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General Stockwell was being his usual, obnoxious self. He

had had the A-Team in his clutches, for about a year. They

were performing all sorts of missions for him. He was glad

that he'd caught the Team. And he knew that they were there

solely for the purpose that, he, Stockwell could in fact

clear them. If he chose to do so. He didn't "so choose to

do so", and wasn't planning on releasing them any time soon.

He just kept baiting them along, with all sorts of crazy

missions. He always began his "missions" with, "So

Gentlemen, if you all come back...." That always ticked off

all, the A-Team members.


The three original members, all longed for, the days when Hannibal was solely in charge of their operations. However, Stockwell, loved having his own "Team" to boss around, and took special delight in needling them all. They in turn, returned the favor, and the men started to distrust him. But they still clung to the hope, that he'd release them. Hopefully, sometime soon. Soon, they all trooped into the living room, waiting to hear of their newest mission. Murdock, had gone from, "inspecting shorts", to being a sewer worker. And finally, he was at a, respectable restaurant job, right outside of Langley. "All right, where is Mr. Santana?", asked the ruffled general.

"He's coming", came Hannibal's, phony polite answer. "I

think he was in the shower."


He lit his cigar, and as if on

cue, Frankie Santana sauntered in, in his white shirt, black

vest, and a ponytail and blue jeans. He smiled, and said,

"He'ya General, what's happenin'?" Everyone groaned.

Including the general himself. "Well now, that Mr. Santana

has graced us with his presence, we may begin right away."

"Oh Goody, I just love doing missions", Hannibal replied.

"Yes well...." "Shall we continue?" "I suppose", Hannibal

countered. The General shot him an annoyed look, and Carla

turned on the television set. " So Gentlemen, if you

return from this mission, I will be most impressed."

Everyone was about to get up and slap him around a few

times, but seeing their murderous looks, he held up his

hands in surrender mode.


He continued "I need you all to do

a mission for me." "Nothing out of the ordinary, I need you

to bring someone to me." "He is an old friend of mine, and

he is in trouble." "Story of our lives", whined the

lieutenant. "Yes, well..." "May I continue Lieutenant

Peck, or would you like to finish your speech?" "Yeah Face,

let the General have his say, this oughtta be good",

Hannibal piped up. "Hmmp-Hmm." The General cleared his

throat, glanced at Carla, who shrugged, and continued. "His

name is Michael Angelo." Everyone started to snicker when

he said that name, but not a one spoke up. He looked around

the room, and the snickering presently subsided. Finally he

finished by saying "He is an Italian." "He is a scientist,

and he has created something extraordinary."


"And you want

that creation", Hannibal spoke up again." "Yes." "It is

most priceless." "Yeah I'll bet", came Face's voice." "You

just want us to risk our necks, and you're hoping we don't

come back." "Enough", Stockwell yelled. The general

continued, "He needs your help, to get him out of Turkey."

"He is located in the very center of Turkey." "I trust you

will have no trouble finding him." B.A. asked"Turkey?" "I

ain' flyin' General, an' nuttin' ya do to me is gonna make

me change my mind", continued B.A.'s voice. The general

smirked, "Well if you do not fly, you will be sent back to

the Army compound and killed for your, ah, "crimes"." B.A.

growled in response, and settled back in his chair, with

Hannibal restraining him. Stockwell turned to Hannibal, and

whispered low, so low that B.A. couldn't hear, "Do whatever

is necessary to get him on that plane Colonel Smith."

Hannibal sarcastically whispered back, "Don't we always?"



Instead of directly answering him, the general said "This

meeting is now adjourned." "I will be awaiting my friend."

"Goodbye." "Man this guy grates on m' nerves Colonel", came

Murdock's voice. "The only reason I stay here is 'cause I

want to be near y'all." "I know Captain, I know." "I don't

like him either, but this beats standing in front of a

firing squad." "And at least you can come whenever you

want." "Oh yeah, and whenever he sends fer me." "That's

true, but at least we get to see you pretty regularly."

Hannibal continued, "But I don't think that, that Stockwell

guy likes you Cap'n." "Why not?" "I'm a good guy." "I

know that, and you know that, and the rest of us know that,

but that Stockwell guy, only tolerates you, because of us."

"At least that's my distinct impression."


Just then General

Stockwell, followed by, Carla, came back into the room. He

gave his most vicious smile to Murdock. He then reluctantly

gave Murdock a back pack first, and turned his attention to

the rest of the men. He threw them some back packs too, and

said again (for those who had missed it the first time)

"Well Gentlemen, if you come back from this mission, I will

be most impressed." "Yeah, so will we General", remarked

Murdock. The man turned his attention to Murdock, and said

"I request that you, Mr. Murdock stay here." He turned to

the others, and continued speaking "There will be no need of

his, ah "special skills", where you are all headed." But

Hannibal was adamant.


"No General, we are taking Murdock."

"We have always gone together on missions, and will continue

to go on missions together, at least until you get our

presidential pardons for us." "Murdock has been with us for

so long, that he seems like family, and that without him, we

simply can't act the way you want us to." "Yes well, then

carry on Gentlemen." He abruptly left the room. Carla

stayed a moment longer, and assessed the situation at hand.

She hadn't spoken a word to the Team, until now. She

whispered "Good Luck Gentlemen." "Yeah, we'll need it",

spoke up the colonel. She barely nodded, turned on her

heel, and left the room. Face asked "Did she just say her

first words to us?" "Probably her last words too

Lieutenant." "Don't be getting any ideas", said Hannibal.

"I wouldn't dream of it", countered the lieutenant. "Yeah

right", chorused B.A. Frankie, and Murdock.


They all got

ready for the trip. First they knocked out B.A., and then

they went on their way to Turkey. "Turkey, why Turkey?",

asked Frankie. "Because Frank my man, that's where our

prey's at", remarked Murdock. He shook his head in disgust

at how little the man contained in his head. Of course he

hadn't been with the Team for long.... Murdock turned his

attention away from the situation at hand, and pondered

everything they'd done as a Team. They helped people. Now

they weren't helping people, they were doing stupid, tedious

missions and helping people just was not in the plan. They

also were working for a possible mad man, who was also a

shady retired general. Of course Murdock was a free man

now, the general pointed that out several times a day to

him, and he could do whatever he wanted. What he wanted was

to stay with his friends, until they were pardoned.


If that

General Stockwell guy ever got them pardoned. Which he

seriously doubted would come about. He muttered "It'd be

nice if the Gen'ral set 'em free." "What was that

Captain?", came Hannibal's voice from the stewardess's usual

place. "I heard you mumblin' up there, and I just wanted to

see if you're all right." "Are you okay up there?" "Yeah

Colonel, I'm fine." "Good, keep your eyes on the skies."

"Right-aroonie Colonel." He turned to Frankie, who was

sitting in the co-pilot's seat, just as he had been at

takeoff. Just staring at the controls. And he asked "Will

'ya do me a favor Santana?" Frankie (wanting to be accepted

into the team) eagerly said "Sure Murdock." "What is it, do

you want something to drink?" "No. "Go check on the Big

Angry Guy." "Make sure he ain't awake yet." "We've gotta

keep him sedated." Frankie answered, "I see." "Sure I'll go check on him."


He left the pilot's area, and went to check on B.A..

Thankfully he was still sound asleep. Frankie returned to

the cockpit a few minutes later. He said "All's okay wit'

B.A." "Good, good." "Just what I like to hear." He then

started to hum the tune of the CHUCK E. CHEESE commercial.

Then he began to quote "MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB" over and

over. Finally Frankie asked "Isn't there something else we

could, ah listen to?" "Good call, my good man." "Let's

see, I think there's somethin' else here...." He asked "How

'bout this?" He turned on a portable radio, with the sound

of Rick James singing, along with his friend CJ Mack.

Frankie said "This is much better."


"Good tunes too."

Murdock replied "I knew you'd like it." A few hours later,

the plane landed in Turkey. They all dragged B.A. off the

plane, and settled in a nearby hotel. Right across the

street, their person, was being harrassed by some rough

looking people. Hannibal had all the guys stake out across

the street, while Murdock, and Face did a little scamming to

get into the building. As the two men split up to look for

Michael, Murdock whispered "Everythin's gonna be alright."

"C'mon Billy." The dog obediently complied, and followed

his master. Face shook his head, and resumed his role. He

was a bell hop. And had sneaked into the elevator. Murdock

meanwhile went to go find Michael Angelo.


Once found,

Murdock said to him, "Hi, I'm here to rescue you." He

knocked the two bad guys unconscious, and the two strode out

to the front of the hotel, they were looking for Face. He

continued "My friends and I have been sent here by Stockwell

to come and get you." Suddenly Michael Angelo spit upon the

ground. "Hunt Stockwell is not my friend." "He is scum."

"He will not get anything from me." "Sorry Pal, you're

gonna have to tell 'im that face to face." Murdock found

Face, and they all went across the street, to their hotel.

Once there Hannibal sized up the Italian man, and handed the

man a cigar. Which the man graciously declined, and the

colonel shrugged, and took the cigar back. He put the cigar

back in his pocket, and puffed on his already lit one.



they loaded Michael, his precious experiment, knocked out

B.A. again, and headed back to the U.S., by plane.

Stockwell awaited their return anxiously, when they finally

arrived, he greeted them with a fake smile. And he said

"Well Gentlemen, it seems you've made it back successfully,

I am most impressed, also surprised." He thought to himself

*"Pity, it's a shame they came back alive, again"*. Carla

as usual was in the shadows. Then Stockwell caught sight of

Michael Angelo. He held out his arms in a welcoming

gesture, while Michael stood rooted to the ground, not

moving an inch.


Michael Angelo was not pleased to see the

general at all. He spit on the ground again, and he said "I

do not know why you have brought me here again." "Although

I am grateful that these five rescued me, from those evil

fellows over in Turkey." "Some others were trying to steal

my creation." "I owe these five my life." "But you

Stockwell?" "I do not owe you a thing." "You are

despicable." "You are scum." "I do not see why one has to

call names", remarked Stockwell, being icy calm as per

usual. "You are safe now." "Ha, this is what you call

safe?", asked the man. "Held against my will?" "You

promised me once, that I would have my freedom, but you went

back on your word." "Ah, but Michael you are free." "Yes,

as long as I will become your stooge, which I did once

before, for about ten years." "Then I had become useless to

you, and you decided to set me free." "And now that I have

been out of your "services" I create something of a

magnitude, and now..." "Now I am back in your debt?" "You

are cunning, General." "Very cunning, and crafty." "I take

my leave...."


But he was interrupted by Stockwell's smirk.

"Michael can we not talk this out like adults?" "Somewhere

private perhaps?" "There is nothing to talk about." "I

would rather be in a ghetto, then in all your good for

nothing plushness." "I would rather be my own person." He

turned to the others, and remarked sadly "You see, I know

who you gentlemen are." "Everyone except them." He turned

to both Frankie, and Murdock. Murdock scowled "I ain't

famous either?" "C'mon what would the A-Team, be without

me?" "Alot saner Fool", growled B.A.. "Gentlemen", came

Stockwell's warning voice. The two were quiet, and

Stockwell put his hands together, and leaned across his

desk, and he seemed interested in all that Michael was



Michael Angelo continued, "As I was saying I know

who you are." "You are the A-Team." "Hey Guys, we're

famous 'round the world", came Hannibal's cheerful voice.

"Yes, your many exploits, have not gone unnoticed by my

government." "You see I was very much in a similar

situation with my government." "I was accused of murdering

a colleague, and I was going to the firing squad to be

executed also, and would have ended up dead, if Mr.

Stockwell had not saved my life." "Well he had heard of my

genius, and had come to offer me a deal." "As I said, I

would have ended up dead, without the General's offer, and

so I...." "How do you Americans phrase it?" "Oh yes, I

jumped at the chance." "So I gave in to Stockwell." "Life

was going well, until I wanted to lead a more normal life,

Stockwell did everything, but forbid me to go." "And even a

couple of times, he did forbid me to leave his clutches."

"He would give me more experiments, and more excuses to keep

me within his grasp." "You see, Stockwell had promised that

I would get a pardon also, so I strove to do my work for

him." "My scientific work that is." "In fact I trained

Carla." Carla shrank deeper into the shadows, as everyone

(except for Stockwell), turned to look at her. "Finally it

had been about ten years, I was ten years older, and still

had not had my pardon." "I still worked for this dog, and

just as I was completing an experiment, I had a heart

attack." "That is when Stockwell finally got my pardon for

me." "After ten thankless years, and a heart attack later,

I was finally a free man." "I am grateful that he rescued

me, but I feel as if I have paid my debt to him, and to my

field of expertise as well." "So I do not want to be in his

debt, or his house ever again." "As I said once before,

General Stockwell, I take my leave."


The general's slowly

spreading ugly grin appeared again, "I am afraid that I can

not permit that Mr. Angelo." "Your government is looking

for you, and they have revoked your pardon, also they have

sent your picture to the United States, so even if you

wished to be a normal citizen here, you would be deported

back to Turkey, and executed." "And I could not do a thing

about it." "I am sorry Michael Angelo, but, you are now a

wanted man again." His smirk appeared across his face once

more, and he sat back in his chair. The man's eyes

narrowed, and he laid his precious experiment on the couch.

He strode over to the general's desk, and proceeded to choke

him, until Carla judo-chopped him into unconsciousness. She

looked around, as if asking, if any of the others wanted to

try the same thing.


Everyone backed off, and sufficiently

satisfied that Stockwell was all right, and that the man was

indeed knocked out, she put him on the other couch.

Stockwell straightened his tie, and looked at the Team.

Their eyes had all narrowed too. Murdock asked "That true

Stockwell?" The general didn't even look his way. Hannibal

said "General, I believe you were asked a question." "Yes

Mr. Murdock?" "What did you say?", queried the general. "I

asked if all that, that guy said was true." "Yes, yes...."

"Everything he said was true." "Now what?" "Am I to be

abused in my own house, for what I had done so long ago?"

"Maybe", came Hannibal's answer.


The general continued

looking at the pilot, and did not even remark to Hannibal's

answer. Murdock continued "Now you're doin' the 'zact same

thing ta my friends, General." "And you're not even gonna

pardon 'em?" "Even though you know they're innocent?" "Mr.

Murdock, I am a business man." "Your Team", was a pawn in a

governmental game of chess." "Let us just say that I took

an extra step, and ended up winning them fair and square."

Murdock replied, "Ya cheated."


"Cheated, won without anyone

knowing the truth." "What is the difference Captain?" "The

difference is ya cheated, and ya don't care a thing about

'em." Stockwell spoke up again.



"If you continue to undermine my authority, I will have to

ask you to leave, and not to come back." "These men, are

mine for now, and nothing that you say, or think will change

that." "But you Captain, you do not belong to me." "Sad to

say, I would like you here permanently, but you are not a

part of the package." "Only Mr. Santana over there comes

with the other three." "He was once before in my debt, and

continues to be in my debt." He continued," You are a free

man, and may come and go as you wish." "However as I said,

if you keep undermining my authority, I will have to ask you

to leave, and not to come back ever again." "Not even for a

visit." "And I would hate very much to do that." "Seeing

as Colonel Smith, respects you, and they do want you to be a

part of the Team still." Murdock shrank back from the desk.

Face said "How about we go outside Murdock?" "You did say

you liked the garden, right?" The captain's shoulders

slumped, and he resignedly nodded his head. Face took him

out, while Hannibal said "I do hope you're not going to

squelch on your deal, General?" "I wouldn't dream of it



"Right", came Hannibal's answer. "Well I'm

beat..." "General, I'll see you all tomorrow." "I'm

turning in." "My regards." "Carla see ya around." One by

one, the men got up and left. Leaving Stockwell alone with

the still unconscious Italian man, and Carla. He turned to

his assistant and said "Well Ms. Toomes, it seems that

Michael has created quite an ordeal." "Yes General?" "Yes

Ms. Toomes." "We shall have to deal with him directly."

"Please put him in the "Special Guestroom", and I shall deal

with him, when he awakens." "Yes General." "Good Girl."

She dragged the Italian man, to the bedroom. The one the

general used as an interrogating room.



Hannibal, Face, Murdock, B.A., and Frankie were all

assembled outside, in the garden. "Well guys, what do you

think?" "I don' like it Hann'bal", remarked B.A. "We don't

have a choice", countered the lieutenant. "He did promise

us a full pardon." "I'm beginning to doubt him myself",

remarked Hannibal. "But that Ital'an guy done said that the

Gen'ral squelched on his deal", remarked a very worried

Murdock. "I know that, but maybe he's different now",

remarked Face. "Yeah now that he's got us right where he

wants us", remarked Frankie, surprising everyone by actually

saying something intelligent. "You never can tell

Guys",remarked Hannibal. "Let's just see what happens."

"I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, although

like I said before, I'm beginning to doubt him myself."

"Who's going to give him another chance, since we have no

other alternative?" Everyone raised their hands, then got

up, and went to their rooms.


Murdock went to his apartment

for clothes, and a chew toy for Billy, since he was staying

another night at Stockwell's. Which Stockwell was getting a

little annoyed about.



INTERROGATING ROOM....Stockwell was with the Italian man.

Michael awoke, and groaned. He cursed the man in Turkish as

well as Italian. Stockwell gave him a contemptuous smile and

said, "I see you have awakened my good man." "What shall we

do with you, hmm?" "You have caused quite a stir among my

men." "I have a proposition, that you will simply die for."

The man's face blanched. and he looked intently at the

general. "I am listening Stockwell." "Yes, well, it is

like this........ "You either join me, or you get

permanently disposed of." "Now which is it?" Michael spit

on the general's shoes. Stockwell took a handkerchief out,

and calmly wiped the spittle off. "Do not tell me now, I

will hear of your decision in the morning." "Goodbye Mr.

Angelo." With that, the general had locked the man. And

had taken away his creation. The man groaned and fell into

a deep sleep. Courtesy of a knockout drug from Carla. When

Stockwell got downstairs, he was met by the men again. "Our

guest is asleep, we shall see him tomorrow evening." "You

men have some free time, you may do what you like." "Only

do not leave the property."


"I am turning in." "Good night

everyone." "Carla are you coming?" "I guess we should turn

in too guys." "Murdock are you staying here another night?"

asked Face. "Yeah, I'm on the couch 'gain. "I'll just tell

Stockwell I'm stayin' another night." He grinned wickedly

when he said that. "What about your job?", asked Frankie.

"My boss is pretty flexible." Hannibal answered. "All right." "Well good night Captain."


Everyone all said their "good nights". And

went upstairs. As Hannibal passed a room in his hallway, he

heard thumping noises coming from the general's "Special

Room" and decided to go investigate. When he got to the

room, he asked, "Who's in there?" "It is I, Michael

Angleo." "I have been locked up in here." "Do you see a

key?" "No Sir I don't." "Do you know how to pick locks

then?" "I don't but Face does." "Will you please go get

him?" "Sure." He knocked on Face's door, and was presently

let in. He explained the situation, and they headed toward

the other bedroom. Face picked the lock, and just as the

door swung open, and Michael stepped out into the hallway,

Stockwell came padding down the hall. When he saw Michael

standing in the hall, he was angry. But he didn't show that

to Hannibal and Face.


He just asked them to go to their

bedrooms. After they'd gone, he turned to Michael and said,

"So you thought you could get away?" "That is most

brilliant Sherlooke." "That is Sherlock, my dear Fellow."

"And you are not getting away." "You are mine now, and will

continue to be." As he said that, Face and Hannibal (who

hadn't gone to their bedrooms yet but were nonetheless out

of the General's sight), looked at each other with amazed,

and annoyed expressions on their faces. Stockwell continued

(unmindful, of the two snoops listening in on his and

Michael's conversation), "You are not getting a pardon this

time, or ever again." "I am also considering not giving my

A-Team a pardon either." "Even though I know they are

innocent." "But if you so much as breathe a word to them

about it, I will not hesitate to have you eliminated."

"They are my own espionage Team, and I am reluctant to have

them released." "Now, that Murdock fellow, is getting a

little too snoopy for his own good." "I shall have him

eliminated first."


"Then if the others do not

cooperate...." His voice trailed off, and he asked "But

come now, why am I telling you all of this?" "Be a good

man, and get back into your quarters." "Everyone shall see

you, and greet you as our new member, tomorrow evening."

"Good night Michael." Michael muttered words that seemed to

say "Damn your soul, to hell, Mister Stockwell." Then after

the general had gone, Michael too went to bed. After the

two had gone to sleep, Face and Hannibal had a little

discussion among themselves. They had to get cleared, and

since Stockwell wasn't going to, they'd have to somehow make

him. By finding dirt on him. To see if he was guilty of

anything. Anything they could use, that would convict him,

and get them pardons. Face said "Maybe Stockwell's the one

who really killed Morrison." Hannibal said "That's a

possibility." "He's capable of anything."


"And I did hear

once, about a man named Hunt Stockwell." "He was a

mercenary, before he joined the Army." "I mean how many

Hunt Stockwells do you know?" "None, except the creepy guy

we all know, and love to hate", remarked the Lieutenant."

"My point exactly." Suddenly a howl pierced the night air.

Both men exclaimed "Murdock!!" The two men raced

downstairs, just as Murdock grappled someone to the ground.

It was Carla Toomes. She had a syringe full of cyanide.

She had been selected by Stockwell to eliminate Murdock.

Face pushed her to the ground, and spilled the contents on

the floor next to her. He stated "Next time find somebody

else to kill Lady." "We don't take kindly to people trying

to kill our friends." "Which goes double for me Missy",

warned Hannibal. She only tossed her head, got up from the

ground, and slunk off. They brought Murdock to Hannibal's

room, and Hannibal asked "What happened Captain?" "Sh'

tri'd ta kill me Colonel." "We know that Murdock", said

Hannibal soothingly. "Did she happen to say why?" He

nodded his head yes, and said "Yeh, she said that Stockwell

was tired of me." "So she got elected to eliminate yours

truly." Hannibal replied again. Anger in his eyes. "I see." "That's it." "I'm going to have a talk

with Stockwell." "Employer to employee. He told Murdock to

stay in his room. He pounded on Stockwell's door, and when

the general came to see what was the matter, Hannibal asked

if they could talk for a minute. The general nodded and let

the colonel in. He told of Murdock's experience. Stockwell

said "Well perhaps he should haunt his own establishment for

a while, and work more often Colonel Smith." "You don't

understand Murdock, General."


"Unless he's stuck in the VA,

Murdock has never been apart from us." "Now he's no longer

in the VA, and has had to adjust to his friends moving to

Virginia, and getting an apartment, and a job, just to be

near us." "He's lost without us General." "If you have a

shred of decency in you, let it show, by letting Murdock

stay in the mansion, for as long as he wants." "And in the

future, please refrain from killing him." "Let him stay

with us, until he feels he can be away from us." "There's

plenty of room here." "Granted he will be needed for our

many missions, not suicidal, except for one." "And that

"one" has not been explained yet." "I will have to think

about it Colonel." "But I feel Murdock is hindering you,

and not letting your operations go as smoothly, as they

should." "That's where you're wrong General." "Who else,

but Murdock is more capable of flying anything with wings?"

"Nobody." "Even B.A. is at peace when Murdock flies."

"Although if you asked him, he would most probably deny it."

"As I said Colonel, I will have to think about it." "Well

think about this General...."


"Five can play at your little

game, and furthermore tell Carla to please stay away

from our pilot and friend." Sarcastically he continued. "Thanks."

He stormed out, and

slammed the door. Leaving a more determined general. He

was more determined then ever, to get rid of Murdock, no

matter what the odds were. Nobody could watch the Captain

24/7. Could they? The general furrowed his brow in

thought. Meanwhile, Hannibal ambled back to his room, and

found the captain fast asleep on the bed. He tucked him in,

and slid into bed himself. The next morning before

Stockwell was up, the story of Murdock's near cyanide

poisoning was told throughout the group. Making Face

visibly upset, and B.A., internally upset. When Stockwell

had awakened he greeted everyone. He was however, greeted

with stony silence and stares. He asked "So you heard about

Mr. Murdock?" "Well let me assure you all, that Ms. Toomes

acted rather irrationally." "She was not under my authority

to do what she did last night." "I do not know what got

into her head." "We know, what got into her head

Stockwell", answered Hannibal. The general replied, "Even

if she had said it was I who had given the order."



you under my authority Ms. Toomes?" She looked properly

bashful, and shook her head. Nobody believed that act for

one second, and some people were even starting to protest

her innocence. "I see that you still do not believe me."

"Well let me assure you then, Ms. Toomes, you are confined

to your quarters for two weeks." "Do I make myself clear?"

Carla nodded, and went to her quarters. As soon as she had

gone, General Stockwell asked "See?" "I am not all that

bad." But the group kept their protective circle around

their captain anyway. Especially when the general came to

sit down, and eat some breakfast. Conversation did not

flow, as it had when they'd halfway, trusted Stockwell with

their lives, and now that he was a traitor.... Well things

were not going to be pretty, for quite some time. That

evening as promised, Michael was introduced as a new member.

Stockwell concluded "Not for going on missions..." "No,

Michael is working in our physics lab." "Go on down there

Michael, you know the way."


"Abel #123 will show you the

ropes." "For things have changed since you left." He

patted the man on the back, and sent him off. "Second order

of business, is with Mr. Murdock." Everyone formed a

tighter, protective circle around him again. "Do not worry

about his state of well being." "Colonel Smith, and I had a

nice little talk about him." "Mr. Murdock, until you feel

ready to leave your friends, you are welcome here as long as

you like." "Great", came Frankie's voice. "He can bunk

with me." "Mr. Santana, this is not a bunking house as I

have stated before." "He shall have his own room." "Near

mine." "So that I can keep my eyes on our other new

recruit." "I object", came Hannibal's voice. "I say he has

the room next to mine." "Or next to any other team members'

room he chooses." "After all that's the fair way to play

it." "Am I right General?" "I agree", came General

Stockwell's hesitant voice.


He was very reluctant to do so,

but seeing as he had to still put on a show for these

people, he let Murdock have the pick of any room he wanted.

Murdock chose the room, right across from B.A.'s. He said

"Now we can catch up on all the things, tha' have be'n

happenin'." "Crazy foo', ain't not one thing's been

happenin' that you don' know 'bout." "Why can't you have

the room next to Hann'bal's?" "'Cause Big Guy, I like you,

we're gonna make great neighbors."


Hannibal patted the

sergeant on the back, and stated "You're so lucky B.A., to

have Murdock as a neighbor." Then he whispered "B.A., you

have got to keep an eye on him as well." "I don't trust

Stockwell as far as I can throw him." "And I can throw

things pretty far." "After that cyanide episode last night,

I'd feel much safer, if someone on our Team, were watching

out for him." "Preferably either you or Face." "Okay?"

B.A. rolled his eyes, and nodded. But deep down inside he

was glad to do this assignment. He didn't want to see his

friend get killed. Even if he was still a crazy man. So

Murdock got on the phone. He requested a leave of absence

from his work, and went to the apartment, and got all of his

little stuff.


All the big stuff stayed behind, like the

couch, and his bed. As soon as he was settled, he looked at

his spacious room. It was bigger then his room at the VA,

and much bigger then his apartment room. He liked it. The

only thing that forboded on his happiness was the thought of

General Stockwell eliminating him. But he shook his head of

the nasty thought robbing cobwebs. B.A. would protect him,

at least he thought so. No, he knew so. He had always had

confidence in the Big Guy, and counted him as a brother,

even if they got on each others' nerves at times. No matter

what B.A. grumbled about him on the outside, Murdock knew

that inside the big man loved him like a brother too.

Meanwhile.....Stockwell was in his bedroom planning his

revenge, he was angry that his murder attempt had failed,

and it was all Carla's fault. He pushed a button, and Ms.

Toomes answered it.


He said "Ms. Toomes, I need you right

away." "But General, I am confined to my room for two

weeks." "Yes, but as my motto says, all rules are made to

be broken." "Or at least bent a little, to fit my needs."

"I see General." "Well I am coming right now." She

appeared almost instantaneously,and he smiled. He then

turned angry and stood up, facing her from across the room,

his eyes glinting like something out of a horror movie. He

scowled "You failed me Carla." 'Carla' was taken aback.

"H-How so?", 'she' stammered out. "You did not complete

your assignment of rubbing out H.M. Murdock." "I know Sir,

but if he wouldn't have howled when he did...." "That is no

excuse." "You should still have given him the poison, I am

surprised that you hesitated, I have trained you better then

that." "No matter, I shall devise another way of getting

rid of H.M Murdock." "How so Sir?" "He knows every trick

in the book, and he is somewhat useful to the Team." "Yes,

but he is not a part of the A-Team, that I wish to be

associated with." "I see Sir." Suddenly an amazing thing



In one fluid motion "CARLA" ripped off her face,

and there in her place stood Murdock himself. He said "Aw

Gen'ral cain't we jus' be fri'nds?" "Why can't we just get

along together?" "Hmm?" He gave the general a big sad



The general only asked "Where is Carla?" "And how

did you know that I was going to talk about you tonight?"

"Also how dare you pretend to be my assistant?" "It's like

this General, when ya get the A-Team, you're in for a heckuva

lot more than ya bargained for." "As to where Carla's at, I'll

just have to see." He yelled down the hall, and whistled.

Everyone trooped in, and there was Carla among them. A

little rumpled, but otherwise in fine health. She said

"They knew something was happening, and they knew that

something was being planned on the demise of Mr. Murdock."

"I couldn't stop them Sir." Everyone (except for Stockwell

of course), looked at her in shock. This was the second

time they had ever heard her speak in full sentences before

that moment. Then Hannibal spoke up. He said "I have a

suggestion for you General."


"I suggest you and Murdock get

along." "And no more planning on destroying him, or you'll

have a mutiny, we'll do something to you, that you will not

like." "Like say turning you in to the Army, and escaping

like before." "Or we'll compromise, and mix our way

together with your way." "Does that seem fair to you?"

"You can never find anything criminalistic on me Colonel

Smith, I am too smart to have left any evidence behind."

"Well you'll be happy to note, that we found this...." He

held up a disk, and the general (for once since they'd known

him) blanched. He asked "Where did you get this from?"

"From a very good cap..." "I mean friend of ours." "From

Mr. Angelo?"


"Correct as usual General", came Face's hearty

voice. Stockwell shot the lieutenant a dirty look.

Hannibal continued, "Now do we have a deal or not?" "I am

afraid not Colonel." "Carla, the disk please." She handed

it to him, and he broke it." "Ah-ah." "Shouldn't have done

that General." "We made copies." "See ya 'round

Stockwell." They were about to stride out, when the general

spoke up again. They'd finally managed to crack his icy

cool demeanor. He stammered "Pl-Please I-I'll do anything

you want." "What?" "Now who's the one that's begging?",

asked Face. Suddenly the ice came back in a flash, and he

became businesslike, and icy cool again. "Gentlemen, can we

make a deal?" "No more deals from you Stockwell." "Here's

a deal I want to make with you." "And this will be the

final deal." "It's either, yes or no." "Yes for a pardon,

and you clear our names after these missions." "Or no, and

we send your disk, and picture to the Army."


"And they come

storm your house." "Then you testify that we're really not

murderers, that Curtis, or you, for that matter, actually

killed Morrison, and we go free." "Now that's the only deal

we're going to agree to." The ice man stared at them for

what seemed like hours, and he finally laughed a mirthless

laugh, but a laugh nonetheless. He said "Well it seems that

the mighty A-Team has finally managed to have beaten me at

my own game." "But you are to comply only to my deals, my

demands, my wishes, my desires." "That is what it is meant

by, you all being mine." "That is what we agreed on." "You

all being, my Team." "Listen Stockwell", came Hannibal's

voice again. "You just said that we beat you at your own

game." "Now at least agree to our deal, and put it in

handwriting, have copies made, and then we'll continue to

work nice and quietly for you." "You have our word on it."

The general finally nodded his head in agreement. He made

Carla write down an agreement, made her make copies with the

copy machine, that was in his office, and she came back, and

handed them to all the men. Hannibal did something to

Stockwell's piece of the paper, that no matter what he did,

he couldn't destroy the document. He said "That document is

now water proof, fire proof, gun proof, stomp proof, tear

proof....." His voice trailed off as the angry general said

"I get your point Colonel Smith." General Stockwell stood

up, and escorted the men out. Hannibal said "And it's

secretary proof, so that she can't throw a spiked heel

through it." "And it's...." "Fine, fine Colonel."

"Goodbye." "It will

always come back to you...."




"Touchy", came Hannibal's voice again. The Team all

congregated in Hannibal's room. They spoke very low amongst

themselves, because they knew for a fact that his room was

bugged. In fact all the rooms in the house were bugged.

Murdock spoke up "I can't believe he fell for it Colonel."

"Neither can I." "But I'm glad we made copies of Pacman."

"Yeh, tha's m' fav'rite game ya know." "Can't believe he

destroyed it." "I'm glad, crazy man", came B.A.'s voice.

"Now I won' haf to hear you playin' tha' foo' game indda

middle of the nigh'." "That's gratitude fr ya", came

Murdock's voice again. "I invite 'ya to play, and ya turn

me down." "Now that it's destroyed, you're glad?" "Yup",

came B.A.'s smug answer. Frankie spoke up "I like

Pacman, Murdock." "I'll play with you."


"Allllrriiigghhttt, I've finally found a man after my own

heart." He clapped Santana on the back. Soon they

dispersed, and Murdock went to his room. He started to sort

his things, and he was lost in his own little world.

Suddenly a knock came upon the door, and a hand tapped his

shoulder. He turned around. It was Carla. She smiled at

him, and he hesitantly, smiled back at her. He asked really

loud, loud enough for B.A. to hear, "What do you want

Carla?" Out of the corner of his eye, he saw B.A.'s head

peek around the doorway and saw him, saunter to Murdock's



B.A. asked "Well Ms. Carla, what're ya doing?" "Can

I he'p ya?" Her face turned red as she looked at the big

strong black man before her. She covered her embarrassment

by turning to Murdock and saying "Meet me in the garden

tonight." "I need to discuss something with you." When

she'd gone, B.A. asked "You al'right Murdock?" "Yeah, I'm

fine." "She's a peculiar person B.A." B.A. nodded, and he

went back to his room. While Murdock went to Hannibal's

room, in the west wing. Frankie was there, but Murdock

asked the colonel, if they could speak alone.



ordered him out, and he turned to his captain. He asked

"What's wrong Cap'n?" So Murdock told of his impending

"discussion" that night. "She's up to something Murdock."

"I know." "I'm jus' glad B.A. wuz in his room when he wuz."

"Me too, me too." "Okay, you go ahead with your meeting

with Carla, and don't worry about a thing, she'll think

she's alone with you, but really we'll be watching and

making sure nothing happens to you." "You are after all a

well liked man, that is the Team likes you, and we need

you." "You are very vital to us." "If something

happened...." He stopped not wanting to worry Murdock any

more, and he clapped the man on the shoulders. "Don't worry

about a thing Cap'n." "We'll be here to protect you." "You

have my word on it." "See you later Cap'n." Murdock

nodded, and as it approached the evening, he became antsy.

At the designated time, he approached the garden.


He knew

that his friends were somehow watching him, but he couldn't

get past the thought, that Carla was still out to get him,

somehow someway. He sat down on the bench, and she was

there waiting for him. She sat down also, as soon as she

saw him. He asked "Sooo wha'd ya wan' ta bring me out here

fer?" "As I said, I need to discuss something with you."

"Wha' is it?" "It has something to do with General

Stockwell." "Why are you making him out to be some sort of

a bad person?" "He did after all rescue your friends, and

he did promise them a pardon." "Right, and he was gonna go

back on his promise too." "I do not understand, I have

worked with the general for thirteen years, and I have found

him to be a good man." "Then I'm sorry to have to say this to

'ya, but he's manipulated you." "He ain' got the right to

buy and sell humans, the way he has been doin."


"Then I

will see to it, that nothing happens to my boss." She

pulled a knife from her pocket. Murdock twisted it from her

hand. He said "I don' thi'k so M'Dear." "Now is thure

anythin' more, ya want frum me?" "Nothing else." "Just

watch your back Captain." She tossed her head, and strode

purposefully back to the house. He watched her go, saddened

by the thought that she, a woman of knowledge, as well as

beauty, could not see through that man's charade. He shook

his head again, and was bombarded by his fellow team



Frankie asked "Did she try anything on ya

Murdock?" "No." Then he looked at his three friends, and

noted their faces. They knew that Carla had pulled a knife

on him, but he shook his head as if to say "Don't tell him a

thing guys". They slowly nodded, and did not say anything

of Murdock's other experience, to the young man. The next

few months flew by quickly. The Team finished all their

assignments, and today they were all going to get a pardon.

Stockwell had, for once, come through. He handed each man

his pardon papers, all except for Michael Angelo (whom he

kept in the laboratory, without any sufficient food, and

almost no water), and all four of them appeared at the Army

court. They were all found innocent, because Stockwell had

testified for them, and they were now free. Free from

Stockwell, and free from any Army, or Military looking for

them. For once after sixteen years, and three months, every

man on the A-Team, was at peace.




Langley by Flight O'Fancy



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