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Title: Stay With Me

Stay With Me

By Dana Snyder


Rating: G

Summary: Hannibal struggles to keep Face alive on the way to DC General.

Author's note: Contrary to what the title sounds like, this is not a slash story. Like Facey I'm very much catholic ;). It's from Hannibal's POV.

Time frame: During Without Reservations.

Disclaimer: Stephen J. Cannell owns A-Team.





'Oh God he's dying.' I thought as I held Face close to me. I could

hear him struggling for every breath. 'Please stay with me kid. We

need you.'


I've known him for eighteen years. We've been through Nam, POW Camp,

escaping Fort Bragg, fifteen years on the run, and a military court

martial. He can't die like this.


But he feels so warm. Will we make it to DC General in time? Of

course, we will. BA's driving. He starts shivering again. He's in

shock. I reminded myself. Murdock hands me something and I put it

over him. I didn't realize it was Murdock's flight jacket until

after I put it over Face.


Face moans reminding me of how I felt when I saw him lying on the

kitchen floor in Villa Cuchina. I couldn't keep my voice from

breaking when I saw him. But I had to keep things going to get us

all out of the restaurant. The first plan didn't work and we were

forced to move Face. But the second plan worked wonderfully. The

goons had underestimated us. I hope the Attorney General appreciates

what we did.


As I was racing out the door with Face in my arms, he asked me if I

wanted him to call an ambulance. I explained we'd get there faster

if we drove him.


"How much further to DC General?" I asked watching as Face opened

his eyes. "Hang in there kid." I said softly.


"About another 5 minutes Hannibal."


I nodded. "Ha÷ni÷bal." Face said in a trembling voice.


"Yeah Face?" I ask.




"Yes you will Face." Murdock said from next to me.


"Can hardly÷breath."


"Face just stay with us. We are almost there." I said helping him

sit up more to ease the breathing. He passed out again. I checked

his pulse. It's one fifty. Traffic had better be on our side or he

won't make it.


No! Face couldn't have just stopped breathing! I turn to Murdock

who's staring into space and I yell, "Murdock we need to do CPR." BA

almost drove off the road and I called to him, "Keep going." 'Please

stay with us kid.' I thought again. After what seemed like forever,

but actually less then thirty seconds, Face was breathing again.


BA stopped the van and got out. Frankie was already pulling the

sliding door open. Murdock jumped out to find a wheelchair. I

picked Face up and got out of the van. I ignored the wheelchair and

BA as I rushed Face into the Emergency room. A nurse came over to



"You have to help him. He was shot in the stomach and stopped

breathing once on the way over." I inform her. She nods and signals

for a gurney.


I watch as Face is taken into an examination. I fall tiredly into a

chair. My strength leaving me. I didn't listen as BA, Murdock, and

Frankie were talking to each other. My thoughts were on the young

man in the emergency room. The one who was like a son to me. Well

they were all like sons to me but I couldn't help feel a little

closer to Face. Maybe because he's an orphan I don't know.


Half an hour later a doctor came out. "Your friend will be fine."

She informs us. "But we'd like to keep him here for a few days.

He's still unconscious."


I thanked her and was happy that Face hadn't left us.



The End


Stay With Me by Dana Snyder