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by Red


Rated: PG some mild swearing.

Warning: None yet

Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine, all are the property of Stephen J Channel. Unfortunately.

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Part 1


"Are you crazy?" Murdock exclaimed pulling the blond

man to shelter behind a rather large oak tree. "Are

you blind or do you want Decker to see you, man? He's

been staking out the hospital for a week now waiting

for you guys to show yourselves." He took his baseball

cap off and placed it on the other's blond mop. "What

the hell are you doing here anyway? I told you guys

that he's been lurking around. You should be a teensy,

weensy bit more careful, muchacho." He chastised

before glancing out to see the all too familiar sight

of an uniformed colonel march stiffly from the VA

hospital to an awaiting vehicle. A huge relief rushed

into him when he realized that the hated military man

had not seen Face.


"What?" The startled man frowned pulling away, out of

other man's grasp. "What are you talking about?"


"Decker, man." Murdock attempted to keep his anger

under control, but it was difficult. His best friend

screwed up and not a minor screw up either, major. The

thought of him in the hands of Decker made his normal

warm brown eyes even darker. "What the Hell, do you

think your doing standing out there in the open like

that! Didn't you see him? It's not like he's hard to

miss and all." He flicked his thumb over his shoulder

in the colonel's direction.


"Who?" The man crinkled his brow in confusion concern passed through his usual twinkling eyes.


"What? Who? What? Who?" Murdock sang barely hiding the sarcasm in his voice. "Stop playing games,

Faceman, you know the code. Call first."


"Look," The blond man backed away from Murdock's

growing anger. "I don't know what your getting on

about, but..."


Murdock stopped his essential rant, momentarily

thrown. He narrowed his eyes scanning the other man's

face. Face looked dead tired. Angry and strangely out

of place. A moment of concern, flashed into his brain

and all concern of Decker was lost somewhere in his

fogged memories as concern took its place. *Something's

not right* he thought. "Are you O.K. Face? You look a little

out of it right now. Wanna sit down?"


The other man shook his head slowly, his blond hair

swaying slightly in the breeze. "Sorry, guy, I think

that you've mistaken me for someone else." He turned

to walk away when Murdock grabbed for his arm, once

again, forcing him to turn around.


"Wait! Dammit, Face, Decker's gonna see ya for sure

if you go out there now. You're gonna to get caught.

Just sit down for a minute." He tried to lead Face to

a bench.


The other man pulled away and angrily shook off the

unwanted hand on his arm. "Look mister, I am not this

*Face* person. Okay? So leave me alone!" The blond

man's eyes darkened with anger as he took a step away,

turning to look at the menacing, yet bleak, structure

of the hospital building. "As for getting caught... I'm

already am, in my own nightmare." The man whispered

silently barely loud enough for Murdock to hear. "Why

do you think that I was so unceremoniously thrown into

this hellhole?" He swept his arms around in a panicked



A chill ran through Murdock as he watched the man

swirl around. Not Face? What was going on here? Why

was Face acting this way? It's almost like Face didn't

know him. His best friend for fifteen years. What was

he trying to pull now with this cockamamie bullshit?

He watched his friend frown and lean up against the



"I'm trapped here..." he whispered softly, "I can't get

in touch with my friends. They're to far away... to

far." The man lowered his head staring at his feet the

familiar blue eyes filled with sadness and unshed



Murdock reached out a comforting hand and laid it

gently on his friend's shoulder. "I'm here, Face, and

the others ain't ever to far away."


The man shook his head and sighed heavily. "Look,

mister, you don't understand..." He said finally looking

up into the taller man's eyes for the first time.

Murdock took in a sudden breath as he took a good look

at the man before him. Something was different, he

couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something was

definitely different. He took a small step backwards

away from the man against the tree. Maybe the fact

that he looked younger more boyish. His hair styled

slightly different, longer, and just a tinge more

golden than usual. But his eyes, his eyes were the

same. There is no mistaking those eyes...was there?


"Face?" Murdock whispered staring into the blond

man's determined blue eyes. The words, Not Face,

echoed in his ears.


The man suddenly smiled that bright all too familiar

smile that made Murdock's blood curdle and brain do a

back flip. He held out his hand to Murdock in a

friendly gesture. Murdock slowly extended his hand and

gently shook it warily.


"Sorry to disappoint you," The blue eyes laughed at

him. "But the name's Starbuck."



Part 2


"Starbuck?" Murdock stared at the other man, not

quite comprehending. "Like in the coffee shops?"

Suddenly he grinned and slapped the other man's

shoulder. "Oh, now I get it! I bet you're pretending

to be the owner of those new Starbuck's coffee shops

up in Seattle now. OK. I'll bite, what's her name?" He

laughed heartily as the thought of his best friend

trying to lure yet another babe into his lair. If he

knew Face then she would usually be around 5'6"

slender and most likely a blonde. Oh sure, he could

lure any woman regardless of size, shape or hair

coloring but blondes were a definite weakness for him.

The past 5 of his latest female 'friends' 4 out of

them were of the fair coloring, and brainless to boot.

He seemed to seek out the classic flighty airheads.

Murdock never could understand the reasoning for the

brainless obsession, but he figured that maybe

conversation wasn't the first priority with Face. That

must be the reason for the small yet uncharacteristic

changes he saw today. She must have a caboodle of

money for him to alter his appearance this much.


The man looked at him like he was crazy. "Who?"


"The latest female conquest your trying to impress."

Murdock grinned giving the other man an exaggerated

wink. "She must really be something for you to go

through all this scamming. Do you think you can pull

this one off? It seems a bit iffy if you ask me."

Murdock was on a roll now. "What did you do to

yourself? You look years younger. Give me the secret

will ya? Bubble bath and Loofas or massages and nice

facials?" He grinned widely at the thought of Face in

the hands of some exotic woman dancing on his back in

her bare feet.


Starbuck chuckled softly and shook his head then

remembering the blue cap, he reached up and removed

it. The heavy material felt rough as he twisted it in

his hands. He barely remembered when it was placed on

his head. He was upset and his mind was a bit cloudy

by the events of the last few sectares. Starbuck

looked back up at the other man who now stood quietly,

watching, rant over. This odd man seemed kind enough,

although, for some strange reason, he could not get

around the fact, that he wasn't this Face person. He

tossed back the cap allowing the other man to snatch

it up. The hope or was it denial, was still evident in

the other man's eyes.


"Look, buddy, I'm sorry, really, but I really don't

know what your talking about." He said raising a hand

to stop the other man's comments before they started.

"I know nothing about any coffee shops or any ladies

around here and believe me, I think that I would know

if I were involved with a woman, especially lately."

He smiled up at the taller man. "Look," He paused

remembering that he didn't get the man's name. "Mr.?"


"Murdock." He stiffly volunteered with a frown.


"Mr. Murdock..."


"Just... Murdock."


"Ah, ok. You can call me Starbuck." The man grinned

that shit eating grin again. The one Murdock always

felt that Face gave him whenever he knew that he was

being conned, but this time it was different. This

time he couldn't tell if he was being conned or not.


"Murdock," The man spoke smoothly "The truth of the

matter is that I haven't been here for very long. And,

unfortunately, I have no idea how long I will be

here." He tried to smile at the confused expression on

the other's face. Then a thought suddenly struck him.

'He seems as lost as I am. Maybe not geography wise,

but more of a loss of an identity. Being in this

infirmary must be hard on anyone.' He, himself, had

only been here a few days but he can already feel his

identity being stripped away, layer by layer. He

silently wondered how long Murdock had been in this

place. Speaking of which, he looked around the

grounds, maybe I can find out a bit more about this

place while I am here.


He turned back to Murdock. "I'm hoping that my friends

will find me soon. I've been out of contact for far to

long. Far longer that I was supposed to be. They must

know that I'm in trouble. They must be out there

looking. It's only a matter of time."


"Who are your friends?" Murdock asked his brown eyes

never leaving the other's blue ones.


The Face clone looked down at his feet again before

once again returning his gaze to Murdock. "Um...I'm sure

you don't know them." He finally responded with a

slight shrug. "But" he wagged a long, slender finger

at the taller man "they will be here, on that you can

bet." This last he directed with a finger thump on the

taller man's chest, bringing a slight smile on

Murdock's face.


Starbuck gazed out over the landscape letting his eyes

scan the variety of trees and grass. Shielding his

eyes he glanced up and scanned the blue sky. There was

nothing but clouds and a bright sun glaring into his

retina. With a sigh he averted his gaze and looked out

from behind the tree that they were still hiding

behind. The uniformed man had already left the area in

the olive green sedan. A Doctor stood glaring at the

receding car.


"So, who was that?" Starbuck asked pointing.


Murdock looked over his shoulder at the Doctor. "Who

Dr. Richter?"


"No, the uniform in the vehicle. Who was it?"

Starbuck asked indicating the car leaving the hospital

grounds. "Someone you obviously don't want this, Face,

guy to meet up with." He looked back at the taller

man. "Interesting name, Face, why do you call him



"Um..." Murdock was at a loss for words. He was

confused, a super-duper, major crime fighting, why

would they wear tights? Kind of confused, his eyes

could see very clearly that this man was indeed Face,

but for some odd reason, his mind was telling him that

it wasn't. Either this man's resemblance to his best

friend was uncanny or he was slipping in his mental



"Starbuck?" Murdock said taking a step away form the

stranger before him.




"I need to sit down."




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