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Being Benjamin Solomon

By Georgia Bentz









I've been here for the past six hours. Why can't that judge and the jury see that my clients are innocent? I know for a fact they're innocent, though I tried to disprove it when I first got to court. The notorious A-Team. The unstoppable A-Team. Stopped finally for this unfair trial!! Now they've all said they've killed General Morrison. Only after their pilot HM Murdock took the stand. I admit that was one of the most perplexing "confessions" I have ever heard in my life. He said that there were Indians after him, a boat firing at him, and then they'd run out of manuals. Then of course he'd "kissed" his co-pilot.


Which I'm fairly sure from his records that he was alone when he'd dropped his friends off at the Hanoi drop site. I shook my head, they were almost to home base when all of a sudden they'd "confessed". Okay you're probably wondering why and how I got involved in all this. Well I'll tell you. I was sitting in my office minding my own business when all of a sudden I got a frantic phone call from a semi-friend of mine. Frankie Santana. He sounded desperate that I take on a case he had. I was about to hang up when he mentioned that the A-Team were the ones that needed my expertise. That they didn't have a lawyer to defend them, and he'd reminded me of that favor I owed him. A favor I'd almost forgotten about.


You see one day I was walking down a street when I was mugged. Well all of a sudden, this stupid kid with a handkerchief on his head decided to play hero. Needless to say he saved my life, and broke his arm. I'd been so shaken up that I'd hastily told him I owed him one. He'd of course probably taken me literally. I hung up with him and I paced around my room. I almost didn't go to the Army Base to defend them. They were bona fide criminals after all. But they were the A-Team. The A-Team!!!! The Robin Hood types that always seemed to have Lady Luck on their side, and evaded the law.


They'd finally been caught. Later I was told they'd been blackmailed. I didn't doubt that for a minute. I made up my mind, and ended up at the

Army Base. Testing them and myself. I told them first off that I thought they were guilty. Not until six hours later did I begin doubting my first judgment about them. True it was daunting to be by a huge man in a mohawk that when angry would flip over tables, attack guards, and cause his friends to grab guns from the downed guards. The "witnesses" had

called his friends liars. I nearly fell off my chair in desperation. That's all the courts would have needed was to file them under lunacy and they'd never get a break then. Of course Murdock had been a certified lunatic and maybe there would still have been hope for them.


But I'm pretty sure they'd have been locked up in the VA. Fortunately the court was dismissed for the day and they'd reconvene the next day. I met with them in an empty room. Mr. Murdock was nowhere to be seen. But I told them they could take another course of action and they'd be declared innocent if nothing else. They didn't quite agree with me on that venue. So we all went our separate ways till the next day. It was another grueling day in court. Mr. Baracus was confined to the table. Literally. He was shackled. Poor man, and that had been because of his outburst.


During breaks of this interesting case Mr. Murdock has been seen

leaving the court with Mr. Santana and some strange guy has been seen sitting in a seat, wearing yellow glasses. Oh now Mr. Murdock's brought an Asian guy in here. He's telling us that the man can clear his friends. I hope so. No witnesses for the A-Team has come forward to prove they're innocent. Not even any of their "clients". But the coward chickens out and has changed his story. I can tell by the look on everyone's face that that man had been their last hope. This isn't good. This is not good. I don't know what to do. The judge and jury are deliberating now. I cross my fingers, but I don't have much hope that we'll win now. I don't know what to do, I don't know what to say.


My clients are looking at me. I shrug my shoulders. Now the judge and

jury come back in. "We the jury find the A-Team guilty of all crimes..... The judge stands up.... "I sentence you to a firing squad." He hastily leaves. I turn to my clients and as they're led away I try and say goodbye. But nothing comes out. After all this time and energy. The two days spent in court. Trying to prove that they were innocent now they're going to die. I dejectedly packed up my stuff and went over to where Frankie and that Mr. Murdock had been standing, but they were no longer to be seen. I even checked to see if I could spot that strange man in the yellow glasses. He'd completely disappeared as well. I went back to my office and hung up my coat. I finished wrapping up the details, and stamped "CASE CLOSED" on the folder of the A-Team.....





Here I am glued to my television. All over the world the citizens are hearing the news. Some are probably crying, others like the crooked officials and such are probably rejoicing. I don't know what to feel. I've got mixed emotions. What I do know is this, those three men were

innocent. The reporter announces that the three had been shot, and now their bodies are being loaded up to take to one of the local cemeteries. Even then in death they don't get the honor they deserve. I turn off the television, and I go to my kitchen. Pour myself some coffee. Soon the

phone rings I answer it.


"Hello Benny? Just wanted to thank you for all your help. Can't say where we're at, but we're safe and sound. Thanks for trying to help us." The caller hangs up. I am stunned. That had been Colonel Smith. So they are alive. They aren't dead. But I'm not going to breathe a word about this to any one. I am left alone in my thoughts and decide to head to bed....






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