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The Mile-High Club

The Mile-High Club

Copyright:    2001
Author:         Mel
Rated:         NC-17
Disclaimer:    All original TAT characters belong to Stephen J. Cannell and Universal. (Or is it Top Cow Productions?) Anyway, they're not mine.
Warning:         PWP, m/m slash (Face/Murdock), explicit m/m sex. Do not read if you are under 18 or if male/male sex bothers you.
Summary:      The team flies home from a mission. While the others nap, Murdock and Face get frisky.

Note: In no way am I advocating unsafe aviation practices or violation of FAA regulations. For those of you who may not know, the term "Mile High Club" refers to two people engaging in sexual activity (intercourse) at an altitude no less than 5,280 feet (one statute mile) above ground level in an airplane. Most veteran pilots have a more rigorous definition: you need to be at the controls of an airplane in order to claim membership in this exclusive club. (See


The Mile-High Club


Face sighed discontentedly as he tried to make himself comfortable in his seat. For once a mission had gone fairly smoothly. In and out with a minimum of mayhem, no serious injuries to any of the team, and a fat fee paid in full. Even Hannibal's plan had played out with only a few last-minute improvisations required. It should have been a moment to savor. He couldn't seem to relax, however.

The team was finally headed home to LA, and in style. The client had provided a Gulfstream turbo prop, an older plane, but nicely furnished. Once a timely injection quieted BA, the takeoff had been uneventful save for Murdock's usual ear-splitting howl. Face smiled, thinking of the pilot. He was up in the cockpit, happily singing everything from Rossini to Springsteen.

One drawback to a mission so smoothly executed was that Face and Murdock hadn't found any opportunities to spend time alone with each other. It had been several weeks since they'd been together, and Face was feeling frustrated. His only consolation was that Murdock was just as frustrated. After they'd lugged BA onto the airplane and were securing him in his seat, Face had felt a hand surreptitiously grope his ass. Startled, he'd jumped, and fiercely whispered, "Murdock! Cut it out!"

Murdock had just grinned and quickly retreated to prepare for takeoff.

To take his mind off his frustration, Face busied himself with some business matters. He had to decide how to invest the sizeable profit from this last job, and was considering buying some stock in one of the new companies manufacturing personal computers.

After about half an hour's work, he looked up and around the cabin, in the mood for diversion. Hannibal had dozed off in the upright seat, his head lolling uncomfortably. Face slipped over and reclined the seat, raising the footrest. Hannibal turned over onto his side, sighing, and sank deeper into sleep. Amy, across the aisle from Hannibal, had also given up the fight to stay awake. Well, that left Murdock. Face decided to go up to the cockpit. It would be the nearest thing to being alone together they'd had for weeks.

He walked down the aisle, through the tiny galley, and slid into the plush leather copilot's seat in the cozy cockpit. Murdock was bobbing his head vigorously in time to the music on his headphones. Although the autopilot was on, his eyes continuously scanned the horizon and the instrument panel.

Face waited patiently until Murdock noticed him.

"Faceman! Come to keep me company?"

"Yeah, Murdock. Everyone else is asleep. And I'm tired of doing paperwork."

Murdock gave him one of those smiles, the smile that made him simultaneously melt with love and harden in arousal. If they could just find some time alone!

"You're having a good time, aren't you, Murdock?"

"Yeah, Facey, she's a nice little bird. A whole sight better'n that ol' gooney bird you scammed for us on our last mission."

"Gooney bird! I seem to recall you going on and on about ‘the romance of flying the fabled Dakota’."

"Yeah, well, I didn't wanna make you feel bad."

"Feel bad? Why would I feel bad? I got us a plane, didn't I? And we got home okay, didn't we?" Inwardly he was cringing, remembering how they'd limped home in the elderly DC-3.

Murdock mournfully shook his head. "Face, maybe you're losing your touch."

Face stuttered indignantly. "Wh - what? We were out in the middle of nowhere! I was lucky to find anything. You guys always expect--"

"You know, you're awful cute when you're angry," Murdock interrupted, reaching over to place a hand on his thigh, rubbing it gently but suggestively.

Face decided he'd better change the subject. This was getting dangerous.

"Hey, you thirsty? I'm gonna get a coke."

"Sure, I'll take one."

Face swung his legs around and stood up. He had to brush against Murdock to exit the small cockpit. As he did, he felt a hand on his ass.


He thought he heard a snicker, but when he wheeled around, Murdock was intently scanning the sky.

Damn Murdock anyway. Face had finally begun to relax and forget his sexual frustration. Then the pilot had to start things up again.

Sighing, he grabbed a couple of cans of soda and some ice out of the tiny refrigerator. He was searching for drinking glasses when suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around him from behind and warm, insistent lips were kissing his neck. Acting instinctively, he yanked the curtain across the doorway to the passenger cabin.

"Murdock, are you nuts?" he hissed.

"Certifiably, baby," Murdock breathed in his ear, causing Face to shiver.

"BA may be out, but Hannibal and Amy are only fifteen feet away. And I don't trust them not to wake up, especially Hannibal," Face whispered. "Damn it, Murdock, we can't chance it!"

"Aw, c'mon, you got me so hot and bothered I can't take it."

Face felt a hand slide down over his hip to cup the growing bulge in his groin. He groaned and leaned back, grinding his ass into Murdock's arousal. The pilot groaned in reply, running his tongue around the rim of Face's ear.

Suddenly they heard a muffled thud and muttered curses. Murdock dived back into the cockpit, while Face tried to compose himself and pretend to look for glassware. The curtain was abruptly pulled aside and Hannibal stuck his head into the galley. He looked distinctly cranky.

"Face, you got anything for a headache? I've been trying to sleep it off, but it's no good. My head's pounding."

"Um, sure, Hannibal. There's a first-aid kit here. I'll get you some aspirin." Face rummaged in the kit, pulled out the aspirin bottle, and then got Hannibal some water.

"Thanks, kid. I can't stand much more of this."

"It's probably the altitude or something, Hannibal. How about a sleeping pill? I've got some very mild ones. I'm sure you'll feel much better if you can get some real sleep." Face dug into his jacket pocket for the small pillbox, shook out a single tablet, and offered it to Hannibal.

"Now there's an idea. I'll give it a try."

Face followed him back to his seat and helped him ease into a comfortable position. He acquired a blanket and pillow from the storage closet next to the galley and tucked Hannibal in. Within minutes the colonel was sound asleep.


Face took a last look around the cabin. BA, Hannibal, and Amy all appeared to be sound asleep. Satisfied, he stooped to rummage in his bag. He knew he’d packed it. Oh, there it was. He pocketed the small tube and slipped into the galley, pulling the curtain closed behind him.

The abandoned cans of soda were standing in a pool of melting ice on the counter. Face grabbed a towel, wiped off the cans and the counter, and dumped the remaining ice in the tiny sink. He snatched up the sodas and stepped back into the cockpit.

Murdock had a chart spread open across his lap, while he scribbled numbers on a clipboard precariously balanced on one knee. Not wanting to disturb him, Face sat back in the other seat, popped the top on the can, and took a swallow.

After a few minutes, Murdock folded the chart and stowed it and the clipboard under the seat. He held out a hand for the other can of soda.

"Thanks, Face, I was gettin' pretty dry."

"So, are we on course?"

"Yeah, we passed the last checkpoint just about right on time. That puts us about three hours to LA. Hannibal off in dreamland?"

"Yeah, though I thought he’d never fall asleep. But c'mon, Murdock! That was too close for comfort. I'm not ready for him to discover that you're my significant other, you know."

"Gee, Facey, I'm touched that you consider me your significant other. When you gonna give me a ring? Or your fraternity pin?"

"Will you be serious for once? I know we've got to tell the others one of these days, but I'd rather choose the time and place. Hannibal just about got a real eyeful this time."

"You seem pretty sure that they don't already know."

"How could they? We've been very careful to act as usual."

"*You* certainly have. That gal you scammed the getaway car from was draped all over you. I thought we'd have to pry her off you with a crowbar."

"Now, Murdock, I was just doing my job. She didn't mean anything to me, you know that. You're the one I love."

"Well, you got a peculiar way of showin' it, s'all I gotta say." Murdock seemed determined to work himself into a major league sulk.

Face sighed, and decided he'd better nip this in the bud. He slid across the cockpit to plop himself down on Murdock's lap and began raining kisses all over the pilot's face. At first there was no response, but eventually Murdock grabbed Face by the ears and pulled his head down until their mouths met.

After what seemed like hours, Face dragged his mouth away and gasped, "God, Murdock, nobody can kiss like you. I've missed this so much."

"Yeah, Facey, you ain't so--" His reply was abruptly cut off by Face's tongue entering his mouth.

They kissed and kissed, making up for lost time, tongues eagerly exploring each other's mouths, tasting, teasing. Face pushed Murdock's jacket off, running his hands over the lean muscled back under the thin T-shirt. Murdock had one hand in Face's thick, soft hair, while he stroked his hip and thigh with the other.

After a time, Murdock pulled away and began to kiss his way over to Face's ear. He thrust his tongue in, then blew gently, causing the other man to moan and press his body tightly against him. Face could feel the hardness pressing into his thigh, and he shifted his leg a bit, eliciting a deep groan from the pilot.

Murdock pushed him away for a moment, gasping, "Face, we gotta find a better place to continue this…"

Face answered this by kissing and licking along Murdock's jawline and neck, while running a hand up under his T-shirt to caress his chest. He sucked hard at the base of Murdock's neck, leaving a faint mark. The other man moaned and moved his hand up Face's thigh to the waistband of his pants, intending to open his zipper.

Then the two men heard sounds from the cabin behind them. Face leaped off Murdock's lap and into the other seat. Murdock grabbed the clipboard, tossing it to Face, and quickly spread the chart open over his lap, nearly ripping it in his haste. Face crossed his legs and held the clipboard over his aching erection. Both tried to slow down their breathing and compose themselves.

They heard the curtain being drawn back. Someone entered the galley and opened the refrigerator. Then they heard the refrigerator door close.

"Hi, guys, what're you up to?" Amy peered into the cockpit to smile cheerfully at the two men. She opened a can of soda, leaned against the doorway, and took a long drink.

"Oh, hi, sweetheart, just checkin' our position." Murdock managed to sound nearly normal, although he felt like his face was on fire. He tried to look intently at the chart to avoid meeting Amy's eyes. "And how are you this fine afternoon? Have a nice nap?"

"Not particularly. I kept waking up."

Face felt himself blush. What if she'd heard them? He darted a glance at Murdock, who was valiantly trying to look unconcerned.

"Face, you look kind of flushed. You feel okay? I hope you're not coming down with something contagious."

"Oh, no, Amy, I'm fine. Maybe I got a little sunburned on this last job."

"You should be more careful. You know, too much sun is hard on the complexion, and we wouldn't want you to lose your looks. Why, how would we have gotten the getaway car if that girl hadn't been so taken with you?"

"Will you give it a rest? I was just doing my job."

"And you do it so well." She reached over to ruffle his hair. "I'm just teasing, Face."

Ducking her hand, he grumbled, "I get no respect. You all think it's easy to supply the team's every need at the drop of a hat. It took me years to hone those skills."

"Yes, and we do appreciate it, don't we, Murdock?"

"Huh? Sorry, Amy. I wasn't listening."

"That's right, you're figuring out our present position. How much longer 'til we're back in LA?"

"Um, well, best I can figure, it's gonna be less than 3 hours. Why? You got a hot date?"

"Well, a hot date with a deadline. I want to file this story before the weekend. Speaking of which, what are you doing this weekend, Murdock? I could come visit you at the VA if you want. I'll even bring pizza."

"Uh, um…" He frantically searched for an excuse. "I got a heavy group session this weekend. New shrink wants to try some primal scream therapy. Could get real ugly."

Amy rolled her eyes and laughed. "It's okay to just say no thanks, Murdock. You don't have to come up with some elaborate excuse. We'll make it another time."

"Sorry, honey. I'm just not in the mood for this weekend. But you give me a call and we'll do somethin' next week."

"No problem. Face, how about you? Got a date lined up with your current sweet young thing?"

"I’ve got…plans."

"You’ve got *plans*? That’s pretty vague. You used to love to tell us all about your conquests. Come to think of it, it’s been quite awhile since the last one - what was her name? Bambi? Or was it Fawn?"

"I’ve been busy. I have a lot of responsibilities, you know. Business matters, night classes, going on missions, avoiding the MPs…"

"I don’t know - maybe you’re losing your touch."

Face didn't deign to reply, turning away to jot down some notes on his clipboard. Amy just grinned at Murdock, who couldn’t help but grin back, despite his discomfort. He shifted uneasily in his seat, hoping she wouldn't notice.

But she merely yawned and blinked sleepily. "I wish I could get some real sleep. Seems a shame to waste 3 hours reading magazines."

Face immediately seized the opportunity. "Say, Amy, I've got some sleeping pills. They're very mild, they'll just relax you enough so you can fall asleep. Hannibal took one, and he's sleeping like a baby." He fumbled in his pocket for the pillbox.

"Okay, I'll try one. I could really use the rest."

"Here, I'll take you back to your seat and tuck you in." Face grasped her elbow and firmly steered her back toward the passenger cabin.

"Face, that's really sweet of you."

Turning his best smile on her, he replied, "We aim to please."

He grabbed a pillow and blanket from the closet, and helped Amy adjust her seat. After tucking her in, he waited until she seemed to have fallen asleep. Taking one last look around the cabin, Face satisfied himself that everyone was sound asleep. Finally! He turned around and walked purposefully back toward the cockpit.


Face had just passed through the curtained doorway into the galley when he was abruptly grabbed and pinned against the bulkhead. Murdock's hands and mouth seemed to be everywhere at once. Stunned for a moment, Face quickly recovered his senses. He tried to push Murdock away, but the pilot just pulled him back into his arms, kissing him feverishly. Face could feel his control slipping away. Desperately, he grabbed two handfuls of Murdock's hair and forced his head back. They stared at each other, panting with lust.

"Murdock…Murdock! Get a grip!" Face spoke in low, urgent tones.

"But Face, I - I think I’m gonna explode if I don't have you!"

"I know, I know. I want you so much - but where?"

"The deck -"

"I'll get a blanket -"

Face threw open the closet door and snatched up a blanket, paused a moment, then grabbed a pillow. Might come in handy, he thought as he turned back to the galley.

In the meantime Murdock had wasted no time getting undressed. He was down to his pants by the time Face returned. They quickly spread the blanket on the galley deck, then frantically stripped off the rest of their clothes, tossing them into the cockpit.

Murdock tackled Face, bringing him down on the blanket. They rolled on the deck in a tangle of arms and legs, mouths desperately kissing, erections thrusting against each other.

Face gasped, "I want you…in me…now!"

"Oh god, baby, turn over."

"The lube - in my jacket pocket - can you reach it?"

"Unh…just about…got it!"

Then it was all quiet sighs and moans, and flesh sliding over flushed, heated flesh. Murdock applied the lube to Face's ass with shaking fingers, then to his own hard, throbbing cock. He quickly positioned himself and began to penetrate Face, trying not to give in and start pounding away. Face, too aroused to wait, rocked back and took in all of Murdock at once.

The shock of the tight heat around his cock froze him for a moment. Then Face impatiently pushed his ass against Murdock's groin. Murdock grabbed Face's hips and started thrusting deep and hard. He could only last for a few strokes before he came, and Face, feeling the hot cum spurt in his ass, followed him over.

They collapsed onto the blanket, nearly unconscious, hearts racing. Finally Face summoned the strength to reach out and pull Murdock into his arms, gently stroking his body as they recovered their breath.

"Oh, oh, Face, that was so…so…"

"So incredible? So hot?"

"No, so quick. I haven’t gone off that fast since I was thirteen."

Face punched his shoulder. "Gee, that makes me feel so…adequate."

"Oh, no, no, no, Face, you got me so hot I just couldn’t hold back."

"Well, sweetheart, we’ve been saving it up for so long. Now that we took the edge off, I’m gonna take my time and really do you right."

"Whatcha got in mind, muchacho?" Murdock smiled coyly and batted his eyelashes.

Face leered at him. "Just lie back and watch. I’m gonna have you begging me for it before I’m done. But we've got to clean up first. There’s hot water and soap and towels here in the galley. Not as nice as a shower, but it’s the best we’ve got."

After they’d washed, Face gently pushed Murdock down on his back. To lie on the deck, Murdock had to move back until his head and shoulders were inside the cockpit, as the galley was less than five feet long. He stuffed the pillow behind his head for support. In the meantime, Face took a quick look around the curtain to reassure himself that the others were still sleeping. As long as they kept their voices down, the engine noise ought to mask their activity.

"I’m ready, Facey. Do your worst."

"All right, just remember to keep it down, okay?"

Face bent down and gently kissed Murdock’s lips. As the kiss deepened, he slid his tongue inside, tasting his lover’s sweetness. With an effort he pulled his mouth away and sat up, considering his next move. It had been so long since they’d been together. He wanted to learn Murdock’s body all over again, explore all those special places, make him cry out with desire.

He started with featherlight caresses, lips and tongue following his hands as he leisurely worked his way around the willing body beneath him. He delighted in rediscovering Murdock’s sensitive places: the insides of his wrists and elbows, where his pulse beat strongly, the soft skin on his neck just under his ear, the junction of throat and shoulder, the nipples half hidden by soft chest hair. Moving further down, Face kissed and nipped the soft skin on Murdock’s belly, then moved down to his thighs, carefully avoiding his groin.

The pilot moaned and sighed, reaching up to capture him and pull him down against his body, but Face firmly pushed him back. "No touching, Murdock. I’m doing the loving here. I’ll stop right now if you don’t behave."

Murdock groaned softly, but gave in. Face smiled wickedly at him, stroking his thighs to tease them further apart. He kissed and licked the tender skin, which quivered beneath his mouth. Then he urged the pilot to turn onto his side, moving behind him to massage and gently bite that perfect rounded ass, loving the combination of firm muscle and soft skin.

By this time Murdock, in dire need of relief, was desperately trying to thrust against the blanket. Seeing this, Face smiled and turned him over on his back. He whispered, "What do you want, sweetheart?"


Face gently cupped his balls. "Tell me, Murdock. Tell me what you want." He got a muffled groan in reply. "Do you want me to suck you?" This time an emphatic nod.

"I’ll take that as a 'yes'."

With that Face leaned down and took Murdock's erection in his mouth, working him with tongue and lips. He swirled his tongue around the sensitive head, then curled it around the shaft, licking and sucking. Murdock writhed, trying to thrust deeper into Face's mouth, restrained by the hands on his hips. He wanted to cry out, but held back the impulse, clenching his jaw. He was close, so close, then finally plunging over, his body spasming in release.

Murdock lay gasping for breath, then pulled Face into his arms, cuddling him close. Face gently stroked his arms and shoulders, then lightly rubbed his chest, running his fingers through the thick dark hair.

"Ummmm, Facey, that was incredible. I thought I was gonna pass out for a minute there. You're so good, baby." Murdock kissed the top of Face's head, which was nestled against his shoulder. "Now what can I do for you?"

"I'll leave that up to you, Murdock. I'm sure you'll think of something."

"You know it, baby. Wait a sec, we better make sure the sleeping beauties are still snoozin'. You stay put - I'll check." Murdock rummaged in the cockpit for his pants and T-shirt, quickly pulled them on, then quietly entered the cabin to reconnoiter. He noted that they all seemed to be soundly sleeping, then hightailed it to the front of the plane. Once he passed through the curtain, he shed his pants, then pulled his T-shirt off and dropped it over the back of the seat as he entered the cockpit.


Face had arranged himself in the co-pilot's seat in what he hoped was a seductive pose. It wasn't particularly comfortable, but he wanted to show Murdock how eagerly he anticipated the next round. He was becoming increasingly aroused just thinking of what they might do.

Murdock stood in the doorway, looking at him for a long moment. "God, you're beautiful. C'mere, darlin'." He pulled Face up off the seat into his arms, running his hands down his back to his slim, taut ass. "How'd you like a flying lesson? I'll take you so high you'll never wanna come back down to earth."

"Ready when you are, baby." Face smiled seductively, licking his lips.

Murdock sat in the pilot's seat and pulled Face down to sit in front of him between his legs. He leaned forward and began murmuring instructions into Face's ear.

"First, I'm gonna turn off the autopilot. Now we've got the plane. Put your hands on the yoke. You really only need to use one hand, but I want both your hands on it." At the same time Murdock lightly stroked Face's cock with his left hand. "Next we'll trim her so she flies level. She wants to climb, so we turn the trim wheel forward to push her nose down. Like that." The hand continued to stroke, a little harder. "You can spread your legs more, just keep your feet off the pedals." Then the hand moved down to cup and gently squeeze his balls. "Now, we need a heading of three zero zero. Just watch the directional gyro and keep the arrow on three zero zero. No matter what I do to you, you gotta keep us on course, keep your hands on the yoke. Don't pull back, don't push forward. Okay?"

Face could only nod, not trusting his voice. His erection was painfully hard, but he knew Murdock would draw this out, bring him close, then ease off, teasing him until he'd want to scream for mercy. He focused a small part of his attention on the heading, and surrendered the rest to the sensations coursing through his body.

Warm, soft lips kissed their way along Face's shoulders and neck. One hand stroked along his ribs and slid back up to gently rub and tease a nipple. The other fondled his erection, slid a thumb over the head, spread the leaking pre-cum down along the shaft. The long fingers began a slow rhythmic stroking, up and down. Face tipped his head back, closing his eyes. Then a hand gripped his hair, pushing his head back up.

"No, no, Face. You gotta watch that heading. Don't want us to go off course, do ya?"

Face dazedly shook his head, and focused his attention back on the instrument panel. Murdock laughed softly in his ear, and resumed loving him with mouth and hands.

Somehow Face managed to hold the course while Murdock continued to kiss, caress, and stroke him into near insensibility. He could feel the tension build in his groin, then ebb slightly as Murdock would back down the intensity, only to start building it up again. He knew he wouldn't last much longer, and had a sudden realization.

"Murdock," he choked out. "Can't…take much more…You want me…to shoot…all over…"

Murdock had been thoroughly exploring Face's ear with his tongue. He stopped for a moment, considering.

"Hmmm…No problem, I'll use this," grabbing the T-shirt he'd dropped over the back of the seat. "So, you ‘bout ready, Facey? Let's take you over the redline." With that his hand sped up on Face's cock, while he murmured encouragement in Face's ear. "C'mon, baby, you can do it, let go, just let go, wanna see you fly, love you, Face…"

Then Face was exploding, soaring upward, falling back into darkness.


Awareness slowly returned. He felt strong arms around him, holding him tightly. A soft voice whispering words he couldn't quite make out at first.

"Hey, Face, you back with me? You okay?"

"Yeah…I think so. That was a helluva flight, Murdock."

"Oh baby, it sure was. Amazing what weeks of not gettin' any can do to a guy. Maybe we’ll have to keep you on short rations more often."

"No way, I've missed you too much to go through that again. Hey, the plane…are we okay?"

"Sure, Facey, don't worry. Autopilot's back on and we're only ninety minutes or so from LA. Right on course."

Face reluctantly extricated himself from Murdock's arms and stood up. "Maybe we'd better clean up and get dressed. Hannibal or Amy might wake up anytime now."

"I s'pose that'd be smart. But I kinda enjoy flying naked. Makes me feel really free." He winked and grinned at Face. Face stuck out his tongue and tossed him his pants.

They hastily washed up in the galley and pulled on their clothes. Murdock looked ruefully at his T-shirt.

"Think you're gonna have to get me another one outta my bag, Face. This one's a goner."

"I'm just glad you didn't grab *my* shirt. I don't know what I'd tell my tailor." He ducked the gentle cuff aimed at his head, then pulled Murdock over to him and kissed him, whispering, "I love you, you know."

"Me too, baby, me too."


Hannibal slowly returned to consciousness, becoming aware of a hand rudely shaking him awake. He sat up, rubbing his eyes, and looked around the cabin. Across the aisle, Amy was yawning and stretching. Face stood in the aisle in front of him, looking remarkably relaxed and ridiculously pleased with himself.

"Hannibal, wakey wakey. We're less than an hour out of LA. I've got coffee for you two sleepyheads."

"Unh…Thanks, Face…I think. Help me get this seat up, will you?"

"Sure thing, Hannibal. How about you, Amy? You okay?"

"I'll live, thanks. Just give me some of that coffee."

"Sure, coming right up. Here you go, and you too, Hannibal. I’m just gonna leave the coffee pot here and go check with Murdock." He bounced happily down the aisle toward the cockpit.

Hannibal and Amy looked at each other and smiled.

"Face sure is looking relaxed, isn't he, kid?"

"He certainly is, Hannibal. And that big dopey grin pasted on his face - like a kid who got what he wanted for Christmas."

"Maybe he did. What do you think they were doing while we were asleep?"

"Hannibal - you don't think -"

"Oh, yes. I know those two, and they're not gonna waste an opportunity like that."

Amy giggled. "I wonder when they're gonna get around to telling us?"

Hannibal grinned, and lit up a cigar. "I hope it's not long. I'm tired of pretending I don't know anything about it. I spend too much time worrying about walking in on them."

"Yeah, I made sure to make plenty of noise before I went up to the galley earlier. I almost called them on it right then and there, they both looked so guilty and horny. Though I did have a good time teasing them. I offered to visit Murdock at the VA this weekend, and he couldn’t turn me down fast enough."

"I'll bet. I'm tempted to announce a training session for this weekend, just to watch 'em squirm when they try to get out of it."

"Hannibal - that's mean." Amy giggled again.

"Well, they deserve it for sneaking around like that. I don't know why they just don't tell us. I'm afraid one of these days BA's gonna forget and let it slip that we already know."

"Hannibal - shhhhh! He's coming back."

Face emerged from the cockpit with Murdock close behind. Face poured himself a cup of coffee and perched on the edge of his seat. Murdock stood in the aisle behind him while he announced in his best airline pilot voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be starting the descent for our final approach in about 20 minutes."

Hannibal laughed. "Almost home! Feels good to complete a mission so successfully, doesn't it, guys?"

"No wounds, no major bruises, no crash landings!" Murdock grinned at Hannibal.

"And no missing teeth!" Face all too often had to visit the dentist after a mission to replace loose caps.

Hannibal and Amy continued to smile at them until Face, beginning to feel some discomfort, smoothed his jacket and cleared his throat. "Something wrong?"

"Oh, no, nothing at all, Face. You know, this mission did go by the book. Nice to have an easy one once in awhile." Hannibal continued to grin at him in that rather unsettling fashion. "In fact, you might even call it uneventful. Almost boring."

Then Amy joined in. "And even the flight home - no parts falling off the plane, no need for an emergency landing. Unless something happened while we were asleep. Anything happen while we were sleeping, Face?"

"Er…no, nothing, really." Face looked suspiciously at them. He felt they were teasing him, but about what he had no idea. He glanced back at Murdock, who shrugged but otherwise looked unconcerned.

"How did you two manage to keep yourselves entertained on such a routine flight?" Hannibal had a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Oh, the usual, Colonel. Played with Billy, taught Faceman how to fly…" Murdock laughed.

"Taught Face how to fly?" Hannibal's grin widened.

"Ah…not really. Murdock, uh, Murdock let me steer a little." Face was beginning to feel distinctly uncomfortable. Why were they smiling at him like that? Then Amy and Hannibal looked at each other, and Hannibal nodded almost imperceptibly. What was going on here? He tugged at his collar and raised his cup to nervously gulp some coffee. As he drank, Amy asked,

"Was that before or after you two joined the mile-high club?"

Face sprayed his mouthful of coffee halfway across the cabin as Amy and Hannibal collapsed into gales of laughter. Murdock just grinned and patiently waited for the laughter to subside. He put a consoling arm around Face's shoulder.

"Look at it this way, Face. You always wanted to join one of those exclusive clubs."


~ The End ~


The Mile-High Club by Mel



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