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By Red


Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Belongs to someone else, just love to use them.

Warnings: some slight angst

Summary: A finish to my list of poems. The last one...and the hardest to write.





I turn a blind eye towards the 'affair' of my friends.

They think I don't understand and are afraid of what I might do.

My mama says 'what they do is their own business'.

I don't know if I can agree with that.

Their togetherness leaves me feeling more alone than ever.


But what if it hurts?

Not them, but me.


I look at them together and I become speechless

Unable to form simple letters into words.

Their love is evident in their eyes and smile.

I turn away pretending to be angry.

But I am angry


It's not fair,

It should have been me


He's found another love and I can't fault him for that.

I've waited to long, been too scared.

Now the time is lost, He will never know my feelings.

How can I work with him now and with his lover?


Should I tell him?

No, I couldn't, not now, not ever.


He's happy now, no longer scared and alone.

They make each other happy, I should be happy for them

I have been foolish, a fool, a crazyman.

His beautiful dark eyes shine brightly now

I look at them and I don't know what to say.


They want acceptance from me

Can I give it to them?

But it's hard, it's too hard to let go.

They are my friends


This is not happening.

I can not accept this.


Acceptance by Red



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