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I Opened My Heart

I Opened My Heart

By Lacy


Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Sappy, slight slash, character death, graphic parts. Murdock lovers beware!

Summary: One of the team experiences loss.

Disclaimer: The guys aren't mine, the song is Kenny Chesney's, but the idea, that's all me.

Copyright: Loraine Writing Inc.





Face felt old. He'd never felt like this before. "Well, this has never happened before" he thought. "Why did it happen? What went wrong?" He thought back to the mission.




They were on a simple mission. Just a hit and run. Hit the building,

get the papers they needed and run. Simple? Not this time. They hit

the building just like they had planned. They got the papers like

they planned. It was the running part that got them. They were almost

away from the building when the unexpected happened....


"Hannibal, do you hear that?"


"Sure do Murdock."


"That's not what I think it is, is it Hannibal?"


"Afraid so B.A."


"Now what, Hannibal?"


"Let me think."


"I thought they were suppose to be harmless. Just a simple job. Why

does it always have to get complicated."


"Cause Facey, we're the A-Team. Everything we do is complicated."


"Thanks for the confidence Murdock."


"Sure thing."


They looked over the hill to see the tank coming towards them.


"Where do you get a tank anyhow's?"


"I don't know B.A."


"I bet Face could get us one, couldn't ya Facey?"


"Maybe later Murdock."


That's when Murdock saw it. Hidden under a couple of old tarps. A

helicopter. Just the thing to escape.


"I love it when a plan come together. Murdock go see if it'll start.

If it does, get it ready and we'll be right there."


"Right Colonel."


He started for the chopper. He gave Face a wink and blew him a kiss.


"I'll be back for you, lover boy."


Then he ran for the chopper. It had worked. He had gotten it started.

Hannibal was laying down cover fire for them to get inside. Then it




A horn honking brought Face back to reality. He looked at the light

and saw it was green. He ran a tired hand over his face. "Come on

Face. Get it together" he scolded himself. "You're tough. You can get

through this. He needs you." He pulled the 'Vette into a parking

space. His gaze turned to the front of the building. "Why does it

look so happy? Doesn't the building know the love of my life is

laying inside close to death? God, I hate hospitals." He got out of

the car and stretched. His mind replayed what happened to get him




"Face, get to the chopper."


"What about B.A.?"


"I'm ok, sucka. Let's just get outta here."


They turned to cover Hannibal as he started towards them. Then, the

tank fired. A missile, something they hadn't seen since Vietnam, flew

over their heads. On instinct, they hit the deck. They felt the heat

of the explosion. Then silence. No tank, no helicopter, nothing.



Face walked in the doors. The nurse smiled at him. He gave her a

smile and headed to the elevator. The doors opened and he stepped

inside. Their was another person in with him. She asked him what

floor he was going to. Face smiled and said "Five, please." The lady

pushed the button and then looked at Face again. "You have a friend

in the burn unit?" Face nodded. "He was in a small explosion. Work

hazard, you know?" The lady smiled at him as the elevator

stopped. "You tell you're friend I hope he gets better. Take care of

yourself to, you hear?" Face nodded as the doors closed. "A small

explosion? That's the best lie you've ever come up with Templeton.

Small explosion? It was only a rocket hitting a helicopter."



Face was the first person up. He stared at the place where the

helicopter was. There was hardly anything left. He ran to the debris

and started shifting through. He barley heard Hannibal and B.A. join him. He was to busy looking for something, anything to show him where Murdock was.




He heard B.A. When he looked, Hannibal was staring. He ran over to





He couldn't believe what he saw. The ever-present baseball cap, gone, burnt. The bomber jacket he loved so much, melted. Even those damn Chuck Taylor tennis shoes he insisted on wearing were gone. The only thing left was a body, well actually, a lump of charred flesh, laying twisted in the wreckage of the helicopter. He reached out to touch the body. A moan made him draw his hand back.


"Hannibal, he's alive."


"B.A. Go get the van. NOW!"


B.A. didn't need to be told twice. He ran toward the woods where they

had stashed the van. He wiped the tears that threatened to

fall. "He'll be ok. That fool is always ok."


Face looked at the body. A tear ran down his cheek. He heard a sound. He bent towards the body.


"Hannibal. He's trying to talk."


Face listened.




"I love you to, Murdock. Hold on. B.A. will be back with the van.

We'll get you help." Face forced a smile


Murdock shook his head. "N...n.o...t... g....o...n...n...a.... m...m..m...a...k.....e... it."


"Yes you are. You can't leave me."


Murdock closed his eyes.


"NO. Don't leave me. Murdock. Come back."


B.A. came back with the van. He pulled out a blanket and picked up

Murdock. For a big guy, he sure was gentle. He placed Murdock in the

van and climbed in. Face lay down beside Murdock. He talked to him

all the way to the hospital.



The elevator dinged. Face shook himself out of his thoughts and

walked out towards Murdock's room. He didn't know how long he had

been standing in the elevator. He turned the corner to see Hannibal

and B.A. standing in the hall. Face stopped. "This can't be good he

thought. Hannibal would never leave Murdock unless..." He ran to

Hannibal. "Is he..." Hannibal put a hand on his shoulder. "No Kid.

He's resting. The doctor told us it would be better if we let him be

for a while." Face looks at him. "Can't I just sit with him? I won't

wake him. I just want to be near him." B.A. says "I know you want to

be with him, little bro, but he needs his rest." Face sighs. "He needs me. I know he does." The doctor goes past into Murdock's room. Face says "Oh, Murdock. You have to get better. I need you."



Two Months Later


Face sat in the 'Vette. "I can't do this. I can't go see him." He looked up at the sky. He closed his eyes and pictured the eyes he loved do much. He sighed and got out of the car. He walked up a small hill and over to the grave. He placed the flowers on the headstone.


"I'm here Murdock. I guess you know that. God, I miss you. I'm doing

better. We've been on a few missions, none in where we fly. No one

can bring themselves to get on a plane. We all miss you. Amy said

she came and saw you. I'm sure you liked that. Well, I guess I need

to get back. We have to leave soon. I love you."


Face turned and walked back to the car. He stopped and wiped the

tears that fell. He got in the 'Vette and started towards the meeting



The silence of the ride disturbed him. He reached over and turned on

the radio. Static. When was the last time he had had this radio on?



"Murdock! Will you find a station? That static is killing me."


"But Facey, it's my favorite song. Sing with me. You know the words."


Murdock made up a string of words that would rival any songwriters

best effort.


"How does he do that? He doesn't even try and comes up with better

songs than are on the radio" Face thought to himself. They pulled up

to a red light. Murdock stopped singing and leaned over and kissed




His thoughts were broken by a horn. He was at a red light. He looked

over to the passenger seat, expecting to see Murdock, grinning. He

frowned to see no one there. He looked at the light then pulled out.


He pushed one of the buttons on the radio. A song started so Face

left the station on. He gasped as he heard the song and thought of



"Well, I opened my heart, and I let you in

I promised I'd never love again

And still doing what I'd said I'd do

Someday I might get over you


I wear my ring on a chain now, instead of my hand

And I deal with your memories the best I can

I've even been out on a date or two

Someday I might get over you


Oh, I never thought I'd see it

But I think I see the light

Now I know that what I have to do

Is get on with my life,

but I can't fake another day

I can't face another night,

so I just take another breath

And let it go


If I could ever feel the way that I felt

I'll take a chance with someone else

And if my heart takes chances too

Someday I might get over you


Oh, I never thought I'd see it

But I think I see the light

Now I know that what I have to do

Is get on with my life,

but I can't fake another day

I can't face another night,

so I just take another breath

And let it go


Well, I opened my heart,

and I let you in

I promised I'd never love again

Right now it's something I still can't do

Someday I might get over you


Thought it may not be 'til my life is through

Someday I might get over you"

Face pulled the car over to the side of the road. He reached to his

neck and pulled the chain out from under his shirt. He looked at the

ring Murdock had given him for his birthday. He smiled at the memory

of the night he had gotten this present. He sighed and kissed the

ring. He wiped his eyes and looked toward the sky.


"I know you're up there Murdock. I know you're flying to your hearts

content. I miss you, but I know you're happy. I did open my heart and

let you in. I did promise to never love again. I still love you. I

don't think I'll ever get over you. I love you so much. Thank you for

showing me how to love."


He bowed his head to say a silent prayer. He felt something brush

against his neck. He looked up and said "Murdock?" He heard a voice

that he knew so well.


"I opened my heart. I let you in. Promised I'd never love again."


Then he felt his neck being kissed and a sense of peace came over

him. He knew Murdock was happy and that he stilled loved him. He

started the car and pulled out. The chorus of the song repeating in

his head.


"I opened my heart,

And I let you in.

Promised I'd never love again."




I Opened My Heart by Lacy



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