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by Georgia Bentz (a.k.a. Flight o'Fancy)










Murdock was sitting in his room at the VA.  He was so angry and confused.  His Team had gone to Langley to work for that man Stockwell.  He needed to go to them.  *But how?* asked Murdock to himself.  *Face ain't here to break me out*. Suddenly a light went on inside his head.  He snapped his fingers, danced a little jig and started packing. 


Quickly he wrote a note to Doctor Richter thanking him for all the

counseling and advice he'd given him, for the past years. He grabbed his big bag, grabbed his hat and jacket, grabbed the unblown up half of Bogey, called for Billy and was soon out the window.  With the alarm going off full force, Murdock took a bus to Langley Virginia.  He decided he needed to find a job first, then track the guys' whereabouts. 


He found himself a temporary place to stay with the money he'd gotten out of one of his many accounts, from the different jobs he'd gone on with the Team.  He found a job as a dog catcher.  On a temporary basis of course.  He would have much rather had the privilege of having a temporary flying job, but next to flying planes he liked to be able to help out animals in need.  A week later, he'd stumbled upon the guys' whereabouts.  Quite by accident. 


He had gone walking and must have walked further then he'd intended.  He didn't know how he'd found them, but he had.  He heard their voices in a what seemed a tree enshrouded compound.  He strained a little bit and found that it was them.  BA was yelling at Frankie, and growling

at having to be summoned to Stockwell. 


Grinning at himself, he went back home.  The next day with his dog van full of dogs, he hopped out at the front of the compound.  Guards

stopped him of course.  He just hopped out of the van, grabbed some leashes and started to snap on the leashes of about forty dogs.  He had a way with animals and was sure that he if he told them to stay they would, until the next part of his plan went into action. 


He glared as menacingly as he could at the guards, and pointed the forty or so dogs at them.  He growled too, and so did some of the dogs as if

they'd accepted him as leader of the pack or something.  He inwardly grinned at himself.  "Now let me pass or these dogs'll tear your legs off.  Got it Chubby?"  He pointed to a guard with a protruding belly. 


The man backed off called all the Abels off, and Murdock arrived at the front door. He told the dogs to stay outside, and sauntered inside to the living room. 


Looking up from their 'serious discussion' he ignored Stockwell's glare and focused his attention on his CO and everyone he cared about.  Hannibal started talking.  "So how'd you escape Murdock?"  "Yeah."  Face piped up.  As they all surrounded him.  He sank to the arm of the couch, he wrapped his arms around himself, and he looked down at the ground.  "Well, uh, I didn't actually escape....I, uh, I was declared sane.  Yep.  This ol' noggin's finally normal." 


"Great.  Frankie piped up.  He can stay with us, and sleep in my room."  Just then Stockwell interrupted.  "This is not a fraternity.  He will need to find his own place to live, and to work."  Murdock smiled again.  He thought to himself *If I keep smiling they won't know anything, and I can just keep what I know to myself*. 


"Well it's okay I've got my own apartment and I've already got a job."  "Oh really?"  Face asked.  "Yeah what is it?" Asked Hannibal.  "Yeh Foo' give."  Grumbled BA.  "I help dogs who ain't got no place to go, and ain't got no place to hang up their collars."  He whistled, and suddenly the doors opened and forty dogs came rushing into the house. Some landing on the carpet, and some ending up on the couch.


Much to Stockwell's disgust.  He got up straightened himself, and was about to exit when the sounds of growls and barks erupted.  Not friendly curious barks mind you, those barks meant that if Stockwell and Carla wanted to leave the Team alone for a while, they'd have to leave at least a part of his clothing or at least an appendage behind.  Sitting back down, Stockwell spoke again.  "Captain Murdock get rid of these dogs immediately." 


Grinning again Murdock asked. "Oh come on General don't you want to have a nice puppy to have around?  He'll keep you company.  Oh come now how can you resist that face and them eyes?  Them sad puppy dog eyes."  Protruding his lower lip out, Murdock made a puppy dog look himself.  He picked up a small dog, and held it up to the general's face.  Making the dog frightened.  The poor dog promptly relieved himself on the general's pant leg.


Causing the rest of the Team to burst into hysterical laughter. Frankie too.  That caused Murdock to laugh out loud as well. "Seems that dog doesn't like what you're doing to the Team General." 


"Out! Get Out Captain Murdock.  Take those filthy mongrels with you. Or else I shall have my Abels in here and they shall get rid of them for me.  UNDERSTOOD?!  Do I make myself clear?"  Murdock faked politeness and answered the general.  "As clear as Mud General.  Can't you enjoy a joke once in a while?"  Murdock asked.  Seeing the murderous look in Stockwell's eyes Murdock spoke again.  "Guess not." He whistled, and soon he and the pack were gone. 


Wiping his pant leg down with a wet cloth, Stockwell was unprepared for Murdock's entrance again an hour later.  That's when Stockwell spoke again.  "All right.  Captain Murdock may stay on as a member of the Team.  But he shall do things my way.  If he does not comply I shall be forced to terminate him from my services and he shall have no defenses for the outside world." 


"Hey come on this is not the Mafia General."  Interrupted Hannibal.  "Yeah." Chorused four other voices.  Stockwell spoke again, and issued a few rules.  "This is my Organization it shall be run my way.  IT is My Way or the highway.  Got that Captain?"  He glared over at Murdock.  Murdock glared back. 


"Duly noted." Sighed Murdock.  Sticking out his tongue and making an awful face at the General.  Stockwell continued speaking.  "I expect you to really find a place to live, and to come to me when I call for you.  To come willingly when I personally send for you, and you shall not disobey orders.  Am I understood?" 


Glancing over at Hannibal and the others, Murdock quickly agreed.  "Good.  Go house hunting.  In Fact....CARLA!!!!  Dutifully Carla appeared.  "Yes General?"  She asked.  Not looking at anybody but him.   "See that Captain Murdock has an adequate apartment.  Is that understood?"  "Yes General.  I'll get right on it."


Clicking her high-heels against the linoleum Carla walked away and returned a few minutes later with a newspaper.  "Here is the housing section Captain."  She handed the paper to him, and he opened it.  He perused the page, then glanced up at Stockwell.  "Uh thanks but no thanks.  This Muchacho don't take handouts.  Not from a stinky general like yourself.


I'll find myself my own apartment thank you."  He turned to the guys and went out of the compound.  He went all throughout the city, and finally found an apartment within walking distance of everything.  Including the Team.  He was quite satisfied, and went to get his stuff from his hotel room. 


He unpacked, and then went to relay his good news to the guys.  He walked to the compound, and this time he got inside without any problems.  The Team rejoiced with him and soon Stockwell entered the living room again.  Seeing Murdock he raised his eyebrows. 


Murdock raised his eyebrows too.  "Sir."  He mockingly said. Stockwell mockingly asked. "Have you found an establishment already?" "What?  And disobey a direct order from you General?" Questioned Murdock mockingly.  "Yep.  Found a great one...."


His voice trailed off as Stockwell spoke once more.  "I see it is within walking distance of everything, not in a bad neighborhood.  Is a bit questionable looking wise.  Surely with all the rewards you've gotten you could have something a little more upscale?"  Resisting the urge to punch the general until the general was no longer breathing, Murdock calmly schooled his features to a calm look, and nodded.  Stockwell continued. "Good neighborhood though.  I commend you on your choice." 


Then turning to the others, he told them their first mission.  Of course Murdock went.  If only grudgingly.  It was a success of course.  Murdock smiled at himself. The Team was finally reunited.  No matter how horrible it'd be to work for Stockwell, Murdock knew that no matter what the Team could withstand anything. 


He settled back into his seat in the back of the plane.  His only regret was that he wasn't flying.  But things would change later.  He was sure Hannibal would employ him to fly them in some missions.  No matter what Stockwell decreed.  He closed his eyes and smiled at himself.  He wasn't happy to be sure of these arrangements.  But with the Team around they'd all survive despite Stockwell.





DOGGONE by Georgia Bentz



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