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Mind, Body, and Soul

Mind, Body, and Soul
by Lacy

Rating: PG-13, slight m/m. Nothing graphic
Warnings: Pain, main character hurt, love!
Summary: One of them is hurt. The others worry.
Copyright: Loraine Writing Inc.

The heat was unbearable. So was the waiting. They had all been here before, but never for him. He was one of those guys you thought could never be hurt. It was weird, seeing him in the van, pale and drawn. His usually lively blue eyes closed, and when they were open, dark with pain. It wasn't her fault, but she couldn't help feeling guilty.

Waiting, waiting, God, why didn't someone tell them something? And the heat... He thought Vietnam was bad. Weren't waiting rooms suppose to make you comfortable? Defiantly not his one. He looked around at the others. She looks guilty. It wasn't her fault. He looked to the next man and shook his head. "Crazy man's gone again. Wonder what's going on in his head?"

"No. No. No." His brain screamed over and over. "Not him. Why him? Why wasn't it me? I should be on that table... Don't think about it... Go away from the pain... Where's Billy? They didn't leave him, did they? Billy?" His eyes darted around the room. "There he was. In the corner. Come on... I need you." Billy climbs in his lap. He strokes his head. "Away. Go away from the pain. His happy place. Nothing could hurt him there. Yeah. Go there. No...needed here...stay." He became aware of blue-green eyes watching him.

"Poor guy," he thought. "Everyone thinks I'm the one that keeps him together. How wrong they are. The man in the emergency room is the glue that holds us together. If it wasn't for him... I hate to think where I'd be. Probably someone's bitch in a prison somewhere. Or dead. Yeah, probably dead. Not that this life was better. Always on the run, always on guard, always being someone I'm not." As a con- man, he could be anyone he wanted to be. Right now, he wanted to be the man in emergency rather than Hannibal.

He heard the Doctor clear his throat. Face turned to look at him Amy stood and winced at the pain caused by the backs of her legs sticking to the vinyl seat. She wrapped her arms around herself and shivered in spite of the heat. B.A. put a arm around her shoulder. She smiled at him and moved closer, thankful for the comfort. Face looks at the doctor. "How is he?" The doctor sighs. "He's not good. Five broken ribs, three fractured, the rest bruised. Multiple cuts and lacerations, blood loss, concussion. It's good you got him here when you did." Amy says "Can we see him?" The doctor says "I usually don't allow this but he has been asking to see someone." Everyone looks at Face, who is looking at a rocking ball of leather and kaki in the corner. The doctor nods at him. "Is that Murdock?" Face nods and goes over to him and bends down. Blue eyes meet brown. "Come back to us Murdock. He wants to see you. He's asking for you. Don't you want to see him?" Awareness creeps into his eyes. "He wants to see me?" Face nods. "Come on. You and Billy go with the Doctor." Murdock gets up and calls to Billy. The doctor frowns at him. "Amy says "He's harmless. Don't worry." Face says "Tell him we're him and that we'll see him later. You two need time." Murdock follows the doctor out. Everyone sits down relieved.

The Doctor takes Murdock to Hannibal's room. At the door, Murdock stops and takes a deep breath. The doctor says "Are you ok?" Murdock nods and pushes the door open and catches his breath as he sees Hannibal. Hannibal looked old. His hair plastered to his forehead, his skin white and pale, eyes sunk into his head. Murdock cautiously approaches the bed. "Hannibal, are you awake?" Hannibal's eyelids flutter open. "Is that you Murdock?" Murdock sits on the edge of the bed. "Yeah, Colonel. I'm here. How are you?" Hannibal smiles weakly. "Well, I'm not up to ball room dancing but I'll be ok." Murdock looks at him, a lump catching in his throat. He swallows hard. "Hannibal," his voice breaking, "I'm so sorry. I should have protected you. It's my fault you're in here." He puts his head in his hands. Hannibal reaches out for his hand and pulls it to his chest. "Murdock, it's not you fault. It's no ones fault but my own. I was on the jazz. And you know how I get when I get on the jazz." Murdock looks up and sees a mischievous twinkle in Hannibal's eyes. Murdock smiles. "I was afraid I'd lose you." Hannibal pulls Murdock close to him on the bed. "You'll never have to worry about losing me again." He pulls Murdock down and captures his lips. Murdock moans as he kisses Hannibal with all the emotions that have built up in the past few hours. They kiss until both are breathless. Hannibal pulls away and says "Now Captain. Are you convinced?" Murdock nods unable to speak. Hannibal pulls him down until he is laying down next to him. Murdock snuggles up to him and says "I'm suppose to be comforting you. Am I hurting you?" Hannibal kisses his forehead. "I'm fine. The best medicine for me right now is just holding you. I love you so much." Murdock lays his head on his chest. He lays there until both he and Hannibal fall asleep.

Outside, Face is looking through the window. He smiles. "The glue that holds us together. Mind, body and soul."


Mind, Body, and Soul by Lacy



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