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Did It For You 1-2

Did It for You
By Dana


Disclaimer: All characters that are seen on the A-Team belong to Stephen J. Cannell. I claim anyone else.

Ratings and warnings: This fic is rated PG-13. War memories.

Authors Notes: This fic is AU. The first part is a missing scene from the episode Firing Line. But in general, it's fifth season. Also everyone knows that the A-Team's bodies disappeared from the morgue.

Summary: Who was the A-Team really protecting?

Part 1


Dr. Richter stared at his patient before picking up his file. HM Murdock was sitting on the couch staring out the window. "Murdock." Richter said. He got no reaction. "Murdock?" He repeated touching his shoulder.


Murdock looked at him. "Oh sorry doc."


"You seem further away then usual. Are your friends' disappearance getting to you?"


"Yeah, that's it." Murdock said turning back to the window.


"Murdock I've already sent your folder to the board. They have reviewed it and have declared you sane." Dr. Richter said putting the folder in front of him.


Murdock smiled. "I'll tell you a secret. I was never insane to begin with."


"I know."


"You know?" Murdock asked in shock.


"I've been your doctor for eight years. Even I could tell you were acting. You were good at it. I'd say you were as good of a con artist as Face was." Richter said hoping to get a laugh from Murdock. But he saw Murdock's eyes darken.


"Yeah well that was Face's specialty more then mine. Mine was to distract everyone from the problem." Murdock said and started to head for the door.


"Murdock who were you really protecting?"





Part 2


Two days later Hannibal watched as Frankie, Face, and Murdock tried to get the dogs out of the house.  BA ran after them threatening Murdock for the dogs licking him.  Hannibal started to follow them.


"Colonel may I have a word with you?"  Stockwell asked.


"Sure."  Hannibal said sitting back down on the sofa. 


Carla handed Stockwell a large folder and he flipped through it until he found whatever he was looking for.  "This Colonel is Peck's folder."


Hannibal remained passive.  Inside, however, he was wondering what exactly was in Face's folder.


"This page," Stockwell said pointing at it, "is from Dr. Maggie Sullivan's folder of Peck.  I had Abel 20 get it for me.  You might want to look at it.  I found it quite interesting."


Hannibal took the folder and read it quickly.  It was about one of their several trips to Bad Rock.  He looked at the date and frowned not quite remembering what happened and then he remembered the fire. 


Stockwell took it back.  "I know about the fire that happened in Costa Mesa.  That was such an unfortunate event.  I'm sure she would have been a great addition.  But I want to discuss something else about it. It says here in Dr. Sullivan's comments that Lieutenant Peck had a series of nightmares and he didn't remember where he was when he woke up.  Here's a quote, 'I had to sedate him before he seriously injured himself.  I recommended to Hannibal that he get Face some help.  He refused to, saying that they couldn't.'  There are other papers in here from when you were at Fort Brag questioning Peck's mental state. My question for you colonel is am I making the mistake of adding Peck?"


"Face's nightmares don't come as frequently.  They can be controlled. That was just one bad night."  Hannibal lied. 


"For your sakes I hope you are telling the truth.  I might have to look into this further."  He got up and left.


Hannibal remained on the sofa mentally kicking himself.  They had worked hard to keep this hidden and now Stockwell knew.



Did It for You by Dana