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The Art of Playing Gin

The Art of Playing Gin

by Red


Rated: R

Warnings: light Slash, no actual sex but touching and caressing is involved, m/m, f/m

Disclaimer: I don't own them but they are fun to play with.




"Gin!" Loraine grinned slamming her cards down onto

the table. She grinned and glanced to her right.

Murdock groaned and laid his hand down as well. "Oh man." He shook his head and grinned slyly at the woman to his left. "What next?"

"You know, you can take the hat off." Face suggested

grinning widely from across the table.

"No way, Jose. The hat stays on." Murdock grinned

back leaning back in the chair crossing his arms over his bare chest. "What do you want now?"

All eyes turned to Loraine. "I want your...pants"

Four pairs of eyes turned back to him.

"Really?" He shook his head and stood up slowly. Letting all the eyes run up and down his perfect body. "I don't know how you're doing it, but I know your cheating." He complained good-naturedly as his hands unbuckled the khakis and with slow measured movements slowly tugged down the zipper.

"Oh, Baby." Face grinned as he watched his friend and

sometimes lover slowly and seductively lower the pants to the floor leaving him clad only in his Range Rider boxers and socks. Murdock grinned at Loraine and sat back down again.

Hannibal confiscated the pants and placed them in the

basket provided earlier by Face. The basket already held much of Face's and the girl's discarded clothing. Murdock, who was usually the first to lose, was actually the longest to hold out before finally being forced to play only in his underwear.

"Next hand." Hannibal grinned and passed the deck to Face.

Face took the cards and quickly shuffled the deck. He

flicked out seven cards to each person and took up his own.

"You girls will have to lose more, eventually." Face

raised an eyebrow suggestively and grinned to his left where Marie sat. She arranged her cards in her hands knowing what he had in mind. For now, the girls were the most dressed in the room, next to Hannibal that is. But that wouldn't be for long. The girls looked good in their expensive lace trimmed lingerie. Every week they took it upon themselves to go out to buy something new, something that they knew that the guys would like and appreciate. This time Loraine had chosen an aqua set that complemented her blue-green eyes and sun kissed blond hair. Her own emerald shade of lacy undergarments was chosen from Victoria's secret. The dark color complemented her dark auburn hair and green eyes. By the look on the guy's eyes, they knew that the choices were good. Marie grinned back

"Oh. I don't know." She crooned throwing away a non

usable card. And reaching over she caressed his naked legs. "I'd rather see you two like this."

Face grinned and drew another card and quickly threw

it away. He loved these weekly nights of Gin with the girls. The two girls shared a room across the hall from his apartment. He winked as Marie gave his leg a squeeze and returned his eyes to his cards. Must concentrate.' He sighed trying to focus on his cards. It was getting more difficult keeping his head in the game. Marie's roaming hand had distracted him.

Loraine grinned as she slipped her hand onto Murdock's leg as well. He smiled slowly but kept his eyes on his cards, but he did manage slide his leg closer towards her. She looked up at Marie and grinned as they're eyes met. Loraine tossed another card down and turned to Murdock as he picked up her discarded

card and slipped it into his own hand. He laid down another card and slowly leaned over and nibbled on her neck.

"Now quite trying to distract me, Darlin'" he breathed into her ear softly.

"Who me?" Loraine batted her blue eyes at him with all of the innocence she could muster.

Murdock chuckled softly while Marie discarded and Face picked up the card and with a triumphant yell threw down his cards.

"Gin!" He grinned and turned to Loraine.

"Oh no." She sighed slightly and leaned forward placing her hands on the table. "Ok...Face...what do you want?"

Face looked the woman up and down before slowly

commenting. "I'll take your...bra." He said, eyes shining.

Loraine grinned wickedly the rules stated... stood up. She slowly reached behind her back and unhooked the bra and let is slide off. She grinned as the group applauded and tossed the garment to Hannibal who deftly caught it and placed it in the basket.

Hannibal grinned as the woman sat back down. He walked around the players. The one rule he had added on to their list of rules was that there were not to be any cheating. So, knowing Face's impulse to cheat at cards, he had taken it onto himself to watch them very closely. Very closely, especially the ladies. He walked behind Loraine and let his hand caress her back very lightly. He smiled as she leaned back against him and his hand slipped around and he gently caressed her bare breast. She grinned up at him as she took the deck of cards he handed her. "Your deal." He grinned.

"Thanks sexy." She gave his hand a gentle squeeze before leaning forward to shuffle the deck.

Murdock and Face grinned at each other while Loraine

began to pass the cards. Marie picked her cards up, saw that she had two sets of pairs, and frowned. She glanced over at Loraine who herself were concentrating on her own cards. Marie smiled to herself and discarded the higher of the two. Being the only one who was overdressed, she wanted to lighten her wardrobe considerably. She smiled as a card was thrown that she would normally have needed to complete a very nice hand. But she ignored it and chose another card. She nodded, as the card she drew was a three of clubs. She took one of the extra jacks and threw it down. Losing intentionally was more difficult than she could ever imagine.

Hannibal walked around and stood behind Face as he

drew a card and threw it away.

"You don't have to hover." Face complained looking at

his C.O.

"Oh, I think I do, Lieutenant." Hannibal grinned in


Face sighed in a playful manner eyeing Marie out of

the side of her eye. He wished that Murdock would win a damn hand so Marie would be encouraged to remove more of her undergarments. Her emerald lingerie was turning his mind into mush. He wanted to see more of her. She felt him staring and raised her eyes to meet his. They smiled knowingly. She leaned forward, and kissed him gently on the neck, lingered enough to nip playfully on his earlobe.

"Oh, you'll see plenty soon enough gorgeous." She

quipped as he reached out to pull her into his arms. She accepted the kiss eagerly and squirmed as his hand made its way under her bra to her breast.

"Ahem." Hannibal tapped Face on the shoulder. "I do

believe it's your turn."

"Damn." Face sighed letting Marie go and glanced down

at his cards. He chose a card and dismissed one from his hand. "You're murder, Hannibal." He shook his head trying to control his natural desires.

Marie readjusted her bra and smiled up at the Colonel

"Really, Hannibal. Let a girl have her fun."

"After the game, my dear." He replied softly. "Plenty

of time for that later."

Murdock suddenly jumped up in excitement. "Gin!" He

exclaimed and turned to flash his pearly whites at Marie. "Your turn butterfly."

Marie turned a merry eye to Murdock, one of her lovers, and smiled as he used his nickname for her.

"Well...finally." She joked as rose to her feet. "Okay.

What do you want?"

Murdock smiled at her double innuendo. "Well, for now

I'll take your..." She felt herself flush as he blatantly eyed her up and down. "Well, lets take a look at what Face was playing with earlier. How about I take your bra?" He decided finally with a nod.

Marie reached back to unhook her bra when Hannibal

happily appeared behind her.

"Here, Let me do that." He volunteered eagerly as she

dropped her hands to her side. He slowly, teasingly slipped the green straps down from her shoulders, kissing the inside of her neck before sliding his hands down her back sending shudders of pleasure down her spine.

"Ummm. Hannibal?" Murdock protested. "If we have to


Hannibal chuckled into her auburn hair and with one

hand, unsnapped her bra. It fell forward which he deftly caught in mid air.

Marie felt his hardness against her bottom before he

turned away to place her discarded garment with the rest. This evening was going to be an event to remember.' She smiled as she sat back down to the applause of the group. She was more than ready for the final event. But the game came first. The delicious tease', they called this particular game. A game that

BA had thought up several months earlier. They were all so eager to begin and to continue these many weeks later. She looked around again wondering where BA was. He hadn't shown up yet and they were well into their second hour of the game. He was never late for one of the games.

"BA is coming isn't he Hannibal?" Marie asked glancing at the glass-mirrored clock above the roaring fireplace.

"Don't worry, Butterfly, he'll be here." Murdock reassured her running a roaming hand up her bare leg. She stopped his hand before it could reach its destination.

"Uh uh..." She grinned and lovingly raised the roaming

hand to her lips. He inhaled sharply as she took a finger in her mouth and sucked it gently, causing him to moan in pleasure."

"Okay...okay..." Face reached out laughing and removed the finger from Marie's eager mouth. "Stop it you two

or we will never get this game over."

"Okay by me." Loraine said reaching out to gently stroke Face's growing member. "Feels like you agree." She smiled as his hand slid over hers. She worked his cock gently while watching the flush of desire rise into his blue eyes.

"Ummm...H...Hannibal?" He managed to choke out though constricted vocal chords.

"Not yet, Lieutenant." Hannibal shook his head in

disagreement blue eyes twinkling at the man's misery. "Don't want an angry BA at you, or in you, now do you?"

Face groaned at Loraine's ministrations thinking that

maybe it would be worth BA's wrath... but an image of BA's scowling face and thrusting cock caused him to think twice. With a resigned sigh he gently removed the woman's hand from around his swollen cock and smiled in anticipation...he would get more of her treatments later...he reminded himself.

Loraine frowned while looking up at the Colonel.

"Party pooper." She moaned good-naturedly.

Hannibal, aware of Face's dire predicament, grinned

and swept a lock of sweat soaked hair from his forehead. "You can take it, can't you Lieutenant?" He whispered into the younger man's ear.

Face closed his eyes and sighed heavily again trying

to gather his wondering thoughts of lust. Finally, when he felt more under control he opened his eyes. "Yes. I can take it. Sir."


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