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Free Will

Free Will?

by Red


Rated PG

Warnings: None

disclaimers: None



Free Will?


How can the wind blow without your telling it to?

And how can the moon shine so gloriously?

How can the sun track across the sky without your say



Help me to understand

How can they have such free will?

When I canít even look into your eyes without falling

helplessly at your feet.


How can the stars twinkle without you giving your


Or the waves dare to caress the shoreline.

How can the green grass grow without your agreement?


Please tell me.

How can the world turn with such abandonment?

When just one touch from you sends me into ultimate

uncontrolled bliss.


How can the leaves fall without your approval?

Or the mountain streams run clear and free.

How can the forest trees grow tall without your favor?


I truly do not comprehend this.

How can the universe survive without your management?

When you control me till I have no more free will



You are the world to me and the universe just canít


With you, I have no control, no free will.

You are my lover, friend and confidant.


Without you, there is no life.

Free Will? by Red



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