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Always on My Mind 1-2

Always on My Mind

By Lacy


Rating: PG-13

Summary: Someone form someone's past comes to visit. Things are reveled that make everyone question what they think they know.

Warnings: Pain, confusion, bad words, the usual stuff

Disclaimer: I do not own them, I do not own them, I do not own them. I must keep reminding myself of that.

The Beginning:


            The woman woke up in a cold sweat. His scream still echoed in

her brain. She looked at the clock. 5:30. She threw back the covers

and got up. She started packing her suitcase and wondered when the

next flight was leaving.


        Across the country, he was lying in a dark room. He moaned as

he came to. He couldn't see anything in the room. He closed his eyes

and a smile crossed his face. She was coming. She would help him.


        The next morning at LAX, the woman grabbed her suitcase off

the belt. She walked outside and looked for a cab. As she waited, she

closed her eyes. There he was. He was hurt. A cab pulled up beside

her. She bend down and looked at the driver. "Do you know how to get

to Mr. Lee's Chinese Laundry?"



Part 1


            Hannibal stared out of the window. He looked back at his men.

B.A. was sitting on the bed. Murdock was huddled in the corner. Amy

was staring at the wall. Hannibal caught himself looking for Face. 'Stupid. He's not here. That's why were here.' He sighed as he turned around. "Well, anyone think of anything?"


Amy looked at him. "Did you call his last girlfriend?"


Hannibal nodded. "She hadn't seen him since two nights ago."


B.A. says "Can't even find the Vette. If he was taken, someone knew what they were doing."


Murdock looked up. "We have to find him Hannibal. I know he's hurting."


At Mr. Lee's, the woman walks in. The chinese man walks up to

the counter. "How canna help you?"


The woman says "I was told that I could find the A-Team here."


The man looks at her. "No A-Team here. Only shirts and pants. Got some laundry?"


The lady says "Look. I really need to talk to them. I can help them. Please."


The man looks at her. "No A-Team here. Only laundry." The girl turns to walk away. The man says "You go to park tonight at 2. Find Jim." The lady turns but the man is no longer there. She walks out. The man goes into the back. He picks up the phone and dials.


Back at the apartment, Hannibal picks up the phone. "Joe's?"

He listens. "Ok. Thank you Mr. Lee. We owe you." He hangs up.


Amy says "What's up Hannibal?"


Hannibal says "That was Mr. Lee. He said that a woman came in the Laundry today and asked where she could find us. She said she could help."


B.A. says "What could she know?"


Murdock says "It can't hurt to see."


Hannibal says "We go to the park tonight at 2. Jim's going to make an appearance."




Part 2


            Later at the park, the woman walks around. She looks at

everyone she passes. She asks them if they are Jim. Everyone looks at

her like she's crazy. She walks and sits down on a bench. She closes

her eyes. He needs me. I have to find them. She opens her eyes. She

looks around. All she sees is a bum walking toward her. She closes

her eyes again. *Don't worry. We'll find you. I promise.* The bum

walks by her. He drops his bottle of liquor on her. She stands up and

wipes herself off.


The bum says "Sorry bout that. Gotta be more careful."


The woman says "That's all right. This is going to sound

crazy but I'm wondering what you name is."


The bum looks at her and says "Jim. Jim Beam."


The lady sighs. "You're who I'm suppose to find."


The bum looks at her. "I have no idea what you're talkin' bout."


The woman says "Mr. Lee told me to look for a man named Jim in the park. Are you my contact?" The bum looks at her. She says "I'm

looking for the A-Team."


Jim says "Don't no nothin bout no A-Team."


The woman says "Please. I know they need my help."


Jim looks at her again. He says "Don't know nothin."


The lady sighs. "How am I suppose to help him?"


The bum looks at her. His eyes are wide. He takes her by the arm. "Come with me." He drags her away from the park.


He drags her over to the van. The door slides open and the woman looks to see a man in a blue baseball hat and leather jacket. He is

sitting beside a woman. There is a large black man with a mohawk and

gold chains in the front. She looks back at the bum to see him taking

off his disguise. Underneath, is a man with the most piercing blue



She says "I thought you were a bum."


The man smiles and says "We had to check you out."


The man in the ball cap says "What do you know about Face?" She looks at him.


The man beside her says "Get in the van. We'll talk on the way back to our hotel." The woman crawls in the van. He shuts the door behind her and jumps in the front seat. "Hit it B.A." The man he called B.A. hit the gas and they took off.


When they were on the road, the man turns in his chair. He looks

at the girl. "So, what's your story? Why were you looking for the A-



The woman says "I know that you are missing a man Hannibal. I

know where you can find him."


Hannibal  looks shocked. "How did you know who I was?"


The woman says "I know a lot about you. All of you. That's no important now. You can't find Richard...Face. I can help you find him."


Murdock says "Do you know where he is?"


The woman says "No Murdock, I don't. But I do know that he needs your help."


Amy says "How do you know this?"


The woman says "That's not important right now. What is important is that we get Richard...Face back." Hannibal chews a cigar.


B.A. says "What do you know?"


In the room, Face is laying on his side. He closed his eyes. A

smile flittered across his face. She found them. They were going to

come get him. He had to help them find him. He looked around and

forced himself to getup. He walked to the door and looked around.

Nothing. He forced himself to walk back to the wall. He saw a window

high above him. He found a chair and climbed up on it. He looked out

the window. He saw a semi-army base. He looked at the sky for

anything recognizable. He saw mountains. He focused on them. He

closed his eyes.


In the hotel room, the woman sat on the bed. Hannibal said "Ok.

Who are you and what do you know?"


The woman said "My name is Terri. I know that Richard...Face is in trouble. He needs help. I can help you."


Murdock says "You keep calling him Richard. Why? Did you know him before he changed his name?"


Terri smiled, "You could say that." Suddenly she closed her eyes. "Mountains. He's around mountains. In a semi-army base. He's in a room below the ground. He's scared, but he knows we're coming. We have to hurry. He doesn't know what their going to do next."


Amy looked at Terri. "How do you know that?"


Terri says "I'll have to explain later. Hannibal, when are we leaving?"


Hannibal says "0600 hours. Everyone get some rest. Terri, if you

don't mind I want to talk to you about those mountains. Try to pinpoint the location." He and Terri go outside.


Murdock and B.A. go into the other room. Amy changed her clothes and crawled into bed. How did this woman know so much about Face? Was she psychic? What was happening? She rolled over and sighed. They would find out the answer tomorrow. She prayed Face would be ok.



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Always On My Mind 3-5 by Lacy



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