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Without Reservations at a Glance

Without Reservations at a Glance

by Dana


Rating: G

Warnings: Injured Character.  It's kind of depressing too.

Summary: Three poems from three different characters point of views.

Episode Spoiler: Without Reservations of course!

Disclaimer: Stephen J. Cannell owns the A-Team and all associated characters.

Author's note: What can I say?  I love the episode!  I've already written fics about the episode such as Why Is This Happening?, Stay With Me, and Getting Away. 




Too Inexperienced For This


I should have known

Why didn't I see Lou

Face is lying on the floor bleeding

And all I can do is watch


Oh God someone please help Face

He needs help

Why can't they see that

I don't know what to do


Murdock's standing up against them

I'm too scared to

They know it too

I'm too inexperienced for this


I'm not Hannibal.

If I were Hannibal, I'd have a plan

But I'm not Hannibal

So I'm clueless


I want to yell at them

Demand that Face get help

But I won't because I'm not BA

So I'll just kneel here and pray


I'm not good at conning

So I can't con them to help Face

Face was always better

Then me at conning


Why wasn't I shot

Then this would be solved

I don't know what to do

I'm too inexperienced for this


It's Too Late


I should have seen Lou

Now my best friend is lying here

On the floor dying

Please don't let it be too late


He's having trouble breathing

Angelo is just standing there

Gina is crying

And I think it's too late


We need help

I need to tell BA

To tell him we need help

But I can't for everyone's sake


The pizza

I could leave a message

They wouldn't think of looking there

Help us before it's too late


Face please forgive me

For making you go after them

If I hadn't you wouldn't be here

Lying on the ground dying


I know he's dying

He's already in shock

But they don't care

They want Liebster


They'll pay

I'll make them pay

They won't get away with this

Because it can't be too late


The Protector's Failure


I should have known

I should have asked Frankie more

But because I didn't Face is hurt

I failed my little brother


Frankie wasn't acting right

Murdock looked scared

Everyone else looked scared

And Face wasn't in there


My little brother is down

But we don't know how badly

I want to run in there and pull him out

To show that I care


Hannibal is talking to some cop

I don't care what the cop is saying

Face is hurt we need to go

Before I fail again


Get on that jazz Colonel

Because we need a plan

To save the day

And bring them all home


I should have gone with them

But all I cared about was football

If I were there, Face wouldn't be hurt

Forgive me Face I failed you



Without Reservations at a Glance by Dana