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Just Thinkin' Just Thinkin'
Theresa "Captain Marina" Thomas

[BA recalls many memories a few days before the anniversary of his father's death]

"Bosco Baracus, you get in here this instant... you hear me?" the robust dark skinned lady called from the front steps of her run-downed apartment.

The little boy about nine years old, dressed in tattered jeans and a torn shirt, left the game of marbles he was playing.

"Bosco, have you been fightin again at school?"

"Yes, ma'am," the little boy answered meekly as he fiddled his feet around on the ground.

"Boy, what am I goin to do with you?"

"I don't know, mama," he replied through tears.

"Scooter, come here baby," the woman's tone changed from anger to concern.

Bosco immediately went to his mother as she wrapped her arms around him. They sat down on the front steps.

"Scooter, I know you been havin a hard time since your daddy died, God have mercy on his soul, but that ain't no reason to go around fightin all the time. I know your angry baby, but you have to find better ways to deal with it then fightin."

"But.... mama, they was pickin on me cause I'm so small. So I had to show'em mama- I had to."

"Oh baby, someday you're gonna be big and strong like your daddy was and then ain't nobody gonna pick on you."

"Really mama...I will be as big as daddy?"

"Yes, you will be baby."

Bosco's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree at the thought of becoming just like the man he idolized.

"Now, about all this fightin young man," her tone became serious.

"Yes, mama?" Bosco squeaked in a meek voice.

"You just can't go around fightin for no reason."

"You mean sometimes it's OK to fight, mama?"

"No, baby it is never OK to fight, but sometimes it is necessary. That woulda been your daddy's job to teach you the difference. So... I guess it is up to me now. Most of the fights you've been in at school have not been necessary. It is just all your anger that is bottle up inside trying to find a way out. You have to let some of the anger go baby, before it eats you up."

"Sometimes I can't help it mama," Bosco cried as he snuggled closer to his mother's chest.

"I know baby. I am angry too, but God called your daddy home and that is something we have to accept."

"Yes mama."

"Now listen to me Scooter I want you to find a better way to deal with all that anger, instead of fightin. You come talk to me about it when you feel like fightin."

"OK... mama."

"That's my baby," she squeezed him tightly. "Now, you run along and play, but don't you be late for supper! And you keep out of trouble."

"Yes, ma'am," Bosco called out as he ran off to play.


"Whatcha thinking about, big guy?" Murdock asked as he came into the kitchen.

"What?" BA asked confused.

"You looked liked you were in a galaxy far far away."

"Oh nothin, just thinkin."

BA had been thinking a lot about his father in the past few days. Next Tuesday was 25th

anniversary of his death. He wanted desperately to go to his father's graveside for a visit, but Decker always did his homework. He would have his squad surrounding the cemetery like a swat team at a hostage situation.


"Nothing.... crazy fool! Whatcha want?"

"Faceman just called. Hannibal wants us to meet him in the park at noon."

"Well then what we waitin for... let's get goin," BA said as he got up and grabbed Murdock by the arm dragging him out to the van.

The strong California sun glistened of the cars and BA was soon mesmerized by the swirls of heat that rose from the sizzling streets. He drifted off into the past once again, this time thinking about a decision that changed his life forever.


"Mama, Mama I gotta an A on my shop class project." Bosco shouted as he came running into the apartment.

"Oh that's wonderful baby! I am so proud of you."

"And you know what else mama- the man from the army was at school today. He was testin us to see what jobs we could have if we was to join up. They said they would teach me everything I need to know about bein a mechanic mama."

"They did, baby?"

"Oh.. yes, mama-just think about it. I could open up a my own place someday and take you away from all this."

"Woah slow down Scooter. I'm not sure I want you going so far away from home and what about all the fightin that's going on in Vietnam. I don't want my baby involved in all that danger."

"Aww, mama... I ain't no baby no more," Bosco replied indignantly.

"Well now... you listen to me young man! No matter how old you are, or how big you get. You will always be my baby, and I will always look out for you. That's what God put me on this earth to do and that's what I'm gonna do. Now you go wash up and we will talk more about it over dinner ."

"Yes, ma'am," but in his heart he knew his mother would not stand in his way.


"BA! Yoo-hoo! BA!-You missed the turn," Murdock said as he snapped his fingers trying to arouse BA from his trance.

"What, fool?"

"You missed the turn off for the park."

"Well... why didn't you tell me, sucka, Œstead of just sittin there?"


"I don't wanna hear any of your crazy jibber-jabber."


"Shut up, fool!"

BA pulled the van into the closest parking lot and turned around, as Murdock sat there stunned.

Murdock and BA arrived at the park at 12:20. Hannibal and Face were sitting at a picnic table under a tall oak tree.

"Hey guys, I said 12 o'clock not 12:20. We can't start getting sloppy!" Hannibal said with obvious annoyance.

"Sorry, Hannibal it was Murdock's fault, man."

"What?? It was not! You're the one who was in la.. la.. land and missed the turn," Murdock pouted.

Hannibal puffed on his cigar, trying to figure out what Murdock meant by la la land.

"Everything OK, sergeant?"

"Yeah, man, everything's fine."

"Good! OK, listen up we have a job to do."

"I was on the set yesterday when I heard this slimeball threatening one of the other actors. Pretty girl by the name of Susan Schwartz, so I had Face do a little checking. Tell them what you found out Lieutenant."

"I found out that this girl has a very interesting past andŠ"

"Well then you and her should get along just fine," Murdock teased.

"You got that right, Cap'n!" Hannibal grinned.

"Anyway..." Face continued completely ignoring the teasing of his teammates.

"When Susan was sixteen she was tricked intoŠ.well let's say the making of less then decent movies.." Face cleared his throat and straightened his tie. "So now the sleazy guy who took advantage of her naiveté, has threaten to sell those movies to those tabloid television shows. It would ruin her career."

"Hey, man, that sucka probably made movies of other kids."

"I am sure he still does BA and that is what I want to do, close that slimeball down forever and help Susan in the process," Hannibal added.

"I'll close that sucka with my fist man," BA growled as he got up from the table and began to pace back and forth.

"Take is easy, Sergeant!" Hannibal ordered.

"Yeah, BA...that temper of yours always gets you into trouble."

"Whatcha saying foolŠI ain't got no temper," BA snarled as he grabbed Murdock by the jacket.

"Of course you don't Sergeant," Hannibal assured as he attempted to pry BA off of Murdock.


"Sergeant Baracus, do you have anything to say before we pronounce sentence?" the Judge inquired.

"No!" Sergeant Baracus growled as he stared at the judge.

"Very well then.. for assault against a superior officerŠwe sentence you toŠ."

"Ahh.. excuse me, your honor.. I don't meant to interrupt, but I have something to say if the court would indulge me?"

The courtroom interrupted into a fit of noise as the blonde-haired gentlemen with a touch of sliver highlights entered the courtroom.

"Order, Order in this courtroom," the Judge commanded as he banged the gavel on the desk.

"Colonel, approach the bench please!"

"Yes sir."

"Colonel this is highly irregular! Do you realize that you have just interrupted these court martial proceedings?" the Judge whispered.

"I know sir, but if you will just listen to me a minute. I think I can save the taxpayers the money needed to incarcerate a young man with a bad temper."

"OK colonel, but this had better be good."

"This court is in recess for one hour, while I confer with Colonel?"

"Smith sirŠ Hannibal Smith," Hannibal stated with a huge grin.

"With Colonel Smith," the judge banged the gavel on the desk.

After the hour passed court was reconvened.

"Sergeant Baracus, please rise."

"After conferring with Colonel Smith this court finds the defendant innocent of all charges. Sergeant Baracus you are hereby ordered to accompany Colonel Smith to his base. He is all yours Colonel-good luck. Court is adjourned!" the Judge banged the gavel on the desk.

"Well let's go Sergeant, there is a lot of work to be done," Hannibal commanded as he placed his cigar in his mouth and put on his black gloves.


Hannibal managed to pry BA off Murdock and the team headed back to the van.

"Face we need Amy for this one! Give her a call and have her meet us at "Café Olé."

"Right Colonel," Face replied as he picked up the cell phone.

Over lunch Hannibal informed the team of his plan.

"She's not going to like that Colonel," Face groaned.

"Oh you worry too much Lieutenant, besides it's your job to sell her on the idea. Dazzle her with that charm of yours."

"My job? You know sometimes I wonder why I stay with you people."

"Cause you love us Faceman!" Murdock crooned and put his head on Face's shoulder.

Face just rolled his eyes while Hannibal laughed robustly at the Lieutenant's obvious thoughts of deep injustice.

"Hi guys! What's up?"

The four men looked at each other, each one afraid to tell Amy the plan.

"What?" Amy queried detecting the team's hesitance.

"Well KidŠyou always wanted to be a star! Now here is your chance!" Hannibal said as folded his arms and sat back in his chair.


"Amy do you like the name Bambi Niewoehner?" Face asked innocently.


"We need a cheerleader outfit and some pompoms!" Hannibal added as they all got up to leave.

"What?" Amy asked for the fifth time as Face guided her out the restaurant door, filling her in on the rest of Hannibal's plan.

An hour later the van pulled out front of the studio.

"Just picture it Amy ŒReporter Risks her Life to Break up Teenage Pornography Ring.' You'll win the Pulitzer," Face declared still trying to convince Amy to go along with Hannibal's plan.

"You look wonderful Kid." Hannibal stated as he got out of the van dressed in a satin purple suit and cowboy hat. His facial features transformed by latex and makeup.

I am not happy about this!"

"Aww come on Amy...Don't have such a bad attitude," Murdock prodded as BA recalled those same words being spoken to him.


"Well, gentleman I guess you are wondering why I have gathered you all here," Hannibal uttered as he looked at the three men, with three distinctively different personalities, seated before him in his office.

"Well, sir I was wondering that," Lieutenant Templeton Peck voiced as he looked at Hannibal.

"My CO, Colonel Morrison, has given me the go ahead to put together a special team. After reviewing your service records, I discovered that you Lieutenant Peck and you Sergeant Baracus did exceptionally well in Special Forces training. And Captain Murdock it is rumored that you can fly anything with wings. I want the best and you three are exactly what I am looking forŠsoldiers with "unique" skills and wellŠ a less than "Gung ho" adherence to military discipline."

"So... in other words, Colonel you need a few exceptionally well-trained, but slightly "renegade" soldiers for this team of yours?" Captain HM Murdock asked smiling.

Hannibal turned to Murdock and puffed on his cigar.

"Exactly Captain.. but make no mistake about it. While in my command you will follow my orders, or hit the road. I am just offering you a better chance at survival. We will think and act as one, we will look out for each other. I'm not going to lie to you, this team will be undertaking missions thatŠ.well let's just say won't be a piece a cake."

"You mean suicide missions, sir?" Murdock inquired.

"Excuse meŠColonel Smith," Lieutenant Peck interrupted, before Hannibal had a chance to answer. " I would like to stick around, but I have pressing business ventures that need my attention. So if you don't mind, I think I am going to have to decline your most gracious offer," he finished with a wry smile.

"Listen KidŠdon't try to con me. I know all about your business ventures. In fact, if I am not mistaken, this latest one involves a general's daughter and a tropical resort I believeŠand if my information is correct, you were just about to find yourself in a 8x8 room with no windows." Hannibal stared at Peck as he plopped dejectedly back down in his seat.

"I want you to be that team," Hannibal declared with a smile, sensing that all of them had already made their decision.

The room was deafeningly silent as the three soldiers contemplated Hannibal's offer. Each of them knowing that this handsome, borderline "crazy" Colonel was offering them a chance to feel a part of something for the first time in their lives.

"So whata you say, guys?"

"I don't know man-I ain't sure how I feel about goin' on no suicide missions."

"Well... would you rather spend the next 20 years in Leavenworth, Sergeant?"


"AWW come on SergeantŠdon't have such a bad attitude," Murdock prodded as Hannibal's face lit up with a huge grin.

"Why ya smilin, man?"

"Bad attitude.... it's perfect!"

"Perfect for what, man?"

"Well.. for your nickname of course! We can call you- BA for short," Hannibal quipped as he grinned at the hulking Sergeant before him.


"I don't know about this guys. I don't think I can pass for a teenaged cheerleader.

"Amy... Amy.. Amy.. you don't look a day over twenty without the costume and makeup, believe me you could easily pass for sixteen if you had to."

"Boy, Face you could charm the petals off a flower couldn't you?"

Face grinned like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

"And what are you laughing at, BA?" Amy asked.

"Oh nothing mama, I was just thinkin about something."

"You've been thinking a lot big guy. Don't hurt that brain of yours." Murdock teased as he patted BA on the head.

"Get off me sucka!" BA swatted Murdock's hand away.

"OK guys! You know the plan!"

BA, Face and Murdock climbed back into the van and pulled it around the corner as Hannibal and Amy went inside.

"I hope they don't find that wire on Amy-BA."

"Don't worry Faceman! I told her to stick it in a place where they'd never find it!"

Face thought for a moment about asking exactly where that was, but then refrained.

"Knock.. Knock.. anybody home?" Hannibal asked in a Texas accent.

"What do you want?" the man snarled as he came out from the back room.

"Well how do you do, sir, my name is Cactus Bob and this pretty little filly is Bambi. Say Hi to the nice man Bambi!"

"Hi!" Amy giggled in her best school girl voice.

"Hi," the man replied plainly.

"I heard from a few good sources that you are engaged in the production of flicks that shall we say are eagerly sought after by a certain facet of the population."

"Yeah.. I make films. What's it to you, buddy?"

"Well Bambi here is dying to make it into show business and I was wondering if we could cut a deal?"

"She can do a split that would make your head spin!- if you know what I mean son?" Hannibal commented as he patted the man on the back.

"Well how old is she?" the man asked

"She ain't legal!" Hannibal chuckled.

"Ok little lady! Let's see what you can do! Mister you come back in about an hour and if I like what I see then you got yourself a dealŠby the way my name is Frankie."

"Well Frankie you got yourself a deal!" Hannibal shook hands with him.

"And you be good little lady you hearŠor Cactus Bob will take you out to the woodshed and tan your behind." Hannibal said as he patted Amy on the bottom.

BA, Murdock and Face cringed in the van.

"Oh she is going to pay us back big time for that one!" Face sighed.

Hannibal left the building escaping the daggers that Amy was throwing at him with her eyes. He went around the corner and jumped in the van.

"Hannibal, was that last bit really necessary? She is going to exact her revenge in ways I don't even want to think about!" Face uttered as he cleared his throat and straightened his tie.

"Well.. I had to make it believable Face! Besides Amy understands." Hannibal reached out his hand to Face who immediately placed a cigar in it.

"OK Murdock get going!"

"Right Colonel." Murdock nodded and got out of the van. He ran to the building across the street from the studio and climbed the fire escape to the roof.

"I spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter A..can you guess what it is? Huh... can ya?" Murdock announced into the walkie-talkie.

"Good Cap'n, keep us updated."

"Roger Rooney Colonel flooney!"

"Crazy fool!" BA muttered and shook his head.

Inside the studio Amy was nervously sitting on a stool surrounded by pictures of children. Their sweet little faces made up resemble adult women. One look into the eyes of these children revealed their true age. Their eyes- Amy could not get past their eyes pleading with someone to help them. She shook with rage and her skin crawled when Frankie touched her.

"OK sweetheart! Let's see how pretty you can smile for the camera!"

"Murdock he is about to start taking pictures. Be prepared in case we need to get her out in a hurry!"

"Roger Dodger Colonel Hodger!"

"Murdock would you stop with this rhyming nonsense!" Hannibal ordered.

"Sorry sir. Don't worry good ol' Captain Murdock is on the ball and ready to strike! Just like a cobra ssssssssssssss!"

*Like a cobra ssssssssssss Where does he come up with these things?* Face wondered.

"That'll girl! Smile pretty! Oh yeah that's great!" Now how about showing me a little skin! Damn! I ran out of film! Listen honey you stay right there and take off that sweater while I go get some more."

"Face if you guys don't get me out of here! I swear I willŠ." Face cringed and put his hand over the microphone to block out the rest of Amy's plan of attack against the team's manhood.

"Colonel, I think you better go get her."

"Good idea, Lieutenant!"

Hannibal opened the door to the van and was immediately greeted by the barrel of a M16.

"I got you this time Smith!" Decker snarled.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you are cute when you're pompous?" Hannibal asked sarcastically.

"Face, wouldn't you agree?"

"OH definitely Colonel he's adorable!"

Decker scowled at Hannibal who was beaming from ear to ear.

Hannibal, BA and Face stepped deliberately out of the van, under the threat of the assault rifles.

"Put them in the truck!"

"Yes sir," Captain Crane replied and shoved them into the back of the olive green truck.

"Colonel come in Colonel overŠ"

There was no response in the walkie talkie so Murdock turned around just in time to see Decker putting the team in the truck. He had been paying attention so intently to the studio that he didn't see Decker coming down the side road. The MP's had been able to surround the van from behind, because all three of the guys were in the back listening to Amy on the radio.

The truck rumbled down the back roads to the nearest army base, jostling its contents about. A menacing looking Sergeant guarded the prisoners, who were reluctant to speak to each other.

"How we gonna get out of this one, man?" BA whispered to Hannibal.

"Don't worry BA I'll think of something. Hey Face how ya feeling?"

"Quiet!!" the guard ordered as BA smiled at Hannibal's inquiry into the health of Lieutenant Peck.


"Lieutenant Colonel John Smith, Lieutenant Templeton Peck and Sergeant Bosco Baracus having been found guilty of robbing the Bank of Hanoi. You are hereby remanded to the custody of Colonel Lynch and will be transported to Fort Bragg where you will begin serving your 30 year sentence. Guards take them away!" the Judge banged the gavel on the desk.

The team had spent less then a week in the brig. Hannibal racking his brain trying to come up with a plan to break out.

"Guard! Guard come quickly!" Hannibal called out.

The guard ran down the long corridor and stopped in front of Hannibal's cell.

"What is it, Colonel?"

"Over there look! Hannibal pointed to Face who was unconscious on the floor.

The corporal opened up the door to Face's cell and cautiously approached the Lieutenant.

"He hasn't been feeling well!" Hannibal stated emphatically.

The guard bent down to check the Lieutenant for a pulse "Surprise!" Face whispered and knocked the stunned corporal unconscious.

"Nice Face!"

"Thanks, Colonel! I thought the Œsurprise' was a nice touch!" Face quipped as he grabbed the keys from the guard's belt and unlocked the doors to Hannibal's and BA's cells.

"Hurry up man, we have to get out of here!"

Face grabbed the M16 that the guard was armed with. Hidden by the cover of night, the team edged their way quietly down the corridor. Face came up behind the guard posted at the entrance to the corridor and hit him on the back with the butt of the M16.

He threw the rifle to Hannibal who motioned for them to go on ahead, but stick closely to the wall. A guard came around the corner and met up with BA's fist; Now all three of them were armed. They came to a door, which Face promptly unlocked with the key.

The team took out the two Sergeants that were standing guard at the exit from the prison, and sought cover behind the supply shed. Suddenly, the piercing screams of the alarm echoed throughout the entire compound as the MP's scurried to secure the prison.

The team made a break for a truck that was parked on the other side of the yard. The sound of gunfire erupted as they were spotted. The team returned fire causing the guards to run for cover.

BA hot wired the truck and the team crashed through the gate just as it was closing.

"I love it when a plan comes together!" Hannibal declared as they hammered down the streets, successfully evading the MP's.


Murdock ducked down on the roof and waited for Decker and the rest of his men to leave.

"Oh great! Now what am I going to do," Murdock wondered as he climbed down from the roof.

"Well... I hope Amy is up for a jail break."

He drew a deep breath and went into the studio. Queried crooned

"BAMBI!!" BAMBI! Where are you girl? You better get out here!"

"Hey... hey... Buddy! Who the hell are you?" Frankie asked as he came out from the back room.

"Listen Partner! I know my sister is in here! I followed her all the way from Texas. Her and that sleaze Cactus Bob!"

"Your sister?"

Amy was in the back room photographing the studio. "Face was right I am going to win the Pulitzer for this one," she grinned to herself.

"You better have your clothes on girl cause I'm coming back to get you!"

"Hey wait, buddy... you can't go back there!"

Just as Murdock was going to go back to get Amy she came out from the back room. Murdock gave her a quick wink.

"Well... there you are girl!!! Mama and Daddy have been worried sick! I taking you back to Texas! I don't want any arguments!"

"Hey, hold it a minute pal!" Frankie interjected.

"Listen friend you keep your hands off my sister you hear me, or I will come back and practice my ropin on you! I am rodeo champ ya know!"

"Let's go girl!" Murdock said as he pushed the confused Amy out the door.

Frankie put his hands on his hips and just shook his head.

"Murdock, what is going on?"

"Well muchacha everyone's favorite bad guy and his goons paid our guys a little visit!"

"Decker was here?"

"You got that right! Now it's up to me an you to get them back."

"And exactly how are we going to do that Murdock. We have no car and I am still in this ridiculous cheerleader outfit!"

"Well rescues are usually Hannibal's department, but I think I can come up with something."

Meanwhile back in the truck, BA was still thinking about their escape from Ft. Bragg and the tearful goodbye with his mother.


"Scooter? Scooter ? We are you baby?"

"SHHHŠI am over here Mama," BA said as he came out from behind bushes.

"Oh baby, I have been so worried about you! They didn't hurt you did they" Mrs. Baracus asked concerned as she threw her arms around her beloved son.

"No mama, I'm OK. I'm sorry I didn't mean to worry ya." BA apologized as he clung to his mother, feeling very loved and safe.

"Your picture has been all over the news baby. How did you escape?"

"It was Hannibal, mama, he thought up the plan to get us out."

"The military has been questionin' me Scooter."

"You didn't tell them anythin', did ya, mama?"

"No baby! I didn't know anything to tell them, and besides I know you are innocent. My baby wouldn't rob no bank."

"I know this is hard for ya mama. I haven't been able to tell you what really happened."

"When ya coming home, baby?"

BA could not look at his mother. He knew that he had to tell her an answer she did not want to hear, and it was going to break her heart.

"I don't know," he whispered. "Everyone's after us mama, so we gotta stay hidden."

"Can't you get this whole mess straightened out. I wanna take my boy home and give him a good home cooked meal. You're practically skin and bones." She observed as she patted his stomach.

BA laughed his mother was always fussing over him. She was a constant source of strength to him; something he needed right now. He reached over a pulled his mother closer to him, tears began falling down his face.

" I'm scared mama. I wanna come home," he cried sounding more like a scared little boy then a 220 pound army Sergeant.

"Oh baby!" Mrs. Baracus stroked his head gently.

"Listen Scooter... you have to be strong, just like you were when your daddy died. We'll get this mess straightened out and then I will take my baby home."

"OK mama! I'll be strong." He said as she dried the tears from his eyes with her fingers.

"That's my Scooter!" BA laughed at this silly nickname his mother had given him when he was about four years old.

"Sergeant! It's time to move out!" Hannibal called out from the "borrowed" car. They had been sitting down the street from the park keeping a lookout while BA met with his mother.

"I have to go mama!"

"When will I see you again, baby?"

"I don't know mama. I'll call ya as soon as I can!"

"And mama."

"Yes baby?"

"I love you!"

"I love you too baby."

BA hug his mother again tighter then he ever had in his life. He had to fight back the tears once again, so his teammates would see him crying. He had an image to protect, but in his heart BA knew he was a gentle soul.


One single tear rolled down BA's cheek and he quickly brushed it aside, before Hannibal or Face noticed it.

Hannibal and Face were otherwise engaged in their rendition of "You are my Sunshine" as the menacing guard looked on.

"Hey man! Would you two stop singin' and come up with a way out of here."

"Oh don't worry BA, Murdock will come up with a way to get us out of here," Face whispered.

"That crazy fool!"


"Hey Sergeant, how you doing?" Murdock inquired as he handed BA a paper cup filled with steaming black liquid. " Thanks. I'm fine."

"So whata you think about all this?"

"All what, man?"

"Colonel Smith and his Musketeer team idea? All for one and one for all!!"

"Not sure! But if we gotta be there, it's better then bein alone."

Murdock contemplated this thought as he took a sip of coffee that was, from the taste of it, left over from WWII. There was an awkward silence as the two men, who would eventually become inseparable, sat that trying to think of things to say.

"So where ya from, Sergeant?"


"Have any brothers or sisters?"


"Well you're just a chatterbox aren't ya!" Murdock exclaimed as he was finding it hard to carry on a one-sided conversation.

BA snickered. He wasn't much of a conversationalist, he always preferred to just sit back and take in everything around him. However, he liked to talk to his tools as he fiddled around a motor, but that was his secret.

"Well I guess I should turn in, it's been a long day! You hittin the sack?"

"No man I think I am gonna stay up awhile."

"Well then...night sergeant."


Murdock turned and started to head for the barracks, when he heard the sounds of a jeep horn blaring through the quietness.

He pivoted around to see a runaway jeep heading straight for BA.

"WATCH OUT! SERGEANT!" Murdock shouted and pushed BA out of the way of the oncoming jeep. BA landed safely out of harms way, as Murdock was struck by the bumper of the jeep. BA struggled for a moment to get a grasp on the situation. Then realizing what happened he ran to Murdock, who was laying on the ground, a few feet from where the jeep had finally come to a stop up against a tree.

"Murdock you all right?" He asked as he placed a hand on his chest.

"Urghh!" Murdock groaned as he shook his head.

BA called for a medic as Murdock slowly regained consciousness.

"Hey man.... you OK?"

"ARGHHH!! I feel like I was hit by a truck! Oh yeah.. I was!" he mused as he began to come around.

"Crazy fool! You coulda been killed!"

"Me..naahhh! I'm like a cat.. I have nine livesŠMeow!" Murdock purred.

The medics came and began checking Murdock for injuries. BA observed the medics carefully, making sure that they took good care of the man who just saved his life.

"Hey you take good care of him!" BA ordered as they put Murdock on a stretcher and readied him for transport to the base hospital.

"I owe you one man!" he commented to Murdock.

"Hey we're a team right! We look out for each other, like Colonel Smith said. All for One and One for all!" Murdock exclaimed in an English accent as they placed him in the back of the ambulance.

"Crazy fool!" BA smiled and went off to find Smith and Peck to let them know about the accident.


"OK Amy now we have to do this just right."

"Murdock, do you think that we can pull this off?" Amy asked unsure.

"Of course we can, Faceman has been teaching me all the tricks of the trade."

"Oh man! Oh man am I glad you are here," Murdock said as he rushed into the office of ŒBenny's Helicopter Rentals.'

"I was suppose to fly this lovely young lady into the UCLA stadium this afternoon for the big half time show and I went to the wrong place."

The man behind the counter looked at Murdock and Amy puzzled.

"What are you talking about?" he asked.

"Well you are never going to believe this but I went to Lenny's Helicopter Rentals by mistake. You do have a reservation for Herman James charged to UCLA's athletic department right."

"No, sorry pal!"

"You have to this is the right place! It says it right here Benny's Helicopter Rentals." Murdock said as he flashed a piece of paper at the man.

"No I don't have any reservation under that name."

"Aww great just great Bobby messed up again. He was suppose to make sure I had the chopper rented. This poor girl has to be there for the ring of fire stunt! Heads are gonna roll!!" Murdock commented very frustrated.

"Ring of fire?"

"You never heard of it? Where have you been? Its a big hit."

"Yeah and if I don't get there in time! I am going to lose my cheer leading scholarship. You wouldn't want me to do that would ya?' Amy crooned as she walked her fingers up the man's arm.

"No I guess not!" he stuttered.

"Bambi would be very grateful if you let us borrow that big copter wopter," She cooed.

" How grateful?"

"Oh very grateful." Amy said and licked her lips seductively.

The man smiled at Amy as he handed Murdock the release form for the helicopter

"Oh thank you sir. Whew... what a relief. I'll see that you are paid quickly as soon as I get back to campus. Come on, Bambi let's go!"

Murdock and Amy jumped in the helicopter and headed off in to search for the guys.

"You know Amy I bet you right now the big guy is sitting in the back of that truck, calling me a crazy fool; doubting if I'll be able to rescue them." Murdock grinned.

Amy just grinned and Murdock turned the helicopter westward. About fifteen minutes later Murdock spotted the truck heading north. "That's gotta be them Amy," he said pointing with his chin. "I am gonna set this lady down about 2 miles up ahead of them. Then we'll put the plan into action!"

Amy nodded in agreement.

In the truck the team heard the unmistakable sounds of the rotor blades and new that their rescue was eminent.

After setting the helicopter down behind a grove of trees, they jumped out and went to their assigned positions.

"Well here goes nothing!" Amy uttered as she laid down on the dirt road.

"Hey, stop the truck! There is something up ahead! Look!" the corporal said as he pointed to Amy.

The driver screeched the truck to a halt and they jumped out and ran to investigate. The guard in the back confused by the sudden stop, looked out of the back of the truck just in time to be greeted by the barrel of the pistol Murdock was pointing in his face.

"Hi there I am your friendly neighborhood welcome wagon and this is my gun. Welcome to the neighborhood."

BA hit the sergeant over the back knocking him out cold.

"Hey Cap'n nice to see ya!"

"Hey Colonel! Hey big guy, did ya miss me?"

"Get out my way crazy fool, " BA said as he stepped down out of the truck.

"Where's Amy?" Face queried.

"Oh she is lying around here somewhere!"

"Well... go get her!" Hannibal commanded.

Murdock and Face nodded in agreement and sneaked up quietly behind the guards that were now stooping over Amy trying to figure out what was wrong with her.

"Drop your weapons and turn around nice and slow!" Face ordered as him stuck the sergeant's M16 in the back of one of the soldiers.

The surprised guards dropped their weapons and put their hands on their heads.

"Good going Bambi girl! You oughta win the academy award for this one, shucks!" Murdock quipped in a thick Texas accent as he picked up the discarded weapons on the ground.

"Thanks Murdock!" Amy said as she quickly got up off the ground dusting herself off.

"Move!" Face commanded.

They marched the soldiers back to the truck and tied them up.

"Sorry fellows! Your boss should be along to untie you soon. Oh, we need to borrow your truck! Hope you don't mind?" Hannibal grinned. "OK let's go guys we have some garbage that needs to be taken out!" he commanded.

The team quickly drove the army truck to the helicopter and jumped in after knocking BA out with a broken tree limb.

"Murdock, we have to find the van before they take it to the impound lot!" Hannibal instructed.

"Gotcha Colonel!" Murdock acknowledged and turned the helicopter to search for BA's most prized possession.

"You know he always looks so peaceful when he is sleeping Colonel." Face commented as he gently moved the hulking sergeant off his shoulder and placed him up against the side of the helicopter.

"Yeah, but he isn't going to be happy when he wakes up." Amy added.

"Well that's why we have to find his van." Hannibal said as he took out his cigar and lit it.

"Aye mateys- there she be off the starboard bow. She's beckoning me, taunting me." v "Captain Ahab?" Face asked.

"Yeah, isn't it great!" Hannibal smiled.

"I guess Murdock found the van." Amy observed.

"Good job Captain! Set this bird down!"

"Aye Colonel!" Murdock responded squinting one eye and scrunching his face into a Popeye like expression.

Murdock landed the helicopter in the street, causing the van to screech to a halt. The team got out and surround the van.

"OUT!" Hannibal ordered.

The soldiers stepped out of the van as Hannibal motioned for them to kneel down on the ground with the end of his gun.

"Face, Murdock, get BA! Amy, get their guns."

The two men lifted BA out of the helicopter and carried him to the van, their muscles straining under the massive weight of the unconscious Sergeant. They placed him in the van and Murdock ran up to the soldiers who were looking very bemused by the whole situation.

"Hey guys she's all yours! Oh, can you do me a favor and return it for me!"

"Let's go, Murdock!" Hannibal commanded.

"Roger Colonel!" Murdock replied as he jumped in the already rolling van.

"Benny's Helicopter Rentals on Canal Street," he called out as he pulled the door shut.

BA had come to on the way and after appeasing the sergeant with a "you must have had another blackout" story the team pulled up to the studio.

"Well, Colonel, how are we going to get back in there now?"

"Why...through the front door of course, Lieutenant!" Hannibal declared with a big toothy grin.

"Of course through the front door-How stupid of me to even ask," Face commented with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Now come on Lieutenant, have a little faith. Besides by the time Decker realizes that we left his little party early, we will have thrown a party of our own with Frankie as the guest of honor," Hannibal replied with the look of the devil in his eyes.

"He's on the Jazz man, he's on the Jazz," BA muttered.


"Hot damn! That was some fun... wasn't it, guys?" Hannibal mused as he patted Peck and Baracus on the back.

"Fun? You call sneaking into a snake infested swamp to blow up a bridge fun?" Peck queried incredulously.

"Aww come on Lieutenant...just picture the looks on Charlie's face when they go out for their morning troop movements and they see the pile of scrap metal in the ravine, instead of the bridge. I wish I could be there just to see it," Hannibal replied with a twinkle in his blue eyes.

"Well, if you don't mind me saying...You are absolutely nuts sir."

Hannibal just smiled at the two men and downed the shot glass of whiskey that was sitting on the table in front of him.

"Hey Colonel... let's dance!" Murdock called out from across the bar. The pilot was already showing off his latest dance moves to the pretty new blonde that had arrived this morning.

"Be right there Capt'n!" Hannibal called out. He quickly downed a second shot of whiskey and grabbed the brunette lieutenant at the next table. "Shall we, my dear?"

"The man is crazy!" BA muttered as they watched Hannibal and Murdock showing off for the ladies.

"You can say that again." Face stated and leaned back in his chair.

Hannibal was a very likable man, and the three men had been immediately taken by his sense of humor and good nature. These four kindred spirits had only been together for about three months, but already they were starting to develop a unbreakable bond. His team admired the fierce protectiveness that Hannibal had for them, it was synonymous with the protectiveness a mother lioness has for her cubs. They felt very safe when they were with him, even when they were knee deep in a swamp with the enemy so close they could hear the beating of their hearts. The team knew Hannibal would get them out of any danger, even if he had to walk through the fires of hell to do it.

After a few fast moving songs the Colonel strolled over to the juke box a dropped a nickel into the slot. In a few moments the place was filled with the sounds of the legendary Duke Ellington. Hannibal closed his eyes mesmerized by the music.

"Hey Face!"

Peck cringed at this nickname, it was something Hannibal had stuck him with after Peck had used his great smile and unbelievably attractive physique to charm the team out of a sticky situation.

"Sorry!" BA snickered knowing that the Lieutenant wasn't particularly fond of his new moniker. "You'll get used to it man."

Face sighed and took a sip from the drink he had been nursing for the past hour.

"I didn't know the Colonel liked jazz." BA commented as he watched Hannibal tapping his foot in time with the beat, looking truly contented.

"Me either BA!"

The two men looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.


"Well guys, let's go!" Hannibal instructed.

BA kicked open the door and the team rushed in the studio.

Frankie heard the commotion and came rushing out from the backroom.

"Listen, dirtball!" Hannibal said through gritted teeth as he held Frankie up against the wall. "My friends and I are movie critics and we think your movies stink, so we have come to tell you that you are out of business!"

"Yeah sucka! You're closed down!" BA punctuated this statement with a round of bullets aimed at the various pieces of camera equipment.

"Face, go check out the storeroom!"

"Right Colonel!" Face nodded and hurried into the back room.

"AHHH! Who are you?" came the scream of the terrified teenager sitting naked on the stool.

"Er..ah..I am sorry," Face stuttered turning away from the girl embarrassed. "Here take this!" Face stuttered as he took off his suit jacket and handed it to the girl without turning around.

"Thank you," she replied in a meek voice as she reached out awkwardly for the coat.

Hannibal pressed Frankie harder up against the wall.

"Where are the movies of Susan Schwartz?"

"There in the back... in the safe!"

Frankie choked on the cigar smoke Hannibal was blowing in his face.

"What's the combination, sucka?" BA asked as he came within inches of Frankie's face.

Frankie glanced nervously at the snarling Sergeant and stammered out the safe combination.

"Go get the stuff out of the safe Murdock!" Hannibal ordered.

"Roger Colonel!"

"BA, find something to tie this sleazeball up with."


A few moments later Murdock came out from the backroom carrying the movies of Susan, followed by Face and the naked girl; wearing only Face's jacket.

"How do you do, ma'am?" Hannibal greeted the girl politely, smiling at Face.

"Hey Face, who is your new friend?" BA inquired.

"Her name is Monique and we need to get her back home."

"Right! Amy, take Ms Monique out to the van. BA, you finish tying up Frankie. Face, Murdock find the cash box. I think Frankie here would like to make a sizable donation to the Children's Hospital. Isn't that right, Frankie?" Hannibal inquired as he stuck his gun in Frankie's face.

"Sure, sure..anything you say!" Frankie replied nervously.

"Well, well well the movie business sure is profitable," Face remarked with a wry smile, as he opened the box containing stacks of hundred dollar bills.

"Nice Lieutenant! Thanks for the donation and I am sure the children will appreciate it! Let's go guys! We'll leave this scum for the police to deal with."

Hannibal, BA, Murdock and Face joined Amy and Monique.

"I love it when a plan comes together!" Hannibal proclaimed as he looked at the five people in the van.


"That's right son-Hold the bat just like that."

"Like this, Daddy?" Bosco asked eagerly.

"You got it son! Now keep your eye on the ball!" the very handsome dark-skinned man smiled at his son, as he wound up for the pitch. Bosco swung the bat and hit the ball clear across the street it bounced off the neighbor's car and crashed through the living room window of the adjacent apartment.

"UH-OH!" Both of them said in unison as old Mrs. Peters came outside carrying the ball in her wrinkled hand.

"Sorry, Mrs. Peters!" Mr. Baracus commented as he hesitantly took the ball from her hand. "I'll get that fixed for you right away ma'am," he smiled.

"Well you better young man!" Mrs. Peters replied in a huff and stormed back inside.

"Mama isn't going to be happy Daddy when she finds out!" Bosco commented. "She told us not to play baseball near the house."

"I know son, why don't you and I go down to Gino's and buy your mama some of those little chocolate covered cherries she likes so much. That'll put her in a good mood, then we'll tell her about Mrs. Peters' window."

"OK Daddy!" Bosco giggled.

"Son, when did you learn to hit the ball so hard?"

"At school Daddy... I've been practicin as a surprise for ya."

"OH! Well.. you have definitely improved. I just wished I woulda known that before we played so close to the house." Mr. Baracus commented as he scratched his head.

"Sorry Daddy.."Bosco replied sadly.

"It's not your fault son, " Mr Baracas replied and hugged his son. "Now..let's go get your mama those cherries!" He smiled as he lifted up Bosco and put him on his shoulders. The two mischievous boys went to the store for the peace offering that would save their hides. They talked about the many adventures that they hoped to have; just the two of them father and son.


"I miss you Daddy," BA sighed as he looked around at the sterile kitchen appliances.

"Hey BA, what's the matter?" Murdock asked as he came in the kitchen and saw the sad look on the face of his best friend.

"Nothing." BA replied embarrassed that Murdock had caught him in the middle of a day dream.

"Yes there is, Big Guy... let's talk about it."

"Just let me be Murdock!" BA dismissed his friend's concern as he got up to make a sandwich.

"BA, come over here and sit down!" Murdock instructed as he guided the stubborn man by the arm back over to the kitchen table.

"Would you leave me alone, fool!" BA protested, but Murdock remained firm; he could be just as stubborn as BA was, when he needed to be.

"Look.. BA today is the 24th-tomorrow is the anniversary of your father's death and that's got you thinking about him."

BA looked surprised he didn't realize Murdock had remembered that, after all he had told him the story about his father's death many years ago.

"There is nothing to be ashamed of BA. I think about my mama all the time and how much I miss her. It is normal to miss your parents no matter how old you are. Come on BA! I think you and I need to go on a little trip." The pilot got up and put his arm around the solemn man, as BA relented and let himself be guided out of the room.

The following morning the van pulled up to the cemetery. BA thanked his friend and climbed out. He walked through the cemetery and came up behind his mother who was kneeling in front of the grave of her late husband.

"I knew you would be here baby."

"I miss him mama," BA said as he bent down beside his mother.

"I do too Scooter very much."

"Do you think Daddy would be proud of me, Mama?"

"He would be as proud as a peacock to see his baby boy all grown up and lookin so handsome," Mrs. Baracus replied as she preened at him.

"Aww Mama," BA muttered embarrassed by his mother's fussing.

"I wish he was here."

"I do too Scooter."

"I brought you a present Mama."

"Oh what is it, baby?" Mrs. Baracus queried as she looked at the man who reminded her so much of her husband. BA had his eyes and gentle soul, but her temper. Heaven help him, she thought to herself.

"Close your eyes, and hold out your hands."

Mrs. Baracus closed her eyes and BA placed a box of chocolate covered cherries in her hands. She opened her eyes.

"I didn't do nothing wrong though! I swear," BA declared emphatically.

Mrs. Baracus pulled her son close to her and hugged him; tears running down both their faces.

"You and your daddy were quite a pair; always gettin into trouble and out of it by bribin me with these," she laughed as she opened up the box of candy.

BA took a cherry and bit into it. The sweetness rolling over his tongue, he smiled as he thought about his father and he hoped that one day he would have son of his own.

"Thank you Mama,"

"For what, baby?"

"For always being there for me, especially after daddy died."

"Oh baby, we were there for each other."

BA put his arms around his mother and the two of them walked back to the van.


"You know what I want to be when I grow up, daddy?"

"What's that, son?"

"Just like youŠ"

"Oh you do, huh?"

"Yup you're my hero daddy."

"Not a hero Bosco, I am just a man; trying to do right by you and your mama. But that's something you'll understand when you're older."

"You won't ever leave me... will you, daddy?"

"No son, I will always be in your heart."

"Forever and ever?"

"That's right forever and ever."

"I love you Daddy!"

"I love you too, son. Now let's get those cherries for your mama."

"OK daddy!"

Just Thinkin' by Cap'n Marina