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Title: "Enough"


by Jenny


Rating: NC 17. (explicit, consensual m/f)

Disclaimer: SIGH if only they were of them anyway.....

Notes: This hasn't been beta-ed! So let me have it! This takes place immediately after the ep The Bend in the River.





"Now let us dance and make noise!" The short stocky captain of the

Desayuno Domingo bellowed over the cheers of the wedding party.

Tawnia and Brian Lefcourt walked quickly back down the path towards the edges of the party and someprivacy.


Near the edge of the wedding platform, Face and Bobbie Cardena stood,

under the watchful eye of her father, "El Cajon". The sweaty, large man

winked at the young couple, leering even as he suggested that the blond would be a handsome addition to the family.


Bobbie smiled up at her companion and softly remarked, "I will do my

best." She leaned closer and let her hand run over the soft cotton of his

brown, plaid shirt. The flat muscles of his abdomen tensed even as her

fingertips traced their outline.


Face arched his brows at her obvious invitation and leaned closer. He

inhaled her soft fragrance, a mix of musk and some flowery soap. He

couldn't quite put his finger on it, but it was intoxicating and he found

himself looking deep into her brown eyes. Tugging her closer still,

he pulled her away from presence of her father and onto the impromptu

dance floor. The local band played softly, a folksy love ballad floated

through the air.


"May I have this dance?" Face asked formally, bowing over her hand

and pressing his lips against the brown skin.


"Of course. I've never been asked quite so charmingly." She shivered

slightly as his teeth scraped the back of her knuckles before being

pulled into his embrace.


Fitting her against his lean form, Face wrapped one arm around her

waist, while with the other he captured her hand and held it snugly against his chest. She grinned up at him wickedly, slipping her hand free of his, and letting it run under the lapel of the light summer jacket he wore. Her short nails scraped over his flat male nipple and he shivered

suddenly. Recapturing her hand, he glared at her, mockingly. She smiled back again, innocence shining on her face.


The pair danced for thirty minutes more, until the wedding party dispersed with the departure of Tawnia and Brian to their wedding hut on the outskirts of the village. While the team awaited orders from the Colonel, Face watched the dark haired beauty, knowing that she waited on him. He didn't plan to disappoint her.


Hannibal announced that El Cajon would share the watch over the

village this night and that Face would have the last watch, starting at 5

AM. 'Plenty of time.' Face thought and quietly melted into the shadows, away from his team and their eyes and knowing grins. He circled the perimeter of the central fire and approached Bobbie from behind. Thinking he was taking her by surprise, he roughly grabbed her by the waist, spinning her around to face him.


Not realizing her sharp eyes had watched him just as surely as he had

watched her, Face was himself surprised when she reacted by throwing

herself into the spin. Her torso slammed into his, her arms snaking around his neck and pulling his face down to hers.


Their mouths met and mated, Face finally wrestling control back from

his partner. He felt her fingers, threaded through his hair, pulling

firmly, until he broke the contact. Each panted as they regained their

breath. Bobbie ground her hips against his, moaning as she felt his answering thrust.


Face's hands gripped her hips, his fingers digging into her flesh,

prolonging the contact. When she only pressed closer, he loosed his

hold and ran his hands slowly over her buttocks, kneading the taut muscle. Lowering his face to the juncture of her neck and shoulder, he

fastened his mouth on her flesh, sucking and nipping. He smiled against her skin when he felt the shivers come over her.


Now lowering her arms from his neck, Bobbie slid them down and explored his back. The muscles there rippled under her touch, bunching and releasing in reaction to her attention. Lightly, she feathered her palms over his rear, clutching reflexively when she felt his mouth move lower to trace the swell of her breast.


"Face... my" She breathed against his ear. The hot

exhalation washed over the sensitive flesh there.


"Oh yeah." He moaned. "Lead the way."


Together they swiftly made their way through the hot, dark night, approaching the river, her boat and its haven. Stepping surely over the edge, Face reached back for her, to assist her over the rail.


Grinning at him wryly, she bypassed the extended hand and jumped over the edge to the gently rocking deck. "I was raised on boats, querido, and

this one is my home." She moved to the hatch, jerking her head in

invitation. "Welcome."


Once below deck, Face was surprised to see that he was expected. Candles covered most of the stable surfaces and the bed was turned down. Bobbie walked about the cabin, lighting the wicks, ending up in front of him once more. Standing before him, she gazed up into his eyes, offering all that she was and all that she had to give, for the night anyway.


Watching the woman before him, Face found himself moved deeply by her apparent open desire for him. He was used to being wanted and desired. But the women he dated wanted, no, expected to be persuaded and pleasured. Not this one, she didn't seem to need or want anything but him. Knowing this, he found himself wanting to pleasure her and persuade her, because he could.


Reaching out, he ran his fingers through her dark curls, watching as they fell away from his hands and framed her face in soft waves. He cupped her cheeks, softly kissing her, tracing her lips with his tongue, before entering her gently, tasting her and savoring the flavor. His hands traveled to her ribs, curving around until his thumbs brushed against the underside of her breasts.


Pulling away from his kiss, cursing herself for a fool, she retreated from his gentle mouth. She wanted memories of this night to hold, but not

like this. Tonight was about desires and passion. Not pretty pictures and soft words, not with him. In the morning he would return to his team and his duty. And she could let him go, as long as there was only passion.. Stepping away she pulled the string that released the fabric of her dress from around her neck. It fell away and she stepped out of the skirt as well. Standing before him, clad only in plain white panties, she looked deep into his eyes and smiled.


Face watched, as she stood, naked, in front of him. Before he could resume his previous actions, she was pushing his coat away and off his

shoulders. Her fingers freed the buttons of his shirt and it soon joined the pile on the floor.


Pacing backwards, Bobbie sat on the edge of the bed, pulling him with

her by his belt. Leaning forward she placed a hot open mouthed kiss on his lower abdomen, while her hands released the belt buckle and shoved the button through the hole, lowering his zipper. She pushed the pants down his legs and swirled her tongue over the hard muscle of his stomach just above the waist of his briefs. His tightly reined control slipped at the sensation. When she dipped her hand inside to brush over his hardness, he lost it completely.

Pushing her back onto the mattress, dragging her panties off she fell. He

divested himself of his last clothing. Lying beside her, Face ran his hand

over her ribs and lower, to lightly splay over the soft fuzz covering her sex. Watching her expression, he pushed one finger through to the moist

flesh beneath. Her eyes were wide and wild as he firmly stroked the nub hidden in the folds. No longer able to hold back, Face crushed his mouth to hers, exploring her depths with his tongue even as his hand explored deeper still.


Caressing her inside and out, he waited until he felt the beginnings of the

tremors take her body. Releasing her mouth, he moved on to her breast.

Pulling one erect nipple into his mouth, he laved her beaded flesh with his tongue. Firmly suckling her, he knew the exact moment her initial

release came over her. Her hips bucked wildly against his hand. He heard her cry out, harshly.


Reaching for his head, Bobbie threaded her fingers through his hair and held him close, briefly, before urging him up to her level. She kissed

him, deeply, for long moments. His hands were again running along her

body, eager to learn all her secret places and pleasures. Very near desperate for a more intimate connection with him, she suddenly reversed their positions. Straddling his legs, she rolled and pushed him under her. Her wiry strength took him by surprise and he offered little to no resistance. Now kneeling above him, Bobbie drank in the picture he made, his deeply tanned body in stark contrast to the white sheets covering her bed.


His hair was tousled and falling over his forehead, his eyes were bright and alert in the now fading candlelight. Running her hands again over

his hard stomach, down into the rough hair that surrounded the base of his penis, she cupped him in her hand, squeezing softly and proceeding to stroke the length of him smoothly. He arched involuntarily into her touch and moaned as he threw his head back against the pillows. Moving back, she swiftly dipped her head and touched her tongue to his tip, tasting the slight saltiness gathered there. Once, twice, she took him, fully, into her mouth. He gasped aloud and pulled her up, sharply by the arms.


Regaining control of this passionate dance, Face flipped her over once again and leveled himself over her body. Nudging her thighs apart with his knees, he braced his arms on either side of her shoulders and pushed into her wet heat. Bobbie wiggled under him, guiding him in his journey, wrapping her legs around his hips, and meeting him thrust for thrust. Finally, they found their prize, tumbling toward it together. Face felt the explosion coming and thrust one last time, deep inside of her. Her inner muscles clenched and undulated around him and he cried out as the ultimate pleasure coursed over them. Collapsing over her, he held her in his arms as the tremors claimed both their bodies.


Underneath him, Bobbie savored his weight. She felt the last waves of her climax fade and wanted to hold it forever. Instead she held him,

even as he tried to roll off, freeing her from his heaviness. She murmured, "No, amor, stay, for now, just stay." She twisted beneath him, their joining still intact. "Just stay for is enough."





Enough by Jenny



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