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Title: Twin Trouble

Twin Trouble (Sequel to The Unexpected Members)

by Retisha Harper (R. Hannibal)


Rated: PG-13

Warnings: Language and a character gets badly shot.

Summary: The twins head to the mall where they run into a few problems.

Author's note: Some of the parts are boring, but are needed. So bare with me on those parts. Thanks and enjoy.





It had been three weeks since the incident with Kyle and the Team

hadn't picked up a client in that time. So the twins took off for the

mall with their weekly allowance. The mall was packed with teens of

all ages talking about the coming summer, but the twins ignored this.

They didn't know what summer vacation was. The twins didn't even know what school was like. They had been taught by their father and uncles from books Face was about to pick up at book stores and fairs. They didn't mine much about the school thing cause they were still able to make friends. In fact, their friends were late to the meeting spot

inside the mall.


"Where do you think they are, Ash?"


"I don't know. You don't think anything happen to them do you?"


"Naa, I don't think so. Want to go play in the arcade while we wait

for them?"


"Sure, why not."


They walked over to the arcade and pick a game close to the outside

so they could keep an eye out for them. The game they found happen to

be a cop shoot out one. They both grin when the game started. They

knew they were excellent shooters. As they played, they kept an eye

out for their friends. They would never show up.


When they finish the game, they went to the food court to get

something to eat and drink. The food court was in an up roar. The

twins wondered why, so they asked someone.


"Excuse me, what is all the talk about?" asked Chris.


"Oh, something about the MPs looking for a couple a kids. They're all

over place."


"Oh, do they know what these kids look like?" Ashley asked.


"No, not really. That their a boy and a girl of about twelve."


Both twins laughed.


"Wow, that a real good description of them," stated one twin.


"That fits just about everyone in here," the other finished.


The bystander looked at the twins, then went back to eating. The

twins continued to laugh as the walked off to find a line to get

something, but kept their eyes open for just in case.


Decker was not happy with the search. There were just to many kids.

Not all of them matched, but with so many there they would be about

to hide or slip by. If he could just find them by some lucky chance,

he knew they might lead him to the Team. As he walked by the food

court, he knew with it being lunch time there would be no way he be

able to find them in there. So he posted himself outside it. Crane

happen to walk by at that time.




"Yes, Sir."


"I want you to go to the other entrance and watch who goes in and

comes out. Maybe their inside, but stay out of sight."


"Yes Sir."


Crane hustled to the other side and found a good spot to duck in. So

far all they saw were older teens and kids with their parents. Decker

was getting very impatience with this. He was about to give up with

he saw them. The twins were both drinks strawberry malts and were

kidding around. They were so caught up in their inside joke, that

they about ran into Decker.


"Hold it right there you two!"


Both twins looked up at him with surprised looks on their faces. They

never thought they would meet Decker let alone here. Quickly, the

twins turn and took off running back into the food court. Using the

large crowd, the twins zig zag around people in attempt to lose

Decker. It wasn't working.


"Crane, their heading in your direction!" Decker yelled into the

walkie talkie.


Hearing this the twins knew they were trap, but not for long. They

headed for the tables that were surrounded by an outside wall leading

to all the stores. Finding an empty table, Chris and Ashley took a

chair each, slid them up against the wall, jumped on them then over

the wall. They surprised a few people walking by.


"SORRY!" they both yelled as the ran off.


Decker and Crane attempts to make it over the wall took them longer

than they expected. By the time they got over they twins had



"DAMMIT!! We lost them!" yelled Decker.


"They can't get far. If we inform the rest to watch for two running

kids, they should be able to spot them."


"Good ideal, Crane," grabbing his walkie talkie, "Be on the look at

for a boy and a girl running eastbound on the second floor. Be

careful, their fast."


The twins ran into a music and video store. For a few seconds the

stood by the door, to see if Decker and Crane were still after them.

Satisfied they weren't, the twins started looking at the merchandise

and talking.


"So what are we going to do?"


"I don't know, Chris. We do need to let dad know."


"How are we going to do that? This place is crawling with MPs."


"I know, but there's a pay phone by the restrooms. We just got to get

over there without being spotted."


"Well, we're not going to get far with them standing outside the



"What? Let me see."


Ashley walked to the end of the row and poked her head around. Sure

enough there stood Decker, Crane, and some of Decker's men. Again,

they were trapped.


"Now what?" Chris asked.


"I know I sick of getting us out of trouble."


"Well, I'm sorry that I didn't take after dad in that department."


"There are a lot of things you didn't get from dad, but now isn't the

time to argue."


"Oh, great!"




"He's coming in."


"Oh, man. What direction is he going?"


"To the other side of the store."


"Good. Let's go."


The twins snuck out from the other side of the store and out the

door. Quickly as possible, the twins walked to the restrooms. Finding

a phone, the twins dug up enough change to call the van.


"Jack's Grab and Go. Jake speaking."


"Good one, dad," Chris said laughing.


"What is it, Chris?"


"We've got a small problem."


"What kind of problem?" Hannibal said sounding upset.


Chris looked at Ashley. Ashley shook her head and grabbed the phone.


"We ran into Decker here at the mall. He has this whole place staked



The line went silent.


"Dad, you still there?"


"Yes, I am sweetie. I was just think how he could had know you two

where there with all the malls that are here in LA."


"Well, just imagine how many he's been to in the last three weeks."


Hannibal laughed. He could just see Decker going to all those malls.

While he was still laughing, he over heard shouting in the

background, the phone hitting the wall, and a large explosion. He

quit laughing and became very concern.


"Ashley? ASHLEY?"


He hear the phone being grabbed.


"Dad, you still there?" Chris asked.


"Yes, I am. What happen?" sounding a little relief.


"Some guy said something about getting even and then five maybe six

explosions happened."


"Did any of this happen near you two?"


"There was an explosion on the other side of the wall, but they were

mostly on the lower level, I think."


"OK, I want you two to be careful. The four of us well be there as

soon as we can. If you have to team up with Decker. He'll keep you

two safe."


"Yes sir," then he hung up the phone.


Chris told Ashley what their father told him. Even though, teaming up

with Decker didn't sound so good, they knew it was the safest.

Creeping to the open end of the hall, the twins made a mad dash to

the electronic store. Once inside the store, the twins went for the

walkie talkies. Finding a set to their liking, they went for the

batteries. Getting some, they quickly put them in.


"Do you know what channel he would be on?"


"No, I don't Chris."


"Take a guess."




"Never mind, found him."


"What channel?"




The twins listen to the MPs converse back and forth with each other

and Decker. From listening, the found out that half the exits were

blown and that the other half were guarded. They also were rounding

up people and putting them in large quantities in places to guard.

They twins looked at each other.


"We've got to find him."


"Ya, I know."


"Well, uh, I guess I'll be the brave one."


Ashley takes a deep breath and pushes the button in.


"Colonel Decker, this Ashley Smith. My brother and I are requesting

your whereabouts so we may join you."


"How you get this channel?" Decker barked.


"Can we discuss that later, please sir!" sounding like her father,

but with a touch of politeness.


"OK, OK. I'm in this store that has some weird posters and purple-

black lights."


Ashley and Chris laughed. They were six stores up from him. Not far

to go, but the hard part was getting there without being seen.


"OK sir. We're up six stores from you. We'll be right there."


Ashley and Chris made their way to the front of the store. Looking

both way and across from them, they found it all clear. So they broke

out in full run to the store Decker was in. Getting there, they went

to the back of the store where Decker was crouch down at.


"So it true. Your Smith's kids."


"Yes sir," answered Ashley.


"But that's not important right now, sir."


"My goodness, someone really poured on the politeness on you two,"

Decker said half laughing.


"What do you mean?" both twins spoke at the same time.


But before Decker could answer, there was a noise at the front of the

store. Both twins tensed up. By their poster, Decker could tell they

were used to having guns in their hands. He could believe Smith would

let these two at their age have guns in their hands, but getting into

the situations they got in he could see the reason why.


"I think their leaving," whispered one of the twins.


"Their gone," whispered the other.


"So Colonel, what are we going to do?" asked Ashley.


"I don't know yet. They have some of my men and their heavily armed."


"If we only knew just how many there were."


"At one point, my men counted six."


"Means there's about ten then," Chris said.


"How you figure that?" Decker asked.


"Well, one is the leader, half the doors are blown leaving three,

then the others are guarding everyone else and your men," answered



"Impressive! Smith taught you two well."


Both twins grinned.


"We haven't began to show you."


"What we know."


When Hannibal hung up with Chris, he quickly dialed Face's car phone

number. The phone ringed several times before Face picked it up.




"Face, its Hannibal."


"What's up?" Face asked sounding serious.


"There's a terrorist at the mall the twins are at."


Face when completely silent.




"I... I'll go get Murdock and we'll meet you at the mall."


"OK, Face. I'll give more details on the situation when you two get



"OK, Hannibal," Face said hanging up the phone.


As Hannibal was hanging the phone BA looked over at him.


"You t'ink the kids have found Decker?"


"I hope so, BA. I really do."


"You t'ink they be about to convince him to change the channel to



"There's only one way to find out."


Hannibal reached out and turn it on. Finding it to be just static, he

figured the twins haven't gotten that far yet. He hoped they did. It

would be a way inside to what was going on.


Back inside the mall the twins and Decker are still trying to figure

out how they were going to find out what is going on when Crane calls

for Decker.


"Colonel Decker, the is Crane."


"What is it Crane?"


"Sir, I have two of our men with me. Did the children make it on your



Before Decker could respond to Crane, Ashley tugged on his sleeve.


Decker looked as Ashley.


"What is it, Ashley?"


"Tell him to go to channel two."




"Cause it be a lot safer."


Decker could tell there was another reason to change the channel and

they were able.....


"Smith know what's going on. Doesn't he?"


"We were on the phone with him when the explosions happen. He should

be on his the way."


"OK, I'll tell Crane. We're going to need all the help we can get.

Even from your father. Crane."


"Yes sir."


"Change to channel two."


"Yes sir."


They all changed to two. Hannibal heard a lot of clicking sounds and

looked at BA.


"Sounds like theys changin o'er, Hannibal."


"Sure sounds like it."


The twins gave Crane and the others a few seconds to change over

before they call for their dad.


"Papa Bear, this is Fallen Ashes. Come in," called Ashley.


Hannibal reached up and grabbed the CB.


"This is Papa Bear. You two get to Decker?"


"I'm here, Smith. Their fine and ever bit like you," Decker said in

his normal hateful tone.


"Well, hello to you too, Decker," Hannibal laughed, "OK, now that

were all here. Care to tell me what going on."


"Do you want the long or short version?" asked Ashley.


When Ashley asked her question, Face and Murdock walked up to the van and got in. Hannibal and BA turn around to them.


"So, what's up?" Face asked.


"Ashley's getting ready to tell us what's been going on."


"Oh, so we got here just in time then."


Hannibal nodded his head and went back to talking to Ashley.


"Ashley, just tell me was going on."


"OK. After we got off the phone with you, Chris and I went and got us

some walkie talkies where we found the channel Decker was on. While

listening, we found out that half the doors are blown and the others

are guarded. They also took the customers to places to keep them in

control. Then we talked to Decker, asked him where he was at, and ran

to him. We know there's at least ten of them and six of us."


Hannibal looked at the three of them. The situation didn't sound good

at all.


"So, what are we going to do, Hannibal," Face asked.


"I know we need to get in there some how. The twins are not going to

be able to handle this very well."


"How are we going to do that? Didn't she say half of the doors were

blown and the others guarded."


"We're just going to have them check the blown doors out and see if

they can find one of them can give us any access. They wouldn't

expect any one coming from that direction."


"You think they be able to do it?" Murdock asked.


"How well do the twins hide when they get into trouble."


"Pretty good," Face laughed.


Making his decision and getting everyone's approval, Hannibal called

back to Ashley.




"Here, dad."


"Ashley I've got a plan, but it for you two, mostly."


Hannibal told Ashley what he wanted the two of them to do. Decker

thought it was to risky for the twins, but if that's how Hannibal

want it then so be it.


"OK, dad. Quick question, how do you want us to mark the entrance?"


"Find something colorful that we can see."




The twins quickly looked through the store. Suddenly, Chris laughed.


"What's so funny, Chris."


"You think this be colorful enough," laughing holding up a box of

body paint.


Ashley burst into a fit of laugher. Decker looked at them, angrily.


"Will you two shut up before you give us away."


"Sorry," whispered both twins trying not to laugh.


"What's so funny, any ways?"


Chris showed Decker the body paint trying not to laugh at Decker's

funny look.


"Dad didn't say what colorful something we had to use."


"I swear. If I weren't looking for you two and just happen to bump

into you, I still be able to figure out whose kids you are."


Ashley smiled at what Decker said, then looked at her brother.


"You ready?"




"Let's go."


The twins walked up to the front of the store. Scanning the area and

finding it all clear, they walked out into the walkway and down

twelve stores and the bathrooms to the first set of doors. Walking up

them, the twins began checking them over. Finding a hole, they began

clearing the way till they made it outside. Both twins grinned. Their

first one and they found a way. So quickly, they opened the box and

grabbed all the paint out, unscrewed all the caps to them, and

started marking the trail with them. When they were done marking the

trail, they went back outside and empty the rest of the paint on the

outside rubble so their dad and uncles could see.


Making their way back in, Chris stopped short.


"What is it, Chris."


"Its one of the terrorist."


"What are we going to do?"


"We're going to get him."




"We got those two guards three weeks ago. How any different it this?"


Ashley looked at her brother and knew there wasn't much different



"Does he have a walkie talkie?"


Chris looked at the guy.




"OK, we can take him out."


"Now that's what I like to hear," grinning at his sister.


Both twins crawled out and snuck up on the terrorist. Chris reached

up and tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned around, both twins

punched him in the face knocking him out.


"Now what?" asked Chris.


"We tie him up," shaking her hand.


"With what?"


"His shoe strings," beginning to untie his boot.


"OK," getting down and untying the other one.


Once both shoe strings were out, Chris started tying up his hands.

While Chris was doing that, Ashley pulled of his boot and sock. Then

she out his boot back on and hand her brother the sock.


"What do you want me to do with that?" he asked.


Ashley looked at him dumb struck.


"Put it in his mouth," she said tying his feet together.


As Chris put it in his mouth, he saw something under his arm. Looking

at Ashley, he saw her searching him for weapons and things.






"Under his arm, is that what I think it is?"


Ashley pulled out the machine gun and her eyes when wide.


"Boy, we sure were lucky."


"Sure were. Sorry I didn't see it."


"That's OK. He didn't get us. That's what counts."


"So now what are we going to do with him?"


"Well, get all his weapons and then we'll drag him to the restrooms."


Chris grinned and picking up some of the weapons Ashley found.

Draping the gun over her shoulder, she grabbed one of his arms while

Chris got the other. The twins found him extremely heavy, but some

how they got him to the restrooms without being seen.


"Boy, he sure was heavy."


"Ya, I know. So what kind of weapons did we get.?"


"We got the M-16, that's on your shoulder, and two simi-automatic

hand guns. All have extra clips."


"All right. You ready to get back to Decker, Chris?"


"Not really, but we can't hang out in the restroom either."


Ashley walked to the door and cracked it open slowly. Seeing it was

all clear she motioned her brother to come. Just about the time they

were about to walk out the door, Ashley saw someone coming around the

corner. Quickly, she pushed her brother back in, but she pushed him

to hard and he started to fall. Reaching out, he grabbed Ashley

causing her to fall with him. Looking at the door, they both tensed

as it began to open and a man began to walk in.


The twins held their breath. They just knew they've been caught.

Quickly without thinking, Ashley grabbed the hand gun, cocked, and

point it at the door. But she wouldn't get a chance to do anything

with it cause the man quickly grabbed it from her as he finished

walking in.


"You better be glad I heard you load this gun, young lady!" yelled



"Well, you didn't have to scare us like that too!" Ashley yelled back.


Hannibal looked at the twins, who were white as ghosts, and noticed

the other weapons they had.


"Just how did you two get these, any ways?"


"From the guy tied up around the corner here," Chris said, pointing.


Hannibal stepped over the twins, who were now getting up, and looked

around the corner. He laughed at the site. The twins high fived each

other and grinned back at their father.


"So, just exactly did you two get off him?"


"Two semi-automatic hand guns and a M-16 with extra clips for all



Hannibal was shocked. If this guy had that much on him what about the



"Come on, you two. Their outside waiting."


They all walked out where the other three were keeping lookout. The

twins looked at Murdock then at their father. Hannibal knew what they

were thinking and so did Murdock.


"Don't worry. I'm not going all the way with y'all," Murdock

said, "Plus, I've got to be able to get to the van when this whole

thing is over."


Hannibal began ushing the twins to where BA and Face were. When he

got the twins moving in the direction, he turned to Murdock.


"I'll have one of the twins hold down the button on one of the walkie

talkies. I'm sure Crane wants to be informed on what's going on. That

will be the excuse will use."


"All right, Colonel," Murdock said smiling.


"So, just how far down do we have to go to get to Decker?" Face asked.


"Twelve stores," answered Ashley.


The five of them made it down the twelve stores. Hannibal, Face, and

BA looked at the store. They couldn't believe there was a store like

this. The twins looked at their faces and laughed. Decker heard them

laugh and got up and walked to them.


"Smith, I see you made it in."


"There wasn't a doubt with these two."


Decker looked at the twins who were grinning that famous

smile. `Those two are to much like their father, especially the

girl,' he thought. Then he noticed the guns in their hands.


"Where did you two get those?"


"From a guy we got," answered Ashley.


"Ya, he's in the restroom if you want to go see," Chris finished.


Decker looked at Hannibal with a question looked to his face.


"Its true, Rod. They got one of the terrorist."


"But their only twelve. How could they bring down a grown man?"

Decker asked, stunned.


"So what if we're twelve. We can handle ourselves just fine," Ashley



"We might not be like our dad and uncles, but were good," Chris

finished, once again.


"Chris, Ashley. That will be enough from you two," Hannibal stated



"Yes sir," both twins said.


Then Hannibal stared at them. The twins looked at him like hoping he

was kidding, but he wasn't. The twins rolled their eyes, looked at

Decker, and took a deep breath.


"We're sorry.... for our behavior," both twins said annoyed.


Hannibal wasn't to pleased with their apology, but with it being

Decker they were apologizing to, he didn't expect it to be to

willingly. However, Decker was shocked. Hannibal really had a hold on

his two. If only he could get that same hold on his boy, who was a

year older than the twins. But he shook the thought from his head and

looked at Smith.


"So Smith, you got a plan?"


Hannibal laid out the plan. Ashley held the walkie talkie in her hand

as he talked. He told Crane and the two with him to stay together and

clear that side of the store. Face was to go back the direction they

came. Hidden within that plan Face was to pick up Murdock. While the

rest of them made it down to the lower level and see how to get to

the hostages and take out the terrorists.


They all walked out of the store. Face slowly went back to where they

came in at. The twins found their own way down. They quietly walked

up to the rail where two pillars were. Swinging their legs over they

jumped onto the pillars and slid down. Hannibal, BA, and Decker

looked at the pillars then walked to the stairs.


The twins waited till they made it down. That's when they made the

final split. Hannibal and BA went one way and Decker joined the twins

to go the other way. Decker remember thinking why couldn't Smith or

Baracus go with the twins.


"Don't look so unhappy. We're not going to get into much trouble,"

Ashley whispered.


Decker looked at her. So much like her father yet something else too.


"You know, you two must really impress your mother."


Both twins stopped and looked at him.


"If she was still with us, I think we really would have," Ashley

whispered sadly.


Decker looked at them. He understood why they were with Smith, but at

the same time felt like an ass for saying that.


"Hey, cheer up. We were little when she died. Plus, you didn't know,"

Chris said.


"Come on. We got something more important to do, then dwell on our

mother's death," then under her breath, "Plus, we got the asshole who

killed her."


"What did you say?" Decker asked.


"Oh, nothing," Ashley quickly answered.


Hannibal and BA made their way to the food court. From there they

could see the hostages, some of the terrorists, and what looked like

the leader. Hannibal signaled BA to move down and see what else he

could see. BA nodded his head and moved in the direction Hannibal

pointed out. Soon as BA went, Hannibal looked across to where Decker

and the twins were advancing on the movie theater. The twins were a

little ahead of Decker up to the point the reached the opening of the



"You two stay here. I'm going to cross to the other side," Decker

whispered to the twins.


The twins nodded their head and watched as Decker made his way over

to the other side. From Decker's position he could see a spot the

twins could get into without being seen. It was also big enough for

him to get in as soon as the twins made there. Decker got the twins

attention and signaled that there was a hall that was just a few feet

from them. The twins nodded their head in understanding of what

Decker was saying to them. They looked around the corner real quick

to see if anyone was there. Seeing that no one was there, they ran to

the hall. Just as they got in it a terrorist walked out into the

open. The twins back up into the hall to allow Decker in. Looking at

him he pointed at the terrorist that had came out and that he had to

wait till he left.


Hannibal turned his head back as BA returned. BA pointed across to

where Decker was.


"The kids are inside. Decker having to wait till a terrorist leaves

to move in."


"He bet'er hurry up befo'e he's seen."


"I know. Any ways, what did you see when you when down there?"


"Nothing much. Just a bet'er view of where the terror'st are."


Hannibal looked back across to see Decker was gone. He smiled that

now he was in there with the kids. Turning back to BA, he signaled BA

to go to the place he had gone to look over where everyone was. He

hoped the twins would do the same and come up with something to get



Decker was glad to make it into the hall. He felt like a sitting duck

out there. Then he looked at the twins and the staircase.


"What does that lead to?" he asked the twins.


"To the projectors. Why you ask?" Ashley answered and asked.


However, Decker wouldn't get to answer as the door opened to the

projectors open. All three of them tensed up.


Decker quickly push the twins behind him as one of the terrorists

made his way down. The twins looked around him as the terrorist

stopped on the staircase. They watched as Decker held his gun up to

the terrorist and the began to do likewise when they heard shooting

and screaming come outside from the food court. For the quick moment,

Decker and the twins forgot about the guy, but the twins soon turned

back just as the terrorist lifted his gun.


"DECKER, LOOK OUT!" shouted both Ashley and Chris.


Soon the hall was full of smoke and bullets flying everywhere. The

twins ran out of the hall and into a couple terrorists. Quickly, they

kicked them in the stomach. When they doubled over, both Ashley and

Chris kicked them in the face knocking them out. As soon as they had

knocked them out, they were forced back into the hall as some of the

terrorists from the food court started shooting at them. Getting back

into the hall, Ashley saw the terrorist, now dead, on the staircase.

Looking at Decker, she saw he was holding his stomach and blood was

coming out between his fingers.


"Oh, my gosh!" she shouted running to him.


"What?" Chris asked but soon knew why.


"Chris, just stay there, I got it! Here, take these!" sliding hers and Decker's guns and extra clips to him.


Chris nodded his head and went back to the what was happening out by

the food court. Ashley got Decker to sit down. Quickly, she began

unbuttoning his shirt and gently pulled out both the uniform and

white shirts. Decker let out a small cry as she pulled on the white



"Sorry," she squeaked out.


"Its....OK," looking down, "Peck, first aid."


"Shhh, you need to save you energy," looking at him," Yes, he taught



Looking at the wound, she noticed how bad it was, but she stayed calm

about it. Thinking on how to stop the bleeding, she saw something

white on the staircase.


"I'll be right back, OK."


Decker nodded his head as she got up and walked over the dead man and

grab something. To Ashley amazement it was a first aid kit. She

remember thinking what a bad place this was at for what it was meant

to be use for, but awfully glad it was place were it was.


Ashley quickly made her way back to Decker. Sitting the kit by her,

she opened it and started pulling out things. Finding some hydrogen

peroxide, she unscrew the cap and began pouring some on the wound. As

she was slowly pouring, she felt Decker grab her arm. She looked up

and they met eye to eye.


"You OK?" she asked fighting her fear.


"I wish my boy was a little like you two," Decker said slowly and



Chris turned around as Ashley continued looking at him as he



"Smith has done a good job and the way you two handle yourselves,

Peck and Baracus must had a hand in too."


"You really need to relax and save your energy until dad can get over

here," Chris spoke up.


Decker managed to form a smiled. Just then Hannibal walked up and

both twins turned to look at him. Ashley was the most relieved to see

her dad and it could be read on her face. Hannibal walked over to her

and Decker.


"How you feeling, Rod?"


"Not to well. How did it go out there and what was his reason for

doing all of this?"


"There all tied up and your men on leading them outside along with

the hostages. His reason for taking over the mall was to make a point

to the government about unlawful acts."


Decker smiled at that as Ashley taped down the bandage she had

applied while he and Hannibal talked. Then Hannibal looked at Face,

who came down to help during the shoot out.


"Ashley, Chris, why don't you two come with me and get the rest of

the people out of here," Face said.


Both of them got up and followed Face out of the hall.


"Why don't you two take that side," pointing to the right, "and I'll

take the other, OK."


They nodded their heads and walked in the direction Face told them to

go. Face looked back at them just before heading down his hall and

saw them grab each other hand. Reality was setting in on the two of

them, but they were strong. Turning back he went to get the hostages



Soon they were all out and Decker was on his way to the hospital. The

Team and the twins headed back to Face's newest scam apartment. They

weren't even half way there when Ashley and Chris fell asleep.


Two weeks later, the twins were playing a game of street hockey with

some kids in the park. A lot of people where watching the kids play

and one of them happen to be Decker. His son was out there with them.

The twins were on one team and his son on the other. Soon the kids

were back in the center. Ashley had been push into the fence and now

her lip was bleeding, but she skated to the center to face off the

boy who pushed her. Before the puck was thrown back in the boy asked

for her name.


"So, what's your name?"


"Ashley Smith, you."


"Roderick Decker, Jr., but everyone calls be Rodney."


"Your kidding."


"No, I'm not."


"How's your dad?"


"Good and how do you know my dad?"


"The mall thing two weeks ago."


Both of them smiled at each other as the puck got tossed in and

everyone went after it. As they all went after the puck, Hannibal

walked up to Decker. Decker didn't see him at first, but soon did.






"Looks like our kids met each other."


"Sure does."


They both watched as Ashley skated down to the goal with Rodney on

her tail again. Ashley looked back at him and grinned. He grinned

back at her causing her blush. Turning back she saw her brother was

open. Quickly, she hit the puck to Chris just as Rodney was about to

get it.


"Nice move giving it to your brother."


"How you know that was my brother?"


"Let's just say my dad told me about the mall thing," he said as he

kissed her on the cheek and went after the next kid who had the puck.


Ashley stopped in her tracks and touched her cheek.


"He kissed me......"



--The End.....for now.


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Twin Trouble by Retisha Harper



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