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The Joys Of Cooking

The Joys of Cooking

By Cat


DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Never were. Just borrowing to

                entertain a few bored masses. :)


WARNING:  Strong sexual content

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Don't look for a plot here, guys. ;)


* * * * * * *

    I paused in the doorway and stared, my eyes widening at

the sight that greeted me. Not only was Temp actually

standing before a pot of deliciously smelling sauce, shirt

sleeves rolled up and tieless, but he was actually

*stirring* the contents.

     "I thought you said you didn't *do* women's work," I

joked as I walked over to stand beside him, casually placing

a hand on his shoulder and leaning forward to take a deep

whiff of the pot's contents. It smelled heavenly and I

suddenly felt hungry.

     He was silent for a moment, his right hand slowly using

the wooden spoon it clasped to stir the thickening sauce.

Oddly enough, I found myself fixated watching his hand move,

slowly, deliberately, teasingly almost.

    As if sensing my gaze on his hand he stopped stirring

and slowly brought a spoonful of sauce toward my lips. I

straightened up and our eyes met, my stomach fluttering but

this time definitely *not* from hunger. At least for *food*.

    He held the spoon out to me and I lowered my lips to it,

blowing on the steaming contents with an exaggeration that

seemed to bring a certain brightness to his eyes. It was an

unspoken agreement of sorts and as I wrapped my lips around

the end of the spoon, my body trembled as his other hand

reached up to cup my chin.

    I remained still, swallowing the deliciously semi-spicy

sauce as he returned the spoon to the pot...then turned the

temperature from '3' to 'simmer.' and turned to me fully.

    I couldn't tear my eyes away from his luminous gaze as

his eyes slowly traveled over my face, as if drinking in the

lines and contours presented there before slowly letting his

gaze travel lower over my body and back up, lingering longer

in certain areas along the way. I felt a thrilling tingle

dance down my spine and offered no protest whatsoever as he

stepped forward until our bodies were literally inches apart

and I could feel his warm breath grazing the side of my left

cheek as he whispered in my ear, "Depends on what woman's

work you're talking about."

    His voice sent another ripple of excitement coursing

through me so that by the time his hands were sliding over

the front of my dress, unbuttoning each button with graceful

precision long since fine tuned to a science, I was

quivering with excitement and burning with hunger. Ravenous,


   I gasped his name as his hands slid my dress to the floor

and then gently slid me back against the kitchen island

which was completely clear of anything but would soon become

the center of our gourmet feast. I gasped and threw my arms

around his neck as he easily lifted me up onto the edge of

the island and my legs seemed to naturally find their way

about him as he made short work of his slacks and shorts and

unbuttoned the front of his shirt before hefting himself up

onto the island...and on top of me.

   I groaned as his mouth crushed down onto mine, savoring

the sensation as his tongue probed mine and his chest

pressed onto mine until my heaving breasts splayed against

his flesh. I felt him groan as my pelvis arched upward

against his already hardening shaft. No waste of time for

this lady! I knew what I wanted and I wanted it now. No

appetizers here. Wanted the full course, immediately!

   My fingers entwined in his hair, keeping his mouth firmly

connected to mine as my legs spiraled his, trailing

invisible lines along his well toned muscles and helping to

urge his consummation.

   I shuddered as his lips left mine long enough to travel

around the side of my neck and I uttered a small cry of

protest. Until his tongue trailed lower and found one

breast, the nipple taut and throbbing from want.

   My breathing quickened dramatically and my head fell

backward in ecstasy as he slid his mouth over the peak,

teasing it almost beyond my endurance even as I felt his own

excitement against me becoming more intense.

   "Temp..." I found myself rasping. "Please..." I forced

myself to lift my head and look at him. He smiled and moved

lower and lower...

   I suddenly cried out as an electric jolt shot up the

center of my being and my head fell back again and my

fingers slid to his shoulders, tightening their hold as

another jolt followed with the realization that my innermost

regions were being teased, adding to my delirium.

   "Oh god, oh Temp...oh...."

   I reached for him, barely able to breathe as he slid up

my body, back to where his lips could meet mine once again.

I felt myself arch beneath him as his manhood finally

entered me.

   I groaned loudly beneath his mouth, clinging to him

desperately as our hips began to work together in an

increasing medley of passion, mutual need, and (at least in

*my* case) desperation. My need for him surpassed anything

else and as my body eventually convulsed amid skyrockets of

orgasmic climaxes (two to be precise), I couldn't help but

marvel at Temp's culinary skills.

   Whoever said this man could *not* cook, definitely needed

to have his head examined!

The End.


The Joys of Cooking by Cat



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