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by Cat

DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Never were. Just borrowing to entertain a few bored masses. No money made. I'm still as poor as ever. :(
WARNING: Slashy content!
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is another attempt at drabble. We'll see if Cat can actually count correctly *this* time. LOL

* * * * * *

The waves caressed his bare back and licked his naked legs. For a moment he wasn't sure if it was real.

"Time to decide, Face," the voice said softly.

"Time to choose."

He sighed slightly and kept his arms under his head.

Looking up, they were there.

Together...directly above him.

How could he possibly settle for ONE?

Hannibal was everything he wanted; commanding, masterful, strong.

But Murdock was everything he needed: loyal, protective, capable.

How could he choose?

He couldn't.


"Hannibal, I can't...Murdock, I can't..."

He closed his eyes.


No choices................

* * * * * * *

Choices by Cat



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