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Future Crossroads

Deception: Future Crossroads

An A-team/Dragonball Z Crossover


by Murdock's Crazylady


Rated: PG

Summary: Alex is training when a bright light flashes from the sky...she finds a sort of ship...Gohan says he needs the A-Team.. One of the team will die...He comes from 4 years in the future...dragonballs?!...

Disclaimer: I don't own the team. Not that I wouldn't mind having Dwight for a big brother though

Warnings: none right now, but maybe later on, a few swear words here and there  © 2000 Murdock's Crazylady (MCL)

Author's notes : Expect a lot more from this, especially a twist, this is my first FanFic, so please don't be too hard on me! (Words in these are Alex's thoughts)


Part 1

"The future needs the A-Team!"

"Alex! Inside by eleven hundred!" Hannibal yelled as he and Murdock walked towards the house. Alex was finishing her mandatory 'lagging' run and she was angry at the CO. She and Murdock had been drilled extra hard today, and she knew Hannibal was trying to tier her out to keep her from her extra training.Alex knew better and hid her anger as she waved. "Okay, sir!" Alex yelled adding the sir part for good measure. Mumbling something, she got back to the harder course and climbed the fence, just for fun and jumped over it. Once she landed on the other side, she set her watch and began.

She went through the netting, hit the crawl spacer, and headed for the first 10 foot wall. She scaled it and smiled. Alex felt how fast she had gotten and was proud. She grabbed the first rung of the 100 monkey bars and was half way across them when all of a sudden, a VERY bright light hit her in the eyes and she screamed, afraid of the sudden blindness.

She lost her grip on the metal bar and fell from the bars. Landing hard on the ground on her behind, she groaned. She opened her eyes and saw purple wobbling spots, her vision was blurry. The trees she was looking at moved back and forth, like she was looking at them from a stream. She began to feel sick and rubbed her eyes as she stood up, groping for the metal post of the monkey bars. She found it and grabbed it, holding onto it until her vision cleared minutes later.

A small pain in her behind caused her to rub that next, as she regained her vision and looked around, trying to figure out what the light was that had blinded her. She looked to the left and was glad nobody was running from the house. Then she looked to the right and saw smoke. She thought at first that the field was on fire, but then she told herself, "It can't be on fire, That looked like a small fire, like maybe a camp fire or something." Alex said aloud as she ran off towards the smoke to investigate.

Alex scaled the fence and ran a quarter of a mile into the huge right field. As she ran, her sharp eye caught something tall and round, as big as her house, sitting up in flamingo like metal legs. Alex stopped in her tracks a few steps away from it and gasped, and swallowed. "WHAT IS THAT??!" She asked herself as she got a little closer. She was standing right next to it when she stopped and looked up at the big contraption. Alex was shocked by it's size, she had never seen anything like it before in her life. Not even space books and or the alien movies she'd seen with Murdock compared to this.

As Alex caught her breath, she looked at a huge red word printed across the side of the silver thing she thought was some sort of poachers tent. They had had problems with poachers before because of all of the wild animals on their land. But that had been when Alex was a baby, and no poachers dared to step foot on their land since. "Capsule Corp. Sounds like a pill or somethin'. What is this?" Alex read the word aloud and asked herself again. Then, a swish of air knocked Alex backwards, and a door opened on 'the thing' and lowered to the ground, sitting like the stairs of an airplane. Alex watched, and got ready. She was scared, but she wasn't about to let poachers kill the animals if she was standing there. They would have to go through her first, and she loved the idea of getting to try out her new training. She slid her feet apart, digging her boots deeply into the mud. She tightened her fists into balls and raised them. Her eyes filled with their angry tint as they focused on her victim's direction. "Bring it on!" Alex said as she waited for the person (or thing?) To come out...

"It's 11:30, and all's well, Colonel." Murdock looked at his watch and said. Hannibal looked at his watch to be sure. "Yeah, Alex's late. I'll give her another half hour. That'll be enough rope and she'll have hung herself for sure then." Hannibal said and Murdock nodded. He couldn't argue Hannibal there, He had heard him tell Alex to be in by eleven hundred, and Alex knew military time, she had known that before she knew real time. Alex knew the rules. Hannibal knew she was mad at him for this morning, but he never thought she'd risk her extra training to get back at him. He had no idea why else she wouldn't be back, unless maybe she was hurt...Nah. He quickly ruled that out. After the wall incident He'd noticed Alex had become very careful with every movement. So, he knew she was testing him, and that she was testing him just a bit too hard for her own good..

Alex watched as the smoke cleared and she saw an orange set of boots on the landing above the stairs. She looked up farther as she smoke continued to clear, and was relieved that at least whoever this was, that they weren't armed. When the smoke finally all lifted, Alex scanned. It was a small boy, about her age, with black bowl cut hair that matched her own, and brown eyes. He looked like a normal kid to her. But she knew no normal kid had a space ship. He was wearing an outfit that made her do a double take. A purple jumpsuit, with a silky red area across the belly, that went all the way around and met in the back. His neck was hidden by a thick white collar, similar to a turtle neck shirt, only fluffier. His clothes looked light and comfortable, but Alex could tell that he was just used to them being heavily weighted. His boots were orange, and a little like the ones elves wore in her fairy tales. The white cape he wore ran past his ankles, just stopping before it would drag across the ground.

Alex had her stunned gaze on the orange boots once again as they moved forward and he came out of the shadows, revealing his whole self, and a focused look that matched Alex's. He looked down at Alex and saw her stance, and smiled. Sweating, Alex told herself to be ready for a sneak attack after she saw him smile. "You don't have to worry Alex, I'm not here to harm your animals, nor am I here to fight. My name is Gohan, and I'm from the future, and no. I'm not an Alien. I have been sent here by a man because he needs you're help. We need the A-Team!" Gohan said and Alex was speechless. (He KNEW my name...He KNEW I was a part of the team...HOW???) Alex screamed at herself inside her shaking mind. She swallowed.

"Uh, ha-How do you know my name...and do you know about the A-Team?" Alex asked, stammering as she tried to remember what she wanted to say. Gohan smiled. "The A-Team is very famous in my time. We learned all about them in our history class at school. They were convicted of a murder and robbery they didn't commit, and the government sent them to prison, they escaped, and just a few years ago that it wasn't the team that had done the murder or the robbery, and they were pardoned. They continued to do jobs for the people who need them, and you are the daughter of Captain HM Murdock. I suppose you have already learned that, haven't you?" Gohan asked, and Alex put her hands down. She was so shocked, she nearly stopped breathing and became light headed. No one knew that outside the team except for Maggie, and Alex knew she would never tell anyone. Alex began to breathe again after nearly fainting and looked at Gohan like he was nuts. "Wha-Would you tell all of this to my grampa?" Alex asked, wanting Hannibal to hear this too, so she could know for sure that she wasn't going to be the next new VA patient.

"Oh, Colonel Smith? Sure." Gohan replied and Alex watched as he floated up in the air, and landed on the ground, off of and away from the ship. Alex was so scared she backed up and lost her balance, falling backwards. Her arms flailed around in an attempt not to fall, but it didn't help and she hit the ground hard, on her already sore behind. "OW!!" Alex yelled feeling the pain shoot up her spine. "Dammit!" Alex heard the word come out and grabbed her mouth, looking around, expecting to see Hannibal behind her. She sighed in relief when she didn't see anyone but the boy standing in front of her. She put her hand back down.

"Oh frack. Boy am I glad daddy wasn't here, boy would I have been in trouble if they'd heard me say that. I probably wouldn't be sitting for awhile if grampa had anything to do with it." Alex said and Gohan thought the same thing, except for it was his mom who would have been mad, not his dad. Gohan stepped forward and held out his hand. Alex looked up at him and smiled, as she put out her hand and he helped her up. "Thanks. C'mon. The house is this way." Alex said and he followed beside her as she showed him the way to the house. Alex was glad he walked, and didn't fly. She felt better when he hand his feet on the ground like her, and not above her like a bird or an insect.

Gohan sensed her relief as he walked along side of her instead of hovered or flew, and smiled. He also sensed a great hidden power inside of her, and once he sensed this, he knew she was special. He also felt pain, which she blocked the reason for having. Alex was blocking herself from thinking of it, and he couldn't sense what the reason was. All he saw was a tall white brick wall when he tried to see what it was, so he gave in and let her keep it to herself. Alex and Gohan reached the back of the house and Alex opened the door and went in. Gohan followed, and closed the door behind himself. Alex stopped in the doorway of the kitchen.

"Daddy? Face? Uncle B.A.? Grampa!" Alex yelled and four men came from four different directions. Face saw Alex and the boy as he came in first. "What's wrong Alex? And, uh, who's your friend?" Face asked as he was joined by the other 3 members of the team. Face looked the boy over and realized he'd never seen him around, not even in town. Alex looked from Face to Gohan. "This is, uh, Gohan. He says he's from the future to find the A-Team. His ship landed in the right field, right by course 2!" Alex and Face rolled his eyes. Face looked at his watch. Yep. Story hour because she was an hour late. "Colonel, It's 12 hundred." Face turned to the CO and said. Alex heard him and looked at her watch. It said eleven hundred, an hour behind? She didn't know how that happened, but she sighed anyway.

"Alex, I don't want any excuses as to why you are over an hour late. Now, tell me the truth, and maybe it won't be a week without extra training." Hannibal said and Alex looked at Gohan and shook her head. She looked down at his boots again and Gohan put his hand on her shoulder. He looked up at the Colonel. "What Alex said is true, Colonel Smith sir, I have come from 4 years in the future and I was sent here in a time machine to find the A-Team. We need your help. In the 12 months you have left, one of you will die on a mission, but which of you dies, I cannot say." Gohan said and Face listened, but he thought this kid was a better con-man than him.

"After the one member dies, Alex and 2 of the remaining members are going to be captured by a man named Vegeta. In just one year, he has enslaved anyone who rebels against his unfair and cruel laws. He intends to kill them, unless they tell him where they have hidden the Dragonballs. He needs them to ask the Eternal Dragon for the return of his father's life and for immortality. His father had been murdered by Vegeta's enemy, Freeza, whom he later killed himself for the murder. This man is Lord Vegeta, and he is even more powerful than his son. He will take over earth and it will be the end of life the way we know it unless you help. My father is the strongest man on earth, and he will help to train all of you for the battle. You all have a lot of power inside of you, I can sense very high levels of KI in each of you. Especially Alex, and you, Sergeant Baracus." Gohan said looking at B.A.

B.A. was confused but he nodded at the complement. "Murdock, your power is extraordinary. Because I feel this, I take it you know Alex is not Face's, er, Mr. Peck's child?" Gohan booked to HM and said, and Murdock looked like he had just been slapped. He looked at Face, and Face had the same shocked expression. "Uh, yeah, but how do you..." Murdock asked shaking his head as he looked at each one of the other wowed team. "You really are from the future, aren't you?" Murdock asked. Gohan smiled.

"What we need you to do, is this, we gotta find the dragonballs, to wish your member back. Then we battle Vegeta. The extra 2 wishes we'll need to get you back here. If you choose, you can keep the powers and the knowledge of using them and remain that way, or you can choose not to keep them and be normal again. Once you come to the future, you will become only 1 year older, and not 4. When you return, you will return to your present ages. That cannot be changed. There are 7 dragonballs we need to find, and we only have 3 years to get everything accomplished before the battle." Gohan explained and Murdock was still shell shocked. "You're really truly from the future, as in stuff that hasn't happened yet?" Murdock asked again.

"Yes Captain, I am. I know it's hard to believe, but I was sent here by Kami, he's sort of like you're 'God'. We like ti think of him as our guardian, and as guardian of the earth. This battle is one that even he cannot expect to win, and that's why he sent me to find you." Gohan said as he looked at Murdock in a more focused way. "Now, even in the future it will only be 3 of you and Alex, But remember, we will bring back your lost team member with the dragonballs after we find them." Gohan said and Hannibal looked at Alex. "Dragonballs?" He asked.

"Yes, They hold the spirit of the Eternal Dragon. Each star ball holds a different part of him, such as life and material being, but once you have all 7 placed in the right form and you summon him, he will grant you any three wishes you ask. He will be the one who brings the lost from the next dimension." Gohan answered and Hannibal tried to understand. "Next dimension? What is that? What do you go there for?" Face asked.

Gohan sighed. "That is like your heaven. Except for King Kai is expecting your lost and he knows he will be coming, and he is going to train him in the art of martial arts extreme. But it will take one year to get to King Kai's small planet, and It will take 1 year to return once we have wished him back. That is why I have come now. This will al begin in one week." Gohan explained and Face nodded his head oh.

"Just remember, whoever dies, they will be back. I will return after the death, one week in time machine time is equal to one year. It won't be that way when you arrive and train, you will have a whole 3 years to train. The time for training doesn't start until after we are in the future. My father is going to bring out your inner, special powers for this battle, but you will have to train hard and do the rest. He cannot do that for you. If you train hard for the full 3 years, you won't have any problem defeating Vegeta. Plus, you will have me and a few others to help out. So will you help us?" Gohan explained, looking at each of the team's faces. He noticed they were all looking at Hannibal including Alex, and he followed, doing the same. He saw a huge smile cross Hannibal's face, Hannibal's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Alex saw it and looked a Gohan with a big smile.

"It looks like your trip was worth it Gohan, You've just hired the A-Team!" Alex said as Hannibal's jazz took over his body like the holy ghost and he laughed. B.A. and Face shook there heads at the jazz and prayed for no more half pincer movements, while Murdock wondered who was going to die in a week....

"I better go, I will return in one week. Please remember what I have said, especially after one of you dies. And Alex, don't let those nightmares get to you.. He's a slave in my time for it. Remember, okay, that HE WILL BE BACK. I only wish I could tell you who dies, but I can't. Goodbye, and see you soon." Gohan said as Alex stood completely speechless, with tears running down her face. (He knew, HE KNEW THAT TOO!! How did he know??) Alex screamed at herself again inside her once again shaking mind. "Daddy!" Alex yelled, she ran over to him and grabbed his legs. Murdock picked her up and held her as Gohan put his index finger to his forehead...flickered in and out like an old TV and then was gone. But before he had faded out completely, he said one word. "Remember."

Part 2: "The future begins now"

  The mission hadn't been the piece of cake Hannibal had claimed it would be and it had gone far out into the open playing field right from the beginning.

  Now, as he lay on the ground in a puddle of his own blood, he barely remembered the bullet piercing through his chest. The pain was a quick reminder though, and it was very clear as it ripped it's way through his heart. Time seemed to slow down, and seemingly hours later he heard his name being screamed, the voices coming from four different directions. They sounded distorted to his ears, as his mind slurred his vision and hearing. He was sure he heard Alex crying, whom he had pushed out of the way of the bullet's path. As he heard the crying get closer, he hoped she hadn't been shot after all.

  Alex ran over to the bloody body on the ground and threw herself to her knees beside it. She looked at him crying, and almost screamed as she ran her hand gently over his face. He felt her hand, and realized he was being comforted by a mere 6-year-old child, one he had recently revealed wasn't his. She wasn't bothered by the blood, only the fact that he was in pain.

  "Hold on Facey, you'll be okay, Colonel'll make you all better. Just hold on!" Alex begged as more tears soaked her swampy face. Alex was as close to him as she could get, on her knees. She kept her left hand resting on his heaving belly, and her right hand kept wiping his blonde sweat matted bangs away from his eyes. Face could just barely hear her sweet voice, but when he could, he mostly heard her crying. Hearing her cry hurt him more than the excruciating pain inside his chest. Face tried to lift his hand from his chest and had a hard time making it go. It felt as heavy as led. His hand finally raised, slowly and shaking, and as it did, he noticed it was dripping with his own blood.

  Face ran his hand over Alex's tear streaked face, leaving a red trail of blood mixed with her tear trails. Alex held onto his hand and cuddled it, not caring if it did have Face's blood on it, or that it was getting all over herself. "Don't..cry Alex.. The ol' Faceman will be back to scammin soon.. Wish me back, okay?" Face's whisper was barely out of his mouth as he turned his head and coughed up blood. Alex cried harder as she watched him, and waited for him to turn his head back facing her to nod okay. Her emotions got her and the thought of Face dying scared her, it scared her more than the thought of herself dying. Suddenly, Face got weaker and began to close his eyes. Alex shook him a little, and felt panic creeping in between the rest of the feelings she was having.

  "I I love you Faceyman! I love you, I'll train hard and I'll wish you back, I promise! I love you Face..Face?!..Face?" Alex frantically yelled shaking his arm. He was nearly gone. He felt cold, and tired, and all he wanted was to go to sleep. He forced his eyes to open and even though he couldn't see her, he turned his head towards Alex's crying and whispered, "" Face's last words came out garbled, then as Alex held his hand, his eyes closed and his head went to the side as he took a silent deep breath. "NO.." Alex said as his chest and belly stopped moving. He was gone. A single tear had run down his face, leaving a trail of clean skin over the dirt and blood that covered it. Alex burst into uncontrollable tears, her eyes closed and she looked up at the heavens. "FACE!!!!" Alex screamed at the top of her lungs, crying in hysterics.

  Hannibal heard her scream as he took care of the last slimeball, and he knew Face had died. He felt sad, and angry as well, anger towards the man who'd shot him. The man, a ruthless cattle rustler, was on the ground near by Hannibal's feet where B.A. had tossed him. Looking down at the man with a murderous tint in his blue eyes, Hannibal yelled, "Bastard!" kicking him in the ribs. The guy was out cold from a left cross, via the B.A. fist company, and didn't feel it now, but by god he would when he woke up. IF Hannibal let him wake up that is.

  Murdock had been shot early on, and Hannibal thought he would be the one they would lose, but then Face took the slug for Alex, and he didn't know what to think. B.A. was right next to Hannibal, and Alex's scream had gone through him like a knife made of solid ice. He got goose bumps as he looked over towards where Hannibal was, and watched him kicking the baddie in the ribs with everything he had. B.A. told himself to use his will power to hold his own emotions back as he walked over to Hannibal and put his hand on Hannibal's flailing shoulder. Hannibal felt it and looked at B.A. as he stopped kicking the guy. Hannibal nodded okay as he read the pleading face of his sergeant. "C'mon Hannibal, I think Alex needs us." B.A. said and Hannibal followed him.

  Murdock ran from the van holding his shoulder. The shot had knocked him down to the ground, and he'd hit his head in the fall, and been knocked out. Face had quickly moved him to the back of the van, where he would be safe from anymore gun fire, and that was where he had been until Alex's blood curdling scream woke him with a trembling start of fright. He met up with B.A. and Hannibal as they stopped a few steps away from where the bloody, lifeless body of the lieutenant lay. The sight of it stopped all 3 of them dead in there tracks, and each man was teary eyed, despite the fact that they all knew Face would be back, if they're friend from the future was telling the truth.

  Murdock ignored the pain in his shoulder and went over to Alex. He knelt down onto his knees beside her and she grabbed him in hysterics. "He's gone daddy, he's gone, Facey's gone!!" Alex said crying as she buried her face into his good shoulder. She reached behind him and held onto the back of his leather jacket with her left hand, and squeezed it. Murdock painfully held her back, and looking at his best friend, he couldn't believe he was gone at all. He looked like he was in a peaceful, deep sleep. Murdock turned his attention back to the trembling child in his arms and patted her back, rubbing it in circles. She continued to tremble with fear and shock in his arms.

  "Remember muchacha, Face's not gone for good, just for now.." Murdock said and Alex continued to cry. "I..I know, but he still died.." Alex said, her voice sounded muffled coming from his jacket. Wiping her face into his jacket, she looked up at him. "Face can't die! He ain't taught me how ta scam a 747 yet! He promised he would after the chopper I helped him get today. He promised! You.." Alex stopped and looked away from Murdock and up at the sky.

  "Face, you hear me? You can't die! We might need a 747! When I wish you back you better teach me. I hope you can hear me up there Faceman! You fool!" Alex yelled, then she went back to crying on Murdock's good shoulder. He patted her back with his bad hand and regretted it when the pain shot down his arm into his hand. A moment of silence for the fallen con-man followed, and then Murdock stood up holding Alex, and carried her to the van. Hannibal and B.A. picked up Face's body and carried it along, with both men trying hard not to look at it for a fear of breaking down and crying in front of the other. Face's body, Hannibal and B.A. got to the van minutes later, in silence.

  Alex cried the whole way home, on Murdock's lap. Murdock hoped Alex wouldn't have nightmares about it, as he worried about his daughter and softly hummed her favorite song, yellow submarine to her. He did his best to comfort her, but how did you comfort someone who had seen someone die with your own eyes? Especially a child?

  B.A. drove and Hannibal sat in the front passenger seat as usual, but a silence was thickly covering the inhabitants of the van as it drove home. No one spoke a word, and the only thing heard was Alex's crying and the rustle of Murdock's Jacket as he rubbed her back. There was an empty seat between Murdock and Alex, where Face normally sat mostly to prevent B.A. from strangling HM all the time. The thought of that made Murdock feel tears again until B.A. pulled into the driveway at home and suddenly slammed on his brakes.

  "Man! Hannibal, look at that!" B.A. said pointing out of the windshield. Hannibal sat forward and looked, followed by Murdock and Alex. Alex lifted her head up from Murdock's shoulder and looked, and she saw the huge red word staring at her and read it aloud. "Capsule.. Capsule?!..Gohan! Gohan's here!" Alex said as she climbed down from Murdock's lap and opened the van's sliding door. She jumped out and ran with Murdock following her, holding his shoulder again, as she ran towards the house. B.A. and Hannibal exchanged glances and got out of the van, leaving Face in the back.

  Alex burst into the door yelling for Gohan. "Gohan? Gohan are you here? Where are you?" Alex yelled as she ran into the kitchen through the back door. The boy came in from the family room after hearing her yelling. "Here I am." Gohan said as he walked around the corner of the family room. He saw Alex was crying, and sensed a great soul squeezing pain inside of her. The death had taken place, he knew that, and he had come seconds after Face was gone and Kami informed him that he had made it, and that he was at the check in station.

  "Gohan, Face..He's gone!" Alex said crying again. Murdock knelt down to her and she grabbed his neck. "Ah.." Murdock said painfully as she squeezed, forgetting he was wounded. Alex let go and sniffed as she heard Hannibal and B.A. come in. Hannibal walked over and looked at Gohan. Gohan nodded. Alex looked up at Hannibal and sniffed again. "Will you fix daddy, Colonel? He's hurt." Alex asked and Hannibal put his hand on top of her head as he nodded. He looked at Murdock's not very well hidden pain filled face and said, "Sit over here where the light's better Murdock." Murdock nodded back. Alex held onto his hand as he stood up and sat over at the dining room table. Hannibal saw the blood and realized it could be pretty serious, and if it was, he didn't want Alex to know. He looked at her and saw the worry and fear written on her little face. He suddenly knew how he could check Murdock out without her in the room, and without scaring her.

  "Alex, go upstairs and get me the camo bag outta my closet. Hurry." Hannibal said and Alex shook her head and ran off upstairs. Murdock knew why Hannibal had sent her off and looked back at him. "Thanks, Colonel." Murdock said and Hannibal smiled. "She's seen enough today to last her a few lifetimes. I'm going to take your jacket off Murdock." Hannibal said and Murdock knew that meant pain. Murdock nodded and Hannibal quickly but gently took the jacket off and put it on the table. Murdock bit his lip in the process of holding in his scream of pain, and it was now bleeding too. He would be able to hide it though, as long as Alex didn't try to kiss him on the lips, that is.

  Murdock watched as Hannibal ripped his shirt enough to see and looked at the bloody hole in Murdock's shoulder. "It went right through Murdock. Some antibacterial cream and some bandages and you'll be okay." Hannibal said and Murdock sighed in relief. Alex ran around the corner seconds later wearing the camo pack on her back. "Here Colonel!" Alex yelled as she ran back over and stood beside her father. She turned around and kept the pack on so it would be in Hannibal's easy reach, and Hannibal smiled. "Nice Captain." He said and Alex smiled a little, as she watched her father for any signs of death.

  Hannibal opened the bag and dug around a minute until he got out the things he needed. A bottle of antibacterial cream, some gauze, and tape. Murdock twitched a little and Alex looked at him in full worry. "Grampa, is daddy gonna die too?" Alex asked, not taking her watering brown eyes off of Murdock. Her eyes stung and she rubbed them with her fist, trying to work the sting out as she fought the tears threatening her. Hannibal put his hand on her shoulder and Alex looked up at him.

  "Murdock is going to be fine. The bullet went right through, and it's not inside of him. Now, the medicine I have to put on might hurt a little, like it did when I had to clean your back, but he'll be okay." Hannibal said giving her shoulder a reassuring pat as he took his hand away. Alex nodded, trusting him as she turned back to her daddy to keep the pack in quick reach for Hannibal.

  Hannibal got some of the medicine into a syringe and decided he'd better for warn Murdock on account of Alex. "Here we go Captain. This will probably sting like, well, you know." Hannibal said and Murdock closed his eyes as he nodded okay back. Hannibal quickly but carefully squirted the antibacterial medicine into the wound and Murdock held in a scream at the intense stinging and burning inside it. Alex knew he was in pain, and she squeezed his hand. He held her hand back, tightly, but carefully so he wouldn't hurt her by accident. Soon the pain slowed and Murdock could handle it.

  Hannibal bandaged Murdock up and dug in his bag for a bottle. He found it after a second of rummaging around and took it out. After fighting the annoying child proof lid, he got it open and dumped out 4 pain pills. "Here, Murdock, swallow." Hannibal said reaching around Murdock's head with the pills in his hand. Once his arm and hand cleared Murdock's head, he opened his hand and revealed the pills laying in his palm. Murdock slowly took them and Alex watched. She realized he was going to need a drink and squeezed his hand. Murdock looked over and she smiled.

  "I'll get us a Coke daddy." Alex said and he nodded. Alex walked over to the fridge and HM watched Gohan. He was standing in the doorway, watching them like a TV in silence, he had done that the whole time. Gohan had seen this all before, and he felt like he was watching a taped movie. He even started to silently say what they were going to say to himself, like his favorite movie he'd watched a million times and knew all the lines. Seeing Gohan doing this gave even him goose bumps.

  Alex took a Coke from the top shelf and popped it open as she closed the fridge door with her foot. "Sorry Face, I.." Alex said automatically apologizing for closing the fridge that way. She stopped and realized what she'd said and looked down sadly as she saw everyone else had heard her too. She held back her emotions again and walked back over to Murdock. She took the pills from his good hand and put them into her own, and replaced them with the can of Coca-Cola.

  Murdock took the soda and drank a gulp, holding it in his mouth. Then she held out her hand and he took the pills one by one and tossed them into his mouth with the soda. Then he swallowed hard, making sure he got al of the pills down. He hated it when pills got stuck in the back of his throat and he could taste them. He took an extra gulp just to be sure and was glad when he felt his throat was clear.

  Murdock then handed the soda back to Alex with a smile. Alex saw this smile was an I'm-feeling-better smile and gently hugged him under his arms. The hug didn't hurt Murdock this time, but the cold can of soda laying against his belly wasn't very comfortable, and he took it from her curled hand. He sat the can on the table and kissed the top of Alex's head. Alex stood up again and B.A., who'd also been very silent during all of this, cleared his throat. Gohan heard him and knew it was his cue to start. Gohan stepped forward and walked over to Murdock and Alex. "It's time we began our journey. It will only take a few minutes. We have to bring Face, er- I mean Templeton, with us. You don't have to bring anything, and if you're ready, we really should go." Gohan said and Alex, hearing Face's real name, knew she couldn't go without something. She suddenly took the med pack off and as it slid to the floor with a thump, she ran past everyone, out of the kitchen. They all watched as she ran past quietly, with a determined look.

  Alex ran upstairs and into Face's bedroom. She threw open the door and ran over to his closet. She nearly tore the door off it's hinges as she opened it roughly and went down on her hands and knees. She crawled into the closet, towards the back, until her head hit something hard. "OW! There you are." Alex said as she reached out and grabbed the handle of the trunk. She got a good grip on it and pulled it out with her as she slowly backed out of the closet. Once she reached the door, she sat up and drug the trunk out the rest of the way.

  Alex took a deep breath and slowly opened the lid. This trunks had always been off limits to her and Trent both, and she knew she would have been in trouble for even knowing where it was if Face was here and if it were under any other circumstances. Inside the trunk was Face's military memories. His uniform, his boots, his favorite gun. A copy of his official pardon. Alex looked at everything for a second as she moved it around looking for the one thing she'd come for.

  She stopped when she came across a framed picture of himself and the members of the A-Team. In the picture, they were all in uniform with guns strapped in, hanging behind them on their backs. Face was about 18 years old, and they were all joking around. Murdock's hat was crooked, and he was still wearing his prized Da Nang 1970 jacket over his BDU's, Alex smiled at it and the fact that Murdock had his arm around Face's neck, pretending to strangle him. Murdock was laughing, and Face was too, B.A. was near by, laughing at them and Hannibal was on the left of Face and Murdock, laughing as well. Alex realized Murdock had probably caught Face off guard right before the picture was snapped. She laughed a little as she ran her fingers over Face's smiling mug. "I'll wish you back Face, I promise." Alex whispered as she gave the picture a final glance before laying down. Taking her eye off of the picture, Alex finally saw what she'd come for.

  A sliver ball type chain and 2 silver tags. Alex picked up the thin chain slowly and looked at it as it dangled from her fingers. That's when she realized that every second she was here was a second longer she'd have to wait before she could get Face back. Alex put the lid back down and ran from Face's room. She ran back to the kitchen, grasping the chain in her hand.

  Everyone looked at Alex as she stood in the doorway. Tears were running down her face as she held up the chain. She separated the chain and slid it over her head. Alex put herself into fight mode and her face went into concentration. Murdock saw her focused look and knew she was ready, no matter if she was crying or not. Those tears weren't of sadness, they were of determination. "Let's get Facey back." Alex said and Gohan saw her holding onto one of the tags. "Okay everybody, just close your eyes and make your minds see my ship. Don't think of anyone or anything else. Templeton will come too, even if he can't on his own, but because his spirit can hear me, it will bring his physical form along with us." Gohan said and everyone except Alex closed they're eyes. She went over to Murdock and held his hand before she finally closed hers. Then sensing everyone was ready, Gohan went on with the teleportation and they all began to flicker...and <POOF!> ...

  Alex opened her eyes and looked around. The first thing she looked for was Murdock. He was still beside her, with his eyes closed, and the only difference was that they weren't in the kitchen at the table anymore, but in the driveway, on the floor of a space and time machine! Alex nudged Murdock's leg and he opened his eyes. After blinking to clear the red and purple spots he was seeing, he looked around.

  The interior of the ship was huge, rounded, and red. In the center of the ship was the control panel, and Gohan was there, pushing buttons and pulling levers, setting their fly course. It looked similar to what he always did before taking off, doing a mental check twice to be sure everything was correct before risking anyone's lives. Murdock looked away from Gohan to the right, and saw Hannibal over B.A.

  B.A. was on the floor, with his eyes open but not blinking. Even in a time machine the thought of flying scared the sergeant half to death. He'd gone catatonic seconds after being teleported to the ship. Murdock also noticed Face laying in the corner by the control panel, covered up in one of his comforters. Murdock looked away from the body of his little brother and cast his vision on Alex. Looking at her, he noticed she was wearing her own dog tags underneath her shirt, and Face's on the outside. He hugged her and was shocked when his shoulder didn't hurt at all. He looked at it and was shocked to find it was completely healed! No hole, no blood, no pain! He looked down at his own shoulder in disbelief.

  "Colonel! Look at this!" HM said and Hannibal came over. "No hole! No blood!" HM said showing the Colonel the clean and normal area where the hole had and should have been. Hannibal couldn't believe it. "He Gohan, what..How did Murdock suddenly heal up like that? Couldn't we just do whatever you did to Murdock to Face?" Hannibal asked and Gohan looked at him. "I healed his wound in the teleportation. But no, my healing powers are limited because Piccolo didn't have time to teach me more before I had to come. Plus, even his highest healing powers cannot revive the dead." Gohan explained and Hannibal looked at Gohan with confused blue eyes. "Piccolo? Who's that? Is he on our side or is he on that guy's, um Vegeta's side?" The confused Colonel asked, crossing his arms in from of his chest. Gohan laughed.

  "Oh Piccolo's on our side. You'll be able to meet him sooner than you think. We're here." Gohan answered and Hannibal looked at Alex and Murdock, and then to a newly awakened B.A. HM looked as ready as Alex, and B.A. looked ready, but confused as he sat on the floor looking around the ship.

  They were beginning new mission. But this one had the world's existence and Face's life on the line. The jazz made Hannibal smile. Mission save the world and get Face back would be a piece of chocolate cake, Face's very favorite.


Part 3: "A Future Look"

Grasping Face's dog tags in her hand, Alex was in Murdock's arms as he followed behind Gohan towards the time machine's door. B.A. was in front of him with half of Face's body, while Hannibal held the other end. Gohan opened the door by pushing a wall button the size of B.A.'s fist. As the door came slowly open, sunlight poured in, causing everyone to squint as it went into their eyes. Everyone took a deep breath of air not sure if it would be their last or not. Scientists in their time had predicted the world would be very polluted by now, with smog for air to breathe, and intense heat from a very close to earth sun.

The metal door opened and stopped on cue once it reached the grassy ground. Hannibal looked out the door around Gohan and was as amazed as the other passengers. A breeze of fresh, clean, crisp smog free air blew in and breathing never felt so good. The air was so clean, it was like breathing in an oxygen mask at the hospital. The place they had come to was beautiful, and Alex sucked it all in with her sharp eyes as she looked out of the door in Murdock's arms.

Murdock felt like he was back in one of his own little worlds as he looked at the bright green grass, the many, tall trees and flowers. The trees were very old, and there wasn't a single piece of evidence of tree cutting anywhere. No smog. No violence. Only birds singing and peacefulness. It was like they hadn't merely traveled through time, but to a whole new planet. The sky was crystal blue, like it was reflected off of Hannibal's baby blue eyes. It was dotted with a scattered white, fluffy marshmallow like cloud here and there. Murdock was still staring in disbelief when he heard Gohan's voice.

"C'mon. My father said to bring you home. My mother has been expecting you, and she has everything ready for your stay. We live in a 10 sector house, with lots of spare room. We should go now, after all, we don't have any time to waste." Gohan said as he saw them all staring out of the door like they'd never seen a 70 foot tall tree before. Hannibal nodded and followed Gohan out of the ship, down the ramp, and onto the ground.

B.A. followed, carrying his end of Face's body. He looked around and still couldn't believe how nice it was here. He wished he could have brought all of the kids he knew with him to enjoy it as much as him, if not more. B.A. realized he was day dreaming and snapped out of it, and looked at Hannibal. Murdock, carrying Alex, followed out of the ship and stood next to B.A.

Once everyone was out, the ramp went back up and the door closed. Then Gohan stepped forward and cleared his throat. "Piccolo." The word came out of Gohan's mouth and a loud thud came from the ship as a red ball of power covered the entire ship like a blanket. "Lock down confirmed. See you soon, master Gohan." A female computer voice said, and Alex jumped, and turned her head quickly towards it. She looked at the ship like it was possessed, with a surprised, yet scared look on her face. Murdock felt her tense up and patted her back. Alex felt him and snapped back out of it, and smiled at him. He smiled back as they both then turned their attention to Gohan.

"We'll teleport home, it's faster then flying. Is everyone ready?" Gohan asked and he was answered with 3 nods. B.A. growled. "I don't like this Hannibal. I like seein where I'm goin, not closin my eyes and poppin up some place else. I feel like a piece a toast." B.A. grumbled loudly to his Commanding officer. Hannibal turned and smiled at him. "Ah, but you hate flying with Murdock more, don't you? DON'T YOU?" Murdock piped up and asked. Alex laughed as B.A. growled and put his fist in Murdock's face. Murdock smiled annoyingly and B.A. put his fist down, Alex's baby giggling changed his mind about annihilating her father.

"Okay. I'll go. But no more after this Hannibal, you hear me man?" B.A. said as he turned back to Hannibal. "Sure. Whatever you say Sergeant. Let's go." Hannibal replied in a practiced give-B.A.-his-way-or-be-pulp tone. B.A. smiled a that's-what-I-thought smile and Alex laughed again. Gohan sensed they were finally ready and closed his eyes, placing his index and second finger to his forehead. Everyone followed in eye closing and Seconds later they began to flicker in and out, and then vanished completely. They reappeared in front of Gohan's house a mere half second later.

Hannibal realized they were back and blinked. He turned his head and looked to the right, and saw the house. (Wow.) Hannibal thought to himself silently. It was nothing like he'd ever seen. It had ten parts, and each part was set about a mile apart, attached together by a long walkway, almost like an outside version of a hallway. The sectors, as Gohan had called them, were a silverish white, and looked like a huge bowl turned upside down.

Each sector had a row of circular windows, going completely around the sides. The halls or walkways, as Hannibal noticed as he got a little closer, were see through and made of a sort of unbreakable glass, it was also weather resistant. Hannibal could tell that by just looking at how well it was taken care of, the glass shining like new in the sun.

The grounds were as beautiful as the landing site had been. Tall, healthy trees whom were at least 2 hundred years old stood all around, hundreds of them. Hannibal took a deep, lung satisfying breath and smiled. Despite the house's irregular shape, it reminded him of their house in their time. Gohan finally showed them the way to the house's walkway and they walked up the short rocky path to the front door. Gohan opened the door with a punch on a huge button and a quickly typed in code number. "Mom likes the door locked when me and dad aren't home." Gohan explained to Hannibal as he waited for the code to be excepted.

Hannibal nodded as the door slid open and slid itself into the wall above. Everyone swallowed as they followed Gohan and entered the house.

Upon entering the house, they all stood in a surprisingly medium sized kitchen/dining room. On one side was the appliances, or what looked like appliances, anyway. They were very high tech. On the other side, was a long wooden table with 15 wooden tall backed chairs. Hannibal was still scanning the room when his eyes caught a set of feet clad in purple and yellow boots. He looked up slowly and saw a woman, in maybe her late 20s, with black hair tied back in a bun, and kind brown eyes to go with it. Her attire was that of a traditional type Japanese dress, it was the same colors as her boots. Hannibal thought she was beautiful.

"Hi Gohan. Are these the same team as before?" She came over and said. Gohan smiled and blushed a little. "Hi mom. Uh, yeah. This is the A-Team Hannibal, Murdock, his daughter Alex, and B.A., and the fallen one is uh, Faceman. Guys, this is my mom, Chi-Chi." Gohan introduced everyone and Chi-Chi gave each guest a smile. "It's nice to see you again. I have your rooms ready, and Murdock, please tell me the next time your hamper gets so took me 2 days to wash all that clothes!" Chi-Chi looked at Murdock and said.

Murdock didn't know what to say. He knew he did that back home, but he couldn't believe he'd done it here too! "Uh, okay." HM said as Alex giggled at him and Hannibal gave him a you're-in-trouble-and-im-not smile. HM smiled back and Chi-Chi saw Hannibal's look.

"And you, Mr. Cigar, you keep those things away from the children. They're bad for them and bad for you too. I don't want them to get sick. Gohan doesn't study well if he's sick. Alex, I want you working on that math with Gohan tonight. I have seen better from you young lady." Chi-Chi said and the team was astonished. Chi-Chi was like a mom to all of them all of the sudden! Alex hid behind Murdock's head.

(I don't even know her an she's tellin me ta study!) Alex thought. "I did study today, dinnit I daddy?" Alex whispered. Murdock nodded. "Yeah, this morning before we left on the mission. Don't worry muchacha. She thinks we're the same team that is captured right now." Murdock turned his head and whispered. Alex nodded okay as she watched Chi-Chi turn her attention to B.A.

"I'm glad to see you most. I have a lot of stuff around here that needs you're expertise. Goku's always too busy fighting and saving the world to fix anything!" Chi-Chi said and B.A. smiled. He didn't know why, but she reminded him of his mom. "Okay. Gimme some tools and lead me to it." B.A. said and Chi-Chi nodded no. "You guys should settle in first." Chi-Chi said and B.A. nodded. She turned to her son. "Gohan, show them around, will you? You're father will be home in about 6 hours, or so. Piccolo is staying with us as well, so I have to go and get his room ready. Be good, and keep Ickoris out of the house."

Chi-Chi said as she turned and left the room. Alex was puzzled. "Ickoris? Who's that?" Alex asked. Gohan blushed again and scratched the back of his head. Alex watched and giggled, she knew how it felt to be told something like that in front of people.

"He's my baby dragon." Gohan answered and Alex looked like she'd been stunned, with her mouth hanging open. "Okay. Follow me." Gohan replied, his pinkness fading. Alex closed her mouth and Murdock put her down and Alex took Murdock's hand as they followed Gohan out of the kitchen, and into the long first hallway. Hannibal and B.A. were right behind Gohan, each carrying an end of Face.

"Uh, Gohan, could we go to Face's room first? We need to leave him somewhere safe." Hannibal asked as he looked down at Face's body. Gohan felt a nod would suffice, and Hannibal returned it. Minutes later, they were at the next part of the house's door. Gohan punched the wall button and the door flew up, hiding inside the upper wall.

"This is sector two, this is the first sector of sleeping quarters. Sector two will be your sleeping quarters. The kitchen was sector one." Gohan said as they stopped at the 5th door on the right side of the hall. Gohan stepped in front of door #5 and pushed the button on the wall. The door slid up and like most of the rest, hid in the wall above. Hannibal looked up at it as he and B.A. went underneath it, half expecting it to come falling down on him. B.A. didn't pay it any mind, he was too busy holding his end of Face.

Hannibal and B.A. carried Face inside the large room and gently laid him down in the middle of the huge bed. Hannibal covered him up as if he were only sleeping, and looked around the room. It didn't take him long to decide that if Face should suddenly wake up, he would surely be at home.

Face's room had a soft, plush baby blue carpet, a long walk in closet filled with Faceman type clothes, and a set of tall dressers filled of clothes as well. On the wall as you entered, another door led to a full bathroom, complete with a baby blue Jacuzzi type bath tub. Face would be impressed, Hannibal sure was. Even in death Face could scam himself anything. Hannibal glanced down at the angelic face of the man he literally thought of as his own son, and he was saddened.

Hannibal told the tears threatening to fall to go screw themselves as he fought them back. No one was going to see him cry, not yet. If it happened that Face couldn't come back, then maybe he'd cry and not care. But not yet. Face still had a chance, and until he knew that chance was gone, Hannibal told himself he would hold back his emotions. It was hard as he looked at Face. Face looked like he was in a deep, peaceful sleep.

Hannibal would have believed he was, if the blood wasn't dried in a huge blot across his chest, and if he didn't have a hole in him the size of Jupiter. And, if his chest would rise, and the fall, a sign of breathing. But, Face remained quiet, in an eternal slumber with his chest remaining still. Hannibal tore his eyes away from Face and looked at the floor. (Screw you.. screw you dammit... screw you...) Hannibal again fought the tears and emotions.

Alex couldn't look at Face and not cry, and Murdock soon felt her grab onto his leg and hide her face into it, crying. He felt her shaking with sobs, and ran his hand over her hair as he looked down at her both sadly and worriedly. Murdock looked from Alex's trembling body to Gohan's back.

He was standing nearby, watching them again like a movie. Murdock didn't understand that Gohan had seen this all before, and that he didn't want to watch it again. It was like him having one of his worst Nam nightmares. You just wanted to wake up, tell yourself it was okay, and forget it, but you can't. Murdock knew exactly how Gohan felt. Murdock put his hand on Alex's shoulder and hoped for her sake that Gohan's Dragon-balls really would bring Face back.

Gohan, standing nearby, sensed a great sadness washing the area, but it was the strongest inside the silver haired Colonel. Gohan was nearly ready to burst with the emotions closing in on him, and he suddenly couldn't breathe. He knew he had to calm them before he fainted. "He'll be safe here, don't worry." Gohan said breaking the emotion barrier that was trying to bring him literally to his knees.

Hannibal snapped out of his fight with his emotions and tore his eyes away from Face, he hadn't even realized that he'd started staring at him again. He told himself the boy was probably right, and soon felt B.A.'s hand on his shoulder. Hannibal looked at him and smiled a little as he followed him out of Face's room.

Murdock stood in the hall, watching when they came out and Alex was still crying against his leg. Hannibal knew it was hardest on her, because she had been the reason Face had gotten shot. He knelt down to her and kissed the side of her head. Alex continued to cry, and he stood back up.

Once they were all out in the hall again, Gohan pushed the door button and the door closed. Alex watched tearfully from around Murdock's leg as the door slowly went down. She cried harder and felt like her heart was going to close with it. She felt like they were burying the man she had called daddy her whole life, up until recently. Alex didn't fight her tears as she reached up slowly and grabbed Face's dog tags as she watched Gohan.

Gohan pushed a smaller button above the large door opening one, and a black numeric keypad slid slowly out. Amazed at the technology, the whole team watched quietly as Gohan quickly typed in 16 numbers and 4 letters. Then, it seemed, all around them, a female computerized voice came on. Alex jumped and squeezed Murdock's leg. He felt her and patted the top of her head lightly, and Alex knew the sudden voice had scared him too at first.

"Room 5, sector 2 beginning lock down mode. Voice authorization and ID are required." The computer voice said. Gohan took a deep breath. "Gohan Son, 8873-Alpha." Gohan said loudly. Rainbow colored lights flashed across the keypad in rows, like synchronized Christmas lights. "Voice authorization and ID accepted. Lock down on room 5,Sector 2 now commencing. Top security precautions taken." The computer said again.

The door leading to Face's room was suddenly glowing red around the creases around where the wall and the door met, and a loud thud was heard. Then a red laser beam shot out across the door way, and an almost invisible force field shot across the doorway, like crime scene tape. It was Only visible because of the warning red the laser beams shone off around the edges of the field.

"Lock down complete." The computer said lastly and Gohan looked up into four stunned faces. He smiled and shrugged. "You'll get used to it." Gohan said and Alex thought, (yeah, but will I be able to save the world and Facey? What if I go looney tunes and I can't? Hmmm? Then what Mr. Computer?) Alex was becoming angry.

Gohan sensed her not at all in confident thoughts and silently told her, yes, that she would succeed, not that he knew that for sure like everything else, but because he knew she was special. Gohan tried to ignore her feelings and walked back up past Face's door a few steps in the direction that they had come from. He stopped close to the next door and turned to the team.

"Room 4 is yours Alex. Room 3, Murdock, room 2 B.A., and room one is yours Colonel. My room is in sector 3, room 2. My parents room is sector 3, room 1. Sector three is straight ahead, that way, and all you have to do is push the button and put in your initials. The computer will recognize them and let you in." Gohan said as he pointed in the other direction past Face's room. 4 nods later, he continued. "Your rooms all have their own bathrooms, like Templeton's, and you should find everything you'll need inside, clothes, shoes, whatever. My mom has done her best to recall all of your individual likes and dislikes, but it has been awhile, so if anything is missing just ask, okay?" Gohan explained.

Alex was beginning to get even angrier and too uneasy. She wanted Face back, and she wanted him now. "Gohan, I like it here, but when do we start training? And what about finding the Dragon-balls? We oughta be out lookin for them right now! We'll never see Face again if we just stand around!" Alex said, getting a tap on the head from Murdock. She looked up and saw his warning look. It was telling her to calm herself, and she tried to. She really tried.

"Sorry daddy." Alex whispered, and Murdock tapped her head again. Alex looked back up at him and saw his smile. She looked sad and angry at once, and his smile told her it would be okay. Alex looked back down and wanted to cry in frustration. Gohan not only heard her irritableness but he could sense it inside her, burning her from the inside out, pushing her closer and closer to the brink of a major panic attack. Gohan knew he had to say something to calm her.

"When my father gets home, we'll talk more with him. For now, why don't you settle in? If you need me, just clear your mind and think my name. Even in deep sleep or concentration, I will be able to hear you." Gohan suggested and Hannibal yawned. Sleep sounded good to him, he hadn't slept well the night before. "Okay. We'll get a few hours shut-eye and Gohan, you come and wake me as soon as your dad comes home." The Colonel said as he suddenly was aware that he was really sleepy. Gohan could sense it too, and wanted Hannibal to get to a bed before he fell down on the floor. "Yes Sir." Gohan said, knowing Hannibal was a Colonel, and not wanting to insult him.

Hannibal smiled at him and then he nodded towards B.A. and Murdock, dismissing them. Murdock and Alex stepped. up to their doors and B.A. did too. They all watched Hannibal. Hannibal held up 3 fingers and they all waited for his signal. Alex had a hold of Murdock's hand even as they awaited the signal. The 3rd finger fell, and they all pushed their door buttons together, in sync. All 4 doors opened and Alex reluctantly let go of Murdock's hand as the separated and went into their rooms. Once each of them was inside, the doors automatically slid slowly closed behind them.

Alex jumped at the door closing behind her, and took a deep breath. She looked around the room, checking it out very well. A bed that looked like a slightly bigger version of a baby's crib was on the wall ahead. To the left of the crib, a large walk-in closet. On the right side of the room, right up from the main door, was the door to her bathroom.

Alex walked across the room from the main door and reached up slowly, towards the bathroom door button. She put her little hand on the big circular button and pushed in. The door opened and Alex peeked in from around the doorway. The lights came on automatically, dimmed for sleep mode, and she looked around the bathroom, from the safety of the doorway.

Straight ahead, in the left corner, was a huge bowl like tub. The maroon colored tub was like a swimming pool, and it matched the maroon/black/white tiles on the floor. Glancing from the tub, Alex saw the toilet. It was surrounded by three black stall walls, and a door with a lock. Alex thought about it and realized it reminded her of the bathrooms at the mall as she looked back at the tub.

It was at least 3 feet deep, and looking at it, she said, "Daddy or the Colonel will be here when I get a bath. I don't wanna drown before I get Facey back." Alex finally got past the tub and saw the sink. It was ahead of the tub, it matched everything else, it was white, with a black counter, built into the right wall. It also had an automatic step stool, it would raise Alex up so she could reach the sink faucets and the mirror. Alex suddenly got bored with looking at a room she probably wouldn't be in for long and left the bathroom's doorway. The door silently closed behind her.

Alex rubbed her eyes as she sat down on the floor and took off her boots. The lavender plush carpet was soft underneath her, and when she stood back up in her stocking feet, she could feel how thick and fluffy the carpet really was. Alex went over to the crib, found a small button on the side, and pushed it. The side of the crib went down fast, and Alex climbed up into it.

She curled up inside of it, feeling very secure and safe. She pulled up a comforter and looked at it. It had Japanese lettering on it in red, black, and orange, and it had a symbol meaning "peaceful dreams" in the middle. Alex stopped looking at it and snuggled into it. She felt even better when she saw that the side of the crib had raised itself, and it had relieved her of doing it.

Alex held onto Face's dog tags with her left hand, and sucked her right thumb as she lay on her left side with her back to the wall. Surprisingly, she dropped off into sleep quickly, and not surprisingly, the only person she thought about was Face.

Part 4: "Telepathic A-Team?"

Murdock's room was set up just like Alex's, except for a huge bed replaced the crib, and the carpet was hunter green. Plus, this room was about like the room he had in his time. Along the wall as you walked in from the front main door, sat the arcade machine game, "Pac-man." Beside the bed, on a little stand, sat a little 13 inch tv and his prized Atari machine, complete with joy stick controllers. One even had black electrical tape around it where B.A. had fixed it.

Murdock smiled when he saw the stack of his favorite games. It was huge, towering over the side of the tv in three rows. They had been left where the *future him* had let them. Murdock picked one up and looked at it. "Space invaders." One of his all time favorites. He was going to pop it in and play awhile when the Mickey Mouse clock on the wall caught his eye.

Glancing at it, he remembered the Colonel's order to get some rest. He sighed and put the game down, and noticed the dresser drawers were all pulled out, with various clothes seemingly crawling out over the tops of the drawers. His basket hoop over his closet. The Star Trek poster above his bed on the wall.

So much like his real home, and yet Murdock still felt safe, but insecure. He sat down on the bed like he expected it to beep or move by itself, and it relieved him when it didn't. He decided he wasn't sure enough about this place to sleep sound, and let his shoes and jacket on as he curled up in the middle of the bed, rolled over, and closed his eyes.

************* As he lay on the middle of huge bed, Hannibal's thoughts were of what lay ahead of them. He was on his back, with his arms behind his head, His quiet thoughts were loud inside his head, asking him questions he couldn't answer as he closed his eyes and prepared to be uploaded into sleep. He wasn't sure his plan would come together this time.

************ B.A. hadn't checked out his room. He'd just found the bed, taken off his boots, and climbed in. Sleep was finished uploading him into sleep in seconds, and he was in la-la land, arguing Face and Murdock that Billy was not real, but that he wasn't letting him into his van....


(Running...Blackness all around, no light...badman... The badman... Chasing me... going to hurt me... I hear daddy's voice...  "Don't run away Alex... "...daddy!... daddy fading away... he was standing RIGHT THERE!... no, daddy... Don't go!... running... Hannibal?... grampa standing right where daddy was... Get to him... he laughed at me... "This is what happens to you when you are insubordinate!"... Laughing... Insubordinate! Insubordinate... grampa fading away, laughing at me... badman getting closer... feel him breathing on the back of my neck... RUN!... Facey laying on the seemingly bottomless ground... he's bleeding, bad... dying... gotta get to him... get to him... "Wish me back, okay? Wish me back so I can make you hurt the way I hurt! This is all your fault I'm dead Alex, I hate you!"... Facey saying he hates me, trying to strangle me... no, don't hate me Face, don't hate me, help me... Face fades away and the badman gets even closer... hurt me... hurt me hurt me... daddy... DADDY, HELP ME! DADDYY!!!!)

Alex screamed hi pitched as she slid and fell, and the dark shadow with the long arms and no face but with red eyes covered her like an eclipse... (red eyes... red eyes... red eyes hurt me now...) Alex cowered away... (red eyes... red eyes...)

************* The argument between him, B.A. and Face about Billy was suddenly sliced to bits and it broke, like an old film. A sheer, high pitched, scared, bone shaking scream bounced around his mind, hurting his ears from the inside out. Murdock heard Alex's cry for help as it ricochet off of the walls of his mind and bounced into his ears, painfully echoing 12 times in each ear before quieting. Murdock jumped out of sleep and sat straight up in bed holding onto his ears, gasping for air, his own had been scared right out of him. He had been suddenly able to see her nightmare, to feel her fear, to feel her pain... He couldn't understand why or how, but he knew what he felt and saw.

Murdock ran out of his bed, hitting the floor on his knees painfully. He didn't notice the pain creeping up his legs as he stumbled to his feet and ran to the door. He punched the button with his fist and the door shot open, and Murdock ran out of his room, and right to the door of Alex's room. He slammed her button hard and as soon as the door shot up, he ran in, just missing conking his head on the door as it shot up in front of him.

Alex was thrashing about inside the crib as a worried Murdock quickly went over to the side of the crib and found the button, pushing it, he put his hand out so Alex wouldn't fall out as the side slid down. The side was only half way down when he reached over it and grabbed Alex, picking her up. She was still kicking and wiggling, as well as crying and saying something about red eyes as he held her. Murdock held her tightly, but gently, as she still saw her nightmare and fought back inside her mind as he held her in his arms.

*Alex, the badman is gone... The hurt is gone... daddy Murdock is here...* Murdock suddenly realized he was talking to Alex with his mind, and not his mouth. He didn't know how he knew to talk to her that way, but he did regardless of his questions of how and why. Alex added trembling to her list of her nightmare fit, and Murdock closed his eyes as he stood there, beside the crib, holding onto a tremoring Alex....

************* (A chopper sliced it's way through the darkness and Alex heard her daddy's voice. "C'mon muchacha!" Murdock yelled, sticking out his hand. Alex looked tearfully up and saw him sitting in the cockpit of his chopper, with his hand sticking out of the chopper's open cockpit door. Alex smiled and reached up, and he grabbed her wrist, pulling her up into the cockpit with him. Murdock put her on his lap and pulled the birdie up, and Alex climbed across him and sat in the passenger seat as he flew the chopper away from the raving mad shadow monster... Darkness turned into light, and Alex greeted the sun's rays as they popped out of the dark clouds. Murdock squinted against the sun and smiled over at Alex. a thumbs up told him she was okay and with a nod, he cut across the blue sky...)

********* Alex's body relaxed in Murdock's arms, and her eyes slowly opened. Murdock opened his eyes too, and was relieved when he felt Alex wasn't fighting anymore. "Daddy, you saved me... you came..." Alex said sleepily as she sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I could hear you in my brain daddy, could you hear me yellin for you? Is that why you came to save me?" Alex laying on his shoulder, asked softly. Murdock kissed her temple. "Yeah muchacha, loud and clear." Murdock answered, the sound of his real voice surprising him. Alex's breathing was becoming normal again as she cuddled closer to his neck. "Daddy, will you stay with me?" Alex asked and Murdock smiled. He was resting his mouth and nose on the side of her head, smelling her hair. He kissed the side of her head. "Sure muchacha." Murdock answered and Alex smiled and patted the back of his neck.

Murdock sat Alex back inside the crib and after she moved over, he climbed in too, laying with his back against the wall on his left side. Alex yawned as she crawled over and curled up beside him, laying as close to him as she could, on her right side. Her head against his chest, and her left arm laying up across his side. Murdock held her with his arms around her waist the whole time they slept, and Alex slept peacefully, but Murdock's being there was the one and only reason why her nightmarish screams were replaced with her giggling at uncle B.A., Face, and daddy arguing over Billy not being real....Murdock dropped off into sleep again, and resumed his argument over Billy as Hannibal sat nearby, not saying a word, deeply on the jazz...

**************** 5 hours past. Gohan's father finally came home. Gohan, now changed from his purple outfit, was now wearing a yellow shirt with long hunter green sleeves. The shirt had a huge circle on the front, with a red Japanese symbol in the center, the outline of the circle in black. Around the high, rounded collar, was a red trim that ran around the bottom edge of the long shirt as well. The shirt was so long it nearly went to his ankles. His pants were hunter green, matching his shirt sleeves, and they were tucked into his black boots. These clothes were very light, where as his purple outfit was heavily weighted. He was sitting at the kitchen table, studying, when the front main door opened and he looked up, holding onto his red-orange hat with his hand.

"Hi daddy!" Gohan yelled, getting down from the chair. He ran over and greeted the 7-foot-tall man with a hug around the legs. Gohan looked up at his dad, smiling, holding onto his hat with one hand, and his other holding onto the orange coveralls his dad wore. The man's eyes lit up and a huge smile crossed his once tired face. "Hey, Gohan!" He said, picking Gohan up. Gohan grabbed Goku in a hug, wrapping both arms around his dad's neck, and as he did, he nearly lost the hat with the yellow trim around the brim's edge, and the tiny dragonball on top. Seeing it getting loose, Goku took his hand and pushed it gently back onto Gohan's head. Gohan was so glad to see him that he nearly forgot about the team.

"Our friends are here daddy, but Faceman is the one who's in the next dimension." Gohan sat up from the hug and said. Goku nodded. "King Kai will have his hands full with Ol' Faceman. Bubbles and Gregory might have a run for their money though. King Kai will teach him all he needs to know to help us. Did you show them around?" Goku asked.

"Yeah. I showed them to their rooms and they went to take a nap. I could sense a major power level strain because they were all tired, so I suggested it to the Colonel. They've been here for 5 hours dad. Is Piccolo with you? Mom said he was staying with us too. Mom...Hey! Piccolo!" Gohan was replying to his dad when he noticed the 7 foot 4 inch green figure standing behind Goku like a shadow, smiling.

"Hey Gohan, we need to begin training if we want to stop Vegeta." Piccolo said, his long white cape moving along with him as he moved to the side, into the light. He revealed his true features by now standing in the light, and he was wearing the same purple outfit as Gohan had been earlier, except for the belly silk on his was light blue. On his head he wore a turban, the white material matching that of his white heavily weighted shoulder pads and cape. The top, cap part of his turban was purple. His long, flowing cape was attached to his shoulder pads, and it nearly drug across the ground it was so long. His shoes, orange and elf like, were a bigger version of Gohan's.

"I'll go an wake them up now. The colonel asked me to wake them when you came home." Gohan said as Goku put him down. Gohan walked over to the door leading out of the kitchen, and as he reached up and pushed the door button, he sent a telepathic message to his mentor.

*Piccolo, please overlook whatever Alex does when she sees you, she's never seen a Namek before, and she may be scared of you. But I sensed a great hidden power inside her, AND, you know her secret. So, that won't help it either." Gohan said with his mind and Piccolo heard him and nodded. Gohan was almost half way to sector 2, room 1. *No problem Gohan. I understand.* Piccolo replied. Gohan got to Hannibal's door and smiled at Piccolo's telepathic reply.

*Thanks, Piccolo.* Gohan thought back and Piccolo caught it and replied as Gohan pushed the door button. *Sure kid.* Piccolo had the same usually gruff voice B.A. had, unless he was talking to a child. Then it changed to a kind, sweet and caring tone. Piccolo rarely used his mean, gruff tone towards Gohan now that his training had been complete, and he would send anyone who did into the next dimension personally.

The door opened and Gohan walked over to where Hannibal lay asleep on his left side. Gohan thought of how this reminded him of his father as he climbed up onto the bed and shook Hannibal's shoulder. Hannibal felt him and his eyes instantly popped open, and he sat right up in bed. He sleepily saw the 6-year-old boy looking at him in wonder and surprise, and wiped his eyes a little. "Gohan." Hannibal said waking himself up.

Gohan realized the Colonel was just startled a second and found the words he needed to reply out-loud. "Sir, my daddy is home an he wants to see you an the rest of the team now. He just came home an I had to hug him before I woke you." Gohan said and Hannibal smiled. Gohan was shocked when then, Hannibal stood straight up out of bed, fully awake, and said, "Let's go." Gohan followed him out of his room and followed him to room 2. Hannibal's fist pressed down onto the button and the door opened.

Hannibal walked across the room and shook B.A.'s sleeping shoulder. B.A.'s eyes opened and he looked at Hannibal. "It's show time, folks!" Hannibal said, and B.A. nodded. He sat down on the edge of the bed and stretched as he bent down and put his boots back on. Then he followed Hannibal and Gohan out. B.A. smiled at Gohan as he put his little hand up onto room 3's button and pushed it. Gohan smiled back as the door opened and he looked inside. Gohan saw nothing, no one! He gasped, then he stepped back out into the middle of the hall.

"Cora, scan all sectors for intruders. Locate HM Murdock." Gohan said sternly. A female computer voice replied to his sudden sternness. "Scanning..." Gohan listened and remained stern. He looked like a scowling Alex to B.A., and the thought made him smile again, and remember a new move he wanted to teach her later. "Where is he? He and Alex could be in danger." Gohan said aloud, but to himself.

Hannibal had a good idea where the missing captain was. He had felt Alex's nightmare, and he'd thought he'd heard her screaming for Murdock, but it was weird. It wasn't out loud, but inside of his head. He'd woken up, but everything had been quiet, so he had gone back to sleep. He didn't say anything about it though, he didn't want the team to think he'd flown the coop with Murdock.

"Scan complete... no intruders detected... HM Murdock, ID#112447, located... Cora suddenly reported. Gohan looked up from the floor. "Location." Gohan commanded.

"Location...sector 2, room 4." Cora replied. Hannibal heard the location as well, but Gohan beat him to the wall button, and he punched Alex's door button before he could even move. That moment was were Hannibal realized, he wasn't crazy. He HAD heard Alex, and that fact shocked him as he followed Gohan and B.A. into. Alex's room. Once inside, B.A. joined Hannibal in smiling.

Murdock barely fit his 6-foot-tall body inside the 3 foot long crib, and he had his knees severely bent, laying on his side with his back tight against the wall, holding Alex. Alex had her head buried in his chest, and one little hand clenching the side of his leather jacket as she held him around his chest. Alex was curled tightly to him, with her free hand's thumb in her mouth.

Hannibal didn't want to wake them, but he knew he had to as he walked over to the crib and found the button to lower the side. He pushed it and the side went down slowly, and Murdock's very sensitive ears picked it up. Sleeping sound was something he rarely did. Murdock's eyes popped open and his sleepy vision and reflexes instantly snapped into online mode. Murdock's fist shot out, narrowly missing Hannibal's face. Hannibal had dodged it, last second. Then, Murdock sat up and realized who was standing there, and turned pale white. "Colonel, I'm sorry, I thought..." Murdock said to him CO and Hannibal nodded understandingly.

Murdock was sitting up now, looking at Hannibal wide eyed. "It's okay Murdock, you were just protecting Alex. I don't blame you either, after the nightmare she had." The Colonel said and hearing him, Murdock nearly choked on the spit he was trying to swallow. He looked at Hannibal in shock and surprise.

"Colonel, how'd you.." Murdock asked swallowing. "I don't know how, but I heard her scream inside my head, she was screaming for you." Hannibal said and Murdock couldn't believe Hannibal had heard it too. "I heard it too, that's why I'm here.. Big guy, did you hear it too?" HM asked, astonished, looking at B.A.. B.A. scowled. "No fool, I don't hear voices inside my head, I ain't nuts like you, crazyman." B.A. replied. He hadn't heard a thing, he only remembered arguing Face and Murdock about Billy. No screams. Just arguing over Billy. Hannibal looked over at Gohan and remembered why they where there. He turned back to Murdock.

"Murdock, wake Alex. Gohan's father wants to see us." Hannibal said and Murdock nodded, closing his eyes. He relaxed his body and cleared his mind, and he was soon surrounded by a grey circular power, like the inside of a laser beam... And he was on the ground, and a walkie talkie was in his hand. Above him was a yellow BI-Plane, doing loop de loops and twirlies in mid air.

Yells and shrieks of laughter and joy were heard. Murdock blinked and raised the walkie talkie up to his mouth and pushed the talk button in. "Muchacha, it's daddy, it's time to wakey-wakey now, Gohan's daddy wants to see us now. Bring er in, baby." Murdock said into the black box in his hand as he kept his head lookin up at the sky as she did her tricks. Alex heard him in her headset, and she hugged his voice.

"Ten-forty daddy. I'm comin in. Captain Murdock's out." Alex said back into the mic of her head set as she finished her last loop. Alex braced herself into her cockpit seat as she brought her dream land plane in and landed it smoothly and perfectly right behind where her father was standing. Murdock ran over and met her as she climbed put of the cockpit...

A journey back through the grey cylinder and Alex and Murdock opened there eyes. "It was a perfect landin, daddy." Alex said as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Sure was muchacha." HM replied smiling as he squeezed around her and climbed out of the crib. He stood next to it, holding onto it for support as he let his blood get back to his legs. Once he could feel his toes again, he bent down and picked up Alex's boots. She yawned and rubbed her eyes as Hannibal leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. She giggled and pushed her foot into her boot as Murdock put it on and tied it.

After her second boot was on, Murdock picked her up and held her. Then he followed Hannibal, B.A., and Gohan out of Alex's room, carrying her as they headed back towards the kitchen.

Part 5: "Meeting with Goku and Piccolo"

On the way back down the hall to the kitchen, Alex got awake as she kept her head on Murdock's shoulder. Alex was a little nervous about meeting Gohan's father, but she couldn't wait to begin training with her dad. This would be cool, because they would be learning to use something called KI, and Alex couldn't wait to see what it was and what it did. She loved the thought of fighting alongside her daddy and her family, the team.

Alex just hoped that Facey was okay, wherever the next dimension was as they made it to the kitchen door and Gohan punched the door button. The door flew into the side of the wall like before, and they all slowly walked in behind Gohan. Alex swallowed, she was beginning to feel the butterflies in her belly fluttering around.

Alex turned her head slowly and looked at Murdock. He smiled and kissed her. She kissed him back and he slid her down, and she stood next to him, holding onto his khaki pants, her faithful thumb planted in her mouth. Whenever she was nervous, she sucked her thumb, and she didn't care who saw her. Alex looked around sleepily and scanning the floor, she saw a bigger version of Gohan's earlier orange shoes. Alex looked from the shoes, up the body, saw the pants of the purple jumpsuit, and then the blue belly silk, then the purple shirt and the white shoulder pads and cape, and then the face of the clothing's owner.

Alex's eyes grew at the sight of the 7'2 Namek, and she was so scared she screamed and ran behind Murdock, grabbing his legs as she shook and cried, she thought the nightmare monster had become real, when she saw Piccolo. She hid her face in Murdock's legs and cried her eyes out in fear. Piccolo stood there, motionless and was saddened by the intense fear he felt inside the small shivering child holding onto her father for her very life. Piccolo held in a growl. No one, even himself, had the right to frighten a child, or to hurt one like he knew she'd been hurt. Piccolo finally looked to Gohan, whom returned a sad nod.

"Hey, uh, it's okay, um, Alex?" Goku said, trying to comfort her as she continued to cry behind Murdock. B.A. was right behind her, with his hand on her left shoulder. He knew she was upset, and that he wouldn't let anyone force her to fight until she was ready. If they tried to, he'd have no choice but to annihilate them. Goku meanwhile, hoped he'd gotten her name right. "Piccolo's not gonna hurt ya." Goku's soft voice got to Alex's half petrified ears and she peeked around Murdock, looking at the tall green man.

"I... I... I... Wha... Why's he green?" Alex stammered, afraid he'd snap her in two. Alex's fear was still strong and she jumped, and hid her head behind Murdock again. Murdock felt a stinging pinch in both of his legs as Alex held onto them with both hands as tight as she could. HM tried his best to ignore it and listened to what the Namek would say to Alex's question. Hannibal listened as well, but not without a blue eyed smile. Alex always said something that made him smile. B.A. was most worried about Alex crying herself out like she did at home, and he sqeezed her shoulder gently, letting her know she wasn't alone, and that he was there.

Piccolo cleared his throat. "I am green because I am not from earth Alex. I am called a Namekian, and I am from a planet called Namek that no longer exists." Piccolo explained, and Gohan nodded his head in agreement. "Alex, Piccolo trained me and I'm still alive. He's not a bad guy, and you don't gotta be afraid of him. He's gonna train you too." Gohan said and Alex's eyes grew even wider behind her father as she tightened her grip on his legs and he choked down a yowl as the pain met up with his brain and told him it hurt.

"Wha... What?! But I... I wanna train wit my daddy. He's been teachin me martial arts since I was 2 years old!" Alex said, not moving from the safety of her father's legs. Gohan sensed her fear as well as Piccolo, and he walked over to her, putting his hand on her right shoulder, B.A. kept his planted in her other shoulder as he watched to see what Gohan was going to do.

"I was afraid just like you are now. I was 4-years-old when I had to train to save the world against my evil uncle Raditz. He even kidnapped me and sent my daddy to the next dimension, you don't want that to happen to Murdock, do you? I'm okay, and I was trained by the best there is. Piccolo. He trained me, and if he hadn't, I wouldn't be here now because my uncle Raditz was going to kill me. You have to trust him, Alex. Piccolo is like B.A., he looks mean, almost like his stare is gonna shred you to bits, but that's just until you get to know him. When you are used to him, you will see that he's nice and caring, just like B.A. is." Gohan said, and Alex sniffed as she cried, but listened to Gohan.

"Alex, it was a big thing here about what happened to you. I don't know what he did to you, cos my mom wouldn't let me watch the news when it was going on, and nobody will tell me what he did, but he musta done somethin real bad cos now he's slave for it. But Piccolo, my dad and my mom know, and we are all the ones who stopped the bounty hunters for good. You, me, Piccolo, my dad, and the A-Team, including Faceman. Piccolo is the one who nearly killed them after they almost killed you in the battle. Piccolo knows you are afraid, he knows and understands why. He realized you are scared of him, and that you have a good reason to be, but he will expect you to use those fears in battle and in training. C'mon Alex, you wanna help Faceman? Or not?"

Gohan's speech got to Alex, and she stopped crying. Her face was still tear streaked as she looked out from behind HM. Hannibal thought Gohan deserved an Emmy for his performance. *Nice Gohan, real nice.* He thought as he watched Alex. She swallowed and looked up at Piccolo.

"I... I'm sorry... Um, Mr. Piccolo, sir, but I... I never seen a green person before, except for when daddy made my arms green for Halloween once an it stayed thatta way for awhile... An I am scared." Alex said nervously, stammering as she held her eye to eye contact with Piccolo. Piccolo nodded.

"Training will bring out a lot of your hidden power, as well as hidden and pent up emotions. It is understandable for you to be afraid. For now. If you still have that strong fear in battle, you will not survive. If someone throws a punch at you and you are too afraid to move or block it, you will get hit, see?" Piccolo said and Alex trembled. She missed Face, but she didn't want to join him in the next dimension. Alex nodded back. Piccolo turned his head and looked at Goku. "We should begin training, whatta you think, Goku?" Piccolo asked. Goku, standing with his arms crossed in front of his chest, nodded yes.

"So who's goin where? I ain't flyin wit that fool Murdock Hannibal. I hope you got a plan, man." B.A. said after listening to it all as he kept his hand on Alex's shoulder. The Colonel's shining blue eyes and smile told B.A. all he needed to know and he shook his head. "On the jazz even now. Man..." B.A. said softly, knowing that smile meant trouble of some sort. "Well, I can take 2 of you, and since Piccolo is taking Alex, Gohan why don't you and Murdock pair up? He's got some experience, he'll make a great sparring partner." Goku said, turning to his son. "Kay." Gohan answered happily, as Murdock nodded towards him and smiled. Gohan returned them and zapped out, changing from his green outfit back into his purple one, matching Piccolo's.

On his return, he looked a little pink across his nose. "I uh, had ta change. Mom doesn't like me fightin in those clothes. Sorry, I'm ready now." Gohan said and Alex realized the same was true for her, but it was Face in the place of Chi-Chi. "That means you two are with me. I uh, guess we should go now." Goku said, looking to B.A. and Hannibal.

The Colonel smiled and nodded, and B.A. looked at him, knowing what was about to happen. He also knew Hannibal was about to recite his famous line. "Don't say it Hannibal. I'm warnin you man." B.A. said softly and Hannibal laughed as he followed Goku to the front door. Then he realized what B.A. meant and turned to Murdock, whom wasn't smiling at all. He looked like he was about to jump off of a cliff, rather than tell Alex he had to leave her for a few years. Hannibal nodded at the Captain and .Murdock swallowed as he knelt down to an already scared Alex.

"Alex, I have to go with Gohan now. You have to be strong for me muchacha, this is as hard as for me as it is you. Piccolo will take you with him for training, and you'll be okay, and just remember, we're counting on you to help us get Facey back." Murdock said, and Alex was already crying, as she was quiet and listened. Then Murdock took off his jacket and put it on her.

"This will protect you from the bad man in your dreams baby, and it will keep you safe. I love you, Captain Alex Peck Murdock." HM said as he held in crying like a baby himself. He'd never been away from her for more than a few hours, and he dreaded it more than he thought any of them would. He hugged Alex and she hugged him back, crying on his shoulder, holding him tight. Murdock knew he had to, and pulled her off and stood up. "See you on the flip side, baby. Train hard and be good." HM said lastly as he ran out the door past Hannibal, Goku and B.A. with Gohan tailing him.

Outside, Hm finally let the tears fall as Gohan picked him up and flew off, carrying him. Alex ran out the door and watched them go. "Daddy!" She screamed, crying even harder when she was sure he couldn't have heard her. Alex collapsed to the ground on her knees and B.A. came out of the house with Goku and Hannibal, and went to her. He put his hand on her shoulder and she looked up at him.

"He'll be alright, Crazyman knows what he's doin. You gotta have faith in your dad, Alex. He needs you to be strong and fight. Fight your fears like you fight Trent. See him when you get scared, and it'll help. I gotta go now too, but I won't ever be too far to hear you if you need me, just scream. Oh, an don't tell Crazyman, but I DID hear you in my head. Bye!" B.A. said as Alex smiled and stood up.

She squeezed herself closer into the jacket as she watched Goku teach each one of the guys to fly on their own. Hannibal smiled his jazzy smile at her as he waved and flew off. Alex smiled, and waved back, not wanting them to know she was still as terrified as she had been only minutes ago. B.A. winked at her and flew out too far for her to see them. Alex's  trembling returned as she turned to go back into the house and was facing Piccolo.

Alex couldn't say anything, she was afraid if she opened her mouth, her tears would start to fall again. Piccolo nodded and approached her, He picked her up and put her on his back. Once she was on, he checked his tone and said, "Hold on." Alex nodded and wrapped her arms as best she could around his neck. Piccolo then leapt into the air, and Alex squeezed her eyes closed, fearing he'd fall right back down. She loved flying, but in a plane or a chopper and with her daddy, not on the back of a green man and without a parachute. Alex opened her eyes a few minutes after they were going, and as she watched the world below wiz by, she held onto Face's dog-tags until her hand hurt, praying Piccolo wouldn't drop her to her death.

***************** B.A. hated flying. No matter what kind, he hated it, and that would never change. Or so he'd always thought. He wouldn't admit it to anyone yet, but he liked this. "Hey man, now when we gotta fly I ain't gotta be knocked out. I can fly on my own." B.A. turned to Hannibal and said, trying not to sound too thrilled about it. Hannibal looked at him and smiled. He liked the sound of that. "Murdock'll be thrilled Sergeant." He replied and Goku, beside him, laughed. "You mean you hated flying before now? What changed your mind?" Goku asked B.A.. "Cos at least this way, I ain't gotta be in no plane wit dat crazy fool Murdock!" B.A. replied and Goku laughed again. Hannibal knew it. He just knew that was the reason. He smiled and then, his smile disappeared as they all felt the seriousness of this mission and focused on it.

***************** Murdock loved it. He was flying, without a plane! He just wished he could fly like Gohan. "Say, Gohan, can you show me how ta fly? You know, like you do." Murdock looked up at Gohan and asked. Gohan nodded, he'd never even thought of that. He stopped and said, "Sure." Murdock nearly jumped out of his Hanes as he heard Gohan's answer.

"First, you have to clear your mind, feel your body. See it floating all by itself in your mind.." Gohan said and Murdock listened, closing his eyes. Suddenly, Gohan felt him began to float and Gohan let go of his underarms. "Now open your eyes and tell yourself you can fly. Believe in it." Gohan said and Murdock opened his eyes, telling himself mentally he could fly... "And I believe it!" He said aloud happily as he realized he was floating on his own and looked around. He couldn't believe his body was really hovering in the air, free of anything holding him up.

This was something he'd dreamed of doing since he was a little 3-year-old kid, running around the house in his training pants, his faithful blankie tied around his neck for a trusty cape. His little vivid imagination was good, but it could never have pictured it could be like this, feel like this. Murdock had totally forgotten the seriousness of the mission he was on and howled happily as he flew around just like he flew his planes. After a few twirlies and nose dives, he got a hold on his emotions and pulled them back as he stopped beside a smiling Gohan. Murdock blushed a little.

"I'm sorry Gohan, I'm ready." HM said and Gohan nodded. "I always wanted to do that." Murdock said again as he flew along side of Gohan. "It's okay, Murdock. I know how much you like flying. I did that too when my daddy taught me to fly." Gohan said and Murdock smiled. He tried not to think of the feeling he had. He felt like he had just abandoned his baby, and it was eating him from the inside out, chewing on his nerves and his mind, making him cry again. Gohan didn't notice, he was too busy watching for the training area he wanted. (I'm sorry Alex, I really am. God, I'm sorry...) Murdock said in his mind as he cried silently, he wished Alex could hear him.

***************** The next thing he knew, Faceman was at some sort of check in station, standing in front of an 80 story tall, red man with long black hair and a beard and moustache to match. He kinda looked like an ox with the purple hat he wore, it had horns poking out of the sides. The purple hat matched the suit he wore, and Face couldn't help but wonder who the tailor was that made the suit big enough to fit him.

Face and an old Namek, known as Kami, stood quietly and watched as King Yemma flipped through the yellow merit book labeled 'Templeton 'Faceman' Peck.' He made faces as he read, ranging from sadness at reading some of Face's childhood, to mixed feelings of anger and grief at the chapters of the war. He couldn't believe this was the same Templeton of his time. Even with the killing in the war, and the schemes and conning after, King Yemma decided Face would be granted permission. He closed the yellow merit book and put it down on the 70-story-tall desk in front of him.

Kami, the Namekian old man, the guardian of the earth, felt he needed to give an explanation for requesting Face's long and rarely granted journey. Kami put his hand on Face's shoulder and Face looked at him, and then back up at the King. Kami swallowed and spoke up. "There is no hope for our planet if Templeton doesn't receive King Kai's training." King Yemma cleared his throat, and the sound was like thunder as it bounced off of the walls and shook the whole place. "I give you permission, Templeton. Go wait outside and a guide will be along to explain snakeway to you. Good luck." King Yemma said and Face smiled. "Thanks. I uh, guess I'll see ya in 3 years. Bye!" Face said as he turned and ran out.

Part 6: "Training begins"

Standing outside, Face didn't care about his surroundings. The only thing on his mind was getting the training he needed, and getting back to earth to help his team. Face was still standing outside when a blue guy, wearing a blue business type, button down shirt and leopard spotted pants came over. Adjusting his glasses, the blue man smiled at Face. Face smiled back, taking notice to the blue guy's horns poking out of his forehead. Seeing them made Face wonder if he had horns too...(being that he was sorta a bad boy in his life).

Face looked up and sighed gratefully when all he saw was the yellow clouds above him in the sky, and a golden circled thingie above his blonde hair, that seemed to follow him no matter which way he moved.

"Ah, a halo. Just what I needed to complete my angel look." Face said, not really believing it was really there. The blue guy sighed. Everyday, the same thing, always someone who said something corny about their halo. He waved for Face to follow him and Face did, suddenly realizing his mind was now totally focused on his mission again.

They stopped at a little red car and got in. "Uh, how far is it to snakeway?" Face asked, trying to get comfy in the tiny car. Once he was comfy, he peered out the small window, with his hands up on the glass, looking like a little kid at a toy store window. "It's a ten hour drive to the beginning." The blue-guy replied, in a tone that suggested he resented Face being there.

"TEN HOURS??!!" Face exclaimed, his eyes nearly bugging out of his head. The blue horned driver laughed. "You should sleep until we get there. You'll need it." Blue suggested, and Face was aware now that he was tired. Face yawned. "Okay, wake me when we get there." Face replied, laying down in a ball in the small back seat. Blue nodded in reply and Face closed his eyes.

********************* Piccolo finally landed on an enormous island and put Alex down. Alex looked around and shivered. She was suddenly both hot and cold at the same time, and she couldn't help but be afraid. After all, there could be ANYTHING roaming about here." Do you remember your power?" Piccolo suddenly turned to Alex and asked. Alex had no idea what he was talking about, and looked up at him with an afraid look across her face.

"M... my power?" Alex asked, looking up at the green man with both fear and confusion at the same time. "Whatta you mean by that?" Alex asked again, as she held her hands in front of her, tightened into tiny little fists. Piccolo grinned and suddenly grabbed her, and she screamed as he threw he literally, like a baseball into the air out in front of him.

Alex screamed and cried as she flew towards a mountain head first. (Gonna hit... gonna hurt... gonna die... NO! Not gonna die... Piccolo gonna pay!!) Alex suddenly got angry and shiny little bubbles appeared in front of her tear streaked, angry face. Her power exploded, and her body was engulfed in a huge bright white ball. Her arms went out in front of her as if she'd done this s million times before, as she steered the power into a wave.

Yelling, she threw the powerful wave at the mountain only seconds before impact. The blast blew the mountain up, and raining dirt, rock and other debris fell down all over the place. Piccolo watched, amazed, until her bright light got to painful to look at and then he covered his eyes to protect them as she blew the huge rock in her path. He covered his eyes even after the explosion, to protect them from the still falling debris.

A second after impact, Alex's power died and she landed on the ground, totally confused, at the foot of where the mountain used to stand. She couldn't remember what she had done, and she wondered if Piccolo had tried to hit her and she had moved.

As the air cleared, Piccolo got a better glance at the hole where the mountain once stood, As his eyes focused on it, and sent the startling message back to his brain, Piccolo's eyes grew. "No Way!" Piccolo said, astonished at the power of the child. Alex meanwhile, was just sitting there, rubbing her head, confused.

"Huh? Wow! Look at that!" Alex said to herself aloud as she looked at the hole in front of her. Piccolo walked over and couldn't believe Alex couldn't remember blasting the huge mountain up! "What happened?" Alex asked not taking her eye off of the dirt path. "You did that little trick all by yourself with your own power. It's rare to have such a power at you age, but, you need to learn to control it. That's why we're here." Piccolo said, as he stood behind Alex with his arms crossed. Alex's eyes grew, she couldn't believe she had been the one whom had done that!

"Wha?!" Alex turned and looked at him, shocked. "I'm gonna train you. I'm gonna teach you how to use that power of yours so you can help us." Piccolo said, and Alex just sat there. "Wha-..How come?" Alex asked. "I mean, I'm just a little girl, an you're the second strongest person on the earth, next to Gohan's dad." Alex replied, and Piccolo grinned again. "Is that so? Well I see Gohan has been telling you some things. And, the guy who's coming is even stronger and that's why we need you're help, Alex." Piccolo answered and Alex was again quiet.

********************** Murdock and Gohan landed in a rocky area and Gohan soon began to bring out Murdock's powers out. Slowly. Murdock was standing at ready, as Gohan stood in front of him, firing small blasts of yellow Ki at him. Murdock used his mind to form a powerful force field around himself to protect himself from the blasts. Gohan stopped and decided to test Murdock. "Okay Murdock. Let up. That was great but we gotta try something else." Gohan said and Murdock sighed and let up gratefully. The shield took a lot of energy to hold. Then, a handful of blasts flew at him, and Murdock blocked each one with his shield. Gohan smiled.

"Well, you're ready. Okay, I mean it this time." Gohan said and Murdock let up, not caring if he really meant it or not. It was hard to hold a shield up, and he wasn't used to it yet. HM followed Gohan wearily. They'd been at it for at least 4 hours straight, and he'd strained muscles he didn't even know he had. "Uh, Gohan, what now?" Murdock asked. Gohan stopped walking and faced Murdock.

"You aren't allowed to use your shield this time, Murdock. I have to make your powers come out and I can't if you have a shield up. They are hidden deeply within you, and you have to remember to listen to yourself during this. Let any emotions you feel come out. Show them, and just let your powers come." Gohan said and Murdock swallowed. He nodded okay, and watched as Gohan closed his eyes and was engulfed in a red ball of his own power. He crossed his legs in mid-air and hovered off of the ground in front of Murdock. Inside the ball, Gohan opened his eyes and looked stone-faced at the pilot.

Murdock stood at ready and watched Gohan closely. Gohan suddenly disappeared, leaving Murdock to think he was alone, when he really wasn't. Murdock blinked and looked around. As he was off guard, a blast hit the ground beside him, and he jumped away, just missing the blast that would have hit him in the left knee. That began to frustrate him, and he suddenly felt his memory flashback to Alex as a baby...Crying after a beating from Trent...Face doing nothing... Screams. Cries. Pain. Murdock felt rage pent up inside of him beginning to boil, and a second later, another blast from Gohan caused him to boil over.

Letting out his rage, Murdock screamed as loud as his voice box and lungs would allow, as his body began to glow a radiant purple, as his emotions and memories invoked his very well hidden powers. Another blast from a seemingly invisible Gohan, and Murdock yelled again, putting his hands out of front of him, Murdock's hands began to glow dark purple, and a huge ball of power formed. Then seeing it was big enough, Murdock aimed it right at the direction the other 3 blasts had come from. The ball hit it's target head on and the red ball reappeared, revealing Gohan with a pleased smile across his face.

Murdock's power wasn't yet fully exposed, but at least it was showing it's powerful little head a little. Suddenly, Murdock's memory went into another flashback... this time it was when he learned of Alex's innocence being taken from her, and tears were added to his emotions of anger, rage, and sadness. His power grew and began to change colors, from a radiant purple to purplish red. It grew and grew, until it was the size of 2 football fields. (Couldn't help her... He hurt her... Took it... No... No Not Alex... Not my bab....) Murdock thought when he suddenly screamed aloud the end of his angry murderous thought. "YOU BASTARD!!" He screamed over and over as his thick rage took him over and his power ball around him grew and grew. Now it was as big as 4 football fields.

Gohan watched, amazed and a little afraid. He knew if HM powered up too much more, and he blasted something with that much power, it would be the end of the earth. Gohan's eyes grew as he sensed he should stop Murdock now, and closed his eyes. He took himself into Murdock's mind and saw what he saw, felt what he felt. Murder in Nam, Alex's abuse, Alex's secret...his own insanity. Gohan pushed past a million memories filled with terror and fear, to sadness and happiness, and found a quiet area devoted to quiet. No fear. No sadness. No rage. It was known as Murdock's catatonic area. A place where he went to escape the world as well as his own nightmares. His world. His space.

Gohan slowed his own mind after the things he'd just heard, felt, and seen and found a calm channel to communicate with his estranged pupil. "Murdock, power down. You gotta stop now, and rest for the night." Gohan said without moving his mouth. Murdock heard him and began to calm down. His body stopped glowing, and his emotions went back into check. Suddenly, exhausted, Murdock fell to his knees and fell over onto the ground on his belly. Soon after, he was asleep.

Gohan powered down himself after he returned from Murdock's mind. His shield powered off and flickered away. Then his eyes opened again and he landed on the ground. He walked over to a sleeping Murdock and sat beside him, going into a meditative sleep himself.

It had finally been a full 11 hour day, with only 5 hours of training because of the long 6 hour journey it took to get to the training ground. Gohan wanted to be sure none of there training took any lives or hurt any innocent people.

********************** The little red car stopped and the blue driver looked back at Face. He agreed that Face really did look like an angel when he slept, and that the halo made him look even more angelic. The blue guy reached back and shook Face's shoulder. Face opened his eyes and looked at the blue horned guy. He sat up. "We're here." Blue informed him as he got out of the car. Face's eyes were blurry as he followed blue, yawning and rubbing at his eyes sleepily like a child.

Face looked up as his vision cleared and saw the huge rock shape of a snake's head. It's open mouthed statement wasn't very inviting. "How far is it to King Kai's place?" Face asked. "Almost 10 million miles, but no one knows for sure. Only one person has ever made it, and that was King Yemma." The guide replied, and Face nearly fainted. "10 million miles?? NO WAY!" Face said shocked. "Oh well. What else do we dead guys have to do, huh?" Face joked, as he climbed up onto the snake head. "Thanks for the ride, c-ya!" Face yelled waving as he ran off down snakeway. Face ran faster than he ever knew he could, and figured it was because he was a spirit or something.

The guide watched him go and shook his head. "Show off." Blue said as he turned and walked back to his car, got in, and drove back to the check in station.

Part 7: "Training begins"

Hannibal's power was hidden even deeper than Alex's, but he caught on well and fast, Goku had no problem calling the power out. A few small blasts from Goku got Hannibal on the jazz, and the feelings he always held in came out in a huge ball of blue power, surfacing his incredible power level. His power was packed away like winter clothes in the attic, but he managed to get them out in mid summer.

Hannibal flew in and blasted Goku with a powerful ball of blue KI and Goku took the hit in the gut. Hannibal floated nearby Goku smiling when he sensed he should raise a force field, and seconds after his blue shield went up. a green blast bounced off what would have been Hannibal's ribs if it weren't for the force field.

B.A. floated overhead, with a big smile across his face. Goku sent a white blast at B.A. and he dodged it, then he and Goku went into a fast sparring match. Hannibal realized they were going so fast he had to let his eyes go out of focus and his mind go blank to see them. Bouncing off of the ground and mountains like electricity filled fleas. The Colonel continued to watch them fight until they suddenly popped up in front of him, causing his mind and eyes to come back into focus.

B.A. swung his big fist at him and Hannibal joined in the sparring match with them, fighting just as fast and hard as they did. B.A. and Hannibal sparred and blasted KI, improving the skills they never knew they possessed. As he fought, Goku couldn't help but think of how easy it was to surface B.A.'s power. It seemed that B.A. had known he'd had it for years, and just always held it back, on account of he didn't want people to think he was a freak and that he didn't know how to use it or what it was. Now he knew and he wasn't holding anything back. He was great at controlling it, and he was going to be unstoppable.

************************ Piccolo watched as Alex stood up and brushed herself off. She got her jacket into good fighting place and stood quietly, looking up at Piccolo. "I'm ready, Mr. Piccolo, what do I have to do first for the training?" Alex, still fearful, looked up and asked. Piccolo smiled. "You just have to live. You don't have to do anything now except live, Alex." Piccolo replied. Alex nearly had a stroke. "Huh? Just live?" Asked Alex, as she held onto Face's dog tags like a nun holding her cross.

"That's right. Survive out here for a little while. If you can do that, then I'll teach you how to use that power of yours." Piccolo answered and Alex's heart almost stopped. She knew that in this 'World' there were lots of things different from her time, and that thought gave her cronic goosebumps all over. "I can't stay out here all alone, by myself!" Alex said looking around, afraid at what might be in the shadows waiting for Piccolo to leave.

"Quiet! Don't be weak! There's a great power sleeping inside of you! Use it, rely on it. Face your fears." Piccolo yelled gruffly, and Alex jumped back. His tone of voice scared her even more. "But I'm scared to!" Alex said in near tears both from the tone of his voice and her fear of him. Piccolo turned to leave, ignoring her whine.

Alex nearly ran over and grabbed his leg and begged him not to leave her, but she held herself back. "You'll laugh at your fears once you find out who you really are." Piccolo said in his normal tone. Alex was ready to burst with tears, her lip quivered, as she began to glow a light yellow, but neither of them noticed.

"Please don't leave me by myself, Piccolo. I'm not from here, and I don't want to be alone out here!" Alex said, and Piccolo felt sorry for her. He knew how she must feel, but he knew he had to stand his ground if her training was to commence. "Sorry kid, if you want to help your friend, then this is the only way." Piccolo said, flying off.

Alex watched him go in silence, clutching Face's dog tags until her fingers turned white. "I made a promise an now I gotta keep it. Uncle BA never lies an no matter what, I'm gonna get out of this an I will wish Facey back!" Alex vowed, as she loosened her grip some. "It can't be that bad, gramps made me do this last year for a whole month." Alex said aloud, trying to reassure herself.

(But they were at the house and you could get to them if you need them, not like out here, where you're completely alone!) Alex fought her self-assurance. Alex thought to herself how right that thought was, and shivered. She looked around more. Nothing but grass, mountains, trees and a huge pond. Not a single living person or animal around. She'd not even seen any birds flying above. Sniffling, she walked off to find a place to sleep. Night would fall soon, and she didn't want to be out in the open when dark came. Alex yearned for Murdock, she really wanted him to hug.


A black swirling cloud caught Face's eye as he ran on the Snakeway. It was on the side of the road, pushing the thick yellow clouds out of it's way. Face stopped and looked at it, and as he stared at it, he realized that that must be the reason he had to be careful not to fall off of snakeway. Gulping, Face continued on, begging god or Kami or whoever, to please watch over him and to keep him from tripping.


Goku, BA and Hannibal stopped sparring for the night and found themselves a comfy spot to sleep. BA was now watching Goku as he put some rocks in a circle. Then Hannibal added some sticks and leaves, and then a nod to Hannibal from Goku, and Hannibal sent a small blue blast into the center and a spark later, a nice fire began to blaze and the Colonel smiled.

BA sensed his famous line coming on, and said, "I toll you once man, Don't say it." Hannibal just laughed. Goku watched them a second before he went into a meditative sleep, sitting with his arms and legs crossed. Hannibal and BA stopped laughing and saw him, and were quiet. They knew they were on an important mission, with no time for joking around. They looked at each other, nodded, and with focused looks, went to sleep. Daylight was still there, but getting more scarce, but they were sound asleep. Hannibal hadn't slept sound in years, and it sure felt good. As BA slept, he hoped with all his being that the rest of the team was okay...


Alex wandered around, looking at everything closely, her hand still around Face's dog tags, squeezing the cold metal tightly again. The ground began to shake and Alex sensed something was behind her. Swallowing hard, she slowly turned around....And was faced with the big brown mug of a giant, hungry T-Rex!!

Alex's eyes nearly popped out of her head as she stared up at the prehistoric animal. She was pale white, and she had wet her pants. It stood there, drooling in huge puddles, just waiting for it's food to run so he could play with it some before devouring it. The Rex's eyes were just as unmerciful as it's huge teeth filled jaws as it snapped them towards her.

Alex screamed and jumped, back flipping away. The Rex gave chase as Alex ran away yelling. As she ran, she felt how much her training had made her faster. She was super fast, fast enough that she could out run the dino without fail. Alex hadn't even broke a sweat when she felt herself falling....She'd tripped over a rock!

She felt the dino closing in....The ground's rumbling getting faster and more violent, and closer. Alex suddenly felt weird as she got frustrated and began to glow a radiant purple, much like her father's....The T-Rex closed in and scooped her up into it's mouth, and began to chew...And suddenly, POOF! Alex was gone, out of the foul mouth being gnawed on.

Alex opened her eyes and realized she was out of the dino's jaws, and up on a high cliff. The dino roared loudly, angrily from below. Alex couldn't believe she'd escaped the jaws of death as she crawled over to the edge of the cliff and looked down the hundred foot drop. She blinked and her heart pounded. (How'd I get up here??!!) Alex yelled panicking inside her frightened mind.

Alex backed up from the edge and started crying. "OH GREAT!! I'm STUCK!!" Alex yelled, crying. As she sat on her knees, rubbing at her eyes, she realized she didn't know how she'd gotten out of the dino's mouth, how she'd gotten all the way up there, or how she was going to get down.


Face's energy suddenly dropped into the low mode, and forced him to his knees. Breathing hard, he squatted down to rest. After a few minutes, he stood back up and went on, slowing his pace a little. He'd switched from flying to running. It took too much energy for him to fly.

He knew he had to get to king Kai's, and he knew he didn't have much, if any, time to waste. Face pushed on, thinking about the dream he'd had about Murdock and BA arguing that Billy not being real and smiled. He missed his team and his family, but his memories kept him going. Thinking of Alex, Face ran faster,

refusing to let her down. *Always stay with the unit... Always stay with the unit..* The rule ran across Face's mind at 30 miles an hour as he ran and refused to disobey it.


Nightfall found Alex curled into a ball as hyenas howled below as they ate some unfortunate animal that was caught in the dino's earlier path of destruction. "I'm hungry, I'm cold. Starving. I'm sleepy." Alex said aloud to herself as she shivered.

A bat flew over her head and caught her attention. As she stared at the black, flapping wings, she felt another cold draft of air blow over her. Alex shivered harder, her teeth chattering in time with her shaking. The bat soon flew too far off for her to watch it anymore and Alex looked back down, seeing two red apples laying on the ground in front of her!

"Huh? Apples! Two of em!" Alex said, sitting up, reaching for them like she'd never seen an apple before. Her fear and coldness forgotten, she crawled over and grabbed one. She was about to rip into it when she realized there weren't any apple trees around. She shrugged.

"Oh well, this place has dinosaurs, so why not rain apples?" Alex said to herself as she bit into the apple. It tasted great, even when she ate a seed by accident. Piccolo watched her from above. *I know it's hard on you now, but I'm watching over you.* Piccolo thought as he watched Alex gobble both apples down in seconds. Alex wiped her mouth on her sleeve and curled back up, closing her eyes.

Piccolo saw and smiled. *Sleep well, my little friend.* He thought as he kept his watchful eye over her the whole night.

Part 8: "Survival"

The morning sun woke Alex early, and she sat up and rubbed her eyes. Once she'd cleared her vision a little, and she looked around, she realized all hopes of all this to be one big nightmare were shot into a million little pieces and reality smacked her in the head.

Alex knew she was still stuck on the cliff, with no way to get down. She got angry and punched the ground with her fist. She began to glow purple as she stood up and began sparring with herself like she had done so many times in the mornings with her daddy. The only difference here was that this wasn't for exercise. It was to vent her anger.

Alex's glow grew, and brightened until about a half an hour later she began to calm down and yelled, "I'll never get down from here! Piccolo was right. I am a weakling. But I am a Murdock, and Murdock's don't give up that easy. Fear, look out, cos here I come!" Alex declared as loud as her voice would let her. She squeezed her hands into fists and suddenly she closed her eyes and smiled. The jazz her over and her mind went into planning-only mode...


"Yeeaahhhhh-Haaaaaa!" A loud yell followed by a powerful purple blast of KI woke Gohan with a start. Seconds later, he was being rained on with rocks, dirt and clumps of earth. He shielded himself with a light shield and looked over to where Murdock had been. Gohan smiled when his place was vacated. He stood up and floated over to the area where the blast had come from.

Standing at ready, Murdock slowly formed a dodge ball sized ball of purple KI in front of his face. Gohan watched, as Murdock stood with his eyes closed, as he used his mind's power to continue to form the ball. Seconds later, he opened his eyes and he yelled as he concentrated the ball complete. He then threw it, with his mind only, towards a huge mountain.

Gohan sensed that a huge explosion was about to take place and put up a shield seconds before the huge purple blast hit and blew the target into a bazillion little pieces, as Murdock stood, unprotected by any force fields, with a focused look on his dirty, dusty face.

Suddenly, as the air cleared, Murdock sensed someone was watching him, and he turned around. He saw Gohan with a sleepy but amazed look and felt a little guilty for waking him up. "Oh, Uh, Gohan, did I wake you?" Murdock asked as he wiped his mouth across his sleeve. Gohan yawned. "Yeah, but it's okay. That musta been some emotion you felt." Gohan replied as he walked over to HM.

"Uh, well, yeah. It was. You see, I can somehow see and feel what Alex sees and feels. Like at your house. She was very afraid, and then I could see her nightmares. I saw the one at your house, I FELT it Gohan! I FELT her pain and her fear, HOW? how can I? WHY can I?" Murdock asked as he began to get his outline of lavender again.

Gohan saw the glow and realized his time to explain it had come, he'd known he'd have to tell Murdock sooner or later. Gohan sighed and took Murdock by the hand. Murdock let him and followed Gohan back to camp. As they walked, Gohan was about to begin explaining, when Murdock suddenly yanked his hand away, out of Gohan's grasp. His body began to glow a bright flaming redish-purple....


Alex had crawled over to the edge of the cliff and swallowing, told herself not to look down as she carefully clung to the side of the steep, rocky cliff. Rock climbing was one of her specialties, one she had gotten almost professionally good at, thanks to Hannibal. He'd taken her with him on climbs since she could remember.

"Just a little more.." Alex said softly as she was 80% of the way down. Seemingly hearing her, the rock underneath her boot suddenly gave away, and she lost her grip. Alex scrambled for something to hold onto, but it was too late, and screaming, she fell. Her body hit the ground on her side, and she was knocked out.


The morning found Goku and his trainees hard at work, fighting and learning to control the movement and the strength of the KI they called 'Powers'. Hannibal's special was a move he called 'In the jazz's wake'. "How does it work, Colonel?" Goku asked upon hearing the name. Hannibal gave a slight sneaky smile.

"It's like this. I concentrate my power to my fingertips, then it covers my hands, like a blue lightning storm. A second after that, the ball grows and grows until it's the size of a basketball at least. Then I concentrate it into a human form and send it hurtling at my enemy." Hannibal said proudly. The description fascinated Goku and he wanted to see it in action.

"Hannibal, have you ever used it?" Goku asked. Hannibal shook his head no as he realized he needed a fresh cigar. "Face." Hannibal said, out of habit, reaching behind him. He expected to feel a fresh cigar being out into his hand and hear a sly remark, but his hand remained empty and the silence thickened around them in a dense fog.

Hannibal put his hand back down and looked at the ground a second. He couldn't believe how much he missed Face, or the way everything had changed since Face had died. He also realized old habits really did die hard.

"Sorry Goku. Can't teach an old colonel new tricks." Hannibal apologized. "Hey man, we all miss him, which means you can't teach an old team new tricks. Well, not without a Faceman that is." BA said and Hannibal smiled as he looked at Goku. "Never used it, just thought of it." Hannibal replied to Goku's earlier question. Goku nodded.

"Go ahead. Try it out on me." Goku said. "What? Hey man, The jazz is bad enough. You might not make it through this one." BA protested to Goku as Hannibal stood nearby, smiling, missing not only Face but his cigar too. Goku chuckled.

"Don't worry BA, I'll use my max power shield. It would protect anyone under it from the atomic bomb." Goku said and BA nodded okay, as he moved out of the way. He stood back, hoping Goku's theory would hold up as well as his shield.

Hannibal began to power up, glowing a bright blue as his body steamed with his power. Goku powered up and formed a yellowish white shield. Hannibal closed his eyes and concentrated some of his blue power to is finger tips. The he moved his hands closer together and were almost immediately surrounded by blue and yellow streaks of KI induced lightning.

The electric grew into a basketball in a second, and as an amazed Goku and BA watched, it suddenly formed into a human-like form, almost like a shadow made of blue smoke. Hannibal opened his eyes and yelling, hurled the form towards Goku. Goku saw it coming at him and braced for impact. The form hit Goku's shield and nearly knocked him down.

He held himself up and pushed back against the force of it, which lasted longer than he expected. It began to ease and loose it's strength, and Goku realized the only reason it didn't destroy him was because he'd boosted into a Super Saiyan at the last moment.

A normal fighter, such as Vegeta had no chance of blocking it. Finally, it was safe and Goku let his shield fizzle out. Falling debris flew around, and a few rocks conked Goku in the head. He didn't feel it, he was too excited about the power Hannibal had just proved he had.

"Wow Hannibal, that was amazing!" Goku exclaimed. "See, I toll ya the Jazz was dangerous." BA said, and Hannibal laughed. "It's powerful Hannibal. BA's right, But does it have a name?" Goku asked as another stone conked him on the head. He blinked and watched as the colonel smiled and looked at BA.

"In the jazz's wake." Hannibal replied, and BA shook his head smiling as he looked into the colonel's eyes. He saw the jazz looking back at him, and he was secretly glad. Like Face, he knew that meant a plan was forming.


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