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Helicopters, Light Sabers, and the Jedi Code Part: 1/?
Bobbie Decker


Part 1:

The title's not very interesting is it? Well, what do you expect from a thirteen year old Jedi who's still trying to figure out how my Master had whammied me into writing this report. I don't even know where to begin.

Well, my name's a good place to start. I'm called Obi - Wan Kenobi and I'm apprenticed to the legendary Jedi Knight, Qui - Gon Jinn. This is a report for the Jedi Council on our latest mission. It includes how we , two very cultured, law abiding Jedi got involved with the rogue group of ex- Green Berets called the A - Team.

This group consists of four well trained men who help the defenseless. Let me start with how we got this mission in the first place. The planet known as Earth was only a legend in the Republic until six Standard months ago when an exploration ship came too the Senate with the find.

The Jedi Council was notified and we got called before the fifteen Elder Jedi two days later. Qui-Gon had been awakened from his sleep when his com unit beeped. I was just rolling onto my side when the door to my room hissed open and my sleep pants clad Master sprang in.

"Wake up Obi - Wan." Qui -Gon said gently in his Irish accented voice as he softly shook my exposed shoulder. " We have to appear before the Council."

My only response was a muffled "Go Away" before burying myself further under the blankets. The next thing that I knew was feeling my blankets being yanked away via the Force and too have my lights snap on.

"I'm up Master." I said, accented voice still heavy with sleep. "Where's the fire?"

"Get dressed and meet me in the living area in five Standard minutes Padawan." He replied, leaving my room with a swirl of his sleep robes.

I wasn't happy about being roused from a great dream but I obeyed Qui-Gon and threw my "Padawan Uniform" on before grabbing my belt and hooking around my waist.

"Where Master?" I asked him as we walked towards the Council Chambers with me lagging back slightly as was our custom.

"This planet is in a galaxy known as the Milky Way Padawan." Qui-Gon said as I flipped my braid over my shoulder and ran a hand through my spikey hair cut. "Its the planet Earth."

That's how we ended up on board a deep space transport bound for the blue and green planet. We were two days from the planet when my Master found me staring out of the view port quietly. He could feel my worry over our training bond and moved to ease it.

"Why are you so worried Obi-Wan?" Qui-Gon asked me as I sighed and kept my gaze outside at the passing stars.

"Its this mission Master." I said truthfully, feeling his curiosity so I pushed the braid over my shoulder again. "I sense something unusual."

The taller man just smiled warmly and put a large hand on my shoulder, bringing the braid with it.

"You're too young to worry so much Padawan." Qui-Gon said gently, checking the ship's chronometer. That comment hurt and he knew it.

"Yes Master." I replied, sending my corcern into the Force. "I think that I'll go to bed early tonight Master."

"Sleep well my apprentice." He said, sitting at the data pad and watching as I went into my room .

Once that door shut, I changed into my sleep pants and covered up in my bed. I'll never get used to how cold space can be. Two thermal blankets and a warm tunic later, I was still cold
but not as much so I gave into sleep.

I sensed my Master's presence when he came in too see if I was all right and warm enough. He just dropped another blanket over me and left to meditate on my worries. I was bored. Nothing
to do but work on my Katas and lessons.


The ship landed on a strip of sand and we got ready to leave it. It had been two weeks to reach Earth from Coruscant at hyper speed. We pulled our brown , formless cloaks on and walked to the hatch. The hatch opened and the ramp extended itself on to the yellow sand.

"Let me go first Master." I said, looking into his eyes as he pulled my hood up then his.

"Very well Padawan." Qui-Gon said, smiling at my concern. "Keep your focus all around you."

"Yes Master." I said , bounding down the ramp and bumping into a silver haired man. "I'm sorry sir."

The older man chuckled and watched as Qui-Gon came down behind me.

"Its okay kid." The man said as my Master came to my side. "I'm Hannibal Smith."

"I am Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn." Qui-Gon said, putting his hand on my shoulder. "This is my student Obi - Wan Kenobi. We're from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant."


Part : 2

Hannibal and Qui-Gon just stared at each other while I looked around at the beach in awe. I tensed when I felt a presence come up behind us so I spun too confront the person with my Light Saber drawn.

My Master looked at me in mild alarm and also spun to see who was behind us. The huge dark colored man had gold around his neck and a strange hair cut. I wasn't really scared of him because fear was a path to the Dark Side but I was unnerved by the man's height and muscle.

"This is my friend B.A. Baracus." Hannibal said, watching me scan the area and put my saber back on my belt. "We're staying at that house over there. Why don't you and your kid join us Qui-Gon?"

I could sense the caution coming from B.A. and shared my feelings with Qui-Gon over our training bond.

/I sense trouble Master./I said over our bond as he also scanned the two men and confirmed it./why are they so jumpy?/

/ I don't know Padawan./ Qui-Gon replied, running a hand over my head./ But be on alert./

I nodded and said as B.A. growled, "Yes Master. I shall be alert to the Living Force."

" 'Master'!" B.A. yelled, lunging for my Master's cloak only to be stopped by a Force push. "Let me down fool!! Hannibal!!."

Hannibal watched as the Force dissipated and his angry Sergeant was gently lowered to the sand. I just shifted closer to Qui-Gon and looked into my Master's midnight blue eyes.

"Don't try that again." Qui-Gon said in a calm voice as I simply watched the scene unfold. "My apprentice and I would be honored to join you and your men Colonel Smith. Come along Padawan."

"Yes Master." I said simply, following him at a slight distance and to Qui-Gon's left.

The two men walked ahead of us and talked quietly amongst themselves while we discussed our mission in Hutt-ese.

"These men are hiding from someone Master." I said as he nodded and kept his eyes on them carefully. "Should we trust them?"

"The Force will guide us Obi -Wan." Qui - Gon said gently, watching them go up the steps and stand on the porch to talk too two more men. "I've got a bad feeling about this. Stand ready to
fight Padawan."

I didn't say a word. I just acknowledged the statement with a nod and kept my hand on the handle of my light saber. Caution and suspicion were flowing from the four men like juice from an Endorian wisdom fruit.

"Guys." Hannibal said, introducing us as we walked up the steps to join them. "Meet Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. They're from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. This is the rest of my team. That's Templeton Peck."

Hannibal pointed to the well dressed, blond haired man standing near a lanky brown haired man in a jacket and cap.

"That's Howling Mad Murdock." Hannibal said, watching as Murdock came over towards us. "We're the A -Team."

Murdock reached his hand down to mess my hair up but thought better of it when he caught the protective look in Qui-Gon's eyes.

"Hi there buckaroo." Murdock said as I looked at this strangely dressed man then up at my Master. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"Obi-Wan's wary of strangers." Qui-Gon said, keeping a hand poised over the handle of his laser sword. "Plus, he's probably a little stiff from those two weeks of boredom on the ship."

I just straightened my white tunic and said as Qui-Gon smiled at me and decided to challenge me to a test of knowledge. "A Jedi is never bored, Master."

"What are Jedi?" Qui-Gon asked me.

I thought for a minute before answering him.

"The Jedi are the defenders of Galactic peace and the weak Master." I replied, hoping that I was right.

"Right Padawan." Qui-Gon said, sending his pride along our bond. "How about a physical combat drill?"

My smile was all he needed to deposit his brown cloak on the back of a chair.

Hannibal saw an opportunity to test our skills so he decided to challenge us to a drill of his own.

"Would you like a couple of sparring partners there Qui-Gon?" Hannibal asked him as my Master nodded. "Face, Murdock. Come down here."

We assumed our katas and stretched while our two opponents considered their options.

"I'll take the kid Murdock." Face said, coming over to me. "You take Qui-Gon."

I faced the blond man calmly and smiled at him with the look of a Bantha ready to stample some Ewok flat.

Face sprang for me but received a shock when I side stepped his attack and slipped up behind him. With a leg sweep and a little help from the Force, He ended up face first in the sand.


Part 3:

I studied the man laying at my feet with amusement in my eyes as laughter erupted from the other four men. Face sprang to his feet, shook the sand from his blond hair, and faced me again.

Qui-Gon had sensed this and warned me too study my opponent's stance carefully before planning my next attack.

Face studied me and moved towards me quickly. Having only a split second to plan, I sidestepped him then allowed the Force to control my body to use an aerial move.

Crouching down, I assumed my stance and, closing my eyes, leapt into the air to somersault over my sparring partner's head where I landed on my feet behind him. I crouched again and, sticking my foot out, swept his legs out from under him.

Face cursed as he went down too hit the sand again where he sat up and said as Qui-Gon came to my side, "Dammit kid, how did you do that? Are you cheating?"

"My Padawan doesn't cheat." Qui-Gon said as I looked between the two men and stayed by my Master." Obi-Wan is a good boy who will be a powerful Jedi Knight one day."

Murdock was confused. He had heard us talking about Jedi Knights and the Force but didn't understand what they were.

"What is a Jedi Knight?" Murdock asked as we looked at him and exchanged looks with each other. "And what is the Force?"

"Padawan." My Master said as I looked up. "Answer his questions."

"Yes Master." I said, sitting on the steps. "Jedi Knights are the keepers of peace and justice throughout the galaxy. we defend those who have no other defense and we can't profit from our

"What about the Force?" He asked as I studied my boots before locking eyes with the Captain.

"The Force is created by Midi-chlorians that live within our cells." I replied, hearing sirens getting closer. "Master, I can hear sirens."

Qui-Gon listened and, nodding, said as they ran for the van, "I hear it also Obi-Wan."

We followed them while conversing between ourselves mentally.

/ I have a bad feeling about this Master./ I said mentally as he nodded and we caught them./ Why are they running?/

/ I don't know Padawan./ The elder Jedi replied honestly, grabbing Hannibal's shoulder and going to the door./ Follow my lead Obi-Wan and protect our hosts. I sense an injustice here./

I nodded, kept a hand on the handle of my light saber, and, standing by Face, said as all four men looked at us in shock, "Yes Master. I'll stay here until you order me to move."

Why is it always us? I thought privately as I came too his side. I should've stayed on Coruscant.

The door was opened as we faced the greying Colonel and his Military Police standing on the step.

"Can I help you?" Qui-Gon asked in his most calm voice as the khaki wearing man studied us.

"Do you live here Mister-?"

"I'm Qui-Gon Jinn." My Master said, hand on my shoulder as I took in their weapons carefully. "This is my son, Obi-Wan Kenobi. We just arrived here."

I swallowed the snicker that had risen into my throat as I gazed at Qui-gon in mild curiosity.

My Master has just lied to a Government employee. I thought, keeping my Force enhanced senses on this armed group of men. That is so not him.

\ I have my reasons Padawan./ Qui-Gon's mental voice said as I drew my light saber and prepared to ignite the blue laser blade./ Be wary my apprentice. Lead them to safety./

I just gave him a slight nod and quickly lead the Commandos outside.

"Why are you two doing this?" Face asked me in an amazed tone of voice as I silenced him with a wave of my hand.

"Stay here until we come back." I said in a quiet voice as they exchanged looks with each other. "Don't worry Colonel Smith, my Master can handle them."

An alarm shot through our bond as Qui-Gon came tearing out of the house with the military on his heels and his light saber activated.

I sprang to his side with mine flaring to life as I used the Force too push them back then all six of us sprinted for their vehicle in a dead run.


Helicopters, Light Sabers, and the Jedi Code by Bobbie Decker



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