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REFUSAL TO GIVE IN (sort of a sequel to Langley)

REFUSAL TO GIVE IN (sort of a sequel to Langley)











Stockwell was angry with the Team. After he'd gotten the

Crystal Skull back, had given it to the President, who had

given it to Fasheed, for his museum, he took them all home.

He sternly faced them, and said "Like I said over the radio,

no more easy missions." Hannibal cut in, "All those other

"missions", you've sent us on, have not been a piece of

cake, General." "I think you're full of smoke anyway...."

"Pardon us?" "Why would you want to?" "How would you be

able to, function without your 'precious A-Team'?" The

General flushed at that comment, and said "Quiet!!!!"

"First of all, I shall not be talked to this way, second of

all, you are all under house arrest." "You all may not

leave this house, unless you are all, told to do so." "By

either me personally, or Carla." "Aw Man, and I had a date

with, Trisha and Leisie", came Face's, and Frankie's voices.



Telling of, the two women who occasionally sidetracked the

two, and with whom they'd gone on a skiing trip with.

Stockwell answered ,"You shall have to postpone the dates

until further notice." "Also, you shall have no more

vacations." "NO VACATIONS, AND HOUSE ARREST." Stockwell

continued, "Gentlemen, now that we have discussed this

thing, I take my leave." "Go jump off a bridge", spoke up

Murdock. He hadn't had a decent sleep in days, so he was a

little on the snarly side. "Mr. Murdock...." But for once

the general failed to make out any threats against the

captain. He just left him alone now adays seeing as the

Captain almost ruined his stand in with his men. Carla

smiled triumphantly and left too. Leaving the room with

five angry men. "No more vacations?", asked a perturbed

Face. "We haven't even had a decent vacation Johnny", spoke

up Frankie. Murdock spoke, "My boss is gonna wonder why I

haven't turned in my fortune cookie fortunes." "I know

Guys, I know", said their leader. B.A. spoke up "If we don'

have a vacation soon, I'monna en' up almos' as crazy, as



Murdock rolled his eyes at that comment.

Hannibal spoke again, "I get your points guys." "I'm fed up

with not having a decent vacation too." "But give me a few

days, and I'll let you know what I've come up with...." He

puffed on his ever present cigar. Soon he had an idea. But

every time he wanted to share the "idea" with his men, they

were either kept apart and busy, or everyone was asleep.

And Stockwell kept watching them like a hawk. Finally the

next morning, Hannibal almost shared his plan. He said "Hey

guys?" They all looked expectantly at him. "Yeah

Colonel?", asked Murdock. Hannibal looked around, made sure

that General Stockwell wasn't lurking any where close by,

and said "I've got a plan." "I know how we can get a decent

vacation, and hide it from Stockwell." "Hide what from

Me?", came an obnoxious voice. "Hide something from you



"Never in a million years", replied Hannibal.

Stockwell replied, "I should hope not Colonel." "If you do,

I will have to deal with you and your men most severely."

"Including Captain Murdock, who insists on being a part of

us." Murdock rolled his eyes at the general, and in a

childlike spite towards the man, stuck out his tongue.

While the general's back was turned to him. Frankie started

to laugh, his hand over his mouth. Face saw the tongue, and

added the ears to his own act of sticking out his tongue

too, Hannibal calmly sat there with coffee in hand, reading

the newspaper, like he never noticed a thing. While B.A.,

just grumbled about his friends, and life in general.

Suddenly the general whipped around, but everyone was

behaving himself. Or so it seemed. He shook his head, and

sat down.


He asked for the front page, which Hannibal

readily gave him, while Murdock read his Woody Woodpecker

comic books, and started to laugh. Frankie reading over

Murdock's shoulder started to snicker too. The general

looked up, first of all, he did not like humor. Unless it

came from his own mouth, and second of all....Grown men

laughing over a comic book? How ridiculous. He shushed

them with one look on his face, and the laughter subsided.

Then he started reading the Sports Page. Soon Hannibal

passed a message to the guy sitting next to him, which just

so happened to be B.A.. B.A. handed the note to Face, who

handed the note to Murdock, who handed it to Frankie.





RIGHTFUL VACATION AT LAST". The guys all looked at each

other, with smiles evident in their eyes, they were careful

not to let their excitement overflow in the presence of the

rigid general though. One by one, five minutes after the

last one had gotten up, all the men trooped outside.

Hannibal was the last to complete the little group. He

showed them the "surprise", and their eyes widened. It was

a helicopter. A big one. Big enough to fit all five, plus

some parachutes and five suitcases, some food if they

wanted, and enough room to walk around in. Face asked "Uh

Hannibal, where'd you get this?"


"I played a scam of my

own." "Let's just say I've learned from the master of

cons." "I'll take that as a compliment", beamed Face.

Everyone groaned at the comment. They also knew they

couldn't use it immediately, and it was a good thing too,

because Stockwell kept them busy with other things,

including helping Michael Angelo with some experiments.

Which quickly stopped when Murdock, and Frankie burned the

laboratory halfway down. They had apologized of course, but

Stockwell was still angry. He ordered them into the garden.

They'd of course hidden the helicopter, and so as Murdock

and Frankie worked in the garden, they went to the

helicopter's hiding place, and left personal items in it.

As would the rest of the guys.


Finally it was time to put

their plan in action, while B.A. cut off all the power to

the complicated security system, they would all get into the

helicopter, and take off, while tape recordings, and dummies

were in their beds, pretending that all were where they were

supposed to be. That night, after making sure that

Stockwell was indeed asleep, and all the guards had been

knocked out, the five headed to the helicopter, popped in

five parachutes, and five suitcases. And all got in.

Except they had to drag B.A. in, after they'd knocked him

out. Murdock got into the cockpit turned on the controls,

and headed towards Stockwell's little takeoff strip. Then

he took off into the air, speaking into his

microphone/headseat, he said "This is your captain speaking,

thanks fer flyin' Miracle Air." "The only airline, where

Lady Luck, is your co-pilot." "Keep all trays in the

upright position, and keep your seatbelts on, until the

seatbelt light goes off, have a nice day Gentlemen." As

they made their way into the air, there was a disturbance

throughout the Stockwell Mansion. Stockwell had of course

heard the helicopter take off, and he was frantic. Had his

men escaped?


He wanted to make sure, he called for Carla,

and they investigated each and every one's room. Finally

they got to Hannibal's room, and knocked. Tripping the

recorder into saying "Well hello General." "Thought we were

gone eh?" "Would we ever disobey you General?" "I mean

come on, you should know us better then that." The voice

broke off into some hysterical laughing, which sounded like

Murdock. But the general was not fooled for one second. He

was enraged. They had gone against his orders once again.

Just wait until he got his hands on them. Meanwhile in the

air, Face turned to his friend/leader. He said "Hannibal,

you know Stockwell's not going to be fooled, he'll come

after us." "I know Face, I know." "But we'll at least have

some fun, until General Stockwell catches up with us."

"Let's see...." "Where would you all like to go?" B.A. had

woken up by then, but he was unusually calm. He didn't

breathe any words of threats against his Team for "tricking"

him on a helicopter, he just knew that, for now, he was out

of Stockwell's clutches.


He smiled, and turned his

attention to both Hannibal and Face. They were scrutinizing

a map. He took off his seatbelt, and looked over the map

with them. They looked up, and Hannibal grinned. He asked,

"Well Sergeant, how does it feel to be away from Stockwell?"

"I mean for the time being." "Feel's jus' fine Hann'bal."

"Jus' fine." Just then Frankie sauntered into the back of

the plane. He said "I have to get Murdock a drink." The

other three nodded, and they continued to scrutininze over

the map. Finally they decided on a place. A deserted

island off the coast of Cancun. Nobody lived on it, and

they could just sit back, and enjoy a little R&R. Or so

they hoped.


Meanwhile back in Virginia.......... Stockwell

was grinning at himself. He said "Well they thought they

could fool me Carla." "But I am not such an idiot." "I

have put in their suitcases homing devices." "They will be

in the most trouble, when I get finished with them." "Mark

my words Carla, when I am through with them, they will beg

me to be easy on them, and I will not be...." His voice

trailed off, while Ms. Toomes said "You're a genius General

Stockwell." "Thank you Carla." "I already know, that I am

a genius." "However, thank you all the same." "Now to

track down my men, and interrupt their "little vacation"."

He laughed maniacally, and called for his private jet.

Meanwhile on the island off the coast of Cancun, all five

men were basking in the sun's rays. Murdock took to

exploring the island, with Frankie reluctantly in tow.

While Hannibal, and B.A. built little shelters to sleep in.



They'd hidden the helicopter, but not before they took all

their belongings out, and their weapons. As Hannibal had

said "Just in case they're needed Guys." Everyone had

nodded, and the personal items were put in the correct huts.

Suddenly Murdock, and Frankie came running out of the bushes

with scared looks on their faces. "Colonel, Colonel", came

Murdock's voice, while Frankie screamed "Johnny, Johnny."

"What's all the commotion Fellas?" "Look Colonel", came

Murdock's urgent voice. "It's a spear, so what?", asked

Face coming up behind Hannibal. "It's a fresh spear

Johnny", said Frankie who was terrified. "It came shootin'

at Frank an' me while we was explorin' the land." "Calm

down guys, calm down." "You're way too excited." "You're

getting all hysterical about nothing." "Remember last time

we were on an island?"


Frankie snickered "Yeah, and the

people thought Murdock was a god." Murdock glared at him,

and Frankie backed off. Murdock spoke, "Yeah, I remember

that." "Well they were nice people Colonel." "But I doubt

these people are very nice." Hannibal answered, "Maybe, we

can try to reason with them." But Face and B.A. were

adamant. B.A. growled "There goes our vacation Faceman."

"No, our vacation is not going out the window, because of

some native tribal people", remarked Face. "At least not

yet", continued Hannibal. "What do you mean by that

Hannibal?", asked Face.


Hannibal continued, "Besides if we

make peace with them, and they let us stay on the island, we

can have our vacation time, before Stockwell ruins it."

"Let me think for a few minutes." "Face ya got any cigars,

oh and a light too?" "Have I ever failed you oh fearless

leader?", asked an insulted Face (who never left home

without Hannibal's precious cigars, or cigarette lighter).

He handed a cigar, and the lighter to Hannibal, who grinned,

bit the end off the cigar and lit it. As he puffed away,

Murdock and Frankie went fishing, and looking for shells.

Frankie went fishing, and Murdock went looking for shells,

to add to his collection in his room. Finally Hannibal had

a plan. He called his friends (who also doubled for his

men, when they were under Stockwell's scrutinizing eyes), to



When they were all gathered to him, they saw that his

eyes were shining bright, and that he was grinning from ear

to ear. Everyone (just three who actually knew what it

meant), saw the look and three of them started to groan.

While Frankie asked "Huh?" "What's wrong wit' your face

Johnny?" "Looks like it's on fire or somethin'." Face

whispered "This look, is what we affectionately called the

Jazz." "Once he's on the Jazz, there's nothing that can

stop him." "We've been thrown into some scary situations

because of it." "But miraculously we've never been killed."

The two turned their attention back to Hannibal, whose eyes

and face were still all aglow. He said "Everyone I've got a

plan." Face said "Here we go gents." Murdock said,

"Colonel, if you're plannin' to team us up with someone, I'd

rather be with B.A." "So would I", agreed Face. Frankie

said "I'll go with ya Johnny." "That's a stupid move

friend", whispered Murdock.


Frankie asked, "Why?" Murdock

answered, "'Cause Colonel's dangerous when he's on the

Jazz." "I still wanna go wit' Johnny." B.A., Murdock, and

Face, all shook their heads at Frankie. Would he never

learn? But Hannibal continued with his plan, as if he'd

never been interrupted. "We find out where their village

is, we make peace with them, have fun, and when Stockwell

catches up with us, we'll be well rested, and ready to do

more stupid, I mean more suicide missions for him." "I

believe you were right the first time, when you said Stupid

missions Hannibal", said Face. Hannibal continued, "Anyway,

does that sound like a good idea to you guys?" Nobody said

a thing, but for once it didn't sound like anybody was going

to get hurt. So they all nodded their approval. Hannibal

continued, "Good, now that we're all agreed, let's go."

They grabbed a couple of weapons between them, and headed



But not before B.A., found the homing device in his

suitcase. He ran up to Hannibal (before they had all

started off), and said "Colonel, come look a' dhis thang."

"What is it B.A.?" "It's a homin' device." Everyone

checked in their suitcases, and they found the same things.

They threw them all in the ocean, and then they finally

started off on their own mission. Meanwhile somewhere up in

the air, in Stockwell's private jet.... "General Stockwell,

we have lost the transmissions." Stockwell asked, "What?"

"Did you get an exact pinpoint, on where they might be?"

"Yes Sir, somewhere in Cancun." "Cancun?" "Yes General,

somewhere in Cancun." Stockwell who was angry said, "All

right, all right, we shall send Abels 12, and 22 out to

Cancun, to round up my AWOL Team." A lackey answered,

"Right Sir." He called two lovely agents into his office.

Alicia and Maxine. Also known as Abels "12" and "22". He

smiled and said "As you may have heard, my Team has gone

AWOL." The ladies nodded their heads. "You have been

assigned to bring them back to me again." "I believe they

are in Cancun." "Will they not be hard to convince to

return?" "Especially that Murdock guy?", asked Maxine.



"Perhaps, but with your beauty and charms combined, I am

quite confident that you will be successful." "Bring back

my Team." "That is all Ladies." "Happy Hunting." The

ladies smiled, and they were off on their hunt.

Meanwhile...... The A-Team, and Frankie had all found the

village, and they were almost instantly welcomed by the

chief. They showed them the spear, and the chief took it.

He ( had been taught English by missionaries, and spoke in

broken English, but everyone understood him) said, "I sorry,

it look like it belong son." "Son, Son, where son?" The

son appeared, and the chief introduced him as "This is

Timalakaluwa." "Also people know as Teema." "Well that's

very interesting Chief." He turned to his friends, and said

"Hey guys, meet Chief Toomatuma, and his son Teema."

Everyone said hello. Then Hannibal asked "Is it all right

if we stay on your island?" "I have to warn you though,

some guy, by the name of Stockwell's gonna catch up with us

sooner or later, and you might not want us to stay." "Stay

as long as like." "What Stockwell want for you?" "We are

his employees, but we escaped, to vacation here." "Only

he's very mad at us now." The chief crinkled his brows and asked,

"Mad?" "What mean mad?"


Hannibal answered, " Not happy, Chief, he is not happy with

us." Chief Toomtuma answered, "Ahhh." "Well he does come,

we make farewell feast you." "For all men." Chief

Toomatuma said, "Stay in Chief hut." Hannibal answered, "If

you don't mind Chief, we made shelters on the beach." The

Chief answewred, "I no mind." "I glad visitors come to

Tawakanawkwa." "Enjoy time on beautiful island." "Goodbye,

many pleasantries." He bowed, and everyone bowed back at

him. They about-faced and left the village. Once on the

beach, everyone high-fived each other. "YYYYEEESSSS!!!!",

screeched Frankie. "Johnny's plan worked." "Did you have

any doubt?", asked Murdock.


"Naw, I'm just not used to

seein' Johnny that way." "Well, now that we're free?",

questioned the lieutenant. Hannibal answered, "Do whatever

you want guys." "Hang around here, mix in with the tribe,

whatever you want." "We're free for now at least."

Meanwhile...... Agents 12, and 22 called Stockwell on a

nearby phone. Agent 12 said, "They're not in Cancun

General." Stockwell yelled, "What?" "They must be there,

the signal pointed to there, before the homing devices went

dead." Stockwell continued, "YOU LADIES ARE INCOMPETENT

FOOLS." Agent 12 replied, "Yes, General." "Goodbye

General." "We'll keep looking for them and keep you

posted." Stockwell said, "Well you had better, or else...."

He slammed down the phone. The Abels looked at each other,

and shrugged. They doggedly kept looking. Meanwhile back

on the Island.... Hannibal lazily puffed his cigar, and sat

with his hands on his folded knees. He looked as the sun

set, and wondered what General Stockwell was thinking, about

the Team's newest escapade. He probably wasn't too happy

when they sneaked out on him in the middle of the night, he

thought to himself.


Then he quietly said to himself "Well

he deserves it, he's a slimeball if I ever saw one, and he

hasn't let us have a decent vacation for over a year." Soon

everyone came back to the campsite. Face with two women,

whom the chief had said he could escort to the camp. But

they had to be back by dawn, for the tribe's routine. Face

said "I promise they'll be back Chief." The chief nodded,

and let them go. Face said "For dinner, I've brought two

guests." "Lala, and Lingseia." "Sisters." "They have to

go back though." "Pity." "Yes pity Lieutenant." Hannibal

said, "Nice to meet you ladies." "They uh, unfortunately

don't speak English." "But I'm sure if I had enough time

with them...." He gave a nervous laugh, and soon Frankie

and Murdock returned from their fishing venture. Murdock

and Frankie were introduced to the two ladies, and the

ladies nodded when they heard the names. Soon the ladies

had to go back, and they were escorted personally by Face of

course. When he came back, he said "Ah this is the life, so

carefree, nobody to have to report to, and nobody breathing

down our necks about what kind of "missions" to do." "That

Stockwell's a chump", remarked Murdock. "Yeah", said

Santana. "If it wasn't because of my dad's pension checks,

I wouldn't be here." "I should never have signed on wit'



"Oh come now, and look on the bright side Frankie,

you met the rest of us", remarked Hannibal. "I mean me you

knew from before." "But you met everyone else." "That's

the only good thing", said Frankie. "I mean, what would

have happened if I'd never met you or the other guys?"

"You'd probably be down in the dungeon workin' with Michael

Angelo", remarked Murdock. "No food, almost no water, 'cept

to keep him alive." "Yeah", everyone else agreed. "That

poor guy, we should have gotten him out too", remarked Face.

"Maybe next time Lieutenant", commented Hannibal. All of a

sudden there was a megaphone above them saying "There won't

be a next time Gentlemen."


It was Stockwell. "He's found

us guys", came Hannibal's voice, above the megaphone and the

sound of the airplane. They all got their stuff, and headed

on board. But not before they put out their fire, and said

farewell to the tribe, and especially to the Chief. They

promised to return, and then they all climbed in. Once in,

General Stockwell sternly faced them. "What is the meaning

of this?" "I tell you that you can no longer go on any

vacations, without my say-so, and you all up and disappear?"

"Is it a crime to go on a little vacation, away from you

Stockwell?", asked Hannibal. "I mean come on, you're not

our babysitter." "We're grown men, and you know full well

we deserved that vacation." "I am not sorry about what I

did." "What we did", corrected Face. "What we did then",

continued Hannibal. "But as usual you come and get us",

spoke up Murdock.


The general, and the pilot stared each

other down. General Stockwell sighed, and said "I've said

it before, and I'll say it again, you are a free man Mr.

Murdock." "You may do as you like, but if you insist on

staying at my house, under my roof you must do as I say."

"Even if you are working at your new jobs, and I want you,

you will come to me immediately." "Just drop everything,

and come to ya like a dog?", asked Murdock standing up, and

walking over to the general's desk, which was in the middle

of the plane. "Not a dog per se'." "You are not a dog Mr.

Murdock." "You are very respected among your colleagues."

"Yeah, and ya don't respect me at all." "Well isn't that an

interestin' turn of events." "Captain, will you please sit

down?", asked the General.


Murdock grudgingly obediently

sat back down, next to Frankie. He glowered in the

general's direction, but the general ignored him. He turned

back to Hannibal, B.A., Face, and Frankie, and continued his

tirade. Hannibal said "Like I said, I'm not sorry for what

we did." Stockwell asked, "Do you realize, that I shall

have to punish you and your men in someway." Hannibal

replied, "Yeah, kinda keeps things interesting." "You

punish, we escape." "Keeps us young and on our toes

General." "Anything else?" For once the general was

speechless. He shook his head, at the commander of the

notorious team, he had "rescued" from certain death, and he

had also been responsible for them being thought of as

murderers. But not a word or a comeback could he think of.

Finally he said "I have nothing further to say, until we get

home." "I am retiring to my cabin, in the rear of the

plane." "Do as you would like, only do not let Mr. Murdock

get control of this aircraft, and turn us around."

"Dismissed." They all nodded, and Hannibal calmly puffed on

his cigar. "Wow Johnny, you rendered the general speechless

for once", commented Frankie. "I know." "Isn't it great?",

asked Hannibal. Everyone nodded approvingly. Once back in

Virginia, Stockwell again chewed them out. But in the

middle of his tirade, everyone trooped to their rooms. The

general angrily shut his mouth, and plotted the punishment

of these men.


"I shall have a guard assigned to them

twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, if they try to

escape they shall die." "For the notorious ladies' men, I

shall have a different distraction, for them both." "Abels

12 & 22, please report to my office." "Abels 12 & 22,

please report to my office." Presently two women appeared

outside his door. They knocked and he bid them to enter,

once in he bid them to sit down. They did so, and he spoke.

"Ladies I have another assignment for you two." "That is if

you do not screw it up this time." "We won't General, you

can count on us", said Abel #12 (Alicia). While Abel #22

(Maxine) only nodded her head. "I should hope not." "I am

assigning you both to Mr. Peck, and Mr. Santana." At the

mention of Frankie's name, the ladies groaned. Abel #12

turned to Abel #22 and said, "You take Mr. Santana, Maxine."

"No way Alicia, you take Frankie." "I want Face." "I'd

much rather have Murdock", groaned Alicia.


"But since he's

not in the lineup, I'd rather have Face, thank you very

much." "Fine we'll draw pencils." She took a long pencil,

and a short pencil from her pocket. The two covered their

eyes looked away, and drew. Whoever got the short pencil

took Frankie. Alicia and Maxine uncovered their eyes.

Maxine got Frankie, and Alicia got Face. They thanked the

general, and went to wait for their subjects to appear.

Meanwhile back in his office, the general pondered what

Alicia had said about Murdock. True he didn't often get the

girl, but he occasionally did. Well there might be

something to it. He grinned, and called his very special

Abel. Abel #53.


She was talented, she was beautiful

(although Alicia, and Maxine weren't that bad looking

either), and she had a soft spot for Murdock. So he called

her in. Talica strode in, when she had been called for and

asked "Yes General?" Talica, that is Abel #53, how would

you like to "guard", H.M. Murdock?" Talica's eyes lit up.

She was very professional, but the general didn't miss the

glint in her eyes. He smiled, surely Murdock could not

resist such an inviting creature as she. And maybe he would

think better of the general. He said "Well the assignment

is all yours, although I fail to see what is so attractive

about him." "If I may so General, you are not a woman."

"Murdock, as you call him, is someone you could get

comfortable with, not just as a friend I suppose."

"Although I am sure you could lay bare your soul to him, I

am thinking of his eyes to be sure they are very brown, you

could almost, get lost in them..." Her voice trailed off,

and she lowered her eyes, after saying so much to the

general. "Of course", replied the general. "Well Abel #53

you are dismissed.


"Thank you General." She strode out,

while General Stockwell made arrangements for guards for the

other two. To the two others, he had guards outside their

door day and night. As soon as Hannibal found out about it

he stormed the general's door. He asked "Why do you have

guards for B.A., and I while my other three men, and friends

mind you, have the women." "It is as I want it to be

Colonel Smith." "Dismissed." "No, I have more to say

General Stockwell." "You are dismissed Colonel Smith, I

have nothing to say to you." "You are dismissed, good bye

Colonel Smith."


Not getting anything from the general,

Hannibal stormed out, and sought out Face, Murdock, and

Frankie. Once they were told of the charade of the three

women, the three men got up, and left them. They followed

Hannibal to his room, while the three agents stealthily

followed the men. Once they caught up with the guards, who

were following Hannibal, they all ended up back at

Hannibal's room. He knew that there were people following,

and he stood his ground, waiting for a fight. But then he

changed his mind, and entered his room. Once he was with

his men, he looked around the room. Hannibal said, "We've

gotta get our pardons, and quick." "This Stockwell guy's

driving me nuts." "Now how do you suppose we go about

getting our pardons?" "Any volunteers?" "I am going to

come with something, even if it kills me." Hannibal asked

Face for a cigar, and once handed to him, he lit it. He

puffed on it thoughtfully. But he was stumped. He sent his

men out, and they purposefully ignored the guards. Even

B.A. growled a warning causing the guards to not get too



Several camped outside the Team's doors, and they

did so, until Stockwell was convinced they were behaving

themselves. Once convinced (several days later), he told

them to come into the living room. He looked at them, and

said "Gentlemen, I have a mission for you." "Are you

ready?" "Aren't we always?", asked Face. "We're prepared

whether or not we want to be." "Fine, but listen to me."

"This is a dangerous assignment." "So dangerous, you might

not come back alive." "Or you will be lost in the jungles

forever." "The jungles?", asked Frankie, his eyes widening.

"The jungles", countered the general. "I am having my

personal pilot fly you to Curaguay." Face pointed out, "Hey

that's where Tawnia and Brian live."


Stockwell replied,

"Yes, but you will not be in the deep part of the jungle,

like she is." "You will be in the outermost parts." "Your

assignment is, whether you accept it or not, is this: "There

in the jungle lives a band of people." "There are

headhunters, cannibals, and all sorts of unknowns out

there." "They have something I want." "Don't people

always?", asked Face. "It is something of value, kind of

like the crystal skull, only it shall be in my possession,

in my own museum if you will." "It is a chest." "A chest

full of silver, and trinkets." "They are from the Mayans."

"However in 560 B.C., the chest was stolen." "Legend has

it, that the day the chest was stolen, was the day the Mayan

Empire crumbled." "Am I making myself clear?"


"You want us

to risk our necks, possibly our lives, for the sake of a

rotting chest filled with silver and trinkets", remarked

Hannibal. "Can you get any more cruel?", asked Face. "To

be sure Gentlemen, I am thinking of your safety." "That's a

first", remarked Murdock. To which the general shot the

captain a murderous glare. Which Murdock returned with full

force. Stockwell answered, "You are dismissed Gentlemen."

Stockwell continued, "Good day, you will start your mission

tomorrow." "Do I make myself clear?" "Almost transparently

clear", said Hannibal rising. "Let's get packed Guys."

B.A. spoke, "I ain' flyin'." "You're going to have to make

a decision Sergeant, fly willingly, or else...", said

Hannibal to his trustworthy friend, besides Murdock, Face,

and Frankie. "O'e'se you guys gonna knock me out?", asked

B.A., getting right to the point. Murdock piped up just

then, "'Course not Big Guy." "We'll just, um leave 'ya

here", promised Murdock winking at the others.


They all

caught on, and nodded. The next day at breakfast....

Everyone ate some eggs, only B.A.'s were a little different.

They crushed sleeping pills into his mound of eggs. He

looked around the table and started to say "Mmm them eggs is

goo...." Only he fell asleep right in his own mound of

eggs. Everyone made sure he wouldn't wake up, and finished

the rest of their breakfast. After breakfast they drove to

Stockwell's own private airstrip, and got into his other

special aircraft with Stockwell's personal pilot, flying

them. Which stopped soon enough, because Murdock gained

control of everything. With B.A. peacefully snoring in one

of the seats, and Face sitting right beside him, they made

the journey to the jungles. Once they landed, and Stockwell

had flown to back to Virginia, they secured a vehicle, and

drove to their designated hideout. In a seedy looking

hotel. "Very impressive", said Face who was being

sarcastic. "It's quaint", said Hannibal, puffing on one of

his many cigars.


Once in their assigned room, they laid the

still sleeping sergeant on one of the beds, and got

themselves ready. Suddenly B.A. woke up. He was very

upset. He started screaming "I WAS ON A PLANE WA'N'T I?".

The four others came around him, and he spied Murdock. He

grabbed onto Murdock's shirt, and he screamed again "AN' YOU


Murdock held his hands up in a surrender, and Hannibal said

(very calmly) "No B.A., Murdock did not fly you, for once,

and how do you think we got down here anyway?" "Fly?"

"You've got to be kidding." "Now please let go of Murdock's

shirt." B.A. let go, and he sat down on the bed. He folded

his arms to his chest and asked "Where is we?" Hannibal

replied, "In Curaguay." "Close to Tawnia, Brian, and



"But we're not allowed to go and see them,

because Stockwell, expressly forbid it." Hannibal smiled a

very jazzy smile, and said "Maybe after the mission at

hand...." "We'll see." Everyone grinned, and said "Yeah,

maybe after the mission...." Only Frankie asked "Huh?"

"Never you mind Frankie, you wouldn't know them anyway",

explained Face. Frankie nodded his greasy head, and said

"Oh." They finished getting themselves ready, and finally

they went out to find the tribe. "What were they called

again Hannibal?", asked Face. "I think they were called the

Incananas." "Or something like that." Murdock excitedly

said, "Well gents let's have a look-see." Hannibal

interrupted, "We'll ask around a little, and if anyone knows

anything, we'll take them with us as a guide." Everyone

nodded, and it was decided that Murdock and Frankie pull a



As they were scamming information out of people,

Hannibal's walkie-talkie crackled. "What do you want now

Stockwell?", asked Hannibal. "I wanted to make sure

everything was running on schedule." "Have you found my

silver yet?" "Not yet, and we're still finding out where

that tribe is." "So we should find out in a couple of

minutes." "Talk to ya later Stockwell." "Bye." He

switched off the walkie-talkie and continued to stare out

the window of his hotel.


Watching for Frankie and Murdock.

While Face, and B.A. fidgeted and paced around. Face came

to Hannibal's side and he asked "Are you absolutely sure it

was wise, that you let those two go scamming together?" "I

mean, we're talking about Frankie, and Murdock here." "One

of them incompetent, and the other's crazy." "Frankie's

pretty competent in his own right Lieutenant, and Murdock is

as sane as they come." "They'll pull everything off as

planned, so don't worry."


"Wha' if they gets themse'ves

killt Hann'bal?", asked B.A. "They won't, have faith guys."

"Famous last words Colonel", warned Face. Just then Frankie,

and Murdock practically broke down the door, trying to get



"Are they still after us Murdock?", asked Frankie.

Murdock answered, "Nope, think we lost 'em Frank my boy."

"What's going on guys?", asked Hannibal cheerfully. "Well

it's kinda hard to explain", said Frankie. "You tell him

Murdock." Murdock turned to Frankie and answered, "I'd

rather not." "Why?", asked Face pensively. After a few

minutes of uncomfortable silence, Murdock finally answered.

He said, "Well, everything was goin' great 'til someone, I'm

not sure who, said somethin' that wasn't right." "Then

those guys start chasin' us."


"What did one of you say?",

asked Face. "Well we asked about the tribe and all, an'

when we get to the part about the chest they get all weird

and start to chase us." "They were still chasin' us, when

we ran in here." "Great, just great", muttered Face. "I

could've done alot better." Frankie interrupted, "Then they

start shootin' at us Johnny." "Me an' Murdock ran, and

ran." "But I think we lost 'em." "This was not in the

plan, Hannibal", spoke up Face again. "I know, but maybe

there's still a chance that my plan will come together",

said Hannibal. "You know how I love it when...." Suddenly

three voices finished up "When a plan comes together." "Yeh

we know tha' Colonel", said B.A. "How are we gonna complete

our mission, with guys who have a slight disagreement

against Murdock and Frankie?", asked Face. "I'll think of

something Lieutenant."


"Trust me." His eyes lit up, and he

started to grin. "Man's onna Jazz 'gain Guys", groaned

B.A.. "Aw Man", groaned Face. "I don' like it one bit",

muttered Murdock. "Huh?", asked Frankie. "Never mind

Frankie", three voices said at the same time. Frankie would

never understand the Jazz, even though he'd seen it alot of

times beforehand. "All right, all right, I was just

asking", commented Frankie.


Everyone (except for the

leader) shook their heads in Frankie's general direction.

Just then Hannibal's walkie-talkie crackled again. It was

Stockwell, checking up on them as usual. "What do you want

Stockwell?", asked Hannibal. "Just seeing how much progress

you've made", said the smug sounding general. "We're all

fine here Stockwell", commented Hannibal.


"That is not what

I meant, and you know it Hannibal." Hannibal grinned and

replied, "I just wanted to yank your chain a little

Stockwell." "We're getting on top of things even as we

speak." "Goodbye Stockwell." "Hey, I thought I turned this

thing off." "Well you know Stockwell, he could've probably

turned it on, from wherever he's watching us at", said Face.

"Good point." "Let's move out Men", said Hannibal. "What

did those guys say to you, before they started shooting, and

chasing you guys." Murdock, and Frankie looked at each

other, and Murdock started to speak again. "Well it's like

this Colonel, we stole a map from 'em." "See?" Murdock

held it out for all to see.


Hannibal said, "Yeah, nice."

Murdock replied, "Thanks." "As soon as they figured out

that we stole the map, they got real mad at us, and they

came runnin', and yellin', and shootin' at us." Murdock

finished, "That's all." Hannibal replied, "Ohhhhhh." "Well

good thing you got a map." Hannibal asked, "Is it to the

tribe, and the chest?" Murdock grinned and said, "Yup."

Hannibal replied, "Nice, Guys."


Frankie replied, "Thanks

Johnny." Hannibal said, "Let's get back to the work at hand

though, Guys." Hannibal held out the map, and they all

headed out the door, B.A. had a machete with him. As they

hacked their way through the jungle (which they'd driven a

jeep to the very edge to), Hannibal muttered "Twenty degrees

to the right, and five steps forward." He turned to Murdock

and Frankie, and said "This is the most ridiculous map I've

ever seen." They only shrugged. Then he called them both

to his side, and questioned them.


He asked "Are you guys

sure, this is the right map?" "We're sure Johnny", said Frankie,

while Murdock just nodded. "All right." A few steps later,

and they were in a clearing, and right smack in the middle

of a village. The tribe came running out to meet them, and

so did their chief. He got one look at the strangers, and

the next thing they knew they were all tied up, in bamboo

cages, with guards.


Face turned to Frankie and Murdock and

said "Thanks alot you two." While B.A. mumbled threats

against the two. Hannibal with the cigar still in his mouth

was trying to get untied. He finally spotted a sharp piece

of metal sticking out from the ground. He rubbed his wrists

on it, until the rope finally snapped. He untied the

others, and they escaped. A battle soon started between the

five, and the guards. Suddenly as the battle was rageing

on, the Chief stepped right in the middle, and blew on a

wooden whistle. Everyone stopped in mid-fight, and looked

at him.


He said (in English, which surprised the whole

team), "Gentlemen stopping the fight please." "I Chief

Humbertrain will being in my hut." "To please to follow

me." "I am meaning the white men, and dark big man please."

All of the A-Team followed the chief to his hut. Once they

got inside, Chief Humbertrain allowed the team to sit down.

He looked from one man to the other, and said "I am being

fairly sorry, for what I have done." "I am telling you that

you are Americans, and I am right."


He looked questioningly

at them. "You're right Chief", Hannibal confirmed. He

patted his pockets for another cigar, and Face supplied him

with one. Hannibal lit it, and said, "We're looking for a

chest, that has silver and other stuff in it." The chief's

face fell as he said "I sorry chest not here, it is else."

"Somewhere else?" "Where?", asked Hannibal. For the first

time in his life, the colonel was getting visibly agitated.

Although on the outside he was cool as a cucumber. He

folded his arms and said "This had better be a dang good

story Chief." "Where is the chest?" "It no exist."

Hannibal asked, "What?" Humbertrain replied, "It no exist."

"It is legend, and I not have it." "Great, just great,

Stockwell has sent us on another wild goose chase", muttered



Humbertrain answered, "But legend say chest buried in

hill somewhere East." "I know not where is hidden, so I

Chief Humbertrain am concluding chest no exist." "Goodbye

Gentlemen." "I am finishing Meeting now yes." Hannibal

said, "Our apologies Chief, and thanks alot." The five

left, and ambled out of the village. Just then Murdock's

walkie-talkie crackled.


"Hullo?" "Oh it's you Stockwell."

"Hullo." "Yeah, we found the village." "Didn't find

anything though." "Yep, he's here." "Colonel?" "Stockwell

on the waves here, and he's mighty antsy to speak to ya."


Hannibal glared at the walkie-talkie in his hand, as if it

were a poisonous snake. He finally asked into it, "Hello?"

Stockwell demanded, "What happened Colonel Smith?" Hannibal

sighed and said, "Well it's a very interesting story

Stockwell." "The village doesn't have it." "It's buried in

a hill somewhere East." "Go get it then", replied

Stockwell. Hannibal said, "No can do." "I'm not leading my

men further into the interior of the jungle." "Unless we

can contact Tawnia, at least for food and water." "At least

that." "Fine do whatever you'd like, you are out of my

jurisdiction Smith."


"I will contact you later." "Good,

I'll be waiting all day by the phone, I can't wait to hear

your lovely voice again", Hannibal sarcastically replied.

Stockwell said, "Shut up and go find the chest, I don't have

all millennium." Hannibal smart alecky replied,

"Considering that the millennium is ten years away."

Stockwell said, "Right."


"Goodbye Stockwell." "Guys, let's

get back to where we left the jeep, and go see Tawnia and

Brian." "Who's Tawnia again Johnny?", asked Frankie.

"Here's the story...." He finished up ".......So after Amy

left, we met Tawnia." "Tawnia got married to a guy named

Brian Lefcourt, and had a baby girl named Katherina." "And

then we went back, and whipped some guerrillas' butts,

that's the last we saw of Tawnia and her family." When they

arrived at the jeep, Hannibal directed B.A. to the village.

When they got there, Hannibal knocked on the door. When

Tawnia opened it, she was flabbergasted, and practically

dragged them inside.


Six year-old Katherina looked up

expectantly at the strangers. When she saw B.A., she

started to giggle. She said "Hey, I remember you." "You

held me one time." "And Mom's told me a little bit more

about you guys." Suddenly Brian came in dragging their

twins along. Gregory and Briana. They were only two, and

they both warmed up to B.A. immediately.


B.A. of course was

in his element, and led the kids outside in a spirited game

of "Hide & Seek", while the others remained inside and

talked. Then Hannibal came to their real purpose.

"Stockwell wants us to get a chest full of silver, and other

odds and ends." "Stockwell, who's he?", asked Brian. "Just

someone you would not like to meet", said Face. "He's a

mean'un", commented Murdock who's voice was dripping with

disgust. "Well if you don't like him Murdock, I'm sure not

anxious to meet him", commented Tawnia. "Anyway, here's

what we need." "Food and water that'll last us for six

days." "And probably a horse or two that's sure-footed

enough to climb a hundred story hill." "The chief said that

the chest was buried in a hill somewhere East of him." "So

since you lived East,


I was hoping you knew where the hill

was too?" Tawnia nodded, and said "It's called "She-Devil's

Pass"." "When the wind starts up, it sounds like a woman

screaming bloody murder", said Brian. "Or so legend says",

spoke up Tawnia. "I don't believe a word of it though", she

continued. "That's because you're a reporter, and all

reporters are cynics", said her husband. "Shut up, not all

reporters are cynics", she said. "Well Amy was a little bit

cynical...." "Speaking of Amy...." "Where is she?" "She

went out of the country on assignment."


"Maybe she'll be

back", commented Tawnia. "Maybe so", said Face tentatively.

Everyone seriously doubted it, but they didn't say so in

front of Face, they knew that he and Amy had shared a few

private tete a tetes since the Team had been together, and

when she had gone it had nearly broken him, internally and

externally. But he had pulled through, and had even gotten

a few letters from her. She was doing well, she still

wasn't married, and she'd even been given a Pulitzer or two.

She was happy, but she missed him terribly, and she hoped

that one day he'd be free.


When Tawnia had loaded them up

with their food water, and pack animals, Hannibal rounded up

B.A.. B.A. led all three children into the house, and said

goodbye to both Tawnia and Brian. While Gregory, Briana and

Katherina all tearfully said their goodbyes. Katherina

asked "Will we see you again B.A.?" "I hones'ly don' know

Darlin'." "Someday soon I hope." "Goodbye, and all y'all

behave you'sev'es, and obey yore Momma an' Dad." "Okay?"

They all nodded, and the A-Team was soon gone. Once they

got to the hill, which was several a several hours' trek,

they climbed to the top, leaving Frankie to guard the

animals, since they couldn't climb the slippery



Tawnia had apologized saying, that there

were no surefooted animals in her village. The villagers

had given the Team what they had. The Team was thankful,

and had started out immediately. Once inside the cave, they

grabbed the chest, and they carefully climbed down the



The chest was strapped to the horse, and they

made it to the edge of the jungle again. Then they knocked

out B.A., and brought him on board the plane, that was

waiting for them. When they landed, Hannibal drove the van,

and B.A. was in the passenger's seat. Once inside, Face,

Frankie, and Murdock all hauled the chest in. The look of

triumph on the general's face almost made up for the way

he'd planned to kill Murdock a little while back.



They were still holding him to his promise of pardons for

them all. Except for Murdock. When the chest was opened,

everyone's eyes got huge. For everything was there,

including the little trinkets. Little bracelets and

necklaces, which was doled out to everyone. Which they all

declined. He ordered the chest to be brought to this little

museum. B.A. still being asleep, was snoring on one of the

couches, and so it left Michael Angelo, Face, Murdock,

Hannibal, and Frankie to carry it downstairs. When they got

back upstairs with the chest delivered to its rightful

place, B.A. woke up.


He was none too happy about having to

fly again, and was about to punch something. That something

just so happened to be, Stockwell's eye, which if Murdock

would not have ducked, would have been Murdock's nose.

General Stockwell held his eye, and Carla came to his rescue

once again. She led him to his quarters. Once the general

had been taken care of, everyone sat down on the big couch

and relaxed, but not for very long. Hannibal sighed looked

at his men, puffed on his cigar, and said "I love it when a

plan comes together."





Refusal To Give In by Georgia Bentz



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