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A Is For...

A Is For...

By Cat


DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Never were. Just borrowing to entertain a few bored masses. :)

RATING: PG-13 (some language, sexual suggestions)

WARNINGS: Other than those mentioned above, none that I can think of

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  This is a snippet, I guess. Not sure what to classify it as.



* * * * *

A is for anatomy, which never seems to be shot.


B is for B.A., whose companion Face is tres hot!


C is for chopper aid, given with love by Murdock.


D is for Dirk Benedict and his wonderful...eyes. ;-D


E is for evil villains who try to defeat the Team.


F is for Faceman who sounds so wonderful when he screams!


G is for George Peppard, beloved and missed by all.


H is for Hannibal and the plans that would sometimes stall.


I is for irritating, and describes a lot of guest stars.


J is for the Jazz, a phrase that became ours.


K is for kindred spirits, which the four men have become.


L is for line of duty and the odds they share as one.


M is for Mudsucker, cranky, threatening, and sometimes mean.


N is for naked, these wonderful men and their...machines.


O is for odds that they somehow manage to overcome.


P is for the plans that sometimes seem a bit overdone.


Q is for questions they were asked at their trial.


R is for revenge, fear, loathing, and even, at times, denial.


S is for Stockwell, a man with an agenda of his own.


T is for the traps that the Army tried to set for them.


U is for the underhanded ways Decker tried to get the men.


V is for the van, no other words need follow.


W is for the words they all, at one time, had to swallow.


X is for the x-rays used by Face in one particular scam.


Y is for the yesterdays spent in Vietnam.


And Z is for the "z's" never caught or tried and for the men that lived, and those that died.


* * * * *


End of useless piece of fluff. ;)


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