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Sprinkle of Pixie Dust

Sprinkle of Pixie Dust

by Live Lady Roadkill

Disclaimer: A-Team owned by Stephen J. Cannell etc.
Rating: NC-17
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Warnings: SLASH



Murdock looked wildly around in search of the others through the haze of floating powder that filled the entire room before shooting back. This mission was a failure and right now their goal was to get out alive and regroup. Murdock sighed when he spotted BA and Hannibal through the shower of bullets making their way to the door and a second later he spotted Face working his way towards Hannibal and BA. He rubbed his eyes because the fine sea foam green powder was getting in his eyes as he sprayed the area in the opposite direction with bullets as he dove towards the general direction of the door while howling at the top of his lungs. Murdock coughed when he hit the floor not far from Face. Face was panting hard with his back pressed against the steel drum and welcomed the sight of Murdock. The haze of fine powder continued to fall from a bullet striking a container under pressure causing its contents to explode all over the entire room. Face began coughing a little as they waited for Hannibal to signal them and Murdock wondered what was that powder.

They were hired by a drug doctor who had developed a cancer drug years ago but lacked the funding to have it put through the FDA trials. He was hired by a large corporate drug manufacturer that stole his invention and intended to market it for a very handsome profit. He could not convince the courts he was the one who developed the drug and he hired the A-Team to steal back the formula so he could develop it himself now that he had some financial backing. If it proved to be effective he planned on selling it at cost with only a small mark up so he could take the profits to develop other drugs to help people. Once he proved to Hannibal that he was the sole developer of the drug they agreed to take the case. All they had to do was go in get the formula or destroy the records of it because the good doctor had the original copies of the formula. Amidst the chaos that broke out, Murdock wasn’t sure they had accomplished that.

Murdock was worried about what the floating powder was. He decided to taste it because he’d already breathed a massive amount of the stuff in like the others had. What harm could a few extra grams do? He carefully tasted it while watching Face and BA returned fire and waited for Hannibal’s signal to make a run for it. The light green powder was definitely a drug because it had a standard medicinal bitter flavor to it. Finally Hannibal gave the signal and they all made a mad dash to the door while firing wildly above the heads of the bad guys. When they all clamored inside the van, BA tore out of the parking lot and went through some hurricane fencing to escape. They were briefly chased but BA lost them with little problems in the black velvet of darkness of the night. Face brushing the powder from his jacket and hair looking annoyed. "Now what Hannibal?"

Hannibal looked back and gave the green powder some notice for the first time. "We have to go back to make sure the job is done."

Face whined. "Awwww Hannibal."

Murdock began to notice he felt strange. He felt flushed and his heart was beating like Thumper the rabbit’s foot in the Disney cartoon. He interrupted the exchange between the two men. "Does anyone else feel weird besides me?"

Face scoffed. "Yeah, do you know how much it costs to have suede cleaned these days?

"I’m serious here! We’re coated in some kind of drug and it’s making me feel funny."

Face froze and stared at his hands as if waiting for them to spontaneously combust. They were all coated in the green powder and he looked at Murdock for help. "Come to think of it, my heart feels like it’s going to leap out of my throat. BA!……. Get us somewhere where we can get this stuff off us! A motel, a car wash, water fountain……… Anything!"

Hannibal reinforced the order. "Do it now, BA!"

BA made a beeline to the pier that was only blocks away. Face did not wait for BA to come to a complete stop before opening the sliding door and jumping out and making a running leap into the water. Murdock did take the time to take his jacket off before following Face soon to be joined by BA and Hannibal.

Face lightly scrubbed his hair with a towel as he walked out of the bathroom from his shower. It took him a while longer to peel out of his clothes from the impromptu dip in the ocean because they were form fitting. His suede jacket was a total loss but that was the least of his worries at the moment. Whatever drug they had been exposed to was really effecting them all. Face couldn’t place the feeling he was experiencing but it was a very familiar one and it was very evident they were all having the same reaction. Hannibal hung the phone up and shook his head. He still couldn’t get in touch with the doctor. Murdock was squirming and pacing in his bathrobe. Face draped the towel over his bare shoulders and leaned against the wall. "Any idea of what we were exposed too?"

Murdock, wild eyed, swallowed hard and shook his head without slowing his pacing. BA sitting on the bed looked as if he was ready to swat Murdock at any moment now as he followed him with his eyes. Murdock suddenly stopped in his tracks and stared at his feet. "Okay. Lets list all the symptoms here and we can figure out what kind of drug it was………. Allergy, heart, birth control, neurological, you know stuff like that…….."

Face was the first to offer his symptoms. "I feel hot and my heart is really pounding."

"How is it pounding? Is it like an adrenaline rush, or is it like the pounding after good run?"

Face thought for a moment. It was difficult to think because he was still cold from their brief swim to rinse the powder off of them. They didn’t leave him much hot water and Murdock and BA got the bathrobes leaving him and Hannibal with towels to cover themselves. "I’d say it’s more of a combination."

"That’s funny…… Mine feels like …….."

"What Murdock?!?!"

Murdock glanced up with a look of pure embarrassment. "Like I just had an……. an orgasm……… and I’m having all these urges……. and thoughts………. I think we were exposed to a psychiatric drug."

Face snickered without meaning too but one look from BA and Hannibal told them they were experiencing the same thing. "What kind of urges and thoughts are you talking about? How do you know it’s a psychiatric drug?"

Murdock began to fidget a little and looked as if he wanted to do something with his hands. "When you’ve been a mental patient you learn to recognize the effects certain kinds of meds."

The heat from the room began to penetrate his skin and warm him up. He began to become physically comfortable and began to feel what Murdock was describing gradually creep through his very core. Hannibal made another attempt to call the doctor and they all waited with pleading eyes and Murdock continued with his pacing. Hannibal hung the phone up one more time and Murdock began to giggle to himself and they all looked at him then each other in alarm. He clapped his hands wildly and burst out laughing. Face steadied him while trying to keep his own thoughts under control and he was having some very powerful sexual urges. "Murdock?"

Between fits of laughter Murdock said, "This is just perfect……*giggle*…………… and not a woman in sight too……*more giggling*…… We’ve……… *crazed laughter*………… been exposed to an inhibition inhibitor……… *more crazed laughter with some knee slapping* …………. This is so classic."

"An inhibition…… in…..hibitor?……… Is that like an aphrodisiac or something?"

Murdock was still laughing. "Uhm……. *calmer laughter* …….. better than an aphrodisiac……. Or worse. Depends on how you look at in the present company……….. *crazed laughter is back* …………."

Face shook Murdock a little. "That isn’t so bad."

"……. *an extended bout of hehehe-hohoho laughter* …….. This is an inhibitor Face and we all got a pretty hefty dose of the stuff…………… *giggling* ………. In a few minutes we’ll want to do it with anyone or anything and I MEAN anyone or anything."

"You can’t be serious."

"*giggling and choking snickering*……… It’s all I can do to keep from jumping on you right now."

Face’s cheeks burned with embarrassment and he turned Murdock’s shoulders loose and took a step back from him. He looked at Hannibal and BA and they both were squirming with discomfort. Face began to acknowledge the feelings he felt were getting stronger as he got warmer. Whatever it was surged and coursed through him and it was becoming difficult for him to standstill because of a stirring in the pit of his stomach was beginning to work its way out from center to the edges and he was becoming erect. He noticed that Hannibal and BA were hiding theirs but Murdock’s erection was trying to find it’s way out of his bathrobe. The next thing he knew Murdock had jumped on him, throwing is arms around him, along with a leg jacked high around his waist and his mouth on his. Face’s body exploded in response and he tried to push Murdock off of him.

Hannibal watched this and he could no longer contain himself and began to knead his penis through the towel wrapped around his waist. He was on the verge of loosing it like Murdock and he looked at his options. With the last ounces of rationalism he had, he knew he couldn’t do it with BA and look him in the eye for the rest of their lives. With Face it would be an act of incest in his mind so that left Murdock and Face was trying to push Murdock away. He let go of his penis and stealthily walked up behind Murdock. He pealed Murdock’s arms from around a grateful Face and grabbed the collar of Murdock’s bathrobe and pulled him backwards. Murdock being pulled away didn’t have much choice but to step backwards. It was either that or fall backwards. He still made a last ditch effort to clamor for Face before he realize he was being taken to the adjoining room by Hannibal. Face was expecting Hannibal to lock Murdock in the room but when he pulled Murdock into the room and shut the door behind him, Face could not believe his eyes. Face slowly swallowed hard when he heard the unmistakable sound of pleasurable moaning almost immediately and a couple of thumps against the door. He cautiously and very slowly looked over his shoulder at BA trembling with a lusty look in his eyes directed at him.

The moment the door was closed Murdock pounced on Hannibal in the same manner he did Face but Hannibal did not put up any protests against it. Murdock struggled to reach the surface of clarity and when he did he could not believe he was kissing Hannibal open mouthed and deep. What was even more unbelievable was that Hannibal wasn’t fighting it. They toppled over and the door broke their fall. Murdock grinned through the moans that escaped his lips as Hannibal sucked on his chin and began to give him little bites down his neck. "Colonel?…… let’s go over to the bed."

Hannibal embraced Murdock and found his mouth again and they made their way over to the bed. Murdock lost his contact with the clarity he had but discovered that he could still think a little. It was like watching another person doing the things he was doing with Hannibal. It looked like him and he felt all the touches and emotions but he had this incredible need for sex and lots of it too. He clung to Hannibal with every fiber of his being and searched Hannibal’s eyes in wild desperation for something he could recognize.

Hannibal was in the same state he was in. He was there but not in control and Murdock was relieved in an odd way as he yielded to Hannibal’s hands entering his bathrobe to gently squeeze his shoulders. The skin to skin contact sent a soft shock-wave of pleasure through Murdock and his head rolled back as he closed his eyes. Hannibal’s mouth found his adam’s apple and he began to suck on it. Murdock’s hands found the waist of the older man and they glided around to rest on the small of his back. Murdock moaned tilting his head back a little further to expose his neck more to Hannibal’s confident mouth. The hair on the Murdock’s back and neck began to stand up on edge and he rose to the surface of clarity with a gasp and a moan for one last time. "Hmmmm …….. Colonel? …….. are you going to regret this after it’s all over?"

Hannibal stopped working on Murdock’s neck and gave him a husky look while slowing down his heavy breathing. "I picked you so I wouldn’t have as much to regret………… And don’t call me Colonel."

Murdock didn’t understand the first statement but decided that they all will regret this in the morning. The second statement he got loud and clear. He wasn’t in control and rank had no place between them in their current state. With this in mind Murdock slowly closed his eyes when Hannibal pushed his arms into the bathrobe to encircle Murdock’s chest and continued to suck on his skin. This time at the angle of the point of where the neck and shoulder met. Murdock grinned as he released the clarity when he realized Hannibal was very into foreplay and he gave into whatever Hannibal had in mind.

With the ranks out of the way Murdock pressed into Hannibal to feel his erection. He let gravity guide his hands down to the towel wrapped around Hannibal’s waist and he forced his hands under the towel causing it to fall away from him. With his buttock’s free from it’s covering, Murdock slowly allowed his hands to descend till he had a buttock in each hand to caress. They were well muscled and sparsely covered in a soft fuzz. Hannibal raised his head too study Murdock and a grin slowly broke across the older man’s face. He was liking this. REALLY liking this and Murdock giggled when he knew Hannibal was going to regret nothing after this is over with and neither would he. Hannibal withdrew his arms from around Murdock’s chest and began to untie the belt to the robe. "Lights on or off?"

Murdock glanced at the lamp on the little table in the corner of the room. "On. I like to see what I’m doing and what’s being done to me."

Hannibal worked the front of the robe open to expose Murdock’s engorged penis to his own. Murdock pressed against the other man and they were hip to hip. Murdock found Hannibal’s mouth and kissed him deeply as he began to brush up against Hannibal’s penis with his own, getting much satisfaction from the genital to genital contact encouraging the ache between his legs to grow. Hannibal encircled Murdock’s chest once more pulling him closer in time to the rhythmic friction between the two of them below the waist. Murdock moaned and gasped in Hannibal’s mouth. When he began to whimper because the strain in his groin area wasn’t like anything he’s ever experienced before. He clung to Hannibal for support as he continued the slow deliberate motions. Hannibal could tell that he was holding back and if he didn’t let go soon he was going to pass out. Hannibal reached down between them and began to caress Murdock’s erection with one hand and positioned a portion of the bathrobe to absorb the seamen when Murdock came. After only two strokes Murdock erupted. When he was finished Hannibal eased him onto the bed while trying to catch his breath through a hazy stupid grin. Hannibal sopped up the last droplets oozing out of Murdock’s penis as Murdock eyed his still engorged member while smacking his mouth softly. Hannibal could tell what he was thinking. "I’d wouldn’t recommend we try that right now."

Hannibal sat down on the edge of the bed and Murdock eagerly grasped Hannibal’s penis but did not take it in his mouth like he wanted to. Maybe not now but definitely later he was going to have it in his mouth before the night was over. It felt strange to hold another man’s penis in his hands and he squeezed it eliciting a groaning moan from Hannibal. Hannibal placed his hand over Murdock’s and squeezed harder and with the other hand he placed a part of Murdock’s robe over himself as he bucked at the release. Murdock thought that he didn’t like the mess and when Hannibal collapsed onto the bed, he cleaned him up the way he did him. Once Hannibal looked peaceful and his breathing was even, Murdock removed the bathrobe. He rolled on top of Hannibal, swinging his hips over onto his and they were now chest to chest. Hannibal looked lazily up at the brown eyes looking down on him. The drug in their system urged them to go further and do more and they both willingly surrendered to it but their bodies needed to rest and kissing seemed to suffice for the time being until they could tap into their reserves.

But Face on the other hand was now finding it very difficult to fight the drug’s effect and extremely difficult to hold BA off………

Face eyed BA warily as he turned around to face him but was distracted by another loud noise coming from the next room followed by a series of moans. He was grateful that Hannibal had the wherewithal to take it into the next room. It was something he did NOT need to see. He turned back to BA who had his hand inside his robe working himself and he still had that look on his face. Face felt like he was fodder and thoughts began to creep into his mind. Thoughts about him and BA doing things he only did with women. He wondered how BA’s lips would feel pressed against his own. Better yet, how they would feel around his penis. Face ran into the bathroom and locked the door. With his back against the door he began to pant hard. "…….oohh……. this is so-o-o-o not happening…….. Got to get a grip here."

He slapped himself a couple of times but it was ineffective. All he could think about was having BA giving him a blow job and maybe have BA enter him. Face groaned plaintively with a whine as he slid down the door to the floor. He looked down at his erection that was now uncovered. It was the most perfect erection a man could ask for and it was achingly beautifully to Face. The only thing that was missing was a woman to share it with and all he could think about was giving it to BA, who was in the next room waiting for him.

He knew BA was waiting. Face’s mind went wild as he thought about that and remembered that he was the last to be effected fully. He remembered he was cold and his mind cheered him on as he crawled into the bathtub and turned on the cold water wide open. He yelped at the icy water hit him all over when he switched over to the shower. He made a series of protesting noises as the cold water hit him all over and he spread his legs wide open to make sure the effected area was very well drenched. It took him about a half a minute to realize that it wasn’t working and he gave way, falling back against the edge of the tub. He looked at the water pooling around him and realized the only thing he was accomplishing was getting cold. He started to add hot water to the mix and turned the cold water off gradually to discover that the water heater hadn’t had time to heat up any water. He shut the water off completely and as he shivered he started to get ideas about the spigot. Face slapped himself and got up out of the tub. He could hear Hannibal and Murdock enjoying themselves immensely through the wall of the bathroom as he looked for a dry towel. He couldn’t get the idea he had about the bathtub spigot out of his head, it was getting stronger. He remembered what Murdock said about wanting to do it with anyone or *anything*.

Before he could think another thought he unlocked the bathroom and marched up to BA still dripping wet without a towel. "This never happened …….. or rather never will happen."

BA looked up with a lusty grin and stood up to remove his bathrobe. Face wasn’t sure what to expect but was very surprised when BA placed the robe around him and proceeded to dry him and warm him. BA’s touch was gentle and Face could feel his resolve melt away as he focused on BA’s eyes. BA eyes were lusty but there was a sense of fear in them too and this reminded Face that BA was in about as much control as he was—almost none. At least they appear to be in control of their thoughts to a small extent. They could make it very difficult for each other or very easy for each other. A pleasurable cry came from the next room. BA thought if Hannibal can enjoy Murdock, he can surely enjoy Face as he boldly dried Face’s groin area. Face was almost shocked when he pushed the terry cloth material of the robe away and took BA’s massive hand and pressed it against his penis. The warmth of BA’s hand crossed over to his penis and scrotum and he pressed into it hard. Face was delirious as BA began to squeeze and manipulate him and he pressed yet harder into BA’s hand. BA maneuvered behind Face and pressed the front of himself against Face’s back as he slipped the other hand around to assist the first hand. He wasn’t sure what he was doing but it felt right. His own penis found a place to nestle right between Face’s buttocks. He wasn’t going to penetrate him. He didn’t know very much about the mechanics of men having sex with men but he knew it wasn’t the right time but this position just felt so right. Face did not protest at all and began to moan and making proclamations to God. BA thought God would definitely not approve of this but it felt heavenly to have his penis cradled in between Face’s butt cheeks as he began to rock in and out. It was beginning to get a little difficult for BA to stand up and support Face who was now thrusting in his hands wildly. BA let Face go and Face turned around. "Did I do something wrong?"

BA shook his head and sat down. "No. Think we’d be more comfortable on the bed."

Face noticed BA’s fully erect penis for the first time and remembered how good it felt sliding between his cheeks and a fresh coat of sweat glistening on BA’s body told him BA was liking it too. Then he had an idea pop in his head and gave him the giggles. BA rolled his eyes and barked, "Get over here."

"Okay. But stay like you are. I want to be a cowboy here."

Face only realized what he said after he said it and BA scoffed. "If anyone’s the horse around here, it’s you."

Face followed BA’s eyes to his own groin area and then he looked at BA’s. Face was noticeably bigger and Face shrugged like he was apologizing. "If I were the horse, you’d squash me for sure."

Before BA could think of a response, Face sat on his erection, carefully placing it between his buttocks. Face got an added bonus in this position, BA’s penis rubbed right up against his anus and scrotum. He began to ride BA slowly at first as if he were testing himself. BA reached around and found the other man’s penis and began to fondle him. The weight of Face sitting on him added more friction as Face began to find a rhythm and Face would glance back from time to time to see if BA was comfortable and enjoying it as much as he was. BA’s eyes were squeezed tightly shut and he was grinding his teeth towards the end with sweat pouring off of him. Face chuckled between breaths and swallowed hard when he felt that he could no longer hold back. Face felt himself getting ready and he whooped and rode BA harder. He felt a stream of thick hot fluid hit the back of his scrotum causing a chain reaction in him and he burst forth too into BA’s hands. BA fell back onto the bed and pulling Face backwards with him onto his chest. They both were unable to move for the longest time. Face was still seated on BA’s penis but the softness of the spent member felt just as good as it did in it’s full state. He did not move for a few more moments as he analyzed the feeling he was experiencing between his buttocks. He rolled off of BA and sat up looking back at him, with an incredulous look on his face. I’m not sure how to think about this but I do know as soon as we’re up for it I want to do that again."

BA adjusted his body and stretched a little. He nodded in agreement and caught Face staring at his penis. Face grinned and asked, "What do you taste like BA?…… Chocolate or licorice?"

BA blushed but he was intrigued. He also noticed the innocent look Face was giving him. He wasn’t being kinky, he was approaching this whole experience with the curiosity of a child. He thought back at Face’s request to be the ‘cowboy’ and remembered it was made in the same earnest manner as the question of what did ‘he’ taste like. He was very intrigued by these little games. BA sighed and waved his hand. "Why don’t you find out?"

Murdock stopped kissing Hannibal when he heard what was obviously Face whooping in the next room. Hannibal chuckled and Murdock giggled as they both looked at the door to the other room. Murdock sighed. "Looks like Face finally gave into it."

Murdock giggled into Hannibal’s chest until the noise from the next room subsided as Hannibal traced small lazy circles on his back. Murdock was thoroughly enjoying the romantic streak in Hannibal and felt that he was being too much of the center of attention. He wanted to do something for Hannibal before he was the night was out and before the drug wore off. "Hannibal?……… Would you like a body massage?"

Hannibal opened his eyes and stopped tracing circles on Murdock’s back. He gave a slight nod. Murdock kissed Hannibal slowly and intensely before reluctantly rolling off of him and Hannibal’s eyes followed him as he rummaged through an overnight bag. The bag belonged to Face and Murdock knew he had some lotion in it.

Murdock indicated that he wanted Hannibal on his stomach and he complied. He got comfortable and Murdock stood over him to admire the view for a moment. They’ve seen each other naked before but this was different. Murdock doubted that he’s ever go back to seeing Hannibal’s naked body in the same way after tonight even after the effects of the drug wears off. He was coming to know the older man’s body in ways he never thought possible and he knelt down to touch him. Hannibal closed his eyes and waited. Murdock squeezed some of the lotion into his hands and warmed it. Starting at the calluses on the bottom of Hannibal’s feet, he began working his way up the legs. His body relaxed under Murdock’s ministrations. Hannibal wasn’t expecting this much attention to be lavished on him as he noted the thorough job Murdock was doing on him. Feeling the firmness of his muscles, Murdock marveled at how they could present such a vision of strength to the eye and yet so yielding to the hand. He kneaded the thighs, but stopped at the base of his buttocks which got him a questioning glance.

Murdock picked up a hand and softly promised. "I’ll come back for that. The best for last."

He worked on the hands, noting the meatiness of his palms, the texture of his skin, and the definition of the bones that gave his hands its shape and structure. But the power he knew to be in them was not in evidence that night. These hands had killed to protect him and the others on many occasions. He always looked forward to receiving a simple pat on the shoulder in praise from these hands. Murdock tried not to think of how things were going to be after things returned to normal. After tonight, could things go back to the way it was? He liked Hannibal like this. His compliance even in their current state told Murdock of the profound trust he had placed in him. Through tender touch, Murdock told him of his unquestioned love for him. He would freely admit that he loved his Colonel, but touching him in this way was so much clearer than any messages to be spoken and heard with the ears or seen with the eyes.

His fingers traversed the landscape of his arms and back. The lotion imparted a satiny sheen to his skin reflected by the lone lamp in the room. Finally, his hands were on his buttocks. The two mounds of muscles exploded with goose-bumps of anticipation when Murdock spread lotion over them. Starting at the base of his spine, he moved lower, kneading his cheeks, watching them cleave in the process. As Murdock moved closer to his legs, he repositioned himself. He was making himself more vulnerable and Murdock could barely contain his excitement when he saw where he wanted to be. Hannibal was more than a piece of willing ass to Murdock, he was his friend and leader, and he trusted him with everything that he was. How many times had he been afraid or hurt and all it took was one look from this man to calm him. He had been on the brink of dying on a few occasions and as long as he could see Hannibal he knew everything would be all right. He wanted to see his face.

"Roll over Hannibal," Murdock said gently. With no hesitation he did. Murdock gazed down upon him as he proceeded to massage his feet and legs. His submission was unmistakable and undeniable now that Murdock could see his face. This man who had a need to be in control was allowing him to control a very essential part of a man, his body and that was not an effect of the drug. Soon Murdock was straddling his stomach, leaning forward on his knees, exploring the ridges and valleys of his muscles and ribs. With each breath his ribs rose and fell beneath him. Murdock abandoned the lotion and molded his hands to Hannibal’s chest. So broad, so muscular in spite of his age. As Murdock touched his nipples they contracted, coming to attention. Murdock felt his heart beat stronger. He knew Hannibal had waited long enough.

Murdock became more aware of the heat between that had been building up since he began this massage. He felt a warmth, low and behind him. Murdock turned back to look and smiled. It was Hannibal’s penis, filling with blood, pulsing and rising towards him. Murdock looked at Hannibal’s face below and leaned to touch it, to finish the massage. As he did, the penis behind him pressed hard against him. The blood rushed into Murdock’s groin and he began to weaken. Attempting to steady himself, Murdock cupped Hannibal’s face in his hands, rubbing his cheekbones with trembling thumbs. Hannibal raised his hand, placed it on Murdock’s shoulder, and slowly opened his eyes. "Come here."

Murdock sank onto him, with Hannibal’s penis between his inner thighs with his own becoming harder while sandwiched by their warm, moist, lotion-lubricated stomachs. Murdock’s lips met his forming a seal as they shared tongues. Murdock held Hannibal’s head in his hands like a sacred object. Hannibal slid his arms around Murdock’s back and shoulders pulling him closer into his chest. He felt the roughness from the day’s growth of beard. The massage Murdock had given him awakened him on a whole new level, making him more sensitive, more aware. ‘My God,’ he thought, ‘This is what it’s really like to kiss a man, to experience him with every sense there is."

Murdock wrapped his arms and legs around him, as content as he had ever hoped to be in the presence of Hannibal. They were woven together, only their mouths in motion, but Murdock wondered how long could they postpone what was the next logical step. The anticipation of it all excited Murdock as well as who will be doing what. And as to answer his question Hannibal fumbled around for the bottle lotion and squeezed some in his hand. Murdock watched this with great interest and Hannibal reached around and smeared lotion on Murdock’s buttocks and then pushed a finger inside. Murdock was delighted in the turn they were taking and moved to smother Hannibal’s mouth again with his own. His finger moved deeper inside until it pressed upon the younger man’s prostate and Murdock almost came. A deep moan escaped his mouth and reverberated in Hannibal’s chest. He heard the squishy sound of Hannibal lubricating himself with the lotion. The corners of Murdock’s lips turned up a little as heaved in anticipation of the thought of being the first.

When Hannibal was finished with the lotion he saw that Murdock was very willing to go ahead with it right away without any further preparations. Murdock instinctually leaned forward and Hannibal lined himself up to Murdock. With Hannibal’s help, Murdock eased back. Murdock focused on Hannibal’s eyes as he felt himself open up and then stretch wide as the head of the penis pushed through. In startled reflex, Murdock’s arms closed tightly around the man under him. They froze in gentle embrace until Murdock could relax while keeping eye contact. Hannibal massaged the small of Murdock’s back to help him relax. Murdock pushed back slightly taking in Hannibal more and again, in startled reflex he clung to Hannibal tightly. Murdock had been raped in the prison camp in Vietnam and Hannibal became concerned as a look of disbelief crossed the pilot’s face with tears threatening to form in the rims of his eyes. Hannibal thought he had really pushed Murdock over the edge. "That’s enough. I’m hurting you."

Murdock gasped. "No!………… No. Not at all………. It’s just that I never thought it could feel this good. Oh God……… It feels so wonderful. …….. And you would never hurt me. I know this."

Murdock then took Hannibal inside him a little more and repeated the startled clinging until his body adjusted to the feeling, He reassured Hannibal further. "It feels so good ……… I want to do this all night with you."

In the back corners of Hannibal’s mind he wondered how was he going to look at himself in the mirror after this was all over with and he was himself once more. The complete trust Murdock had in him caused those thoughts to evaporate and he was deeply touched by it. He massaged Murdock’s back to help him relax and smiled a little. "Take your time. We do have all night."

Murdock dropped his head and buried his face into Hannibal’s shoulder. He began to pant and pressed down a little more with a moan. Hannibal could tell that it was a pleasurable moan and he gave Murdock a slapping pat on the back before cradling him. The slow and gradual rate of penetration was something new to Hannibal as well as the tightness. He began to give into the sensation of it but not completely just in case Murdock needed him. When Murdock had completely enveloped him, Murdock looked like he was home. Murdock’s scrotum was nestled into Hannibal’s cushiony pubic hair and his heart raced as he slowly sat up to look at the other man. Full and deep inside him, Hannibal’s eyes sparkled as he shared in Murdock’s triumph and they both flashed a devilish grin almost simultaneously. Murdock began to rock back and forth. Knowing Murdock was now okay, he gave into his body’s wants and needs a little more. His chest rose, and with a low groan fell to Murdock’s slow and deliberate rhythm. What they were doing was no longer just sex, it was progressing into lovemaking. It progressed by slow degrees and their movements were becoming pronounced.

Hannibal was glad Murdock left the lights on. They rapidly approached the flash point. Their bodies glistened with sweat and their breathing had turned to heavy panting. Hannibal was straining and bucking beneath Murdock. What Murdock did next caught him completely off guard. He slid his hand behind himself and cupped Hannibal’s scrotum. With his thumb, he pressed firmly where the spongy underside of his penis met his testicles. Hannibal’s whole body tensed. Murdock had gotten to his prostate the easy way. Hannibal uttered no sound, inhaled no breath, made no movement. He gripped Murdock around the waist as if to keep from falling into some deep crevasse—but he had no chance. Murdock gently squeezed his testicles, pushing him over and went over with him.

Murdock felt the first spasm exploding in his bowels and that set him off. Murdock’s muscle contracted around the penis that was still erupting inside of him. They fed off the other’s orgasm. Murdock collapsed onto Hannibal’s chest as he ejaculated. The body that had been so at rest as Murdock massaged it earlier was now unleashed, blasting its blueprint into him. Wave after wave of convulsive contentment washed over them. Murdock shuddered one last time as he lay on top of Hannibal in his own stickiness for a while before sliding off.

Murdock straightened himself out beside Hannibal. Toe to toe, mouth to mouth, their legs intertwined, kissed, and Hannibal propped himself on his elbow looking down at Murdock. They said nothing for a long time. They just lay there, meshed together at the waist. Murdock sighed contentedly and yawned with a smile. "Don’t know about you but I’m beat. I don’t know how much longer that drug will last but I’ll be sorry when it wears off."

Hannibal nodded in agreement. "All we can do is enjoy it while it lasts."

Murdock deep in thought asked, "Hannibal, what will happen tomorrow?"

Hannibal did not answer all he did was smile sadly. But he could make it last as long as possible for Murdock and he kissed Murdock. They both crawled under the covers and Murdock snuggled up against Hannibal. They sleepily kissed trying to get in one last kiss of every waking second that they could remain awake. Murdock began to succumb to the sleep that weighed heavily upon them both. He nuzzled into Hannibal and muttered in an effort to stay awake a little longer. Hannibal chuckled and inched away from the younger man. Murdock rolled over and clung to a pillow. He muttered something unintelligible and unmistakably said, "Hannibal, I love you."

Hannibal jerked wide-awake to stare at the now peaceful Murdock who was in a sleeping stupor.

The words rang in his ears, ‘Why don’t you find out?’ Face looked questioningly at BA to be sure he had heard him correctly. BA nodded encouragement and moved to the center of the bed to better accommodate Face. The rational part of Face completely shut down and was just an observer now. With the conscious voice in his head quieted Face crawled between BA’s legs and to BA’s surprise, started fondling him right away. Face pushed BA’s legs further apart and laid on his stomach with his face right in front of the dark penis. Face giggled like a child and without any further warning, he took the head in his mouth. BA looked down from where he was lying on his back. He was astounded to see Face attached to the tip of his penis, sucking on it like a kid would a lollipop. Face pulled his head back and released the penis with a satisfying sucking smack, looking well pleased. "It taste more like saltwater taffy only more salty."

Then he gave the head a generous lick that elicited a laugh from BA and his head fell back. Face grinned hesitantly and gave the head another quick suck that ended in a very satisfying smacking sound. BA concentrated on lying still when Face licked the full length of his shaft starting from the base of the shaft ending at the tip. BA was spent but at the rate Face was manipulating him he was going to be fully erect again in no time at all. BA focused on staying as still as possible because what Face was doing to him felt real good. After one more head smacking pop he became serious. His conscious voice was attempting to surface causing Face to hesitate and BA wondered what was wrong. He raised his head seeing that Face was confused and he sat up. Face really wanted to take the whole penis in his mouth but couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was embarrassed by his behavior just seconds ago. He had no idea what came over him and now that BA was sitting up and he thought he was really going to get it now for sucking on the big guy’s dick.

"What’s wrong Face? Did I do something?"

Face backed away but BA caught him before he could get out of reach. He managed to say something that sounded like an apology. BA held him at arms length by his shoulders. "Sorry for what? ………. Oh that ……..It’s not your fault but I liked it."

BA hoped his eyes didn’t reflect him pleading for Face to continue. "Do you like it? Because if you don’t, you don’t have to do it."

Face helplessly stared at BA’s penis and it was all he could think about. Having that warm piece of dark fleshed covered muscle inside his mouth again. "I think I like it too much."

"So do I."

BA released Face and Face absentmindedly reached down and stroked BA’s penis. The impulse shocked him as he looked up at BA in alarm. BA reminded him. "It never happened."

BA did seem to enjoy it and the urge was becoming stronger once again. Face began to tremble as he fought the urges and thoughts that crossed his mind. "You sure?"


Face sighed and said, "Okay. Lay back because I want to do this right."

"You weren’t doing anything wrong to start with."

BA laid back and Face gave into the urges but tempered with a measure of some self control when he saw approval in BA’s eyes he settled down comfortably between BA’s legs. He’s given women oral sex many times and had the favors returned most of the time. But BA will be the first man that he’ll attempt it with and hopefully the last. He glanced over BA’s massive chest that was heaving heavily in anticipation as he grasped the object of his desire. He stroked it while still watching BA noting that it’s texture was different from his own. The head was a little thicker than his and beside color it had the same shape as his. He kept the childish thoughts pushed to the back of his mind and he began to trace the head with his tongue. Circling it and slowly circled his way down the edges of the head. BA bent his knees and spread his legs wider with a moan. Face grinned through his open mouth as he continued circling down towards the shaft and took the penis in his mouth. He moaned around the penis in his mouth. The vibrations from his throat tickled BA and he drew his knees up a little more till his feet were flat on the bed. Face raised his eyebrows at the reaction as he sucked and with a glint in his eyes that BA caught Face took in as much of BA as he could. He couldn’t get him past the back of his mouth without gagging. After several attempts he decided not to try it anymore but he had something else in mind. He began to hum as he worked the short length he could take in. BA bucked at the ticklish feeling all around his penis and he grabbed his knees and held them wide to keep from kicking Face by accident. Face was getting bored with humming just to be humming but was enjoying the reaction he was getting from BA feeling like he was really accomplishing something. He thought he’s try humming a song and play with the tempo and the notes. He began to hum a Billy Joel song he liked—‘For The Longest Time. He thought it was appropriate and BA continued to buck while holding his legs up out of the way to keep from kicking Face. BA groaned and moaned and tilted his butt up but Face always maintained the hold on his penis moving with the bucks and squirms. Soon BA was howling almost like Murdock did when he got excited but it was more of a baying sound than a howl. With that Face became more persistent and almost giggled through the humming and around the penis in his mouth. BA tilted his butt up further and Face couldn’t resist. He felt around for BA’s anus and when he found it he began to rub it till he could work a finger inside. This was getting to be too much for BA and he could NOT believe he was becoming erect again so soon. Face finished humming the song and let the penis go because he wasn’t sure if BA was about to cum or not and the thought of having seamen being shot in his mouth did not appeal to him. Face had something else he was interested in as he investigated the area where his finger was. This was nice he thought and he pushed his finger inside BA to he hilt. He twisted around a little and thought he could probably get another finger inside with little problem and so he did it. BA had calmed down a little and was catching his breath while trying to adjust to the newest sensation.

Face looked over BA’s erection and saw that he was enjoying this too. Face lost himself for a moment and asked, "Want to play train?"

BA looked very confused and Face remembered himself and blushed really scarlet, "Sorry about that. Forget it."

"What?…….. Face after **THAT** you can play what ever you want to. How do you play ‘train.’?"

Face shook his head and withdrew his fingers and BA figured it out on his own. "You’re the right color for the caboose if that’s what you have in mind."

Face turned redder and BA giggled. "And I guess I’m the right color for the engine ………. It’s all right Face. I like playing games between the sheets too ……….. C’mere."

BA waved a reluctant Face over and gave him a one armed hug. With his free hand he began to fondle Face to get him ready to ‘hook-up’ to him with him being the ‘engine.’ Face was still embarrassed but was starting to like BA’s manipulations and settled down close to him. BA thought there was something missing and it didn’t take him too long to figure out what it was.

He leaned into Face and brushed his lips across Face’s cheek till he found his lips. Face swallowed hard and parted his lips slightly. BA’s lips were every bit as soft as they looked and he slid his arms around the bigger man’s neck and began to kiss him back. BA tried to ignore his erection but Face was soon taking care of it once again by gently rubbing his thigh against it leaving BA just enough room to continue stroking him to fullness. Face began to probe BA’s mouth deeply and he also started to move his hips. BA couldn’t hold off anymore and he came with no warning. Face’s abdomen took the full brunt of the shot and he didn’t seem to care. He waited for BA to catch his breath while noticing he was almost ready himself. When BA’s breathing quieted down some, Face continued with the kissing. Kissing someone with a beard was a different experience for him but he was enjoying the fullness of BA's lips. He thought there may be some truth in that ridiculous saying, ‘Once you’ve had black you can’t go back.’ He sighed as he released BA’s lips when he noticed that he was ready. "You sure you want to do this?"

BA huffed. "It’s all can think about………… but……."

"What BA?"

Face followed BA’s eyes to his groin area and his fully erect penis was lying across BA’s thigh. He recognized the problem right away. He was large and sometimes the women he made love to were a bit hesitant at first. He could understand BA’s trepidation about the whole thing. And even he now had some concerns because he knew from having his fingers up inside of BA that the tightness was going to be a problem. "Forget about it. We’ll do something else, something we won’t regret as much."

BA whined. "Face. We’ve agreed to forget about it and I…………… need it. I need to know."

Face balked at BA’s whining and he wanted to ask what was it that he needed to know but BA kissed him passionately. Face lost the tether to his self-control and instinctually knew what to do. He also understood what BA needed to know. Most men if they are honest with themselves are curious about homosexuality and this was a good opportunity to explore these questions. To do something they would not do under any other circumstance.

Face began to work his fingers back inside BA while they kissed almost frantically. It took BA a moment to figure out what Face was doing and why. He began to focus on relaxing to assist Face as much as he possibly could. Face used BA’s own cum from his last orgasm to lubricate him. Face began to remember vaguely where he knew to do this. One apartment he briefly vacated had an extensive collection of homo-pornographic novels. He read one out of curiosity and he searched his fuzzy memory for anything else he should do. He began to attempt some variations of how to loosen a partner up from what he read a few years ago. The techniques seemed to be working as inserted another finger and scissored BA, who was frantically kissing him in gratitude. Face thought the feeling of BA tightening and loosening of his muscles around his fingers was delicious and couldn’t wait to feel it around his penis. Face escaped BA’s kisses for a few seconds. "Ready to be boarded?"

BA couldn’t believe that they were actually going to go through with it. Face pulled and pushed at BA’s muscles while he waited for a response. "All aboard."

Face grinned and withdrew his fingers and BA not knowing any other positions got to his hands and knees. Face quickly fingered the entryway to make sure he was still loose enough. He worked him a little more while BA looked over his shoulder trying not to look at Face’s erection that was now at it’s biggest. "Ready?"

BA nodded and Face quickly removed his fingers and almost slammed into BA. BA wheezed at the sudden fullness and tried to get away from it. It hurt a little but Face stayed with him and in him. He thought that this might not have been such a good idea after all as he bowed over in discomfort. Face marveled at the tightness as BA tried to squeeze him out. It felt grand but he was concerned over BA’s reaction. "Relax BA…… relax……….. it’s just me. Feel that? That’s me……"

Face’s voice was soothing and he did as Face told him to do with much effort. Face made a mental note that if they ever did this again to try a different entry strategy. BA pulsated around him and he tried to ignore it or at least till he was sure BA was okay. BA wasn’t showing any signs of improvement and Face began to pull out. BA arched his neck and back at the sensation and backed into Face, taking him all the way in once again. "You okay, BA?"

BA nodded vigorously and bowed up squeezing Face out of him and relaxed so that Face could push his way back in again. BA had nothing else to compare the sensation to except to a very satisfying bowel movement, except this was over and over again for as long as Face could keep pushing his way back inside of him.

Face grinned and allowed BA to set the pace. BA would squeeze him out and he’d push back in but this was tiring BA out and fast. "BA, relax. Let me do the work"

BA had been worked pretty loose and wasn’t able to muster much strength to keep doing what they were doing. Face began to slide back and forth inside him. Though it wasn’t as satisfying as squeezing Face out but it was less work and he could relax some. He began to decide that he liked it and looked back at his caboose who was enjoying himself too. Even though BA was relaxed he was still tight and he was savoring every moment of it. Face came and BA dropped from exhaustion under Face’s weight.


Hannibal signaled Face to hurry and he got a curt nod in confirmation as he typed away on the computer, making sure the every last bit of the formula was erased. BA and Murdock were burning research notes. Murdock was grinning at the floating embers from the trash can. He was the only one who smiled that morning. The rest of them were walking around in stunned disbelief and could not bring themselves to look at each other. Especially BA and Face, they could not look in the other’s general direction.. They all remembered everything down to the last detail. Hannibal had stayed awake for a while longer wondering about what Murdock had said. He couldn’t dismiss it as an effect of the drug because the only thing they were certainly in control of the night before, was what they said. Murdock did not remember it and Hannibal watched him dance around the burning trash can provoking a smirk from Hannibal. Murdock was encouraging BA to join him in the ‘war’ dance because he had the hairstyle to go with it. Hannibal watched this for a few moments as BA smacked Murdock away. "Murdock……… Leave BA alone and make sure you’ve got everything."

Murdock shrugged and returned to the file cabinets to check one last time and BA gave Hannibal a glance of gratitude before returning to stare at the floor. Hannibal thought the best thing for them was to keep busy and return to the scene first thing. Security was running high and even Murdock questioned his decision to return this soon while the authorities were swarming all over the place. "They’ll never expect it," was Hannibal’s confident reply.

Hannibal watched the hall as he fingered the package of pistachio pudding mix in his pocket. They had entered the building through the company cafeteria and he noticed that the dry pudding mix was about the same color as the drug they were exposed to. It gave him an idea to buy them some time if they were detected but he was now having other ideas as he stole glances at Murdock. His thoughts wandered to how good it felt to be with Murdock in that way and how skilled he was in bed. Hannibal told himself to get his mind out of the gutter, they were both heterosexual males and it’ll never happen again. But the groggy statement made by Murdock last night before he went to sleep rang in his ears. ‘Hannibal, I love you.’

Face shyly announced he was finished and Murdock added that he could not find another piece of paper that made reference to the formula in question. "Okay, let’s clear out."

Hannibal returned his gun to it’s shoulder holster inside the business suit. Face was dressed similarly and he adjusted his faked company ID badge. Murdock was wearing a lab coat over his normal clothes and his hair floated about wildly giving off the perfect image of a mad scientist, thought Hannibal. BA was posing as a loading-dock worker. They were almost out of the building when someone spotted them. A scientist walked up to Murdock and stated to try to strike a conversation up. "I don’t think I’ve seen you here before…….. I guess you heard about the break in last night."

Murdock smiled politely. "There was a break in? What happened?"

"Didn’t you get the morning memo to check everything so that they can determine what areas were broken in?"

Murdock chuckled and said, "I can think of some areas that may have been broken in."

Hannibal rolled his eyes and walked on with Face and BA because they didn’t want to blow their cover. The scientist looked at Murdock’s ID badge and frowned. "You’re in my department and I don’t know you."

"Well…… It’s a large department."

"We only have seven people in our department.... Hey! Security!!!"

Murdock took off after the rest of them as they dodged the security people. Hannibal was leading them to the blocked off storage facility where the clean up crew in contamination suits were working. The security people stopped dead in their tracks and yelled at the people in the contamination suits to get them. Face and BA hesitated when dust began to stir up but were motivated to move once again when the contamination suited people were getting too close. Hannibal started firing above their heads and barked orders at his Team. When Face started firing Hannibal took out the pistachio pudding powder and flung it at the guards blocking their way out. The guards panicked and ran for the locker rooms clearing the path for their escape.

Once they were safely in the van and BA had gotten them to safety, Hannibal pulled out a cigar and lit it. BA glanced over to Hannibal and was panic stricken. "Hannibal! You got that stuff all over you again!"

Face yelled. "The motel’s only a few blocks from here. Punch it BA, we need to get it off of him!"

Hannibal turned around to explain that it was pudding powder but the look on Murdock’s face as he giggled stopped him. Face started pulling Hannibal’s jacket and tie off of him as they got close to the motel. When they got him inside the motel room they stripped him down to his underwear and dumped him in the tub. Once Hannibal was thoroughly soaked Murdock picked the clothes scattered about the room and he noticed the powder was different. It should float on the air and not falling. He cautiously tasted it. Instead of a bitter medicinal flavor, he tasted sweetness…….. pistachio.

He grinned as he carefully put the clothes away and walked in to find Face scrubbing away and BA looking anxiously on. Hannibal was about to tell them about his little joke but stopped when he saw Murdock. He looked…….. hopeful. Murdock clapped his hands sharply to get everyone’s attention. "Hannibal, how are you feeling?"

Hannibal carefully constructed an answer that would be believable. He fidgeted uncomfortably and stammered and Murdock raised an eyebrow at his acting skills. Face backed away. "Uh oh……..he’s effected."

BA shut the water off and jumped back expecting Hannibal to make a grab for him. Murdock wanted to giggle but he remained straight-faced with much effort. "You guys get out of here. I’ll take care of him since he and I already…….. you know."

Face gasped. "You think you…….. could? Without the drug?"

"I’ll just close my eyes and let him do what he needs to do. And besides, it wasn’t THAT bad."

"I….. uhm……. Will leave you alone with him. C’mon BA, he doesn’t need an audience."

Once Face and BA closed the door Face glanced nervously at BA. "I’ll go pay the bill and pay for an extra night."

BA cleared his throat and followed Face out the door. He was going to take the van to his place and work on it and do a major workout with his weights. Face made a mental list of dates with as many women as he possible could fit into his schedule for the next few days. Face could not get the memories of what he did to BA out of his head or how good it felt to be inside him. They went their separate ways, BA to bond with the engine of the van and Face to start on his marathon of dates with the most beautiful women in his little black books, leaving Murdock to face Hannibal alone.

Murdock peeled the wet undershirt off Hannibal. "Last night was wonderful but if you wanted to do it again, all you had to do was ask me."

Hannibal looked at him questioningly and Murdock grinned. "Pistachio pudding isn’t even an aphrodisiac."

Hannibal smiled while blushing a little and Murdock kissed him. Hannibal hesitantly began to push Murdock’s clothes off of him and broke the kiss. "You sure you want to do this?


Two minutes later they were on the bed, naked and Murdock was crawling on top of Hannibal to lie on him. They wove their arms and legs together as they kissed. Everything was done slowly and deliberately. They would stop from time to time to look at the other’s face and eyes before continuing with the deep penetrating kisses and Murdock’s penis found Hannibal’s entrance by itself. It was dripping with pre-cum, lubricating the area as it brushed up against it over and over. Murdock broke the kiss because he wanted to watch Hannibal’s reaction as he entered him. Murdock positioned himself and Hannibal just looked at him, understanding what he was doing. Hannibal opened his knees a little, untangling his legs from Murdock’s and waited. When Murdock began to push inside, Hannibal threw his head back and arched his neck while digging his fingernails into Murdock’s back. Murdock steadily and slowly pushed until he was all the way in. Hannibal was breathing hard and opened his eyes to see Murdock savoring the taking of virgin territory. Hannibal thought, ‘So this is how it feels to have someone inside you.’ He moved a little and was surprised at the sensation. Murdock’s eye’s glistened knowingly. He knew what Hannibal was feeling and what he was thinking. Murdock began to move his hips and Hannibal was stunned by how good it felt. Murdock kissed him and he wrapped his arms around the pilot’s sweaty body holding onto him for dear life.

They later agreed to still see women. When a woman walked into the picture, the other would back away gracefully but they always came back to each other. Hannibal used his new found knowledge of what it was like to be entered and how vulnerable it made him feel, to be a more considerate lover to the women that he took to bed. Although they both enjoyed having sex with each other, they both had a need to be with women. Women came and went but they were a constant.

The end.

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