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Is it Real

Is It Real?

By Red


Rating: G

Disclaimer: Don't own them. Just like to use them

Warnings: None

Summary: Couldn't stop with the three poems...Blame Susie for this one, it was her idea.




Is it Real?


Is it true love?

They love each other.

I can see that they do.

But is it true?


Is it the kind of love that sets the heart to singing.

From a simple glance or accidental touch?

Love that keeps the fire burning

when the nights apart are cold and lifeless.

Love that knows no other

even as non-believers shakes their head in malcontent.


Is it true love?


When I can feel the anger inside of them smolder and


when they cant freely express their feelings openly or

in public.

for fear of retribution from those that do not or can

not understand?

Those that would gladly laugh, or even worse,

bash them just for being different?

I can feel their pain but am helpless to provide the

comfort they need.


Is it true love then


When they have to hide their feelings, even from us?

We have been best friends and companions for many long


We were once a team, unbeatable in battle.

Now they are an item, a duo, two of a kind.

I am their leader, but how can I compete with that?

Where do we fit in?


Is it really true love?


That their love never dies even in the eyes of danger?

When we all live in fear from one day to the next

From one job to the other wondering if the next one

may be our last?

That someday we may lose another to a bullet or worse?

Do they love each other enough to go through that?

Knowing that the risk involved may be their only link

to reality?


Is it really true love?


Maybe they have a point.

Maybe true love isn't always a physical one.

Maybe its emotional and powerful.

Maybe I should try it one day.


True love?

Possible I guess, for some.

Maybe someday I'll find out for myself


Is It Real? by Red



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