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Unexpected Members The Unexpected Members
Author: Retisha Harper (R. Hannibal)
Rated: PG-13
Archived: Yes
Comment Card: Yes
Warnings: Minor character deaths and mention of sex.
Summary: While helping a friend, something terrible happens.


Part One

The A-Team burst into a hospital carrying a woman. Hannibal is covered in her blood from the serious gun shot to the back. BA and Face are carrying two screaming and upset little kids. Murdock ran ahead of Hannibal to the front desk. Out of breath, Murdock managed to speak.

"We need help! A woman has been shot!"

The nurse jumped at the shout, but began calling all available staff to the front. Soon a gurney was there and Hannibal placed her on it. Hannibal followed her and the staff as far as he could and continued to watch through the door till they disappeared around a corner. He was still standing there when a nurse walked up to him.

"Sir," tipping him, "would you like to get clean up?"

Hannibal stood there a few seconds more before turning to her. She showed him were the restroom was.

Once behind the closed door, Hannibal let out a frustrated sigh. The last two days everything had fallen apart with a couple of surprises.

Face, BA, and Murdock went to the waiting room with the two still crying children. The children are starting to settle down, but are very confused. Murdock looked at them then at Face.

"Do you think they know what's going on, Face?"

"I don't know, Murdock."

"Sure hope not. They don't need to right now. Still too young," Murdock said with a touch of sadness in his voice.

"Murdock, would you mine taking her so I can go and get Hannibal something to change into."

"Sure Face," reaching for her.


"No problem."

Once the little girl was settle in Murdock's lap, she started pulling things out of his pockets. One of the little knick knacks happen to be a squeaky frog. She pinched the frog making it squeak. Both children laughed. She looked at her twin brother who was smiling and hand out reached. She looked up at Murdock and pointed at her brother.

"OK, you can show him."

Both Murdock and BA let the kids down. Both children toddler to each other. She handed him the frog and he made it squeak. They laughed again.

Part Two

Hannibal was leading on the counter with his head on the mirror. His thoughts were brought back to the hospital. It was quite except for the normal hospital stuff. The children were even quite. When had they quit crying? Soon there was a knock on the door and Face voice.

"Hannibal, I brought you some clothes to change into," walking in.

"Thanks, Face. You can place them on the counter. How are the kids?"

"Better. From what I could see from the enter way to the waiting room, they were playing with a squeaky frog Murdock had in his pocket alone with everything else Ashley managed to pull out."

"That's good, starting to wash his hands, "They need something to do."

"I better go and check on them."

"OK, Face."

Walking back to the waiting room, Face could hear the children laughing and the silly squeaking frog. Entering the waiting room, both of them looked up at Face with grins and sparkling blue eyes. Chris got up with the frog in his hand. He raised it up for Face to see. Face smiled.

"Yes, a frog. Can you say frog?"

Chris looked at Face puzzled. Face bent down as Ashley walked over. Taking the frog from Chris's hand, Face centered it in his hand.

"This is a frog. Can you say it with me?"

Both kids looked at each other puzzled, but before Face could say any more Ashley grabbed the frog.

"Guess they can't." Face said looking at Murdock.

"Frog is to hard for them right now. Mommy and Daddy is about they be able to say when they start." "Should they be starting?" sitting down by Murdock.

"Their at the age."

"So what's holding them back?"

"It could be...."

Part Three

Just as Murdock was about to answer Face, the twins turned their heads to the door way. There stood Hannibal. The twins watched him as he made his way to the couch.

"You a'right, Hann'bal?" BA asked.

"I'm fine, BA. Just worried. Have they said anything about their mother?"

"No, nuthing yet," BA answered.

Hannibal let out a deep sigh then looked at the twins. He could tell they were tired, but how do you get them to sleep. He just decided to let them tired themselves out.

Face, BA, and Murdock watched the twins play as they started to dose. They couldn't believe how quite they were. Hannibal noticed they were falling asleep, so he took over watching them. They were remarkably quite. He still couldn't believe they were his.

He had meet Carrie a little over year ago. They had just finished a mission and they all were looking for a nice break before the next one. So they all went out to a bar. That's where he meet her. She was alone and was looking for a good time. Later that night they had left the bar and went to her house. Once there the night turn into something more. Hannibal smiled as he remember that night of passion. He could still smell and taste it. It was also very same night they started these two wonderful kids.

The day the four of them pulled up to her house to begin helping her with her problem, they were on the porch with her. He was surprised to see her with kids. When she introduced the two and told him they were his, he was a little shock. Watching them now, he knew without a doubt that these two were his. They had his eyes, hair (before it turned white), and some of his facial expressions. They even had his grin. Which would drive Face crazy if they all three grinned at the same time. This made him laugh making both twins look at him with tired eyes.

God, the needed to sleep, but where and how to keep them down? Again he gave up on this. Laying back down on the cough and continuing to watch them, he felt sleep start to take over. But he couldn't fall asleep. He had to keep an eye on the twins, but the sleep consumed him.

The twins continued to play for a little longer when Ashley pointed at their father. Chris turn to see what Ashley spotted. Looking back at each other, they slowly got up and toddled over to their father. One at a time they crawled up on the couch. Finding spots on both side of their father, who didn't stir when Ashley crawled over him, they both went to sleep.

The nurse at the station noticed the waiting room was very quite. So she got up and walked into the room. She smiled at the three on the couch, then continued around the room. They all were asleep. She left and returned with blankets. She covered them with blankets making sure the biggest one went for the three on the couch. Then she left to return to her station.

Part Four

Face and Murdock were the first to wake up. The first thing they did was look for the twins. When they saw them asleep on Hannibal, they smiled.

"Do you think Hannibal knows their asleep on him?" Murdock whispered.

"I don't know, but the way he's positioned on the couch, I think they crawled up on him after he fell asleep. How they got on him without waking him up I never know," Face whispered back.

"What you two whisperin' a'out?" BA asked.

"Check out the couch," Murdock said with a grin.

BA looked over at the couch where Hannibal was and saw the twins sleeping with him. BA smiled and turned to Face.

"Do you think he knows?"

"I don't....."

"Would someone help me out here? I like to sit up."

They all looked at Hannibal and laughed.

"We're coming, Hannibal," Face said as he and BA got up to get them.

Once the twins were off of him he sat up and stretched. Murdock laughed when Hannibal stretched.

"What so funny, Captain?"

"Check your sleeves," still laughing.

"Ah, I got drooled on."

"I don't think that's the only thing they've done."

"What do you mean, Face," Murdock asked.

"Any of you know how to change a diaper?"

"I do."

The all turned to see the nurse at the door way.

"If you two follow me, I can change them and then get all of you something to eat and drink."

BA and Face followed her out and to the elevator.

Part Five

On their way to the Children's ward, the twins woke up.

"Well, good afternoon little one."

Ashley grin and started playing with his tie.

"They sure are curious about everything, aren't they?"

"They's all most two, Face. A lot of thungs are gonna be new to thems."

Soon the elevator doors opened and the nurse, BA, and Face walked out holding the twins.

"Hi, Janis."

"Hi, Renee. What you doing up here?"

"Oh, the little ones need changing."

"Oh, OK. You know where its at."


They went to the changing room where the nurse changed them. While she was changing them she show Face and BA how to do it. They both felt uncomfortable about it and the nurse could tell.

"Boys, it not that hard. Plus it about time for them to begin potty training."

"Uh, ya OK," Face said nervously running his hand through his hair.

"OK, were all done. Let get you all something to eat and drink. Then I'll go see what going on with their mother. I'm sure you all would like to know."

"Yes, we would. Thanks."

"You're welcome."

Getting back on the elevator, they went back to the waiting room. As the entered the waiting room, Ashley ran to Hannibal, who was standing by the window. Ashley tugged on his pant leg to get his attention.

"What is it, Ashley?"

Ashley out stretched her arms and spoke.

"Daddy, up."

Part Six

Hannibal's eyes went wide. Did he hear right?

"Sweetheart, did you call me daddy?"

That's when Chris laugh and ran to him.

"Daddy, Daddy!"

"Well, I be. My two little ones first words."

"Told you didn't I, Face."

"You sure did, Murdock."

Soon the nurse came in with a tray of sandwiches and drinks. She laid the tray on the table and left. Hannibal put the twins down and walked them over to the table. There he sat them down on the floor and placed a sandwich down in from of them. They both began eating them as he opened two cartons of milk, stuck straws in, and sat the milk in from of them.

When they had finished, Face and Murdock started to clean the table up and Hannibal and BA clean the peanut butter and jelly of the twin's faces. While they were doing all of this, the doctor came in. Hannibal dropped what he was doing and turned to the doctor.

"How is she, doc?"

"She in critical condition. We have her on life support. If she doesn't get any better...."

"No, you can't be saying."

"I'm sorry. That's all I have at this time. I'll let you know how she doing later."

"Can we at least see her?"

"Only for a few moments. I'll send a nurse to show you the way."

"Thank you."

Hannibal stood there and watched the doctor leave. He couldn't believe what the doctor told him. He didn't want to believe it. His kids, his babies, they were too young to lose their mother. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turn to see Murdock.

Part Seven

"Come and sit down, Hannibal. Please."

Hannibal gave in to Murdock plea and sat down. Not to long after he sat down the nurse walked in.

"If you follow me, I'll show where she is. You will be looking through the glass. Do you want someone to watch the children?"

"No, we'll take them," Hannibal said picking up Ashley as Face picked up Chris.

They followed the nurse to Carrie's room. Once they were there the nurse left them. The twins looked at their mother then at their father with puzzled looks.

"Mommy's asleep. She's real sick."

Both twins bit their lower lip and tears started filling their eyes.

"Shhh, don't cry. Pumpkin, its all right."

"Hannibal, I think they know something's up," Face said trying to keep Chris from crying.

"I know. Let's go before they get any more upset then they are."

Once they were back in the waiting room, Murdock walked over to the TV to find something to watch. Flipping through the channels, he came across a kiddy movie. He smiled. He was about to get the twins attention when they both laughed. They had already spotted the cartoon.

"Cartoons know how to get kids attention these days don't they?"

"Sure do," Face said half laughing at the cartoon.

They let the twins finish the movie, before laying them down on the couch to go to sleep. Not long after the twins were a sleep, they all fell asleep except Hannibal. He was to worried about Carrie. He still clung to a hope that she make it all right and he wanted to be awake if something should happen. The doctor came in a couple of time to report that their was no change in her condition and told him if she didn't improve she would be taken off.

It was now one in the morning and Hannibal couldn't stand the waiting room any longer. So he got up and walked down the hall. Reaching a window, he began to look at it. His thoughts were racing, but they were soon interrupted by a code blue. One thought race through his mind. `Oh, God, please don't let it be her.'

Part Eight

Back in the waiting room, everyone jumped to the sound from the PI system. Murdock ran over to the twins, who were confused to what was going on.

"Has anyone see where Hannibal went to?" Face asked.

Murdock shook his head no and BA shrugged his shoulders.

"OK, Murdock stay with the twins while BA and I look for Hannibal."

"OK, Face."

It didn't take them long to find him. Walking up to him, they became very silent as they saw who the code blue was for.

The doctors and nurses were running all over the room and up and down the hall. They were trying to do all they could to bring her back. After twenty minutes it was hopeless. She was gone.

Face, Hannibal, and BA watched as the doctors note the time and the nurses pull the sheet over her and began gathering the things they had brought. Soon a doctor came out of the room and over to them.

"I'm sorry. We did all we could. Would you like someone to help you call her next of kin?"

Hannibal was silent for a minute or two. He was trying to get a grip on what had happen. Finally, he looked up.

"Her next of kin are all ready here."

Face looked at Hannibal, puzzled.

"Oh," said the doctor, "well then I guess you will tell them."

Hannibal just turn and walked back to the waiting room mumbling something about when their older. Entering the door way, he saw Murdock covering the twins.

"I just got them back a... Hannibal, what's wrong? It not their mother, is it?"

"I'm afraid so. She gone, Murdock and its my fault. I should had...."

"Hey! It was not your fault. How could you have known they would find her."

"Will you two be quite. You're going to wake the twins if not everyone else." hisses Face.

Hannibal found himself a chair. He had to think. He need to figure out what to do about the twins, their situation they all were in, and how to handle it. He knew one thing. The twins were going to grow up without a mother.

Part Nine

The funeral was short. Hannibal had her buried by her parents and siblings. A family the twins would never get to know. As they walked back to the van, Hannibal watched the twins run to the van. They were still trying to figure out how to get in the van without any help, but soon Murdock was picking them up.

By the time Murdock had both of them in the car seats, Face and Hannibal were climbing in. Hannibal looked back as Murdock was taking his seat.

"We all ready back there?"

"We sure are," replied Murdock.

"OK, BA. Let's go home," Hannibal said turning back around.

Ten years later.......

The twins are on a second floor of a building with guns in hand. They had just knocked out their so called guards taking their guns. Making their way across the yard, the twins found their father and uncles. Hiding behind some boxes, they listen in to what was going on.

"Well, Smith. We meet again."

"Where are my kids, Kyle."

"Oh, they're safe and sound just as long as you stay put. Otherwise, ka-boom," showing them a remote detonator.

Both twins looked at each other.

"Looks like we got out of there just in time, huh?"

"We sure did, Chris. But how do we let dad know we're not in there no more?"

"You bastard! You're going to pay this time!"

"My, my. Still sore about me killing their mother, huh? Well, that was purely an accident. She just got in the way of where I was shooting. Sure made it easy to get her land in the long run though," Kyle said grinning.

"You bastard! I'm going to...."

"Uh, uh. You're forgetting I have a nice little bomb," waving the detonator.

The twins couldn't believe what they heard. The man holding their family killed their mother. They now wanted more than anything to let their father know they were fine without getting into much danger. That's when Ashley aimed her gun at a target near Kyle.

Part Ten

"Ashley! What are you doing?" hissed Chris.

"I'm going to try and hit that barrel of gas behind that jerk."

"But you might...."

"No, I won't. I have a hole. If Murdock would move a little more to the right I feel a lot better about this shot."

"OK, but please be careful."

"I will. Come on Murdock, move just a little more...."

Murdock took a step in the direction Ashley want him to. Quickly she held her breath and fired the gun, hitting her mark. Kyle jumped at the sound and began looking at the direction the shot came from. While Kyle was distracted, Hannibal saw the gas began to trickle out. He smiled. He knew only one person could make a shot like that. He looked over at Face who noticed the gas too. Murdock nodded BA to get ready to run.

The twins peek through a crack in the boxes. They saw their father and uncles getting ready to make their move. They also saw Kyle taking a step back to one of his guards telling him to check behind the boxes. The guard nodded his head and he began to take a step, just as Hannibal threw his cigar into the puddle of gas. As soon he did that, the four for them took off. The twins sprung into action too. Just as they caught up with the twins, the gas blew up. They all ducked for cover as several more explosion went off.

When all the explosions stopped, they all looked up and behind them. There where they all had been was now a creator. They knew there was nothing left of Kyle. Getting up the rest of the way, they started hearing sirens. Looking to the direction of the sound, the six of them saw it was the MPs.

"Dad! It's Decker!" both twins shouted.

"I see him. Let's go before he see us."

They all took off for the van and jumped in. BA started the van and headed out the back way just as Decker pulled up to see them drive out of reach.

"Next time, Smith," Decker gritted through his teeth.

--The End

PS. Look for "Twin Trouble" coming soon.

The Unexpected Members by Retisha Harper



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