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The Jazz Is Gone

The Jazz Is Gone

by Dana



Rated: PG

Warning : There is mild cussing and character death. Oh and please, have your tissues handy. I got a little misty eyed a few times myself.

Summary : A member of the A-Team is dying and it is effecting everyone else.

Author's note: This is written from Hannibal's POV. Also I'm taking in account that it's mid 80s so the chances are smaller. 29% didn't look that good to me anyway. * Means that this is Hannibal thinking back.

Song note: One Sweet Day is by Boys II Men and Mariah Carrey. Thanks to: for their information on Multiple Myeloma. The definition the doctor gave is found on that site

Time frame: Five months after Without Reservations. In this time line, The Gray Team didn't happen.

Disclaimer: Stephen J. Cannell owns the A-Team and all associated characters. I claim Dr. Timothy Young Nurse Rebecca, and Nurse Nancy.


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The Jazz is Gone


He couldn't be dying. He was too young to die. The doctor had to be

wrong. He couldn't have cancer! I had never heard of this Multiple

Myeloma. The doctor said that there unfortunately were a small

percentage of people diagnosed with it that survive. Looking at the

young man in front of me made me not like the odds. Come on kid

you've always been a fighter don't give up now!


Face has only been in the hospital a month going under treatment from

Dr. Timothy Young. BA came so close to punching the doctor when he

announced what was wrong with Face. This has been so hard for all of

us. Stockwell was being generous. He had offered all of us the time

off so we could be with Face. He looked almost as sad as we did when

the doctor came and told us what Face had.


For the first time in my life, I don't feel the jazz running through

my veins. No right now I just feel old. I can't save him from the

illness. I'd be glad to change places with him if I could. I stare

across the room and see that Ellen is still asleep. She has barely

left Face's bedside since I called her a month ago.


I looked down at the cast on his right arm a reminder of what

happened a week ago more then anything else. Well that and the loss

of hair from the chemotherapy.


A month ago the nightmare started. *We had just returned from a

mission in London England. Murdock hadn't gone because he had a

broken ankle so Stockwell lent us one of his pilots.


Face had looked tired all during the mission. He didn't complain but

he slept a lot more then usual. He also seemed to be favoring his

back. When we got back to Langley, Face said he was going to take a

shower. None of us thought anything of it.


As I was walking to my room, I heard a loud bang that came from the

bathroom. "Face are you all right?" I asked.


"Yeah." Face said through gritted teeth. He opened the door and I

saw that he was holding his arm protectively against his body.


"Are you okay?" I asked.


"I hit my arm on the edge of the counter. No big deal." Face said

trying to drop the matter.


I lightly touched his arm and he let out a gasp. "How hard did you

hit your arm?" I asked. I had felt that the bone was broken.


"Not hard at all." Face said. I stared at him and noticed he wasn't

lying about it.


"I think your arm is broken." I told him. "Come on we'll have to

have a doctor look at it." BA drove Face to a clinic that Stockwell

had suggested after Murdock had broke his ankle a few weeks ago.


I had been talking on the phone with Maggie when I heard the click on

call waiting. I told Maggie I had another call coming in and I'd be

back in a second. "Hello?" I had said.


'Hannibal I'm driving Face to DC General.' BA said.


"DC General? For a broken arm?" I asked not quite understanding it.


'They think it's something more severe. Cancer maybe.'


"I'll be right there." I clicked the receiver. "Maggie?"


'I'm still here.' She said.


"I've got to get to the hospital. BA's taking Face there right now."


'Is he all right?'


"He broke his arm today. BA took him to a clinic and they think it

might be cancer."


'Oh my God Hannibal. This is serious.' Maggie said. 'Call me when

you know for sure.' She hung up.


I left the house and got into Face's corvette. Frankie wasn't at the

house. He had gone with BA and Face. I picked up the phone and

quickly dialed Murdock's apartment.


'Howling Mad Chateau Murdock speaking.'


"Murdock it's me. I'm coming by your apartment to pick you up. Face

is on his way to the hospital."


'What? Is he okay? I thought you said the mission went well.'


"It did. He broke his arm in the bathroom. The doctors think it

might be something more serious. It may be cancer. I'm about ten

minutes away."


'I'll be waiting.' Murdock said and hung up.


On the way to the hospital, I quickly explained what had happened.

After that, it was quiet. I helped Murdock out of the car and we

both walked, or in his case hobbled, to the entrance of DC General.

We found Frankie and BA sitting in the waiting room. "Any news?" I



BA shook his head. "He was whisked away by a doctor as soon as we

got here."


"I called Stockwell." Frankie said.


Stockwell came through the door. "Speak of the Devil." Murdock

whispered as he propped up his injured ankle on a chair.


"Any news?" Stockwell asked.


"No." I said.


A young doctor came out. "Hello my name is Dr. Timothy Young. I am

one of the doctors that's treating Templeton Peck."


"How is he doctor?" I asked.


"Well we won't know for sure until tomorrow but it may be a type of

bone cancer." Dr. Young said. "The doctor at the clinic did some

other x-rays when they heard about the way he broke his arm and found

that there was splintering of some of the other bones. I have a

question for you. Do you know about Templeton's family history? I

couldn't seem to find anything in his records."


"He's an orphan. I can give you the number of his half sister if you

want." I said and tried to remember what her number was.


Stockwell pulled out a card and handed it to the doctor. "Here's her



I was surprised at first then shook my head. This was Stockwell. He

seemed to be able to get information from anywhere. I nodded my

thanks to Stockwell. The doctor turned to walk away but I

interrupted him. "Can we see Face?" I asked. He stared at me

blankly. "Templeton."


"Sure. He's in room 151. Just down the hall." The doctor said and

walked in the opposite direction.


"I've got a few things to take care of. You know how to get a hold

of me if you need anything." Stockwell said and left.


I led the way down the hallway. When we got to room 151, we found

Face sleep. We circled around his bed.


Face opened his eyes. "Hey guys."


"Hey kid how are you doing?" I asked.


"Tired." He said truthfully stretching his back slightly and

cringed. "And sore."


"Relax Face." BA said.


"I'm sorry." Face started to say.


"Sorry for what?" I asked. "This isn't your fault."


Face started to say something else but a nurse came into the room and

drew some blood. Face cringed at the sight of the needle. He had

never been too fond of needles. The nurse smiled at him and left the

room after injecting it.


Face yawned as the sedative took effect. I came closer and

whispered, "We'll be here kid." He gave sort of a nod and fell



"Damn Hannibal. Cancer." BA said.


"It might not be." I said trying to reassure my sergeant. "It could

be a lot less serious." I didn't even believe myself.


Murdock sat in a chair next to the bed of Face. He leaned the

crutches against the wall. The others settled in other spots in the

room. None of us, not even Frankie, wanted to leave the room. It

was going to be a long night.


I felt a little dj vu from four months ago after Face had been

shot. We couldn't all be in there that time but we each took turns

sitting at his bedside. This didn't seem much different.


The next morning we all got the bad news. "We got the test results

back." Dr. Young told us. "It's Multiple Myeloma. Myeloma is a

cancer of the plasma cells, a type of white blood cell found in many

tissues of the body, but mainly in the bone marrow. In Myeloma, a

plasma cell becomes malignant. It grows continuously, especially in

the marrow, destroying normal bone tissue, causing pain, and crowding

out normal blood cell production. It causes weakening of the bones

that lead to fractures. That is why you broke your arm like you did."


"What chance do I have to live?" Face asked.


"I'm afraid that there haven't been that many people that have

survived this cancer. About twenty to twenty-five percent." Dr.

Young said. "But we'll fight it with chemotherapy."


I took that moment to look at everyone's expression. Stockwell and

Frankie didn't say a thing. BA looked like he was about ready to

punch the doctor. Murdock had his face buried in his hands. Face

was trying desperately to keep his emotions in order.


"I'm sorry." The doctor said and left the room.


Face looked at me with pleading eyes. "Can you call Father Magill

and Ellen?"


I looked at Stockwell. He nodded. "Sure Face. Anything else you



"No. Just you guys."*


"Hannibal." Face whispered bringing me out of me reverie. He looked

at me through pain filled eyes.


"Yeah I'm here kid." I said squeezing his hand.


"Don't worry about me." He said. "I'll be okay." He said flashing

me his best smile but it didn't seem to reach all the way. He picked

up a piece of paper that was sitting on the table. "Stockwell

dropped this off earlier." He said and handed it to me. I read it.

It was his pardon. "Guess Stockwell is human after all." I couldn't

help but laugh. "Seriously though if I wasn't so sick he wouldn't

have given it to me. It won't do me any good anyway."


"Kid you are going to be fine." I tried to assure him.


"It hurts so much Hannibal. I just want it to end." He sighed

tiredly. "The doctor's aren't too hopeful of me making a recovery.

Dr. Young already told me the Chemo wasn't working."


I looked across again and saw that Ellen was awake and staring at

both of us. "Face." She said quietly. "Don't give up. They'll

find something to cure you. How about that stem cell transplant Dr.

Young suggested?"


"He said it was too risky. They haven't even really tried it on

anyone yet." Face said.


BA and Murdock entered the room just then. Murdock handed Face a

stuffed animal. "Here you go Face. Just what Dr. Murdock ordered."


"It's cute Murdock." Face said looking at it closely.


"Hello." Another voice said from the doorway.


"Father Magill!" Face exclaimed happily. "I thought you wouldn't be

back till tomorrow."


"I was able to change things around. How are you feeling?"


"About the same." Face turned to look at the rest of us. "Can I

talk to Father Magill alone?" He asked.


"Sure Face. We'll be right outside." I said and led the others



Murdock sat on one of the chairs. "He doesn't look well Colonel."


"I know. Maggie went to talk to Dr. Young for me. She should be

back soon." I said. I looked up and saw Maggie walking slowly down

the hall. She looked like she had been crying. "What did Dr. Young

say?" I asked her as soon as she got to us.


"It doesn't look good Hannibal. He's going to talk to Face soon

about it." Maggie said and buried her face into my shoulder and

cried. I wrapped my arms around her. Whatever Dr. Young had told

her, it couldn't have been good.



A few minutes later Father Magill walked out of Face's room looking

shaken. "He asked me to give him his last rights." This made

Murdock start crying.


Stockwell came onto the scene. "Is Peck dead?" He asked unsure of

the emotions that were being shown by Maggie and Murdock.


"No." I said. I was fighting my own tears. Face had given up.

Whatever the doctor said to Maggie wasn't too promising. I wasn't

about ready to lose a member of my team. Not the man I had known for

close to twenty years.


Dr. Young came up to us. "I need to talk to all of you and Mr.

Peck." He said and led us into the room of Face.


Face looked up when he saw all of us enter. "Mr. Peck I got the test

results back from the last test we did on you. I'm sorry but the

chemo still isn't working and cancer is spreading faster then it was

a month ago. I'm sorry there's nothing more we can do." He said and

left us alone.


Face just nodded as if he had anticipated what the doctor was going

to tell him.


Murdock looked like he was about to crumble. He hobbled out of the

room quickly. Frankie went out after him. BA punched a wall next to

him as he also walked out of the room and ran into a restroom. Ellen

started crying and sat in the chair she had been sitting in earlier.


A tear started to slide down my cheek. I wiped it away quickly. I

had to be strong for the others. They needed me to be strong. I

felt Maggie's arms wrap around me. "It's all right to cry

Hannibal." She whispered in my ear. It was as if those six words

were enough to open the waterworks. I let myself cry.


"Hey guys it's all right." Face spoke up. "Don't worry about me

I'll be okay." He said repeating the words he had said only less

then half an hour ago.


Murdock and Frankie came back into the room. "You guys will never

believe who's in the hall." Frankie said.


"Who?" BA asked.


"Decker. I don't think he saw me though." Murdock said.


Stockwell, who hadn't said anything, till now, stepped forward. "You

need to leave. The rest of your pardons are in the works. Ellen,

Maggie, and I will stay with Peck. We'll call you when Decker is



We all left very reluctantly but we hadn't gotten far when Decker

spots us. "Smith wait!"

We kept walking. "I'm not going to arrest you just hold on a

second." I stopped and the others did the same. "I'm here visiting

my father who has lung cancer. I saw one of the files said Peck and

I asked about it. I'm sorry to hear that Peck is dying."


"He's a free man Decker. He got his pardon." I informed him.


"I'm not going to arrest any of you. I know what you are going

through. My father has lung cancer. Can I at least go in and say

hello?" He asked.


"Sure." I said not quite sure if I should have done so. Decker

could break his word after all.


Face sat up quickly when he saw Decker come into his room. "Hello



Face looked at me unsure for a second before turning back to Decker.

"Hey Decker."


"I just wanted to tell you I hope you beat this cancer. My father is

fighting lung cancer down the hall."


"I'm sorry to hear about that." Face said.


I tried to hide a smile. That's just like Face. To worry about

someone else when he's also sick.


"Well I should be going. Hang in there Peck." He said and left.


"You know I think that's the first time he's said anything nice to

any of us." Murdock said.


"Shut up fool! We should all be glad he didn't arrest us." BA said.



BA and I were in the room of Face a couple hours later. Face and I

were playing gin with BA helping Face hold the cards. Face's arm was

still in a cast and his other hand got shaky sometimes. The others,

with the exception of Stockwell and Father Magill, had gone down to

the cafeteria to get us all some coffee and milk. Stockwell had gone

back to his office saying he had some paper work to take care of.

Father Magill said he was exhausted and went back to his hotel to get

some sleep.


BA placed the cards down and Face said, "Gin." And smiled at me.


"Face are you and BA cheating over there? That's the second game in

a row." I said.


"I don't cheat Hannibal." BA said with a growl. Both Face and I

laughed at the expression on BA's face.


"Excuse me." Dr. Young said coming back into the room. "Sorry to

interrupt but I have some news for Mr. Peck. Mr. Peck if you want we

can discharge you from the hospital. I was just signing the papers.

I wish there were more we could do. But at a time like this it's

best to be with family." He said.


That's all Face needed to hear. He got out of bed quickly. BA and I

both grabbed his arms to keep him steady and helped him into the

wheelchair that was waiting outside of the room. "Whoa kid one step

at a time." I said.


"I'll go tell the others." BA said and almost ran down the hallway.

I just shook my head. It was unlike BA to do so.


Nurse Rebecca and Nurse Nancy came up to Face. "We heard you were

being discharged." Nurse Rebecca said. "The nurses have all signed

this card." She said.


"I believe some of them left their phone numbers." Nurse Nancy

said. "We'll miss you Templeton."


"Just keep fighting." Nurse Rebecca said.


Face didn't say anything he just stared down at the card in his

hand. "Face?" I asked. He turned around to look at me. "I'm going

to go get your things from your room. You going to be okay out here?"


"I'll be fine Hannibal." Face said quietly. I patted his shoulder

and went into his room. I started to grab the plants and stuffed

animals that Murdock had kept dropping off almost every day. Face

never complained about the gifts. I even had caught them playing

with the stuffed animals like they were two children. Maybe we

should give them to some of the sick children.


I put the clothes and toiletries in a suitcase and looked around the

room once more. I saw something on the table next to his bed. It

was a notebook. I picked it up and looked at the title of it, 'The A-

Team The American Tragedy.' Face had been writing a book I

realized. The title struck an emotional chord inside of me.


"Hey Colonel?" Murdock's voice said from the doorway. I turned

around and saw Murdock, BA, and Frankie standing in the doorway.

"Face said he wanted to give some of the stuffed animals to the

children on the children's floor."


"Sure captain. Why don't you and Frankie take them down there while

BA and I pack up Face's things."


They came in and quickly did so. Then they left the room.


"What's that?" BA asked pointing to the book that I still clutched

in my hands. I showed it to him. "Didn't know Faceman was writing a

book." He said and handed the book back to me.


"I didn't either." I said. "Let's not say anything. Let him tell

us if he wants to." I put the book on top of the clothing.


"I'll carry that." BA said grabbing the suitcase. I picked up the

plants that were still alive.


We found Face, Maggie, and Ellen standing in the hallway waiting.

"Ready to go home kid?" I asked. He nodded. I gave the plants to

Ellen and Maggie to carry and we started down the corridor to the

elevators. Some of the nurses wished Face good luck as we walked

away. Face remained uncharacteristically quiet.


Murdock and Frankie were waiting for us at the van. "The kids loved

the stuffed animals." Frankie informed them.


"But I kept this one." Murdock said and handed face a stuffed animal

of Snoopy.


"Billy." Face said with a weak smile. "Thank you Murdock."


"No problem buddy." Murdock said.


BA lifted Face and put him into the van not listening to the arguing

that Face was doing about being carried.


BA and I got into the front of the van. The others squeezed into the

back. The driving made put Face to sleep. I turned the seat

backwards and just sat there watching Face sleep. 'God we can't lose

you kid.' I thought. I caught Murdock's worried eye. I tried to

smile reassuringly at Murdock. Ellen and Maggie were talking quietly

in the back. I saw Maggie hold Ellen for a few seconds. This was

tearing us all up badly and I didn't know what to do to make it

better. I just wanted to feel the jazz go through my veins. I

thought. But it's gone.


When we got back to Langley BA carried Face into the house. He was

still sleeping. I went into my room, sank onto the bed, and started

crying. I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. "It's all right

Hannibal." Maggie whispered. "Just let it out."


"I feel so helpless." I whispered.


"I know honey." She said. "We all do."


"Why him?" I asked. "He wanted a future more then any of us and

it's been taken away from him. I can't handle this!" I yelled and

fell against her sobbing


Maggie just held me. She didn't say a word. Just sat there holding

me. I felt like a child. But right now, I didn't care. "Thank

you." I said after calming down. "Thank you for everything Maggie."


"I love you Hannibal and I know you are hurting. You needed to let

go of all the emotions you've been hiding for a month."


I smiled at her. "Never knew you were a psychologist. Thought you

were a GP."


"Shows what you know. I took Psychology in college." She said and

smiled back.


I didn't move away from her the rest of the night.


I woke up the next morning and found myself alone in the room. I got

up and got dressed. I found everyone else in the dining room

eating. Maggie handed him a plate of scrambled eggs. "Morning." I



"Morning." Everyone else said. No one made any comment about

yesterday. I took a seat between Maggie and Face. We ate in

complete silence.


"Hannibal can I talk to you?" Face asked me after breakfast as I

helped him to the couch.


"Sure Face." I said and sat next to him.


"I know you saw the book Hannibal." Face said. He continued before

I could say anything. "I don't mind that you did. Hannibal if I

don't finish the book before I die will you finish it for me?"


"Of course Face." I said.


"Thank you. Take care of Ellen. She won't have anyone. Let Leslie

know about what happened." He said tiredly lying down on the sofa.

"I am so tired already. I just got up half an hour ago. I love you

all." He whispered and fell asleep. I checked to make sure that was

all he was doing.


He passed away the next day. Murdock was the first one to find him

dead in his room. He came running through the house looking for me.

"Hannibal!" He yelled. I was sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup

of coffee. I put the coffee down and got to my feet. Murdock

entered the kitchen shaking. Looking at his face, I knew what was

wrong. "Face is dead." He said.


"Are you sure?" I asked.


"I just went in to check on him. He must have died in his sleep."

Murdock started crying. I helped him sit down in a chair.


"Hannibal?" A quiet voice asked from behind me. I turned around and

saw Ellen standing there. I noticed she was fighting the tears. "I

saw Face." She said and the waterworks started.


I held Murdock and Ellen close to me. I thought I heard a door

slamming upstairs and some muffled cursing. I knew it had to be BA.

Sure enough, BA appeared looking at us sadly.


I let him take over trying to help Ellen and Murdock. I needed to go

for a walk. I put on a jacket and started to head for the small pond

behind the house. Although I was told a couple days ago that Face

was dying, I didn't want to believe it. I seriously thought he would

fight it as he did any other challenge that was put in front of him.


I sat by the pond and stared out. I remembered Face coming out here

many times just to stare at the pond. I was out there mostly smoking

a cigar and trying to think of a plan. I remembered the last

time we were out here together. It was a month and a half ago.


*I walked out to the pond to think. Murdock had just called me to

tell me he had fallen and broke his ankle. The doctor had told him

it was a clean break and that it wouldn't take too long to heal. I

was thinking about how it was only three months since Face had been

shot in the hospital. Things weren't going our way.


I saw Murdock standing in his usual spot casting stones into the

pond. He turned around when he heard me behind him. "How's

Murdock?" He asked.


"He'll be fine. The doctor told him it was a clean break." I said

and started to reach for a cigar. Face offered me one. "Thanks

kid. So what are you doing out here?" I asked.


"I was just thinking about things. I hate it here." He told me



"I know you do. We'll get our pardons soon I'm sure."


"I'm tired of waiting. I want a normal life Hannibal. A family like

everyone else. I miss talking to Father Magill too."


"Kid one of these days you are going to walk out of here with a

pardon and you'll get all of those things."


"You think so?"


"I know so."*


I lied to him. He did get his pardon but he wasn't able to leave

here. He wanted a pardon so much and he got one. But he never got

what he really wanted, a normal life. I heard someone behind me and

turned around. Frankie was standing there.


"I thought you'd be out there." He said. "I wanted to see if you

are okay. The others are worried about you."


I was sure the others had sent him out to check on me. Well that was

fine but I didn't want to talk to Frankie right now. "I'm okay

Frankie you can go tell the others that."


"No one sent me out here Johnny. I came by myself. I know I have

never been that close to the rest of you guys but I thought of Face

as a friend. I know this must be effecting you. I'm here if you

want to talk."


Frankie was a nice kid. He may not know better, but he seemed to

know the right thing to say. "Thanks Frankie. I'll be back inside



He nodded and walked away. I sat on the ground and stared at the

pond some more. I was going to miss Face. "See you soon kid." I

said and got up.


Sorry I never told you

All I wanted to say

And now it's too late to hold you

'Cause you've flown away

So far away

Never had I imagined

Living without your smile

Feeling and knowing you hear me

It keeps me alive


And I know you're shining down on me from Heaven

Like so many friends we've lost along the way

And I know eventually we'll be together

One sweet day

Darling, I never showed you

Assumed you'd always be there

I took your presence for granted

But I always cared

And I miss the love we shared

And I know you're shining down on me from Heaven

Like so many friends we've lost along the way

And I know eventually we'll be together

One sweet day

Although the sun will never shine the same

I'll always look to a brighter day

Lord I know when I lay me down to sleep

You will always listen as I pray

And I know you're shining down on me from Heaven

Like so many friends we've lost along the way

And I know eventually we'll be together

One sweet day

And I know you're shining down on me from Heaven

Like so many friends we've lost along the way

And I know eventually we'll be together

One sweet day

Sorry I never told you

All I wanted to say



One final note the song is for all the characters not just Hannibal.

Hope you liked it!

The Jazz Is Gone by Dana