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Upon A Christmas Eve

Upon A Christmas Eve

By Dana



Ratings and warnings: PG.

Summary: Anything can happen on Christmas Eve

Author's note: the song "Upon A Christmas Eve" inspired the fic title.  I don't know who wrote it but on my CD, it's sung by Michael Johnson. This fic was going to be called Christmas Wishes but I changed my mind.  And the tree incident happened to me one here except I just lost my balance.




And if I had one wish come true....

I'd spend the perfect Christmas here....

with you

"Perfect Christmas"-S Club 7



"You don't put tinsel on the tree like that fool!"  BA Baracas yelled at HM Murdock yanking the box of tinsel out of the pilot's hands.


"Hey!  Give me that back!"  Murdock pouted.  He had been throwing tinsel on the tree in globs.  "Trees like tinsel.  It's like jewelry to them," he tried to explain.


"Are you sure the doctor's said he's sane?"  Amy Allen said from her spot on the couch.  She was stringing popcorn with Templeton 'Faceman' Peck, and Ellen Bancroft.  Everyone in the room laughed including Murdock.


The team had decided to get together over the holidays.  They had gotten their pardons two months before and this was the first chance they had to get together.  They had invited Face's half-sister Ellen, BA's mother, John 'Hannibal' Smith's girlfriend Dr Maggie Sullivan, and long time friend Amy to join them.  They were renting a cabin on Crystal Lake.  It was a tight squeeze but no one seemed to mind, much.


Face got up with the string of popcorn and started to put it on the tree.  He couldn't help the dizziness he felt. He'd been feeling dizzy since he got up that morning.  He put his hand on a tree limb.  It was all he could do to keep from falling on his face.  He turned and saw Ellen looking at him in concern.  He gave her his best smile before he finished putting the string of popcorn on the tree.


Frankie came into the room carrying a tray with glasses of eggnog.  "Hey where's Hannibal?"  Amy asked. 


"They went on a walk or something," Frankie answered while looking at the tree.  "Wow the tree looks good," he said, taking a handful of popcorn from Ellen whom promptly swatted him.


"That's for the tree!" she said, grabbing the bowl.


Mrs. Baracas walked in with a plate of Christmas cookies.  "Eat these Frankie," she said with a smile.  Frankie took three and sat on the floor.


Murdock, who was still throwing tinsel on the tree, stopped.  "I know what we need!  Stockings!"


"Murdock…" Face started to say but BA interrupted him.


"We don't need that you crazy fool!  There ain't no Santa," BA growled.


"Now Scooter I think it's a wonderful idea!  Let me see if I can come up with something to use Murdock," Mrs. Baracas said, patting Murdock on the hand.


"Next you'll be putting on Christmas songs sung by chipmunks," BA said, still not happy.  But he wasn't going to push it with his mother in the room.


"Great idea big guy!"  Murdock said and scurried over to the tape player and put on a Christmas CD.  "It's not Alvin but it'll do."


Face was barely listening to the argument as he used the stepladder to start putting more decorations on the tree.  He could hear someone calling his name and the room spinning.


BA and Murdock promptly stopped fighting when they saw Face fall into the tree. 


BA ran over and caught him as he started falling backwards.  He turned to Frankie. "Find Maggie," BA said as he laid Face down on the couch.


Upon A Christmas Eve by Dana