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Title: On Being a Nurse at the VA

On Being a Nurse at the VA

by  Partly 


Rating: G

(c) 2001

Summary:  A bit of fluff about the VA...

Warnings:  None.





The young nurse slowly walked into the Staff Lounge, looking

bewildered and more than slightly flustered.  She was going to be

fired.  She just knew it.  She crossed the room at sat in the only

empty chair at a table with three other nurses.


"Nancy?  Are you all right?"  The blonde to her right laid a hand on her arm.


"I don't know, Julie.  I just don't know."  By now, the entire room

was watching her.


"Is something wrong?  Did you get hurt?"


"It was Mr. Murdock."


"*Murdock* did something to you?" asked Lorraine, another young nurse

who was sitting across the table.


"No."  Nancy shifted uneasily under the scrutiny of so many people.

But she had to tell.  She didn't have a choice.  "There was this man,

a Mr. Jack Handley."  The more she thought about it the more absurd

it sounded; yet it had made so much sense when it was happening.  "He

said he was from the Department of Energy and that Mr. Murdock was a

subject of study to find some sort of alternative energy."  She tried

to remember exactly what he had said, but he had talked so fast and

he had been so... so... believable.  "He said he had papers -- that

it was all approved.  But he took Mr. Murdock and... and I can't find

anything that says he should have."  Nancy stifled a sob.  She was

going to be fired.  She'd lost a patient.  She'd only been here for

two weeks.  She'd never get another job.  At least her friends would

be sympathetic.


She didn't expect the laughter that came from around the table.  She

looked up into the smiling face of the nurse across the table.

"What?"  She couldn't keep the tears from coming.


"Oh, Nancy," Loraine said.  "You don't understand."


"Please don't cry, Nancy."  Julie handed her a Kleenex.  "We should

have warned you.  Murdock will be fine.  This happens all the time."


Nancy dabbed the tears from her eyes.  "It does?"


They nodded.


"The guy who got him out, was he blond, beautiful eyes, a better body

and about this tall?"  Kelley, a short dark haired nurse that Nancy

had only met once, held her hand in the air about a foot above her



Nancy nodded.


"I can't believe I missed him.  Was he wearing blue?  He looks *so*

fine in blue."


"That is unprofessional behavior, Nurse Pearlson."  Mrs. Dodd, the

supervising nurse, broke in on their conversation.  "The situation

with Patient Murdock is unprofessional, if you ask me."


Kelley rolled her eyes.  "But Dr. Richter's instructions are clear."


Mrs. Dodd snorted.  "Just because he says that's it's to be allowed

doesn't mean that I have to like it."  She looked around the room.

"And I don't want to see any of you encouraging that...  that

*conman* in anyway."  She stood and stalked out of the room.


Kelley almost laughed.  "Don't mine old sour-puss there.  She's just

mad because she let some creeps take Murdock on her watch.  She even

helped them."


"Now that's not true, Kelley," Loraine said.  "They said they worked

for the government.  She couldn't have known."  Loraine looked across

at Nancy.  "I think she feels guilty about it, that's why she acts

the way she does.  But honestly, so many strange things happen around

Murdock that it's hard to tell when they're the bad guys.  Well,

unless they come in using shotguns."


Nancy couldn't take it any more.  "Shotguns?  Kidnapped?  Conmen?

Just what is going on with Captain Murdock?"


They all seemed to shrug at the same time.


"No one really knows," Julie finally answered.  "Dr. Richter just

tells us to be as thorough as we can but that if Murdock is willing

to go, not to push it too hard.  Just to let him go."


"You can usually tell that something is up if he starts acting up in

the morning," Kelley said.  "Acting like he has rabies, flooding his

room, claiming invisibility..."


"One time he said that his hand had a mind of its own," Loraine added.


"Better that than blacking out the whole wing," Julie said.  "He's

done that more than once."


Nancy laughed.  "You're kidding, right?"  She looked around the room.

"Right?" she asked Julie.




"But don't worry, honey," Loraine said.  "You'll get used to it in

time.  Being a nurse on Murdock's wing is an adventure."


"Oh, wait," Julie exclaimed.  "You do have to document this, though.

And leave a message for Dr. Richter."  She stood and walked to a

bookcase next to the door.  She pulled out a large black binder and

crossed back, handing it to Nancy.  "Just fill out as much as you can

remember.  Then call Dr. Richter's service and tell him that

Murdock's gone and when he may be back.  They did say when he'd be

back, didn't they?"


Nancy nodded.  "Three weeks."


"Good."  Julie sighed.  "Well, we've been in here long enough.

Dodd'll have our heads."


"I just can't believe I missed him," Kelley said, standing and

following Julie to the door.  "He is just too cute.  Those eyes.

That hair.  And when he walks away from you..."


"We know, we know," Loraine muttered under her breath.  "The way that

girl goes on, you would think that she never saw a man before."  She

patted Nancy on the hand again.  "Just flip to the back and fill out

what you can.  It'll get easier after a couple of more times."


She stood and left.


Nancy sighed in the suddenly empty room and looked at the book.  H.M.

Murdock, Unapproved Outings, Book Three.  "Book three?"


She flipped to a page, skimming through it.  "Discovered missing at

morning bed check.  Returned two days later."


Another one ten pages further on.  "Taken out for study on delayed

stress disorder.  Returned in two weeks.  Evidence of gunshot?"  She

wished the records were more detailed.


One from the middle of the book.  "Ran from game room and fled in

waiting car.  Gone only a day that time."


She skipped to the first blank page and began to write.  Maybe she

wouldn't lose her job after all.





Being a Nurse at the VA by PartlyK



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