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SETTING #1: 1971.


Hanna-Bell Smythe, Theresa Pemberton, Belinda Bartholomews, and Hallie-Marie Matthews, were all sitting in their tent. Discussing the day's events. Theresa was writing a letter to her sister Ema. They were all nurses for the U.S.

Army, but sometimes called in to do missions for the government as well.


Hallie-Marie was talking to her pet lizard, and was putting on a show for it. She sang, "I like blue and purple and green. Ya know what I mean?"


"Hallie!!!" Exclaimed Belinda from her post on top of one of the bunk beds.

She was working on a part for one of the Army Jeeps. She worked in the Mechanics' compound, whenever they didn't have missions, or their nursing services weren't needed. Belinda continued, "Quit singin' to that stupid lizard."


Hallie smiled and said, "Marcel's enjoyin' his song, and I fully intend to let him hear all fifty verses."


"OOOOOHHHHH", screamed Belinda. "If I have to hear one more verse, I'll

knock your fool head off."


"I'm a little lizard, who eats chicken gizzards...." Sang Hallie.


"Ugh Hallie, please", interrupted Theresa. Theresa Pemberton was the girls' confirmed supply officer, and had sort of a whiny streak. She had a certain charm, that people were instantly attracted to and she could get anybody to say yes before she even asked them a question. She had blue-green eyes and

bronze hair.


"Please what Facetious one?" Asked Hallie. Hallie had dark brown eyes, and long flowy brown hair, which she kept tucked up in her Army issued hat.


Theresa said, "Please stop, before my lunch ends up everywhere in this

tent. "And boy will you be sorry." But Hallie had tuned Theresa out.


"I am alive with the sound of music", Hallie enthused.


Hanna-Bell had lit a cigarette and watched the goings on of her unit. Hanna-Bell had long blonde hair, and deep blue eyes. Hanna-Bell asked, "So Terri how was

your date last night?"


Theresa shrugged. "He was, admittedly very romantic...." Her voice trailed off as both Hallie and Belinda rolled their eyes at each other. "And he was such a

gentleman. "But we're definitely not going on a second date", continued Theresa, in her usual manner. Like she didn't care what happened to any of her one night



"What would your father say if he knew what you were doing?", asked Hanna-Bell.


"He wouldn't care. He never did care about what I did. The main reason I turned out the way I did, was to rebel against him. Guess that's why I joined the Army." She shrugged her shoulders, and went back to writing on her notepad. "Ema says hi to you all", said Theresa. Not surprising anybody by changing the subject.


"Tell her heidi-yo for me", answered Hallie-Marie.


"Say we miss her cooking", answered Belinda. Belinda had dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes, and a very unsteady temper.


"Yeah and her inspirational conversations we used to have, are missed", answered Hanna-Bell around her cigarette. Hanna-Bell's indifferent hid a brilliant brain. One she used often enough, especially during surgeries. She was usually the one to point things out, and to plan ahead. She took a few more puffs on it, and put it out in the nicely decorated ash tray, that Theresa had gotten while

they'd gone to Da Nang.


While there, Hallie-Marie had gotten a dark blue leather flight jacket, and a pair of blue and white Converse hi-top shoes. "Just like in the States", she'd enthused. The others had smiled, and had let her indulge in what she'd wanted. Hallie-Marie unconsciously fingered her leather jacket. She absolutely loved the Dragon on the back of it, holding a ribbon between its claws with the words "Da Nang 1969". Her brown eyes filled a little at the thought of home. She missed her mother father, brothers and sisters. She'd come from a big family, but she knew coming to Vietnam was the right thing to do. Otherwise she'd be at home itching to do something for her country. She'd also helped out at the airstrip, and

Had even gotten her pilot's license a few months earlier. She smiled self-consciously. She glanced at the others in the room. They'd grown up together, and had gone to school together. But somehow this war had brought them even closer together. They were damn good nurses, and they were getting more and more skilled at their other hobbies. Hobbies that would serve them later in life. She was sure of that.


She heard a growling and glanced up at Belinda's bunk. "What's the matter Lindy? Can't get that part figured out?" Belinda growled all the louder. "Want some help? "I could fix for you. Marcel is quite handy when it comes to engines."


"No, don't need any help", growled Belinda. "I can do it", she continued.


"Okay. I am willing to help", offered Hallie-Marie. The result was another grunt

and an expletive issued forth. Hanna-Bell spoke up, "Really Belinda, that is not a nice word to use. Do you want me to wash out your mouth with soap?"


"Try it", warned Belinda.


Backing off to avoid any testiness in an otherwise friendly moment, Hanna-Bell lit another cigarette.


"Them things'll kill 'ya", warned Hallie-Marie.


"As long as I'm still breathing, I'll enjoy my Camels thank you very much",

muttered Hanna-Bell. She tossed a sideways glance up at Belinda, and a sideways glance at Theresa. "So Lieutenant, what really happened last night? "Why aren't you going out with Corporal Jeffery Stephens again? "Is it because

of last night?"


Theresa shrugged, and looked at her leader. True Hanna-Bell didn't out rank her, but when it came to going on missions everyone looked to Hanna-Bell for support, advice and planning. Theresa shrugged, and said, "He's just not the right one for me. "And until I find Mr. Right I'll keep looking."


"That's the way to keep up the ol' ego", enthused Hallie-Marie.


"And tell me exactly what that is supposed to mean", glared Theresa at Hallie-Marie who was still talking to her lizard.


"I was just saying that you've gone out with every man on base, and none of them last for more then a night. And even those who are privileged with a second date, are then shipped out the next morning." She shrugged and continued, "Coincidence? I think not."


Theresa started fuming. She ran her hand through her immaculately sculpted hair, and stood at the door of their Army regulated tent. She stamped her feet. She was itching to get into action again. She hated being kept out of action. There was hardly anything to do, she paced up the floor, she paced down the floor. She just kept pacing. This was not why she'd signed up to be in the Army.


Soon Hallie-Marie came to stand by her. She squeezed Theresa's shoulders and said, "I didn't mean what I said. "You know that. Because you know me better then anybody else."


Theresa turned to face Hallie-Marie. "Hal I know you don't mean what you say half the time. "But sometimes your comments are annoying. You know?"


Hallie-Marie grinned, and tucked a stray strand of hair back into her Army hat.

She said, "I know what you mean. So friends?" She turned her big brown eyes onto her friend.


"Friends. Friends til the end." Vowed Theresa. Hallie-Marie clapped Theresa on

the shoulder, and took Marcel back with her to his small bamboo cage.


They all four decided to settle in for the night. However later in the night, they were awakened at the sound of someone walking into their tent. Survival

instinct kicking in, all four sat straight up in their bunks, and Hanna-Bell turned on a lamp. "What is it?" She asked to the nervous looking male lieutenant standing in the middle of the room.


"There's wounded, and you're needed at the M*A*S*H Unit to help", squeaked out the Lieutenant.


"Thanks Lieutenant Hawkens. We'll be right out." The lieutenant saluted, and he walked out the door.


The four hurriedly got dressed, and they made their way to the M*A*S*H station. It was really hard work, and by the time dawn came, the four dragged themselves back to bed. Or were about to, when they were summoned to General

Morrison's office. Actually Hanna-Bell was summoned, and the rest were told to wait outside, so that she could instruct them as to what they were to do. Hallie-Marie hopped anxiously from one foot to another, Theresa was hoping that whatever was about to happen wouldn't be too dangerous. Belinda just had her arms crossed and she was frowning. She was also leaning against a corner of the building.


Just then from her pocket Hallie-Marie took her lizard from her pocket. "Marcel wanna do me a favor?" Marcel looked at her with his beady black eyes and didn't say a thing. "Good. Cause I have a mission for you. Scurry in there and find out what they're talkin' about."


Before she could set Marcel down and start his mission, Belinda growled in her direction. "Knock it off Crazy-Girl. Or else...." She raised her fist, and Hallie-Marie put Marcel back in her pocket.


"Sheesh it was just a thought."




Hanna-Bell was pacing around the office, while General Morrison was looking on. "So you're telling me that the reason you want us to rob this bank in Hanoi is

because we're ladies and nobody'll suspect us?", asked Hanna-Bell incredulously.


General Morrison was leaning across his desk with his hands folded. He watched as Hanna-Bell paced around the office. He nodded, and said, "Yes. I would send in men, but the Vietcong wouldn't ever suspect the innocent women from our base." "It could bring the war to an early conclusion. Morrison continued, "I for one am ready for this war to end."


"So am I General." Protested Hanna-Bell. "But robbing a bank? Sounds sorta suspicious to me. Like a trap even."


"Believe me, it'll put an end to the war. I've checked it all out." Tapping her foot, she still wasn't convinced. Morrison continued, "Well I'm giving you an order. "So tell your friends what's about to happen. And have that eccentric girl fly you. "I heard she got her pilot's license a few months ago. Didn't she?"


Hanna-Bell nodded, and she asked, "Am I dismissed Sir?"


Morrison nodded. "Dismissed. "Carry on Corporal."


"Thank you Sir." She saluted him, and went back out the door. She was

nearly accosted by all three.


"What'd he say?" Asked Theresa.


"Yeah!!!" Replied Hallie-Marie.


Hanna-Bell smiled and said, "How do you all feel about robbing a bank?"


"Are you crazy?", asked Theresa.


"No I am. Please try not to forget that." Answered Hallie-Marie.


Tactfully ignoring her, Theresa focused her eyes on Hanna-Bell. Theresa

asked, "Why do you want to know?"


So Hanna-Bell gave them the full account. She finished, "And he says it's an



Belinda said, "Well if it puts an end to the war, I'm all for it."


"So am I", piped up Theresa.


"Then we're agreed? "Cause you don't have to do anything you don't want to



"Yeah, but if we disobey a direct order, then we'll be in worse trouble", protested Theresa.


"Good. I'm glad we're all agreed to this venture." Said Hanna-Bell. "Hopping-Mad Matthews you're flying us."


Hopping-Mad was Hallie-Marie's nickname. Her eyes gleamed with excitement. She true to her nick name, hopped up and down and hugged Hanna-Bell.


Prying herself loose, Hanna-Bell turned to the two others. "We three will be the merry band of thieves. "Think you can handle it?" Hanna-Bell asked.


The two others nodded their heads. "Yes we can", affirmed Theresa.


"Good. Now get some rest, we leave early tomorrow morning." All heads

nodded again, and they trooped back to their barracks.


Early the next morning Hallie-Marie woke Theresa in the usual way. She'd figured out a long time ago that simply shaking her friend wouldn't wake her up any faster. So taking a cup from somewhere, she went to the showers filled

up the cup and came back inside the barracks. Giving herself a self satisfied smirk. "Well here goes nothing. I hope she doesn't get too mad. But Corporal said she had to get up an' at 'em." She glanced at the others who were awake but were discussing tactics on the other side of the room. She glanced down at the sleeping form of her friend. "Theresa. Wake up." Said Hallie softly.


"MMMM?" Was Theresa's only answer. Hallie tried shaking her awake. But

as she'd suspected there was still no response. So as a last resort she poured the cup full of water on her face.


Spluttering Theresa sat bolt right up in her bed. "What was that For Hallie? I'm awake, I'm awake."


Hallie practically cooed, "Right and you looked so fresh awake too. Well now

that you're really awake time to get ready for our mission."


Theresa groaned again, and she went to do as she was told. By the time she got back, everyone was waiting for her.


Hallie-Marie was hopping from one foot to another. She was excited because she got to fly them. She loved to fly. Hanna-Bell was smoking her cigarette. She blew a grey blue smoke ring in the air and gazed at her supply officer. Theresa nodded and she shouldered her pack. They headed for the chopper and soon Hallie-Marie dropped them off at the drop site. She did a loop-de-loop as soon as the others were out of sight. The radio soon came to life, and she was told to bring back the dead and wounded. She muttered underneath her breath. Women technically weren't supposed to have been allowed to be in the war torn areas. But she sighed and went to do as she was ordered.




Theresa had supplied them all with the local garb, and a car. There was some sort of a celebration going on, and Theresa crossed her fingers inside her sleeves. She kept her head down, and watched as Hanna-Bell and Belinda entered the bank. "Hope you make it out all right girls", she'd muttered. Suddenly the local police came walking down the street, and they started to investigate the scammed

car. Theresa panicked on her part, and she edged her way to another vehicle. All of a sudden, Hanna-Bell and Belinda poked their faces up to the window, when they saw what Theresa was doing they decided to blow off the charges early. That done they took the money and hurried out the back door. They caught up with Theresa and suddenly they had police chasing after them. The three managed to get to the meeting place and not a moment too soon.


Hallie-Marie soon came and they all hopped into the chopper. "Have fun? I sure did. Got to pick up some dead bodies while you three were robbing the bank. Also Morrison wanted to talk to you." "I was in his office briefly. Said he needed to talk to you three when we all got back." The three others nodded, and they arrived back at the base to a horrible sight.


General Morrison's headquarters had been burned to the ground, and General Morrison had been found dead. Not only because of the building being burned. But because he'd apparently been shot in the head. Their orders had been

burned within the building as well. At least according to the Staff Sergeant on duty.


"How convenient", muttered Theresa. Crossing her arms and looking menacing.

Well as menacing as she knew how. Belinda looked scarier. She even grunted.


The four went back to their barracks and that's when Hallie-Marie's demeanor vanished. She'd suddenly cracked. She'd totally cracked. She was sitting on

her bed rocking back and forth. She was crying and calling for her lizard Marcel. But the real Marcel had escaped. Hallie's eyes widened as Marcel came to rest on her bed. "M-Marcel what are you doing here?" *You need me*. Marcel

answered, and Hallie- Marie heard it through her head. *We're going to be together for a good many years Mistress*. Explained Marcel. "W-We are? How come?" *Because Mistress you're now insane and you need me*. *How else can you see me?* *To everybody else I'm not even here*. Answered Marcel. "I-I'm insane? But how can that be?" *Ask your team mates Mistress, they'll only tell you that you're seeing and talking to things that aren't really there.* Scared Hallie-Marie started to rock even harder. So hard that her bed began to squeak. She called Theresa over. "Theresa, Theresa come here. I need you to do something for me."


"What is it?", asked Theresa. "Ca-Can you see M-Marcel?" Hallie-Marie pointed to the foot of her bed. All Theresa saw was empty space.


She shook her head and said, "Hallie it's just your imagination, there's nothing there at all."


"Are you sure? "I mean are you absotively posolutely sure?"


Theresa answered, "Yes I'm sure. "What's wrong Hallie? "You haven't cracked on me have you?"


"Cracked as in fried egg cracked? "I don't feel like an egg." Murmured

Hallie-Marie. "I do feel clammy like a dead lobster. "But what I do know is that Marcel's sittin' on the end of the bed and he's talking to me through my head."


Theresa's eyes got as wide as saucers. She was so upset she called Hanna-Bell and Belinda over to Hallie-Marie's bunk. The three went through the same routine, and finally Hanna-Bell shook her head in frustration. It was a fact now.

One of her unit was insane.


Hallie-Marie went deeper and deeper into her own little world as the night went by, and nobody got any sleep. Because as soon as the three drifted off to sleep, Hallie-Marie would cry out and the lights would be turned on. Her flowy brown hair was plastered to her head, and her eyes were like a wild animal's darting back and forth between her team mates and what she only saw. By the time it was morning, and the day of their trial. Hallie-Marie was still muttering under her breath and she and the others were split apart. Hallie-Marie screamed out

in frustration, and she was to be humiliated in just a few short hours. Her head was swimming. However she soon became listless and vegetable like.


Meanwhile in the Courtroom Where Hanna, Theresa, and Belinda Were Being

Questioned....... Hanna-Bell had her arms crossed while she was on the stand.

She said, "I told you we were under orders. Which part of that didn't you understand?" Sighed Hanna-Bell.


"Can you explain to us what exactly Morrison asked you to do?"


Hanna-Bell crossed her arms and refused to say anything more. The lawyer gave up and he let Hanna-Bell get off the stand. He called Theresa to the stand. "Ms. Pemberton, what did Ms. Smythe tell you exactly about this proposed venture? Did she mention robbing a bank at all?"


Theresa sighed. "Must we go through this again? We've told you everything. Nothing's changed in our memories, nothing is going to change."


The lawyer smirked, "Except for the fact that your orders burned to a crisp and the person who ordered you rob the bank is dead." "Which is unexplained as

well...." The lawyer's eyes bored holes into the three young ladies' eyes.


Belinda stood up, and she bellowed, "WE AREN'T LIARS!! WE TOLD YOU THE TRUTH. "What More Do You Want?"


She sighed and frowned. "Is that all Ms. Bartholomews? Good. Then you may sit down."


Belinda growled in the lawyer's general direction.


For two hours the judge deliberated, and soon he was back in the room. He

pronounced their sentence. "I find you all guilty. You are all sentenced to stay at the Fort Bragg compound."


Groaning the three were sent to a temporary compound to wait for their transport. "Hey one thing before we go the Hilton?"


"Yes Ms. Smythe?" Sighed the Judge.


"Can I have a pack of smokes?" She raised her eyebrows and looked pleadingly at him.


"All right. Sure you can have all the cigarettes you want."


Hanna-Bell smiled her thanks. They were then led away. "Don't worry we're going to break out, and head towards California. Maybe we can get down in the

underground and help people out. What do you think?" Hanna-Bell whispered. The other two barely nodded.





Hallie had on a straight jacket and was looking at Marcel. She whispered. "Marcel think they're gonna declare me whacko?" Marcel blinked and answered. *Yes Mistress.* *They're going to put you in the VA in Westwood California.*

Hallie-Marie nodded. She glanced up at the others. She started to sing: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...." Marcel had been right. They did declare her insane.


The next morning she was put on a commercial flight to Westwood and was met by a Doctor Richter. She grinned at him. "Hey Doc I got a pet lizard. Marcel meet the good Doc. Doc meet the good lizard." Doctor Richter settled her into her room, and she laid down on the bed.


A week later she got a happy surprise. Her friends had escaped from Fort Bragg and they were waiting in her room when she came back from her session with Doctor Richter. She nearly fainted. But she ran to each and every one of them and hugged them.


"We got you some house warming presents", said Theresa.


"And here's your jacket and shoes", offered Hanna-Bell.


"An' some shirts I thought you'd like", said Belinda.


"Oh thank you. Thanks gals." "You're too kind to me. I don't deserve you

three...." Her voice trailed off and she asked, "But what about you all? How are you going to evade the law?"


"Don't worry about us Hoppin' Mad, we can take care of ourselves." Hanna-Bell said.


"I prefer HM now, said Hallie-Marie. But you guys can call me either HM or Hopping Mad." "It doesn't matter." Hallie-Marie finished. The three others

hugged her again and were gone before anybody knew they'd even been there. Placing Marcel beside her, she glanced at the bare walls. She hoped that nothing bad would happen while the three were on the run. Little did she know that she

and the others were to get the rudest shock in their whole lives twelve years down the road.






Hallie was contentedly playing her Nintendo Set. A 'psychiatrist entered'. It was Theresa, she was dressed as a male psychiatrist.


Theresa's voice boomed, "Ms. Matthews time for your session."


Never looking up, Hallie smirked, "Terri so nice to hear from you again."


Theresa hissed, "Never mind about that HM. C'mon we've gotta get outta here. We've got a job. And besides Colonel Hathaway's on our butt. So hurry please." Nodding Hallie gathered her stuff. They were soon out the door, but they'd almost gotten caught by Colonel Hathaway.


"Hurry BA (Beware of Attitude....Belinda's nickname.) the Colonel's gainin'

on us", said Hallie-Marie as she and Theresa jumped into the black van.


It had no detailing on its side, but it served its purpose. A good get away vehicle. BA had souped it up with a secret compartment, and she'd put built in file

cabinets in as well. It also had a better engine and souped up brakes. BA's face contorted in concentration, and she easily jumped a ravine. Now they were away from Hathaway, at least for a little while.


"Yes. We did it. We got away from Hathaway." Hallie-Marie exulted.


"Don't we always?" retorted Theresa.


"Terri you've got to lighten up. I mean we aren't the A-Team for nothing." Answered Hallie-Marie excitedly. Theresa nodded. "Come on Facial Girl give

me your famous facial smile....."


"Sorry I'm all out of smiles, this running from the law is getting on my nerves.

After all I was expecting to come home a heroine, not a fugitive...." Her voice trailed off as she sighed and looked down at her expensive loafers. She tugged at

her t-shirt and looked down at her expensive blue jeans. She could always scam the best of everything including clothes..... That was one thing that preyed on her

mind. If she'd been living with her parents for the past eight years she'd never have to scam a thing. But circumstances being what they were, she couldn't even contact them because the Military would've been all over them in a hot second. She sighed again, and Hallie decided to liven things up again.


She started spouting off Nursery Rhymes. Twisting them around a little. "Hey diddle diddle the colonel and the fiddle...."


"Hal could you please stop? It's getting on my nerves."


Hallie sighed. "Fine be that way. I was only trying to lighten things up. I mean isn't that what I'm here for? Comic relief?" Belinda growled. Hallie started

to plead. "Come on Corporal I need to vent. Been cooped up in that there VA for ages I need to explore my crazy side a little more."


"Go for it HM. Explore your crazy side all you want. By the way is Marcel here?"


"Oh yeah, there he is...." Fishing Marcel from her jacket pocket, she started

to pat his head. "Hi ya Marcel glad you could join us." Marcel blinked his eyes and looked at his mistress.


Belinda growled again. "There's no lizard. I don't want you talking to him while you're in my van. Got it?"


But Hallie being Hallie, ignored Belinda's threats and kept talking to Marcel. Marcel said *How are you Mistress?* *I'm glad you got me out of your pocket it was hot in there*. "I know it was hot in there. That's why I took you out. Also I

want to have a semi-normal conversation. It's too quiet in here. Facie-Girl's going into depression overload, BA's being mean, and Hanna-Bell's on the Jazz...."


"Who says?" Asked Hanna-Bell from the front of the van.


"I can tell. You've got that certain look. And our Facetious girl is way too

depressed. Must be some mission we're going on. And I'm betting anything that I'm about to fly an airplane." She adjusted her dark green baseball cap on her head.


Belinda growled. "I don't want to fly with her she's too crazy."


"BA we're flying and that's final. Now you can either put a smile on those features of yours, or else...." She took out a pack of cigarettes, noticed how low she'd gotten, took one out and lit it up. She cracked the passenger window halfway, and she blew out the smoke. "Of course it's probably going to be a freebie case."


Theresa groaned. "Hanna-Bell we can't take another freebie case. Do you or

do you not want me to be your supply officer still?" Not waiting for an answer Theresa plunged on. "If we keep taking freebie cases like this I'll be out of a



Hanna-Bell replied, "With a face like yours it wouldn't matter if you were dressed in a barrel. You'd still be able to scam whatever you wanted, or whatever we needed."


Theresa sighed and folded her arms, she put on a disgusted look. The look that defied anyone to say anything nice to her.


Hallie turned back to Marcel. "See? Everybody's edgy I need to clear my mind of all such garbage that comes into my head."


Belinda stated. "The only thing you need to do with your head is have it cleaned with those pills they keep giving you." Hallie stuck her tongue out at Belinda.

Belinda growled again. She warned, "Hallie-Marie Matthews you'd better put your tongue back in your mouth."


Hallie sighed. She put it back in her mouth, and she sighed. "Hey Corporal? Where are we going? What's the case about? Last but certainly never least, who is our client?"


"Those are very good questions Captain. As soon as I finish my cigarette I'll tell you." She blew the smoke out the window.


She was soon lost in thought. She couldn't believe that eight years had passed so quickly. They were all slightly older. Belinda's attitude had gotten worse. Hence

her nickname...Beware of Attitude. Or BA for short. Hallie had come up with the name one day, when the two were scrapping around with their words. Belinda ended up calling Hallie a Crazy Fool of a Girl, and Hallie had responded.... "Whoa Beware of Attitude. Cool it Muchacha.... I was only joking. Nice nickname, I think I'll start calling you Beware of Attitude. But I'll shorten it a little. Hey I've got it!! I'll call you BA...." Soon everybody came to call Belinda 'BA'. Shortly afterwards Belinda was soon adjusted to the nickname.


Even Theresa had a nickname. Well actually two nicknames...Terri or Facial

Girl. She answered to either one. Facial Girl was sort of her trademark. Because as Hallie had once stated, nobody ever said no to Theresa's face. Which Hanna-Bell agreed was true. They'd known Theresa to be a natural scammer. Even while growing up. She never lied to her parents though. It was a matter of asking really nice. Being an only child she did get what she wanted. Theresa's parents were nice enough, that was a given. But her father could care less where she was going or what she was doing or how she really acted. She was more of a latchkey kid at best.


She usually frequented Hanna-Bell's house. At least Hanna-Bell's parents paid attention to Theresa. Hanna-Bell's mother fostered Theresa through many girl phases in her life..... She smiled at the memory of getting Theresa her first bra.... "I am not going to wear this. Are you all nuts?" She'd then run out of the house, Hanna-Bell had followed her outside. Finally getting her to calm down Hanna-Bell had led Theresa inside. Theresa had always needed someone to nurture her, and she, Belinda, and Hallie-Marie had filled those roles quite nicely. Hanna-Bell smiled *Although now she seems a bit spoiled* *She needs to be coddled sometimes, but I won't ever let on that we are coddling her* She smiled, and soon her cigarette was finished. She tossed the stub out the window, and rolled the window up.


Now Hallie spoke up. "Hanna-Bell your cigarette's finished. Care to share what you know to the rest of the class? I'd sure like to know the story. You know how BA hates surprises. I don't want her mad, she might take Marcel away from me...." Her voice trailed off.


Hanna-Bell spoke up again. "Oh right the case. I was just getting to that. Keep Marcel out of your pocket this might interest him too...."


Her voice trailed off as Belinda spoke. "Hanna-Bell don't be encouraging her. I swear sometimes you ought to be locked up in the VA instead of Hopping Mad."


Hallie grinned. "Oh BA you mean it? You'd actually lock the Corporal up, and then you and I would never be apart?"


Belinda growled. Mentally kicking herself for saying anything in Hallie's presence. "I didn't say anything like that Crazy Girl. I was just saying

sometimes...." Her voice trailed off as she caught Hallie's triumphant look in the rearview mirror. Silently growling and keeping her eyes on the road, she also kept her ears open to see what her leader was saying.


Even though Hanna-Bell didn't out rank them at all, they still looked to her to make up the plans. In all their eight years on the run she'd never disappointed them. "Well someone came into Ms. Klondike's All You Can Eat Swedish Food, and asked to hire the A-Team. He's a reporter for the LA SUN. Seems he needs help in locating a friend of his. An Amy Allen. Ms. Allen's been lost in Jakarta for the past few months. Word got to them that stated she'd been kidnapped. Robert Tomias has asked us to take the case. Do you all accept?" There was a round of nods. Hanna-Bell nodded in return.


"I hope that guy doesn't stiff us. You did tell him our regular fee didn't you?" Theresa asked.


"Yes. He knows every detail. He shouldn't be a problem."


"I hope not." Answered Theresa.


"There there Facial Girl. He'll probably be an ace boy scout who actually does what he says he'll do...." Hallie's voice trailed off.


"Where are we going to meet him?" Asked Theresa. Ignoring Hallie.


Hanna-Bell answered. "Near Dean's Auto Shop. That little alley right next to the



Belinda parked the van near the entrance to the alley, while Hanna-Bell got into a disguise. "I hope he takes her act seriously, she does a really good homeless woman." Observed Hallie.


Hanna-Bell met the tall sandy haired man right in the middle of the alley. She was dressed as a hobo. Right down to the cut-off gloves. She was pushing a cart

around, and stumbled slightly. She accidentally bumped into him. He looked over at her, and he stepped out of her way. She sidled up to him and asked, "Hey Mister, got a dollar on you?"


Now the instructions on his napkin at Ms. Klondike's had been to bring a dollar with him when he met the homeless person. By doing that he was practically guaranteed the A-Team. He nodded and fished out a dollar. "There you go.

Now how can I find the A-Team?"


"How can you find the ATM? Could you speak a little louder sonny I've got a

messed up ear."


The man sighed. "HOW CAN I FIND THE A-TEAM?"


"So there's more of a mean tribe?"


He grumbled and said, "I guess you really don't know do you? Sorry I caused

you all this trouble."


Hanna-Bell smiled. "Hey Sonny didn't you want to hire the A-Team?"


That statement did it. Robert stopped in his tracks and ambled back over to her

side. "Yes I do want to hire the A-Team. Where can I find them?"


Whipping off her disguise Hanna-Bell answered her perspective client. "Right here. I'm Hanna-Bell. Leader of this crazy outfit. The rest of the Team should be along shortly." Whistling in a high pitched over tone the two were soon surrounded by the three others. For light Belinda had switched on the van's headlights. "So now tell us the whole story. Who exactly is this Amy Allen person? Why exactly is she lost in Jakarta?"


Robert sighed. He opened his mouth and spoke. "She's an ace reporter like

myself. I was supposed to have gotten the current assignment, but it got changed at the last minute and she got the job. It seems she's run into some drug smugglers. They've captured her as an example for their country. She's considered a very high security prisoner. I need you four to help me break her out of the country. As quickly and safely as you can. I suggest you leave A.S.A.P.."


The four huddled together, and agreed that leaving a.s.a.p. was a very good idea. Once they unhuddled, Hanna-Bell thought up a plan. "First of all Theresa you and Hopping Mad go scam a plane. Do not get one off of the repair line. No matter how much Hopping Mad insists you do...." Her voice trailed off as she looked pointedly at her supply officer. Theresa nodded, and the two got into the van. Left to themselves, the three walked to a nearby cafe. Hanna-Bell's walkie talkie went off. She answered it, and told Theresa and Hallie where to

meet everybody.


They met soon afterwards. It was a good thing that BA had no qualms about flying. Except for the one qualm. The fact that Hallie was flying. But other then

that, Hanna-Bell was thankful that BA could stand flying. Theresa and Hallie gave them instructions to where the plane was waiting for them. It was covered in brush.


"We snagged it from a decent airport. You'll be happy to note that it didn't come from a repair line." Hallie stated a bit smugly.


Hanna-Bell smiled. "Good. I feel much better...."


The five hopped into the plane. Hallie took the controls promptly did a loop de loop. She yelled a high pitched yell. "Thank you for flying Hallie's Airline the only airline where nuts are sisters, and craziness is a way of life. The stewardess will show you how to use the life jackets which can also be used as a flotation device. Enjoy your flight...." She clicked off the microphone, while Belinda

started feeling sick to her stomach.


"Uh Hanna-Bell I don't feel so good...." Before she could say anything more

Belinda 'BA' Bartholomews passed out and landed in the middle of the aisle.


"Terri help me get her into the seat. She'll probably be out for the duration of the trip." Theresa nodded and she helped Hanna-Bell get Belinda into the seat.


They arrived in Jakarta in record time. They landed the plane in a deserted area and hid it from sight. They took Belinda out and tried to wake her up. Which

didn't do any good, because she was still out like a light. They carried far enough away from the plane and strategized.


Soon Belinda shuffled and sat up. "What happened? Where are we? Why am I on the ground? Did the Crazy Fool Girl Crash Us?" Her voice had become very very high pitched. As she was talking she'd inched her way over to Hallie and

stuck her hands around the pilot's throat. "You crashed us didn't you? Didn't you?"


Trying to breathe and flailing her arms around she glanced at Hanna-Bell and Theresa for support. "Put her down Sergeant. She didn't crash us, you passed out and we carried you away from the plane. Then we covered the plane up...." Hanna-Bell's voice trailed off and Belinda lessened her hold on Hallie. Hallie got

out from the grasp and she stood beside Theresa. She brushed the dust off of her flight jacket. She adjusted her dark green baseball cap.


Finally they started on their way. It was decided that Hallie and Theresa would infiltrate where Amy was being held at. Once they found out that is. First

they got three hotel rooms. Two for the girls and one for Robert. Then they started sniffing out clues, they found that Amy Allen was being held in the abandoned Cuban Embassy there. Hatching out a plan, it was decided that both

Hallie and Theresa would be a couple of lost tourists. Hooking them up with wires and microphones, the two started out of the hotel. Hallie carrying a bunch of cameras around her neck, and Theresa carrying around a map of Jakarta.


Soon they were outside the abandoned Embassy. They started yelling for all to hear. "I TOLD YOU TO TAKE THAT TURN TERRI. NO YOU DIDN'T I WAS THE ONE WHO TOLD YOU...."


The 'conversation' seemed to go on for hours. Finally a guard came hurrying out. He asked what the problem was.


Batting her eyelashes Theresa spoke up. "Well you see my friend and I are lost. I told her to take a turn and it seems we ended up here. Is this on the guide route? Because if it is can we take a tour?"


The guard growled and gruffly told them to leave.


"We can't. Because as you can see my friend here has a gun pointed at your gut. Yell or move an inch and she'll fill you full of lead. Got it Buster?"


The guard nodded. His eyes betraying his fear. With a quick punch. Well actually several of them, the two made it inside the building. They found several more guards, but decided to hide and get in contact with the rest of the Team.

That way they could be nearer to them when Hanna-Bell cam up with a plan.


"Facial-Girl to Planner, come in Planner...."


"This is Planner. What have you got so far?"


"A den full of thieves. Waiting for you so we can sniff out the chicken...." Answered Theresa.


"Good. Give me the location and we'll be there shortly." So Theresa told

them their location. "Good. "We're not that far behind you. We'll be there in twenty minutes give or take time limits. Planner out."


"Facial-Girl clearing the air waves and awaiting backup." She clicked off the walkie-talkie and inwardly groaned. Why couldn't Hanna-Bell have things

simple? Like talking normally? But of course they'd had to be in code. What'd she think they were Crack Commandos or something?


"Nice coding Facial-Girl." Hallie smirked.


"Knock it off HM or else...."


"Else what? You gonna be like that BA of ours and start chokin' me?" She

backed off when she realized that Theresa had a contemplating look in her eye. "Okay. Okay. Sorry."


They sat in relative silence. Then all Hell broke loose. "Great. Seems like Hanna-Bell and BA went through the front door again. I think that move's dead....." The two got out of their hiding places and joined in the fight.


Soon all the guards on their level were knocked out. "Let's move it Ladies our

prisoner can't wait all day...." Shouted Hanna-Bell over her shoulder.


The two gave each other martyred looks and shrugged. They followed behind the others and soon they were on the next floor of the Embassy. They hit pay

dirt when they heard female screaming.


"Looks like we found our prisoner. Hope they don't give up without too much of

a fight....." Hanna-Bell's eyes lit up. She was on the Jazz.


"Great she's on the Jazz." Moaned Belinda.


"And we're in trouble", groaned both Hallie and Theresa.


"Cheer up girls, our mission will soon be over, and we'll get our reward soon



They found more guards. Soon those guards were defeated too, and they went to Amy's cell. She did not know what to make of the four women, but when she saw Robert, she visibly relaxed. They undid her bonds, and soon they were

in the van. They'd called the police from their van phone, and then of course Robert and Amy were dropped off at their respective houses. The Team sped away.







"Okay tell me again why Ms. Stockwell's late again?"


"Cause Hilda Stockwell keeps her own timetable." Muttered Hallie.


Theresa said nothing. She pondered the last eight years of their lives. They'd gone from being on the run to being virtual prisoners and becoming guinea pigs for suicide missions. Hanna-Bell had been hurt while they'd split up for some vacation time, and Hilda Stockwell had found them.


Now they were her A-Team. The Team had grown apart and distant. Very distant, they were now no longer meshed. To make matters worse, Theresa had been shot in the stomach while on a mission. It'd taken some effort but at

least Hallie was her own hopping mad self again.


They'd of course taken on a new member. Reluctantly very very reluctantly

they done so. Fanny Sorbriso had joined their Team. She was annoying, but she was also pretty vital. Somewhat. Most of the time she was just annoying.


Finally Hilda strode in. She gazed at them through smirking eyes and cast

glares at Hallie. Since the day they'd met Hallie and Hilda hated each others' guts. Hallie smiled and dutifully saluted her using her middle finger as a greeting' she rolled her eyes. Pretty soon Fanny entered the room. They

all sat down.


Hilda ignored Hallie, and waited til they were all seated. "Carl please roll the film." Carl ever dutiful nodded and they were debriefed. "For you niceness

on going on this mission for me you are all entitled for vacation. Before you get too excited I have another job for you. Carl you may explain....."




And That is where I shall leave our unfortunate Heroines....If you'd like me to

continue please send comments.


THE END?????? OR IS IT??


The Four Fugitives by Georgia Bentz



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