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Three Is Not A Crowd

"Three Is Not A Crowd"

by Cat


DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Never were. Just borrowing to entertain a few bored masses. :)


WARNINGS: Slash! M/F/M :-)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: *snicker* I won't say anything. :)

SUMMARY: Gee. Can I summarize it any more?! *g*

SERIES: *snicker* Not unless I'm coerced. *bg*




I felt something brush the side of my face and I stirred, slowly

turning onto my back, letting my eyelids flutter open on their own

accord. I knew instinctively by the feel that those fingers that

brushed my cheek were Hannibal's and I smiled as his blue eyes swam

into my field of vision and focused.


"Is it morning already?" I half-yawned, carefully stretching my arms

over my head and practically purring with contentment.


"Not exactly," he chuckled. "I thought you might want to wake up for

this." There was a mischievous glint in his eyes that told me he was

up to something. It was that look that first got me into bed with him

in the first place...


Carefully I propped myself up onto one elbow and eyed him. "Hannibal,

what are you up to?" I felt like a schoolmarm at that moment, but I

couldn't help it. That look was beginning to arouse my curiosity...

among other things. After the lovemaking we'd already done, it was

hard for me to imagine what more he could possibly have in store.


"Me?" He laughed softly, trailing one finger over my slightly parted

lips. "What makes you think that I' anything?" I

couldn't help but notice his choice of words and became even more



"I know you, John 'Hannibal' Smith. I know that look in your eye. I

know..." I paused, gasping slightly as his finger trailed over my

chin and down the side of my neck. "...I know all about you."


"Mmmm...that's where you're wrong, darlin'," he smiled softly,

fingers drifting below my shoulder blade with delicate, deliberate

feathery touches, gently pulling the sheet away from where I'd had it

resting over my chest. "There's a lot about me you don't know."


There was?


I said nothing for several moments, my breath catching as the tips of

his fingers brushed the curved swells of my breasts. "I want you to

know, though," he went on after a moment, his voice low and

throaty. "I want you to know all of me. Just like I want to know all

of you."


I blinked. " do..."

His fingers trailed lower, circling my right nipple with excruciating

slowness. It was all I could do not to writhe beneath him from the

sensations that his touch was shooting through me. My fingers gripped

the sheet beneath me as his face lowered until it was mere inches

from mine, his breath warm on my face.


"Not everything," he rasped, his eyes shining as they gazed down at



I swallowed as his fingers continued toying with my nipple that was

now fully erect, throbbing beneath his gentle touch. "Wh... what...

what else... do you... do you need....?" I managed to stammer, my

voice cracking.


His smile broadened and his lips lowered to mine, lightly, teasingly,

enough to cause me to actually shudder from pleasure, and I groaned

beneath his lips as he drew back slightly. "I need to know how you

feel about two...about adding..." His words trailed off and he

laughed, lowering his head so that his hair brushed beneath my

chin. "Smooth, Smith," he chastised himself under his breath. "Real



I let my hands release the sheet and steal up to entwine in his soft

white hair, content to hold him there and let him finish explaining

whatever it was he felt he needed to, in his own time and his own way.


After a couple of moments he lifted his head and looked up at

me. "Darlin', there's something I've been wanting to talk to you

about for a while now. And I just haven't been able to figure out how

to start."


I remained silent, stroking his hair to signal him that it was all

right, that he could go ahead and tell me. Whatever it was, I

reasoned to myself, it couldn't be that bad.


It turned out being very eye-opening.


But not bad.


When he managed to say it, he couldn't meet my eyes, remained as he

was, with his head pressed to my chest. I felt his own breath intake

sharply as he waited for my reaction. Problem was, I wasn't sure what

my reaction was!


Up to that point I had thought myself a reasonably open-minded

individual. I had nothing against people leading 'alternative'

lifestyles, but I had never thought...never dreamed...that the man I

loved would be one of those. Not Hannibal Smith! He was one of the

most 'straight arrow' types I knew! (No pun intended.) To say that my

mind was blown was a massive understatement! I wasn't sure what to

say, what to do.


What do you say when the person you love says they want to bring

someone else into the bedroom? Someone of the same gender, no less?!

Should I have been insulted? Outraged? What?


I continued running my fingers through his hair until I managed to

find a voice. "Who...who did you have in mind?" I asked quietly,

strangely feeling an interesting sensation stirring in the hollow of my

abdomen. Was I actually finding myself aroused by the idea of another

man entering our bedroom and our bed?! It seemed, for a moment,

almost disloyal to Hannibal...and yet, he was the one who brought the

idea up in the first place!


He lifted his head slowly and looked toward the bedroom door. I

followed his gaze and my eyes widened in astonishment.


Templeton 'Faceman' Peck?!


I barely managed to keep my jaw from flapping open as he stood in the

doorway, dressed only in a pair of form-fitting jeans, arms crossed

over his chest loosely, like this whole thing had been planned way in

advance. (Which, of course, it was.)


"I thought I told you to wait in the living room," Hannibal sighed,

glancing at me and then back to Face.


"I did. But, I thought I heard my name." The look in his eyes told me

that he definitely approved of what he could see of me. Instinctively

I went to reach for the sheet to cover my chest back up, but stopped

as if someone had pulled a string and forced me to do so.


That look was not one I minded at all.


In fact, truth be told, it actually turned me on even more.


Something Hannibal noticed if his slight chuckle was any indication.


"You're hearing things again, Face," he grinned, his gaze on me the

entire time.


" long..." My words sounded so hollow, probably because my

voice was so damn shaky. But not from apprehension. Much to my

surprise, on the contrary, it was trembling with excitement!


Nonchalantly, Face walked over to the foot of the bed, a small grin

on his face as he and Hannibal exchanged a knowing look. "Almost six

months," he mused after a moment. "And let me tell ya somethin'... I've

never been so damn tired in my whole life!" He sat down at my feet

and they laughed heartily, a laughter that I found infectious and put me

even more at ease with what (by all rights and means) probably should

have been an incredibly awkward situation.


"Yeah, well, let me tell you something, you haven't exactly been easy

on my back either," Hannibal joked as he sat up and I found myself

looking at him in an entirely new light. Not a bad light, just a

different one. There was a dynamic to the relationship he had with

Face that I had no idea about, but which I suddenly found myself

intrigued with. Not jealous of, actually, just intrigued by.


"So..." Face began, still wearing that small smile as he looked at

me, those blue eyes almost sparkling as they gave me a cursory once

over. "What do we do now? Sit here and stare at each other all night?

Though I gotta tell you two, I wouldn't object to that too much."


I felt a heated blush stain my face and shifted position slightly.


Hannibal reached for my hands and brought them to his lips, looking

me directly in the eye. "We don't have to do this if you don't want

to..." he started.


"Aww, come on, Hannibal," Face joked, but there was a softness in his

voice as he looked at me that told me he'd be just as supportive of

my decision as Hannibal. "I've been lookin' forward to this all



I watched as his right hand slowly ran along the bedspread, toward my

feet. I didn't have to say anything to signal my approval as he ran

his hand over my feet, slowly, teasingly.


Oh this was going to be torture.


Excruciatingly pleasurable torture.


"Yeah, well, I've been look forward to this all month," Hannibal's

voice thickened and he let his hand slide over my left shoulder,

fingertips trailing an invisible line over the flesh.


I closed my eyes and leaned back.


I could think of MUCH worse things than to let these two have their

way with me!


And as long as I got something out of this arrangement, what harm was

there, eh?


The next thing I know I felt Hannibal's mouth on mine, tentative for

a moment even as I felt the bedspread at my feet be pulled upward and

Face's hands, both of them, on my feet, sliding over them, cradling

them tenderly.


I moaned with pleasure and returned his kiss eagerly, opening my

mouth wider beneath Hannibal's, and drawing him further against me. I

moaned louder as I felt Face's hands sliding over the tops of my feet

and onto my ankles. Oh man, I thought. This is going to kill me...


But oh what a way to go!!!


I felt Hannibal's tongue against mine and let my fingers entwine in

his hair while his hands slid the sheet further down my body, past my

torso so I could feel his bare chest pressing against mine. I arched

slightly, unable to stop the waves of pleasure that were threatening

to overtake me; waves that intensified as I felt the bed clothing

mysteriously disappear from me entirely. Moments later expert hands

slid slowly, carefully, up my legs...


My body felt incredibly weightless at that point. So much so that it

felt completely separate.


My head tilted back as Hannibal's lips slid down my chin, around and

down the hollow of my throat, even as Face's hands slid upward

further, caressing the inner and outer portions of my lower thighs. I

gasped, panted really, clutching Hannibal's bare back almost

desperately as his lips traveled lower and across my right shoulder

blade, finding their way to the hardened peak that lay just beyond.


My body tremored again as hands on my thighs became lips, lips that

traveled the muscled flesh around, combined with fingers that

carefully parted that flesh. I could barely breathe at that point,

could barely think.


Oh my god...


A cry escaped my lips. I couldn't help it. Each touch, each kiss,

each was like minibolts of pleasure being shot into my


And then a major bolt of pleasure shot through me and caused me to

really cry out as my entire body arched. When I opened my eyes it

took me a moment to focus in on what was really happening.

Hannibal's naked body was against my right side while Face's finely

sculpted (and now equally) naked body was against my right.

Hannibal's mouth was sealed around my right breast, while Face's was

exploring the ultra sensitive area between my thighs. It was almost a

scene from an erotic novel and I couldn't believe I was living it.


Especially with these two guys!


I found myself writhing with exquisite agony as Face slid further up

my body and Hannibal made room for him so that in a matter of

moments, I had the glorious situation of having Hannibal mouthing one

breast and Face mouthing the other. I thought I would die right then

and there from the waves of ecstasy that crashed over and through me.

I cried out, unable to keep myself from doing so as one hand entwined

in silver locks and the other in flaxen silk. Fingers played over my

flesh, driving me further and further toward the point of joyous

madness and I felt my teeth sinking into my lower lip. I clung to

them with an almost fevered desperation...wanting, no needing them to

keep their hands and mouths on me.

And then they shifted positions.


My breathing was now so rapid I thought I'd hyperventilate, offering no

protest as they eased me onto my side. I didn't even stop to think to

question what they were doing as Face's mouth soon found mine. I

groaned beneath him as I felt Hannibal's body pressing against the back

of mine, so closely I could feel his throbbing maleness, almost parallel to

Face's, that was probing the outer recesses of my center.

I wasn't the only one breathing fast at that point.


I felt Hannibal's mouth against the side of my neck as his hands slid

over the curve of my hip even as Face's tongue probed mine and his

leg slid up mine to rest with intimate familiarity atop both mine and


My body shuddered yet again as I returned Face's kiss deeply,

willingly, desperately.


No denying that I needed them both now.


My hands started wandering on their own accord, stealing touches,

exploring new territory. I took no small amount of pleasure in

getting Face to groan beneath my mouth as one of my hands wove its

away around what felt like the most demanding part of him at that

point. My other hand slid back around to Hannibal and I was thrilled

to hear him groan as well as my fingers closed around his hardened


He buried his face against the nape of my neck, whispering my name as

his hands slid up and around to cup my breasts, kneading them

rhythmically. Another loud moan escaped me as Face's mouth slid away

from mine and around the other side of my neck.


"" I found myself stammering, almost pleading, finding it

amazing that they were both able to control themselves this long! I

thought I was going to go insane!!


"Not yet," Face whispered, shifting onto his back and nodding toward



I gasped in surprise as I found myself being shifted onto Face.... literally.

I groaned as I felt him enter me, as Hannibal continued to remain pressed

against my back, his lips traveling over my bare shoulders as his maleness

pressed against the back of my thighs.


My fingers clung to Face a bit harder than I intended as he lifted

himself upward with a slowness born of practice and patience that I

had not experienced before.


"P...please..." I stammered desperately.


"Hang in there, darlin'," Hannibal chuckled softly, his lips

traveling up to suck on my earlobe and brush the side of my

cheek. "It only gets better..."


Better than that?!


I couldn't believe it. I also didn't know how much longer I could

withstand this exquisite torture. My body was aching so badly I was

shaking as Face smiled and cupped my face in his hands, his eyes

shining as he looked up at me. He didn't say anything as he lifted

himself up again, hips thrusting against mine teasingly. I moaned and

shuddered., my face covered with perspiration. I couldn't do this

much longer. The physical and emotional strain was quickly taking its


Pleasured to death, I thought sarcastically.


"Now, Face," Hannibal moaned urgently. "Do it now!"


I felt Hannibal's hands slide around me to clasp Face's waist firmly.

I kissed Face again, more fervently than before, needing to consume

him the way he and Hannibal were consuming me. I felt my hands

clasped, the left in Hannibal's and the right in Face's, as Face

started what I'd been aching for, seemingly for forever.


With each thrust upward from Face, I felt Hannibal moan into my

shoulder, his own aching pressing further between the backs of my

thighs. It was almost orchestrated, the way we seemed to move almost

as one.


These two have done this before, I realized but that wasn't the

moment to try and rationalize anything.


Hell, I could barely think, let alone rationalize.


I felt myself arching backward against Hannibal, his hands still

exploring my breasts as Face continued his now urgent thrusts. I

couldn't hold back my cries of pleasure; didn't even attempt to try

at this point. A shudder soon rippled through my core and Face

groaned as a pleasuring warmth filled my insides.


"Oh yes!" I found myself exclaiming as my own body convulsed yet

again, then another time as Hannibal shuddered against me and groaned

while a wave of warmth washed over the back of my thighs. It was a

double sensation that was unlike anything I'd experienced before.


I smiled, fought to slow my breathing as I all but collapsed on Face,

who was, like Hannibal and me, definitely breathing faster than



"Whoa," Face gasped, his hands in my hair as I placed my head on his

chest. "That...that was...uh..."


"Incredible," Hannibal breathed, stretching out alongside us on his

side, one hand on my shoulder, the other on Face's. "You two...were



I half-laughed and carefully positioned myself so I was on my back

between them. As Face propped himself up on one elbow, like Hannibal,

I studied them both, incredulously. "If I...if I hadn't experienced.... that....

I never would have thought it.... of you two."


They exchanged looks for a moment before looking at me.


"Not what you'd expect of us, huh?" Face quipped, his eyes sparkling

with that glint of mischievousness that made him irresistible.


Hannibal smiled and trailed a finger over my lips. "I hated keeping

this from you. You're not upset?" He seemed confused and more than a

little concerned .


Upset?! After that?! I wanted to laugh outright at the question, but

knew better, since Hannibal had reasons to be concerned given what he

knew about my background.


I reached up and cupped his face in my hands, studying him for a

moment. "No. I'm not upset, Hannibal. In fact, long as

you two include me in this more often, I'm...quite satisfied with the



He smiled and I looked down at Face. "Something tells me that you two

held back on me, though."


"What?" Face half-laughed, throwing Hannibal a wary look.


Hannibal frowned slightly. "What are you talking about?"


I sighed and leaned my head back. "Look guys, I...uh...I appreciate

you, uh...taking your time with...uh....introducing me to your.... uh....

lifestyle.... but you don't have to.... to deny yourselves in the process."

I glanced at Hannibal. "You love each other, don't you?"


Face looked almost ready to leap out of bed, until Hannibal placed a

hand gently on his arm. I glanced at Hannibal, who smiled slightly.


"We're okay with what we've got," he explained gently. "We know we're

gonna be there for each other, no matter what. We just weren't sure

about you. I mean, this isn't exactly what you signed up for, I'm

sure, when you started seeing me."


I chuckled slightly, unable to resist. I looked up at Hannibal and

ran a hand through his hair briefly. "No, it isn't," I admitted after

a moment, then turned and gently placed a hand on the side of Face's

cheek. "But I've always known you two shared something deep,

something lasting, something that I couldn't even begin to fully

appreciate. I guess that's why I haven't ever been jealous of the

time you two have spent together or anything. I think I've always

known that there's a bond between you two that nothing or no one can

break. I respect that."


The silence that passed between us was a bit lengthy.


"I do love you, too, you know that," Hannibal explained, gazing down

at me questioningly.


"That's why this whole thing has been kept from you," Hannibal went

on as he threw Face a reassuring look. "Face had to have time to

figure out what he wanted. Right, kid?"


Face drew in a breath, shaking his head. "No, Hannibal. I told you.

I've always known what I wanted." He glanced down at me. "I just

didn't know if I could have it all." The way he looked from me to

Hannibal...he'd obviously been through hell these past few months

trying to figure this out.


"You know my take on it, pal," Hannibal smiled. "I'm behind you a

hundred percent, whatever you wanna do. You know that."


Face smiled and the look that passed between them was touching. "I

know, Hannibal. I definitely know."


I swallowed and looked from one to the other, then back to Hannibal

again. "So am I," I grinned wolfishly. "Like I said, especially if

you two keep me in the picture. I could get used to this, really



They exchanged looks a moment.


"Well, I think that can be arranged. Don't you think, Face?"


"Definitely, Hannibal. Definitely."


And that was how it all began.

Three Is Not A Crowd by Cat



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