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Nasty Weather

Nasty Weather

By SnowFlake


Rating: R with warnings

Summary: Da Nang, 1969. Murdock is enjoying some time off-base, but the night is about to take a bad turn as he leaves the bar.

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me no matter how much I wish they did. I only borrow them and I have made no profit from writing this. If anyone wants to sue me, please don't; I'm terribly under-funded.

Warnings: Language, violence, rape (nothing graphic, and not of main character)



[Da Nang, September 1969]



Murdock grinned broadly as he flicked the cigarette from

his fingers, watching the glowing trace as it burned its

way through the darkness. No gung ho drop-offs or hit 'n

run pick-ups. No SAMs to dodge, no bullets coming his

way. Only lukewarm beer and rock 'n roll.


The passing typhoon on top of the regular monsoon rains

had downed every single aircraft since the day before

yesterday, giving him and his crew the opportunity to

make use of some well-earned passes into town.



He loved the rain!



"Me numba' one, you wanna have good time, G.I? Me

numba' one." A bony hand latched onto his arm, and he

lowered his eyes to the petite girl. A handful gaudy

hookers were weaving efficiently in and out of the

rowdy pack on the street outside the club, taunting the

men, sizing them up. Short skirts, high heels on girls that

were barely teenagers. The bright lipstick was smudged

a little over the girl's thin lips.



"Another time darlin'," Murdock flashed his teeth at her

and shrugged the hand off his arm. His ears were still

ringing with the music from the club as he made his way

out of the crowd, nursing the bottle in his hand. Closing

his eyes, he drew a deep breath and filled his lungs with

the hot humid air. Smelled like dirt and exhausts and




His eyes flew open as he staggered, trying to keep his

balance. He was drunk.



He laughed out loud. Drunk as a skunk, and feelin' good!

Murdock uncapped the beer bottle with his teeth, sending

the cap jingling along the glistening street stones. A

song sprang to his mind as he criss-crossed his way

between the dirty puddles of rain water. Something about

hurricanes and staying inside. Had been playing all night

at the club. Appropriate. Da Nang at the end of the rainy

season offered plenty of nasty weather; it was no place

for anyone not heavily into mud and rain, and then some

more rain. At the moment the down-pour had let up, no

doubt gathering its strength before bearing down on the

city again.



Humming to himself, he took another swig at the beer. This

is as good as it gets. Only one thing would make it

better. His grin widened slightly as the picture of the

newly arrived donut-dolly from the 101st came to mind;

ash-blonde, grey-eyed, and with a body to *die* for.



"Oh yeah, come to daddy!" He licked his lips; in his mind

his busy hands were already way up her skirt. He was

horny as hell! A trip to Madame Tran's might not be such

a bad idea. Her girls were clean and knew how to work a

man. Oh yeah!



The night was still young, curfew not even in effect yet.

Not that it mattered; the over-night pass was burning in

his pocket. Murdock grinned as he passed the alley, the

sounds emerging were unmistakable. Some equally horny

son of a bitch was fucking his brains out.



He stopped dead in his tracks as a shrill cry sliced

through the silence. Despite the humid heat a cold shiver

slithered down his spine, making goose-bumps rise on his

skin. The sound sprang at him again, making his heart do

a double take.



He rounded the corner and let his eyes adjust to the

semi-darkness a second before moving on. His heart

stopped as he took in the scene in front of him. The girl

at his feet had been dressed in the traditional ao dai.

The fabric of the shirt was ripped from the collar down

to the hem line, and her pants were in rags around her

knees. Her skinny legs were light against the dark of the

street stones.


"Hey!" The two men had been so intent on their little

prey they hadn't noticed him. Their heads both snapped in

his direction.






A rough laugh escaped the red-haired sergeant, "God, man!

I almost had a fuckin' heart attack, thought you were the

MPs!" He pulled his pants up from his ankles and got to

his feet. His dirt-blond companion renewed his grip on

the girl.


"I am good girl, no hooker. I go now." The girl was crying,

tears muffling her voice.


The blonde raised his hand. "I told you to shut up, bitch!"



She pleaded, her voice shaking. "Plees G.I, me good girl."



"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" The blonde backhanded her,

her head lolling with the force of the impact. Murdock

grimaced; a sinking sensation was growing in his guts.

Strangled sobs came from behind lips tightly pressed

together, but the girl did not speak again. The sergeant

turned halfway, a crazed grin playing on his face.

"There's plenty to go around. Join the party man!"

He grabbed the girl by the hair and pulled her to her feet

for Murdock to see.



Terrified brown eyes stared at Murdock from behind

tangled strands of jet-black hair. Blood was slowly

making its way from the split lip, running down her up-

turned chin, leaving a ruby red trace on her skin as it

trickled down between her small bare breasts. She was

trembling in the steady grip. Silent pleading eyes locked

on to Murdock's, impossibly wide with fear before they

disappeared from his view as she was slammed down onto

the ground. The sobs turned into wordless high pitched




Murdock snapped out of his daze. "Hey, get off! She's a

Kid, for God's sake!" He shoved the man forcefully from

the frail figure.



The blonde was on his feet in a flash. "What's your

problem man!? The bitch is probably V.C. anyway."

He spat at the girl. "What!? You wanna do her yourself?"



"Let her go," Murdock's voice was thick. He flexed his

fingers, the glass of the bottleneck was sticking to his




The blonde moved up, placed a hand on Murdock's chest.

Sent him stumbling backwards. Getting in the way. The

girl was struggling, kicking and screaming helplessly

under the beefy sergeant.


Murdock felt the rage rise in his head, its black viscous

stream straining against his mind. Seething. Simmering

dangerously. Familiar, even comfortable. Had been close

at hand for some time now, elusive like quicksilver in

the back of his mind, hiding under the disguise of

laughter. Waiting.



But no longer.



Murdock growled and smashed the bottle into the face of

the grunt pinning him to the wall and threw him self at

the man, driven forward by the tsunami that washed over

him. Bringing his fist down time after time, Murdock felt

teeth give away and a warm gush of blood coated his




Sweet satisfaction.



Murdock grabbed two handfuls of greasy hair and slammed

the back of the head against the wet street stones

beneath with all his strength.



He barely felt himself being tackled from behind, crashing over

the head of the one on the ground. Murdock was back on his

feet in an instant, charging at the blonde. Lunging at him, making

them both crash solidly into the wall, Murdock grabbed the man

by the throat and pressed down hard. Nothing in his mind except

keeping the pressure up. Squeeze the life out of this piece of shit!


In the corner of his eyes he saw the girl crawling to her

feet and stumble down the alley, clasping at her torn

clothes. A vicious kick to the groin sent Murdock

doubling over in pain, releasing his choke hold on the

blonde. He looked up in time to see them both descend on



* * * *



B.A towered over him. Silent. The ground played roller-

coaster for another couple of seconds as Murdock tried to

get his footing. He swatted angrily at B.A's steadying

hand, and leaned against the wall, retching from the

glowing pain where the boot had connected.



"Who'd ya piss off this time?" B.A's voice was even.



Murdock wiped his mouth. "I didn't do nothin'!" The cooling

embers in his mind flared, then died down just as quickly.

Too tired. He watched his hand blankly; the receding

adrenaline left it trembling. Heavy drops of blood were

trickling down the inside of his fingers before reluctantly

releasing their grip and falling to the ground.



Must've been the bottle. Murdock rubbed his hand mechani-

cally on his sleeve, wiping the moisture off. He stopped

and stared at the darkened fabric. That stain would never

come out.


B.A shook his head and knelt down next to Murdock. "You

shouldn't be gettin' into fights, y'hear?" He flung

Murdock's arm over his own shoulder. "Always end up

losin' 'em."



"I didn't lose this one!" Murdock tore his arm angrily

away from B.A.



"Sure weren't winnin' when ah found ya."


Murdock closed his eyes. "Yeah, whatever," he mumbled.

His shoulders slumped; what was remaining of his strength

was draining fast. The hand still felt slippery. Sticky. He

wiped it against his thigh without opening his eyes. Didn't

wanna see it.



B.A renewed his grip on the shivering pilot; this time

Murdock didn't protest. "Let's get outta this rain, man."



Murdock lifted his undamaged hand to his face. Allowed

the stiff fingers to trace it slowly. Raw skin and cool

water. Soothing. Hadn't noticed the rain. Heavy drops

were making their way slowly through his hair, down the

nape of his neck. Creeping into his ears. Burning in his

eyes. He swallowed, blinked them away angrily.



He hated the rain.



~ The End ~


Nasty Weather by SnowFlake



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