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The Naming of Parts

Title: The Naming of Parts

Author: emmastark   Copyright   2001

Rated: G

Summary: Just a silly little poem, after our happy discussion at the VA of all the guys wonderful parts and what we like about them.  An ode to four handsome, wonderful guys (and the women who love them!).

The Naming of Parts

By emmastark


The naming of all a man’s wonderful parts

(Like shoulders, strong arms and their sweet, loving hearts)

Really is something a woman must do

It’s one of those powerful feminine arts...


Do we like them with chest hair?  Some don’t and some do.

Do we like them with beards?  Some say yes, some say, “Ew!”

Shadow looks rugged, but some say it smarts...

Clean-shaven is nice with a jaw line that’s true...


I love broad shoulders, but some look at bums.

Long legs or sturdy, and flat muscled tums.

How do we pick all the parts we love best?

Lots of discussion and looking (yum, yum...)


We love men, but maybe that’s something you’ve guessed.

When they’re strong, when they’re gentle, when they’re full of zest.

We love them because they’re so sexy and fun,

But that isn’t all of it, I must confess.


We love them for handsomeness, bodies so fine,

But also for love (kisses sweeter than wine).

We love them for faithfulness (true test of strength)

Honesty, forthrightness, taking the time...


We love all the parts of the men we adore

(We love all we see and we’d love to see more!)

But what we love most when it comes to the end

Is a man who will be both our lover and friend.






The Naming of Parts by emmastark



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