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Long Lost Long Lost
By Jes Parker


Disclaimer: A statement made to save one’s own ass. They’re not mine folks. Only person that belongs to me is obviously me!! Some of the characters came from this dark spot in my mind I like to call my brain. But I never mind sharing!!

This story takes place sometime after the 5th season. No pardon from the weasel Stockwell so they left and headed back for sunny California. Tawnia showed up and rejoined them … for a time.

Rating: NC-17 (due to sex and violence)

Archive: Sure, thank you!!

Copyright © Jes Parker, 2000

This story is a response to a challenge by Hannurdock. I’ve listed the rules of the challenge below. I’ve tried to hit each of the criteria. Lt. Jadey Adrianne (pronounced A-dree-on-eh) is who I am portraying as myself … although I really don’t see myself as sexy as I have made her … we can all dream can’t we??

Shee, my wonderful friend and roomie (along with one of my biggest supporters) appears in this story as Taryn Wade O’brian. *Insert applause* Thanks Shee for always being there for me!! And with all your help with ALL my stories.

Jana, Hannurdock and Lark also make guest appearances.

Shee’s and my unique, yet invisible cat makes an appearance in this story as well, In this story we call her Belle. (For the simple fact it goes with Billy!! (lol)

I don’t really like writing in 1st person, so I didn’t. I like to write my stories to show each person’s thoughts and feelings, not just one.

This story is dedicated to my multiple personalitied friend, Shee. Happy Birthday Roomie!! With much love! ~ Jes


The Relationship Challenge from Hannurdock

Ok guys, here's the deal. You have to write a story about you and one of the A-Team having a major relationship. YOU have to be a member of the team, YOU must take Tawnia's place.

One vital part - (a) you have to think of a name for yourself - not your real one, a commando name to be associated with the team (b) you need to give yourself an area of expertise like the ateam members all have. ie Hannibal - strategy & leadership, BA - mechanical & unarmed combat, Murdock - pilot, Face - cons.

The story MUST contain at least 5 of the following:-

1. How you met the character in question.

2. A passionate kiss or sex scene - its up to you, and of course, how naughty you feel!

3. A scene in which you AND another member of the A-Team (not the guy your having the relationship with) have a deep discussion about children.

4. At least one other member of the VA must make an appearance in the story.

5. A visit to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

6. You MUST tell BA to lay off Murdock at least once, or more times if you want.

7. YOU get shot during an assignment.

8. You say 'I love it when a plan comes together' and shock Hannibal.

9. A bad guy with the name of 'Hairy Phil' must appear in the story.

10. A rival for the affection of your A-Team relationship character comes on the scene.

The story can be as short or long as you like - but MUST include at least 5 of the above points.

Happy Writing!

"…and where the heck is Tawnia?" Hannibal finished his sentence, chewing on his cigar, just as a young blonde came strolling up the walk and leaned against the tree Hannibal was standing next to. Hannibal raised his eyebrow as she smiled sweetly at the team. Out of the corner of his eye, Hannibal saw Face slyly making his way to stand next to the intriguing blonde. Hannibal saw past the sweet smile and he shook his head. He could see the devilish blue eyes sparkling with a hint of mischief muddled with an air for danger. He knew this one would be a handful.

"Tawnia, as you were asking Colonel Smith, you mean that Barbie Wannabe who’s got more air in her brains then Michael Jordan has in his Nikes?"

BA snickered as Hannibal blinked. "Yeah that one. How do you know Tawnia? Or me for that matter and who the heck are you?"

The blonde smiled again, had the smile ever left her eyes? Hannibal doubted it. Her eyes were dancing now and he could see his Lieutenant nearly swooning. The blonde laughed and shook her head as she watched the confusion passing over the leader of the infamous A-Team.

"My names Jadey. Lieutenant Jadey Adrianne" Jadey saluted kindly, out of respect and held out her hand. She lifted her eyebrows, a little smile playing at the corners of her mouth and her eyes daring him to take her hand.

The Colonel couldn’t help himself, he saluted back and lightly took Jadey’s hand, bringing it to his mouth and kissed the back of her hand. He heard Murdock whoop as Face’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"It’s a pleasure to meet you Colonel" Jadey smiled warmly, ignoring the panting and disturbed Lieutenant by her side. Truthfully she wanted nothing more then to turn and fall deeply into his beautiful blue eyes, to loose herself in his stare, but of course Jadey would play first. She just knew no other way. She was a flirt at heart.

"The pleasures all mine." Colonel Smith replied. He saw his Lieutenant finally close his jaw and turn on his winning smile.

"Uh-hmm" Face cleared his throat. "I’m uh, I’m Face." Jadey turned to the Lieutenant and cocked her head slightly to one side. She smiled as she looked the Lieutenant from head to toe. She finally met his stare and looked into those warm blue eyes.

"Yes Lieutenant Peck, I’ve heard a great deal about you. About the entire team for that matter."

"So are they like under arrest?" Murdock asked stepping up beside his Colonel. His eyes settling on the round, perfectly shaped ass fitting nicely under those blue jeans. The jeans, not too tight, but not too loose either. Perfect. Hannibal nudged him in the side.

"What?" He whispered softly.

"Stop staring." Hannibal grinned.

Murdock looked up innocently, his puppy dog brown eyes meeting the blue gaze of his Commander. "Me?"

Hannibal chuckled as Jadey finally turned to answer Murdock’s question.

"No Captain Murdock, they’re not under arrest."

"Then why are you here?" Murdock asked sincerely.

"To help you."

"Huh?" Hannibal asked, narrowing his eyes at the mysterious Lieutenant. "Help how? And you never answered my questions." He pointed out.

Jadey smiled again. "Tawnia, is my father’s friends daughter. She does nothing but brag about how she gets to hang out with the A-Team all day and chase bad guys." Jadey said rolling her eyes. "As if she could chase a cat out of a paper bag." Jadey sighed. "Well, my father is a General in the Army and wants your asses ground into mince meet. He’s probably on his way here now." Jadey said looking at her watch. "As for how I know you, the short story, I have followed the stories on you guys and I’ve always admired you."

Hannibal grinned. "You don’t sound like you like your father much."

The animated expression in Jadey’s eyes fell and was returned with pain and fear, which she quickly masked. ‘Just like Face.’ Hannibal thought to himself. He’d on more occasions then he could count, seen his Lieutenant do the very same thing with his emotions.

Jadey shook her head. "Not many people know he’s my father." She said quietly. "I didn’t want to get where I am because of who my father is." She looked around. "Instead I got here because of me … and how well I blow." She added nonchalantly. Face choked on the cola that he was sipping. BA put his fist to his mouth, bit and giggled. Hannibal bit clean through his cigar and Murdock slapped his leg before falling to the ground, howling with laughter, tears spilling down his face.

Jadey smiled and raised her eyebrows. She quietly reached into Face’s leather jacket and smiled into his eyes as she pulled out another cigar and handed it to the grinning Colonel. She turned back to Face. "You okay there Lieutenant?"

Face nodded. Hannibal looked confused. "So where’s Tawnia?"

"Uh Well." Jadey stuttered, biting her lower lip. "How well did you like her?"

Hannibal narrowed his eyes as he lit his cigar. "Why? What’d you do?"

"Um … well, I kinda sorta decked her. She’s in DC trying to press charges with the Army."

Hannibal’s eyes lit up. "You decked her? Why?"

"Why?" Jadey asked as if that was the most absurd question she ever heard. "Because she was ratting you out to the General and she’s just like so … stupid." Jadey sighed exasperated. "I guess it wasn’t really all her fault. She doesn’t understand really what kind of man General Phil really is. She thought she was just bragging about her ‘connections.’

"So you decked her?"

"Well … " Jadey sighed. "Can we go somewhere and talk, like somewhere out of town." Jadey looked at her watch again. "The Generals plane is going to land in about an hour and then he’s going to have the whole town sealed off."

"Does he know you’re here?"

Jadey shrugged. Face looked her up and down. "What aren’t you telling us?"

Jadey closed her eyes for a brief moment. "A lot"

"Alright men let’s move out. Lieutnant Adrianne?"

"Sure, I’m coming."

"But if you don’t mind?" Hannibal said raising his eyes motioning. Jadey sighed and rose her hands in surrender. Face quickly patted her down and removed the 9mm from the back of her jeans. He smiled. "Nice"

She grinned back. "Thanks"

BA led the way to the van, Face placed his hand on Jadey’s lower back and gently pushed her towards the van. Hannibal and Murdock followed, shaking their heads.

"So what do you think?" Murdock whispered, cocking his head once again at the ass wiggling in front of him.

"I’m not sure Murdock. There’s just something about her that you can’t help but fall in love with. I think there’s a much bigger picture that we haven’t seen yet and we’re in for one heck of a ride."

"You think she’s a plant?"

Hannibal shook his head. "No, at least not intentionally. I don’t know, let’s find out what she has to say."

"Can we trust her?"

"We’ll find out."

"So Lieutenant" Hannibal said to the young blonde sitting across the table from him. She was picking at the Mac and cheese on her plate. Murdock had talked them into stopping at KFC for lunch. The team had agreed since it was a big change from Captain Belly Busters. "Let’s hear it." He said in his no nonsense tone.

Jadey sighed and looked out the window. "You know my father." She whispered softly.

Hannibal nodded his head and looked at Face. Face looked at him quizzically. "Her fathers General Hairy Phil." He told his confused Lieutenant.

Face paled and turned to look at the woman sitting next to him. "How could that sleaze be YOUR father?"

Jadey shrugged her shoulders. "Probably cuz he screwed my mother."

"Whose your mother?" Face asked quietly.

"Sara Williams." She said looking into the confused blue sea that was Lieutenant Peck’s eyes.

Face cocked his head slightly. "Blonde, 5’4" Blue eyes, awesome body, medic in Nam Sara Williams?"

Jadey nodded. Hannibal watched the situation with growing concern. "Uh Face you didn’t …" He trailed off.

Face shook his head and smiled. "No No, not that I didn’t want to." He added quickly, "We we’re just good friends. I didn’t know she had a daughter. How is she?" He asked. They all saw the great sadness overwhelm the young Lieutenant’s beautiful features.

"Dead" she whispered.

"Dead how?" Face asked. Hannibal felt his stomach fall and thought that if his Lieutenants face got any paler he’d blend in with the white walls.

Jadey closed her eyes and shook her head. A single tear streaked down her rosy cheek. "She was murdered."

"What? When? Where? How?" Face asked instinctively grabbing Jadey’s hands without really knowing. The team was now watching the scene with great interest, forgetting the food in front of them.

"She He I" Jadey struggled to find the right words. "It was along time ago." She whispered finally.


"Do you really want to hear this Lieutenant?" Jadey asked genuinely concerned.

"Face and yes."

Jadey sighed and looked away. Face’s hand gently cupped her chin as he turned her eyes back to look in his. He could see the depth of her pain in her eyes that she bravely tried to hide. "My father killed her. He killed her 10 years ago this October." She whispered so softly that the team barely heard her.

"How’d he get away with it?" Hannibal asked, carefully watching the building rage within his Lieutenant.

Jadey shook her head and laughed. "You’ve got to be kidding? How does General Phil get away with any of the things he does? But that’s not why I’m here. I came for more then just to warn you that Tawnia spilled the beans, hotdogs and spaghetti over where to find you." Jadey took a breath. "The General is uh — well, mighty pissed and wants more then to lock you up. He’s formulated this crazy plan to capture and torture Lieutenant Peck and then turn you all over to the government with a file full of lies and scandals that he’s done and blaming them on you."

Hannibal felt six panicked eyes fall upon him and looked around at his Sergeant, Captain and Lieutenant. "Guess he’s still mad eh Lieutenant?" Hannibal raised his eyebrows.

"That was 17 years ago Hannibal. He can’t hold a grudge that long, it’s just … well, unethical. Whose ever heard of holding a grudge for 17 years over something as trivial as that?" He asked innocently.

Hannibal grinned. "Guess you should have thought twice before stealing his girl Lieutenant."

"I didn’t steal her Hannibal, she liked me better, besides, 17 years ago, he should have been with his wife and I’m really confused." Face turned to look at Jadey.

"My mother wasn’t his wife. She told me about all of you. Especially you Face and the Colonel. You were good friends to her. I loved hearing the stories that she would tell me about you when she’d come visit." Jadey smiled at the fond memory.

"Visit?" Murdock asked.

"I lived off base with a friends family over there. Mom hated the war and all it stood for, but she was a good doctor, and women doctors were hard to come by then. She loved her job and wanted to help, so she did. " Jadey looked around. "As for your next question, I don’t know why she fell in the love with the General. She said it was his eyes. That she could see herself living forever in them. She got pregnant, he got mad saying a child would ruin their careers. Then the war started and he said that a war was no place for a child. They placed me with a family off base until the end of the war. He didn’t love her. I always knew it, but she wouldn’t see it. I knew he had many other girlfriends besides mom. She knew. I know she did. She just wouldn’t admit it to herself. "

"What happened after the war?" Hannibal asked quietly.

"We went wherever the Army sent us. Then the General killed her. I made it through another couple years with him. Turned 17, changed my name and joined the Army. I always grew up loving everything about the service except my dad."

"So that makes you what 25?" Hannibal asked curiously, wondering how exactly her mother died, but knew to be patient and let her tell it when she was ready. He only hoped his Lieutenant would follow his lead and not push.

"Yeah" She said smiling softly.

"What field are you in?" Murdock asked, sipping his coke.

Actually I’m not active in the military right now. My unit and I enlisted with another branch of the government, but still keep our military status as cover." She said twirling her straw in her drink.

"Which is?" Hannibal asked with raised eyebrows.

She lifted her eyebrows. "We’re spies. We wanted to go into Special Forces, but the military has this dumb rule about women in those fields, so instead we enlisted with the agency we’re with now. I guess since you’re trusting me not to turn you in, I can trust you with my secret." She laughed. "No one else knows."

Hannibal looked impressed, as did the rest of the team. Face smiled as he looked at the young Lieutenant next to him realizing that there was a world more he wanted to learn about this intriguing young woman.

"So where we headin Hannibal?" BA asked as they climbed into the van.

Hannibal spun his chair to look at the female Lieutenant. He raised his eyebrows. She smiled and nodded.

"If you want the folder that he has — we’re off to Montana. " She leaned over and whispered in Murdock’s ear. "I have a plane fueled and waiting at Dirkston’s Airfield about thirty miles from here. If ya want to fly us that is." She smiled.

Murdock’s grin grew wider as he looked at Hannibal. Face sighed and reached behind his seat for the med. kit. His twinkling eyes met Jadey’s. "You do realize I’m going to get my ass kicked for this right Jadey?" He whispered.

Jadey only smiled and winked. BA looked over at Hannibal’s grin. "Oh No way Hannibal I ain’t getting on no airplane with that crazy fool and that’s that!!" He growled.

"Oh relax BA, would it make you feel better if I flew you up there?" Jadey grinned.

Murdock and Hannibal grinned at Jadey as Face raised his eyebrows. "You know how to fly too?" Hannibal asked.

"Well, no but if it makes the Sergeant feel better then Captain Murdock flying him then I can try." She looked innocently at BA. Hannibal grinned, Murdock shook with hysterics in his seat while Face shook his head, his eyes smiling as he handed Hannibal a syringe. BA, distracted by Jadey’s remark, didn’t see it coming.

"I love it when a plan comes together." Jadey smiled and then laughed at a surprised Hannibal. "Sorry Colonel, mom always told me how you loved to say that and I just couldn’t help myself."

Hannibal laughed as he watched the young Lieutenant smile at him while Face and Murdock pulled BA out of the driver’s seat and place him in the back. Then Murdock jumped in and started the van.

The plane landed in Montana a few hours later. The team stretched and looked around at the peaceful mountainside.

"Now what Jadey?" Hannibal asked. Jadey pointed at two jeeps parked nearby.

"Follow me." She smiled. The team loaded their gear and BA and settled in the jeeps.

"Can I trust you Lieutenant?" Hannibal asked looking at Face.

Face smiled. "I’ll be a perfect Gentleman."

"Yeah uh-huh sure." Hannibal muttered walking away.

"You want to drive, or shall I?" Jadey asked holding up the keys.

"You know where you’re going." Face said as he climbed in the passenger side.

Jadey nodded and jumped in the driver’s seat, pushed the clutch in and turned the motor over. The jeep started up and they drove off into the mountains.

"So do you and your dad get along?" Face asked as they drove.

Jadey stiffened beside him. Face turned to look at her. She shook her head. "No I hate him."

"Then how’d you find out about all this?"



"Tawnia’s daddy." Jadey offered. "I adore him. Although he is best friends with that bastard." Jadey shook her head. "He says that they’ve been friends for so long how do you just turn your back on someone that close to you? What would you do if Murdock was like the General and you only found out now?"

Face shook his head. "I love Murdock more then anything. I don’t know what I’d do. He’s right. How do you turn your back? I don’t think I could."

Jadey nodded. "Yeah that’s what I thought when I thought of my best friend, Shee." She paused, thoughtfully. "So I got back in the states recently after a mission and he called and asked if we could get together. I said yes and flew out here. Well … I … got here and …. " Jadey sighed. "I have nothing against same sex relationships. I think it’s great if you can find someone to love. Someone who makes you feel safe and whole … but I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked in the house and there they were … on the couch, half naked, playing tonsil hockey."

Face’s eyes grew larger. "Who was?"

"Tony and the General."

Face nearly choked. He started laughing so hard that Jadey thought he was having a seizure and pulled off the road. She looked over at him as Hannibal, Murdock and BA came running up to them.

"What?" Hannibal asked concerned.

Jadey pointed. "He’s having a fit. Is it a seizure?" Jadey asked, eyes wide.

"Facey?" Murdock jerked the door to the jeep open and clasped Face’s head in his hands. "Facey?" Murdock asked in near panic as tears rolled down his best friend’s face.

"S’okay Murdock" Face gulped, gasping for air. "I’m okay." He wiped the tears from his face. He looked at Jadey. "You’re kidding?"

"What?" She asked confused.

"Your dad and Tony, your kidding." Jadey shook her head, the situation finally dawning on her.

"Nope sorry Face not kidding."

"Uh you care to enlighten us?" Hannibal asked the two Lieutenants. Murdock cocked his head to one side, dropping his hands, but still squatting next to Face.

Face looked at the three men. "Tell them Jadey."

"Oh don’t make me repeat it. Once was bad enough."

"Okay, I’ll tell it. You’ll never believe it. But first, Murdock remember back when you and I were talking about homosexual relationships and the General walked in and about popped a nut?"

Murdock nodded his head slowly. "Yeah, if I remember correctly he threw you in the brig for three days for even MENTIONING the word homosexual and said if he ever caught the two of us foolin around he’d dishonorably discharge us so fast our heads would spin. Why?" Murdock asked confused.

Face started laughing again and he tried so desperately to contain it that his body shook. "Well, Tony is Tawnia’s dad. He and Jadey are close. He invited Jadey to his place when she got back to the states recently and found …" Sobs began to wrack Face’s body. "Found Mr. Anal retentive himself on the couch with Tawnia’s dad." Hannibal once again bit through the second cigar that day. BA’s eyes nearly popped from their sockets and Murdock’s head fell into Face’s lap he was laughing so hard.

Jadey smiled at the scene and waited for the men to regain control of themselves. When they did Hannibal and BA walked back to the other jeep shaking their heads and Murdock lifted his eyebrows at Face. "Hop in" Face smiled.

"So what happened then Jadey?" Face finally asked.

"Well, I was floored, obviously. Don’t get me wrong, as I said, it doesn’t bother me, it was just … " Jadey shook her head, words failing her. "Anyway, so there I stood, trying to pick my jaw up off the floor and that’s when the General and Tony noticed me." Jadey momentarily closed her eyes. "Dad was MAD. Tony jumped up and yelled "Wait I invited her." Anyway, Tawnia showed up a few hours later and was bragging about you guys again. I kept trying to get her to shut up, but that girl wouldn’t know suddelty if it jumped up and bit her on the ass. The General however read between the lines and started yelling at me about betraying my country by trying to protect you and that she was doing the right thing by telling him. Tawnia got all confused then and wanted to know what was going on. So I informed her that she’d just basically ratted you guys out, she denied it and said the General wouldn’t go after you guys that he knew your innocence, the General only smiled, Tawnia got all cocky and I really couldn’t take it, so I hauled off and punched her. Dad got really mad then and gave Tawnia the agency to report me too and put her on a plane to D.C. I sorta ‘overheard’ a conversation, figured out what he was going to do, and jumped on a plane and came out to find you guys." Jadey finished just as she pulled into a long winding drive. "This is Tony’s and the General’s house."

Jadey jumped out of the jeep and held her hand out to Face. "Can I have my gun back now?" She asked.

"How do we know this isn’t a trap?" Hannibal asked stepping up behind them.

"Whatever" she muttered.

The team followed her into the house where Tony met them at the door.

"Your dad’s going to have your hide." He remarked as he kissed Jadey’s cheek.

"Tell me about it. Have you heard from him?"

"Yeah and he’s pissed. He’s on his way back so you don’t have a lot of time. I’m going to some friends. I’m not getting caught in between this. But do what you have to do." Tony turned to Hannibal. "I always believed you were innocent, but at the same time I love Hairy and I …" His voice trailed off.

"It’s okay we understand. How’s Tawnia?" Hannibal asked, humor in his eyes.

"She got what she deserved Colonel Smith. But she and your dad are hell bent on pressing this issue Jadey."

Jadey only shrugged.

"Jadey the military’s your life, you-"

"Don’t worry about it Tony. I doubt they’re going to throw me out because I hit your daughter."

"No, but when they find out your aiding and abetting the A-Team?"

"Yeah, okay they might then, but … it’s the right thing to do. Mom always believed in their innocence and I’m not going to let the General get away with this."

Tony shook his head. "See ya later kiddo."

Jadey led them into an office and sat down at the desk. "Bring your lock picks Lieutenant?" Face smiled and pulled them out. Jadey pointed to a drawer. Face quickly popped the lock and Jadey dug through the file cabinet. She pulled out a thick folder and dropped it on the desk. She got up and motioned for Hannibal to sit down. He did and opened the folder, gasping at what he saw.

"We are in big trouble." Hannibal muttered. "He’s got legends of robberies, scandals, rapes, murders, and even betrayal and he’s pegging it all on us. Mostly you Face."

"Oh great."

They heard the front door open just then. They all froze.

"Now what?" Murdock hissed. Jadey looked at him and shrugged.

"The window I guess." She pointed to the window. BA lifted it and crawled through. Hannibal helped Jadey out into BA’s arms, followed by Face, Murdock and finally Hannibal. They ran to some nearby brush and heard gunfire erupt behind them.

"Great he brought the cavalry." Jadey muttered as she grabbed her gun from Face’s hands and snapped the safety off. The guys were already one step ahead of her. They began firing towards the shots. Jadey led the way through the woods. She circled them around to the front of the house where the jeeps were waiting. They jumped in, started them and drove off. Jadey looked over to Face who was following BA and Hannibal down the mountainside. Murdock was returning fire behind them at the approaching vehicles.

"Can ya make this thing go any faster Facey?"

"Tryin Murdock." Came the reply.

Soon they lost their tail and Face looked over to Jadey who slumped in her seat.

"Well that was fun." Face remarked dryly.

"Wasn’t it now?" Jadey replied smiling sarcastically. "Man he sure did make it back fast. " She muttered under her breath.

"So where we going?" Face asked looking her up and down.

"I know a place we can hide out awhile. Did Colonel Smith get that folder?"

Murdock nodded his head.

Jadey sighed in relief.

A little while later they were lounging in front of the fireplace in an old rustic cabin nestled in the mountains.

"What’s the plan Colonel?" Face asked carefully.

"Well, I think it’s about time we turned the tables on General Phil. He obviously needs a lesson in manners." Hannibal grinned chewing on the end of his cigar. "I say we teach it to him."

The team grinned at him. Hannibal turned to Jadey. "What’dya say Jadey? Wanna help us teach daddy dearest a lesson he won’t ever forget?"

Jadey nodded. "I’ll do whatever I can." She said softly.

"Good!" Hannibal exclaimed. "First why don’t you tell us what you can …."

Two nights later … Jadey wandered to the small cottage next to the larger one that she would be staying in. She heard a small snap behind her and she whirled around to face the intruder, gun in hand.

"Whoa hold up, it’s just me." Face said softly.

Jadey sighed and relaxed. "You tryin to give me a heart attack Face?"

"Sorry Jadey." Face smiled. "I just thought I’d walk you to your door."

Jadey nodded. Face came up beside her and put his arm around her. "You cold?" He asked when he felt her shiver slightly.

"Yeah a bit. " Face took off his leather jacket and placed it around her shoulders.

"I’m okay Face, my door’s only a few more steps away."

"That’s okay Jadey." He grinned slyly. They made it to her door and she opened it and stepped inside followed by Face. He closed the door behind them and immediately pulled her close. She sighed as she looked into his eyes.

"Did anyone ever tell you they could get lost in your eyes?" He asked huskily.

Jadey closed her eyes briefly and smiled. Her memory dredged back, but she immediately stopped the flood of emotion and opened her eyes to look in that warm blue ocean of Face’s eyes.

Face thought he saw pain flash across Jadey’s face, but in the same instant it was gone. He smiled and leaned down and drew her mouth in. He felt her open her mouth slightly and he gently licked around her lips before pushing his tongue in her mouth softly.

Jadey sighed and met Face’s tongue half way. She could feel the heat rising within her. It had been a very long time since anyone had kissed her that way. He awakened ever emotion inside her. She kissed him back with full force.

Finally Face broke the kiss; grinning mischievously he went over and lit a fire in the fireplace. When he was finished he once again wrapped Jadey in his arms, kissing her lustfully.

Jadey felt herself being backed toward the bed. Somewhere she knew she should probably stop this before it went any further. She knew within a matter of time she would only be chalked up to another of his ‘one night stands.’ She knew of his trouble with commitment, and didn’t try to fool herself into believing that she could be any different. She knew her mother was probably rolling over in her grave right about now, God rest her soul. But she couldn’t help herself. She felt wild and out of control.

Face lowered her to the bed. Jadey’s emotions were playing games with her. Suddenly the smiling face of one Captain H.M. Murdock was flooded into her mind. ‘What? Why the heck am I thinking of him?’ She wondered curiously. She thought harder and realized that for the last few days that she had come to enjoy his company. Even miss it when he wasn’t around. Jadey closed her eyes tighter picturing them together. She smiled at the feeling that flowed through her. Never in her life had she laughed so easily or felt so comfortable in another person’s presence. ‘Not even with —‘ She cut her thoughts off, not wanting to remember.

‘So what am I doing with Face?’ She asked herself. She knew the answer before she fully thought about it. He was sexy and charming and told her everything she wanted and needed to hear. His blue eyes looked right into her soul waking up every sexual desire in her body. Even if it was only for one night, she wanted and needed this love.

By now Face’s tongue was tracing a pattern down her neck. She groaned, closed her eyes tightly, hating her conscience right now and pushed Face softly so he’d look up at her.

"What?" He asked carefully.

"I can’t" She whispered.

"Why not?"

Jadey only shook her head. "I’m sorry. I’m so sorry." Face smiled and tipped his finger under her chin.

"No apology necessary Blue Eyes. How bout I just hold you?" Jadey smiled and allowed him to wrap his arms around her. Soon she was lulled to sleep by the sounds of his breathing and the warm arms keeping her safe.

"Have a good night Lieutenant?" Hannibal asked as Face stumbled through the door just as the sun was rising above the mountains. "Just going to chalk her up to another one of your famous one night stands?"

"Huh?" Face asked confused. "Well you’re awfully protective of her don’t you think? What’s with you?"

"What’s with me? She’s the daughter of one of your friends from Nam, she’s 25 years old for Christ’s sake."

"I’m not exactly ancient Hannibal." Face said, deciding to try and ignore the part about her being Sara’s daughter. "Besides, I’ve had plenty of girlfriends her age and even YOUNGER! What’s up with you Colonel?" He asked still confused.

Hannibal shook his head. "She just seems so vulnerable Face. Like I need to protect her, I don’t know, I can’t explain it." Hannibal sighed. "Get cleaned up, we move out at 0800." He instructed.

Face shook his head as he wandered down the hall to the bathroom. Sometimes he couldn’t quite figure out his CO’s behavior.

A week later the team was still finding what they could about General Hairy Phil. They’d stumbled across a pretty nifty little organization the General was involved in. It seemed he was smuggling drugs in through Canada. Which in turn we’re being smuggled in from Southeast Asia.

The more interesting part came with how he was BUYING the drugs. Seems he was stealing military weapons and supplies, even strategies and trading them to dealers in Southeast Asia and Canada for the drugs. Then it turned out he was in return selling the drugs to a very young clientele in Northern America, which sickened and infuriated the team.

"Hannibal, he’s pushin drugs on them kids." BA shouted outraged.

"I know BA and we’ll take him down. As soon as we finish gathering this evidence I think we’ll call in the second part of my plan."

"Which is?" Murdock asked getting an uneasy feeling about all this.

Hannibal grinned at all of them. "We call Decker!" He said, biting off the end of a cigar. He looked up into 8 very confused eyes.

"What?" They all shouted at once.

"Have you gone insane?" Face asked a smiling Hannibal. "Oh he has." Face groaned. "Great, he’s really lost it this time. Next thing you know, he’ll be in Murdoclk’s old room and Murdock will probably join him."

Murdock grinned at this. "Oh what fun we’ll have Colonel. It’ll be like a long-term pajama party. We can read comic books; play video games and Faceman will bring us pizza and dress up like a doctor to break us out."

Jadey was giggling by now. Murdock looked her way and gave her a class act smile. She smiled back, just as Face put his arm around her.

Murdock’s smile nearly faltered, but years of practice kept it in place. He couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous over Face being with Jadey. ‘Not that I’d have a chance in a million years.’ He chastised himself. He watched her smile up at Face. ‘But Face is just gonna use her just like he uses all his other woman.’

His thoughts were interrupted by Jadey looking at her watch. "Uh Colonel? My unit is landing soon and I gotta go meet with them."

"Your unit’s meeting you here?" Hannibal asked confused.

Jadey nodded. "We have to debrief from our last mission."

Hannibal grinned. "Will your unit be able to help with this situation?" He asked, formulating a plan in his head.

Jadey narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. "I never really thought about it. I know Shee would love to help, she hates my dad nearly as much as I do. I’m sure the others would too, but we’d have to go around my CO."

"Why?" Murdock asked.

"Because he’s a friend of my dads and wouldn’t believe any of this crap. Besides, he’s hell bent on seeing you all fry and my ass will end up in the brig just for TALKING to you."

Hannibal grinned. "Okay you go meet your unit and run it by them. How long will you be?"

"Couple hours at the most."

"Okay, meet us back at the hideout at 1800 hours and let us know what’s going on and we’ll go over our plan."

Jadey smiled. "Will do Colonel." She softly saluted him and walked out to one of the jeeps. Murdock watched her go.

"Hey boys I’m home." Jadey smiled as she walked through the door with a beautiful and enchanting woman by her side.

"Hey Jadey, how’d it go?" Face called walking through the living room to greet her. "Who’s that?" Face asked, eyebrows rising, strolling up to the brown haired woman by Jadey’s side. He gazed into her sparkling green eyes. She and Jadey were nearly the same size at about 5’5" and almost the exact build. Face ran his eyes down her curves.

Murdock sighed from Hannibal’s side watching the scene. "Damnit Face." He whispered softly. He didn’t think anyone could hear him, but Hannibal had. In fact, it reflected Hannibal’s own thoughts.

Jadey grinned, trying to ignore the obvious state the Lieutenant was in. "This is my friend, Captain Taryn Wade O’brian, otherwise known as Shee. Shee, this here drooling over you is Lieutenant Tempelton Peck." Hannibal and Murdock both grinned at that. Face turned red. " To his left is Sergeant BA Baracus. Over by the couch, with the leather jacket is Captain H.M. Murdock, and to his left, Colonel John ‘Hannibal’ Smith. The A-Team."

Shee just about dropped, she looked around wide-eyed. "I thought you were kidding Jadey." She nearly whispered. She smiled brightly. "Pleased to meet you." She said, recovering quickly, saluting.

Hannibal cleared his throat. "Jadey can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Sure Colonel." She replied. She excused herself and followed Hannibal off the back porch and into the yard.

"What’s up Colonel?"

"Was that a good idea?" He asked, looking her over carefully.

"Was what a good idea?" She asked confused.

"Bring Captain O’brian back with you?"

"Uh- why wouldn’t it be?"

"Because, if you’ve forgotten, last I checked, we’re still wanted by the military and you just brought a military officer to our hideout." Hannibal said a bit irritated.

"Oh, I see." Jadey said, comprehension finally dawning on her. "Don’t worry about Shee. If anybody believes in your innocence more then I do, it’d be her. She did her thesis on the infamous A-Team at the academy. And nearly got thrown out for it." She added softly. She looked up into the surprised colonels blue eyes and for a moment thought she saw something familiar. She shook her head, and tried to explain. "Shee’s entire paper was based on the innocence of the A-Team and how our country screwed you royally when they turned their backs and that they were a bunch of cowards not trying to fight for justice and find the truth." Jadey smiled brightly. In fact the whole issue caused such a big deal that several of us, including Shee, myself and our entire unit now, minus our CO, spent a bit of time in the VA’s psychiatric ward for that little stunt." She smiled innocently.

"Huh?" Hannibal asked confused.

"To make a long story short, we had all participated in the making of Shee’s thesis, and then defended it when push came to shove. And in the words of our CO’s, we were a bit too obsessed with the A-team and needed to be mentally evaluated and ‘cured’. "

"You’re kidding?" Hannibal asked, stunned.

"Nope, sorry, not kidding. In fact it’s a matter of public record if you don’t believe me. Go check it out for yourself." Jadey smiled genuinely.

Hannibal laughed. He shook his head and followed Jadey back into the living room of the cabin. Hannibal and Murdock watched Jadey’s face for a reaction when she saw Shee and Face sitting closely on a large overstuffed couch. But they didn’t get one. Instead, she sank down good-naturedly next to Murdock, who was on an opposing couch. BA and Hannibal took the two recliners.

"So, how’d you girls meet?" Murdock asked.

Jadey and Shee both smiled. "Well, Shee’s family lived in the apartment next to ours when I was born. " Jadey started.

"Yeah, mom used to let me go over and hold the baby all the time. I was 4 and ADORED babies. Her mom used to let me help take care of her. We became really close. Best of friends. I taught her everything I know." Shee smiled.

Jadey laughed. "Yeah, you should have seen all the trouble she got me into."

"Me? Oh you got us into your fair share!"

"Only because you taught me so well." Jadey smiled. "Our dads were in the same unit so we were always shipped everywhere together. We’d always dreamed of joining the Army, so one-day we did. Went to West Pointe, where we met up with the rest of our unit now. We were the only girls going through Pointe at the time, and the guys didn’t like it, so we were always teamed together. It was their way of trying to get us to fail. I don’t know if it was because we knew that’s what they wanted, or what it was, but it only made us stronger. It was like we clicked. We worked so well together, still do. Knowing what the other would do before we did it." The team looked around to each other knowingly. "We were the best unit there. After graduation, we stuck together and here we are today."

"So your whole unit is girls?" Face asked incredulously. "How do you do it?"

"Well, yeah, except for our CO." Shee said smiling at Face. "What you don’t think we can cut it?"

"No I uh…" Face looked to his team for help.

"Don’t look at us Face, you’re the one who stepped in the cow pucky without your boots." Murdock grinned.

Jadey laughed. "Our CO feels the same way. Half the time … most the time" she corrected herself, "he’s just out to try and get us to fail."

"How many in your unit?"

"Five" Shee answered. "Well, 6 if you count General know it all. Which we don’t. He doesn’t count us, so we don’t count him … or on him for that matter. Heck, he doesn’t even go on the missions with us. Just sits back and hopes we all get shot and killed."

"So what does Shee stand for?" Face asked looking confused.

Shee and Jadey both began laughing and looked at Face mysteriously.

"What?" He asked, his eyebrows rising.

"Shee is Gaelic for Irish Witch." Jadey explained seriously.

Face’s eyes grew wide. "Huh?" He asked nervously.

Shee only grinned at him, mystery in her eyes. Jadey shook her head laughing. "I gave her the nickname when we were kids. Her ancestors, well, two of her Great Aunts which she adored, did spells and made potions and stuff from herbs. They passed down a lot to her, including a magic book. They taught her a lot of stuff, I used to tease her about it … until I saw what she could do that is. The nickname sorta stuck."

"Oh I uh see." Face didn’t know what to think. Here this beautiful woman sat by his side and she could turn him into a frog at any moment.

As if reading his mind Shee grinned. "Don’t worry Lieutenant, I won’t turn you into a frog or anything … well, not yet anyway." Face laughed feeling foolish.

After dinner Face stood up and took Shee by the arm. "Shee’s going to show me the sights. We’ll be back later." Jadey watched them go, not knowing what to feel.

"You okay?" Murdock asked, stepping onto the porch, watching the sun sink over the horizon.

"Yeah" Jadey sighed.

"Does it bother you?"


"Facey goin off with your pal?"

"Nah, not really."

"Really?" Murdock asked, not believing.

"Maybe a bit, but I knew it would happen. I didn’t let myself believe that we’d ride off into the sunset together. I’ve heard about Face and his wonderful reputation. I wasn’t fooling myself."

"What about Shee? Does it bother you that she went with him?"

"Do you mean am I mad at her?"

Murdock nodded.

Jadey shook her head. "No, she didn’t even know."

"What you didn’t tell her?"

She again shook her head. "No, like I said, I knew it wouldn’t last besides she’s always had a crush on him. I couldn’t do that to her."

"Are you afraid of him hurting her?"

"Shee’s a big girl. She can take care of herself. Besides, he’ll have his hands full. She’ll give him a run for his money, you watch. She’ll have him following her around like a puppy in no time. Face will be the one you have to worry about having a broken heart."

Murdock laughed. Jadey smiled. "Besides" she added quietly. "I think I’m falling for someone else."

Murdock felt crushed. "Really?" He asked, hoping his hurt didn’t show. "Who?"

Jadey smiled a sad smile, into the darkening sky. Her eyes not focusing on anything in particular, more like she was seeing something that wasn’t there.

"Someone I don’t know if I can have." She said sadly.

"Who? You tell me Jadey and I’ll cattle rope them and drag them back here bahin' my trusty ol’ horse." Murdock said, patting the air.

I don’t know if I can tell you."

"Why not?"

"Cuz it’s you." She nearly whispered.

Murdock felt floored. He wasn’t sure he heard her right. "Me?" He squeaked, trying to push down the hope that was steadily growing inside him. "Me?" He repeated.

"Yes" she said so softly, the light breeze nearly carried them on by the Captain without him catching them.

"Oh wow" was all he could say.

Jadey looked at him, confusion in her chameleon eyes. "Anybody ever tell you your eyes change with your mood?" Murdock asked, tipping his head slightly.

Jadey smiled at that. "Yeah once or twice. Why what are they doing now?"

"They’ve gone from the color of the sky on a beautiful summer day, to the color of night. Such a royal blue, they’re nearly black." He was entranced in her eyes. Barely noticing anything around them. Her words whispering around him in the falling night sky. He dared not to blink for to wake up from this dream. Without a word he leaned down, one hand softly touching the side of her face. His mouth was so close to hers he could feel her soft breath on his. He could hear her breathing quicken. He was positive that if he had Sentinel hearing that he would be able to hear her heart jabbering along, keeping time with his.

Finally he allowed himself to close his eyes as his mouth captured hers. So trapped in the beauty of the kiss, he nearly missed the soft sigh that escaped her lips. He pulled away and she slowly opened her eyes. He saw the passion and love there and smiled, knowing that it was reflected in his own eyes, he leaned back in to capture that sweet mouth once again.

Meanwhile, on a scenic drive, not very far from the cabin, Face was reclining in the driver’s side of the jeep. Shee was leaning against his shoulder, his arm around her, hand nestled softly on her upper abdomen. He rubbed his fingers absently against the flat of her stomach. They watched the stars appearing in the newly darkened sky.

Without breaking the silence that instilled them, Face carefully slid so that his back was against the door. He pulled Shee around so that she was facing him. His eyes traced the outline of her beautiful face. Her eyes sparkled and danced in the moonlight. He felt a bit bad for wanting her so. This was Jadey’s best friend. He didn’t want to hurt Jadey, she was really special. They’d had a really good time together, and hopefully would always be really great friends. They had discussed their relationship. Neither of them really wanted a long-term relationship at that time, but enjoyed being together and the excitement one had brought to the other. There was nothing wrong with that. But no matter what they had talked about, it still didn’t take away that small amount of guilt eating away at his stomach. He couldn’t help what he was feeling though. As soon as he laid eyes on Shee, he felt something he’d never felt before. He would never be able to explain it, but whatever it was, was strong. She had a grip on him like he couldn’t believe. He wasn’t one to believe in love at first sight, but he was willing to eat those words. Especially now, locked in the embrace of the woman who’d woven her magic, but not the witchery kind, around his heart. No, witchery had nothing to do with this. This was the fates of the Heavens.

Not wanting to break the spell, Face leaned down to capture that beautiful mouth within his own. Shee leaned into the kiss for a brief moment, tongue meeting tongue, before she pulled back to look into his eyes, concern burning.

"Did you have sex with Jadey?" She asked quietly, seeing no way around the inevitable.

Face looked startled. "Um, er, what’d she tell you?" He struggled.

Shee shook her head. "Nothing, I saw something in her eyes."

"Saw what?" Face asked confused. "Oh no, you don’t mean she’s in love with me?"

Shee again shook her head. "No, not love, but I’ve known Jadey forever and I can just tell that there might have been something. I can’t explain it. Just tell me, did you have sex with her?"

Face slowly shook his head. "She said she couldn’t. I didn’t push it."

Taryn smiled. "Face, I really want this. Something is pulling me toward you. I can’t explain it, but I’ve never felt anything like this before. I know that probably sounds lame, but —"

"It doesn’t sound lame." Face interrupted, his finger on her lips. "In fact I feel the same thing." Face leaned back in for another kiss. But again Shee pulled back.

Taryn groaned. "Face, I do want this, but let me talk to Jadey first. The last thing I ever want to do is hurt her. I saw something in her eyes I couldn’t explain. Like she was in love, but I don’t think it was directed towards you. I’m not sure." The beautiful young women smiled enchantingly. "Let me just talk to her okay."

Face smiled back into her beautiful green eyes. "I understand. I know that if you’ve heard of my reputation you’ll probably find this unbelievable, but if you ever believed anything, believe me when I say, I’ll wait forever if I have to."

Murdock pulled away from Jadey, smiling into her eyes. They’d taken on the color of the sky on a midsummer day. As he gazed into her eyes, he gasped. He looked closer and then closed his eyes, remembering.

"Murdock?" Jadey asked confused.

Murdock forced a smile. "Um Jadey, I just remembered something, er I have to go do something. I’ll be back." Murdock said flustered.

"Okay Murdock" Jadey said softly, confusion marking her eyes. Murdock turned around with a smile, put his hand softly on her back and drew her close to him.

"Promise" He whispered, kissing her softly. He heard her sigh and he pulled away, winked and ran into the house. Jadey stared after him, a dreamy, yet confused look on her face.

"COLONEL" Murdock ran through the house. "COLONEL"

"He’s out back fool, whatcha screamin about?"

Murdock didn’t reply, but ran to the back sliding door, opened it in a swift yank, jumped off the porch and to where his CO was standing out under the night sky watching the stars.

Hannibal turned slightly. "What’s the matter Captain?"

Murdock stopped and starred for a minute, not sure of what to say. Hannibal watched him.

"Wanna tell me about it?" He finally asked.

"Tell you about what Murdock?" Hannibal asked quietly, exhaustion weaved in his words.

"I wanna know why Jadey has your eyes."

Hannibal slowly met his gaze.

"Hey there Jadey. Whatcha doin?" Shee asked quietly as she stepped up onto the porch where Jadey was still standing, lost in thought.

Hmm, oh not much." Jadey replied distantly.

Shee nodded and fidgeted for a minute, then finally sighed and spun Jadey around to look at her. "Do you love him?"

"What? Who?" Jadey asked, now even more confused.

"Face, do you love him?"

"Oh" Jadey smiled softly, maybe even a bit sadly. "No, why what’d he tell you?"

"He didn’t have to tell me anything, I know you. You’ve been my best friend since the day you were born."

Jadey nodded her head. "I … " She paused, not sure what to say. She finally smiled distantly. "You know, I’ve always been in love with the ‘persona’. The Face that no woman could have. I loved his face, but not him. Ever since mom told me stories about him when I was a little girl I … I knew I had a crush then. But I didn’t know *him*. Then I met him and realized just that. That I didn’t know anything about him. I’d had a crush on the Face I always *heard* about. The friend he was to mom. The womanizer he was to the rest of the world. The face I saw on every magazine and newspaper, history book, wanted poster … I was in love with something I knew I couldn’t have. And I knew this, which was what made it a challenge. It was fun, it really was. And at first, I feared I was falling in love. And I wanted to have sex with him. I wanted to be loved. But then …"

"Then what?" Shee prompted.

"Then I realized that it was just a fantasy. That real love doesn’t stem from a fantasy. That although I like Face a lot. He’s funny, charming, easy to talk to … I just don’t love him. I must admit I was a bit jealous when I saw the two of you together." She held up her hand to stop her best friend who was about to comment. "But I could feel it Taryn. It’s so hard to explain. But, you know how when we were kids we heard the story of how in the beginning we were all one, but then the Gods strove to punish us and sent an electrical bolt that split us in two." Jadey gestured to the lightning in the far off night sky. "And that we scattered to the ends of the world to spend our lives trying to find our other half." She smiled weakly. "Well, it was like when I stopped and listened I felt that maybe you’d found your other half." She laughed a bit. "I know, it’s crazy. As if you could ever actually settle down with him. What with our schedule and the small fact that he’s a wanted felon …" Her voice drifted off.

Shee’s eyes glistened in the moonlight listening to what her friend had said. She had just explained the overwhelming feeling she had been feeling all evening. But first things first.

"So who are you in love with?"

Now Jadey looked helpless. She shook her head. "That obvious huh?"

Shee nodded and laughed.

"Murdock" Jadey said so quiet that if Shee hadn’t already known the answer to the question, she probably never would have heard it.

"But …" She prompted watching Jadey take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"I’m afraid."

Shee nodded. "He’s not like him you know. It’s over Jadey." She said in a low voice as not to startle her friend.

Jadey looked at her and smiled a detached smile, "Is it?"

Shee nodded, now afraid. "Yes Jadey it is. You need to go on." Jadey nodded her head.

"I know. Hey" She smiled. "So what about you? What happened with Fabio?"

Shee laughed, still worried about what was going through Jadey’s mind, but knew enough not to push. "I uh, told him I wanted to talk to you first."

"You did what? Are you insane?" Jadey laughed along with Shee.

"Probably." She muttered. "At least the Army tends to think that huh?" She lifted her eyebrows, mischief darting in her eyes. "But no guy is worth loosing your friendship over. There’ll always be some pretty face, but not another friend like you … even if he is the one." She added smiling.

Jadey tilted her head. "You did that for me?"

Shee smacked her on the arm playfully. "Yes silly."

"Thanks" Jadey said, scrunching up her eyes. "You never cease to surprise me O’brian." She cocked her head and her eyes brightened. "Now go find the man you’ve been secretly wanting all your life and screw his brains out."

Shee laughed. "Yeah, okay. Since you put it so eloquently." She turned to jog down the porch, but turned back around at the last minute. "But hey Lieutenant."

Jadey smiled. "Yeah?"

"Don’t forget who outranks who m’kay?"

Jadey saluted sarcastically. "Aye Aye Cap’n"

Shee flipped her the bird.

Murdock and Hannibal stood facing each other. The only sound was that of soft thunder in the distance. Murdock’s eyes burned, as he watched his Colonel for an answer. His expression was one of concern. He could feel his heart pounding against his chest wall as he waited for a response.

Hannibal finally sighed and shook his head. "I —" His voice broke, words for once failing the man of a thousand ideas.

Murdock turned his head slightly as he watched his CO, a million thoughts and unanswered questions filtered through his head. He carefully began putting the pieces together. "When we were at KFC and you asked Face if he’d slept with Sara, there was more to it then that wasn’t there?"

Hannibal sighed and finally nodded. "Sara and I were once lovers." He whispered. He closed his eyes. "I loved her so much it hurt. I really thought I’d found the other half of my soul. But she was also involved with Hairy at the time. She was scared of him, I know she was. But at the same time, she insisted that she loved him. After she left, I didn’t see her again for several years." Hannibal said, lost in thought.

Murdock chewed on his lip before asking. "Is she yours?"

"We were stationed together 27 years ago for well over a year. We met and fell in love almost instantly. I knew that she was dating Phil, but I didn’t care. I was in love with her and I guess I hoped that was enough to see us through." He sighed, rubbing his head. "She got pregnant not long after. I asked if it was mine, but all she said is that it didn’t matter and that she belonged with Hairy. Then she was gone. She and Phil transferred out that night. I tried really hard to find her. I couldn’t help but think their was a baby out there that was mine and that he was going to raise it. I knew what kind of monster he was, it drove me crazy. There wasn’t much I could do. If I brought the Army into it then I’d get Sara into trouble with Phil. I talked to a friend who was a lawyer and he said there wasn’t much I could do. Judges almost always gave custody to the mother. It didn’t matter the circumstances. A while later I got a letter from Sara, she told me that she’d lost the baby. She told me how sorry she was that she ran off with our baby, but she was scared and didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t write her back. I was angry, and hurt. I didn’t hear from her again until we got stationed together in Nam. We talked, became friends again, but nothing was ever the same. She never told me about Jadey. She’d have been 7 then." Hannibal wiped the tear from his cheek and looked at Murdock. "Sara said she was mine, but I don’t know that for sure. I don’t know what to believe." He said softly.

Murdock only stared. Although even when he confronted Hannibal he was sure he knew the truth, it still didn’t prepare him for the feelings that slammed into his heart. "She has your eyes." Murdock finally whispered. "You’ve known since we met her and you haven’t said anything?"

"What was I supposed to say Murdock? By the way I had an affair with your mother 27 years ago and I think I fathered you, but I didn’t go after you. I let that bastard raise you. God knows what he did to you oh and Face, I know you’re like a son to me, but keep your Goddamn hands off my daughter?"

Murdock struggled for words with that comment. Hannibal smiled. "Don’t worry about it Murdock, I already know you have a crush on her. "

"Sorry Colonel."

Hannibal shook his head.

"It’s not a crush though Hannibal. I think I’m head over heels with her."

Hannibal narrowed his eyes and finally smiled. "Are you asking for my permission?"

"Well — I uh, yeah I guess."

Hannibal shook his head. "Murdock, I don’t even know if she’s my daughter, I haven’t been there for one single thing in her life, I don’t think it’s up to me to give you permission to date her."

"What do you feel in your heart Hannibal?"

Hannibal took a deep breath. "I …" He closed his eyes. "Like every time I look at her it feels as though my hearts going to be ripped from my chest. I actually see myself in her when I look in her eyes. I did the very first second I laid eyes on her. It was as though a lighting bolt jumped out of the sky and zapped me. In the few weeks we’ve known her, I already worry about her and care about what happens. It infuriates me not knowing what happened to her as a child. It pisses me off that Sara lied to me. It scares me to death what could happen to her. As much as I love Face, I worry he’s going to break her heart. I feel so much pride my heart surges. I look at her sometimes and my eyes sting from unshed tears."

Murdock smiled. "I think your heart already knows the answer Colonel."

"What do I do?" Hannibal whispered.

"Follow your heart. "

"Well there you are." Face whispered as he stepped into the cabin and saw Taryn standing in front of the fire. She turned and smiled.

"So, you get things worked out with Jadey?" Face asked, hope in his voice.

"Yeah I did." Shee said quietly.

"And??" Face prompted, nearly bursting with desire.

Shee turned away and Face thought his heart would burst. He stepped up beside her and put his hand on her shoulder. "Taryn?" He asked quietly.

She turned back with a smile on her face. "She told me to go find you and screw your brains out."

Face stared for only a brief second before a broad smile made it’s way over his handsome features. "Well what are we waiting for then?" He asked playfully.

Shee laughed nervously and looked up into blue eyes that were weaving a spell around her heart. She inhaled sharply at the lust and love she saw there. She nearly melted as his soft lips gently brushed hers experimentally. He smiled seductively and their lips met with greater force, a burning passion coursing through them. Taryn felt his hands exploring her back, she groaned and leaned her head back as Face trailed kisses down her jaw and he nibbled on her neck. His tongue flicking over the soft hallow of her throat. The world around her ceased to exist as everything slowly blended away, leaving only two hearts beating wildly, and two bodies giving into their hearts desire.

Face gently lowered Shee to the bed, his mouth and hands trailing down her body as buttons gave away and clothes fell silently to the floor. The two bodies glided together as if they were born to join. Shee gasped and arched as they became one. Never before had she felt such sweet love, had she ever matched together so perfectly with another being. Her feelings reflected in the eyes of her new lover, carefully watching her as he made love to her. Taking them both places they’d never been before and never wished to go with any other again.

Murdock found Jadey sitting in the living room next to BA watching football on TV. They were both on the edge of the couch yelling at the players on the TV. He smiled at the picture. Jadey grinned up at him when he came in. Murdock motioned for her to follow him. He watched as she affectionately patted BA on the knee and got up. Murdock smiled at himself when he saw the goofy grin on BA’s face.

He watched the young blonde strolling toward him. She acted as though she didn’t have a care in the world. Her steps light, a smile planted firmly on her face. He realized as he watched her walking towards him that this intriguing young woman could very well be Hannibal’s daughter. The full force of that meaning was still catching up to him. ‘Hannibal a dad.’ He thought to himself. ‘Jadey’s dad?’

"Hey Murdock" She whispered. "You okay?" She asked with concern.

He smiled brightly. "Just great doll. Come on" He whispered, not wanting to interrupt the big guys football game.

Jadey followed him to his room. He turned as soon as they entered and gently pushed the door shut behind her. He watched as she went over and stood by the window and looked out at the sky. The thunder was getting closer and she shuddered involuntarily. She felt warm arms wrap around her.

"You okay?" He whispered.

"I saw the General today." She said voice void of emotion.

"What?" Murdock asked, spinning the young woman around to face him. "When? Why didn’t you say something?" He paused as he noticed the un-shed tears in her eyes, threatening to spill over at any second. She tried to smile.

"He showed up at the debriefing." She said simply.


Jadey shook her head. "Wanted to know if I got what I was looking for. I told him yes and that I wasn’t going to let him get away with this if I could help it. He said he already had. "

"What’s he mean by that?"

Jadey shook her head and chewed on her lower lip. "I don’t know."

Murdock raised his hand to her cheek, brushing the tear that finally slipped, away with his thumb.

"What aren’t you telling me?" Fear gripped his heart like a vice grip. He wasn’t prepared when the tears began streaming down the sad cheeks, and Jadey began sliding down the wall, hands flew to her face. Murdock followed her to the ground. He pulled her close to his chest and rocked her quietly, waiting for the sobs to calm.

When they finally subsided, he pushed her gently back to look in her eyes. He brushed the hair away from her face, cupping her cheek softly in his hand. She tilted her head into his hand, closing her eyes.

"Jadey? What happened?" He asked, a deadly serious tone that was rarely heard in the eccentric Pilots voice. He felt the shudder tear through the body sitting so closely to his own. She raised her hands up to touch his face, in doing so the sleeve to her blouse shifted and Murdock for the first time noticed a dark bruise around her right forearm.

He immediately pushed up her shirtsleeve. Jadey tried to protest, but Murdock would have none of that. His wild eyes met hers.

"Who did this?" He asked of the bruise, which looked as though she had been grabbed roughly. She shook her head.

"Murdock" She tried to say.

"Who did it?" He repeated.

He watched her sigh. "The General" She finally whispered, looking away. Panic welled up inside the pilot. Concern and anger burned his deep brown eyes. He gently cupped her chin, turning her head so their eyes met.

"What did he do?"

She shrugged. "He was angry. He’s always angry." She whispered.

"Do you have any other bruises?" Jadey hesitated an instant too long. "Where?" he asked not waiting for confirmation.

Jadey shook her head. "Murdock, it’s okay."

"Jadey it’s not okay." Murdock’s voice began to rise. "I want to know what he did to you and I want to know now."

Her eyes wide with the shock that someone actually cared for her. She finally sighed, relenting. "Maybe it’d be better if I just showed you." She said softly. Murdock watched as she stood up and untucked the navy blue blouse from her jeans. She unbuttoned it slowly, never breaking eye contact with the Captain. He gasped as she let the blouse fall to the floor. She stood still in only a black bra and jeans. Her chest, arms and stomach were a series of red welts and bruises. He was immediately on his feet, hands on her shoulders. He turned her around and felt the tears sting his eyes as he saw the angry red lines, some with dry blood. He closed his eyes briefly before spinning her around to hold her. They stood like this for a long few moments.

"I’m sorry Murdock." She finally whispered.

Murdock pulled away shocked. "What? Why are you sorry?"

Jadey shrugged.

"Jadey this is not your fault. He’s going to pay for this. Believe me." He sighed. "Jadey wait here, I have to go get Hannibal."

"Murdock …"

Murdock shook his head. "He needs to know. We have to clean those cuts and check you over. Then you can tell us what happened and that way you won’t have to repeat it okay?"

He watched her as she slowly nodded and walked back over to the window where she climbed into the window seat her knees drawn against her chest and sat gazing out the window at the brewing storm.

Murdock found Hannibal seated in the living room with BA. Murdock walked up to the TV and turned it off, turning around to meet an angry stare from BA, who immediately softened his glare at the look on his friends face.

"What happened?" Hannibal asked standing.

Murdock shook his head. "It’s Jadey" He said biting his lip.

"Is she okay? What’d Face do?" He asked carefully.

Murdock shook his head again. "It wasn’t Face Hannibal. It was the General."

Hannibal looked confused. "What?"

"He showed up at the debriefing today. He beat her up."

BA’s jaw dropped and fists clenched. Hannibal stood staring for a minute, a variety of emotions playing over his face. Finally without a word he turned and headed for Murdock’s room with Murdock and BA on his tail.

Hannibal pushed open the door to the room to see Jadey, his Jadey, curled in the window watching the rain pour down. He could clearly see the bruises marking her body and gasped. He was going to kill General Hairy Phil.

Jadey didn’t turn towards the sounds. She sat perfectly still, mesmerized by the brilliant lights flashing across the thundering sky.

Hannibal slowly made his way to her and touched her on the shoulder.

"Jadey" he said softly. She turned her eyes to meet his. As she locked eyes with him, he knew that he was seeing his daughter. A million emotions raced through him. Love, fear, anger. Anger at her mother for lying to him, for keeping her from him, anger towards the bastard that did this, pride, and again love. He carefully pulled her to her feet and held her against his chest. His left hand lay gently on her lower back, his right stroked her hair. He felt her trying to control the shuddering that was playing through her body.

"Was this what it was like growing up with him?" He whispered in her ear.

She froze for a moment. Not completely understanding why she felt so trusting towards these men, especially the one who held her and comforted her right now like a father would, a father she always wanted, always dreamed of. But she did. She felt as though everything she’d always been searching for had finally found her.

"No growing up was worse" She finally answered truthfully for possibly the first time in her life. Not many people knew the truth behind her relationship with the General. Shee and … she purposely pushed the memory from her head.

Hannibal stiffened. ‘Worse?’ he though. ‘It was worse?’ Although he had a million questions he wanted to ask at this moment, he knew that he would have time later. Instead he focused on the task at hand. He led Jadey to the bed and sat her down. He heard BA slip from the room, probably to grab the medical kit. He smiled to himself. His men always worked in sync together. They always knew what the other was thinking at nearly the same moment the other thought it. As if on cue, Face and Shee strolled in the bedroom. Shee gasped.

"Damnit" She muttered. "Jadey why didn’t you tell me?"

"Didn’t come up?" Jadey tried.

"Jadey" Shee muttered shaking her head. "You’re going to be the death of me. I didn’t even know the bastard was there. He showed up before we got in didn’t he?"

Jadey nodded slowly. Hannibal sat on the bed next to Jadey. "Where does it hurt?" he asked pushing her to lie down.

Jadey smiled at him, "You’ve got to be kidding?" She joked. "I’m fine guys really. This is nothing."

"It’s not nothing Jadey and when I’m done making sure you’re okay, you and I are going to have a long talk." He said in his no nonsense tone. Jadey could only nod.

"So? Pain? Where?" Hannibal looked her in the eye.

She sighed and laid her hand on her ribs. Hannibal ran his hand gently down them. They weren’t broken thank God, just bruised. Jadey turned and laid on her stomach obediently while Hannibal and Murdock cleaned the cuts on her back. Shee sat at the head of the bed, holding Jadey’s hand while Face and BA watched over Hannibal and Murdock’s shoulders. The look in the four men’s eyes was identical. Shee looked around the room at them. Everything she always thought of these men had turned out to be true. She was glad she never let anyone tell her otherwise. She felt a small amount of relief inside her. Maybe these men could finally put a stop to that lunatic General once and for all.

"Okay Jadey, all done." Murdock helped her sit up. Face handed her blouse. She smiled and put it back on. "Wanna tell us what happened now?"

Jadey looked around the room at the worried faces.

"Do I have to?" Five heads nodded. Finally she reluctantly agreed. Murdock helped her off the bed and to the living room. Shee and Face made hot chocolate and when they were all settled in the living room. Hannibal, sitting next to Jadey who sat next to Murdock, looked at Jadey expectantly.

Jadey bit her lip nervously. "I was walking up the path to the building where we were supposed to meet. I heard footsteps and turned to see who it was. It was the General. Any meeting with him is never very nice, and I knew this time I was particularly in trouble since he caught us breaking into his office the other day. I asked him what the hell he wanted …. "

…………. "What the hell do you want General?"

"Tsk Tsk Tsk" General Phil clicked his tongue. "How many times have I told you not to call me that?"

"What do you want me to call you then? Bastard? Asshole?" Jadey’s hand cupped the side of her face after the blow the General delivered to her cheek.

"Now what do we say?"

"Sorry dad" She muttered.

"That’s better. Did you get what you wanted the other day?"

Jadey’s eyes narrowed. "Yes, and I’m not going to let you get away with this." She growled.

The General only smiled. "I already have my dear. I already have. And there isn’t anything you can do about it. I’m going to make your new friends wish they were never born, especially the Colonel and your new boyfriend. I do hope you used a condom dear when you screwed him. Unprotected sex is so bad. Your mother must have forgotten that little detail. Which is why we have your sorry ass." Jadey bit her tongue with a smart reply.

Instead she looked him in the eye. "Why are you doing this?"

"Revenge my dear. And everyone knows the way to get to Colonel Smith, the man I really want to hurt, is through his Lieutenant." The General laughed sadistically.

Jadey looked entirely confused now. The General only laughed at the baffled look on her face. There’s many things you don’t know. But you will soon enough my dear. You’ll know every horrid little detail and wish you didn’t. Then you’re going to wish you never contacted the A-Team." She wasn’t prepared when he grabbed her and tried dragging her into a nearby building. Jadey struggled with him. But as usual, he overpowered her. She did get in a few nice kicks though before she found herself on the ground gasping for air. The next thing she knew, he had her shirt stripped off her, her arms tied and he was hitting her back with the extendable metal pointer he always carries with him. She never made a sound, not willing to give him that satisfaction. Finally he grew tired and simply left. Jadey managed to free herself and go and meet her unit. Shee had noticed the pained expression of course, but Jadey waved off her concern as they listened to their jackass CO go over their last mission. …………………

The room sat completely silent for a long moment. Jadey sat on the couch wringing her hands. She jumped slightly when Murdock reached out and squeezed her hands. Hannibal stared at her, lost in thoughts of squeezing the last breath out of the bastard. BA was muttering under his breath. Face was staring horrified, memories of his own, pooling through his head and he immediately felt connected to the lost soul sitting across from him. And Shee shook her head. She was the first to break the silence.

"I knew it." She muttered. "Why must you be so damn stubborn?"

Jadey managed a weak smile. Finally Hannibal cleared his throat. "Okay guys, new plan. Time for the General to learn a lesson." His men and Shee nodded in agreement. Jadey closed her eyes in exhaustion and welcomed the darkness.

The next afternoon the guys, Shee and Jadey were finishing up their stakeout of Phil’s operations. Hannibal was gathering as much information as he could before putting the beginning stages of his plan into action. As they sat in the woods watching an old bunker, Murdock played with Billy.

"Shudup fool I’m tired of that invisible dog. He ain’t real."

"He is so real Big Guy. You just don’t know how to use your imagination." BA grabbed a hold of Murdock’s collar and pulled them nose to nose. Jadey pushed her way in-between the two.

"Aw Lay off Sergeant." She smiled sweetly up at BA. "You mean to tell me you never had an imaginary friend BA?"

"Huh? Yeah when I was two maybe. He’s a grown man. There ain’t no imaginary fool dog."

"Why do you feel so threatened by Billy BA?"

The rest of the team was trying hard not to giggle as BA stared at Jadey. "I’m not threatened."

"Well you sound threatened. Why does it really upset you that Murdock plays with Billy?"


Jadey looked beside her and patted the invisible dogs’ head. "Aw, now you frightened him. That wasn’t very nice BA."

BA growled.

Jadey began unconsciously stroking the air over her lap. All the while looking at BA. "You know, if you never allow yourself to believe in the unbelievable, you’ll never know true happiness. Have you ever seen the Queen?"

"No" BA said, watching as Jadey continued to pet the air.

"Well how do you know she’s there if you’ve never seen her? Just because you haven’t seen something, doesn’t mean it’s not there."

BA continued to stare. Jadey picked up the ‘bundle’ that was lying in her lap and cuddled it under her chin. She smiled innocently at BA, then handed the bundle to him. Without thinking he reached to grab it. He shook his head. "That’s Belle, Shee’s and my kitty isn’t she cute?" BA groaned. But then thought differently.

"Yeah, cute. Where’d you get her?"

Jadey smiled and could hear Shee laughing behind her. "The VA. She was trapped in one of the heat ducks when the mean CO’s locked us in the psyche ward. We rescued her."

BA shook his head muttering something about ‘they’re all fools.’ However he didn’t realize he was still petting ‘Belle.’

Shee was rolling on the ground by now. Face and Murdock looked on with question written across their faces.

"You was in the VA Jadey?" Murdock asked. Face could only look at Shee who was nearly hyperventilating on the ground.

Hannibal just sat back and smoked his cigar, an amused look upon his face.

Jadey laughed at Shee on the ground and smiled at Murdock. "For a bit. We got in trouble over Shee’s thesis and the Army thought we needed to be mentally evaluated."

"Yeah obviously." BA muttered. "What’d she write about, imaginary ducks?"

"No, the A-Team" Jadey said meeting his eye.


Shee finally regained some control and started to explain.

"So BA, I’ve heard you volunteer at a children’s center. You must love children." Jadey sat down next to BA at lunch that afternoon.

"Yeah kids are great." BA agreed.

"Before all this happened to your life did you ever think about having kids of your own?"

BA was thoughtful for a moment. "Yeah I guess. I think everybody thinks about it at some point or other, some choose to go that route, where as others decide to pursue other things. I’m not unhappy really with the way my life turned out. Yeah, it’d be nice to not have to worry about whose after us, but it gives our life challenge. And we get to help people. I really can’t see my life any other way. It’s just what we do."

Jadey nodded. "Just think, if things had been different and you weren’t who you are today, where would all those people be that you’ve helped?" BA, Hannibal, Murdock and Face all exchanged a look, nodding their heads.

"So what bout you Jadey? You ever wanna have kids?" BA asked.

Jadey got a far away look in her eye and Shee got a panicked look on her face, which didn’t go unnoticed by anybody.

"I had a baby." Jadey said in a soft voice.

Nobody moved or said anything for a long moment. Finally BA asked. "What happened?"

Jadey met his eyes, but wasn’t really focusing. "She died." The reply was sad and lost.

"What?" Hannibal wanted to know, he got up to sit next to her.

Jadey shook herself softly, coming back to the present. "I um was seven months along and something happened. The baby was born and she lived for two days, but she just wasn’t strong enough. She went home."

"Oh Jadey I’m so sorry." Hannibal said as he held her hand, thinking about the grandchild he never knew and the pain his daughter must have gone through. "Was her dad around?"

Jadey sighed. "Not when she died. He left. I … it was a long time ago." The team could tell she was nervous. Hannibal decided to back off for now, but later, when the time was right, he hoped to hear all about her life. Good and Bad.

Jadey felt herself being lowered to the bed. She smiled up into the brown eyes of the man so carefully loving her. He treated her with such care, as if she were a fragile package that could break with the slightest wrong move.

Jadey moaned as Murdock moved his mouth to her ear. His fingers sliding down to remove each button from her shirt and gently pushing it down over her shoulders, kissing a trail behind. Her bra soon followed and she shivered as Murdock’s experienced tongue made it’s way over her chest and under her breast. He cupped one breast softly in his hand as his teeth gently nibbled her nipple. Jadey arched up into him and fumbled with each button, rising her mouth up to kiss and lick his chest and erect nipples. He groaned his pleasure and swiftly unbuckled her jeans, sliding them down over her hips. He then pushed down his own and crawled back on top of Jadey, bringing his mouth to meet hers. They locked in a deep, passionate and hungry kiss. His hand slid down her flat belly to the very heart of her passionate center. He caressed gently causing her to moan in delight. He grinned and raised his hand to caress her side as he pressed himself deeply inside her, feeling the moist heat wrapping around him. They joined together moving in the darkness that wrapped them like a blanket. The only sound in the quiet night were their groans of pleasure as they reached their peak of ecstasy together.

Some hours later they cuddled together under the blankets. Murdock curled his body protectively around Jadey’s, Jadey pressed back into him, holding onto his strong arms.

Finally curiosity got the better of him. "Jadey?" He whispered.

"Hmmm" Came the sleepy reply.

"You don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to, but it’s driving me insane. " He paused as Jadey looked over her shoulder and grinned.

"Thought that was already a known fact?"

Murdock tickled her, "From what I hear, you’re not that far away baby." Jadey laughed and snuggled her cheek back into the pillow.

"Did you and Facey have sex?"

Jadey rolled to meet his eye. She lay on her back. Murdock lifted himself to one elbow, his hand gently caressed her belly. Jadey raised her hand to his cheek and brushed it softly with the palm of her hand. She shook her head. "No"

Murdock’s eyes lit up. "No? Really? As in no?"

Jadey laughed that gentle laugh of hers that could warm the coldest night and calm the wildest beast. Murdock smiled to himself when he thought of her taming the big guy and their conversation earlier about Billy and Belle. ‘Billy and Belle’ he thought. ‘We were just made for each other. Even our pet’s names flow together.’

"Yes Murdock No. I didn’t have sex with Face." Jadey was saying. Murdock focused on her words and her soft blue eyes and the way her cheeks were flushed from their lovemaking. "We were going to, but everytime I closed my eyes, this brown eyed pilot kept running through my head and I just couldn’t do it." She grinned. "So instead, we just slept together. As in, sleep, not sex."

Murdock feigned shock. "How many other brown eyed pilots you havin an affair with Lieutenant?"

"Well, there’s —" and that’s all she got out before Murdock began tickling her. She began giggling and thrashing around on the bed. Murdock rolled over and jumped on her, pinning her to the bed.

"You were saying?"

"You, just you." She gasped. "Only you."

Murdock smiled. He liked the sounds of that.

Face and Shee walked hand in hand in the moonlight. Face stopped and pulled her to him. She smiled up as his lips came down to meet hers. He pulled back from their kiss suddenly and looked around. Neither of them moved as they heard the snap of a twig. They both dropped to the ground, reaching for their guns.

They crawled to some nearby brush trying to get hidden. Face signaled that he was going to sneak around so they could try to ambush their attackers on each side. Shee nodded. She watched Face stand to sneak through the underbrush at the same time she saw the glint of the rifle. She threw herself through the air silently at Face.

Face rolled with the impact so that he came up on top of Shee. His eyes scanned hers. He could see the pain behind them. His hands traced down her chest and stomach searching for a wound. He stopped when he felt the warm stickiness beneath his fingers.

"S’okay Face. Just a graze." She gasped. Face smiled encouragingly as he gently probed the wound. It was more then a graze. The bullet had torn cleanly through her left side, leaving a deep gash along the side. He heard the footsteps surrounding them.

"We could be in trouble." He tried to joke.

Shee laughed. "Wouldn’t be the first time. You should see all the trouble Jadey gets us into on our recons."

Face grinned. "Now why doesn’t that surprise me."

"Alright you two that’s enough. On your feet." Face helped Shee up.

"Hey look fella’s she’s bleeding. You got something I could put on it?" He was surprised when one of the men threw him a clean handkerchief. "Wow Thanks."

He didn’t receive a reply, he pressed the material tightly to Shee’s side. Then felt a rifle being ground into his back. "You know If you wanted me to move all you had to do was ask." He said good-naturedly. He was rewarded with a blow to the kidneys.

"Well aren’t we grumpy?" Face continued with a gasp for which he was again struck. Face never did know when to quit. "You know I should be the grumpy one. I was having a perfectly nice evening and you had to go and shoot my date. " This time he was hit with such force that he was knocked to the ground.

Shee stopped and bent down to help him up. When he was on his feet she turned to the big goon that hit him. "You know, you should really pick on somebody your own size you big oaf."

"You should be thankful I don’t hit women." He snarled.

"No you just shoot them." She shot back. Face started to smile, but was struck across the face with the man’s gun and ended back up back on the ground.

"What? She said it?" He protested.

"Yeah, and everytime she says anything else I’m gonna hit you for it got it? So I suggest you keep the little woman under control."

Shee rewarded him with a good hard kick to the nether region. "I am NOT the little woman." She barked.

The man groaned on the ground while the other guards kept guns trained on the two, with smiles on their face.

"Anybody seen Shee or Face this morning?" Hannibal asked strolling into the kitchen. Everyone shook their heads. Hannibal looked thoughtful as he grabbed a cup of coffee and headed for the porch to get some fresh air. He stopped when he saw an envelope lying on the bench on the porch. He picked it up and opened it.

"Let the games begin. If you wish

to see the lovebirds again be at the

old canyon today at noon. Jadey

knows where it is."

"That’s the General’s handwriting." Jadey muttered from over his shoulder.

"I guess he got the upper hand." Hannibal commented dryly. "Hope he knows we don’t stay down for long." He looked at his men who were already getting the weapons around.

Face and Shee were led into an old mineshaft. Face looked around in the dark the best that he could, but couldn’t see much, except crates and guards. He grunted as a Rifle butt connected again with his kidney’s shoving him into a divided off room. Face pulled Shee into his arms.

"How you doin?" He asked. She smiled, but before she could answer, gauze, tape and water were thrown in after them. "Can’t have her bleeding to death before the games even starts." Someone muttered.

Face helped Taryn to sit down. Then he removed her shirt and poured some water over the wound. She tried to grit her teeth to keep the hiss of pain back. She half succeeded.

"Ahh such a tough guy." Face joked lightly, bringing out a smile over the beautiful, yet pained, features.

Face looked over the wound carefully, and probed it gently. When he was sure it wasn’t life threatening, he packed gauze into the wound and taped it down tightly. Then he placed more gauze over the gauze and taped this down. He repeated this several more times. Finally satisfied, he sat back on his heels and looked at Shee with a half smile.

"Now what?" Shee asked.

"We wait for Hannibal."

"See those tree’s straight out?" Jadey asked Hannibal. Hannibal nodded. "Canyons just beyond that. You can’t tell it’s their until you’re just upon it."

Hannibal nodded focusing his binoculars. He could see two army vehicles with two men apiece. "Okay guys, here’s the deal. Jadey and I will circle around to the right. You guys take the left. When it looks like we can get the drop on them I’ll give the signal, ready?" Everyone nodded as four safety’s snapped off their weapons.

"I’m disappointed in you Captain." General Phil said as he circled Face, who was hanging from the ceiling by chains, his toes just grazing the floor. His body glistened with sweat and blood pooled from the crisscross streaks now marking his back.

"Yeah, why’s that General?" Shee challenged. Her face unreadable as she stood with her hands cuffed behind her back in-between two guards.

"I thought you would have learned years ago not to follow Jadey around. She gets you into too much trouble. ‘Tis a shame, you had so much potential."

"You know, I really hate that word." Shee said, voice void of emotion. "Besides, Jadey’s trouble always turns out for the better. Unless it has to do with you."

General Phil only shook his head. He motioned for the guard to resume canning the Lieutenant again.

"Unfortunately for you Taryn, Jadey won’t be coming out on top this time. And neither will you. You would think that being a higher ranking officer then her you could keep her out of trouble."

Shee made a small noise at that, but otherwise, didn’t comment. Her eyes filled with pain as she could only stand helplessly and watch Face struggle against his bonds. The cane continued to slice his back and sides open. Finally the General motioned for the canning to stop. "I don’t want to kill him yet. He has to be alive for when he meets up with his Colonel again. My revenge won’t be sweet without him."

The guard released Face from his bonds where he fell to the floor and gasped for air. Shee was released and allowed to go to him. She stroked the few strands of hair from his pained eyes as she watched him wreathe on the ground, trying to get a hold on the pain. She muttered soothing words and finally he lay still.

"Looks like these are the only guys here. Okay let’s go." Hannibal aimed his gun and shot out one of the vehicle tires, giving the signal. The four of them ran in and surrounded the four guards. They were just taking control of the situation when they heard a helicopter from above and gunfire erupted at them. "FALL OUT" Hannibal ordered. They took off running for the safety of the trees. Men and Helicopter in pursuit. They dredged through the undergrowth trying to put distance between them and their pursuers, knowing that at anytime more men would arrive. The helicopter lost track of the fleeing group in all the thick trees.

"Where do we go?" Hannibal asked as they stopped to get their bearings. Jadey looked around. A thought suddenly struck her at about the same time gunfire erupted behind them. The foursome took off at a dead run.

"STOP" Jadey hissed. The three men came to a crashing halt. "They’re in front of us. This way." She led the way through some thick foliage.

Jadey stopped dead in her tracks as three men appeared out of nowhere in front of her. She watched the sadistic look on their faces as they raised their guns to shoot. Hannibal was thinking of a plan when he watched in shock as Jadey’s foot come up and connected with the side of the first guys head. He stumbled to the ground and she dropped the second one. The third swung at her with a rifle, Jadey spun around grabbed the rifle and elbowed the man just as BA, Murdock and Hannibal broke out of their trance and joined the fight. But not before witnessing Jadey backflip through the air to get out of the grip of the man who had ahold of her foot, clipping his jaw as she came around.

When all three men were unconscious on the ground, Hannibal, Murdock and BA all turned to look at Jadey.

"What?" She asked innocently.

The three men shook their heads and Jadey smiled. Murdock, BA and Hannibal each grabbed a Rifle. One of the men was coming around and Hannibal leaned down to question him.

"Where’s my friends?" He asked impatiently. The man looked at BA leaning down to growl in his face.

"Symantrix" he mumbled before he fainted.

"Oh Good Job ya ugly mudsucker, you made the guy faint. Now how we gonna find Facey and Shee?"

"It’s okay Murdock. I know where they are." Jadey stepped in.

"Where?" Hannibal asked.

"Symantrix. It’s an old mine on the other side of town."

"How do we know it’s not a setup?" BA asked.

"We don’t’"

"Why’d they lead us all the way out here then?" Hannibal mused to himself.

Jadey shrugged and led the way through the woods.

They stopped to rest along side a stream. "Now what Colonel?" Murdock asked.

"We go to Symantrix and get Face and Shee." Hannibal smiled.

"I suppose we’re going through the front door as well?" Murdock asked, unenthused.

"You got a better way?" Hannibal grinned. He’d just stuck his cigar in his mouth when he caught motion out of the corner of his eye. He attempted to turn to see what it was, instead he felt Jadey as she crashed into him. Less then a second later he heard the gunshot. Murdock and BA dove for cover.

Hannibal gently rolled Jadey off of him. He moved to put his hand over the blood that was beginning to streak from a cut on her head, but she was already on her feet. "Come on" She hissed.

They chased her through the woods, the gunfire once erupting behind them growing further away. Finally Jadey stopped, gasping for air and leaned against a tree.

"We have to get out of here." She gasped. Murdock was eyeing the blood streaming from the cut. He stepped closer and pressed his hand against it.

Jadey looked up at him. "I’ve got an idea."

"What?" Hannibal was up for any and all suggestions right now.

"I know a place that we can go. It’s not far from here. In fact, it’s where I was going to take you earlier, but got ambushed." She shook her head. "We can hide out there until the troops leave the area."

"Okay lead on." They followed her through the woods and stopped as they came across a clearing in the midst of towering Pine Trees.

"When I was 16 this guy I knew made this for me. "

"You lived here?" Hannibal asked.

"For four years." She felt around on a tree and they watched in surprise as the ground opened up in front of them. Jadey grinned. They made their way down a stairwell and Jadey pushed another button, the ground closed up. She then hit another switch and the room was illuminated with light. She led them down a small hall and pushed another button on the wall, a door slid open. She stepped in and flipped a switch. When the lights came on nobody moved. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Jadey smiled. The room they walked into was a house. Couches, chairs, TV, kitchen. BA and Murdock hurried off to find a first aid kit, Hannibal helped Jadey sit down in a nearby chair and placed his hand over the flow of blood. Suddenly BA and Murdock appeared with their hands raised.

"Uh Oh" Hannibal muttered.

Jadey spun her head around and her heart nearly stopped. "Jack" She gasped. Hannibal looked at her. She got to her feet and stared at him. "What the hell are you doing here?"

The man Jadey called Jack smiled. Hannibal looked between Jadey and the man training the gun on his men. "You know him?"

Jadey nodded swallowing a lump in her throat. "Jack Adrianne … my husband."

Shee lifted her head at the sounds of footsteps drawing closer. "Face, wake up." She hissed. Face struggled to open his eyes. The pain in his back, sides, stomach … scratch that, the pain in his entire body was excruciating. He hissed with each small movement as he tried to get a grasp on what had happened and where they were. He moaned as the memories flooded back. He struggled to sit up, ignoring the burning pain in his side.

As his eyes focused they settled on a grinning General Phil.

"Glad to see you’re awake Lieutenant."

Face managed a smile. "Yeah well, couldn’t sleep very well anyway. You know your hospitality really stinks. The least you could do is bring in a couple beds, TV maybe, oh and I could really go for a shot of brandy and some aspirin right about now."

The General grinned. "Glad to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor Lieutenant. But you will, trust me." He said as he motioned his guards to get them to their feet.

"Don’t you do any of your dirty work yourself?" Face asked seriously. He was rewarded with a blow to the stomach. "That’s better." He gasped. "So where we going now?"

"To meet your friends."

"Excuse me?" Murdock asked bewildered. "You didn’t tell me you were married."

"You didn’t ask."

"Not usually the first thing I ask all my dates."

"Shut up" Jack bellowed. Everyone glared at him. "We figured you might try to come here. Your dad should be here any minute. He’s bringing your friends." He advanced on Jadey as his two partners continued holding guns on the group. "What? No kiss for your long lost husband?" He leaned in. Jadey responded by smacking him across the face. Jack grinned, turning slightly, but swinging back at the last minute to backhand Jadey. Hannibal stepped up between the two. He heard applauding. Hannibal spun his head to see his bleeding and battered, barely conscious Lieutenant being pushed through a doorway, with Shee following, blood covering her shirt. Behind them were several guards and one General Hairy Phil.

"Well, Colonel Smith, you are protective of her aren’t you? Too bad you walked out of her life and didn’t protect her the way real dads are supposed to."

Hannibal felt Jadey watching him. He turned slightly to see the confused look in her eyes. He turned back to Phil. "I didn’t know." He said softly.

"You knew. You just didn’t have the guts to do anything about it." The General smiled at Jadey. "Oh, you confused Princess? I guess it’s about time you knew. I’m not your father. He is. He knocked your mother up, and left you for me to raise. You should be thankful I took your sorry ass in."

Jadey shook her head in disbelief, backing up a step. Hannibal glared at Phil. "I didn’t know. She left just after I found out. There wasn’t anything I could do. I tried. A few months later I got a letter that said she lost the baby. She NEVER told me the truth. And now Jadey shows up all these years later, how do I even know she’s mine." Hannibal challenged. As he spoke he made his way over to where his Lieutenant was lying on the floor. He kneeled beside him and took his pulse. He let out the breath he was holding when he felt it flutter weakly beneath his fingers.

"Oh she’s yours alright. We had the blood tests to prove it. "

Hannibal shook his head. "Then why’d you raise her?" His eyes glared at the General for a moment before they went back to checking out his Lieutenant. He briefly glanced at Shee seated next to him. "You okay?" He whispered.

"I’ll live" She replied, watching the situation around her.

The General only laughed. "To hurt you Colonel. To hurt her." He gestured to Jadey. "And to punish Sara."

Hannibal was running his hands down Face’s chest. Murdock had dropped next to him and had unbuttoned his shirt. They were greeted with bruises and welts. "Jadey didn’t have anything to do with it." Hannibal growled. He winced as his hands ran over three broken ribs. He looked into Face’s eyes, who was looking around confused. Murdock helped him to sit up. Hannibal turned his focus on Shee. "Let me see." He said quietly.

Shee sighed and lifted her shirt slightly. Hannibal could see Face’s handy work in the makeshift bandage taped to her side. The bleeding had slowed a great deal, if wasn’t stopped all together. At least for now. "Face did a good job taping this. Was he able to clean it?"

Shee nodded. "A little. How’d you know he did it?"

Hannibal smiled. "I’ve seen his work." Was all he said.

Hannibal finally turned his attention back to the General who was standing in front of Jadey with a smile on his face. Murdock looked up when he heard Hannibal growl.

"Stay away from her." Hannibal seethed.

The General turned to smile at Hannibal. "You going to make me?"

"If I have to." Hannibal stood up. Three guns were immediately trained on him. Jadey’s face was expressionless. Hannibal shook his head at her sadly. "I’m sorry." He whispered. She only shrugged. Hannibal glared at the General. "What’d you do to my Lieutenant?"

The General laughed now. "The question should be, what DIDN’T I do. Besides Colonel, I’ve only just begun."

Two guards reached down and jerked Face to his feet. "Aw not again guys. I was just about to catch a nap. The accommodations weren’t all they were cracked up to be last night." Face started to say, which only got him a brutal punch to his side. Murdock stepped up to protect him, but was immediately grabbed by two more guards. Hannibal and BA stepped up then, but were moved back at gunpoint. Helpless, Face was dragged out the door and down a hall. The rest of the group was prodded into following.

Jack stepped up next to Jadey. "You’ll be interested to know I’ve made a few minor alterations to your hideaway since you were last here. I think you’ll be amused." Jadey didn’t even bother looking at her husband. Jack tried putting his arm around her, but she shrugged him off. Murdock watched from behind with growing anger. He wasn’t sure whom he was angrier at. Jack. Or Jadey.

Jack again attempted to put his arm around his wife. This time Jadey stopped. "Get the fuck off me!" She yelled as she shoved him away. General Phil, on the other side of Jadey immediately grabbed her hair and Jack reached out and cuffed Jadey upside the head. Without being able to move to help her, Jadey was left at their mercy. Jack grabbed Jadey and shoved her to the ground half on her stomach, half on her side, pressing his gun under her chin. She coldly met his eyes, daring him to do it.

Jack laughed. "Oh you want to play do you?" He roughly dragged her to her feet and slammed her into the nearest wall. Her hands came up to rest against the wall, she blinked rapidly trying to quell the yellow and white stars that danced around her eyes. He pressed himself closely to her back, whispering in her ear for only her to hear. "We can do that." With that he yanked her hands behind her back and snapped handcuffs around her wrists tightly.

Without a sound, he pulled her back in line and more or less dragged her down the hall. They were led into a room, Jadey’s stomach turned at what she saw. What had happened to her warm, caring and loving husband? The one who had promised her the world? To take her away from her darkest nightmare. She had to fight the tears at what she knew lie ahead for Face.

"No way in hell!" Hannibal nearly shouted, as Face was drug to a table, his shirt torn from him and was strapped down, face up. Face found it hard to control the shudder that emanated from his battered body. Hannibal felt a similar shudder tear through his own body at the thought of the pain the man who was more like a son to him then he would ever know, would go through. His mind raced to come up with a plan.

General Phil laughed from his position next to Jadey. "Oh yes Colonel. This is the way it has to be. You both took something precious to me, so now you will pay. Since it was you Colonel who knocked up Sara, you will pay twice your debt. But I will be taking it out on your Lieutenant who I know is the way to your heart and who also has to pay for sleeping with my beautiful Cindy.

"You’re insane." Hannibal muttered.

"Probably" He laughed again as he motioned to the guard standing next to Face.

Murdock squeezed his eyes shut with the first blow to his friends already abused body. He heard the heavy leather strap as it moved through the air and then the harsh slap as it connected with ill-treated flesh. He could hear Face stifle his scream. He forced himself to open his eyes, to fight the demons that threatened to overtake his mind once and for all. He struggled to find the courage to offer his friend his much needed his support. When his eyes opened, they immediately found the pain filled blue eyes of his best friend.

"Face" Murdock muttered. His mind screamed. His heart thundered. His breath came in uneven pants as the anger threatened to consume him. Face held his eye contact for the next blow. But when it resounded, Face was forced to shut his eyes under the impact. A low anguished moan escaped the thin, now white, lips.

"Oh God Face." Murdock muttered. BA was straining with all that he had, against the men who held him. Hannibal stood stock silent taking in the scene with cold, deadly blue eyes. Shee had tears in her eyes by now as she watched her new found love being tortured under the law of the man who’d raised her best friend. And Jadey stood between her two worst nightmares, her heart aching for the man she thought of as a friend. She fought to keep the tears at bay. Knowing by letting them spill she would only give into the beast next to her.

Jadey felt the hair on her neck stand up as Jack leaned in close to her ear. "I’ve missed you.’ He breathed.

"Good for you." She gritted her teeth as she snarled back. She felt the grip on her hair tighten.

"How ‘bout a little reunion my dear." It was a statement. Jadey didn’t move. Jack only smiled as he drug her backwards toward the door. Jadey felt fear tearing at her heart. Nobody noticed as they disappeared from site.

"Had enough Lieutenant?" General Phil asked, stepping up besides the panting, moaning and nearly unconscious man strapped to the table. Face didn’t bother trying to open his eyes. The General sighed. "No use killing you. You have to be alive for more torture and of course my master plan." He laughed evilly as he simply walked from the room, guards following. The doors whooshed shut behind them.

Murdock was the first to reach Face’s side, followed quickly by Hannibal, BA and Shee. Hannibal, BA and Murdock quickly released Face from his bonds and accessed his condition. His belly and chest were covered in deep bruises and red, purplish welts. Hannibal felt a new surge of anger penetrate his already murderous heart.

Shee watched over their shoulder, giving the team their space to work. She didn’t want to interfere with the bond that was unmistakable between the four men. She looked around the room for the first time noticing that Jadey wasn’t among them. She looked back at the four men, then made her way to the door. She pressed the panel along the wall and was surprised when the door opened. She carefully peered out and was even more surprised not to find it guarded. She made her way down the hall searching the few small rooms along the way. She held her side as the pain finally began to take its toll, stopping occasionally and placing her hand along the wall for support, trying to quell the dizziness soaring through her body. Finally she came to the main living area. She opened the door and stepped inside. She found Jadey lying on a couch, curled into herself. Sobs wracked her small frame.

Shee carefully approached her. She quickly scanned her body and aside from the cut that still leaked some blood, and a few bruises on the cheek facing her, she looked no worse for the wear.

Taryn carefully sat down on the couch and put her hand on her friend’s back. "Jadey?" She whispered. Jadey stopped crying immediately and turned her tear stricken face towards the soft voice. She managed a smile. "You okay?"

Jadey nodded, sitting up. Shee noticed the ruffled and torn shirt and could see a good size bruise forming on her collarbone. "Jeez Jadey, please don’t tell me what I think I already know."

"I’m okay Shee, don’t worry about it."

"I am. It’s my job, so sue me."

Jadey smiled. Jack just had a few words more or less. Actually it was probably a whole lot more pleasant then having to witness what they did to poor Face."

Shee didn’t say anything as she watched her friend wipe the tears from her face and stand up and head for the kitchen. Shee followed. Jadey proceeded to wash her face with cool water.

"What happened?" Shee finally asked as Jadey was drying her face.

Jadey sighed. "Not much." She turned and headed for another room off the kitchen. Shee followed. She watched as Jadey changed her shirt and took in the new bruising beginning to form on her friend’s body. Before she could say anything Jadey turned to her with pleading eyes. "Don’t tell them."

Shee snapped her head as if she’d been struck. "What? Are you nuts?"

"Look, they don’t have anything to gain from knowing. They already want him dead for what he did to Face. They have enough going on right now. Just leave it alone."


"Look Shee, I’m fine. Really. But don’t make me tell them right now and please don’t you either. Not now. It’s just too much. Face, you’re shot, this thing with Hannibal being my dad, if it’s even true, and Murdock’s pissed because I didn’t tell him about Jack."

"Tell him about Jack. He’ll understand why you didn’t."

"I will Shee, I promise, but not right now. It’ll have to wait."

"How long?"

"Till the times right. Now come here so I can look at your side."

"We have to get out of here."

"We can’t, the doors are jammed."

"Great" Shee muttered. "How’re we going to get Face help?"

"We’ll take care of him and you. Then we’ll worry about breaking that door down. This place is equipped, it’ll be okay."

Shee looked around, memories flooding her. "Must be hard seeing this place, reminding you of how it was."

Jadey nodded, a distant smile on her face, tears beginning to flood again. "I just don’t understand." She whispered. "What’d I do wrong?"

Shee shook her head and began the argument she by now knew by heart.

BA gently carried Face down the hall to the living area. Murdock and Hannibal walked beside them. They noticed the absence of their two female companions and wondered what had happened to them. The door swished open and BA quickly carried Face in and laid him gently on the couch. Hannibal went towards the kitchen looking for the young women.

He found them in a back bedroom. Taryn was lying on the bed and Jadey was cleaning the gunshot wound on her side. Hannibal came up beside her to help.

"How bad is it?" He asked with concern.

Jadey didn’t look up as she injected Shee’s side to numb it. "Bullet went clean through, tearing a gash along her side." She stated as she began stitching it. "She should be okay. My biggest worry is infection. It’s already pretty warm. I’ve given her a shot of antibiotics and cleaned it good. That should help. How’s Face?"

"Unconscious. I’m worried about internal injuries."

Jadey nodded. "Take the first aid kit. I’m done." She said as she finished with the last suture. "I’ll make some tea. The doors are jammed but as soon as we get Face fixed up the best we can we can go to work on it."

Hannibal nodded, picking up the first aid kit. He watched as Jadey helped her friend off the bed. "What did they do to him?" Hannibal asked Shee.

Shee swallowed. "Beat him mostly. And the General had him canned once." Neither girl could believe that the Colonels eyes could actually get anymore deadly, but they did. Jadey was pretty sure by time this whole nightmare was over, he’d be able to shoot fire from the normally crystal blue eyes. But right now, they were nearly black with rage. ‘Chameleon eyes.’ Jadey thought remembering back to her and Murdock’s conversation earlier that week.

"What?" Hannibal asked, noticing the expression on her face.

Jadey shook her head. She knew now was not the time to get the answers she so desperately needed. Now they needed to care for Face and get them the hell out of here. Then they needed to hunt the General down and put him out of their misery. "Why don’t you have BA bring Face back here." She said as an afterthought.

Hannibal nodded. "Good idea."

Jadey followed him to the kitchen where she put on a tea kettle. Shee pulled back the bed covers and watched as BA lowered Face to the bed. She then ran to the bathroom to gather towels, damp cloths and a basin of water. Hannibal and Murdock began tending to Face’s injuries. BA paced. Finally unable to take the tension anymore he stated. "I’m gonna go look at that lock." And with that he was gone. Hannibal only nodded. He knew that it was hard for the Sergeant to watch Face in pain and agony especially without being able to help or tear somebody’s head off.

Shee arrived with the supplies and began soothing a wet cloth over Face’s body, cleaning as much of the fresh and dried blood up as she could. Hannibal and Murdock cleaned and stitched the wounds and Jadey came back in with hot tea for everyone.

Soon Face slowly opened his eyes and looked around. Hannibal and Murdock helped him sit up, with Murdock sliding in behind him to hold him upright while Hannibal gave him some Motrin to swallow and sips of hot tea. Face smiled his appreciation.

"How ya feelin Lieutenant?" Hannibal asked.

"Like I’ve been hit by a bus. You?" His eyes twinkled.

Hannibal laid his hand gently on Face’s shoulder. "Worried sick."

"Hannibal the doors won’t budge." BA said a little while later as he came back into the room. "But I’ve got an idea." He smiled a bit. "How’s Face?"

Hannibal nodded. "He’s doing alright. Sleeping. What’s your idea?"

"Well, there’s some map gas in one of the rooms, we could try and blow the door off."

"Nice BA." Hannibal smiled as he chewed on the end of an unlit cigar. "Murdock come on let’s give BA a hand." He smiled, a twinkle coming into his eye as he slapped Murdock on the back. "I guess for once he gets his way at sitting this one out in the company of a pretty girl eh Captain?"

Shee smiled as she made her way to the bedroom and sat down next to the sleeping Lieutenant. She reached out and stroked the damp blonde hair out of his eyes.

"Hey there handsome." She greeted as his eyes struggled to open and focus. "How you feeling?"

Face tried a half smile. "Was that a rhetorical question?" He groaned.

"I guess it was" Shee smiled.

"How are you?" He asked, concern burning in his baby blues.

"I’m fine." Shee answered, hoping to quell his fears. "Do you need anything?"

"I’ve already got everything I need right here." He said as he cupped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her in for a kiss.

The duo, so deep in their love, didn’t even hear the explosion as it ripped through the underground building.

"Ahmm" Hannibal cleared his throat. His second in command opened up his eyes and glanced over at his CO, lips still attached to the beauty leaning over him. He felt Shee pull away from him.

"Oh hi Colonel." Face smiled. "Shee was helping with my physical therapy."

"Mm hmm Since you’re feeling better Lieutenant do you think you’d like to walk on out of here, or would you rather wait and see when General Phil and his pals will be back?"

"Uh, yeah right." Face said. "Let’s go." He groaned a little as he tried to sit up. Without hesitation Hannibal was at his side helping him to his feet.

"Easy Face" Hannibal said as he slipped a hand around his Lieutenant’s waist. Face smiled his appreciation and they headed to the door together.

Murdock paced back and forth. His mind screamed a thousand questions with no answers. Night was falling over the mountains. The sky was a purplish pink in the distant horizon. He looked thoughtfully at the breathtaking sunset and he thought of Jadey.

"How could she lie to me?" He grumbled.

"Why don’t you go ask her that yourself?" Face said quietly from the tree he was leaning up against. Murdock quickly trotted over to him.

"Facey you should be in restin buddy." His eyes scanned Face’s body and his arms were ready to catch his friend should he fall. It had only been a day since they’d escaped from their captors. Hannibal was putting together his master plan while Face and Shee recovered.

"I’m fine Murdock. Stop acting like a mother hen."

"I can’t help it Faceguy. Not enough people worried about you in your life, so I’m making up for it now." He smiled.

"Well I’m charmed, but what you should be doing is talking to Jadey. You haven’t talked to her since we escaped."

Murdock turned slightly, removed his ball cap and ran his hand through his thinning hair. "I don’t know how."

"Why not?"

"It’s just not that easy."

"Why isn’t it?"


"Because isn’t an answer Murdock."

"Because she lied." He finally relented.

"She didn’t lie, she just didn’t tell you she had a husband."

"Yeah real small fact there Facey. One I kinda would have liked to know."

"Would it have made a difference?"

"Maybe." He said frustrated. "I’m not like you, I just don’t go around screwing every pretty face I see not caring whether they’re married or not. I kinda care about what maniac is going to come hunt me down cuz I was poppin his wife." As soon as the words left his mouth, his hand clamped down over his mouth as if that could stop what he had said. "I’m sorry Facey."

Face waved it off. "Is that the real issue?"

Murdock kicked the dirt around with his toe and finally shook his head. "No"

"Then what is?"

Murdock sighed. "I don’t know. I just wish she would have told me."

"Well maybe she had a good reason not to."

Murdock and Face’s eyes met and held for a moment. "Sorry about the comment Face. I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just —"

"Murdock, don’t worry about it. My reputation isn’t … er … um…"

"Innocent." Murdock supplied with a grin on his face.

"Something like that." Face smiled. "You weren’t out to hurt me."

Murdock smiled and leaned in towards Face who put his arms around him and hugged him. "So why don’t you go find out why she didn’t tell you she was married huh?"

Murdock pulled away. Before he could say anything they heard a truck pulling up the drive. Both men turned to look, guns in hand.

"Kelly?" Murdock said in shock as the brunette jumped out of the truck.

"Murdock, I’m so glad I found you." She said almost breathlessly as if she’d run all the way from California.

"Kelly?" Murdock stepped forward. He was vaguely aware of Jadey along with Hannibal, BA and Shee stepping out onto the porch. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh Murdock, you have to help me!" Kelly panted as she threw herself in Murdock’s arms.

"Calm down Kelly. What’s wrong?"

"These guys" Kelly sobbed. "They broke into my office and burned it. It’s gone Murdock. Fortunately we were able to save the animals. They were the only thing we could save." She pressed her face into Murdock’s shoulder as she cried. "You have to help me."

Murdock stroked her back and looked up at Hannibal for help. Hannibal had stepped up to their side quietly.

"Who broke in Kelly? And why?"

Kelly shook her head. "I don’t know who they are. They showed up three days ago and started harassing me. Then last night they burnt down my house and office. I have nothing left." The poor woman was on the verge of hysterics by this time. Murdock tell me you’ll help me." She pleaded.

Murdock looked into her soft brown eyes. He had once loved her with all that he was, but somehow, somewhere their love had gone wrong. Looking into her eyes he remembered why he loved her. His heart was torn.

"How’d you find us Kelly?" Hannibal asked suspiciously as he bit the end off of a cigar.

Kelly wiped the tears from her cheeks. "I called Dr. Richter and he told me where I could find you."

"What?" Murdock asked, looking at Hannibal. "How’d Richter know where to find me?"

Kelly shrugged. "I don’t know, that’s not really the point is it Murdock? The point is I need your help. Who cares how I found you." She practically spat.

"Kelly," Hannibal tried to reason, "Dr. Richter couldn’t have known where Murdock is, was all he was saying. Something doesn’t add up."

Kelly looked between Hannibal and Murdock, she obviously wasn’t getting the fuller picture. "Just tell me you’ll help me. I’m so scared Murdock. I don’t know what to do."

"Did you file a police report?" Hannibal asked.

"What do you think I’m stupid? Of course I filed a police report, but they won’t be able to do anything about it. That’s why YOU have to help me."

"Look Kelly, we’d really like to help you, but right now-"

"Hannibal" Murdock interrupted, "we can’t just send her back to them. They could hurt her."

"Captain, I know how you feel, especially being that its Kelly, but we’ve got to finish up this case. This man is out to hurt Face and to send us up the river."

"You’re already up the river." Kelly pointed out. Hannibal shot her a look that said, we don’t need your help.

Murdock didn’t know what to do. He knew that Hannibal was right, but at the same time he wanted to help Kelly. She looked so lost and scared.

Hannibal watched his Captain and finally sighed. "Alright look Captain, why doesn’t Kelly stay with us for a couple of days while we wrap this case up and then we’ll go back to California and see what we can do for her."

"But by then the trail will be dry." Kelly protested. Hannibal sighed loudly. "Besides," She continued, "I have to get back and fill out all the insurance claims and things. I just came up here to see if you could help me. If you can’t, I guess I understand. I’ll just go back and hope they don’t kill me next time."

Murdock looked at Face, Hannibal and then Kelly and back to Hannibal. "How about I fly back with her, help her fill out the insurance papers and snoop around a bit and then I’ll come back in a couple days. You said yourself you need time to come up with a plan and Face and Shee to recover. I’ll be back before you even miss me."

"Captain I don’t like the idea of you going into this without backup." Hannibal protested. He looked into the pleading brown eyes of his Captain. "Why don’t you take Jadey or BA with you?"

"Hannibal that’s not necessary they don’t need to baby-sit me." Murdock shot back. Hannibal was torn. He knew that Murdock needed a couple days away to process Jadey flinging a husband at him. And it would give him time to talk to her. And Murdock was right they needed a few days to regroup, but he still didn’t like the sounds of sending him in alone. He looked at BA.

"Don’t look at me, I ain’t flyin with the crazy fool."

Murdock didn’t even bother commenting. He just watched Hannibal for a reply. Finally Hannibal sighed. "Fine, but if you don’t check in twice a day, we’re coming out to find you. And remember I won’t be happy about having to leave this case wide open."

Murdock nodded. "Oh Thank you H.M." Kelly leapt into Murdock’s arms and planted a deep kiss on his lips. He pushed her back after a second.

"Kelly" He started.

"What don’t you love me anymore?" She pouted.

Murdock looked into her eyes and knew the truth. "We’ll talk about it later Kelly." And with that he walked into the cabin without another word and threw his things into a bag. Then he ran out to Kelly and the waiting truck. "See ya in a couple of days." And with that they were gone.

Shee followed Jadey with her eyes as she silently walked to the cabin and closed the door. She heard Hannibal sigh and turned to face him. "Want to tell me what’s going on?" he asked.

Shee shrugged. "What do you mean?" She met his eyes.

"Well, you could start by telling me why Jadey didn’t tell us she had a husband."

"I didn’t know it was need to know material." Shee said sarcastically. "Besides, I didn’t see you telling her you were her father."

Hannibal rubbed his head and sighed. "I guess I should talk to her." He didn’t need a reply. But he got one anyway, three nodding heads.

"Colonel, she didn’t mean to hurt Murdock. But … " Shee closed her eyes. "Just talk to her. Then you’ll understand."

Hannibal nodded and made his way to the small cabin.

He knocked, but didn’t receive a reply. He opened the door to find Jadey curled up on the bed around a pillow. He could see the tears streaking her face.

He quietly entered and sat down on the bed. Jadey didn’t make an effort to move. Hannibal looked around trying to find the right words.

"Jadey?" He finally whispered. "What did they call you when you were born?"

"Jadey Mendacity Williams" She answered quietly, without opening her eyes.

"Your middle name is Mendacity?" Hannibal asked carefully. Jadey only nodded. "Why’d they call you Mendacity?" He asked, although he pretty much already knew.

"Mother said she liked it." Came the simple reply.

"Well, it is … pretty." Hannibal tried to help.

"It means lie. Deception, Scandal, Fabrication, misrepresentation, falsehood, distortion, suppression of truth, misconstrue, fraud, mistake. " She rattled, sounding much like a thesauruses.

"I know what it means Jadey. But I’m sure that’s not why they named you that."

"Oh yeah?" She challenged sitting up.

Hannibal sighed, this wasn’t going to be easy. "You were never a mistake."

"Tell that to them." She whispered.

"Your mother couldn’t have thought that." Jadey only raised her eyebrows. "Jadey … " He blinked a few times, "did she?"

Jadey didn’t answer. "Did you sleep with my mother?" She asked quietly.

Hannibal took a deep breath. "Yes" came the simple, yet complicated answer. Jadey looked him in the eyes. "You have my eyes." He whispered. Jadey didn’t respond. "Your mother and I were stationed together in 1961 and 1962. We fell in love. I knew she was with Hairy, but I didn’t care. She was so full of life, so beautiful, I loved everything about her and really wanted us to be forever. But Hairy stood in the way. I never knew what she saw in him or why she stayed, but she did. No matter what I said or did, I couldn’t convince her to leave. So I just enjoyed her and loved her, deep down knowing I could never have her, forever hoping I could change that. In August of 1962 she came to me and told me that she was pregnant. My first feeling, my first thought, was elation. My second was, ‘who’s the father’? She wouldn’t answer me, but told me that her place was with Hairy. She took off and they transferred that night. I tried really hard to find her. Deep down I knew that she carried my baby, but my search was futile. A few months later I got a letter from your mother saying she’d lost the baby and how sorry she was that she ran off with our baby, she just didn’t know what else to do. She begged me to forgive her, I never wrote back. I didn’t see her again until 1970. She never told me about you. "

"So what does all this mean?"

Hannibal sighed. "I don’t know Jadey. There’s no way to know for sure without a blood test. Although, I’d like to believe in my heart that you are my daughter. I’ve sorta known that since we met you." He paused. "What do you want?"

Jadey sat still for a couple minutes. "I don’t think it really matters what I want, whatever’s going to happen is going to happen. " She paused watching the Colonel’s face. "But it wouldn’t make me sad. My only question is if you knew, why didn’t you tell me?"

Hannibal shook his head. "Jadey there was so much going on and quite frankly I didn’t know how to tell you. I didn’t have any proof just what I felt in my heart and of course the dates matched up, but that could still make you his. I guess I just wanted to wait until it was right."

Jadey nodded. "So what do we do?"

"Do you want to have a blood test?" Hannibal asked hopefully.

"No, I want to go through the rest of my life thinking that General Hairy Phil is my father."

Hannibal laughed. "Smart ass. You sound just like Face. You could be…"

"Don’t even say it. Please don’t tell me you slept with his mother too."

Hannibal looked at her and cocked his head. "Did you sleep with him?"

"What is with everyone asking that question?" She threw up her hands. "No I didn’t sleep with him!"

Hannibal looked relieved. "But you slept with Murdock right?" He asked softly.

Jadey didn’t answer. "I screwed that one up didn’t I?"

Hannibal shook his head. "Tell me about him."

Jadey looked away. "What’s there to tell?"

"Obviously quite a bit. I told you my story, now it’s your turn."

"You told me that you could be my father, that’s a little different." She pointed out.

"Not really, I want to know about my son in law I have to kill … and what happened to my granddaughter. And when you’re finished with that, you can tell me what happened to your mother."

"You’re not asking a lot are you?"

Hannibal smiled and lit a cigar. Jadey sighed, moved herself up so she was sitting with her back against the headboard and fiddled with her thumbs. Hannibal looked at her hands. "You have your mothers hands." He said remembering. Jadey nodded. "Where’s your ring?"

"What ring?"

"Your wedding ring."

Jadey shrugged. "Same place as the rest of our wedding stuff … hell I suppose." She laughed. "I burned them."

Hannibal nodded. "So I take it this wasn’t an ideal marriage?"

"At first it was." She sighed. "I met Jack when I was 15. He was 23 and a Lieutenant in the Army. The General loved him. I should have known better right then. When I was 17 I got pregnant. Some daughter eh Colonel?"

"I didn’t say that. Yeah you were young, but it happens. Obviously you were looking for someone to love you. You thought you found that. Who am I to judge? Heck I let my daughter be raised by a maniac."

Jadey shook her head, "Wasn’t your fault." She whispered. "Anyway, Jack and I got married when we found out about the baby. I was scared, but I was happy at the same time. I thought my whole life was finally going to turn around and I finally was going to get the happiness I needed. Boy was I wrong. At first Jack was really supportive, loving and attentive. He hated the General, or so I thought. He even made me that hideout so I could run away from him and hide from the world when things got bad. We lived there after we got married. As far as I knew the General didn’t know about it. I felt safe. For a time anyway. Not long after I got pregnant Jack started hitting me. It started off as a slap or a shove, but soon turned into beatings everyday. It didn’t matter what I did. I couldn’t make him happy. I really really tried, but I couldn’t. I tried to leave, but he locked me in and when I tried to escape, he tied me up and beat me over and over again. He left me tied up for days wouldn’t feed me or anything all he’d do is scream and beat me. On about the third day I guess he went too far. All I really remember is him leaving and all the pain. Most of it was centered right in my belly and lower back. I looked down and saw all the blood. I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t cry. I could barely breathe. I finally closed my eyes. I remember opening them to see Shee kneeling there and she was cutting the ropes off my arms and legs and talking quietly to me, but I couldn’t hear the words. I saw the tears in her eyes and I wanted to tell her I was okay, but words wouldn’t come. I remember a horrible pain and then Shee was cradling the baby in her arms. I couldn’t comprehend much. I knew she’d laid the baby in my arms at one point. The paramedics were there then and everything went so quickly. I wouldn’t let myself close my eyes until I could hold my baby and know she would be okay. That never came. The baby died two nights later. I finally closed my eyes and didn’t open them for another month. Shee told me I’d almost died three times. I asked her why she didn’t let me. She shook me and told me she didn’t ever want to hear that again. That I wasn’t leaving her and that I had a purpose in this world, so lets go out and find it. So we joined the Army."

Jadey heard a noise and looked over to the door to see Murdock standing there. In three strides he was across the floor, on the bed and holding her in his arms.

"Oh Jadey" Murdock repeated over and over as he rocked her on the bed, tears streaming down his face. "I’m so sorry baby." Hannibal looked on, his hand wrapped around hers, tears fell silently down his own cheeks.

When they had all calmed Jadey looked up into sad brown eyes. "What are you doing here?" She asked confused.

Murdock smiled sadly. "I couldn’t leave. We got halfway up the mountain and all I could see was you. Then I kept going over and over why Richter would know I was here and couldn’t figure it out, so I called him. He told me that yesterday he’d gotten a call that said Kelly would be calling to look for me and to tell her I was here."

Hannibal looked at Murdock. "Did he say who had called."

Murdock shook his head. "Anonymous tip."

"Where’s Kelly?" Hannibal asked, fighting the uneasy feeling he had.

"She’s staying at a hotel tonight in town and leaving tomorrow."

"Are you going with her?" Hannibal asked.

Murdock shook his head. "I told her she’d have to let the police handle it." He looked down at Jadey. "I’m sorry I went in the first place."

Jadey shook her head. "It’s okay" She whispered. "You were only trying to help her."

Murdock looked sad. "It was more then that. I was angry and I wanted to hurt you. I’m sorry."

Jadey smiled. "Don’t worry about it Murdock. You had every right to be ma-"

Murdock put his hand over her mouth. "No I didn’t. I should have talked to you about it. I’m sorry."

Jadey shrugged. She didn’t do well with other people apologizing to her, she wasn’t used to it so didn’t know how to accept it. "How long have you been listening?"

"Let’s just say I now know your middle name is Mendacity."

Jadey looked astonished. "I can’t believe I didn’t hear you."

"You were lost in thought. In a lifetime that should never have happened." He whispered.

"It’s in the past. I go on. It’s all I know to do."

"Do you?" She stiffened. Murdock held her tighter. "Did you ever see him again?"

Jadey nodded her head. "Yeah, last night."

"You mean you haven’t seen him in 8 years?"

Jadey shook her head. "I’ve been busy. " She looked at Hannibal. "You wanted to know about mom."

Hannibal nodded. "But you don’t have to tell me tonight if you’re not up to it."

"Actually talking kinda helps. Only person who knows all this is Shee."

"You never told anyone else?"

"The girls know bits and pieces, but it never really came up, so I left it at that. " She smiled thoughtfully. "Mom was really beautiful. She had the prettiest eyes. They sparkled when she was happy. Which wasn’t often. " Her face fell as she remembered. "I loved her I really did. Although our relationship was strained. I always felt like I reminded her of something she’d rather forget. She couldn’t love me the way she wanted to. Someday’s she would do something totally out of the blue and I felt so loved, if only just for a little while. It was wonderful. I could take it with me when the next bad thing happened, hold on to it, know that for a moment I was somebody special. I can understand why she stayed with him to an extent. I mean I stayed with Jack. She says she loved him. That she couldn’t live without him. For Jack and I, it wasn’t so much I couldn’t live without him, but that I had touched my happiness … how do you just let that go? Anyway, my biggest question in it all was why she let it happen to me. I knew then that I would never be as important to her as I should be, for if I was she would never let anyone hurt me the way he did." Hannibal and Murdock could feel the shudder tear through her body. "The night she died, we had been out with Shee and her mom. We came home, it was late, the house was dark. We didn’t think he was home. She went in their bedroom and came out within seconds looking ashen. A minute later he stormed out of the room half-naked. He hit her and screamed how dare she walk in on him like that. At first I didn’t understand until I saw her. " Jadey shook her head. "She was one of his young new recruits. She mumbled something that sounded like an apology and ran out the door. The General was all over mom. Hitting her, kicking her. I tried to step in, but he knocked me into a wall. There were a couple minutes that I don’t know what happened. When I ran into the kitchen he was standing above her, a butcher knife in his hand. She was lying on the ground, bleeding, fear just rolled off of her, it was so thick I could feel it. She met my eyes, looked up at him and pleaded with him. "I’m sorry Hairy I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again. Don’t do this Hairy, please don’t do this in front of Jadey." He started to lower the knife, it seemed to go so slow, she met my eyes, tears spilled down her face. She looked at me and said. "Please Hairy I want to see my baby grow." That was the last thing she ever said. Her eyes lost their light and I knew she was dead, I looked up at him and he had this murderous rage in his eyes. I was terrified so I ran. I felt a sharp pain at the back of my neck and I put my hand to see what had happened and all I could feel was this warm stickiness. I pulled my hand away and it was red. I felt the Generals’ hands on my shoulders and he spun me around, the knife was inches from my face. Our eyes met and he pulled the knife back, I kicked him and ran and ran and ran. I don’t remember how long. Someone grabbed me and I fought them, I thought it was him. But the hands were kind, they weren’t hurting me, I turned and looked into the eyes of Jack Adrianne. I remember him asking what had happened, but I couldn’t answer. Everything rushed around me and I closed my eyes. I woke up a few days later and at first it felt like a dream. I kept asking for mom but the doctors and nurses just kept giving me a sad look, but wouldn’t tell me anything. Finally one of them told me that someone had broken into our house and killed her and hurt me. I shook my head in denial, I wanted to scream at them and tell them that it wasn’t an intruder it was the General, but suddenly he was there, screaming at the doctors telling them I’d had enough and was holding me. As soon as they left the room, he leaned down close to my ear and whispered. "Unless you want to join your mother any time soon, I’d suggest you keep your mouth shut." I could only nod. " Jadey wiped a tear from her cheek. "So I did. It didn’t matter anyway, nobody would have believed me."

"Does anybody know the truth?"

"Shee and Jack" came the soft reply.

"Jadey, I um … was there more? Did he … ever … was the abuse just physical and mental? I mean not JUST, I didn’t … I mean… was it?" Hannibal stumbled for the right words.

Jadey shook her head, fear in her eyes.

"You mean he sexually abused you as well?" Murdock asked, eyes wide.

Jadey nodded hesitantly.

Hannibal and Murdock’s eyes met with one common goal. Rip the spine out of the man who had done this.

Hannibal kissed Jadey gently on the forehead. "We’ll talk more tomorrow and then we’ll see about those blood tests." Jadey nodded and smiled at the Colonel. Hannibal patted Murdock on the shoulder and then paused at the door, turned and smiled at the pair and went off into the night to find the rest of his team.

"I’m so sorry Jadey." Murdock said for the umpteenth time that night. "Will you ever forgive me?"

"Murdock, I already have." Jadey smiled softly. "You need to forgive yourself.

Murdock sighed. He looked into Jadey’s crystal blue eyes and smiled sadly. ‘Her heart is so big.’ He thought. ‘She’d forgive Phil if he asked her.’ He held her closer. ‘And after all you’ve been through, you still give yourself and love others with all that you are. How’d you turn out to be so loving?’

"Jadey?" Murdock held her close, she shivered slightly.

"Hmm?" She asked sleepily.

"Do you mind if I stay the night. I just want to hold you." He whispered.

Jadey smiled, "I’d like that." Came the soft reply.

Murdock shifted slightly. "Then how bout I start a fire to warm this place up a bit and then we can get more comfortable."

Jadey only smiled and moaned a reply as she settled her head on the bed where Murdock lay her, emotional exhaustion finally taking its toll. Murdock quickly started a fire and then stood watching her for a silent minute, cursing himself for being such a jerk. He vowed he would never hurt her again if it could be helped. He quietly found her some pajama’s and stripped down to his shorts and then pulled the covers back. He sat down beside the still sleeping Jadey and quietly and softly unbuttoned her shirt. His heart fell clear past his feet and into the floor somewhere when he took in the bruises. It was then that he remembered that she was not in the room with them during Face’s torturing. Why hadn’t he noticed before? Without waking her, he stripped her from her jeans and groaned out loud this time as the bruises practically slapped him in the face. The groan woke Jadey who looked at him startled, and then fear washed over her face.

"I was just trying to put you in your pj’s and…. What the hell happened?" He asked quietly.

"I um…" Her voice trailed off as she quickly looked away.

"Oh no you don’t. I want an answer and I want one now." He didn’t mean to sound angry, but damnit he was.

"Murdock there was so much going on, I just didn’t want for you to worry and you weren’t exactly thrilled with me at the time, I didn’t want you to think I was after sympathy because I’m not."

Murdock forced himself to calm down, her words striking him in the chest. He should have noticed. He should have. "Jadey, what happened?" he said softer.

Jadey took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "It’s no big deal. In fact as I told Shee, it was probably more pleasant then watching poor Face."

"You told Shee?"

"She noticed."

Talk about gut kicked. "Jadey I’m sorry. *I* should have."

Jadey shook her head. "No no that’s not what I meant. I just meant she came in, I was … hurt. She couldn’t very well not notice and I couldn’t very well not tell her, although she already knew. She always knows. I’m fine Murdock. And before you say anything. I made her promise not to tell anybody. Face isn’t the only one who can con people."

Murdock shook his head. "What happened?" He repeated again.

"Murdock, would you quit worrying. It’s just some bruises, they always heal. I —"

Murdock cut her off by placing his fingers over her lips. "Nothing but an explanation on HOW you got the bruises will do."

Jadey took a deep shuddering breath. "Fine if you want the whole bloody story … Jack dragged me off while the General was having a field day with Face. He beat the hell out of me and — and — " another deep breath. " he held me down and - " She looked away. "Screwed me." She whispered.

Murdock felt his face run cold. "He raped you?" he said so soft and so deadly that Jadey felt shivers run down her spine. She could only nod. "Oh My God … Jadey … oh God … I’m sorry. Baby … I’m sorry." Murdock took a breath, exhaled and said calm as day, "I’ll kill him."

Jadey shook her head. "It’s not that big of a deal."


"When people do it to you and take it from you all your life, it *becomes* not a big deal. You just don’t have a choice. After awhile you stop fighting it and you give it willingly. It’s easier then getting hurt, but you want to know something damnit … this time I did fight. Do you want to know why?" Jadey didn’t wait for a reply. "I did it for you. Because that was YOURS to take, not his. Before, it never mattered to me. It stops mattering, it stops meaning something, because if it means something to you then it HURTS when they take it. So you just don’t let it mean anything. But damnit Murdock, this time it meant something. YOU made it mean something and he took it all away and I’m so Godawful sorry Murdock. I’m so sorry I let him take it. I’m so sorry!" Jadey tried to turn away, sobs wracking her body, but Murdock’s strong arms wrapped around her and held her tight. He whispered over and over again, "Baby don’t be sorry. Baby’ it wasn’t your fault." However he wasn’t sure she believed him. ‘Oh how am I gonna fix this?’ he thought to himself as the tears once again spilled down his cheeks.


Long Lost by Jes Parker



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