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Taking the Plunge

Taking the Plunge
by Live Lady Roadkill

Disclaimer: A-Team owned by Stephen J. Cannell etc.
Rating: NC-17
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Warnings: SLASH



Murdock had fallen through the ice and had pulled himself out of the river with some help from Face. Having lost all their ice-fishing equipment, Face was impatient with Murdock as he tried to retrieve the equipment from the frigid waters. "C'mon Murdock!! You're shivering like an earthquake...... We have to get you inside right now!"

After a few moments of arguing with Face he began to violently shiver and could no longer ignore his state. By the time they had gotten half way to the cabin Murdock had stop shivering and was becoming lethargic. A dangerous sign that hypothermia was setting in. Murdock allowed Face to help him to the cabin at the edge of the river a half a mile down stream. Face looked at Murdock turning blue around the lips and nose and his brain raced trying to remember the do's and don'ts of emergency hypothermic treatment because they were miles from help. The team was hired to investigate a string of arson fires at a ski resort. The resort's private cabins were being set on fire one by one throughout the mountain. The snow was falling heavy all afternoon and it was already knee deep and that was why the ice broke. All the additional weight from the snow and Murdock wasn't able to properly judge the thickness of the ice. He was very lucky he was able to pull himself to the embankment where Face had pulled him out the rest of the way.

The treatment for hypothermia was body-to-body contact in a warm place. Once inside the cabin, Face begin stripping Murdock of his wet clothes. Murdock began to get drowsy which was not a good sign. He quickly finished undressing Murdock and stuffed him under the blankets before tossing a few more logs on the fire while trying to make Murdock talk to him. "Hey Murdock, how did we meet?..... Tell me about how we met."

Murdock cracked an eye open and grinned. He slurred, "Hannininibal savvvved yourrr asssss from th' em-peeeeees."

Face quickly stripped down to his boxer shorts and said, "Yeah. That's right and we didn't like each other very much then, did we? "

Face crawled in between the covers with Murdock and pressed his chest flat against Murdock's, wrapping his arms tightly around him. He rubbed Murdock's arms and entwined his legs with Murdock's to get as much skin-to-skin contact as he possible could. Murdock gave a loopy smile and said, "Yoooou tryin' toooo s'duce me, Faaacey?"

Face blanched but smiled as he pulled his friend into a more solid embrace and jokingly said, "Hardly..... You're not my type or the right sex."

Murdock thought that was funny. About an hour later Murdock was out of danger and Face let him drift off to sleep. There was really no need for him to continue holding Murdock anymore. His body was radiating it's own heat now but he still held him. He felt comfortable against his friend's body and he felt compelled to stay where he was. He studied the face of his sleeping friend and he thought Murdock's lips were inviting him to touch them. Face carefully freed an arm from around Murdock without waking him and he traced the pilot's perfect lips ever so slightly. Murdock stirred a little and snuggled closer to Face. Face felt content....... ‘But wait a minute!!!!!' Face caught his breath and thought, ‘What am I doing? ...... I'm molesting my friend while he's asleep and I'm not gay. I never thought about this before and yet it feels ...... good.' He knew he should go to his own bed but he could not bring himself to move. He rationalized that he should let Murdock sleep and if he moved, he would wake him. Murdock needed to rest so Face relaxed with Murdock in his arms. He became aware of every square inch of Murdock that was in contact with him. Face had removed every stitch of clothes from Murdock and so he was completely naked. Face became aware that that the head of Murdock's penis was touching his thigh. When he realized this he felt his own penis twitch a little. Face swallowed hard and stiffened his whole body. Murdock feeling the change of density in Face's muscle tone woke up. He smiled lazily when he saw the con man's face before him. His eyes flew open when he remembered what had happened a few hours earlier and at his current position in Face's arms. He pulled away and Face immediately looked apologetic. Face trying to ignore what he was thinking moments earlier asked, "Feeling better?..... Let me see those fingers. I want to check them and your toes for frost bites."

Murdock relaxed and held his hands out saying, "They're a little prickly but I think they're okay."

Face took Murdock's hands into his own and inspected them in the light of the fire of the fireplace. His fingers were okay and he cautiously inspected Murdock's elbows and ran his hands over the skin. He inspected Murdock's ears and took them between his fingers. He did this casually until he eyes met Murdock's. "Y-your ears are intact...... Let's see your toes."

Murdock thinking nothing of it pulled the blankets away revealing his nude body and wiggled his toes. "They feel like my fingers but they work."

He looked over to see Face staring at his nudity. Mainly his penis. Murdock pulled the blankets up quickly and Face said, "I-I'm sorry Murdock."

"No problem muchacho....."

Murdock pulled the blanket around his ears wide eyed and Face thought this was adorably cute. He felt himself leaning towards Murdock but he stopped himself. He slapped his hand against his forehead and muttered, "What the hell am I doin'?"

"I'd like to know that, too."

Murdock inched away from Face as far as the bed would permit without falling out of it. But the confusion in Face's eyes stopped him. Face felt himself leaning towards Murdock once again and Murdock froze out of morbid curiosity. Face brushed his lips against Murdock's lips. Liking it, he leaned in closer. Murdock's lips responded and he gasped in surprise. Face raised his head enough to look into Murdock's eyes and saw that the fear was still there but the curiosity was increasing. And Murdock could see pure disbelief in Face's eyes as he touched Murdock's jaw. Face closed his eyes so he didn't have to see the look he was being given. He began to kiss Murdock again and Murdock began to be an active participant gradually until he opened his mouth inviting Face's tongue inside it. Face began to relax as Murdock relaxed and they gradually became bold. They launched into an opened mouth connection between them as if they were starving. Starving for each other. Face felt Murdock inching back over from the edge of the bed. Face broke the kiss and breathlessly watched Murdock move right next to him. Face muttered, "I think I lost my mind."

Murdock gave an unsure grin and said, "I know I have this time...... Welcome to my world, Muchacho."

Then Murdock hesitantly said, "Uh.............Face?.........Y-you forgot to....uhm..... check something else for frost bites."

Face followed Murdock's eyes to his crotch and Face involuntarily giggled and locked eyes with his friend's. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

"You and me both."

"Are you sure?"

"Are you?"

Face shook his head and said, "I don't know what's wrong with me. I never thought about this before...... I'm straight as a arrow and all I can think about right now is jumping your bones."

"Never?...........Ri-i-i-i-ight. ..... Apparently there's a few crooked places in your arrow Face."

Murdock seeing Face was as scared as he was gained a little confidence, pulled the blankets off them both and kicked them to the floor. "Let's see how straight your arrow is Facey?"

Face blushed and he allowed Murdock to pull his penis out of his shorts to inspect it. He fought the impulse to knock Murdock's hand away as he stiffened his already tensed body up. Murdock's lack of inhibition surprised him as he closely inspected Face's penis with clinical seriousness as it began to stiffen and grow in his hands. "Doesn't look all that straight to me......... Hey, I thought you were going to check me for frost-bites, doc?"

Face swallowed hard and looked at Murdock. Murdock's confidence was growing and so was his. Murdock wanted to play doctor and he was going to be the doctor. Murdock let go of his penis and lay back on the bed ready for examination. Face removed his shorts and threw them over his shoulder. Murdock's penis was limp and cold to the touch. The real effect of his icy plunge in the river. It was cold and he wrapped both hands around it to warm it up. And sounding as clinical as he could he said, "It appears the patient isn't fully recovered from his hypothermia."

Murdock giggled. "What's the treatment, doc?"

"I'd recommend an oral treatment but the treatment I'm going to give you is highly experimental and I'm not exactly qualified."

"I have faith in you doc."

The playfulness of their verbal exchange relaxed Face a little more. "I must prepare you for the treatment."

Face began to stroke Murdock's limp shaft in his hands and Murdock squirmed. "The patient must stay still."

He pushed Murdock's hips back on the bed and said, "Are you ready for the treatment?"

Murdock eagerly nodded and Face hesitantly bent over, unsure if he was doing it right. He scooted over between Murdock's legs and spread them to accommodate him. He lifted Murdock's penis and studied it for a moment. He glanced up at Murdock who was looking down at him expectantly and when he smiled Murdock dropped his head back, grabbing a double handful of sheets. He couldn't keep him waiting too long as he hesitantly licked the head of the penis in his hand. Murdock flinched a little. Face licked him again, this time focusing on the texture of the skin. It was smooth and soft. He closed his eyes after a several more licks and took the head of the penis in his mouth and began to suck it. Murdock's hips bucked and his breath was catching in his chest. Face continued to suck, taking in a little of the shaft at a time. He took Murdock in his mouth slowly, allowing himself the time to get accustomed to the foreign object going in deeper. Murdock wasn't growing or stiffening yet because of the hypothermia he had suffered hours earlier but the effect of what Face was doing to him wasn't lost on him. Murdock began to writhe and buck. Face wrapped his arms around his hips to pin him down to the bed and began to move his mouth up and down Murdock's penis slowly. Murdock began to make exclamations to the heavens between grunts, moans, and pleas, which encouraged Face to go on. He experimented with the different ways to hold his tongue, wrapping his lips around Murdock's moderately stiffening shaft. Murdock screamed and Face released the penis in his mouth to look at his ‘patient.' He grinned at the delirious look in Murdock's eyes that were looking down on him. Face sat up but not before giving Murdock a little nip in the side of his shaft to mark him. "I'm sorry to say the treatment was unsuccessful. I'll take your vitals now and try to determine the next course of action."

Murdock only responded with a nod as he wondered how on earth did this get started. Face moved up and said, "I'm going to take your temperature, heart rate and test your reflexes."

Murdock gave another quick nod and began to think Face was crazier than he was. Face began to ‘take his temperature' orally. Their mouths connected and Murdock hesitantly put his arms around his doctor. He gasped as Face lay down on top of him and Face looked down on him. "This calls for CPR."

Before Murdock could respond Face was deep in his mouth. He was searching almost in desperation as he wanted to inhale Murdock. Murdock waved his hands in complete surrender and let his hands fall on Face's back. He slowly pulled Face tighter to him and let nature take it's course or rather let Face take his course. He wanted to be inside Face but his penis was still suffering from the effects of the icy plunge earlier. Murdock broke the kiss and breathlessly said, "I want you to take my temperature the other way. "

Face grinned and asked, "You sure?...... "

"Just do it Face!"

Face smiled wryly. "I know I haven't done this before or thought about it either but have you?"

"I'm just as much a virgin as you are about this but I've been propositioned before and I couldn't help but to think about it............... What has gotten into us, Face? Does this bother you at all?"

"Hell yeah!.................... At first this was scaring the hell out of me but now............. It bothers me to think why I didn't think of doing this a lot sooner because this is fun....... What about you?"

"All I know is that I want to feel you inside me."

"I think I can accommodate you.............. Murdock?............ Do you think we're gay and didn't know it?"

Murdock shrugged and said, "Dunno..... Ask me afterwards. Maybe we're gay for just each other because I never was attracted to a guy till you came along."

Face stared at Murdock as he remembered Murdock had thought about it before. When Murdock thought about it he was thinking about Face instead of the other guy who propositioned him. Face forgot about the game they were playing altogether. After looking deeply in Murdock's eyes he thought he COULD be gay just for him. His best friend, the one who loved him unconditionally and could forgive him anything. Everything felt right in his mind and soul. He kissed the tip of Murdock's nose and said, "I want to do this right."

Murdock looked confused and said, "You're doing okay to me."

Face rolled off of him and said, "If I was raping you, I'm doing everything right."

"Hey!.... I'm an active participant here and I'm consenting to it."

"Not at first........... You deserved to be wooed...... I feel like I have to earn you. I don't want this to be another romp between the sheets."

Murdock propped himself on his side so he could face Face and a grin slowly crept on his lips and in his eyes. He loved Face but now he fancied himself falling IN love with him. "I like daisies."

Face chuckled and said, "Now I know I'm totally nuts."

"You're in good company sweetheart......... It's a smart idea to take our time because we have to be sure if this is something we both want before we take the plunge. ‘Cause once we do, we can't take it back. "

Face grinned at the bad pun Murdock made and nervously glanced at him. "Murdock...... we can still kiss can't we?....... There's really no harm in kissing."

Murdock sidled up next to Face and said, "I'd like that."

They delicately kissed and Face enveloped Murdock in his arms. Murdock reached down over the edge of the bed and fished for the blankets on the floor. Once they were covered Murdock settled against Face's chest in a loose embrace listening to Face's strong steady heartbeat. They were going to have to talk about this a lot more but for now he was going to enjoy the moment for what it was. He was beginning to wonder what Face was going to do to woo him as he drifted off to sleep, This would be enough for now. Face lazily cracked his eyes opened when he was sure Murdock was asleep and gently brushed Murdock's stray locks back. He thought it would be okay to be gay if he had Murdock beside him. He always felt he could do anything with Murdock working next to him but the possibility of having Murdock as a partner in life as well as in work made his heart soar. He had to win him over entirely......he just had to. They would have to deal with the implications of their relationship should it develop as they occurred. Face kissed Murdock on the forehead and settled back to dream of tomorrow and hoping Murdock didn't change his mind in the morning.

Murdock fussed with the collar of his dress shirt in the side view mirror of Face's Corvette. The starch in the crisp white shirt rubbed his neck and he gave up on it. He could take it off in a few hours anyway. He wore it for Face along with the charcoal gray dress slacks. He and Face had been dating for almost seven weeks now. Their dates were usually inconspicuous events, people could easily mistaken them being two businessmen or friends meeting but tonight was different. They were going out tonight openly as a couple. Face found an exclusive upscale gay nightclub far from the usual A-Team haunts and the risk of BA and Hannibal finding out about them was close to nil. They had a nice dinner at a quaint little restaurant in Hollywood earlier that evening. They both were excited by the prospects of being openly affectionate to one another in a public place. Especially after the week they had.

Face got married and divorced, and Murdock was a bride on the job. Face was very reluctant to get married, even though the woman was very beautiful and very rich. His ideal woman. Though it was part of one of Hannibal's plans and they were only married on paper, it didn't feel right at all with Face. He had to force himself to look at the woman during the ceremony to keep from looking at Murdock in fear of giving them away. Murdock looked comical in the wedding dress and Face had a good time making remarks and jokes about it that only Murdock could appreciate. Face attributed Murdock's choice of shirts tonight to the remark he made about how white was a very appropriate color for Murdock to wear, since he was a virgin in a certain area of his sex life. Face parked the Vette in the parking garage a block from the night club and cut the engine. Pocketing the keys he looked over at Murdock removing his cap. Murdock ran his fingers through his hair trying to straighten it out and Face grinned. He fished out a comb from the inside pocket of the dress jacket that was actually went with Murdock's dress slacks to make a suit. "Murdock, turn you head around."

Face combed Murdock's hair to make it look neat. Murdock grinned as Face concentrated on fixing his hair for him. Once Face was satisfied with the results, he looked Murdock in the eyes and asked, "Ready?"

Murdock took a deep breath, grasping Face's hand and squeezing it lightly. "For anything, Muchacho."

They were both a little apprehensive about going out in public openly as a couple because there was always the risk of the wrong people finding out. But they both wanted someone to see them together and acknowledge them as a couple, even if it was a club full of strangers. Face returned the squeeze and the let go to get out of the car. Face smirked when he noticed Murdock was wearing his high top sneakers. Murdock was exceptionally handsome and Face found himself wondering in the previous weeks why he always dressed himself down.

They walked over to the club and past the bouncer. The bouncer was staring at Murdock's Da Nang jacket and Face grabbed Murdock's hand to lead him inside the club eyeing the bouncer. The bouncer chuckled when they were no longer in sight and muttered, "Virgins."

Once inside the inner sanctums of the club, seeing how some of the other couples were very openly expressing themselves, Murdock immediately draped an arm around Face's waist. "This is a fantastic idea Facey."

They found an empty table near the crowded dance floor and ordered a couple of club sodas. Immediately they were joined by a lesbian couple. One of the girls was extremely feminine asked, "Is it all right if we join you?"

Both Face and Murdock being gentlemen stood up and Murdock said, "Please, do."

The woman that was her partner and was dressed very much like Face said, "Thank you."

Murdock stifled a giggle at the similarities between Face and the woman. They all seated themselves and the feminine woman said, "I'm Donna and this is Susan."

"My friends call me Face and this is Murdock."

Susan smiled at Face's name. "I haven't seen you here before or any of the other clubs....... You new in town?"

Face gave Murdock a nervous glance and his hopeful steady gaze gave him confidence to tell them the truth. "Uh.... No, we're from LA....... This is the first time at a nightclub."

"You've got excellent taste then because this is the best club on the west coast....... Haven't been out of the closet long, have you?"

Donna gasped, "Susan!...... I'm so sorry. She is a little too direct sometimes."

Murdock smiled warmly and said, "No problem chica........ We both have a foot inside and a foot outside the closet at the moment."

Susan nodded sympathetically and said, "It's a difficult place to be when you're straddling the fence. You will know when the time is right for you to jump off it and onto Mr. Gorgeous here."

Face blushed. Donna reached over and held Susan's hand. "Careful Suz, you're making me jealous over a guy."

Murdock chuckled. "He has that effect on everyone."

The waiter brought their drinks and the two couples chatted for a while. Murdock and Face learned a lot about the gay community in the small amount of time they spent together. Face was happy to know there were other places for them to spend time together in the future other than nightclubs and for them to find support if they should need it. Susan stood up and said, "I want to dance with my lady here...... C'mon boys and enjoy the music."

Murdock and Face looked uncomfortable at each other. Susan paused from leading Donna out to the dance floor. "You weren't kidding when you said you new at this...... C'mon......It's simple. Blondie you lead and you follow ‘cause you look like the following kind."

Face was impressed with Susan's shrewdness in judging their characters as they followed the two women onto the dance floor. Lucky for them the tunes they were playing were upbeat pop tunes that did not require them to dance with their arms around each other. The women had taken them under their wings because they were painfully obviously new to the gay scene. They took it upon themselves to loosen them up and take them in hand. During a slow cheerful pop tune they traded dance partners and Face ended up with Susan. It felt strange to dance with a woman who dressed very much like him and even had a similar hair cut like his. She smiled at him as he glanced over to Murdock and said, "He's crazy about you, you know? And I can tell you feel the same about him. So what's the hold up?"

He focused on Susan's question and carefully thought about an answer. "I don't know..... We're scared I guess......... We want to be absolutely sure because it will change everything."

Face was surprised by how free it felt to talk to Susan and he thought it might be because she did look like him so much that it was like confessing to himself. She nodded. "Yes, it will change everything and not all the changes will be for the better but overall most things will be for the better....... And why be scared when you can be scared together? It's so much better that way."

He liked Susan's candor and he looked over her shoulder to look at him. She smiled and said, "You got it bad for him....... Go to him."

Face gave her a blank look and she let him go. "Go to him..... now. Take a chance. I can tell that you both are tired of your lives the way they are now and don't worry about tomorrow."

With that Susan went to cut in between Donna and Murdock to dance with Donna. Face looked around at the other couples dancing all the way around him. Most of them look like conservative middle-class people with a few flamboyantly dressed people here and there. There were a few couple's of every kind kissing and hugging while they danced. He felt so lonely for a moment until he looked up to see Murdock making his way to him through the sea of people in the darken room lit up by a revolving disco ball. One look at Murdock made him realize that he did belong with Murdock and he could be happy with him, truly happy. Murdock stepped up to him and said, "Care to dance, Muchacho?"

Face slipped a hand around Murdock's waist and stepped into Murdock's embrace. "I'd like that."

Murdock getting caught up in the freedom of the nightclub gave Face a light kiss on the lips and rested his chin on Face's shoulder. They swayed and stepped their way to the music. Face caught a glance at Donna and Susan checking them out with knowing smiles. Face returned their smile and he pulled Murdock closer. Murdock lifted his head up and Face noticed Donna and Susan slipping up to the DJ's pit. He wondered what those two were up to. Murdock followed his eyes and said, "They're great aren't they?"

Face nodded. "Forget about the women for now. I Have someone who has my complete, undivided attention right now."

Murdock half choked on the irony of the statement. He stroked Faces jaw with the back of his hand and slipped it behind his neck. Face leaned into it and closed his eyes for a moment, savoring the touch. The bright slow music changed to a slow sad piano intro to another song. The tune was a familiar one to Face and it took him a moment to place the tune to a song.

‘I know it's late, I know you're weary

I know your plans don't include me

Still here we are, both of us lonely ‘

Face remembered the name of the song now..... ‘We got tonight.' The haunting tune cut Face like a knife. They only met Susan and Donna a few hours ago and Susan could read him like a book. He both cursed and thanked her at the same time. He buried his face into Murdock's shoulder as the tune droned on.

‘Longing for shelter from all that we see

Why should we worry, no one will care girl

Look at the stars so far away

We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow?

We've got tonight babe

Why don' you stay? ‘

Face felt Murdock wrap his arms closer around him and he looked up. Murdock's eyes were liquid black against the dark backdrop of the room, dotted with slow moving lights. Suddenly Face felt that the world no longer existed. It was just him and Murdock. Murdock was guileless and his love was shining through. Face's heart began to pound and he planted his forehead against Murdock's.

‘Deep in my soul, I've been so lonely

All of my hopes, fading away

I've longed for love, like everyone else does

I know I'll keep searching, even after today

So there it is girl, I've said it all now

And here we are babe, what do you say?

We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow?

We've got tonight babe

Why don't you stay?'

Face swayed to the music, feeling his heart creep up inside his throat. Murdock had all the qualities he had ever wanted in a mate but he was came in a slightly different package than he had expected. Murdock lifted his head and planted his lips on Face's forehead. He opened his eyes a little to see that there were several couples close by that were looking at them with approving smiles. Murdock smiled back at them and played with the hair on the back of Face's neck. He knew this was the first night of their lives and the road that lead them there was a long and hard one. Now they could rest their souls in this embrace. He sighed heavily and thanked the stars in the heavens above for giving him Face.

I know it's late, I know you're weary

I know your plans don't include me

Still here we are, both of us lonely

Both of us lonely

We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow?

Let's make it last, let's find a way

Turn out the light, come take my hand now

We've got tonight babe

Why don't you stay?

Why don't you stay?

Another song started playing and Face and Murdock paused still in the embrace of the dance. Murdock pulled Face into a hug and rocked him before letting him go. Murdock took his hand and lead him off the dance floor. Face followed him compliantly back to their table where Donna and Susan were waiting for them. They were smiling like a couple of accomplices and Murdock pulled out his wallet and paid for all their drinks. Face exchanged phone numbers with them and they promised to call them to let them know how things were going. When they left Donna and Susan high-fived each other and kissed.

Face drove back to his apartment and put the car in the garage. He pulled the key out of the ignition and slumped back in his seat satisfied with his life now. He looked over to Murdock and said, "Well, my precious, do you think we need to talk or have we talked enough?"

Murdock grinned at being called ‘my precious.' Face called him that when he was trying not to trip over the wedding gown while chasing after the catering truck escaping the bad guys a week ago. Murdock shook his head and said, "I knew this was right beyond a shadow of a doubt back at the club. There's no need to talk about this anymore."

Murdock leaned over to kiss him before getting out of the car casually as if he had done this all his life. Face blew out a puff of air and quickly followed him. Murdock casually strolled to the elevator whistling ‘Blue Moon,' while glancing at Face. Face quickly jabbed the button to his floor and listened to the whistling. The elevator door opened and Murdock rocked on his heels with his hands deep in his pockets and wiggled his eyebrows before entering the empty hallway. Face watched in amazement as Murdock waited for him and Murdock offered him his arm without taking his hand out of his pockets. Face slipped his hand through the crook of Murdock's arm and walked to his door.

Once they were inside the apartment Murdock grabbed Face, spinning him around in a dizzying dance step and playfully dipped him backwards staring deeply into the other man's eyes. Face chuckled as he let the dizziness pass and pulled himself back up to a normal standing position. Murdock kissed him and said, "Thanks Muchacho for a fantastic evening."

"It's not over yet...... I hope?"

Murdock Grabbed Face and danced around a little and Face threw his arms around Murdock's shoulders expecting to be dipped backwards again while Murdock sang a few of the lines from the last song they danced to. "Why should we worry, no one will care. Look at the stars so far away. We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow? We've got tonight babe. Why don' you stay?"

Murdock spun them around and pulled them down on the sofa with a big happy sigh. He looked over at Face and said, "I'm am so crazy about you Muchacho that I feel like I could explode....... I want to make love to you and I mean MAKE love to you."

The look of love radiating from Murdock's eyes caught him off guard. Face felt his heart pounding in his ears sat there staring at his friend soon to be lover for a moment. He gave Murdock a pat on the knee and said, "Can you hold that thought for about fifteen minutes?"

Before Murdock could answer Face planted a kiss on his lip and disappeared in the bedroom.

Murdock waited patiently as he glanced at his watch. Fifteen minutes had passed five minutes ago and Murdock decided to see what was taking Face so long. He cracked the bedroom door open. Face was busy lighting a sea of red candles and Murdock opened the door the rest of the way standing there with his mouth hung open. Face turned around with a look of disappointment. "Murdock, I thought I asked you to wait?"

Surrounded by countless candles, Murdock stepped inside the room in wonderment. A smile crept on Murdock's face when he spotted a copy of the Gay Kama Sutra on the dresser. And he picked it up before Face could snatch it away. Face protested as Murdock shouldered Face away from the book and Face blushed. "Give that back Murdock."

"You were studying up on this?"

"...... uhm...... we don't exactly know what we're doing..... thought it couldn't hurt."

"When did you get this?"

Murdock flipped through the book knowing he would find the receipt somewhere within the pages. Face made another grab for the book and Murdock laughed when he found he receipt. The book was purchased a week after the ski resort job and Murdock turned around astonished. "Wh-why?"

Face shrugged and said, "I knew this is what I wanted."

Murdock plopped down on the bed disbelieving his ears. He looked hard at Face and glanced at the open book in his hands. The picture showed two men in a very sensual position and he wanted Face to do that to him. He looked back up at Face. "You know exactly what you're doing, don't you?....... and I don't mean technically either.... I mean...."

"I know what you mean.................................... Murdock, I'm gay."

Murdock swallowed hard. He knew Face wasn't saying he turned gay for him, he was saying he was GAY period. "What happened?"

Face sat down next to him and glanced at the book before looking at Murdock. "I liked guys since I was a teenager but growing up in a Catholic orphanage sort of put a damper on these feelings. I tried to live up to what I've been taught and I tried to make it work with women but we both know how that goes." Face laughed with sarcasm. "Everything ends up in disaster. I even had one woman told me that spending time with me was like spending time with her lady friends. That should have been a clue for me there. ..... After we left the cabin I started remembering how it felt when I was a boy."

"Why didn't you talk to me? Tell me how you were feeling?"

"I didn't want you to think I planned any of this."

Murdock looked around the room. It was a sea of candles flickering against the walls and ceiling. He then looked at Face with compassion. "I beg to differ...... I would be offended if you didn't plan this. How do you feel about this revelation, Muchacho?"

"........Like......... I'm not lost anymore....... And I-I-I....b- belong with you and to you."

Face jumped off the fence and waited for Murdock to catch him.

Murdock carefully closed the book and said, "You didn't need to say this Face. I have a confession to make too. .......... As corny as this may sound, I thought you were the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on when I first met you and it scared me. I guess that's why I gave you such a hard time when I first met you because if you found out..........."

Murdock caught him and Face felt secure for the first time in his life. Face leaned towards Murdock and found his lips. Murdock dropping the book, pulling Face into a full embrace. Face gasped at the sensation that went through his body. He felt a burst of release wash over him that was pure joy, so pure that it hurt beautifully. He felt Murdock's warm lips on his neck while he quivered with the feeling he could do no wrong. He stretched his neck as Murdock gently kissed the hollow of his throat. When Face realized he had his eyes squeezed tightly shut he slowly opened them to seeing the dozens and dozens of flickering reflections against the ceiling from the candles. He looked down at Murdock in his arms. Murdock had begun to unbutton his shirt to kiss his chest. Murdock seeing Face's lips were available to him once again placed his lips full on them. Face hooked his arms under Murdock's shoulders and eased him down on the bed as they kissed. Murdock scooted back a little bit and Face straddled his hips gradually stretched himself out on top of Murdock. Murdock stroked Face's neck and hair, accepting the blonde man's tongue probing eagerly in his mouth. He realized his feet were still on the floor and Face had his knee between his legs rubbing his crotch gently. He spread his legs and thought ‘I'm such a slut.' Face feeling Murdock's response broke the kiss and slowly sat up straddling Murdock once again in such a way that if they had their clothes off, Murdock thought he would be entering Face at that moment. One look at him told Murdock that Face was fully aware of this as his eyes sparkled with impish mischief. Face worked his hips in a slow deliberate rhythm and Murdock could feel his penis begin to swell beneath the restrictive material of his clothes. Face leaned forward and slowly unbuttoned Murdock's pristine white shirt. "Ready, my precious?"

Murdock swallowed hard and nodded slowly but eagerly. Murdock was mesmerized by the look Face was giving him as Face opened the shirt. Once the last button was undone Face pushed the shirt away from his chest and admired the hairy chest. Murdock glanced down at his own chest and said, "It's not an alabaster surface with a C cup attached to it but I'm warm and furry."

Face laughed, losing the last bit of apprehension and he ran his hand across Murdock's shoulders and down to his chest. "I'll admit that I miss women's breasts already but it's a sacrifice we'll both have to make."

Murdock pulled at Face's shirttail in the attempt to pull it out of his waistband. "That's okay by me because we're making up for it in another area."

To make his point Murdock raised his hips to meet Face's downward motion making sure Face felt his growing bulge Murdock wrested him to his back taking him by surprise, pinning his shoulders to the bed. Face grinned and said, "If you wanted me on my back, why didn't you say so?"

"This is more fun than asking."

Murdock removed his own shirt and dropped it on the floor. He proceeded to remove Face's shirt, opening him like a long awaited present. He exposed two very pert and upright nipples. Face waited patiently as Murdock inspected him. He had seen Face's chest thousands of times before but this time Face was his, all his. Face ran his hands across own exposed chest and Murdock lightly brushed his hand across light fuzz across Face's chest and circled a nipple before putting his mouth over one of them. Face chuckled as Murdock slowly worked the nipples one at a time more erect. Face ran his hands through Murdock's hair as he continued to switch nipples while moaning with pleasure. When Murdock was satisfied with his work he ran his finger across one of the nipples and said, "Who says we have to give up breasts?"

Face followed Murdock's eyes to his chest to see his nipples were erect more than he had ever thought possible. "Trying to turn me into a woman?"

"We'll see about that."

Murdock grinned and scooted down off of him. He reached down and unfastened the buttons to Face's jeans and slowly unzipped them. Murdock playfully pushed him back as he tried to sit up. Face opted to let Murdock take his shoes, socks and pants off, leaving him in nothing but the shirt he still had on his back and his red silk boxer shorts to match the red candles. Murdock quickly stripped down to his boxer shorts too and crawled next to Face. He looked down at Face's growing erection peeking out his boxer shorts and looked at Face. "I don't think I could turn you into a woman if I tried."

Face looked down at himself emerging from his shorts and shrugged. It didn't matter to him what he was as long as he was with Murdock. Murdock kissed him on the lips once more and with the same boldness he showed at the cabin he freed Face's blossoming member standing proudly on it's own. Murdock teasingly stroked it and Face broke the kiss to watch. Face thought it was odd that when a woman did this he felt embarrassed and usually endured this with his eyes closed but with Murdock he was so at ease with him. Face lifted his butt up and slipped his boxer shorts off with Murdock gazing at him. "My precious?..... What is it?"

Murdock sighed, drinking the sight of Face in all his nakedness with a picture perfect erection for him. Murdock stammered, "Y-y-you are.... So heart br-breakingly beautiful....... I never thought I'd be saying this to a....... guy."

Face's erection twitched and he smiled, waving Murdock to lay down next to him. "Oh my precious, if you only knew..... I never thought of myself as beautiful ....... You know because it's a guy thing...... Guys aren't suppose to be beautiful but when you put it that way, my precious, you make me feel like the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth."

"Well you are."

"Only because you made me that way."

Lying next to Face, Murdock placed his hand around Face's penis and explored it with his hand. Face gasped at Murdock's sensitive work and spread his legs to allow Murdock more access to the area. Grinning, Murdock said, "You make me feel special and not because I've lived most of my adult life in the nut house either."

At that Murdock fondled Face's scrotum and kissed him full on the lips. Once the kiss was broken Murdock moved down to where Face's erection stood at it's tallest and Murdock was about to kiss the tip of it when Face stopped him. Murdock sat up in confusion and asked, "Did I do something wrong?"

Face reached under the pillow and pulled out several condoms. "No...... it's me. I want to protect you."


"I'm sorry to say I haven't always played it safe when I've been with women......... I'm sure I don't have any STD but I don't want to take that chance of putting you at risk until I'm one-hundred percent sure. But until I know.......which would you like? ...... Regular, ribbed or extra ribbed?"

"Face! How could you NOT play it safe!?!?!?.... especially these days?!?!?!..."

"I'm sorry to say I was being stupid and I really didn't care. Okay?........ I really regret that now but I'm being tested. I know I'm okay but until the doctor tells me for sure, we are going to use condoms........ I love you and you make me want to take better care of myself. This is just a precautionary measure, okay? The doctor assures me that there's very little chance of me having anything.... I just want to be sure for you."

Murdock sighed, seeing the earnest in his eyes and he smacked the back of Face's head. "How could you do this to yourself?..... You should know better."

"Now I do........ We'll use condoms for now."

Murdock nodded and was prevented from saying another word by Face kissing him. Face's tests would all come back negative in the future but till they were sure they would use condoms. Murdock noticed that the discussion about STD had deflated Face's erection a little. Murdock selected the ribbed condom and kept it out of Face's reach when he made a grab for it. "No!.... I want to do it."

Murdock pushed Face on his back once again and slipped the condom on Face. Murdock leaned over and kissed his lips. As he wrapped his arms around Face, his tongue danced in Face's open mouth. Face's hands ran all over his masculine hairy chest as Murdock hand stroked his thigh. Soon Murdock began kissing his neck and moved lower, laying kisses down Face's chest and stomach while his hand cupped his scrotum. With Murdock's face now at his crotch, Face heard him inhale deeply, then felt him take hold of his rigid penis. Face held Murdock's head in his hand and stroked his hair. It felt so good to have a mouth on him. Face came as Murdock massaged the head of his penis with his tongue. "Oh, God Murdock," Face groaned, "I wonder why women can't make me feel this way?"

Murdock crawled up and cuddled up next to Face holding him close till he recovered. "For one, you're gay Muchacho, for two you trust me and for three I know you love me and I love you."

Murdock waited for Face to remove the condom and wipe himself off with a towel he had waiting on the night stand for this purpose. He planted a kiss on Face's brow and playfully mussed his hair a little. Face settled in Murdock's embrace and said, "I'm sorry that I keep comparing you to the women I had."

Murdock squeezed him a little and said, "That's okay, Muchacho. That's all we have to compare with. ..... Uhm....... Muchacho?.........What's next?....... I must admit that I'm anxious to have you.....uh.....hhhmmm."

"Inside you?"

Murdock nodded eagerly while blushing a little and Face chuckled. "It's okay to ask me anything, my precious...... Give me a few more minutes and we'll try it."

"........ Do you know how?"

"Do you?"

Face laughed and pulled Murdock into a kiss. Murdock retrieved the book on the floor and he leaned back into Face's embrace using his arm as a pillow. Murdock flipped through the pages of illustrations and Face looked too but stealing glances at Murdock.. Murdock asked, "Not that I mind, I'd like to know why you call me your precious?"

Face giggled and said, "Cause you are the most precious thing in my life. I realized this that day you fell through the ice. Even if we chose to remain just friends I would still feel this way about you."

A look of pure astonishment overcame Murdock and Face felt aroused by the look of stunned devotion. Murdock's eyes grew large as he noticed Face's erection returning. Face looked at the book and noticed Murdock had it open to one of the simpler positions. He said, "I have to get you ready before we do it. You want to try this one?" Pointing to the page.

Murdock nodded and Face took the book and set it aside. He reached for a new tube of lubricant and another condom. The books he read told him to use generous amounts of lubricant and he squirted a big blob on his fingertips. He worked it between his fingers and thumb to warm it up before applying it to Murdock. Murdock squirmed as the slimy stuff made contact with the sensitive area that was the center of Face's attention. Murdock deciding it felt good, lifted a leg just like the illustration in the book showed. With his knee to his chest exposing his anus to Face. Face smiled at the innocence Murdock conveyed as he brushed more lubricant around the area. After he was satisfied he had enough lubricant he locked eyes with Murdock. "Okay, my precious........ if you want me to stop just tell me."

Murdock held his breath in response and Face forced a finger inside Murdock past his pink rosebud. Murdock moaned at the sensation and slowly tilted his head backwards and his knees trembled. Face felt the hot velvet of Murdock's insides and he pushed his finger all the way in to the hilt. "All right, precious?"

Murdock wiggled and nodded. Breathlessly he said, "More."

Face leaned over and kissed Murdock on the lips. "Give me a chance."

He began to move his finger in and out of Murdock who was really enjoying it. Face felt Murdock clinch his finger on the outward motion and decided to add another finger to the action. He added more lubricant and Murdock cried out because Face had forgotten to warm the lubricant up this time. "Sorry ‘bout that."

Murdock grinned. "S'okay. It feels real good now."

"Try to relax as much as you can...... that's it......feel that?"

Face now had two fingers slowly working Murdock loose. Murdock sighed and swallowed hard as he tried to hold as still as he could. Face pulled and stretched the skin and muscles. Murdock began to rock his hips to the motion of Face's fingers inside him. Face thought he had loosened him up enough and he pulled his fingers out of a panting Murdock. Murdock watched Face put the condom on and generously lubricated himself. Face hovered over Murdock and eased himself on top. Murdock still had his one knee to his chest and Face rubbed his tip against Murdock's entrance. "Ready?" Murdock strained forward to kiss Face and Face settled himself down further with his shoulder against the back of Murdock's knee he kissed him deeply. It took several tries but once he was pushing his way inside Murdock. They both shuddered. Face eased himself in a little at a time. Murdock was tense and making it difficult for Face to make his way inside him. Face gasped. ".....uh...... how you doin' precious?"

Murdock grunted and grinned. Face grunted and grinned in returned. "This is a lot harder than I would"

Face was now all the way inside of Murdock and the both rested, savoring the feelings they each had. Murdock's head was swimming in pleasure and pain among the dancing flickers of light given off by the candles all around the room. Face leaned down to him and kissed him deeply as he started to grind his hips slowly into him. The tightness of his anus felt so different from any experience he had with a woman, so invigorating that Face's pelvis seemed to have been under the control of his penis. "God! Facey!" Murdock gasped. Face showered Murdock's beautiful face and shoulders with kisses. Face plunged into him slowly, his penis savoring each thrust into the tight. Murdock mumbled Face's name over and over as he wrapped his arms around Face's undulating torso. Face could feel his anus spasm, gripping him. Within seconds, Face's head was swimming deliciously as he climaxed into Murdock. Murdock cried out as he spurted his cum in between their torsos. It felt delightfully warm against the skin of Face's stomach. Face kissed Murdock again. Savoring it and realized what it was like to kiss a man and how they kissed. They kissed passionately, almost forcefully, as if they each had something in their mouths that the other must have. It was not delicate but there was tenderness. Murdock shifted his leg so he can lower it and was deliriously happy. It took them both several moments to realize Face was still inside Murdock. Face lay on top of Murdock without a worry in the world as Murdock held onto him tight and close while in a complete daze. Face could still feel Murdock's anus pulsate around him and he wanted to stay there until it stopped.

They both knew they were never going to be lonely again as long as they had each other.

The end.


Taking the Plunge by Live Lady Roadkill



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