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It Figures

It Figures

by Stiney


Rating: R, light slash

Disclaimer: The boys don't belong to me:(

Summary: Little ditty about Jack and Dianne... no wait Face and Murdock. :)

Authors Note: Snowy thank you SO MUCH for the Beta on the story. It

helped a bunch!:)




Murdock had begged Face constantly for the last few

days to take him to the new arcade/miniature golf

course. He knew Face would be bored to tears, but then

again Face could never tell him no. As soon as they

got there Murdock bounced off towards the arcade while

Face got the stuff for golf. After running out of

quarters, Murdock went to see if Face was ready. He

walked out and saw Face at the counter. He started to

move towards his friend when two girls a few feet away

from Face, leering at the blond like two hungry

wolves, distracted him


"Jesus, Lorene, look at that blonde up there. Damn,

what a hunka dunka." The brunette giggled.


Her redheaded friend smiled broadly. "Gee, I'd like me

a piece of that. Look at that great ass."


Murdock stood listening to the girls trying not to



The brunette sighed. "Damn, I bet he'd be a good



Lorene shook her head in agreement. "Beth! Oh Lord,

he's walking this way!"


Face smiled at the two girls that stood in front of

Murdock. Their faces flushed red at the



"Ready, Love?" Face said handing Murdock one of the



Murdock shook his head and slipped an arm around

Face's waist. He looked back at the two girls, shook

his head and said before walking off. "A very good

ride indeed."


The girls stood staring, turning an even brighter

shade of red before looking at each other and saying

in unison. "It figures!"


The End

It Figures by Stiney



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