lends over the counter in what she hopes is a suggestive pose.  "Why

yes I do.  He is right down this hall.  Room 219."


"Why thank you," Lt. Parks turns to leave.


"Wait a minute," Nancy walks around the counter and places her hand on the

Lt.'s shoulder as though she is trying to stop him.  While doing so,

however, she pushes her body against his, in an 'innocent' manner.  "What is

your business with Mr. Murdock?"


"Well…uh…uhm…" Lt. Parks tries to ignore the reactions her body is having

on him.  "My colonel, Col. James Smart, is a close friend of Mr. Murdock and

he requested to see Mr. Murdock immediately."


"Oh I can't allow that," the nurse replies running her hand up and down the

Lt.'s arm.  "We are advised to allow no one to sign out Mr. Murdock.  It is

against hospital policy."


"Really?" Lt. Parks replies as he smiles seductively at her.


"Yeah, but if you agree to go on a date with me I might not notice if he

leaves for the day."


"That's the problem.  You see, Col. Smart hasn't seen Mr. Murdock in a long

time.  They might need up to a week or two.  How about we make it two



"Two dates? With all the paperwork I'm gonna have to do for a week pass? I

don't know…."


"How about four dates?" Parks asks abruptly.


"Why not?  I need a little excitement in my life.  How about you call me at 843-555-3940?  Then we can set up the dates."  Nancy replies as she continues to press against Lt Parks.


"Sure thing.  I'll call you in a week.  Now if you'll excuse me," Lt. Parks

peels Nancy off of him and walks towards Murdock's room. 


Murdock is busy petting the air when he hears the door open.  Upon

seeing the visitor, he flings himself off the bed and all but falls into the

Lt.  "Alvin!!!!!  Long time no see, buddy!!  Are you taking me to see the



"Yes, Murdock.  But you're going to have to be quiet until we leave

the VA.  Nurse Nancy down has agreed to let me take you, but we should leave

before she changes her mind."  Lt. Parks says as he takes Murdock by the arm

and walks him down towards the parking lot.


"Roger willco, buddy.  These lips are sealed."  Murdock makes a huge

show of 'zipping' his lips.


Ten minutes later, Lt. Parks and Murdock are heading towards a

familiar white corvette.  Murdock runs over to the passenger side ands jumps

over the door, landing on the seat.  "So tell me Facey, where did you get

the uniform?"


Face grins as he flings the cap onto the dashboard.  "Trade secret."


"Of course.  So how do you like Nancy?" Murdock asks as he wiggles

his eyebrows.


"She is very….straightforward," Face replies as he starts the



Murdock snorts, "That, my friend, is the understatement of the

century.  So, did you get her number?"


"But of course.  Would I be Face if I didn't get the girl's number?"


"Guess not.  So why did you break me out this time?  Got lonely?"


"Wish it was that simple.  We've got another case."


"What?!?!? Another case!! Who does Hannibal think we are?  The

Superheroes of Justice?  We just got over the last one!!"


"Hey. You're preaching to the choir.  I already tried to Hannibal

this, but he won't listen to me.  Anyway, this time we ARE getting at least

some money."


"Isn't this great?  Well…"Murdock stares off into space when an idea

strikes him, "Hey!!! I didn't introduce you to Taffy did I?"  Murdock begins

to bounce in his seat.


"I think I'm going to resent asking this, but just who or what is

Taffy?"  Face asks with a small smile on his face.


"Why Taffy is none other than my little kitty. Here Taffy, Taffy, Taffy. Nice kitty, nice."


"Let me guess, Taffy is slightly invisible?" 


"How did you know?"  Murdock replies as he begins to meow into his

seemingly empty arms.


Face rolls his eyes heavenward. "Lucky guess.  BA is going to love

this.  We're going to meet Mrs. Carter at 7.  So, what do you want to do

until 6?"


 Murdock face lights up.  "Arcades?"


 "Why do I do this to myself?" Face whines as he pulls off the

interstate towards the nearest mall.  



Part 5


At 6:30 sharp, a white corvette pulls into the back of a seemingly abounded building.  Murdock leaps out of the car before Face even begins to hit the brakes.


"Murdock!!!!  Don't do that! You're going to get yourself killed!!!"  Face

exclaims as he steps out of the car.


"Sorry buddy.  Won't do it again," Murdock opens the door and begins to

walk where Hannibal and BA are standing.


"Sure, tell me another," Face mutters under his breath.  "Hannibal? Can I

talk to you for a moment."  Face begins to walk towards the opposite side of

the empty room from where his teammates are standing.


"Yeah, kid," Hannibal replies walking over.  "BA, try not to kill Murdock

while I'm gone."


"As long as the crazy fool don't give me a reason," BA says as he glares at



"BA!!!!!  I didn't introduce you to Taffy, did I?  Here Taffy, come meet

the big ugly mudsucker.  BA, I want you to meet my kitty."


"Fool! There is no cat.  It's just your imagination."


"It is not!!! Here, just pet her."


"Fool, I'm gonna…"


Hannibal walks towards Face paying little attention to the argument going

on behind him.  "So Face, what do you want?" <Do ALL of my questions seem to carry a sexual undertone, or is it just me.>


"Did you tell BA?" Face asks while staring at the floor.


"No," <Obviously, it's just me.>  "I was going to wait for you to tell them."


"Good.  I don't want them to know"


Hannibal almost drops the cigar out of his mouth. "What?  Why not?!"


Face takes a deep breath and shuts his eyes.  He opens them to look into

Hannibal's eyes.  Blue looking into blue.  "I just don't.  Please?" Face

asks in a pleading whisper.


<Why did you have to look at me with those eyes?  I can't deny you anything

when you look at me like that.>  "If that's what you want."


"That's what I want."


"Alright.  I'll keep my mouth shut.  Now, we have about thirty minutes

until Mrs. Carter shows up, so I suggest that we….."


"More like ten."


"Excuse me?"


"I said that we have about ten minutes because she always like arriving

ten, twenty, even thirty minutes early."


"I see.  Guess we better head back."


"Yeah, I don't see how…."


"Crazy fool!!!  You know there is no cat!!!!!!  Just wait 'til I get my

hands on you!!!!" 


Murdock is slowly backing away from BA clutching his hands close to

his chest.  "Now BA, why did you have to go and say that.  You just hurt

Taffy's feelings."


"I can't hurt that cat's feelings because there is no cat there for

its feelings to be hurt!!!!"


"There, there Taffy.  Pay that mudsucker no mind.  He doesn't mean



"Yes I do!!!"  With that, BA picks Murdock off the ground and begins

to strangle him.


"BA!!! Put him down this instant!"  Hannibal says in a commanding



"Aw, Hannibal…"




BA growls as he sets Murdock down.  Once down, Murdock runs and

hides behind Face muttering, "Shhh…it's alright Taffy.  He didn't mean it.

We'll show him."




"Yes, Faceyman?"


"Why are you hiding behind me?"


"Because he won't hit you.  We need your pretty face to scam us

stuff for the job."


"Don't I feel lucky?" Face snorts.


"Hannibal, why haven't you told us about this job yet?" BA asks.


"I wanted to wait until Face got here."


"Well, he's here now," growls BA.


"Point taken.  Since he's here, I might as well tell you…" Hannibal

pauses as he hears a banging on the door.


"Face, go see who that is."


"Right Colonel," Face pulls his 357 from his shoulder holster and

walks towards the door.


"As I was saying, this is really simple.  It involves…"


"Me and my neighbors," Face is walking behind a woman who appears to

be in her early forties.  She is a little shorter than Face, by about two or

three inches.  Her once brown hair is now spotted with gray but her green

eyes are still lively.  She carries an air of authority about her.


"Why Mrs. Carter, I did not expect you for another twenty minutes."


"I like arriving early.  You must be Col. Smith?" she asks with a

small smile on her face.


<She knows damn good who I am.>  "Yes, and this is my Sergeant BA Baracus, my Captain HM Murdock, and my Lt. Templeton 'Face' Peck."


Mrs. Carter smiles a polite smile at each of them, but her eyes rest and

stay on Face. "It is a pleasure to meet all of you."


Murdock notices all of this. <The good ole Peck charm at work again.  How

does he do it?>


Hannibal takes a pull on his cigar.  "Since you are here, Mrs. Carter,

maybe you should tell us about your problem."


"I don't see why not," With this, she walks over and sits on an empty

box.      "Now, about my problem.  A man by the name of Jacob Tank is trying to

bully my neighbors and me into paying $50,000 in 'protection.'  Now, most of

my neighbors are of the rich and cowardly kind and just pay Tank instead of

being hurt.  I, however, am neither rich nor cowardly.  In fact, I went

against many of neighbors' wishes to contact you guys.  But, I think that it

will be best in the long run."


"Whoa, whoa, whoa." Murdock says waving his arms in the air.  "You just

said that you needed $50,000 to pay this creep.  You paid US $50,000 and

said that if we needed more you'll get it.  Wouldn't it have been cheaper

just to pay this Tank fellow?"     


Mrs. Carter lets out a deep sigh.


<That must be where he gets that from.> Hannibal thinks to himself.


"I know that it sounds like I took the worst of two evils, but I don't

think I did.  There is no guarantee that him and his goons will stop after

the $50,000.  Plus, as I said before, I'm not a coward.  I do not take

kindly to men beating up defense old people.  I would try to take them on

myself, but as you can see, I am a little too old to be doing this sort of

thing.  Also, I have reason to believe that Tank isn't behind this little



"Really?  Why is that?" Hannibal asks intrigued.


Mrs. Carter takes another deep sigh.  "I've known Jacob since he was a

little boy.  No one besides me recognizes him though because he changed his

name and had some surgery.  When I knew him he was going by the name of

Matthew Thomas."


Hannibal glances at Face long enough to see a small light of recognition

light his eyes. <Another piece of the puzzle.  How lovely.> Hannibal thinks

sarcastically.  "I don't get it.  Why would go through all of that trouble

to change his name and get surgery?"


Mrs. Carter waves her hands in dismiss.  "He had that done years ago.  He

was put on a wanted list for selling drugs," she glances at Face, "so he

decided to use his drug money to have all of the work done so as to not get

caught.  I haven't seen him in at least four years and I wouldn't have cared

if I had never seen him for the rest of my life.  But the reason that I

believe that he is not the brains behind this little operation is because,

honestly, the boy is too dumb.  He can follow directions wonderfully, but as

for making the up the plans…" she shakes her head.


"So let me get this straight, "Hannibal says as he lights another cigar,

"basically, you want us to not only stop these jerks from beating up your

so-called 'rich and cowardly' neighbors, but also find out who is behind all

of this."


She smiles slightly, "That is correct."


Hannibal chews on his cigar.  "Alright.  Have any objections, guys?"  They

all shake their heads.  "Mrs. Carter, you have just hired the A-Team."



Part 6


Hannibal looks over at Face.  "Okay Lt., we are going to need a place to

stay.  Maybe someplace near…"


"There is no need for that," Mrs. Carter interrupts.  "I own another house

not far from mine.  You all can stay there until this is over with."


BA has a confused look on his face.  "Wait a minute lady.  You mean to tell

me that you own two houses in the same neighborhood?"


Mrs. Carter has an amused smile on her face.  "A friend of mine used to own

it, but he moved to Florida a few years ago.  He said that couldn't stand

the thought of someone that he didn't know living in that house, so he sold

it to me for a very…nice price." 


Hannibal noticed that the look on her face was not unlike the one Face gets

when talking about previous scams. <You could almost swear that she IS his

mother.> Hannibal takes another drag on his cigar.          "Alright.  Save

us the time of hunting for one.  Mrs. Carter, we will begin on your case

tomorrow.  Until then, we all need to get some sleep.  Face, I want you to

go over to that house first thing tomorrow and get it ready for us."


"Hannibal, I can go tonight if you want.  I have me clothes in the

'vette already."


Hannibal raises an eyebrow.  "Why did you bring your clothes?"


Face blinks.  "Well, I brought them because knowing you, I would

have to do some ungodly feat you call a scam, and there is no telling what

time I might get back.  Just like the Wesson case last year." 


<Did I just see something?> thinks Murdock? <With this dark light, I

can't tell. Thought I saw some kind of emotion on his face, but I can't be

sure.  One is for sure, however, there is more to this case than what meets

then eye.> Murdock glances over and looks into the eyes of BA.  He can tell

that BA is thinking the same thing.  They both nod in agreement, but the nod

is small enough that they think it goes unnoticed by the others in the room.


However, Hannibal catches the nod.  He is thinking the same thing as

the others, but he doesn't want to pressure Face into talking about anything

he doesn't want to. <Anyway, John you CAN'T get Face to say anything he does

want to.  Instead he'll clam up tighter than BA's fist.>  "Alright, kid.

You can go ahead.  Call me before 8 and give me the directions."


"Sure, Colonel.  Anything else?"


"Nah.  I think that's it," he turns to Mrs. Carter, "what's the

phone number in case I need to get in touch? There IS a phone, right?"


Mrs. Carter lifts her head as though she is insulted.  "Of course

there is a phone.  My husband may dead, but he always taught me to be

prepared.  The number is 843-555-3940."


Hannibal looks over at Face who is copying it down for them on a

sheet of paper out of his memo book.  <Damn.  What would I do without him?>


"Well, Hannibal, if that's all, I'm going." Face walks over to where

Mrs. Carter is sitting.  "Ma'am, do you need a ride home?"


Mrs. Carter smiles a warm smile.  "I would greatly appreciate one,



Face extends his arm out like a true gentleman and waits for Mrs.

Carter to place her arm through his.  He walks over to Hannibal and hands

him the phone number.  He then begins to walk towards the door.  "So long,

guys."  With that, Face and Mrs. Carter walk out of the building.  Hannibal

walks carefully towards the door so he can watch them.  He notices that not

only does Face walk Mrs. Carter to her side of the car, but he also opens

the door for her.  <Well, at least the kid's got class.>


Murdock begins jumping up and down like a little kid.  "Does this

mean I get to stay with you Colonel?  Huh? HUH?"

Hannibal sighs deeply.  "Yeah, I guess so."


"Aw, Hannibal," moans BA, "I was going to stay at your apartment



Hannibal strolls over and places an arm around BA's shoulders. "BA,

the apartment has three bedrooms.  I'll place Murdock on one end and you on

the other and you'll NEVER know he's there."  Hannibal grins even wider at

the scowl on BA's face.


"I don't like this Hannibal.  This sounds like one of your crazy



"Honestly, BA, you wound me.  How could this possibly go wrong?"


BA growls,  "Why couldn't this crazy fool go with Faceman?"


"BA, BA, BA," interrupts Murdock, "didn't you see the way Face worked that woman?  He probably wants to be 'alone.' " Hannibal smirks slightly <Good thing Face ain't here to hear that.  I do NOT want to imagine his reaction.>


BA growls again.  "That woman is old enough to be his mother.  It

just ain't right."


 "Now, BA, what Face does in his spare time is his business.  Anyway,

it's time to go home."  <You are truer than you realize BA.> With that said,

Hannibal begins walking towards the van. 


 Begrudgingly, BA follows while Murdock starts talking about Taffy.

"Hey, BA, did you know that Taffy can fly?  Yep, yep, yep.  You see, she has

these little flipper-like thing that lets her fly just like a chopper.  Why,

just the other day…"


 "Shut up you crazy fool, before I shut you up."


 Murdock runs and jumps in the van behind Hannibal. 


Hannibal looks out the window as a takes another pull on his cigar. <It's going to be a long night.>




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