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Weird Relations 1-5

Weird Relations

By Dana


First my friend Jules gave me the title for the fic. This part may be confusing but it will be clearer in later parts.

Disclaimer: Chris Carter and 1013 Productions own The X-Files and all associated characters. Stephen J. Cannell owns the A-Team and all associated characters. I claim anyone else.

Author's note: This is a crossover between X-Files and A-Team. Only thing you really need to know is that everything that happened on the X-Files has been moved back ten years. Any other changes to the shows are by my creation. Call it AU.

Time Frame: For X-Files season 7 but before Sein Und Seit. Except Alex Krycek isn't in prison. Time frame for A-Team is sometime after Family Reunion.

Rating: PG.

Summary: Facts about Face's past surfaces, leaving the team and a couple of FBI agents shocked.


Part 1


Templeton 'Faceman' Peck opened his eyes and found that he was lying in hotel

bed. He couldn't remember what happened. The last thing he and the team had

went on a mission in Martha's Vineyard. Right now he couldn't even remember

what the mission was about. He saw the door open and John 'Hannibal' Smith

entered the room.


"How are you feeling Face?" Hannibal asked.


"Okay I guess? I don't even remember what happened."


"We were talking to Mrs. Mulder about something and you fainted or something.

We hadn't been there long. You started paling and then passed out. You've

been out close to twenty-four hours. The doctor didn't know why you passed



"It's funny." Face said. "I don't even remember why we are here."


"Stockwell sent us here on a mission we have to get some papers from someone

or something. We interviewed Mrs. Mulder because she knew knows where the

person who has the papers is." Hannibal informed him.


"Where is everyone?"


"They went to get some breakfast. If you feel up to it we can join them."


Face sat up. "I feel fine now. Let's go."



Face and Hannibal walked into Artcliff Diner in Vineyard Haven. "There they

are." Hannibal said pointing to a corner booth. They walked over.


"Hey Face glad to see you up." Murdock said with a smile. "We haven't ordered

yet." He moved over to make room for Face and BA moved over to make room

for Hannibal.


"Hey isn't that Mrs. Mulder?" Frankie asked pointing across the room to the

women entering the restaurant.


She saw them and waved before joining another man at a table.


A waitress came up to them. "Sorry it took so long. Sunday's are usually the

busiest. You ready to order?" She asked. They gave her their orders and she



"Excuse me." Face said and headed to the restroom. When he got there, he

splashed water into his face. He looked up as he saw a man about his age

standing behind him.


"Hello Lieutenant Peck." The man said with a slight accent. Which sort of

sounded Russian.


"Who are you?" Face asked.


"Right now that is not of any importance to you. I am just here to deliver a

message." He said and drew a gun.



Part 2


Face started to reach for his own when he noticed he didn't have it

with him. They were stopped as the door opened. The man put his gun

away and slipped out the door. Murdock stepped into the restroom and

looked at Face who was leaning against the wall. "You okay Face?

You aren't going to pass out again are you."


"No I don't think I'm going to pass out again. Murdock that guy who

was just in here knows who I am and pulled out a gun."


"He did?" Murdock rushed out of the restroom. But it was too late.

The man was already gone.


Face followed him out. They both headed back to their booth. "You

okay?" Hannibal asked Face noticing how pale he was again.


Face explained to the others what happened in the restroom.


"Do you know him?" Frankie asked.


"No. Never seen him before." Face said.


"I say we get out of here right away. Since we got here things have

been happening to Face." Murdock said. "Mrs. Mulder told us that

the papers would most likely be in DC."


"I agree. After breakfast we will go back to the motel and pack

everything and leave." Hannibal said. Awhile later the food was

served and they started eating.



In the motel room that Face shared with Murdock and Frankie, Face was

packing his things. He knew that Murdock was watching him from the

other side of the room. He zipped up the suitcase and sat down on

the end of the bed.


There was a knock at the door. Frankie went over and answered it

thinking it was BA or Hannibal. Who he found was Teena

Mulder. "Mrs. Mulder?" Frankie asked surprised.


"Hello Frankie. I needed to talk to Templeton Peck. May I come

in?" She asked.


"Sure." Frankie said and moved out of the way.


"Is it all right if I speak to him alone?" She asked looking from

Frankie to Murdock.


"Sure. Come on Frankie let's take our stuff to the van." Murdock

said as he grabbed his and Face's suitcases.


Teena waited until they were out of the room before speaking. "Here

are the papers you need." Teena said handing them to Face. Face

took them not sure what was going on. "And here are some other

papers. But I want you to contact my son Agent Fox Mulder before you

open these. He needs to know also. I'm sorry for the incident at

the diner but it was something I couldn't stop." She got up and

started to leave. "I'm sorry." She said again and left leaving a

confused Face behind.



Part 3


Face watched as Mrs. Mulder left the room before sitting down on the

bed again. He opened the first envelope and found the papers that

they had came for. 'Why had she lied about not having the papers?'

He wondered. He looked at the second envelope but didn't open it.

He just stared at it. 'What was so important about this envelope

that he couldn't open it without her son being there?'



"What do you mean you didn't kill him?" Cigarette Smoking Man asked

Alex Krycek.


"His friend came in before I could." Krycek answered him.


"You were given a simple assignment and you couldn't get it done. I

know Teena's already gone to talk to him. He'll go to Fox Mulder."

CSM furiously put out the cigarette he had been smoking before

turning back to Krycek. "I should have left you in that prison."


"I'll get rid of him. Just give me one more chance."


"Do it before he gets to Mulder."



Face sat on the couch back in Langley staring at the wall. He was

ignoring Stockwell but he was pretty sure Stockwell didn't notice.


"Lieutenant?" Stockwell asked impatiently.


Face snapped out of his reverie. "What did you say?" Stockwell just

shook his head. That's when he realized that he was the only one in

the room. Stockwell started to leave. "Wait!" 'Well might as well

ask.' "I need to see Agent Fox Mulder."


"You want to see a federal agent?" Stockwell asked in disbelief.


"Yeah. I have something for him. Mrs. Mulder gave it to me." Face



Stockwell frowned. "I'll see what I can do." He said and left.


Murdock came back into the room. "Hey Face are you okay? You were

really spacing that meeting."


"Yeah. Just got something on my mind. What did Stockwell say during

the meeting?"


"He was just debriefing us. Said he'll have another mission for us

in a week. Until then we have the time off." He watched as Face

didn't make any signal of getting up. "Are you sure you're okay?"


"Fine. Just tired I guess." Face glanced down at his watch. "You

want to go to a movie or something? I need to get my mind off that

last mission." He admitted.



Face and Murdock left the theater a few hours later. "Top Gun was a

great movie." Murdock said.


"Yeah." Face said as they walked around the corner. Both were

surprised to see someone leaning against their car. They stepped

closer and saw it was the same man who pulled a gun on Face in the



"We meet again Peck." Krycek said pulling out the gun again.


Another man came closer with a gun drawn. "Put the gun down

Krycek." He said.


"Mulder." He growled.



Part 4


He turned the gun towards Mulder. "This has nothing to do with you

Mulder." Krycek turned his attention away from Murdock and Face.


Murdock started to pull Face away but Face just stood there. "Come

on Face." He whispered.


Face reluctantly followed Murdock out of there.


Krycek spun around and saw that they were gone. "Damn it Mulder!"

He said.


He was about to shoot Mulder when he heard a voice yell, "Freeze!"

He spun around and saw Scully.


Krycek just shook his head and slipped away. Mulder went after him

with Scully following right behind him. They cornered him in the



"You're under arrest Krycek. For the murder of William Mulder."

Mulder said as he handcuffed him.


Krycek didn't say anything. Right now he'd settle for prison instead

of telling CSM that he let Peck get away.



Face and Murdock got into the car and drove away. It was almost

silent the whole way back to Langley. "I want to know who that guy

is." Face said.


"I'm just glad that Mulder guy showed up. Hey Face do you think that

Mulder guy is related to Mrs. Mulder?"


"I don't know." 'I wonder if that was Agent Fox Mulder. I hope

Stockwell can get Agent Mulder to meet with me.'


Murdock pulled up to the Langley house. "I'll drop by tomorrow see

what you guys are doing. Bye Face."


"Bye Murdock." He got out of the car and watched as he drove away.

He walked into the house and noticed it was quiet. 'Hannibal and BA

must be out.' He thought. He walked to his room and found a note

saying 'Stockwell called. He arranged you a meeting with Agent

Mulder nine in the morning tomorrow. What's going on? Hannibal.'


'Well at least I got my meeting.' Face thought as he lay down on his

bed and fell asleep.


A knocking on the door awoke him. "Wake up Lieutenant. There's an

Agent Fox Mulder waiting downstairs." Hannibal called.


Face sat up and realized he had slept in his clothes. He hurried and

made himself presentable. Then grabbed the envelope and headed

downstairs. He stopped halfway when he saw the man who had helped

him and Murdock last night.


Mulder looked up and smiled. "And we meet again. Lieutenant

Templeton Peck?" He asked. Face nodded. "I'm Agent Fox Mulder. A

man named Stockwell said you wanted to meet with me?"


Face continued down. "Yeah. Your mother gave me an envelope that

she said that I could only open with you here." He handed him the



Mulder opened it and read the first page and shook his head. "No

this can't be right."



Part 5


"What is it?"  Face asked.


"It's a birth certificate for a Sean Joseph Mulder.  Parents are listed as

William and Teena Mulder.  I don't have a brother just a sister named Samantha.

But he has the same birthday as my sister."  Mulder said and passed him the

piece of paper.  Face quickly read it and gave it back to him.  "This is

interesting.  Here's the death certificate for Sean for the same day."


"But your parents never told you about your brother?"  Face asked wondering

what this all had to do with him.


"No."  Mulder said and put the certificate aside.  "Interesting here are some

newspaper clippings about you Lieutenant Peck."


Face read them.  They were recent.  They were mostly about the trial and

sentencing of death. 


Mulder saw the nervous look on his face.  "Look I'm not going to turn you in.

I don't even think you guys were guilty.  Here's a small note and a letter."

He said and started to read it aloud.


"Dear Templeton and Fox


I wish I could be the one delivering this news myself but I fear for all of our

safety.  They've already gone after you Templeton.  You weren't doing too well

when you and your team came to see me.  I know that they were responsible.  I

knew I had to get this information to both of you."


"Here's the letter."  Mulder said.


"If you are reading this then I have found my other son.  My husband never

meant me to find out.  I heard him arguing with William Spender or as Fox would

call him the Cancer Man, about some A-Team.  And that if Fox ever found them

they would all be in trouble.  I confronted my husband and demanded to know

what he was talking about.  He denied it at first.  Said there was nothing I

needed to know.  I brought up Samantha and the look in his eye told the whole

story.  He had a very haunted look in his eye.  He said that Samantha wasn't

the first of our children that he had been forced to hand over to them.  He

said simply, Sean.  He pulled out all of the information he had been collecting

on Templeton Peck and said that's our son Sean. 


Templeton you were abducted right after you were born by your own government.

Like Samantha, you were subjected to tests.  Stay together for I fear they'll

take both of you.



Your Mother."




Weird Relations by Dana